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Roy Moore allegations prompt reflections
on fundamentalist culture in which some
Christian men date teens

Washington Post, by Julie Zauzmer

Original Article

Posted By:earlybird, 11/13/2017 2:19:35 PM

When Roy Moore, then 34 years old, asked 17-year-old Debbie Wesson Gibson if she would date him, Gibson asked her mother what she would think. According to The Washington Post’s investigation into Moore’s pursuit of teenage girls, which was published Thursday, Gibson’s mother replied, “I’d say you were the luckiest girl in the world.” That attitude of encouraging teenage girls to date older men, rather than shielding girls from men’s advances, sounded familiar to some people who read the Post story that has shaken Moore’s bid for the U.S. Senate. “It’s not so uncommon that people would necessarily look at it askance,” said


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Calvinesq, 11/13/2017 2:24:50 PM     (No. 11450694)

Christian men only? So, I guess Muslim men get a pass?

Then, there is always Elvis.

And, don´t leave out Bob Menendez, who is ignored by the press. I suppose the press gives him a pass because he paid for his thirteen year olds, or something like that.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Cor-Vet, 11/13/2017 2:30:58 PM     (No. 11450701)

I´m waiting for the WaPo to print it´s expose´ of the young girls on the exotic island frequented by Billy Boy!

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Reply 3 - Posted by: sanddollar, 11/13/2017 2:31:04 PM     (No. 11450702)

I don´t think this is true now. It might have been the case 40 years ago but parents expected the man to treat his daughter respectfully and on sex before marriage. Dating was a brief time period with a very short engagement.

Not like today when a couple lives together for years and says we are engaged.

Moore may squeak by but this is a disaster for GOP. There is so much hysteria over this that you don´t know which is true and which is fake news.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Jethro bo, 11/13/2017 2:31:22 PM     (No. 11450704)

We are witnessing the Salam Witch Hunts in the 21st century version. Now, any man that even talks to a woman is considered a sexual predator. Well, only if they are white, conservative and running for office.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Clinger, 11/13/2017 2:33:44 PM     (No. 11450705)

Hey Wa Po, did you know some folks out there rip viable human babies to shreds. What´s your point?

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Reply 6 - Posted by: suejeanne, 11/13/2017 2:39:48 PM     (No. 11450712)

And FGM of little girls right here in our country is perfectly all right because we need to respect their Muslim practices.

With every new effort piled on to villianize Judge Roy Moore it only seems MORE unlikely because it should have come out during his Tent Commandments fight - that would have been a prime time.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: darling, 11/13/2017 2:56:51 PM     (No. 11450728)

I can guarantee that in a town the size of Gadsden, Alabama a young, eligible man with a great job would have been like blood to circling sharks in the 1970s. The sharks being mothers of marriageable young women. In the days before women were able to enter any field they chose, they had four choices: secretary, teacher, nurse or housewife. A mother of a young girl usually wanted to see her daughter suitably married to a well-off man who was established in a career.

A man in his thirties would not have chosen a woman his own age if he wanted to have a large family. I think "fundamentalist culture" was the prevailing culture until the 1960s. Perhaps the rural areas kept the tradition going longer, but I don´t think you´d blame it on religion. You would have blamed it on common sense. A woman in her 30s would have been called an old maid and her fertility clock would have been ticking.

I think it would be a big deal if he had continued to date younger women after the time of his marriage. He obviously thought he had found a suitable partner with whom to start a family.

I don´t blame Moore and I don´t blame the mothers of the girls who were "legal." I don´t know if the one who said she was 14 is telling the truth, and who knows at this point? He said, she said and it sounds like the press went after her. I hear Gloria Allred has "found" another accuser but I tend to consider her clients to be "me too" publicity hounds.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Grant Hodges, 11/13/2017 3:00:16 PM     (No. 11450734)

These days, if I walk through a crowd of women in a room, I put my hands in my pockets, and elbows in tight. Not gonna accuse me!!

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Reply 9 - Posted by: curious1, 11/13/2017 3:06:50 PM     (No. 11450747)

Guess Julie is too young to remember when Jerry Seinfeld was 38 and got the phone number of Shoshanna, who was 17 at the time, in a New York park. Dated for over 4 years IIRC. The big city leftards conveniently ignore that, and it´s much more recent than Elvis Presley, for example.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Ribicon, 11/13/2017 3:09:50 PM     (No. 11450752)

WaPo logic: a man accused of dating younger women is an indictment of all fundamentalist Christians, and must be the subject of endless hand-wringing. But, homosexual Hollywood men who molest young boys are a regrettable incident limited to that person only, and it´s a story barely worth covering because men having sex with young boys is a good thing.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: qr4j, 11/13/2017 3:36:51 PM     (No. 11450799)

What a rotten smear on Fundamentalist Christians! I am not a Fundamentalist, although I am a Christian. Still, I find this smear disgusting even though I disagree theologically with Fundamentalists.

This smear is rotten to the core of the devil who wrote it.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: lakerman1, 11/13/2017 4:08:08 PM     (No. 11450847)

Priscilla Presley, at aGE 14, was Patty Bielieu, whose father was a USAF major. Elvis was 24. Patty, at age 14, looked to be 25, up close.
And it is said she was a virgin when Elvis married her, several years later.
When dead Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne, she as 23 or so, and Dead Ted was about 15 years older.
Moore liked young chicks. Surprise! Dollar Bill Clinton liked young, chubby chicks! Surprise!
The Democrats are pulling a slick coup. If this works, next year´s republican candidates will be excoriated for every DRUMMED UP REASON POSSIBLE.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: peeps, 11/13/2017 7:21:02 PM     (No. 11451040)

OMG. ANY excuse to attack Christianity. You poor peripheral fringe leftist loons.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Tianne, 11/14/2017 6:53:41 AM     (No. 11451430)

FTA: "The culture of courting that Easter and Brightbill described is one limited mostly to fundamentalist religious communities, including certain Christian groups and those of other religions, such as some Orthodox Jewish or Mormon communities. "


Am waiting for a cultural expose of the sexual preferences of the men in our big city ghettos although what they do to their sexual partners´ daughters and babies probably isn´t called "courting".

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Employees, and Childhood Friends
Step Up to Defend Roy Moore
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A dozen women who know Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore personally have come forward to express their support and speak out about his good character. (Snip)* “I was the receptionist for Roy Moore the first time he was Chief Justice and I am proud of our history,” said Marianne Rhodes, who was Moore’s receptionist from 2000-2003. “I saw everything that went on in that office and I’ve never worked for anybody who was more considerate, honest, or kind. We all enjoyed our tenure there. He was always up and above board. If any of these people who are slandering

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GOP Is ‘Toast’ Under Leadership
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Mark Osborne writes at ABC News that Republican Senator Jeff Flake was caught on a hot mic criticizing President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore: Sen. Jeff Flake, a frequent sparring partner of President Donald Trump, continues to make enemies in his own party after calling the GOP “toast” while unaware he was still on a live mic. Flake, R-Ariz., was at a tax reform event in Mesa, Arizona on Friday night when he was caught bashing the president in a conversation with friend, Mesa Mayor John Giles. “If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald

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In the longstanding liberal narrative about Bill Clinton and his scandals, the one pushed by Clinton courtiers and ratified in media coverage of his post-presidency, our 42nd president was only guilty of being a horndog, his affairs were nobody’s business but his family’s, and oral sex with Monica Lewinsky was a small thing that should never have put his presidency in peril. That narrative could not survive the current wave of outrage over male sexual misconduct. So now a new one may be forming for the age of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump. In this story, Kenneth Starr and the

Sen. Al Franken won´t resign - is spending
Thanksgiving ´doing a lot of reflecting´

23 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Nikki Schwab    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/19/2017 4:26:25 PM     Post Reply
A spokesperson for Sen. Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that ´no´ the embattled senator would not resign. ´He is spending time with his family in Washington, D.C., and will be through the Thanksgiving holiday,´ the aide told the newspaper. ´And he´s doing a lot of reflecting.´ On Thursday, Franken became the latest high-profile man whose career is now in jeopardy over bad behavior with a woman. Radio host Leeann Tweeden said in 2006, when performing alongside Franken at a traveling USO tour, the then-comedian grabbed her breasts without her permission when Tweeden was sleeping and kissed

UC regents admonish UC President
Janet Napolitano for approval of
interference in state audit

22 replie(s)
Los Angeles Times, by Teresa Watanabe    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/18/2017 11:58:39 AM     Post Reply
University of California regents meeting on Thursday admonished UC President Janet Napolitano for agreeing to a plan that led to interference in a state audit on the operation of her office. Her approval of a plan in which top aides would preview campus administrators’ confidential survey responses “reflected poor judgment and set in motion a course of conduct that the Board of Regents finds unacceptable,” board chairman George Kieffer said in a statement after the regents met behind closed doors for nearly five hours. But the regents quickly and unanimously agreed to support Napolitano’s continued leadership, Kieffer said after the

Democrat Doug Jones: The Second
Amendment Has ‘Limitations’

22 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/20/2017 9:01:34 AM     Post Reply
Doug Jones, the Democrat running for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, says he loves to hunt but the Second Amendment has “limitations.” He believes that every right enumerated in the Bill of Rights is limited, and the Second Amendment is no exception.According to the Alabama Political Reporter, Jones described himself as “a Second Amendment guy,” but stressed that some gun control is necessary. He said, “We’ve got limitations on all constitutional amendments in one form or another.” This position is contrary to the clear language of the amendment, which states that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be

Donald Trump bores us
with his vacation slides

21 replie(s)
CNN, by Frida Ghitis    Original Article
Posted By: Nephilim- 11/18/2017 6:45:33 PM     Post Reply
Remember when your relatives would come back from vacation and force you to watch their slide show to prove what a great time they had? President Donald Trump returned from his 12-day Asian trip and called the country to assemble and listen to him prove what a great job he did. Anyone who watched the progress of Trump abroad could have predicted exactly what he would say in his speech Wednesday: Everyone respects me. Everyone now respects America because of me. In remarks delivered in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Trump enumerated a number of achievements,


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