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Climate change not as threatening
to planet as previously thought,
new research suggests

Telegraph [UK], by Henry Bodkin

Original Article

Posted By:Ribicon, 9/18/2017 11:45:25 PM

Climate change poses less of an immediate threat to the planet than previously thought because scientists got their modelling wrong, a new study has found. New research by British scientists reveals the world is being polluted and warming up less quickly than 10-year-old forecasts predicted, giving countries more time to get a grip on their carbon output. (Snip) The discrepancy means nations could continue emitting carbon dioxide at the current rate for another 20 years before the target was breached, instead of the three to five predicted by the previous model. “When you are talking about a budget of 1.5

Good news: the offer´s been extended, so there´s still time to save the world from Global Warming, even though Al "Chakras" Gore had us all dead by now.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: ginadee, 9/19/2017 12:03:53 AM     (No. 11387640)

Al Gore is going to be very upset about this.
This should bury his latest flick on climate change.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: blizzard, 9/19/2017 12:06:58 AM     (No. 11387641)

The only things threatening this planet are Libtards and the invading Muslim hoards.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: chumley, 9/19/2017 12:16:52 AM     (No. 11387647)

Blasphemy! Burn the heretics!

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Reply 4 - Posted by: thomthomp, 9/19/2017 12:49:29 AM     (No. 11387658)

End of the World postponed - again.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: steveW, 9/19/2017 12:54:53 AM     (No. 11387661)

This "new study" is nothing but a vast rightwing conspiracy to lynch the good intentions of "progressives" who want to save the planet. It was funded by the Russians, climate deniers, white nationalists, and people who say "boobs" on TV.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: JimBob, 9/19/2017 1:14:10 AM     (No. 11387665)


We realized that many of the doomsday predictions had too short of a timeline, and were in danger of the ´doom date´ being reached with no apparent end of the world in sight.

We have now recalculated the date of doomsday, and placed it far enough in the future that the predictions made today, intended to frighten the sheep into accepting carbon taxes and artificial limits on their freedom, are no longer in danger of being shown for the fantasies that they are.

When, (at a future date when everyone involved with today´s fraud will be long retired) the new doomsday dates are being approached, a new revision, pushing the date of doomsday still farther into the future, will of course be established. We leave it to the future supporters of the hoax to devise a suitable explanation, with fancy enough sounding Bovine Scatology to convince the gullible audiences who will be paying attention at that time.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: steveW, 9/19/2017 1:19:48 AM     (No. 11387667)

So, uh, which is it - 97% of the planet´s "climate scientists" are now revealed to be a. lemmings b. stupid c. frauds d. fraudulent stupid lemmings?

Perhaps it´s time to listen to the rational 3%?

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Reply 8 - Posted by: greggojo, 9/19/2017 3:31:44 AM     (No. 11387693)

There used to be people (maybe there still are?) wandering around downtown areas wearing togas, sporting long hair and shouting dire warnings, " The end of the World is coming". And now these people are sitting in universities and government offices and being paid fortunes by American taxpayers for their prognostications. Go figure.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Hadjipoo, 9/19/2017 4:20:04 AM     (No. 11387698)

Global warming tax funds must be drying up.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Heraclitus, 9/19/2017 4:33:48 AM     (No. 11387704)

Wasn´t the End of the World supposed to be in the 90s, froom Global Cooling-induced Ice Age?

Then there was supposed to be a global warming induced ice age.

Then, there´s the Settled Science of Global Warming. errr, i mean, Climate Change... caused by Man-caused warming.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: MissileMan742, 9/19/2017 6:33:14 AM     (No. 11387739)

Even if we do everything AlGore and his acolytes declare, Doomsday is STILL coming. In 6 billion years, the Sun will expand into a Red Giant (Russians?) and sear the earth. BUT! That is only if we survive the oncoming collision of our Milky Way galaxy with the Andromeda galaxy in 4.7 billion years! Oh, the Humanity s/o

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Reply 12 - Posted by: bpl40, 9/19/2017 6:57:14 AM     (No. 11387747)

Its still poppycock. The entire greenhouse theory is based on nineteenth century science we have long left behind. A fresh and honest approach is required.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: TCloud, 9/19/2017 7:50:27 AM     (No. 11387788)

Well Hell´s Bells, even Smoggy China could have told the World that!

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Northcross, 9/19/2017 7:56:42 AM     (No. 11387800)

But, but, but... the science was settled.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: FormerDem, 9/19/2017 8:10:59 AM     (No. 11387809)

and bear in mind they said it was a nonlinear process

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Clinger, 9/19/2017 8:37:15 AM     (No. 11387828)

How is it that this article can pretend to seriously discuss "flaws" in the model when the model has been outed as a 24 carrot fraud?

They faked the data that fed the math behind the model plain and simple. They also relied in changes in thermal capacity of objects such as concrete adjacent to where measurements were taken. It hasn´t warmed in 18 years, the antarctic icecap was growing while the arctic icecap shrunk in the 90´s and now the arctic icecap has regained most of its loss.

And they would have already had us abandon the economic system and governance system that have led to the greatest prosperity, best human condition, and most benevolence toward others in history of earth.

These are dangerous people they have absolutely no credibility. Don´t believe a word of what they have to say now that their narrative has passed it´s freshness date and they have to spin the new version of why we have to hand everything over to the globalists. And people wonder why its so easy for some to believe in wild conspiracy theories.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna, 9/19/2017 8:44:35 AM     (No. 11387834)

CO2 did not become the problem because it is a Greenhous gas (Which it is not) but rather because it is the by product of all human activity. And human activity, itself, is the devil in the church of Gaia.

Arguing with these new religionists is like arguing the ´Transubstantiation´ with orthodox Catholics.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: Michimatician47, 9/19/2017 8:49:32 AM     (No. 11387842)

No, no, no, no... a thousand times no! Opposing scientific views are not the way to make Al Gore cry. Taking away his family-size bag of Cheetos without explanation is the way to make him cry. Articles like this one in the Telegraph only inspire him to make another unwatchable, plot-free, humorless piece-of-caca movie with perpetual loop footage of imploding glaciers and boiling polar bears. I thank God that this self-approving windbag was defeated by "W". The feeling of joy in 2000 was no doubt eclipsed by the feelings in November 2016 but each win was exciting in its own way. A richer country than ours would find some National Park money to carve the faces of Gore, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton into a mountainside cliff and call it Mt, Losemore.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: congar, 9/19/2017 9:06:25 AM     (No. 11387869)

Two things have always held the climate warming brigade into question for me. Around the year 900 the earth was a lot warmer according to every competent person without one auto, one smoke stack nor one utility facility, all the things the warmers claim cause the earth’s warming did not even exist yet. Yet these geniuses claim they know with mathematical certainty what the temperature will be 100 years from now, when they can’t tell you with any accuracy what it will be next Tuesday.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: rolfnader, 9/19/2017 9:32:07 AM     (No. 11387911)

The United Nations needs to raise a bunch more money to plug up all the volcanoes in the world, now. Or something like that, I´m sure.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua, 9/19/2017 9:34:52 AM     (No. 11387916)

Climate change has become a distraction that has taken attention away from real problems like hurricanes. More focus needs to be on building codes, flood control, the electric grid, and other infrastructure.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: bigfatslob, 9/19/2017 9:51:03 AM     (No. 11387931)

The free range chickens are coming home to roost. I guess all those hurricanes are really a breath of fresh air purging the polluted skies.
This is really hilarious to listen to. The models were wrong? For real the pointy headed, taxpayer funded, white lab coat wearing, loons ´blew it´ and it was all a hoax because of an incorrect model. This is 7th grade Science Fair stuff.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: dvc, 9/19/2017 10:58:49 AM     (No. 11388024)

Not news to the many of use who have paid close attention to this and have not "previously thought" that anything serious was going on, other than the giant hoax to gather power and money to a few a the top.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Zarin, 9/19/2017 11:04:50 AM     (No. 11388035)

NASA, among others had lots of evidence that their models were wrong as early as 2000. Look up Ferenc Miskolczi - I think I am spelling that right. He is a real physicist [originally from Hungary] who has specialized in atmospheric science since 1975. He may be retired now. He has been attacked since he came out in 2008 when presented a paper at a ´deniers´ conference. He pointed out that the greenhouse equation used in the super computer models is faulty. They use the old equation that values atmospheric depth as infinite. [When the equation came out in the 1920´s - the math by hand was too long & difficult - the infinity sign made it ´easier´. Plus they did not have a good measure of atmospheric depth.] He had done all sorts of research finding depth of atmosphere and modelling using several different equations. He told his bosses at NASA this and was ordered to shut up.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: hurricanegirl, 9/19/2017 11:28:41 AM     (No. 11388070)

Whelp, perhaps climate change (or whatever they´re calling it now) will die a slow death. However, a new fraud will be following along shortly, so don´t let your guard down!

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Reply 26 - Posted by: dman, 9/19/2017 1:37:14 PM     (No. 11388177)

Rumors of the planet´s imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated. /s

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Reply 27 - Posted by: ida lou pino, 9/19/2017 2:27:34 PM     (No. 11388225)

The "climate scientists" didn´t "get their models wrong" - -

- - they faked them!

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Reply 28 - Posted by: jeffkinnh, 9/19/2017 8:25:12 PM     (No. 11388514)

The sad thing is, the science no longer matters. Alarmists are pushing draconian measures to transfer money from wealthy nations to poorer nations under the auspices of the Climate Control Police, which just coincidentally accrues the massive amount of power that goes along with massive amounts of money to those in control. Why? Because it´s apparently the "right" thing to do. You see, the government knows better than the people how to spend their money. So the government takes your money and distributes it as they see fit. In return, government takes "care" of us; at a poverty level. The only one better off is government.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: arcady, 9/19/2017 8:41:43 PM     (No. 11388558)

Sorry, Al Gore´s not crying. He and his merry band of fraudsters are laughing.

...all the way to the bank.

It was never about saving the world. He became a billionaire off this. It was always about the "Benjamins".

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Reply 30 - Posted by: dvc, 9/19/2017 10:01:27 PM     (No. 11388668)

I spent over 40 years earning a good living with highest end computer modeling. I have repeatedly said that their climate models are hopeless inaccurate.

You cannot model that which you do not understand in excruciating detail, and which you cannot calibrate your models with single independent variable experiments. They do NOT fully understand the details of the atmosphere, and you CANNOT do single independent variable calibration experiments to calculate the coefficients of the terms in the polynomial. Hold the temperature of the Pacific Ocean constant while you vary the insolation input to calibrate your interaction coefficient? Impossible - so they just make it up. Fake it.

The models are so poor that anyone who says that they are useful for planning is a fraud.

This has always been obvious to any serious computer modeling experts.

Ignore the BS computer climate models.

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Damning new evidence appears to show that Hillary Clinton used her office as Secretary of State to confer benefits to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her foundation and cash to her husband. But there’s more. It seems it was all covered up for years by the same three people who are now involved in the investigation of President Donald Trump over so-called Russian “collusion.” (Snip) What’s more, Holder was a member of the “Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States” which approved the uranium sale to the Russians in 2010.

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Meghan McCain gave an interview on Tuesday where she responded to President Trump‘s warning towards her father after his speech against “spurious nationalism.” In a Good Morning America interview with George Stephanopoulos, McCain noted that Trump and her father clearly have different ideas about the best direction of the country. She went on to declare that she’s “exhausted” with the GOP’s infighting and the attacks against her dad after all the challenges he has already faced. “I don’t know if you guys have heard but my father is fighting glioblastoma right now and there’s nothing that could possibly happen or

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Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, weighed in on the report, telling FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.,” “The significance is an FBI acknowledgement that Huma Abedin, Mrs. Anthony Weiner, when she had a top security clearance as the number two assistant to Hillary Clinton when Hillary was Secretary of State, regularly sent copies of sensitive material to her own laptop so she could look at it at night, either knowing or forgetting that her husband had access to it as well.” Napolitano said this gives insight into the State Department’s casual approach to top secret

ICE Director: Suspected Wine Country
Arsonist Is Illegal Alien Mexican National

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Breitbart Big Government, by Michelle Moons    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/19/2017 12:47:28 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday that a man arrested in connection with setting a fire in Sonoma County Wine Country is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been twice returned to his “home country.” Homan also confirmed that ICE has issued detainer requests for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez five times now in the past year alone, including the one issued on October 16 in relation to his most recent arrest on suspicion of arson. All of the arrests were made “by Sonoma County on various felony and misdemeanor charges,” according

Florida Dem Says She’s ‘A Rock
Star’ After White House Attacks

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Daily Caller, by Alex Pfeiffer    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/19/2017 9:53:20 PM     Post Reply
Democratic Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson is laughing and bragging after White House chief of staff John Kelly said he was “stunned” Thursday that Wilson criticized President Donald Trump’s call to the widow of a dead soldier. “You mean to tell me that I’ve become so important…that the White House is following me and my words? This is amazing. That’s amazing. That is absolutely phenomenal. I’ll have to tell my kids that I’m a rock star now,” Wilson told Miami Fox affiliate WSVN-TV, while laughing. (Snip) The congresswoman also bizarrely said, “The dog can bark at the moon all night long but

LeBron James Slams Trump, Talks
Racism in America and Addresses Ali
Comparisons in GQ Article

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Newsweek, by Tim Marcin    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 10/18/2017 9:09:32 AM     Post Reply
LeBron James has been more vocal about topics beyond basketball this offseason—most notably his criticisms of President Donald Trump—and it seems that’s by design. GQ magazine dropped a story about James on Tuesday, the opening day of the NBA’s regular season, that follows the Cleveland Cavalier superstar throughout a series of offseason meetings and events. The article sketches the 32-year-old as he looks toward his post-NBA life and relinquishes the identity of perhaps the best athlete in the world. James’ willingness to take on Trump, whom the star famously called a “bum” on Twitter, hints he’s after something bigger than just basketball.

Trump: Pol ‘totally fabricated’ story
of call to Gold Star family

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New York Post, by Mark Moore    Original Article
Posted By: mc squared- 10/18/2017 8:27:39 AM     Post Reply
President Trump lashed out on Twitter against the Florida congresswoman who said he told a soldier’s widow that her husband “must’ve known what he signed up for,’ saying she “fabricated” the account. “Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!” Trump wrote on the social messaging site on Tuesday. Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat, said she was riding in the car with Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Army Sgt. La David T. Johnson, who was killed in Niger along with three other comrades, when she got

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