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John Kasich: CNN Needs To ‘Move On’
From Trump’s Comments And Focus On
Real Issues [Video]

Daily Caller, by Peter Hasson

Original Article

Posted By:JoniTx, 1/13/2018 10:43:53 AM

Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a staunch critic of President Trump, said Friday that the media needs to “move on” Trump’s crude comments about Haiti and African countries and focus on real issues that affect Americans.Trump ignited a media firestorm on Thursday by reportedly telling lawmakers in private that America doesn’t need more Haitian immigrants and referring to African countries as “shithole countries.” Kasich appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper Friday afternoon and grew frustrated with the constant focus on Trump’s comments, which he compared to reality TV. Tapper asked Kasich several pointed questions about Trump’s comments, at one


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Reply 1 - Posted by: M2, 1/13/2018 10:47:23 AM     (No. 11509051)

I disagree; I want Democrats and the media to keep doing exactly what they are doing, keeping the circular firing squad operational.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: john56, 1/13/2018 10:57:29 AM     (No. 11509065)

And busted clocks are right twice a day too.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: blizzard, 1/13/2018 11:46:59 AM     (No. 11509120)

Shut up, John... just shut up. And stop drinking so much soy milk. It´s draining your testosterone.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: BigGeorgeTX, 1/13/2018 11:50:43 AM     (No. 11509124)

When John Kasich turns on them, they ought to realize they need another approach. Nah... Full Trump Derangement ahead.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: rolfnader, 1/13/2018 12:25:19 PM     (No. 11509173)

I know it´s Saturday but don´t you have a mail route to attend to?

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Reply 6 - Posted by: earlybird, 1/13/2018 12:50:30 PM     (No. 11509211)

Does anyone (other than maybe his family?) pay any attention to this little dweeb’s utterances?

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Nevadadad46, 1/13/2018 1:26:19 PM     (No. 11509264)

Aw, Hell, John. STHU and leave the Democrats and CNN alone. They are the most political entertainment we´ve had in years. They sure as Heck aren´t doing Trump any harm. Let ´em play-

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Reply 8 - Posted by: LadyVet, 1/13/2018 5:19:04 PM     (No. 11509460)

There is so much mob reaction by the media that they are almost ignoring the tremendous loss of life in the California mud slides. It seems that some analysis should be made of the decision by local officials to not send out an alarm until just before the mud hit. Of course, the governor of CA is a Democrat; so he will not pilloried in the press. Now, if Rick Perry had done such a thing while he was governor.....

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Salt5792, 1/13/2018 7:21:32 PM     (No. 11509540)

CNN is and will be so consumed by hate for DJT that it will be incapable of focusing on anything else as long as he is President.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Smart11344, 1/13/2018 9:19:49 PM     (No. 11509616)

Thank you Poster #9. You are 100% correct.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 1/14/2018 1:11:39 AM     (No. 11509720)

If only Dudley DoRight would do the same. An award for the most annoying man in office.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: faldo, 1/14/2018 2:33:25 AM     (No. 11509729)

My mail comes on time...no issues Kasich, you can go home now.

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"

CNN lost its way in struggle
to find an audience
The Hill, by Jeff McCall    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 5:10:52     Post Reply
CNN got a rare prime-time ratings win recently in the coveted 25- to 54-year-old demographic. Of course, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper had to interview Playboy playmate Karen McDougal for an hour to get the ratings boost, but a win is a win. Cooper’s intense questioning detailed the playmate’s alleged affair with Donald Trump from multiple angles. CNN hyped the model’s “first time on TV” interview, pointing out the “bombshell allegations.” CNN has continued the coverage of Trump’s alleged escapades with saturation coverage of porn actress Stormy Daniels’s weekend interview on CBS. Cooper did that interview, too, as he seeks to

Biden: ‘The 2nd Amendment Is Being Very
Badly Interpreted’–There Is ‘Prostitution
of the 2nd Amendment’
Breitbart Video, by Ian Hanchett    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 5:04:34     Post Reply
During a discussion at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden stated that the 2nd Amendment has been interpreted “badly” and the nation has decided it can’t ignore the “prostitution” of the amendment. Biden said, “I think there’s a 2nd Amendment. I think the 2nd Amendment is being very badly interpreted. It’s not consistent with what they’re — our founders intended, in my view. You saw Justice John Paul Stevens say that we should — because it’s been so prostituted, we should repeal the 2nd Amendment. It was about a standing militia. It’s a long story.

Donald Trump’s Easter and Passover Message:
‘God’s Love Redeems the World’
Breitbart Big Government, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 4:39:17     Post Reply
President Donald Trump delivered a greeting to the American people celebrating Easter and Passover, addressing both Christians and Jews.“Both of these sacred celebrations remind us that God’s love redeems the world,” Trump said. He cited Isaiah 60:2-3 to recall God’s blessings on the world.“Darkness covers the earth, but the LORD rises upon you, and his glory appears over you. For the Lord will be your everlasting light,” Trump read: (Video) Trump reminded Americans of the country’s religious heritage, thanking God for His gifts. “In America, we look to the light of God to guide our steps, we trust in the

SpaceX´s Falcon 9 launches, releases
10 Iridium satellites into orbit
United Press International, by Allen Cone    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 1:36:18     Post Reply
SpaceX launched10 Iridium-5 Next satellites from its Falcon 9 rocket Friday at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The Falcon 9 blasted off at 10:13 a.m. EDT. The main engine cutoff and stage separation occurred as planned. Eight minutes after the launch, the second stage engine cutoff was confirmed. One hour after liftoff, the 10 satellites were deployed over 15 minutes in a low Earth obit. The 10 satellites are the fifth set SpaceX is launching for Iridium of a planned network of 75 satellites. The launches began in October 2017 and are scheduled to be complete in a few




Gaza deaths intensify bitterness
as Israeli Arabs mark Land Day
Jerusalem Post, by Ben Lynfield    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 1:24:15     Post Reply
The deaths of 12 Palestinians from IDF gunfire during the protests along the Gaza border fence weighed heavily upon Israeli Arabs Friday as they commemorated the 42nd anniversary of Land Day. Marchers including MKs from the Joint List, heads of local authorities, and social and religious leaders converged in the Galilee town of Arra´be to mark the annual anniversary of the fatal shootings by security forces of six Israeli Arabs protesting land expropriations in the Galilee in 1976, Marchers held Palestinian flags and pictures of the six, who became martyrs and symbols, in Palestinian eyes, of defending the homeland. The

Men are crying on TV as never before
Washington Post, by Elahe Izadi    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 1:02:04     Post Reply
We’re having a moment for male tears — no, not the kind that the popular feminist mug metaphorically collects in pursuit of bringing down the patriarchy. We’re talking literal tears that men shed in moments of televised vulnerability. Take the Netflix reboot of “Queer Eye,” just renewed for a second season. Yes, it’s a makeover show with bubbly experts instructing schleppy men on the wonders of slim-cut jeans, five-minute grooming routines, Ikea and avocados. But it’s also a show about men who are stuck and held in place by fear, insecurity, past trauma or rigid norms of what it means

Student Launches Pro-Life Walkout: ‘I Want
to Test if There’s a Double Standard’
Breitbart Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 12:35:02     Post Reply
A Sacramento, California, high school junior’s plan for a national student walkout on April 11 is inspired by his pro-life values and his strong conviction that all students have First Amendment rights to stand for their principles. (Tweet) In an interview with Breitbart News, Brandon Gillespie (pictured)– a student at Rocklin High School – said he met with his principal last Friday to discuss his plan for a pro-life student walkout to protest abortion. “I asked him for the exact same accommodations that were given to the students who held the previous walkout on March 14, and he was not

Baseball teams bring food
wars to MLB ballparks
Fox Business, by Matthew Rocco    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 12:29:50     Post Reply
Roughly 70 million people will attend a Major League Baseball game during the 2018 season. By the time the last pitch is thrown, fans will consume a staggering 19 million hot dogs, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.But hot dogs barely scratch the surface of what baseball clubs are cooking. From crazy dishes to high-end fare, teams have bet on new concession strategies to keep fans coming back to the ballpark.The Seattle Mariners found success with one of the most unusual menu items in baseball. Chapulines, or toasted grasshoppers, joined the Safeco Field menu after executives from

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly
undergoes emergency heart surgery
Fox News, by Tyler McCarthy    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 12:16:45     Post Reply
Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly underwent emergency open-heart surgery on Thursday due to complications from a related experimental procedure. According to TMZ, the 70-year-old star went to the hospital for an experimental procedure to replace a catheter valve. Allegedly, he developed complications during the somewhat experimental replacement and doctors quickly decided to perform open-heart surgery. Fortunately, the surgeons were prepared for this eventuality and the outlet reports that he’s in stable condition. In 1997, he reportedly underwent a different heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. At the time, he said the condition was congenital and had nothing to do with possible



Groupies Shower School Shooter with
Love Notes and Sexy Selfies
LifeZette, by Michele Blood    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 12:09:46     Post Reply
If you’re cringing after reading the headline of this piece, you’re in good company. The bulk of respondents on social media were repulsed by the truths behind them as well. Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz has groupies, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. And not just a sprinkling of them, either. “What is going on here?” asked Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday night’s “The Ingraham Angle.” “What gives with these women? What kind of issues do they have? It’s mind-blowing.” Serving up some answers were two guests, forensic criminologist Ron Martinelli and forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman. “These are clearly

Investors Ask Banks, Gun Makers, and
Gun Retailers to Cut Ties with NRA
Breitbart Big Government, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 12:04:57     Post Reply
Investors operating under the auspices of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) are asking banks, gun makers, and gun retailers to cut ties with the NRA. The ICCR statement urging a break with the NRA was signed by investors “representing a total of $634 billion in assets.” The statement calls on gun makers to “stop the sale, production, design or conversion of military style semi-automatic assault weapons and associated accessories and components, including high capacity magazines, for use by civilians.” It also calls for gun makers to support the institution of background checks for ammunition sales. ICCR calls gun

Russia Says It Has Conducted Another
Test Of Its Deadly New Nuclear
ICBM [Video]
Daily Caller, by Ryan Pickrell    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/30/2018 10:51:20     Post Reply
The Russian defense ministry released a video Friday of what Moscow claims is the second test of the nuclear-capable Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, a weapon designed to render American defenses “useless.” The RS-28 Sarmat, a superheavy liquid-fueled ICBM built to replace the Soviet-era Voyevoda, was launched at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Archangel Province, Russia. The test, the exact date of which is unknown, is reportedly the second test of the Sarmat-2 since testing began in December last year. WATCH: Test of the Sarmat-2 ICBM (Video) The Sarmat is a MIRV-equipped missile believed to be capable of carrying 10 to 15 thermonuclear

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Hogg: I´ll accept Ingraham´s apology
if she condemns Fox News coverage

84 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Jacqueline Thomsen    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/29/2018 10:12:08 PM     Post Reply
Parkland, Fla., high school shooting survivor David Hogg said Thursday that he will only accept an apology from Fox News host Laura Ingraham for mocking him over college rejections if she denounced her network´s coverage of the Parkland students pushing for gun control. "I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight. It’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children," Hogg tweeted Thursday. (Snip) Four companies — TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Expedia and pet food brand Nutrish — pulled their ads from Ingraham’s show on Thursday.

Parkland survivor David Hogg calls on advertisers
to boycott Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show

69 replie(s)
New York Daily News, by Kate Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/29/2018 4:56:29 AM     Post Reply
David Hogg, one of the most outspoken survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, is pushing back against Laura Ingraham’s taunts. Ingraham, a conservative radio host and author, teased Hogg about the 17-year-old’s rejections from college. “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” she tweeted Wednesday with a link to a Daily Wire article. “(Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA...totally predictable given acceptance rates.)” Hogg told TMZ that he had been rejected from UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine, but accepted at Florida Atlantic University, Cal Poly

Hillary Clinton fires back
at critics: No one told a man
who lost an election to shut up

66 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington DC], by Judy Kurtz    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 3/29/2018 8:36:04 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton is striking back at critics telling her to “shut up” following her 2016 loss, saying, “They never said that to any man who was not elected.” “And I had one of the young people who works for me go back and do a bit of research. They never said that to any man who was not elected. I was kind of struck by that,” Clinton said. Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from Eagleton Institute of Politics’ director Ruth Mandel about the former Democratic presidential nominee’s reaction to those who say she should “get off the

Jeb Bush hits Trump: I go home
to children ´who actually love me´

46 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington DC], by Jacqueline Thomsen    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 3/28/2018 9:07:32 PM     Post Reply
Jeb Bush took a swipe at President Trump during a talk at Yale University Tuesday, saying he goes home every day to children “who actually love me.” The former Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate also joked that he was “still in therapy” from the 2016 election, the Yale Daily News reported. Bush made the comments during a lecture titled “A Conversation with Jeb Bush: Restoring Conservatism in America.” The talk was sponsored by Yale’s The William F. Buckley, Jr., Program. Despite his swipes directed at Trump, Bush reportedly called for politicians to be more polite in their discourse. Bush’s

Laura Ingraham, Facing Boycott,
Apologizes for Taunting Parkland
Survivor David Hogg

46 replie(s)
New York Times, by Daniel Victor    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/29/2018 6:18:17 PM     Post Reply
Laura Ingraham, a Fox News host, apologized under pressure on Thursday for taunting a survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., as at least four companies confirmed they would pull advertising from her show. (Snip) As news of the boycotts began coming out on Thursday, Ms. Ingraham apologized. “On reflection, in the spirit of Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland,” she said, extending an invitation for Mr. Hogg to appear on the show. Mr. Hogg said he was unimpressed by the apology. “She only

Pope Francis: ´There Is No Hell´
40 replie(s)
Cybercast News Service, by Michael W. Chapman    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 3/29/2018 2:07:48 PM     Post Reply
In another interview with his longtime atheist friend, Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis claims that Hell does not exist and that condemned souls just "disappear." This is a denial of the 2,000-year-old teaching of the Catholic Church about the reality of Hell and the eternal existence of the soul. (snip) You have never spoken to me about the souls who died in sin and will go to hell to suffer it for eternity. You have however spoken to me of good souls, admitted to the contemplation of God. But what about bad souls? Where are they punished?" Pope Francis says, "They are not

Eric Holder Would Run For
President To Unify The Country

37 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Benny Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/29/2018 3:22:22 PM     Post Reply
Former Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder speculated this week on what would incentivize him to run for president. Holder was asked in an interview with the New York Times about running for the highest office in the land. The reporter asked, “If you were gonna do it, why would you do it. If you didn’t do it, why would you not do it?” Holder said “If I were gonna do it, I’d do it because I would have concluded that maybe I could unify the country… help unify the country.” Holder said he could also “advance” and “repair” the country as

Melania, don´t repeat Hillary´s mistake:
Leave Donald, and set the right
example for a generation of girls

36 replie(s)
New York Daily News, by S. E. Cupp    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 3/30/2018 5:42:08 AM     Post Reply
I’ve heard the stories swirling around the President described in a number of ways: “scandalous,” “tawdry,” “unbecoming,” “tabloid trash.” But the word that first comes to my mind is “humiliating.” That the President of the United States is being sued by a porn star over an alleged affair they had years ago is humiliating for the country, certainly. That the figurehead of the Republican Party, not too long ago the party of family values, is alleged to have had another affair with a playmate just after his son was born, is humiliating for the GOP. Or, it should be anyway. But worst of

Roseanne revival is a wake-up call for Hollywood
33 replie(s)
New York Post, by John Podhoretz    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/29/2018 4:27:17 AM     Post Reply
At the beginning of March, the Academy Awards featured performers talking about “intersectionality” and Dreamers and jokes about how an Oscar-nominated movie about a gay awakening was made to annoy Mike Pence — and the show got the lowest ratings in history. Tuesday night, the premiere episode of the revival of “Roseanne” featured a working-class grandmother saying grace before dinner and concluding with thanks for “making America great again” — and the show got the highest ratings of any network program in six years. Hollywood is now faced with indisputable evidence that there’s a huge potential audience out there for programs that

Color me shocked, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer
utters the one sentence we were all
waiting to hear

33 replie(s)
BizPac Review, by Luis Miguel    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/29/2018 11:43:42 AM     Post Reply
Did anyone not see this coming? Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, said on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday that his client would be willing to accept a settlement in her lawsuit, which seeks to void a 2016 nondisclosure agreement regarding her alleged affair with President Trump. (Video) “If they came to you with a settlement in this case, would you accept it?” co-host Anthony Mason asked. “I think we would consider it, I would converse with my client,” Avanatti replied. “It would depend on the terms of a settlement. But at this point, I don’t see how

Hillary Clinton: I Am a ‘Rorschach
Test’ for Women Worldwide

33 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Charlie Spierling    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 3/30/2018 9:16:52 AM     Post Reply
Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton believes her experience in politics serves as a model for women around the world. “I have often thought that I am a kind of a Rorschach test for people who are trying to make sense, not just of me personally, but of women’s roles and women’s expanded opportunities, in not only America but around the world,” she said during a paid college speech at Rutgers University. Clinton expressed disappointment that she was no longer seen as an individual because she had been in the public spotlight for 25 years. She pointed out that she was

Larry King Repeal 2nd Amendment ...
It Was Passed To Fight Off Slaves

31 replie(s)
TMZ, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/29/2018 2:03:56 PM     Post Reply
Larry King has an interesting tidbit for why the Second Amendment should be repealed -- and it´s got to do with what he says is the real reason it was created ... to fight off slaves. (Snip) Larry says he´s completely on board, adding that the antiquated provision needs to be rewritten due to unclear language ... and also, because it´s "real" purpose is moot now. He backs a widely discussed theory that the Second Amendment was pushed for by Southern senators who simply wanted to fend off potential slave uprisings. How about that? Fact is ... there was a


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