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Report: Google Plans to Implement
Ad-Block Feature in Chrome Browser

Breitbart Tech, by Lucas Nolan

Original Article

Posted By:KarenJ1, 4/20/2017 7:46:40 PM

Google reportedly plans to implement an ad-blocking feature directly into its Chrome web browser according to the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal reports that the ad-blocking feature that Google is considering enabling by default within their Chrome browser would filter out certain types of ads that are deemed by Google to provide poor web browsing experiences. Google will reportedly announce the new feature in coming weeks but has not yet worked out the finer details of the software. Some ads that may be blocked are those that violate the recently released standards from the Coalition for Better Ads.

No matter what you do it doesn´t stop all of those infuriating, obnoxious pop-up videos. The Washington Examiner site is particularly bad and annoying. If you adjust settings to run only chosen videos it interferes with the ability to listen to some talk radio shows. You just can´t win and get completely away from the bombardment of ads.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Lucky5, 4/20/2017 8:32:20 PM     (No. 11228474)

And no doubt add more tracking on us and sell that info about us. Google is evil, flat out.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: RedWhiteBlue, 4/20/2017 8:33:09 PM     (No. 11228476)

Well, look at all the annoying ads we are getting on this site. And we have ad blocker already installed.... So you just leave and maybe try again later. advertisers are really screwing themselves because they are creating enemies left and right.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Salt5792, 4/20/2017 9:18:58 PM     (No. 11228531)

I found that Chrome was un-usable due to the pop-up problem. Firefox with AdBlocker installed is the most effective in supporting an uninterrupted browsing experience.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: whyyeseyec, 4/20/2017 10:29:26 PM     (No. 11228583)

Anything that blocks Viagra ads would be an improvement to mankind...

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Reply 5 - Posted by: RedWhiteBlue, 4/20/2017 11:05:10 PM     (No. 11228609)

I have Firefox with AdBlock and I have to wade through all the nasty scary pictures all around this site. It just got worse in the last few days/week. It´s never been this horrible! And the pics are awful to keep looking at!

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Reply 6 - Posted by: rickwheat, 4/20/2017 11:09:19 PM     (No. 11228615)

For the technically adventurous, consider acquiring a "Raspberry Pi" single board computer (available on Amazon) and install "Pi-Hole" software (free, butery device on your local network donations accepted).

Pi-Hole will strip ads for every device on your local network; Computers, pads, smartphones. It speeds up system response and extends battery life on smartphone because you´re not downloading extraneous ads in the background and during idle times.

I *LOVE* Pi-Hole setup!

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Reply 7 - Posted by: JimBob, 4/20/2017 11:15:49 PM     (No. 11228619)

I want to support Lucianne, but I have to say that some of the ads make the pages VERY slow to load, and interrupt being able to use the website.
I ask Luis and some of the other technical people to set some specifications for ads so that they don´t interfere with reading Lucianne.com

I agree that Google is evil.
I suspect that, just as Google Earth ´blurs´ the street sign images of companies that do not pay a fee to Google, the Google ´ad-blocker´ will mostly block ads that do not benefit Google.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Tulsa, 4/20/2017 11:36:18 PM     (No. 11228647)

In FireFox with ABP simply click ´refresh´ and the ads disappear.

I posted that at The Connection as soon as I saw the questions.

Every time I leave Luci and return, the ads do. Just click ´refresh´ and they disappear.

I reported it once to ABP. I don´t know why the ads are back and I don´t know if Lucianne knows they are on her site. If I use inspect element they are listed and many of them are from Google.

They are truly disgusting ads.

Also, while using FF, when I log in to post, I see a message that says the site is not secure. I wrote Luis, but things are the same.

If I use the the Edge browser I don´t get the message, which proves it is not secure either.

TV and the web are as over saturated with ads as TV is with sports. I´m sick of ads and sports. Put sports on ESPN.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rumblehog, 4/20/2017 11:38:42 PM     (No. 11228650)

Firefox with "AdBlocker Ultimate" and the "AdBlock" extensions take care of ALL the ads on this site. Doesn´t hurt to add "Ghostery" while you´re at it.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: pchristopher, 4/21/2017 1:17:48 AM     (No. 11228700)

I´m sure it will only block Conservative oriented ads.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Smart11344, 4/21/2017 12:57:29 PM     (No. 11229135)

Google and Facebook are true capitalists, even though they act as leftist morons. Gimme your money and all you personal data.

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Below, you will find ...

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Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "KarenJ1"

Immigration: How Trump Derangement
Syndrome Dumbs Down the Press
PJ Media, by Roger L Simon    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/3/2017 9:16:44     Post Reply
How many IQ points do you lose from Trump Derangement Syndrome or similar conditions of blind political rage? I was asking myself that while listening to the stupefying question asked of Trump adviser Stephen Miller by CNN´s Jim Acosta at Wednesday´s White House press conference. (Snip) But the real loser in all this is not Acosta or even CNN. It´s the American people who learn less than zero from the press conferences, in fact are brutally misled by our media in a wanton and selfish matter. It´s all about them and not one jot about informing their audience. In fact,

Andrea Mitchell: White House aide
´rude´ in exchange with CNN reporter
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Olivia Beavers    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/3/2017 9:08:48     Post Reply
MSNBC´s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday criticized White House aide Stephen Miller for a heated exchange with a CNN reporter over President Trump´s immigration policy, calling him "rude." "Trump aide Stephen Miller lecturing Cuban-American Jim Acosta of CNN on green card policy which his family lived 1st hand," the MSNBC anchor tweeted, adding the hashtag "rude." (Snip) Miller and Acosta clashed during the White House press briefing over the new GOP legislation that aims to scale back legal immigration in the United States. The White House aide, who has long advocated for a hard-line immigration policy, made the case for a "merit-based" immigration

Bitter Jim Acosta Claims White
House Targeting Muslims,
Mexicans And The Media [Video]
Daily Caller, by Peter Hasson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 8:31:42     Post Reply
Just hours after White House adviser Stephen Miller called him out for stereotyping immigrants, CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta declared that President Trump’s administration is obsessed with Muslims, Mexicans and the media. (Snip) “I think the White House as an unhealthy fixation on what I call the three m’s: the Muslims, the Mexicans and the media. Their politics tend to be centered around bashing one of those three groups, and we see it time and time again,” Acosta declared. “Today on immigration, what the White House is essentially saying with a wink and a dog whistle to these

Family of murdered Seth Rich speaks
of anger after Trump is accused of
fake news plot to link DNC staffer´s
death to Wikileaks dump
Daily Mail [UK], by Nikki Schwab & Chris Spargo    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 7:48:50     Post Reply
The family of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich would like their son´s name out of the news, their spokesman said, after a blockbuster lawsuit alleged Fox News and the White House worked together to create a false narrative surrounding his death. ´They didn´t ask to be in the middle of the media spotlight,´ family spokesman Brad Bauman said Wednesday morning on CNN. ´The truth is, is that all these folks want is to find the murderer, or murderers that did this.´ On Tuesday, private investigator and Fox News talking head Rod Wheeler filed a complaint in the Southern

John McCain is now more popular with
Democrats than Republicans after his
vote to kill the GOP healthcare bill
Business Insider, by Bob Bryan    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 7:10:37     Post Reply
John McCain is enjoying high levels of approval from many voters — just not those in his own party. McCain´s vote, along with fellow Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, helped kill the Republican push to overhaul the US healthcare system last week. And it appears Democrats now appreciate the Arizona senator much more than Republicans. A new Quinnipiac poll showed 39% of Republican voters held a positive view of McCain and 49% held a negative view. By contrast, Democratic voters hold a 74% positive view of McCain compared to 18% negative, for a plus-56 net rating. Overall, the poll




MSNBC´s Joy Reid Advises Dems to
Forget Trump Voters; Tucker Reacts
Fox News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 5:34:01     Post Reply
Tucker Carlson took on MSNBC host Joy Reid for arguing that the Democratic Party should stop trying to figure out how to sway Trump voters back to their side. In a weekend podcast, Reid was discussing how Democrats can win back the House and start to turn the tide against Republicans. Reid said minority voters are the key voting bloc to focus on, not white voters who supported Barack Obama but then turned to Trump last year. She said: Democrats have all these things that they want to do all the same time. They pine for the Trump voter who

´Is This a Parody Segment?´: Tucker
Debates ´Calexit´ Supporter Who
Calls CA ´Not the US´
Fox News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 5:21:04     Post Reply
Tucker Carlson reported that the United States may lose a star on its flag for the first time ever, if "Calexit" becomes reality. Carlson said the Calexit movement wants California to become an independent country through a ballot initiative in 2018 that would require 585,000 signatures to get started. Shankar Singam, a supporter of Calexit and vice president of the California Freedom Coalition, told Carlson such a split does not have to be "hostile." Carlson noted South Carolina split from the Union in the 1860s, only to reenter it after the Civil War was won by the Grand Army of the Republic. "Do you

North Carolina Passes
Goldwater Institute-based
Campus Free Speech Bill
New American, by Raven Clabough    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 5:11:07     Post Reply
North Carolina is the latest state to take strides toward protecting free speech rights on public college campuses by passing legislation that prevents campus censorship. The Restore Campus Free Speech Act, which will affect a total of 17 colleges and universities in the University of North Carolina system, comes at a time when First Amendment rights of conservatives are being trampled on college campuses across the country. The law passed with bipartisan support in the state House by a vote of 80 to 31, with 10 Democrats voting in favor of the bill. In the state Senate, however, the vote fell

Favor factory? Huma emails reveal
Clinton allies seeking jobs, meetings
Fox News, by Brooke Singman    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 5:04:35     Post Reply
Newly obtained emails from Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin reveal friends of the Clinton Foundation and political allies seeking personal favors from the Clinton State Department, Judicial Watch said Wednesday. (Snip) “Pay to play, classified information mishandling, influence peddling, cover ups—these new emails show why the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s conduct must be resumed,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

Chick-fil-A patrons trash restaurant
after heated exchange with staff
Fox News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 5:00:30     Post Reply
A pair of Chick-fil-A customers in Florida were unsatisfied with their local restaurant’s service — so they decided to trash the place on their way out. The incident took place on Monday night at a Chick-fil-A in the River City neighborhood of Jacksonville, Fla., according to Allison Music, a witness who shared footage of the ordeal on Facebook. (Snip) In her post, Music explained that she was waiting for an order at Chick-fil-A when she saw a teenage boy arguing about his order with the staff “for a good 15 or 20 mins.” She also said the manager had locked




Stephen Miller Embarrasses
‘Cosmopolitan’ Jim Acosta For
Stereotyping Immigrants [Video]
Daily Caller, by Peter Hasson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 4:45:27     Post Reply
White House adviser Stephen Miller embarrassed CNN’s Jim Acosta for stereotyping English-speaking immigrants as coming from either Australia or Great Britain, which Miller ripped as ignorant and reflective of Acosta’s “cosmopolitan” worldview. (Snip) Acosta — who is known for trying to make himself the star of White House press briefings — embarked on a lecture about immigration where he appeared to argue that the Statue of Liberty somehow bans America from prioritizing high-skilled immigrants. “What you’re proposing, or what the president’s proposing here, does not sound like it’s in keeping with American tradition when it comes to immigration,” Acosta claimed.

A second special counsel
must investigate Clinton,
Comey, Lynch and others
Fox News, by Gregg Jarrett    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/2/2017 3:25:29     Post Reply
There was a time, not so long ago, when candidate Donald Trump vowed, if elected, to have his attorney general appoint a special counsel to reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation and, if warranted, bring criminal charges against her. (Snip) But the law cares not a whit about Trump’s desires and motives. It is not fickle, as politicians are prone to be. If you commit a crime, you should be brought to the dock. Period. Try telling that immutable fact to the media. They will howl in perfect harmony. The media believes Clinton is entitled to a “get out of jail free” card.

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Zakaria: Trump´s Win Was a
Slap in the Face to us Elites

39 replie(s)
Townhall, by Cortney O´Brien    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 8/1/2017 2:17:50 PM     Post Reply
Six months later...CNN´s Fareed Zakaria has it figured out. Or at least he thinks he does. Donald Trump became President Trump, the host mused, because Americans wanted to stick it to the elites. "The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things," Zakaria said. "There´s a part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this overeducated population that Hillary Clinton perfectly represented. That´s why they´re sticking with him," he continued. (Free Beacon) Zakaria went on to argue that

After nearly 20 years in U.S.,
Ohio mother of 4 deported
following traffic violation

31 replie(s)
CBS News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/2/2017 10:53:51 AM     Post Reply
A mother of four living in Ohio was deported to Mexico after a traffic stop revealed she entered the country illegally from Mexico nearly 20 years ago. Beatriz Morelos Casillas, 37, was arrested for driving without a license near Cleveland, Ohio, on July 24. Tuesday, she was deported to Nuevo Laredo, one of the most dangerous places in Mexico and where the State Department issued a travel warning in December 2016 due to violent crime. Beatriz´s husband – who is here legally on a work visa – drove from Ohio to be with her and make sure she´s safe. Her relatives in Ohio called her deportation unfair and worry about the

Obama wants ex-Massachusetts
governor Deval Patrick to run in
2020 - in pointed snub to Joe Biden

28 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Nikki Schwab    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/1/2017 7:23:48 PM     Post Reply
President Obama and his allies are already whispering in the ear of the Democrat they´d like to see run for president next, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and even the former president himself, according to Politico, all see Patrick, who left politics in 2015, as an heir apparent. He, however, doesn´t seem that interested yet, while Obama´s ex-vice president Joe Biden, seems more primed to run. ´I´m trying to think about how to be helpful, because I care about the country, and I´m a patriot first,´ he told Politico for the pub´s Off Message podcast. ´It´s

Vulgarity is the Starter Pistol
in Race to the Bottom

28 replie(s)
Townhall, by Jonah Goldberg    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 8/2/2017 5:07:23 AM     Post Reply
A friend of mine who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year -- I skipped it -- reported to me that the Young Republican men were "wearing their ties down past their [crotches]." I cleaned up the quote a bit for the benefit of a family newspaper. Though I´m not sure why I should bother when a White House communications director has helped so many staid institutions expand their horizons. As my National Review colleague Kyle Smith noted, the New York Times has a long history of insisting that vulgarities do not meet the definition of news fit to print.

Podesta: I Lose Sleep ‘Every Night’
About Clinton Losing Electoral College

27 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Cameron Cawthorne    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/2/2017 10:36:56 AM     Post Reply
John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton´s 2016 presidential campaign, told CNN´s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday that he loses sleep "every night" with the "burden" of having lost the Electoral College to Donald Trump. Camerota asked Podesta whether Clinton was surprised at how often Trump invokes her name this far into his presidency. "It´s unprecedented," Podesta said. " You never saw that behavior from any other president who´s talking about the person they beat. I think it really just bugs the hell out of him that she got three million more votes than he did and he keeps coming back

Sarah Sanders Blasts Press for ‘Russia
Scandal Fake News’, Points to Clintons’
Real Russia Relationships

25 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Michelle Moons    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/1/2017 10:35:50 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Newly minted White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders flipped Russia conspiracy questions during Tuesday’s press briefing, pointing to a lack of evidence against the Trump Administration and a host of evidence against Bill and Hillary Clinton. Sanders slammed media questions aimed at showing that there were any “misleading” actions by the Trump campaign or Trump Administration with regards to Russia. “The thing I see misleading is a year’s worth of stories that have been fueling a false narrative about this Russia collusion. And a phony scandal based on anonymous sources. And, I think if we’re gonna

Rosie O´Donnell tells women to quit
the Democrats and form their own party
after top official says candidates do
NOT have to support abortion

25 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Ann Schmidt    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/2/2017 8:34:07 AM     Post Reply
Rosie O´Donnell said women should form their own political party after a Democratic congressman said Democrats would not hold back party funds from candidates who oppose abortion. New Mexico Representative and second-term Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Luján said ´there is not a litmus test´ for Democratic candidates in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. ´As we look at candidates across the country, you need to make sure you have candidates that fit the district, that can win in these districts across America,´ Luján told The Hill in an interview published Monday. That includes candidates who do not support

Former U.N. Amb. Power Unmasked
‘Hundreds’ In Final Year Of
Obama Admin

24 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/2/2017 5:23:24 PM     Post Reply
Former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power is believed to have made "hundreds" of unmasking requests to identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports related to Trump and his presidential transition team, according to multiple sources who said the behavior is unprecedented for an official in her position. Power was first identified by the Washington Free Beacon last month as a central figure in a congressional investigation into efforts by senior Obama administration officials to obtain classified intelligence information in what many allege was an effort to undermine President Donald Trump and his incoming national security team. Power is believed

Andrea Mitchell: White House aide
´rude´ in exchange with CNN reporter

24 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Olivia Beavers    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/3/2017 9:08:48 AM     Post Reply
MSNBC´s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday criticized White House aide Stephen Miller for a heated exchange with a CNN reporter over President Trump´s immigration policy, calling him "rude." "Trump aide Stephen Miller lecturing Cuban-American Jim Acosta of CNN on green card policy which his family lived 1st hand," the MSNBC anchor tweeted, adding the hashtag "rude." (Snip) Miller and Acosta clashed during the White House press briefing over the new GOP legislation that aims to scale back legal immigration in the United States. The White House aide, who has long advocated for a hard-line immigration policy, made the case for a "merit-based" immigration

Is This A Joke? WaPo Op-Ed
Says Trump Saying ´Paddy Wagon´
Is Offensive to Irish Americans

23 replie(s)
Townhall, by Matt Vespa    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 8/2/2017 6:25:26 PM     Post Reply
I pray this is a joke. If it is satire, The Onion should ask for permission to reprint immediately. President Trump delivered an address to law enforcement last Friday, which triggered some progressive snowflakes because he joked about our police roughing up MS-13 gang members. It was a joke. If you can’t catch on when Trump is joking and when he’s not, I don’t know what to tell you. They’re often rather self-evident that he’s not actually hoping police are overly physical with detained suspects, but let’s move on to this part of this Washington Post op-ed about the matter. The

Procter & Gamble´s Identity-Politics Pandering
22 replie(s)
Townhall, by Michelle Malkin    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 8/2/2017 6:45:25 AM     Post Reply
Once upon a time, brothers-in-law William Procter and James Gamble sold candles and soap. Their 19th-century family business grew into the largest consumer goods conglomerate in the world -- launching the most recognizable brands on our grocery shelves, including Tide, Pampers, Crest, Nyquil and Old Spice. Now, Procter & Gamble want to conquer a new market: identity-politics pandering. Industry marketers aren´t satisfied with selling useful products people want and need. They´re hell-bent on transforming successful businesses into social justice busybodies. P&G´s "My Black is Beautiful" campaign released a new video last week called, "The Talk." It "depicts the inevitable conversations many Black parents

Ann Coulter Blames Marijuana for
Making ‘People Retarded’ and
‘Destroying the Country’

22 replie(s)
Newsweek, by Janice Williams    Original Article
Posted By: Harlowe- 8/2/2017 2:25:45 PM     Post Reply
Marijuana is legal in some capacity, whether medicinally or recreationally, in more than half of the United States. But according to conservative columnist Ann Coulter, legalization of the plant is “destroying the country,” and what’s worse, it “makes people retarded.” That’s what The New York Times best-selling author had to say about cannabis while speaking at the nonpartisan political event Politicon on Saturday. Coulter, who has a longstanding history of making controversial remarks, debated with Ana Kasparian, a marijuana advocate and correspondent for the progressive news media outlet The Young Turks, on various topics, including the legality of marijuana in


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