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On Fire: The Racist
Anti-Racists at MTV News

Townhall, by Michelle Malkin

Original Article

Posted By:Tianne, 1/11/2017 2:27:01 AM

It´s only the second week of 2017, but it´s already been a banner year for preening liberals on cable TV who are hell-bent on self-immolation in the name of proving everyone else´s moral inferiority. To use young people´s slang these days, you´re "lit," media progressives. But not in a good way. On Tuesday, just before the confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee and Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions kicked off, an MTV News reporter demonstrated his high and mighty commitment to racial tolerance ... by mocking Sen. Sessions´ half-Asian granddaughter. Sessions´ daughter, Ruth, is married to Asian-American John Walk. They

Michelle Malkin takes the despicable-comment-incident re Jeff Sessions and his half-Asian granddaughter a little further - she names names and gives examples.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: southernboy, 1/11/2017 7:49:01 AM     (No. 11103875)

Dumb me! I didn’t even realize the little girl was “half-Aisian!"

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Clinger, 1/11/2017 9:45:16 AM     (No. 11104043)

At times an article gets my attention, makes a strong contribution to the advancement of rational thought but falls short in some way. Michelle nail’s it, nothing to add but praise.

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "Tianne"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "Tianne"

"That´s Not How We Do Things in Australia"
Bill Leak, 1956-2017
Steyn Online, by Mark Steyn    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 3/12/2017 11:59:21     Post Reply
Bill Leak, the great cartoonist of The Australian, died of a heart attack in the early hours of Friday morning. He was 61. Like Andrew Bolt, I feel not only terrible sadness at his premature death, but also anger and resentment. Bill Leak was not gunned down at his office, like the writers and artists of Charlie Hebdo, nor did a murderous Somali axman break into his home, as happened to Kurt Westergaard, one of the Danish Mohammed cartoonists, nor did he have his last public appearance shot up by a killer jihadist, as did the Swedish artist Lars Vilks. But,

NSA Whistleblower Backs
Trump Up on Wiretap Claims
U.S. News and World Report, by Curt Mills    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 3/7/2017 2:43:46     Post Reply
President Donald Trump is "absolutely right" to claim he was wiretapped and monitored, a former NSA official claimed Monday, adding that the administration risks falling victim to further leaks if it continues to run afoul of the intelligence community. "I think the president is absolutely right. His phone calls, everything he did electronically, was being monitored," Bill Binney, a 36-year veteran of the National Security Agency who resigned in protest from the organization in 2001, told Fox Business on Monday. Everyone´s conversations are being monitored and stored, Binney said. Binney resigned from NSA shortly after the U.S. approach to intelligence changed following

The Wages of Fake News
Powerline, by Paul Mirengoff    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 3/3/2017 7:10:39     Post Reply
This article by Victor Davis Hanson at the Hoover Institution’s “Defining Ideas” Journal offers an excellent compendium of the bogus reporting through which the mainstream media has attempted to take President Trump down. Hanson writes: In just his first month in office, reporters have already peddled dozens of fake news stories designed to discredit the President—to such a degree that little they now write or say can be taken at face value. No, Trump did not have any plans to invade Mexico, as Buzzfeed and the Associated Press alleged. No, Trump’s father did not run for Mayor of New York by peddling racist

John McCain just systematically dismantled
Donald Trump’s entire worldview
Washington Post, by Aaron Blake    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/17/2017 8:17:50     Post Reply
John McCain is increasingly mad as hell about President Trump. And on Friday, he went after Trump — hard. During a speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, the Republican senator from Arizona delivered a pointed and striking point-by-point takedown of Trump´s worldview and brand of nationalism. McCain didn´t mention Trump´s name once, but he didn´t have to. And even considering the two men´s up-and-down history and the terrible things Trump has said about McCain, it was a striking display from a senior leader of a party when it comes to a president of the same party. In his speech, McCain suggested




John F. Kennedy: What Would
He Think of His Party?
Jewish World Review, by Larry Elder    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/16/2017 12:26:06     Post Reply
President Ronald Reagan said: "I didn´t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me." Actor and former president of the National Rifle Association Charlton Heston, who called himself a "Kennedy Democrat," switched to the Republican Party after the 1960s. On racial preferences, JFK, in 1963, said he opposed them: "I don´t think that is the generally held view, at least as I understand it, of the Negro community, that there is some compensation due for the lost years, particularly in the field of education. What I think they would like is to see their children well-educated so that they could hold

Fake News — CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill:
Conservatives Start Violent Campus Riots, Too
Breitbart, by Tom Ciccotta    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/16/2017 12:06:17     Post Reply
CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill, who is also a professor at Morehouse College, claimed that right-wing students incite riots on college campuses while discussing the Berkeley riots left-wing students over the appearance of Breitbart News’ MILO. Speaking after the UC Berkeley riots, CNN commentator Ben Ferguson argued that campus leftists need to learn how to respond to speech with less destructive means. “Liberals need to grow up on college campuses because people are actually getting hurt now,” Ferguson said the day after the riots. In response, Hill suggested that right-wing students engage in similar destructive behavior on college campuses, but when pressed failed

Fake News: Politico Scrubs
Soros Ties to Anti-Trump Group
Trying to Mobilize Nationwide Protests
Breitbart, by Aaron Klein    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/15/2017 11:58:28     Post Reply
A Politico profile of a new anti-Trump protest movement calling itself “Indivisible” reported that “conservatives” are “spreading unfounded rumors” that the group is “being driven by wealthy donors like George Soros.” Politico, however, seemingly failed to do even the most minimal research on the Indivisible leaders cited in the news outlet’s own profile. Some of those personalities are openly associated with groups financed by Soros. Politico further failed to note that the organizations cited in its article as helping to amplify Indivisible’s message are either financed directly by Soros or have close ties to groups funded by the billionaire. “Inside the protest movement

Jeremy Scahill Pulls Out Of ‘Real Time,’
Accuses MILO Of ‘Inciting Violence’
Breitbart, by Lucas Nolan    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/15/2017 11:33:14     Post Reply
Journalist Jeremy Scahill has stated that he will not be appearing on the HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” alongside Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as he believes the show will allow MILO to “incite violence.” Scahill, co-founder of the online publication, The Intercept, explained on social media that he will not be appearing on “Real Time With Bill Maher” this Friday as he refuses to appear alongside MILO. Scahill stated that he would not engage in an open discussion with MILO. “MILO Yiannopoulos is many bridges too far” wrote Scahill. “He has ample venues to spew his hateful diatribes.

Former CIA Analyst: Yes, Former
Obama Officials Were ‘Directly Involved’
In The Effort to Remove Flynn
(And I´ll Say Their Names)
Townhall, by Matt Vespa    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/15/2017 10:07:11     Post Reply
The fallout from the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is not over. We have Russia, leaks, and palace intrigue about former Obama administration officials laying the foundation to topple Flynn, who was knows for being staunchly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal. Guy wrote a post about the allegations. Frankly, Flynn misled the vice president, which alone is an act that warrants him being shown the door. Multiple writers, namely Damon Linker at The Week and Eli Lake at Bloomberg have noted another sinister angle to this story, which is the number of leaks of highly sensitive information




The Silence Of the Lambs Congress
Townhall, by Ann Coulter    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/15/2017 10:01:23     Post Reply
Let´s compare what President Trump has accomplished since the inauguration (with that enormous crowd!) with what congressional Republicans have done. In the past three weeks, Trump has: staffed the White House, sent a dozen Cabinet nominees to the Senate, browbeat Boeing into cutting its price on a government contract, harangued American CEOs into keeping their plants in the United States, imposed a terrorist travel ban, met with foreign leaders and nominated a Supreme Court justice, among many other things. (And still our hero finds time to torment the media with his tweets!) What have congressional Republicans been doing? Scrapbooking? More than 90 percent of

Teacher: I Lost $100 Bet
Because Trump Wasn´t Shot
Townhall, by Todd Starnes    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/15/2017 9:54:10     Post Reply
I received a rather disturbing report of yet another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome -- this time from a high school in Camarillo, California. Jane Germaine said her son´s English teacher at Rancho Campana High School told the class that she lost a $100 bet because President Donald Trump had not been shot on Inauguration Day. Mrs. Germaine tells me the teacher´s remarks were troubling. "A public school teacher using classroom time to share with students how she lost a bet because the president was not shot on Inauguration Day is beyond reprehensible to me and I do not see how the

Meltdown: MSM Freaks That Trump
Took a Question From Townhall
Townhall, by Cortney O´Brien    Original Article
Posted By: Tianne- 2/15/2017 9:34:24     Post Reply
In case you missed it (we definitely didn´t!) President Trump took a question from Townhall Editor Katie Pavlich on Wednesday during his joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Her relevant inquiries, focused on the compromises that need to be made on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian debate, as well as the future of the Iranian nuclear deal, also happened to be an "interesting" one (Trump´s own words.) Yet, that didn´t stop mainstream media outlets from whining that she got to ask a question before them. CNN´s Jim Acosta was especially upset. The president´s opting to boot his network

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Was Obama simply a hoax?
61 replie(s)
Arutz Sheva [Israel], by Jack Engelhard    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/13/2017 11:41:24 PM     Post Reply
The revelation making the rounds again about Obama, how he sneaked through $221 million to his terrorist friends the Palestinian Authority during the last hours of his presidency, makes it elaborately clear that he was always in it for himself and for his pals. For eight years Israel was betrayed and America was duped by a charmer. I remember a movie that starred Tony Curtis in “The Great Impostor.” But there have been others like it, like Matt Damon in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” -- about men skilled in the art of deception. Through guile, a ready smile, a quick tongue, they

David Cay Johnston Is The Reporter Who
Received Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

40 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Kaitlin Collins    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/14/2017 10:00:35 PM     Post Reply
David Cay Johnston is the reporter who received what appears to be the first two pages of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns and shared them on “The Rachel Maddow” show Tuesday night. The editor and founder of dcreport.org, which crashed Tuesday night during the 9 p.m. hour, said he received Donald Trump’s tax returns from 2005 in the mail a few days ago. The return revealed that Trump paid $38 million in federal income taxes on a reported income of $150 million in 2005. WATCH: (Video) Johnston speculated that Trump might have been the person who mailed the figures to him.




Judge Napolitano says that British Intelligence
provided Obama admin with surveillance
data on Trump Tower phone conversations

39 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 3/14/2017 8:16:36 AM     Post Reply
In a startling segment on the Fox News program The First 100 Days, Judge Andrew Napolitano told viewers that there will be no paper trail linking President Obama to any surveillance of telephone calls in Trump Tower during the presidential transition period. (President Obama called it “wiretapping” even though no wires were involved.) The reason is that British intelligence had access to NSA surveillance data – which captures every phone call in the United States – and were able to provide such intelligence to President Obama without a FISA Court warrant or any other paper trail that would expose an

CBO Warns: Defunding Planned Parenthood
Would Lead to Additional Births

32 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 3/13/2017 9:24:20 PM     Post Reply
The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) report on the House Republicans’ healthcare plan says the included provision to defund Planned Parenthood would result in “additional births stemming from the reduced access” to “services that help women avert pregnancies.”(Snip)The CBO report states: To the extent that there would be reductions in access to care under the legislation, they would affect services that help women avert pregnancies. The people most likely to experience reduced access to care would probably reside in areas without other health care clinics or medical practitioners who serve low-income populations. CBO projects that about 15 percent of those people would

Seething U.S. Journalists Angered About Taking
Commercial Flights To Cover Secretary
Tillerson in Asia…

32 replie(s)
Conservative Tree House, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/15/2017 2:49:09 AM     Post Reply
A Reuters filing en route to Asia showcases the bitterness, anger and seething rage of U.S. journalists who have been forced to fly First-Class Commercial to cover Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Asia trip. State Department correspondents are used to the exclusive wide-body private charters of the U.S. federal government’s airline fleet. Previous heads of the Department of State have flown aboard Air Force 3. Normally a Boeing 757. At the very worst Air Force 3 would be a C17 Globemaster. However, T-Rex is taking a smaller jet to Asia and only one journalist accompanies him. To make matters exponentially

Anthem-Protesting Former 49ers
Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Ignored
as Players Sign for Free Agency

30 replie(s)
Breitbart sports, by Warner Todd Huston    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 3/13/2017 10:08:32 PM     Post Reply
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick became the talk of the league this year with his anti-American protests. Kaepernick recently declared his free agency, then announced he would end his refusal to stand for the national anthem. But, even as the league’s free agents are snapped up at a quickening pace, it appears that Kaepernick is being ignored, thus far going unsigned. Kaepernick, once considered a burgeoning player with a bright future, helped lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012 only a year after he went pro. But, the 2011 second-round draft pick never sustained the drive to excellence

Mattis: ´Climate change´ is
a national security threat

28 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/15/2017 12:34:41 PM     Post Reply
In a clash with President Trump´s environmental team, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has declared that climate change is a threat to national security and one military planners must consider in drawing up strategies. According to a report from ProPublica, Mattis told Democratic senators that climate change is real and "can be a driver of instability." His position, at odds with President Trump and his Environmental Protection Agency chief, came in answers to questions from senators following his confirmation hearing. They were released to ProPublica which reached out to the White House and Pentagon



He beat a murder rap on a technicality —
but was killed moments after leaving
a Chicago jail

27 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Cleve R. Wootson Jr.    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 3/14/2017 2:38:16 PM     Post Reply
(Tweet) - For two years, Kamari Belmont was in a Cook County jail unit reserved for Chicago’s most dangerous criminals. A looming murder charge meant the 23-year-old might never breathe free air again. Instead, a slip-up at the state’s attorney’s office bounced in his favor. The murder charge was dismissed, and Belmont walked out of the jail onto California Avenue. Minutes later, he was dead, killed in a hail of gunfire in a shooting the Chicago Tribune said had “all the appearances of a well-planned hit.” Belmont staggered from a car trying to find help, but it was too late. He collapsed and died on the ground, not far from

Analysis This 2005 Donald Trump
tax return is a total nothingburger

27 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Chris Cillizza    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 3/14/2017 11:45:02 PM     Post Reply
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow spent hours touting a massive scoop: She -- or more accurately veteran investigative reporter David Cay Johnston -- had gotten her hands on President Trump´s 2005 federal tax return. (Snip) In short: We didn´t learn anything we don´t already know about Trump. Yes, he is very wealthy. Yes, he -- like virtually all very wealthy people -- looks for holes in the tax code to lower his overall taxable income. (Sidebar: As a non-wealthy person, I do the same thing.) For all the hoopla surrounding the unearthing of these documents, there simply was no smoking gun

Exclusive — Audio Emerges of When
Paul Ryan Abandoned Donald Trump:
‘I Am Not Going to Defend Donald Trump
—Not Now, Not in the Future

25 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Matthew Boyle    Original Article
Posted By: Whamdbambam- 3/14/2017 9:30:45 AM     Post Reply
On a never-before-released private October conference call with House Republican members, House Speaker Paul Ryan told his members in the U.S. House of Representatives he was abandoning then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump forever and would never defend him ever again. In the Oct. 10, 2016 call, from right after the Access Hollywood tape of Trump was leaked in the weeks leading up to the election, Ryan does not specify that he will never defend Trump on just the Access Hollywood tape—he says clearly he is done with Trump altogether. “I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in

Unhinged and Shouting Mike Brown
Documentary Filmmaker Explodes
During Interview…

25 replie(s)
Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 3/14/2017 10:26:00 AM     Post Reply
A seriously unstable Jason Pollock appeared on Fox News for an interview about his ridiculous, and entirely false, documentary claims. What happened next is rather unsettling – the guy has a full psychotic reality break on television. WATCH: (Video) This is the sketchy guy CNN was promoting over the weekend in order to stir up racial animus on behalf of the agenda-driven social justice movement.

Congress Demands Investigation Into Obama
Admin Meddling in Foreign Elections

25 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/15/2017 5:13:08 AM     Post Reply
A group of leading senators is calling on newly installed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to immediately launch an investigation into efforts by the Obama administration to sway foreign elections by sending taxpayer funds to "extreme and sometimes violent political activists" that promote leftist causes, according to a copy of the letter. The lawmakers disclosed multiple conversations with foreign diplomats who outlined active political meddling by the Obama administration´s State Department, including the use of taxpayer funds to support leftist causes in Macedonia, Albania, Latin America, and Africa. A portion of this State Department funding appears to have gone to organizations supported


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