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Fusion GPS Admits They Used John McCain
to Pass Anti-Trump Dossier to Obama-Era
Intel Agencies

Breitbart Jerusalem, by Aaron Klein

Original Article

Posted By:earlybird, 1/10/2018 10:50:45 AM

EILAT, Israel — The founders of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS admitted that they helped the researcher hired to compile the infamous, largely discredited 35-page dossier on President Donald Trump to share the document with Sen. John McCain. The goal of providing the dossier to McCain, the Fusion GPS founders explained, was to pass the information contained in the questionable document to the U.S. intelligence community under the Obama administration. The disclosure raises questions about whether McCain knew that the information he delivered to the intelligence community was actually an opposition document reportedly funded by the Hillary Clinton

Surprise, surprise.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Whamdbambam, 1/10/2018 10:53:16 AM     (No. 11505793)

So, he was a traitor to the very end.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Gordon Mills, 1/10/2018 10:55:24 AM     (No. 11505801)

War hero, indeed. A hero goes down with his plane to avoid civilian casualties.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Smart11344, 1/10/2018 10:55:55 AM     (No. 11505803)

I will not mourn his death, whenever that occurs.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: nimby, 1/10/2018 10:59:12 AM     (No. 11505814)

We always suspected it. Now, we know that he "is" the crook

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Reply 5 - Posted by: rochow, 1/10/2018 11:15:12 AM     (No. 11505841)

Not a surprise here. Been saying this and waiting for this! No wonder he has not returned to DC.
What a hero! Not! His jealousy that he could not make it into the Oval colored most of his actions. Pathetic.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: jalo1951, 1/10/2018 11:18:14 AM     (No. 11505844)

Meagan McCain shall finally be embraced by the cows on the view. They will be as one.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Ret.TxLeo, 1/10/2018 11:27:46 AM     (No. 11505863)

Wait what? Another arm of the DNC machine admits to eating one of their own? Yes yes, he has an R behind his title...but it is well known it should be a big fat D. That is what happens when you are incapacitated, unable to serve with all your faculties in place. Well I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt but he doesn´t deserve it. He should have NEVER been re-elected and the RNC should have done the research and fact finding to get someone to run better qualified and actually a conservative.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Travis Mcgee, 1/10/2018 11:31:56 AM     (No. 11505868)

This may sound callous, but, I´m rooting for the tumor.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: M2, 1/10/2018 11:44:30 AM     (No. 11505885)

Some hero.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: coldoc, 1/10/2018 11:48:07 AM     (No. 11505891)

This has been intentionally buried for a few months and I am glad it has bubbled to the surface again. It proves mccain is an angry petty and childish little man who forgot about the whole revenge a dish best served cold thing. He will go out as a nasty vindictive traitor to the presidency, if not the country.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Lucky5, 1/10/2018 11:48:45 AM     (No. 11505894)

He will not be missed. Just like I do not miss Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and Ted Kennedy.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: walcb, 1/10/2018 11:49:10 AM     (No. 11505895)

McCain has been suffering from brain cancer for a long time.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: wsdiego, 1/10/2018 12:03:19 PM     (No. 11505911)

The old traitor never changes his spots!

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Mickturn, 1/10/2018 12:05:31 PM     (No. 11505912)

McPain a Fool tool

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Reply 15 - Posted by: mc squared, 1/10/2018 12:09:53 PM     (No. 11505918)

(In my scratchiest McCain voice) I shudda been president - it was my turn.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: techwreck, 1/10/2018 12:12:54 PM     (No. 11505924)

I´m afraid John has many compadres in today´s GOP Swamp.

We´re trying to get rid of "Little Marco", a "Swamp Critter" here in FL, and we hope the rest of you are doing the same in the other 49!

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Reply 17 - Posted by: ramona, 1/10/2018 12:25:45 PM     (No. 11505934)

McCain never had a smidgeon of animus towards 0bama but he had a boatload of it for Trump, who called him out for his wussy campaign. Do people like JM ever come to an awareness of their own duplicity? If he ever held truly Conservative principles, I should think he would be in mental agony these days.
Ramona (the Pest)

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Reply 18 - Posted by: volksford, 1/10/2018 12:38:46 PM     (No. 11505942)

A useful idiot.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: BMW50, 1/10/2018 12:39:49 PM     (No. 11505943)

It´s so easy to sell lies to people who want to believe them.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: fed-up, 1/10/2018 12:49:55 PM     (No. 11505953)

This has been out there and known for months. Sure, McCain is a petty man and fell for this trash, but don´t for a minute think the ones that are in this up to their scrawny necks aren´t using him to say..."see, even the GOP knew Trump was dirty".

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Talk2, 1/10/2018 1:06:01 PM     (No. 11505970)

A man who got by in the Navy on his Father´s reputation; who got by on his trophy wife´s money; who got by on his willingness to use anyone who could help him and it appears discard them as so much useless chaff, and who divorced his first wife when he got home from Vietnam as some say because she had been severely injured in an auto accident while he was a POW. The fact that she worked tirelessly to get him released by the NVA and was no longer the physical specimen he married due to the accident all lead us to a disturbing conclusion regarding McCain that maybe he isn´t to be trusted.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: judy, 1/10/2018 1:14:00 PM     (No. 11505979)

They knew who to give the fake dossier to...McCain. My guess is McCain was the one who caused the Mueller investigation. .

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Reply 23 - Posted by: EAGLE4EVER, 1/10/2018 1:28:21 PM     (No. 11505998)

The True Manchurian Candidate !!

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Reply 24 - Posted by: John56, 1/10/2018 1:28:32 PM     (No. 11506000)

Wait a minute. DID I read that right? McCain´s 0-fer gets the report AFTER the election and shares it with the FBI?

But I thought the deep state saboteurs already massaged this into a FISA warrant BEFORE the election.

Sounds to me like the failed re-election coup plotters figured they had to cover their tracks so they found a willing GOP stooge (McCain) to help set up their alibi.

The more I hear of this treasonous subterfuge to throw an election, the more I´m thinking hanging is too good a punishment.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: doctorfixit, 1/10/2018 1:37:46 PM     (No. 11506006)

That SOB cannot drop dead soon enough to suit me.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: lakerman1, 1/10/2018 1:47:32 PM     (No. 11506014)

Correction, #11 - Dead Ted Kennedy.

(I take sinful pleasure in typing that.)

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Reply 27 - Posted by: cheeflo, 1/10/2018 3:03:05 PM     (No. 11506046)

Is he a conspirator, or just a hapless dupe like he was for the Keating Five (the only Republican entangled in that mess)?

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Reply 28 - Posted by: Omen, 1/10/2018 3:21:12 PM     (No. 11506063)

When they bury you,Johnny boy.
It won´t be just dirt they throw on you!

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Reply 29 - Posted by: obviousity, 1/10/2018 3:48:15 PM     (No. 11506081)

Who used who?

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Reply 30 - Posted by: bobgray2, 1/10/2018 4:02:26 PM     (No. 11506092)

John McCain, a tool to the very end.

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Conservative justices signal
willingness to uphold travel ban
The Hill, by Lydia Wheeler    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 8:15:08     Post Reply
Conservative members of the Supreme Court appeared to signal Wednesday that they are inclined to uphold President Trump’s third travel ban, setting the stage for what could be a major victory for the administration. Hearing oral arguments in the blockbuster case, the court grappled with whether Trump has the legislative and constitutional powers to ban travelers from certain countries. The latest policy, issued by a presidential proclamation, initially limited travel into the United States by people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Chad, though the White House announced earlier this month it was dropping Chad from the list. The challengers argue that

PICTURED: Bloodied mugshot of former cop, 72,
arrested and named by police as the Golden
State Killer who murdered 12 and raped
51 over a decade-long reign of terror from
the 1970s after DNA links him to four of the killings *
Daily Mail [UK], by Minyvonne Burke    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 5:56:00     Post Reply
A former cop has been identified as the notorious Golden State Killer after a breakthrough in DNA testing linked him to some of the 12 murders and 51 rapes it is believed the serial killer carried out throughout the 1970s and 80s. Joseph James DeAngelo Jr was taken into custody by the Sacramento County Sheriff´s Department on Tuesday night on two murder charges for the 1978 deaths of Brian Maggiore and his wife, Katie, who are believed to be the Golden State Killer´s first victims. He was later also charged with the murders of Lyman and Charlene Smith of Ventura

After searching for more than 40 years,
authorities say an ex-cop is the
Golden State Killer
CNN, by Ray Sanchez*    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 5:25:51     Post Reply
(Video)A former California police officer has been identified as the so-called Golden State Killer believed to have committed 12 killings and at least 50 rapes across California from 1976 to 1986, authorities said Wednesday. Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested after investigators matched discarded DNA from his home to evidence from some of the crimes, Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten told reporters. The suspect seemed surprised when he was arrested without incident this week in connection with a crime spree that spanned 10 years and at least 10 counties throughout California, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said. "We all knew that we

Golden State Killer suspect
arrested in California
Fox News, by Nicole Darrah, Ryan Gaydos    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 5:15:42     Post Reply
The suspect believed to be the notorious Golden State Killer — who was wanted in a dozen murders and nearly 50 rapes from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s — has been arrested in California, officials said Wednesday. Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested early Wednesday at his Citrus Heights home, located 16 miles northeast of Sacramento, after a DNA sample matched that of the Golden State Killer, officials said at a news conference. (Snip) County records show DeAngelo is being held at the Sacramento County Main Jail, where he´s being held on two counts of first-degree murder and is reportedly on suicide

Lawsuit Alleges Dallas Violated Law Protecting
Historic Confederate Monuments
Breitbart Texas, by Merrill Hope    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 5:08:46     Post Reply
The Dallas City Council was expected to vote Wednesday on a resolution that called for demolishing one Confederate monument and auctioning off another. Instead, they postponed making major decisions, voting 9-6 to review more options for a Confederate War Memorial. Then, they voted 10-5, without discussion, not to sell a statue of General Robert E. Lee but did not indicate what the city would do with it either. These developments happen to come on the heels of a newly-filed lawsuit that alleges the mayor and the city council violated state law that protects historical monuments. Breitbart Texas obtained the petition filed in

Number of Swedes Opposing Mass
Migration of Asylum Seekers Doubles
Breitbart London, by Chris Tomlinson    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 5:04:39     Post Reply
The number of Swedes who want to see far fewer asylum seekers enter the country has doubled since 2015 to nearly half of the voting population. A poll conducted by Ipsos found that the general Swedish attitude toward taking in large numbers of asylum seekers had radically changed since the height of the 2015 migrant crisis when only two out of ten people were for reducing the number, Dagens Nyheter reports. “This is a dramatic change, not least because it has been so fast,” said professor of Political Science Marie Demker who teaches at the University of Gothenburg. Along with the increase in

LGBT Organization Rescinds Award
from Joy Reid as She Doubles
Down on ‘Hacking’ Excuse
Breitbart Tech, by Charlie Nash    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 5:01:01     Post Reply
PFLAG, an LGBT organization, has rescinded its “Straight for Equality in Media” award from MSNBC host Joy Reid, while she continues to double down on her excuses over newly-revealed homophobic blog posts. “When we extended our invitation to Ms. Reid to honor her at our 45th anniversary celebration, we did so knowing about the blog posts from the late 2000s regarding Charlie Crist. We appreciated how she stepped up, took ownership, apologized for them, and did better—this is the behavior and approach we ask of any ally,”(Snip)In the newly-revealed blog posts, Reid made several homophobic comments, including, “most straight people

NYT: Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Freed Under
Obama ‘Vanished’ After Return to Libya
Breitbart National Security, by Edwin Mora    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 4:43:54     Post Reply
An estimated 150 former Guantánamo Bay prisoners liberated as part of former President Barack Obama’s efforts to shut down the U.S. military detention center “risk being killed—or could end up becoming threats themselves,” the New York Times (NYT) acknowledged this week. (Snip) The previous administration reportedly convinced about three dozen nations to take in 150 “lower-risk” prisoners from dangerous countries like Yemen and Libya. Senegal, one of the countries who took in some of the prisoners, already deported two of them back to “their chaotic birth country of Libya,” where they “vanished” once they “fell into the hands of a hard-line militia leader

NBC Muddies the Waters as Joy
Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Story Collapses
Breitbart Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 4:38:47     Post Reply
Although the far-left CNN buried its big news under 15 paragraphs of excuse-making for the latest anti-gay scribblings that surfaced on MSNBC anchor Joy Reid’s old blog, what more does anyone need to know than the following: “The Library of Congress … contains the disputed posts and lists them as having been archived on January 12, 2006.” But-but-but I was told the Wayback machine was hacked in an attempt to frame Anti-Trump Resistance Leader Joy Reid as a homophobe? But-but-but I was told the screencaps had been altered as a means to frame Anti-Trump Resistance Leader Joy Reid as a homophobe? Well, now

Exclusive: Poll Shows Americans Side
with Trump over Mueller Probe
Breitbart Big Government, by Michael Patrick Leahy    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 4:33:56     Post Reply
A national poll conducted of 1,000 likely voters by McLaughlin & Associates and former Clinton pollster Dick Morris provided exclusively to Breitbart News shows support for President Trump and suspicion of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. By a margin of 51 percent to 33 percent, voters do not believe Mueller has found “real evidence of corruption by the president.” More specifically, by a margin of 10 points, 43 percent to 33 percent, voters feel that Mueller has not uncovered any evidence that “President Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.” A plurality of voters, 43 percent to 35 percent,

True Crime Author Michelle McNamara’s
Legacy Sealed With Arrest In
Golden State Killer Case
Forbes, by Michelle Fabio    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 3:04:46     Post Reply
Published earlier this year, Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark shone a glaring spotlight on the 10-year rape and murder spree of the perpetrator she dubbed “The Golden State Killer” (GSK). In the final line of the book, which Stephen King called “a brilliant genre-buster,” McNamara urged the depraved man, "Walk into the light.” She believed apprehension of this monster was close, and she was spot on. The Sacramento County Sheriff´s Department has arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, potentially writing the final chapter of the GSK, who was also called the East Area Rapist, East Bay Rapist, Original Night Stalker

Suspect in Golden State killer case,
a former police officer, is arrested
after decades of searching
Los Angeles Times, by Joseph Serna*    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/25/2018 2:51:03     Post Reply
Authorities have arrested a former police officer who is suspected of being one of California´s most prolific serial killers and rapists — the Golden State killer. According to law enforcement sources who were unauthorized to speak publicly about the case, a local and federal task force apprehended the suspect late Tuesday evening. In the 40 years since the Original Night Stalker began his campaign of terror in Sacramento and moved south through Oakland, Santa Barbara and Orange counties, he had remained unidentified. The attacker was also dubbed the East Area Rapist and the Golden State Killer, and authorities say he

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More than SIXTY Team USA Olympians
choose not to attend White House reception
hosted by President Trump in their honor

56 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Jessica Finn    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 4/24/2018 5:49:00 PM     Post Reply
US Winter Olympians who competed in PyeongChang are heading to the White House this week, but some of the most notable names are skipping the prestigious event. The 2018 Winter Olympics were, at times, used by athletes to vocalize their dissatisfaction with the Trump administration. Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, figure skater Adam Rippon and freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy have all spoke out against the administration. They are among a large swath of about 60 Olympians who will not attend the White House reception this year. Chloe Kim, Mirai Nagasu, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Shaun White are also not visiting the White House

How long will the religious
stand by Donald Trump?

44 replie(s)
McClatchy Newspapers, by Andrew Malcolm    Original Article
Posted By: SurferLad- 4/24/2018 6:15:32 AM     Post Reply
Perhaps the most enduring puzzlement about Donald Trump the president and candidate is his ability, if that’s what it is, to attract a faithful political base founded on fervent evangelical Christians, despite his frequently reinforced reputation for less than righteous acts and statements. During the 2015-16 campaign, each emerging example of Trump misbehavior, from off-color references to women and allegations of affairs, convinced Eastern elites and media to believe the billionaire’s upstart political rebellion was doomed any day. [Snip] Among allegedly conservative Republicans, Trump approval has climbed into the mid-80 percent range. All this despite continued stormy allegations by a

David Hogg Announces June 5th
Release Date for Gun Control Book

38 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 4/24/2018 8:02:27 AM     Post Reply
Parkland student activist David Hogg used a tweet Monday to announce that his gun control book, Never Again, will be released on June 5. On April 19 Breitbart News reported Hogg’s announcement that he and his sister, Lauren, were writing the book about gun control movement which sprang from the Parkland attack. Entertainment Weekly reported that David and Lauren “have been leaders in the gun control movement that took shape among students, in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting.” The siblings’ book “will explore their efforts taking on some of the most powerful forces in Washington and beyond, and will detail their

Fashion Notes: Melania Steals
the Show in Hervé Pierre Hat

38 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Hollywood, by John Binder    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 4/24/2018 7:39:59 PM     Post Reply
First Lady Melania Trump stole the show when she stepped out of the White House alongside President Trump in a stark white hat and matching belted skirt suit to greet French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron at the White House on Tuesday. Mrs. Trump wore the off-the-runway, asymmetric Michael Kors Collection double crepe jacket with a matching Kors skirt and wide brim hat by Hervé Pierre, Mrs. Trump’s personal style advisor. The wide brim hat is a first for Mrs. Trump as she normally wears her hair in her signature middle part and layered waves. The Michael Kors Collection

Revolution and Worse to Come
38 replie(s)
National Review Online, by Victor Davis Hanson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/25/2018 4:34:49 AM     Post Reply
On the domestic and foreign fronts, the Trump administration has prompted economic growth and restored U.S. deterrence. Polls show increased consumer confidence, and in some, Trump himself has gained ground. Yet good news is bad news to the Resistance and its strange continued efforts to stop an elected president in a way it failed to do in the 2016 election. Indeed, the aim of the so-called Resistance to Donald J. Trump is ending Trump’s presidency by any means necessary before the 2020 election. Or, barring that, it seeks to so delegitimize him that he becomes presidentially impotent. It has been only

Chelsea Clinton´s royal treatment: New book
reveals how her aides studied Kate
Middleton to give her a new image before
giving birth to daughter Charlotte in 2014

38 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Daniel Bates    Original Article
Posted By: zephyrgirl- 4/25/2018 8:46:24 AM     Post Reply
Chelsea Clinton took inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge for how to manage the birth of her first child, a new book claims. She and her aides ´studied´ how the British royal family had handled the birth of Prince George in 2013 in order to prepare for her own first baby, who was born a year later. Bill and Hillary Clinton´s only daughter Chelsea, as well as her staff, noted how press was handled and how the Duchess of Cambridge handled herself, and used it as a template for themselves, the book claims. The claim suggests that Chelsea saw herself

Sanders to announce proposal
promising jobs to all Americans

36 replie(s)
The Hill, by John Bowden    Original Article
Posted By: snapper451- 4/24/2018 11:17:35 AM     Post Reply
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is set to announce a federal jobs proposal that would guarantee a job with at least a $15-per-hour wage and health benefits to every adult American “who wants or needs one,” The Washington Post reports. The senator is still in the early stages of crafting the plan, according to the Post, which would provide a job or required training for any American. Sanders´s office has yet to release the details of the plan´s funding, but previous large-scale projects proposed by the Vermont progressive have involved ending tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations.

Harry Reid: Trump ´is not a nice man’
36 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Caitlin Yilek    Original Article
Posted By: mc squared- 4/25/2018 9:52:16 AM     Post Reply
Former Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid, who was once “hopeful” about President Trump, is not warming up to the commander in chief. Reid still has hurt feelings about Trump mocking the injuries he sustained when an exercise band he was using at home snapped and hit him in the face. Reid fell to the floor, breaking his ribs and bones in his face. He now is blind in one eye. Trump mocked Reid in September 2016 after the Democratic leader commented on Trump’s weight. “[To show] what kind of a person he is, when I injured myself, I couldn’t sleep

Black woman golfer: It was like
we had targets on our backs

32 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 4/24/2018 2:10:28 PM     Post Reply
YORK, Pa. -- One of five black women golfers who were told to leave a Pennsylvania club said Tuesday it felt like they were playing "with targets on our backs." Representatives of the Grandview Golf Club in York told the group at the second hole they were playing too slowly Saturday, said Sandra Harrison. After the ninth hole, an hour-and-a-half later, the group of white men told them they took too long a break and needed to leave. Harrison said she and two other women left because they were so rattled by the treatment. "It was like we were playing

Orrin Hatch warns Trump: Firing
Mueller could bring impeachment

31 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Katelyn Caralle    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/25/2018 12:22:27 PM     Post Reply
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, warned President Trump firing special counsel Robert Mueller could lead to impeachment, becoming one of the first congressional Republicans to mention impeachment directly. “Firing Mr. Mueller would be a grave error. It would trigger a crisis, possibly even impeachment,” Hatch said in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece published Tuesday night. “It would threaten many of the administration’s accomplishments and make continued progress virtually impossible.” In his op-ed, Hatch endorsed the proposed legislation aimed at protect Mueller from being fired by Trump, or, for that matter, any president from firing a counsel appointed to investigating potential presidential misconduct.

Jim Acosta says voters too
stupid to grasp Trump ‘act’: ‘Their
elevator might not hit all floors’

28 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Douglas Ernst    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/24/2018 9:48:04 PM     Post Reply
Reporter Jim Acosta says too many Americans can’t see through President Trump’s “act” because they “don’t have all their faculties.” CNN’s chief White House correspondent and network colleague April Ryan sat down with Variety this week to discuss reporting on the White House in an era of “fake news” accusations. The network duo expressed concern that Mr. Trump and his rhetorical “tentacles” will cause “anarchy” around the globe. “Fake news, by the president saying this, is not just a simply or cute little statement for some,” Ms. Ryan said in a taped interview published Tuesday. “This has tentacles that is

5 takeaways from Debbie Lesko´s
lackluster win in Arizona´s special election

28 replie(s)
Arizona Republic [AZ], by Ronald J. Hansen andYvonne W. Sanchez    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 4/25/2018 11:04:17 AM     Post Reply
The election is over and Republican Debbie Lesko has won a West Valley congressional special election in a district that has leaned right for decades. Here’s what else we learned from the unexpectedly competitive race to replace Trent Franks, the veteran Republican who resigned in December amid a sexual-misconduct scandal.The unofficial results show a dramatic underperformance by a Republican in the solidly GOP district. That’s a problem for Republicans, who now need to sort through the results to determine how problematic the landscape will be for them in November. Republicans have a 17 percentage point registration advantage in the district. President Donald Trump

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