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Ann Coulter: We have no choice
but to vote for these Republicans,
including the crap-ass ones

Hot Air, by Allahpundit

Original Article

Posted By:KarenJ1, 8/13/2014 11:44:32 AM

An electrifying midterm rallying cry on a slow summer news day. Boehner, incidentally, isn’t one of the crappy-asses, she says. She doesn’t name names there, but she’s been known to diverge from grassroots conservatives in these matters before. What would happen, though, if Boehner turned around and made a deal with Harry Reid on amnesty in September? One of the goals of Obama’s looming power grab over legalization is to scare Republican leaders with the thought that Latino voters will be so grateful, they’ll break even harder for Democrats in 2016. The only countermeasure, Dems would have you believe, is for

I have disagreed with her a lot lately, but sadly she is right. Even the worst Republicans are better than a Democrat. The author states that he is "willing to boycott the next election if the GOP makes a bad deal on immigration..." It´s a horrific place to be but there is no way in flying you know what that I will sit out an election.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Loretta, 8/13/2014 11:48:11 AM     (No. 9964378)

I agree. Sitting out the election is voting for a Dem.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Starfire, 8/13/2014 11:51:22 AM     (No. 9964383)

Lamar Alexander out-spent Joe Carr by 7.6 million to 1.5 million to win the primary.

It breaks my heart, but I will have to buck up and vote for Alexander in the November election. We need to take the Senate back to replace Harry Reid and have control of both houses.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: bkt23, 8/13/2014 12:04:20 PM     (No. 9964406)

The longer we play the party game the worse it will get for everyone. Ann is wrong. Never, ever cast a vote for anyone you believe is unsuited to the job or whose views you do not agree with.

Vote for the person, not the party. When enough people do this, that parties will matter a lot less. There are conservative, independent and libertarian candidates you can and should consider.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Italiano, 8/13/2014 12:09:29 PM     (No. 9964414)

An Obama second term could have been prevented.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: plex, 8/13/2014 12:10:07 PM     (No. 9964415)

Sadly, the advice to only vote for a person you agree with will likely insure that the Republic dies quickly. We are already close to the edge where laws and rules don´t matter. If the Democrats continue control we will all be poor and learning Chinese.

What if the GOP strikes a deal on amnesty? Well, your reps are in your district, make sure they hear you.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Immelman, 8/13/2014 12:18:24 PM     (No. 9964427)

If we elect Rino republicans, Rinos will continue to run. If we want conservatives, we must stop electing Rinos, whatever the short term consequences.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: SouthSanAntonio, 8/13/2014 12:20:00 PM     (No. 9964431)

I agree 100%. The goal has to be to defeat Demon-RATS before they can further destroy this nation at any cost!!!!!

I wish there were other options than voting for RINO´s, but there aren´t. Even a RINO is going to vote with the Republicans most of the time -- especially if the Republicans are in control.

Sitting on your hands is not an option if you don´t want to see the Demon-RATS finish the destruction of this nation. So suck it up, hold your nose, and crawl naked over broken glass and AIDS-infected needles (if necessary) to vote for all Republican candidates that you can in November!!!!!

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Reply 8 - Posted by: ru4us, 8/13/2014 12:31:20 PM     (No. 9964448)

Long-Tall lost me @ #Christie and then #Romney. Her criticism of Christian missionaries, though containing some important considerations, was a hasty generalization. She bagged true believers in the same poke with fashionably, christian narcissists.

However, she did make a great point not included in the Hot Air review. She said that we must elect Republicans because we can be sure the media, at least, won´t let them get away with corruption.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: ChipThome, 8/13/2014 12:33:06 PM     (No. 9964450)

Coulter is promoting power over policy. That´s the typical Establishment Agenda. If the crap assed RINOS are always reelected, there will never be a reason to vote R, as they now are all the same.

My Nov ballot will have a number of empty boxes when I turn it in after casting my votes for only those of true Conservative values.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: SpeedMaster, 8/13/2014 12:50:04 PM     (No. 9964486)

I AM NOT INSANE!; thus I will not hold my nose and vote for "the lesser of two evils", as has been advocated by many here. PLEASE READ RECENT HISTORY; obama ran in 2008 on the deficit because the Republicans spent so much money when they had power. Explain why this time will be different. It will not. "The lesser of two evils" is evil. Break the cycle this election. I will vote for Michelle Nunn because a republican senate boosts the dems chances in 2016.


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Reply 11 - Posted by: god of irony, 8/13/2014 12:52:10 PM     (No. 9964489)

I totally disagree. If we are going to tolerate the worst Republicans in the worst of times what makes you thing anyone will have the will to get rid of them in the good times when their idiocracy isn´t as harmful?

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Reply 12 - Posted by: An Afternoon Walk, 8/13/2014 12:55:27 PM     (No. 9964494)

I agree with #3, 6, and 9.

We do have a choice, Ann, and we will exercise that choice that belongs to each one of us, until the RINOs understand that winning with a liberal is not winning, no matter how you spin it ("we have no choice") No, Ann, you don´t tell us we don´t have a choice. Our votes are our only voice and we will use it.

Ann is saying that the average conservative American, whose only voice is his or her vote, does not have a "choice" on how to cast that vote.

As said above, if we keep electing RINOs, only RINOs will run and be elected. We voters have the choice to give the power to those to whom Ann and our Republican "leaders" would rather freeze out--decent conservative fighters who work for the people, not the system.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: mikkins2, 8/13/2014 12:56:54 PM     (No. 9964495)

Ann Coulter is nothing more then a political elitist herself. She like the rest of the lemmings can do what they want with their vote. If they want to offer up their vote for empty promises so be it. That mentality only shows how cheap and shallow they are.

If you want my vote, you must earn it.
You can moan and whine all you want. Its all you have. My vote goes to people who are going to fix our problems, not those who will continue to spend our country into destruction.

By continuing to vote party line without any regard for the damage they will do, or continue to allow, YOU are part of the problem.

Remember Mississippi!
I will.
Got Tea?

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Reply 14 - Posted by: An Afternoon Walk, 8/13/2014 12:56:58 PM     (No. 9964496)

I also agree with #10 and 11.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: Rama41, 8/13/2014 1:17:18 PM     (No. 9964527)

Of course she´s right. Doesn´t anyone out there know what it means to win the House and the Senate? If you have one more Member than the other party, you OWN the institution! You set the rules. You schedule the calendar. Rather than folding arms, pouting, lowering glum faces, and facing away, think beyond the RINO-realist divide for once and for the greater good.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: SouthSanAntonio, 8/13/2014 1:19:50 PM     (No. 9964529)

If you don´t vote, it´s the same as voting for the Demon-RAT!!!!!

Either a Republican is going to win an election, or a Demon-RAT is going to win. Maybe a few very local elections might go to a third party, but major elections are going to either the Republican or Demon-RAT.

All of the conservatives saying they won´t vote for the Republican unless he is perfect, are just giving the Demon-RATS two more years to destroy this nation.

At this point, it´s either accept the reality and do ANYTHING possible to stop the Demon-RATS, or stick with your principals and watch the Demon-RATS further destroy this nation.

We must stop the Demon-RATS while Øvomit has two more years left in his reign of terror. If we control both houses of Congress -- even with a less than perfectly conservative Republican majority -- we can stop Øvomit from appointing lie-beral judicial activist judges and abusing his powers even more on things like illegal aliens.

Get control in 204, then work on getting good conservatives elected in 2016. But don´t allow the Demon-RATS to continue unabated by allowing them to keep power!!!

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Reply 17 - Posted by: LouD, 8/13/2014 1:30:55 PM     (No. 9964554)

Some of you, those who won´t vote for a Rino, are the reason we have this t*rd in the WH today. "I´m not voting for Romney because..." Yep! That kind of thinking gave us what we have today.
(What does the staff consider a bad word? T*rd or R*no?)

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Reply 18 - Posted by: ida Lou Pino, 8/13/2014 1:36:12 PM     (No. 9964571)

Yeah, sure Annie.

By the way - - how´s your fat boy Christie doing?

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Reply 19 - Posted by: simple simon, 8/13/2014 1:37:31 PM     (No. 9964575)

#16 says

"....or stick with your principals..."

and we wonder why we are in the mess we are in...

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Reply 20 - Posted by: whyyeseyec, 8/13/2014 1:58:44 PM     (No. 9964617)

...as the country inches closer and closer to civil war daily.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: 49 Ford, 8/13/2014 2:05:29 PM     (No. 9964631)

I´m with SSA (#16) and all the other Sell-Out/RINO/Squishes on this thread. The fact is that with the exception of a few electoral pockets there are just not enough hardcore conservative voters out there to elect their kind of candidates on their own. Any meaningful opposition to the Marxocrats must of necessity be a coalition of conservatives and so-called moderates.

There is just no way around that, and because the GOP establishment is often too myopic to see it is not an excuse for us to do the same.

And we don´t have the luxury of time, ladies and gentlemen. Implicit in the purist argument is the notion that if we hold out on principle and let the ´Rats destroy the country some great conservative renaissance will occur down the road. That´s just fantasy, IMO. No comeback will be possible when the Left gets an iron grip on all the institutions and the permanent government. In that event elections will be meaningless, and renegade courts and commissars will regulate every aspect of our lives. Indeed, they will determine who lives and dies.

Vote Republican, por favor.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: kahunavol, 8/13/2014 2:12:00 PM     (No. 9964642)

Same destination, different modes of transport. Do you want to take the plane or the train?

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Reply 23 - Posted by: Kristen, 8/13/2014 2:39:50 PM     (No. 9964677)

Sadly I have to agree 100% with #16. We do not have choice this time. Harry Reid and Pelosi are just not in normal mental state. Democrats, not matter what they say while campaigning, will vote in lockstep. Not one single Democrat voted against Obamacare.

I do not always agree with Ann Coulter. But this time she is right. Things have totally gotten out of hand. The border situation poses an enormous threat to us all. We need to remove Harry Reid.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Susannah, 8/13/2014 2:43:02 PM     (No. 9964681)

Beautifully said, #21. I could only add that allowing Reid and Company to continue to control the senate will just result in more people dependent on hand-outs--thus, more Democratic voters.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: rosewater, 8/13/2014 2:55:44 PM     (No. 9964697)

While we all argue whether to vote for a democrat, vote for a third party, or not vote, rememb

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Reply 26 - Posted by: JoniTx, 8/13/2014 3:05:39 PM     (No. 9964705)

This reminds me of my dearly departed brother, a staunch, stubborn conservative. He was ´fed up´ and voted for Ross Perot...way back when. He regretted it forever.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: SpeedMaster, 8/13/2014 3:21:24 PM     (No. 9964725)

# 26 Who was more responsible for Bill Clinton, the man who said "read my lips" or the voters who did?

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Reply 28 - Posted by: TXknitter, 8/13/2014 4:39:47 PM     (No. 9964797)

Outstanding and very timely question, #27. If President George Bush had not sold out HIS principles, Bill Clinton would never have kept him from a second term!!!

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Reply 29 - Posted by: Malia2012, 8/13/2014 6:22:46 PM     (No. 9964888)

Amen. 21! Looks like a lot of re-writing of history going on today. It wasn´t the first President Bush that put the "predator in chief" in office . It was ROSS PEROT getting 19 percent of the vote from voters who didn´t like "rinos" "even then. That worked out well, didn´t it? S/O. If we don´t get the Senate back IMHO this country is lost.

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Reply 30 - Posted by: TXknitter, 8/13/2014 9:34:20 PM     (No. 9965067)

ROSS PEROT had a pretty easy time of it thanks to President Bush lying to us about no new taxes. Not a rewrite of history. Just a fuller perspective.

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He was a leading figure in one of the biggest climate change marches to date. But it seems Robert F Kennedy Jr was not so forthcoming when it came to questions about his own carbon footprint. Confronted by a reporter asking if he would give up his phone and car, the environmental lawyer became visibly irate before grabbing the microphone and accusing her of ´destroying democracy´ as a member of the press. The interview in New York yesterday afternoon started with a conversation about the number of flyers produced for the event, which Kennedy Jr claimed was necessary to garner ´people power´.

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Townhall, by Derek Hunter    Original Article
Posted By: SpeedMaster- 9/21/2014 12:25:17 PM     Post Reply
I know a lot of people are giddy at the prospect of Republicans taking the Senate this November, but that’s becoming less and less likely. It’s not because Democrats are rallying around a particular mission or set of candidates; it’s because Republicans and conservatives aren’t. It seems like I’m always writing on issues no one wants to hear are mistakes, such as messaging or social issues. But I don’t care. These things have to be said. If these columns are received like a gaseous cousin on a long car trip through the desert, so be it. Crack a window… If things continue on their current course, the GOP will not retake the Senate.

Four teachings from Jesus
that everybody gets wrong

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CNN, by Amy-Jill Levine    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/21/2014 3:52:29 PM     Post Reply
It was once said, “religion is designed to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.” Jesus’ parables – short stories with moral lessons – were likewise designed to afflict, to draw us in but leave us uncomfortable. These teachings can be read as being about divine love and salvation, sure. But, their first listeners – first century Jews in Galilee and Judea – heard much more challenging messages. Only when we hear the parables as Jesus’ own audience did can we fully experience their power and find ourselves surprised and challenged today. Here are four examples of Jesus’ teachings that everybody gets wrong: 1.

Petition Urges Obama To Let Border-
Jumper Stay In The White House

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Daily Caller, by Neil Munro    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/21/2014 5:26:31 AM     Post Reply
The man who jumped the White House railing Sept. 19 deserves the right to live in President Barack Obama’s home, just as the president is allowing hundreds of thousands of border-jumping Central Americans to live in Americans’ homeland, says a new tongue-in-cheek petition posted at the White House website. “We urge President Obama to immediately and publicly recognize that Mr. Omar J. Gonzalez, an oppressed migrant, was merely looking for a better life when he entered the White House after going over the classist, divisive and needless fence,” says the petition, which was authored by D.A. King, founder of the Georgia-based

Huma Abedin remains at Hillary
Clinton’s side despite sexting woes
with husband Anthony Weiner

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New York Daily News, by Annie Karni    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 9/21/2014 5:09:25 AM     Post Reply
When Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign imploded last year amid new sexting revelations, the fallout buffeted his wife, longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Clinton’s inner circle was furious with Weiner, and Abedin’s role with Hillary was said to be in doubt. “Huma has a choice to make,” New York magazine quoted a “close associate” of Abedin’s as saying. “Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?” The magazine described Abedin as “traumatized” by the prospect of leaving the inner sanctum. One year later, Abedin’s marriage to Weiner appears intact, and her role in Hillary’s camp is secure. As Clinton’s personal chief

Wesleyan rules fraternities
must start accepting women

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Washington Times, by Jessica Chasmer    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 9/22/2014 2:43:16 PM     Post Reply
Fraternities at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, must start accepting women and all residential fraternities must become fully co-educational over the next three years, the school’s Board of Trustees has ruled. The decision was made “with equality and inclusion in mind,” school President Michael Roth and Trustee Chairman Joshua Boger wrote in an email to students on Monday, Business Insider reported. “Our residential Greek organizations inspire loyalty, community and independence. That’s why all our students should be eligible to join them.” The school has focused on issues with Greek life ever since a woman filed a lawsuit against Wesleyan two years ago

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