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Kelly Ayotte: ‘I sure hope’ at least 8
Democrats support Judge Gorsuch

Washington Times, by David Sherfinski

Original Article

Posted By:JoniTx, 3/20/2017 11:26:30 AM

Former Sen. Kelly Ayotte said Monday that she hopes there are at least eight Democrats who will support Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court, and said people would do well to question the motivations of Democrats who would try to throw up potential blockades. “I sure hope that there will be eight Democrats to go along, because if they don’t support this nominee, then I guess my question would be who … President Trump could nominate would they support,” Ms. Ayotte said on Fox News. Ms. Ayotte, a Republican former senator from New Hampshire,


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Reply 1 - Posted by: nimby, 3/20/2017 11:47:16 AM     (No. 11195653)

No doubt she lost! Lives in an alternate universe looking for approval from the Dems, who all of a sudden have become preening peacocks.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: bpl40, 3/20/2017 12:23:04 PM     (No. 11195698)

The real fight the ´Rats are scared of is the one that will be ensue when Justice Kennedy announces his retirement at the end of this term. That will really tilt the Court. If a filibuster has been blown away at this time they have no defense left. IMO Schumer will ´allow´ key Red State Senators up in ´18 to break from the Party line. Still never underestimate their stupidity.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: mickturn, 3/20/2017 12:43:26 PM     (No. 11195741)

Nitwit...Nuclear Option to pass Gorsuch!

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Reply 4 - Posted by: nimby, 3/20/2017 1:36:20 PM     (No. 11195795)

BTW, why do these preening democrats think that bringing up Garland is OK? Why is it relevant to Gorsuch´s hearing?

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Jerseyden, 3/20/2017 2:19:36 PM     (No. 11195826)

I don´t think you can find 8 Dems with any integrity to go against Schumer and his band of socialists.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: JediJerry, 3/20/2017 3:06:52 PM     (No. 11195867)

Is Miss Former Senator looking for a comeback election run? The Reid Option would be the prudent method to confirm His Honor.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: lazlototh, 3/20/2017 3:59:23 PM     (No. 11195907)

I kind of hope that they don´t get 8 to approve so that the filibuster is removed at the Supreme Court level now and then if another opening comes up we only have to worry about whether more than McCain or Graham go stupid on us, especially if Manchin or Heitkamp conclude they have to vote the way their voters want them to.

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"

Russia´s state-owned Sputnik wants
White House press credentials
Washington Examiner, by Anna Giaritelli    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 11:21:51     Post Reply
Sputnik, the Russian state-owned news organization, has applied for White House press credentials, according to a report Friday. Sputnik applied for a White House hard pass and has requested membership into the roughly 22-member White House Foreign Press Group, which would allow the news website´s reporters to travel with White House officials and report on the Trump administration to the rest of the group. WHFBP leader Philip Crowther told Politico there "shouldn´t be any reason" the group´s membership should be denied if it can meet the criteria.

Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Trump
‘Laziest, Most Ignorant President´
NewsBusters, by Randy Hall    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 10:36:28     Post Reply
Never one to miss a chance to slam President Donald Trump, Lawrence O’Donnell -- host of The Last Word, a weeknight program on MSNBC -- called the Republican occupant of the White House “the laziest, most ignorant president in history.” Of course, he had an entirely different opinion of former Democratic President Barack Obama, who “never once said something like this in the crusade to get that thing passed because he knew how to stay with it and get it passed.” The liberal host began the discussion by criticizing the American Health Care Act, the House GOP bill intended to

Tillerson orders U.S. embassies to go through
Facebook and Twitter profiles of visa
applicants - and make a list of specific
´populations´ to undergo tougher review
Daily Mail (UK) & Reuters, by Amanda Ulrich    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 10:17:17     Post Reply
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has directed U.S. diplomatic missions to identify ´populations warranting increased scrutiny´ and toughen screening for visa applicants in those groups, according to newly released diplomatic cables. He has also ordered a ´mandatory social media check´ for all applicants who have ever been present in territory controlled by the Islamic State, in what two former U.S. officials said would be a broad, labor-intensive expansion of the current screening process. Social media screening is now done fairly rarely by consular officials, one of the former officials said. Four cables, or memos, issued by Tillerson over the last

Hillbilly Justice — How the Battle of Kings
Mountain Changed the Course of the Revolution
Breitbart Big Government, by Patrick O´Donnell    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 9:48:45     Post Reply
In the fall of 1780, it looked like the Patriots had all but lost the American Revolution. The British seemed unstoppable. Back in May, an army led by Henry Clinton and Charles, Earl Cornwallis had conquered Charleston and captured over 5,000 American soldiers and sailors – the largest haul of American prisoners in the entire war. Then in August they destroyed the “Grand” Army led by General Horatio “Granny” Gates at the Battle of Camden. The Crown was on a roll. The string of Patriot defeats led to the serious possibility that France would recall its troops and end its




McCain: I’ve Yet to Meet President
Trump Since He Took Office
Daily Beast, by Kimberly Dozier    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 9:36:01     Post Reply
BRUSSELS—Republican Senator John McCain revealed he hasn’t met the President Donald Trump in person since he took office, and he urged Trump to reach out to his opponents—Democratic and otherwise—ala Ronald Reagan if he wants to repeal Obamacare. “Do some outreach. Get to know some of these Democratic leaders,” he said. “You can find common ground.” McCain said he’d met Trump “some years ago” when he was a businessman, but had not met him since. McCain said he did speak “almost daily” to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however. “He doesn’t seem to

Hillary Clinton reacts to GOP healthcare
bill being pulled: ´Today was a victory´
Washington Examiner, by Alex Pappas    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 9:07:06     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton reacted to the news that Republicans pulled their healthcare bill in Congress that would repeal Obamacare by saying: "Today was a victory." In a tweet Friday afternoon, the 2016 Democratic nominee said, "Today was a victory for the 24,000,000 people at risk of losing their health insurance, for seniors, for families battling the quiet epidemic of addiction, for new moms and women everywhere." (Tweet) "Most of all, it´s a victory for anyone who believes affordable healthcare is a human right," Clinton added. "We cannot forget: This victory happened because people in every corner of our country committed their

NASA moonwalker Alan Bean claims he ´knows
the truth´ about aliens and says they Would
have made contact if they had visited Earth
Daily Mail (UK), by Stacy Liberatore    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 5:26:37     Post Reply
Conspiracy theorists have argued that there are countless signs proving aliens have visited Earth. However, one of the few humans to have set foot on the moon has said he knows the truth - that if intelligent life was here, they would have made contact with humans. Alan Bean, who was a pilot aboard the Apollo 12 mission in 1969, has proposed that advanced civilizations would be ´more altruistic and friendly´ and would have announced their ´peaceful´ arrival. Scroll down for videos (Photo) Bean, who is 85, was one of the lucky few to walk on the moon. He and three other

In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on
Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72%
Cybercast News Service, by Terence P. Jeffrey    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 3:34:00     Post Reply
In 24 of the nation’s 50 states at least half of the babies born during the latest year on record had their births paid for by Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. New Mexico led all states with 72 percent of the babies born there in 2015 having their births covered by Medicaid. Arkansas ranked second with 67 percent; Louisiana ranked third with 65 percent; and three states—Mississippi, Nevada and Wisconsin—tied for fourth place with 64 percent of babies born there covered by Medicaid. New Hampshire earned the distinction of having the smallest percentage of babies born on Medicaid.

Exclusive: Secret Service braces for ´outsider´
director from the military
Washington Examiner, by Susan Crabtree    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 1:43:26     Post Reply
The Secret Service is bracing for the impending appointment of a new director with a senior military rank, the first time an agency chief would come from outside the service in modern history. Agents and officers are expecting Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, a retired Marine general and former head of U.S. Central Command, to tap another general to head the Secret Service and help reform the agency and impose more rigorous and even-handed discipline, according to two knowledgeable sources. President Trump´s appointment of a general to the top Secret Service post, at the behest of Kelly, is




Healthcare Vote? – Remember, It Wasn’t
Republicans That Elected President Trump…
Conservative Tree House, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 12:28:15     Post Reply
Intransigent crony-CONstitutional CONservatives, ie “Freedom Caucus” UniParty members, would do well to remember it wasn’t just Republicans who voted to put President Trump into office, it was also Democrats and Independents. (Photo) Those Trump voters who put President Trump into office can just as easily wipe out the crony-CONstitutional CONservatives who previously hid behind their #NeverTrump-ism. Any vote against the ObamaCare repeal and replacement road map put forth by President Trump, Vice-President Pence, HHS Secretary Tom Price and Speaker Paul Ryan, is a direct vote against the policy agenda of President Donald Trump and his supporters. We voted for Donald

Gummy bears to be produced by Haribo in
the US for the first time: German giant will
open huge $242million candy factory
in Wisconsin
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 12:23:54     Post Reply
Germany´s iconic gummy bear will soon be ´Made in USA.´ Haribo, manufacturer of the beloved chewy treats, will open its first North American candy factory in Wisconsin in 2020, it was announced on Thursday. The Bonn-based company has been selling the sweets in the United States since 1982 and has decided it was time to set up shop. The new $242million plant will be based in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, near Kenosha, and is expected to create 400 jobs for the community. (Photo) Haribo invented the gummy bear nearly a century ago and is already the top seller of gummy bears

Three injured after Amtrak train with 250
passengers on board derails and slams into
another train at New York´s Penn Station
in the middle of rush hour
Daily Mail (UK), by Jessica Chia    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 12:13:55     Post Reply
An Amtrak train derailed and collided with another train at Penn Station during the Friday morning rush hour. About 250 passengers were aboard the Acela Express 2151 train headed to Washington DC when it derailed and sideswiped an incoming NJ Transit train at 9am on Friday. Three minor injuries were reported, the New York City’s Office of Emergency Management said. Scroll down for video (Photos/Video) An outgoing Acela Express 2151 train from Boston to Washington DC had just started pulling out of Penn Station when it ´had a minor derailment while moving at a slow speed,´ Amtrak said. It hit

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

GOP health-care bill: House
Republican leaders abruptly
pull their rewrite of the nation’s
health-care law

51 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Mike DeBonis*    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 3/24/2017 3:35:33 PM     Post Reply
House Republican leaders abruptly pulled a Republican rewrite of the nation’s health-care system from consideration on Friday, a dramatic acknowledgment that they are so far unable to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “We just pulled it,” President Trump told The Washington Post in a telephone interview. The decision came a day after President Trump delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers — and represented multiple failures for the new president and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). The decision means the Affordable Care Act remains in place, at least for now, and a major GOP campaign promise goes unfulfilled. It also casts

Why is Sears dying?
50 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Ed Straker    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 3/23/2017 8:42:07 AM     Post Reply
Sears is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. All department stores have faced increased competition from Amazon.com, but Sears is out of cash and about to fail. Why? Because the CEO, Eddie Lampert, is a guy with nutty ideas who treated Sears like a dotcom, conveniently forgetting that it has physical stores that need maintaining. (snip) It´s closing hundreds of stores. Others are in shambles, with leaking ceilings and broken escalators. In some, employees hang bedsheets to shield shoppers from sections that stand empty. Before Sears and Kmart, Lampert had no experience in retail. The big plan he hoped would transform Sears



Chelsea Clinton’s Chief of Staff Complains
Her Boss ‘Never Gets a Break’

49 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Alex Griswold    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 2:19:26 AM     Post Reply
Chelsea Clinton´s chief of staff complained on Thursday that her boss just can´t catch a break. Bari Lurie is Clinton´s chief of staff at the Clinton Foundation, where the former first daughter is vice chair. Lurie took to Twitter on Thursday to lament that Clinton, like her mother, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, "never gets a break." (Tweet) The tweet included a link to a op-ed published Thursday in the Los Angeles Times, titled "Just like her mother, Chelsea Clinton never gets a break." The article´s author, Ann Friedman, defends Clinton from her critics, arguing that she and her

Democrats weigh deal
to let Gorsuch through

45 replie(s)
Politico, by Burgess Everett    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 3/23/2017 4:58:24 AM     Post Reply
A group of Senate Democrats is beginning to explore trying to extract concessions from Republicans in return for allowing Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. The lawmakers worry that Gorsuch could be confirmed whether Democrats try to block him or not — and Democrats would be left with nothing to show for it. That would be a bitter pill after the GOP blocked Merrick Garland for nearly a year. The deal Democrats would be most likely to pursue, the sources said, would be to allow confirmation of Gorsuch in exchange for a

Schumer says Democrats will
filibuster Gorsuch nomination

38 replie(s)
CBS News, by Emily Schultheis    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 3/23/2017 5:45:12 PM     Post Reply
Democrats plan to filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) said Thursday. Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday morning, Schumer said Gorsuch -- who is three days into his confirmation hearings with the Senate Judiciary Committee -- will need 60 votes to be confirmed. Currently, the Senate has 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats. “After careful deliberation, I have concluded that I cannot support judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court,” he said. “His nomination will have a cloture vote. He will have to earn 60 votes for confirmation. My vote will

Here’s Why Nunes’ Obama Spying
Revelations Are Such A Big Deal

36 replie(s)
The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 3/24/2017 5:08:02 AM     Post Reply
In the last three months of the Obama presidency, significant personal information from and about the Trump transition was collected and widely disseminated at intelligence agencies, according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. Dozens of intelligence reports provided to Nunes by an unnamed whistleblower were floating around during the sensitive transition period following the election, he said. The information collection itself may have technically been legal, but the failure to properly mask the information “alarmed” the California congressman, who notified the White House of the surveillance and dissemination of information on Wednesday afternoon. Many of the reporters present didn’t seem to

British Lawmaker: London Terrorist’s Religion
Is ‘Utterly And Completely’ Irrelevant

35 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Saagar Enjeti    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/23/2017 12:00:58 PM     Post Reply
British Lawmaker Lord Digby Jones does not believe the religion of the London attacker is pertinent, The Washington Post reports. Jones comments come in the wake of a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan for once telling citizens that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel” part of living in a big city. Some British lawmakers drew offense from the tweet, saying Trump was attacking the mayor in the midst of a terrorist situation. “You’re safer in London than you’ve ever been,” Jones declared. He continued, “If this turns out to be an act of Islamic terrorism,

Tucker Carlson demolishes hotshot lawyer
hired to represent accused Rockville rapist

33 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 3/24/2017 6:31:23 AM     Post Reply
Last night on his eponymous Fox News program, Tucker Carlson interviewed David Moyse, an attorney hired to defend 18 year-old Henry Sanchez-Milian, who is in this country illegally, against a charge of rape against a 14 year old girl in a bathroom at a Rockville, MD, high school. Moyse is one of those youngish (in his 30s) lawyers who gets himself on lists of up-and-comers, like this one, and is a name partner in a criminal defense firm.In going on TV to make the case for his client, Counselor Moyse found himself being cross-examined and saying something he soon had

Freedom Watch Notifies Congress of “Deep
State” Intelligence Whistle-Blower – full pdf…

31 replie(s)
Conservative Tree House, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/23/2017 12:08:11 PM     Post Reply
Freedom Watch notifies congress of a “Deep State” intelligence community whistle blower, Dennis Montgomery, with hundreds of millions of documents showing CIA and FBI and Intelligence Committees were spying on, and conducting surveillance on, American citizens for political purposes. Mr. Montgomery is trying to use a legal “whistle-blower” process and not follow the same approach as Edward Snowden. (Photos/Copy of letter)

President must close the ‘deal’ on Obamacare
30 replie(s)
Boston Herald, by Adriana Cohen    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/23/2017 5:27:43 AM     Post Reply
President Trump is facing the first crucial test of his presidency — repealing and replacing Obamacare — and he needs to apply the negotiating chops and deal-making skills he bragged about in his bestselling book, “The Art of the Deal,” to fixing our broken health-care system. And given his low approval ratings, he needs a win. Dealing with the Obamacare mess has been the core focus of the Republican party for the past 7 years — not to mention a major campaign promise that helped propel Donald Trump to the White House. So it’s imperative that the president seal the deal and

McCain: I’ve Yet to Meet President
Trump Since He Took Office

28 replie(s)
Daily Beast, by Kimberly Dozier    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/24/2017 9:36:01 PM     Post Reply
BRUSSELS—Republican Senator John McCain revealed he hasn’t met the President Donald Trump in person since he took office, and he urged Trump to reach out to his opponents—Democratic and otherwise—ala Ronald Reagan if he wants to repeal Obamacare. “Do some outreach. Get to know some of these Democratic leaders,” he said. “You can find common ground.” McCain said he’d met Trump “some years ago” when he was a businessman, but had not met him since. McCain said he did speak “almost daily” to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however. “He doesn’t seem to

Why I´ll vote against Gorsuch
27 replie(s)
Philadelphia Inquirer, by Bob Casey    Original Article
Posted By: Calvinesq- 3/23/2017 4:27:25 PM     Post Reply
Alphonse Maddin worked as a truck driver for TransAm Trucking. Like a lot of Americans, he did the kind of hard work that puts food on the table, and pays the bills and the taxes. The work that people like Maddin do every day may not receive lots of media attention, but our economy will not function without it. Such workers do not ask for a lot in return, just to be treated fairly and with dignity under our laws. Unfortunately, even that modest expectation has too often gone unfulfilled in recent years. The Supreme Court has increasingly come down


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