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Pussy Hats And Church Hymns:
A Tale Of Two Movements

Daily Wire, by Amanda Prestigiacomo

Original Article

Posted By:JoniTx, 1/21/2018 8:26:26 PM

The pro-life movement and the feminist movement could not be more different, and this sharp contrast was on full display over the weekend. For the very first time, I had the opportunity to attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C. The crowds were massive – it’s the largest annual human rights march in the world – and the people were cheerful, warm, and full of joy. The theme of the event was, fittingly: "love saves lives." Families proudly pushed their babies with Down syndrome — an abnormality we, as a society, are urgently told to dispose of — in their


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Heraclitus, 1/21/2018 9:33:41 PM     (No. 11518140)

The so-called feminist movement is a mob of repulsive, angry women. Do they really think all their vulgarity makes them stronger or smarter or wiser or maore able to rule the world (which they think they can do better than men)?

They´re vile, with their potty-mouths and shallow character.

These are the same people who decried Trump with their signs "Love Trumps Hate" who are so corroded in their guts by their hatred.

The March for Life is the polar opposite, where on display there was joy and love for life, for each other, male and female.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: sehall, 1/21/2018 9:44:01 PM     (No. 11518145)

Saw this on another site -- Donald Trump did more to get fat women to walk than Michelle Obama ever did in eight years.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Penney, 1/21/2018 9:47:48 PM     (No. 11518155)

Good to see this contrast in print, especially since the MSM & alphabet nets basicly ignored the March for Life while fawning all over the abortionists´ shindig.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Janjan, 1/21/2018 10:09:03 PM     (No. 11518181)

How utterly embarrassing for women everywhere. These childish ignorant females have no idea what power is. Knowledge and understanding are power. They have neither. Respect for the sanctity of human life is character. They have none. Having strength, purpose, and morals are powerful. They choose to be victims. Sad.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: bighambone, 1/21/2018 10:10:56 PM     (No. 11518184)

Chances are most of those women are disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters who never voted for President Trump in the first place.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Ribald1, 1/21/2018 10:20:22 PM     (No. 11518194)

The poverty that causes women to kill their children is not financial, and you see other aspects of it when they get together.
Thus the vulgarity and anger.
They know they made a decision that cost an innocent life, and all the shouting is an attempt to drown out the voices of the demons they have brought into their hearts.
How does one atone for killing a child? Is it possible? They are trapped by the enormity of their crime.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Timber Queen, 1/21/2018 10:39:51 PM     (No. 11518204)

Saturday my parish hosted our bishop, diocesan deacons and their wives for a day of retreat. I acted hostess for the group. I had the opportunity of some time alone with the bishop. I asked him why we don’t hear abortion preached from the pulpit. I told him I was a post-abortive Silent No More woman who gave my testimony at the SF Walk for Life in 2009, and that women suffer with a church that also remains silent.

He said the topic presents many difficulties for priests. It makes everyone uncomfortable. Post abortive women find old wounds reopened, and families with young and school age children don’t find it an appropriate topic for Sunday and reserve their right to discuss the issue within their family. He said he must respect the sanctity of this parental right, and admitted frustration on how to preach about abortion and the gravity of its evil. He invited me to share with him any insights I might have on how priests can address abortion.

I contemplated this today in prayer. Let me know if its worth a letter to the bishop. The mistake being made is using the language of the enemy, which puts us on the defensive. Use of the word “abortion” is not needed. Use St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” Preach to women about the sanctity of their bodies, their special role as co-creators of life with God; teach them about God’s plan for single women to hold their bodies as a precious gift from Him until they might assume the roles of wives and mothers. Preach this often so girls grow up hearing it, and it stands as beauty, like the March for Life, against the depravity of the so-called Women’s March.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Timber Queen, 1/21/2018 10:47:00 PM     (No. 11518208)

P.S. We don´t have to make abortion illegal. We make it unthinkable.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Harlowe, 1/21/2018 11:38:35 PM     (No. 11518248)

#7#8- The opportunity to share insights with clergy through invite or purposeful, cautious approach seems quite appropriate; doing so may reinforce clergy thinking and/or provide clergy with ideas to preach/teach the knowledge and wisdom of Scripture---especially on the annual “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.” The admonition of what is right and what is wrong with abortion has not been effective. Perhaps linking emotion and intellect may be more effective. For example, make clear that God knows us before we are born (Psalm139:13-16,Job 31:15,Isaiah 44:2,Jeremiah1:5,Galatians1:15).


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Reply 10 - Posted by: Harlowe, 1/21/2018 11:38:40 PM     (No. 11518249)


God knows each day of our lives; God has a special purpose for some and identify those so named in Scripture (Ishmael,Genesis16:11;Isaac,Genesis17:19;Solomon,1Chronicles22:9;Josiah1Kings,13:2;Cyrus,Isaiah44:28;John(Baptist),Luke1:13;JESUS,Matthew1:21). While it is commendable that clergy consider the sensitivity of subject matter, respect parental rights, and political correctness, when it comes to protecting/preserving human life, it may be more appropriate to be as bold as the Apostles were in their time.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Harlowe, 1/22/2018 12:07:02 AM     (No. 11518255)

#6- All sins are forgivable except the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit—sin that leads to death (Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:29-30; Luke 12:10, 1 John 5:16). God’s love is steadfast, always available for sinners who want forgiveness and who repent. God does not want anyone lost eternally. “The sin against the Holy Spirit, the unpardonable sin, is that sin of impenitence that hardens into stubborn and persistent unbelief.”

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Reply 12 - Posted by: Timber Queen, 1/22/2018 2:14:25 AM     (No. 11518287)

Thank you #9, 10, 11 for the additional references.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: Judy, 1/22/2018 2:28:22 AM     (No. 11518291)

Guess which group received the most coverage? It sure wasn’t the pro life group.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rather Read, 1/22/2018 7:55:36 AM     (No. 11518401)

#7 please do send this to your bishop. I am very blessed to live near a group of priests - the Fathers of Mercy who do preach pro-life and pro-family sermons quite regularly. The breakdown of the family is a dire problem in society and a few of my less looney progressive co-workers are beginning to see that. Pray that their number increases.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: zbogwan2, 1/22/2018 10:01:56 AM     (No. 11518519)

"The feminist movement, as exposed through these marches, is off-key and reactionary, often to their own movement´s standards. These women are not fighting for those oppressed and without rights, they´re ignoring such women to advance abortion as some sort of "empowerment" movement and, ironically, preying on our most vulnerable: voiceless babies in the womb."

And guess what? On Judgement Day all of these Feminist Baby Killing Advocates will receive a Hot Welcome in Hell for all of their Earthly Folly?

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Reply 16 - Posted by: belwhatter, 1/22/2018 10:07:33 AM     (No. 11518523)

Dar#7, I am happy to add that the priest of our Anglican Church is a great supporter of the pro life position. He will often add a prayer at intercession time for women facing unwanted/inconvenient pregnancy for their spiritual guidance, and the work of the local Crisis Pregnancy Counselling chapter. Public praying of this nature has a way of reaching into a troubled heart in a less threatening way than an uncomfortable sermon. By prayer people understand other´s unconditional love.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: enemyofthestate, 1/22/2018 10:25:56 AM     (No. 11518541)

A new addition to my personal rules to live by: Anyone wearing one of those pink knitted hats is to be avoided, shunned if possible. Anyone. The hat is a clear indication that we have absolutely nothing in common.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: jlw509, 1/22/2018 10:38:54 AM     (No. 11518551)

#7, pictures can be more eloquent than words.

First and always, the beautiful ones: our parish puts up big, gorgeous displays of developing little ones in their mothers´ wombs, and leaves them up in the entryway all through the month of January. Frisky fetus pics always attract little children: you can see them scampering over to the pictures and talking to their moms and dads about the babies.

Second, judiciously, the horrible Hiroshima--and-Auschwitz-like pictures of aborted babies. These are NOT for the entryway of the church. They are for selected and prepared viewers, such as, the various prayer groups and Bile study groups in the parish, who are invited to borrow the pictures, view them with appropriate seriousness, maybe in silence, and pray over them.

I personally am not for showing dead baby pictures in the street where little children can see them.

But on University campuses, yes!

America will not stop abortion until America sees abortion.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: Felixcat, 1/22/2018 12:20:12 PM     (No. 11518688)

I went yesterday and saw 12 Strong. Excellent movie. There is one scene in which a local Taliban leader executes a woman/mother(?) who was teaching three girls/daughters(?) reading, writing, etc.

So these whiny women in this country should just shut the eff up.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: fairplay, 1/22/2018 12:46:00 PM     (No. 11518719)

"In the LAST DAYS their women will burn for one another!"

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Harlowe, 1/22/2018 5:01:40 PM     (No. 11518983)

#12- Sincere appreciation for your most welcome, consistently informative/articulate posts. – Perhaps appealing to the emotions of men/women about children being part of God’s created order, and clergy sermons touching on the lives of individuals named in Scripture before they were born might engage their intellect to better understand that aborting a child is not only tampering with God’s created order, but possibly terminating the life of someone God intended to use as He used King Solomon, Cyrus (King of Persia), and John the Baptist. Further, clarify the misunderstanding that human bodies are one’s own--human bodies belong to God.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Timber Queen, 1/23/2018 4:02:45 PM     (No. 11520090)

Thank you all for your suggestions and support. The letter to my bishop is in the mail.


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Reply 23 - Posted by: Harlowe, 1/23/2018 4:55:00 PM     (No. 11520128)

Thank you! Indeed, AMDG! Blessings! For all people of faith: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14)

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President Trump is gearing up to push a major legislative agenda this summer centered around ending the “Catch and Release” program, which allows foreign nationals to be released into the U.S. while they await immigration and asylum hearings through a number of legal loopholes and weak asylum laws. In an exclusive statement, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Breitbart News: The President is going to make a major legislative push this summer to have Congress close the dangerous catch-and-release loopholes in our immigration law. These loopholes are exploited by illegal immigrants and put American lives at risk. Congressional

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An American judge ruled on Tuesday that Iran must pay $6 billion to victims or those affected by the 9/11 terror attacks. Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District Court of New York ruled that “the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people as a result of the September 11 attacks.” Court filings state that the payout equates to “$12,500,000 per spouse, $8,500,000 per parent, $8,500,000 per child, and $4,250,000 per sibling” to the families and estates of

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.-N.Y.) gave a speech on the Senate floor on April 26 in which he said that President Donald Trump “seems to live in an alternative reality” and that the America Schumer represents is dedicated to truth. “We believe in truth,” Schumer said. “I watched the President on TV this morning, and like most Americans, so many Americans, I was aghast,” said Schumer. “The president seems to live in an alternative reality. He says things that are patently false, and he thinks that just by saying them, they become true.(Video) “With the number of 180-degree turns—direct

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NEW YORK — For 108 years, the Boy Scouts of America´s flagship program has been known simply as the Boy Scouts. With girls soon entering the ranks, the group says that iconic name will change. The organization on Wednesday announced a new name for its Boy Scouts program: Scouts BSA. The change will take effect next February. Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh said many possibilities were considered during lengthy and "incredibly fun" deliberations before the new name was chosen. "We wanted to land on something that evokes the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward," he said. "We´re

‘I can’t afford an apartment’:
Congressmen sleeping in
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These Congress members are sleeping on the job — and defending their right to do it. Crying poverty amid decade-long stagnant salaries and Washington’s steep cost of living, an increasing number of House lawmakers have turned into professional squatters at night, hitting the sack in their Capitol Hill offices — on everything from cots in closets to futons stashed behind constituent couches — to save a few bucks during the work week. “Washington is too expensive,” said Rep. Dan Donovan (R-SI), who credits the cot that he sleeps on in a tiny alcove in his office as the reason he

´It´s not too late!´ Meghan Markle´s
brother Thomas pens extraordinary
open letter telling Prince Harry ´this
is the biggest mistake in *

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Daily Mail [UK], by Laura Forsyth    Original Article
Posted By: Harlowe- 5/2/2018 5:01:13 PM     Post Reply
Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother has shared a handwritten letter telling Prince Harry it´s ´not too late´ to cancel the wedding to his sister. (Snip) Mr. Markle slammed the American star, insisting that 36-year-old Meghan is a ´jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage.´ (Snip) The 51-year-old, who is from Oregon in the US, then went on to claim that their father went into debt in order to support Markle´s acting dream and is still struggling financially. He also claims that their father was not invited to the wedding.
Please split wide headlines.

Kerry says Netanyahu showed why Iran
nuclear deal was needed: ´It´s working´

29 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Brett Samuels    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 5/3/2018 11:00:16 AM     Post Reply
Former Secretary of State John Kerry argued Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu essentially laid out the case for the Iran nuclear deal during a presentation alleging that Tehran was developing weapons in secret. “Every detail PM Netanyahu presented yesterday was every reason the world came together to apply years of sanctions and negotiate the Iran nuclear agreement — because the threat was real and had to be stopped,” Kerry tweeted. “It’s working!” Kerry added of the Obama-era agreement he helped negotiate. “That’s why Israeli security experts are speaking out.”

´You will struggle... that´s OK´: Michelle
Obama wears funky double denim as she
speaks to high school students about their
future, admitting she once believed she*

28 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Clemence Michallon    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/2/2018 5:19:05 PM     Post Reply
Michelle Obama shared her tips and advice with students on Thursday, addressing 7,000 of them in Philadelphia. The former first lady, 54, took to the stage during College Signing Day, which honors Philadelphia students for their pursuit of a college education or career in the military. It stems from her Reach Higher initiative, which she launched four years ago as first lady in support of education nationwide. Michelle wore a double denim jacket as she gave her address on Wednesday at Temple University, and paired it with the event´s T-shirt and simple black pants. (Photos/Video) The Princeton University and Harvard

Why John Kasich Should Run
as an Independent in 2020

27 replie(s)
Real Clear Politics, by Morton Kondracke    Original Article
Posted By: danvillebill- 5/3/2018 6:05:49 PM     Post Reply
The reform movement fueled by political centrists is getting stronger all over the country, but it needs a heavyweight 2020 Independent presidential candidate to gain national traction and big-time financial backing. Ohio Gov. John Kasich ought to take up that challenge. He can’t get the nomination of his own party. Although he’s a lifelong Republican who won statewide in a key battleground state the GOP needs to win the presidency, he’s become much too moderate, not to mention high-principled and independent, for the party.

An Open Letter to Trump’s Evangelical Defenders
27 replie(s)
National Review, by David French    Original Article
Posted By: bella- 5/3/2018 6:57:00 PM     Post Reply
A Christian’s primary purpose is not to defend his own religious liberty. It’s not even to fight abortion — as vital as that task is. His basic task on this Earth isn’t protecting Christian education or preserving the freedom of Christian artists. Each of those things is important. Each of those things is necessary. But their defense cannot and must not compromise our true purpose. And what is that purpose? I’m reminded of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: “What is the chief end of man? Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.”

Boy Scouts to drop ‘Boy’ from name
26 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Aris Folley    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/2/2018 10:03:57 AM     Post Reply
The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is changing its name for the first time in its 108-year history. The scouting organization, originally designed for boys ages 11-17, will be called “Scouts: BSA” starting in February, The Associated Press reported. The move to a gender-neutral name arrives on the heels of the organization’s decision to accept female members next year. Girls already started enrolling as Cub Scouts this year and more than 3,000 have reportedly joined so far. BSA Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh said the association considered many other “incredibly fun” names before settling on a decision, according to the

RDU passenger says she was humiliated
for ´flying while fat and black´

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Charlotte Observer [NC], by Joe Marusak    Original Article
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An African American woman said she felt humiliated after American Airlines called police on her because a white passenger complained about her arm touching hers on a Raleigh-Durham flight last week. "The cops were called on me for flying while fat & Black,” Amber Phillips said in a series of tweets that were first reported by The Washington Post. The incident happened on a flight to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., Phillips said. “Flight attendant called the cops on me bc I made the white woman sitting next to me uncomfortable bc my arm was touching hers,” Phillips tweeted.

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