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President Obama Says U.S. Constitution
‘Just a Piece of Parchment’

Media Research Center, by Monica Sanchez

Original Article

Posted By:KarenJ1, 1/11/2017 10:04:23 AM

President Obama, as he concluded his farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, called the U.S. Constitution “just a piece of parchment." “Our Constitution is a remarkable, beautiful gift,” said Obama. “But it’s really just a piece of parchment.” “It has no power on its own,” he went on. “We the people give it power. We the people give it meaning with our participation and with the choices that we make and the alliances that we forge…” He later said that as he steps down from the presidency, he plans to play an active role in "the most important office in a democracy: citizen."

I will be so glad when that shameful traitor is out of office. Sadly he will never go away and leave us alone. All he did was lie and make divisive statements. In other words, it was the usual Obama blather.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Mr. Know-It-All, 1/11/2017 10:07:49 AM     (No. 11104085)

I wonder if he would say the Koran was just a book? Nah, didn´t think so.

Reply 2 - Posted by: Lawsy0, 1/11/2017 10:14:05 AM     (No. 11104093)

President Obama is just a whacked out drugged up piece of DNA.




Reply 3 - Posted by: rellimpank2, 1/11/2017 10:14:41 AM     (No. 11104095)

--and then there was FDR--´a scrap of paper written for horse and buggy days´--

Reply 4 - Posted by: caddyjak, 1/11/2017 10:17:18 AM     (No. 11104097)

Investigate, Investigate, please completely investigate this phony baloney and prove that he truly is history´s greatest fraud. The world needs a complete oboal movement!!

Reply 5 - Posted by: jeffkinnh, 1/11/2017 10:18:38 AM     (No. 11104104)

This guy went to law school? He´s pretty stupid.

BO, you can participate, make choices, and forge alliances all you want, due to the rights on that "piece of parchment", but if you break the law that it lays down or others that flow from it, you and your allies will end up in court.

What a fool; an emperor wanna be.

Reply 6 - Posted by: doctorfixit, 1/11/2017 10:25:47 AM     (No. 11104116)

He is correct. The arrangement of ink spots on paper, pixels on a screen, or sound waves in the air have no power. Th reader or the listener decide what to do with them, which actions to take or not take, and which emotions we choose to accompany the actions. As a nation we have decided that the meaning of the Constitution is whatever Anthony Kennedy says it means on any given day. Or Sonia Sotomayor. Words have no meaning. Power has meaning.

Reply 7 - Posted by: coyote, 1/11/2017 10:28:46 AM     (No. 11104120)

No, Bam, it´s not just parchment, it´s set of principles. You don´t define it´s meaning, it defines your powers.




Reply 8 - Posted by: lazyman, 1/11/2017 10:35:40 AM     (No. 11104130)

Just a paper that powerful enough to get rid of him on the 20th. I call that more then just paper.

Reply 9 - Posted by: Bugboy, 1/11/2017 10:40:01 AM     (No. 11104136)

There are not enough words I learned in the oil field to describe my feeling for BHO and his total and utter disdain for this country and its people.

The more and more I listen to Obama, Soro´s, Clinton and their communist/socialist/progressive ilk the more and more right I move.

It´s time to start kicking illegals out of this country. By allowing them in Obama is at destroying the US from inside.

Reply 10 - Posted by: belwhatter, 1/11/2017 10:43:40 AM     (No. 11104141)

A real American citizen would not even think to utter such words about the Constitution.

Reply 11 - Posted by: Freeloader, 1/11/2017 10:51:31 AM     (No. 11104157)

THE MARCH OF TIME---"The Rise & Fall Of Nations"

"Hold on my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."
-Daniel Webster

"But it´s really just a piece of parchment."
-President Alfred E. Kingfish

Reply 12 - Posted by: BillW., 1/11/2017 10:56:47 AM     (No. 11104164)

Zippy Osama should have made that claim 8 years back.




Reply 13 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog, 1/11/2017 10:57:59 AM     (No. 11104165)

If you can get past this cretin´s obvious loathing for American sovereignty, have a laugh at his rhetoric.

The ´oratory´ that´s always praised is filled with cliches and obvious metaphors. It´s like being subjected to one high school valedictorian address after another - stilted, predictable, preachy, smug.

Reply 14 - Posted by: proximo, 1/11/2017 11:00:33 AM     (No. 11104169)

Spoken like a Kenyan.

Reply 15 - Posted by: enemyofthestate, 1/11/2017 11:12:08 AM     (No. 11104187)

The Constitution is "just a piece of parchment," 0bama is NOT an American, regardless of the details of his birth.

I am outraged.

Reply 16 - Posted by: Proud American, 1/11/2017 11:20:29 AM     (No. 11104201)

That is like saying the 10 Commandments are just pieces of stone. I shudder at the profound disrespect.

Reply 17 - Posted by: Proud American, 1/11/2017 11:22:24 AM     (No. 11104204)

The soon to be former president still does not understand that we are NOT a Democracy. We are a Republic. A nation of laws that apply to all citizens. Equally. Disgraceful.




Reply 18 - Posted by: Davids918, 1/11/2017 11:27:40 AM     (No. 11104211)

Folks, this is what they liberal democrat establishment believes about the constitution.

They see it as something to shape and mold into what THEY desire for America.

Reply 19 - Posted by: rabidrepublican, 1/11/2017 11:42:11 AM     (No. 11104230)

A piece of parchment describes your birth certificate, BO.

Reply 20 - Posted by: RCFlyer98, 1/11/2017 11:45:03 AM     (No. 11104233)

Exactly #11. The Constitutions "happened" once. It will not happen "twice". It is more than a piece of parchment . . . It is a monumental idea and a way of life!

Reply 21 - Posted by: RCFlyer98, 1/11/2017 11:46:32 AM     (No. 11104237)

Excuse 2nd post . . . should have been Constitution, rather than Constitutions.

Reply 22 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna, 1/11/2017 11:50:07 AM     (No. 11104243)

Barry must have slept through ´Contract Law´.

.....and the Magna Carta was just a piece of paper too.

....now the ACA, THAT is just 3500 pieces of paper.



Reply 23 - Posted by: blackops, 1/11/2017 11:58:23 AM     (No. 11104254)

So much for his Oath of Office

Reply 24 - Posted by: Smart11344, 1/11/2017 12:09:52 PM     (No. 11104260)

Speaking of despicable and deplorable. Obama sums it up to a "T". I only heard a few minutes of his speech, but this was the part I heard. To say I was flabbergasted is a true understatement.

Reply 25 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab, 1/11/2017 12:11:51 PM     (No. 11104266)

And I say pResident 0bama is "Just a Piece of.... something not parchment".

Reply 26 - Posted by: Fledrmaus, 1/11/2017 12:12:46 PM     (No. 11104269)

I turned off the radio when they excerpted some of this this morning. Just another 10 days, and I won´t have to listen to his revolting voice or see his revolting face anymore.

Reply 27 - Posted by: Vaquero45, 1/11/2017 12:13:03 PM     (No. 11104270)

Man, I REALLY hate that guy.

Reply 28 - Posted by: JansGraphix, 1/11/2017 12:13:18 PM     (No. 11104271)

So a pos opines about a piece of paper, eh?

Reply 29 - Posted by: Namma, 1/11/2017 12:20:09 PM     (No. 11104285)

But says his birth certificate is real
#8 has my like vote

Reply 30 - Posted by: dwa, 1/11/2017 12:21:53 PM     (No. 11104289)

And Obama´s actions over the last eight years are representative and proof of his feeling that the Constitution is just a piece of parchment. He is apparently too stupid to realize that the Constitution is a basic foundation that has made this country the great nation it was before he was elected president.

Reply 31 - Posted by: Clinger, 1/11/2017 12:28:28 PM     (No. 11104303)

I want to avoid the “gotcha” game the left plays. Under other circumstances coming from another person I could see myself agreeing with him. The physical piece of parchment only has meaning to the extent that we the people give it meaning and power by adhering to the covenant, the principles and values it embodies. Clearly Obama has not.

By vowing to “fundamentally transform” the nation he openly declared his intent to violate the constitution. We are a nation of laws not men only by virtue of our willingness to be loyal to the law. Yet those words and others tying him to communist values, the school of Saul Alinsky didn’t dissuade over half of our country to elect him twice no less. The people delivered the constitution to the shredder not Obama. If we continue down this path we could be a different country every four years. One of those manifestations will refuse to let go and surrender power.
The idiots who now speak of disappointment in the fulfillment of hope had no better reason for hope to begin with other than the word “hope” printed on a poster reminiscent of Che Guevara.

Reply 32 - Posted by: chatham, 1/11/2017 12:42:54 PM     (No. 11104318)

I´m not sure but Obama may be capable of leading a group of community Organizers but I DOUBT it.
Let him Start with South Chicago and let´s see how he does ???????

Reply 33 - Posted by: Rumblehog, 1/11/2017 1:04:57 PM     (No. 11104348)

It is OUR marvelous document that will around long after Hussein Obola turns to dust.

Reply 34 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua, 1/11/2017 1:11:55 PM     (No. 11104361)

Consider the source. Obama is not really an American President. No American President would say this.

Reply 35 - Posted by: lakerman1, 1/11/2017 1:18:49 PM     (No. 11104375)

Barack said, in 2008, that the U.S. constitution is ´just a colonial document.´
Last night´s comment should not have surporised anyone.
The U.S. constitution is a singularity, brilliant in its composition, brilliant in action. Barack trats it much like his close friend Bill Ayers treats the American flag.
(see Ayers and the flag, NY Times, 9/11/01)

Reply 36 - Posted by: Pros7767, 1/11/2017 1:20:01 PM     (No. 11104377)

Haiti needs an emperor. Perhaps he will go there on vacation and decide to stay!

Reply 37 - Posted by: Philipsonh, 1/11/2017 1:21:25 PM     (No. 11104382)

A piece of parchment that laid the foundation for this Republic and which he constantly circumvented. Hypocrite to the core. He doesn´t believe 10% of the words he reads from the teleprompter.

Reply 38 - Posted by: mickturn, 1/11/2017 1:22:36 PM     (No. 11104385)

SO since it´s so insignificant when we get a complete copy and roll it up you won´t mind when we put it in your private place?

Reply 39 - Posted by: Heil Liberals, 1/11/2017 1:43:41 PM     (No. 11104417)

Had he spoken using the same terms, but with respect to the power of the words on the document, then he could at least claim a modicum of respect for it. But, no, not The Won, Obiwon, Obummer the Terrible. He had to diminish the value of the document itself while instilling his humanist, communist, community organizer take on the entire thing.

Reply 40 - Posted by: NYbob, 1/11/2017 2:34:42 PM     (No. 11104525)

Like that insignificant Selective Service Registration Form you found. Who created that FAKE? Keep shooting off your big mouth and maybe someone will follow their oath and prove you were the world´s biggest con job.

Reply 41 - Posted by: MissMann, 1/11/2017 5:02:47 PM     (No. 11104852)

I read the whole passage, and although I would never have put it this way, I think this statement is being taken out of context.

Though taken in context of his meaning, it still damns him, his administration, the other two branches: if the people we elect don´t enforce it--which they haven´t!!!--then the Constitution does become little more than a piece of parchment.

By itself the Constitution ensures nothing, protects nothing. This is why we need each branch to do their gosh-darn job!

Reply 42 - Posted by: mathman, 1/11/2017 6:44:54 PM     (No. 11104997)

#25, you beat me to it!
If I wrote out what Smidgen is a piece of on this site, I would be permanently banned.
Hope he never gets his law license back.

Reply 43 - Posted by: anonymous, 1/11/2017 7:00:48 PM     (No. 11105024)

That parchment was written in blood.

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