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Mike Dubke, founder of Crossroads
Media, to be named White House
communications director, sources say

Fox News, by Serafin Gomez

Original Article

Posted By:Pluperfect, 2/17/2017 4:23:37 AM

The White House is set to name Mike Dubke, the founder of Crossroads Media, as its communications director, sources told Fox News. Dubke was at the White House Thursday. He will replace Jason Miller, who stepped down soon after he was selected in December. Dubke has been involved in local, state and federal politics since 1988, according to his bio on Crossroads Media’s website. “His experience has brought him a unique understanding of the relationship between political strategy and public policy development,” the website read. Miller abruptly announced that he would not take the job– two days after the transition

Good. Maybe this appointment will bring some discipline to the communications chaos.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: thelmalou, 2/17/2017 7:18:28 AM     (No. 11159155)

Sean Spicer said thank the Lord.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna, 2/17/2017 8:00:33 AM     (No. 11159193)

Had I been involved in an administration as deep into criminal activity and corruption, treason and sedition as the late Soetoro Clan have been, then I would not be such a ´stickler´ for ´Law & Order´ all of a sudden.

There are plenty of reasons to prosecute already. Why P.O. the new Sheriff ?

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Reply 3 - Posted by: confused, 2/17/2017 10:19:57 AM     (No. 11159398)

Isn´t "Crossroads" an operation of Karl Rove?

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Reply 4 - Posted by: happywarrior, 2/17/2017 10:49:04 AM     (No. 11159459)

#3, Karl Rove started the Super Pac American Crossroads. Crossroads Media is a different company.


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Reply 5 - Posted by: KarenJ1, 2/17/2017 7:56:59 PM     (No. 11160140)

#3 is right to be suspicious. This Fox article is really sparse on information on Dubke. American Crossroads is connected with Karl Rove and Dubke. The links below give more information. The first link
shows Dubke also owns the Black Rock Group political consulting firm with Carl Forti, political director of American Crossroads. Black Rock (as shown in the third link) is who created Rove´s PAC was political director for Romney. Black Rock (as shown in the first link) was the lead strategist for Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s bid to be re-elected in Alaska. UGH! Maybe he can slap some sense into her.

IMHO he is heavily embedded establishment guy that was probably chosen by Priebus. Sorry, but I´m a bit nervous by this choice.




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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "Pluperfect"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "Pluperfect"

Democrats are asking all the wrong
questions of wannabe party chairs
New York Post, by John Podhoretz    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/24/2017 4:45:46     Post Reply
There is an uncommon amount of interest in an election this weekend whose entire voting body is 447 people. The election is for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, the governing body of the national Democratic Party. It’s a boring job. The party’s chair is supposed to raise money, oversee the practical nuts-and-bolts of the party’s electoral machinery and help strategize on candidates and expenditures for upcoming races. And yet CNN hosted a live, 90-minute debate Wednesday night with eight candidates on stage — eight candidates vying for the attentions not of a state’s primary voters or a national electorate but




Why Are Some Conservatives
Still Defending
the Abhorrent Milo Yiannopoulos?
PJ Media, by Ron Radosh    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/24/2017 4:39:31     Post Reply
Milo Yiannopoulos is neither a free speech martyr nor a conservative. Rather, he is a flamboyant and provocative troll. Ross Douthat accurately describes him this way: [He is] a gay cross-dressing Catholic part-Jewish Brit who likes to boast about his sexual appetite, favors "ironic" racial and misogynist humor, and not occasionally describes the president of the United States as “Daddy.” Daily Beast media columnist Lloyd Grove views him as: ... [an] embattled Donald Trump groupie and alt-right provocateur -- who usually baits African Americans, Jews, women, transgender people, and his fellow gay men at his various speaking engagements in a merry tone of

Weakened Democrats Bow to Voters,
Opting for Total War on Trump
New York Times, by Jonathan Martin & Alexander Burnes    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/24/2017 4:28:42     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Reduced to their weakest state in a generation, Democratic Party leaders will gather in two cities this weekend to plot strategy and select a new national chairman with the daunting task of rebuilding the party’s depleted organization. But senior Democratic officials concede that the blueprint has already been chosen for them — by an incensed army of liberals demanding no less than total war against President Trump. Immediately after the November election, Democrats were divided over how to handle Mr. Trump, with one camp favoring all-out confrontation and another backing a seemingly less risky approach of coaxing him to

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates
Texas’ Immigrant ‘Harboring’ Law
NBC News, by Alex Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/24/2017 4:23:25     Post Reply
A federal appeals panel ruled Thursday that Texas officials can resume enforcing a state law that makes it a felony to conceal undocumented immigrants from the government. The controversial 2015 law had been on hold thanks to an injunction issued by a federal judge last year while a lawsuit filed by two San Antonio landlords and immigration advocates worked its way through the court system. Thursday´s ruling lifted the injunction — which state officials had appealed — and dismissed the lawsuit. The three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans said the landlords, David Cruz and

The True Story of the
Comey Letter Debacle
Vanity Fair, by Bethany Maclean    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/23/2017 4:37:33     Post Reply
In the early summer of 2013—what seems like a lifetime ago—James “Jim” Comey was nominated by President Barack Obama to serve a 10-year term as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the nation’s prime federal law-enforcement agency. Even in a time of fierce political divides, there was little divide about Comey, who at the time was a Republican. (He has since changed his party registration but not said to what.) He was confirmed by a vote of 93 to 1. “Jim is a natural leader of unquestioned integrity,” said Obama. And he was. Chris Gair, a former prosecutor

Inside Ivanka Trump’s Campaign
for a $500 Billion Child-Care Plan
Bloomberg, by Sahil Kapur*    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/23/2017 4:19:34     Post Reply
Ivanka Trump has urged lawmakers writing a tax overhaul to include a deduction for child care expenses, but with a price tag of as much as $500 billion over a decade she may have trouble finding support in Congress. Members of the House and Senate met with the president’s eldest daughter in the Roosevelt Room at the White House last week to discuss her proposed child care tax benefit, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting. President Donald Trump said earlier this month that he would soon propose a comprehensive tax overhaul, without offering any details.




Funny — ‘enemies’ wasn’t so
offensive when it meant ‘Republicans’
Washington Post, by Marc Thiessen    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/23/2017 5:00:41     Post Reply
When President Trump tweeted that the news media “is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” the outrage on the left was palpable. That’s how dictators speak, they cried, comparing Trump to everyone from Lenin and Stalin to Mao and Mussolini. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod declared, “No other president would have described the media as ‘the enemy of the people.’” No, not the media, just his Republican political opponents. Axelrod seems to have forgotten that, back in 2010, his former boss let slip this telling insight into how he viewed his political adversaries: “We’re gonna

Democrats face fierce urgency of 2018
The Hill [DC], by Reid Wilson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/23/2017 4:49:20     Post Reply
Near a nadir of political power, Democrats across the country say their comeback must begin with key races next year — and warn that failure to make big gains in state races in 2018 will doom them to another decade in the minority in Washington. More than three-dozen states will choose governors in the next two years, while voters pick state legislative candidates in thousands of districts across the country. In the vast majority of cases, those legislators and governors will draw new political boundaries following the 2020 census that will determine just how competitive the battle for the U.S. House of

Iraqi forces retake runway
at Mosul International Airport
Fox News, by Lucas Tomlinson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/23/2017 4:39:10     Post Reply
Iraqi forces launch new phase in effort to liberate Mosul Iraqi federal police forces – backed by U.S. air support – entered Mosul International Airport and took control of the runway from the Islamic State, an official said Thursday. Thursday’s advance is part of a major assault that started five days ago to drive ISIS militants from the western half of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. Two police officers said the airport buildings were under fire from Iraqi forces. They would not provide more information but said the U.S.-led coalition is with the advancing forces. Reuters reported Monday that Iraqi forces

An expensive lesson for conservatives
Washington Times, by Wesley Pruden    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/22/2017 4:55:57     Post Reply
The more the culture bounds out of control, the more the wary have to take care with the company they keep. This applies to media that will print anything in pursuit of “clicks” and “hits,” and to well-meaning organizations about whom they invite to tutor their true believers. The Conservative Political Action Committee, or CPAC, meets in Washington this week for an important family reunion, pep rally, revival meeting and bazaar for the true believers, activists and the merely curious. Anybody who is anybody among conservatives wants to be there, and this time CPAC gets underway with a bang that it

Kermit Gosnell to Will Smith:
There´d Be No ´Men in Black´ if I
Had ´Dropped You on Your Head´
PJ Media, by Tyler O´Neil    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/22/2017 4:42:38     Post Reply
Notorious abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who is currently serving life in prison for the murder of three babies born alive and the involuntary manslaughter of a patient who died in a botched abortion, wrote a letter to actor Will Smith, urging him to champion his case. In that letter, he released a chilling detail — it was Gosnell who delivered Smith at the moment of his birth. "I´m fond of asserting that there could never be a Men in Black if I had dropped you on your head," the 76-year-old disgraced abortion doctor wrote Smith in a letter obtained by




Is Le Pen mightier than the sword?
Fox News, by John Moody    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/22/2017 4:30:45     Post Reply
France will choose a new president this spring, in a two-stage election process that for decades has come down to a choice between left-leaning Socialists and a right-of-center party that recently changed its name to Les Républicains. This year, however, a third candidate has put the direction of the country very much in doubt. Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front, is campaigning on an anti-illegal immigrant, anti-European Union, unabashedly populist platform. And yes, except for being a woman and not a billionaire, she could easily be called France’s Donald Trump. Not coincidentally, Le Pen calls her followers the “forgotten” French

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

The Press Is Not the Enemy
40 replie(s)
Tribune Content Agency LLC, by Jonah Goldberg    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/24/2017 6:55:57 AM     Post Reply
Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, had an unfortunate turn of phrase the other day. She said it’s the mission of the press to “control exactly what people think.” My suspicion is that this was less a Freudian slip than a simple slip-up. Brzezinski was referring to her fear that President Trump may be trying to control the way people think by discrediting the media — whom he calls “enemies of the American people” — and she lost her rhetorical footing, stumbling into saying that mind control is “our job.” But the misstatement resonated with a lot of people,

Boehner: Republicans won´t
repeal and replace Obamacare

38 replie(s)
Politico, by Darius Tahir    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/23/2017 12:04:07 PM     Post Reply
Former House Speaker John Boehner predicted on Thursday that a full repeal and replace of Obamacare is “not going to happen.” Boehner, who resigned in 2015 amid unrest among conservatives, said at an Orlando health care conference that the idea that a repeal-and-replace plan would blitz through Congress is just “happy talk.” Instead, he said changes to former President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement would likely be relatively modest. “[Congressional Republicans are] going to fix Obamacare – I shouldn’t call it repeal-and-replace, because it’s not going to happen,” he said. Boehner’s comments come as Republican lawmakers across the country are facing angry constituents

San Jose drowns: 50,000 people are told to
leave their homes as entire neighborhoods sink
under water after worst floods for 100 years

36 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK) & Associated Press, by Jennifer Smith & Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2017 10:11:59 PM     Post Reply
Entire San Jose neighborhoods were submerged by water on Wednesday during the worst floods for 100 years. 50,000 people were told to flee their homes after evacuation warnings were issued in the early hours of the morning. Most were issued a flood warning but for 14,000 the order was mandatory. The flooding began when Coyote Creek, which runs through Silicone Valley from the San Francisco Bay, burst its banks on Tuesday night. It sent dirty water pouring in to the towns below it at frightening pace. On Wednesday, residents complained that the alert had not been sent out fast enough. Some

Mika Brzezinski: Media’s Job Is to
‘Control Exactly What People Think’

33 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Chandler Gill    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2017 11:51:03 AM     Post Reply
(Video) MSNBC´s Mika Brzezinski criticized President Donald Trump on Wednesday for undermining the media´s message by creating his own facts, adding that the "job" of the media is to "control exactly what people think." Brzezinski made the comment on "Morning Joe" after co-host Joe Scarborough said that he agreed with a panelist´s view that Trump supporters are wondering why people are so upset over what the president is doing since he is implementing exactly what he campaigned on. "What Yamiche [Alcindor] said is what I hear from all the Trump supporters that I talk to, who were Trump voters and



Maxine Waters Says
the Darndest Things

33 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Andrew Kugle    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2017 5:27:20 PM     Post Reply
Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D., Ca.) says the darndest things. Since President Trump won the election, Rep. Waters has not hesitated to be an outspoken critic of his administration. She refused to go to his inauguration, stated publicly that she doesn´t want to work with him, called him a dictator, and even called for his impeachment less than a month into his presidency. Here are some of the unusual things Waters has said since the election: (Snip) 3. When she called Trump and his aides a bunch of ‘s*umbags.´ "This is a bunch of s*umbags. That´s what they are." 4. Waters

Trump administration revokes Obama-era
transgender bathroom guidance for schools

33 replie(s)
Fox News & Associated Press, by Shannon Bream    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2017 7:45:01 PM     Post Reply
The Trump administration Wednesday revoked federal guidelines issued by former President Barack Obama that allowed public school students to use restrooms and other facilities corresponding to their gender identity. A document submitted to the Supreme Court by the Solicitor General´s office said that the Obama-era directive issued this past May did not "undergo any formal public process" or explain how the directive was "consistent with the express language of Title IX," the federal law outlawing sex discrimination in education and activities. "Congress, state legislatures, and local governments are in a position to adopt appropriate policies or laws addressing this issue,"

Found: The star system with SEVEN Earth-
like planets - three of which could support
alien life just 39 light years away

32 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Harry Pettit    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2017 3:51:27 PM     Post Reply
Astronomers have spotted a star system with planets that could support life just 39 light years away. Seven Earth-like planets have been discovered orbiting nearby dwarf star ´Trappist-1´, and all of them could have water at their surface, one of the key components of life. Three of the planets have such good conditions, that scientists say life may have already evolved on them. Researchers claim that they will know whether or not there is life on any of the planets within a decade, and said ´this is just the beginning.´ No other star system discovered before has been found to

State rep hopes to rename
I-55 for Obama

31 replie(s)
Chicago Sun-Times (IL), by Sam Charles    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2017 10:18:59 PM     Post Reply
State Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) said he is drafting legislation that would rename the majority of Interstate 55 in Illinois as the “Barack Obama Expressway.” According to a statement from his office, Ford will propose renaming the stretch of the expressway from the Tri-State Tollway to East St. Louis. “Renaming I-55 for President Barack Obama would not only be an honor for America’s 44th president, but it will be the right measure we should approve for Illinois’ very own state Senator and U.S. Senator,” Ford said in a statement. Between the Tri-State and Lake Shore Drive, the expressway bears

Oscars Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Can´t
Name One Best Picture Nominee

30 replie(s)
Hollywood Reporter, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/22/2017 4:56:46 PM     Post Reply
A THR and National Research Group survey reveals how little the average moviegoing citizen knows about this year´s Oscars. Yes, you read that headline correctly — come hell or high water, six out of 10 Americans could not name a single best picture nominee, according to a new poll commissioned by The Hollywood Reporter that canvassed moviegoers on both sides of the political fence. But, hidden in the figures, there is some good news for the Academy: Seven in 10 respondents say they’ll be watching the Oscars anyway. (Video) THR’s poll — conducted by the National Research Group, which in

CBS: Trump Immigration Order Creates
‘Climate of Fear’ for Illegal ‘Citizens’

30 replie(s)
NewsBusters, by Scott Whitlock    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/22/2017 6:09:12 PM     Post Reply
The journalists at CBS This Morning on Wednesday openly fretted that Donald Trump’s new immigration orders “could create a climate of fear” for illegal “citizens.” (Yes, co-host Gayle King used the word “citizen.”) Talking to USA Today bureau chief Susan Page, Anthony Mason worried, “This could create a climate of fear in the immigrant community, if it hasn´t already.” Page agreed, “I think it has.” She justified, “Remember that two-thirds of illegal immigrants have been here at least a decade. So, they´re really part of the fabric of our life. Although, admittedly, they´re here illegally.” King insisted, “But they´ve been

Trump Official is Photographed Straightening
His Tie. But His Hands Reveal an Ominous
Secret Message, Some Say

30 replie(s)
Independent Journal Review, by Conor Swanberg    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/23/2017 3:24:05 PM     Post Reply
An image of White House advisor Stephen Miller is making the rounds on the internet — and it allegedly shows him making the “white power” hand gesture on live TV. Except, as Mediaite so eloquently pointed out, he was just fixing his tie before appearing on “Face the Nation.” Take a look at the picture in question: (Tweet/Photo) DailyKOS made a point on February 21 to insist that Miller is a white supremacist and that his gesture was some sort of anti-Semitic, “white power” shout out. Here´s their reasoning behind such a strong accusation. The right hand, on top, is

´If you can´t stand the heat get out of
the ... Congress´ Clinton tells Republicans
facing growing protests at town halls - as
one meeting is hit by tires being slashed

29 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Nikki Schwab    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/22/2017 8:09:36 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton resurfaced today, sending out a tweet in support of the protests going on at Congressional town halls around the country and calling out lawmakers who won´t face constituents. ´If you can´t stand the heat, get out of the ... Congress,´ she teased, linking to an editorial from the Kansas City Star that said just that. ´Representing the people means showing up, even when the exchange may not be among friends,´ the paper´s editorial board said. During the campaign, now President Donald Trump had made his raucous rallies a positive talking point, while mocking the poor attendance of Clinton´s events. Now, he was


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