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President Obama’s competence
problem is worse than it looks

Washington Post, by Chris Cillizza

Original Article

Posted By:Drive, 7/28/2014 6:34:23 PM

You can understand President Obama´s current political problems -- and how those problems could make things very tough for his party in this fall´s midterm election -- in a single word. And that word is "competence". Obama was elected in 2008 on a stated promise that he would restore competence to government. He pitched himself as the antidote to "Heck of a job, Brownie" and the Bush years, the person who would always put the most qualified candidate in every job in his Administration. That the basic functioning of government would never be in question. Almost six years on from


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Bur Oak, 7/28/2014 6:39:33 PM     (No. 9943685)

It is amazing to me that people still believe what Obama has said and says. The only thing he and his fellow travelers care about is destroying this country and replacing it with a communist state. We´re well on our way.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: SpeedMaster, 7/28/2014 6:51:27 PM     (No. 9943697)

For those wondering about this coming from, of all places, The Washington Post think of it as a "set up" for hillary. When seen through that prism this article serves their agenda.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: SouthSanAntonio, 7/28/2014 6:56:15 PM     (No. 9943700)

Based on his work experience, Øvomit wasn´t qualified to be an assistant manager at a 7-11 when he was elected as president of the United States.

That says far worse thing about how stupid, incompetent and evil the voters of this country are than how stupid, incompetent and evil Øvomit is (and he truly is extremely stupid, incompetent and evil).

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Reply 4 - Posted by: bighambone, 7/28/2014 7:01:27 PM     (No. 9943703)

Goes to show you that a slick street smart actor who can read off a TelePrompTer can fool the great unwashed more then once!

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Newtsche, 7/28/2014 7:05:29 PM     (No. 9943711)

Yes, #2.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: fitzroy, 7/28/2014 7:12:05 PM     (No. 9943717)

C´mon, Chris. Why can´t you say it? It´s not a "competence problem," as in "polls say." It´s a lack of competence, as in everything he touches is made worse.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: F16 guy, 7/28/2014 7:18:40 PM     (No. 9943724)

...and yet, there he is, still in MY WH, still playing golf on MY dime, still traveling in MY airplane.

Like the pathetic talk show hosts, they complain about it but no one is doing anything about it. Nor, I suspect, will they ! Cowards all !

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Jntsrgn, 7/28/2014 7:31:16 PM     (No. 9943739)

Except when compared against the incompetence of the GOP.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: walcb, 7/28/2014 7:46:46 PM     (No. 9943752)

Oh no, the Ohole is plenty competent, that is the problem. His intent is not in the best interest of the country but he is competent, it is just not our desire.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: chance_232, 7/28/2014 8:00:11 PM     (No. 9943765)

"you knew he was not going to be George W. Bush when it came to running the government day to day"

Well DUH!!!!
and 3/4s of democrats still believe that he´s competent. Well, I guess they would, if they are getting their Obama Bucks, Obama Phones, Obama Movie tickets etc.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Citizen Plain, 7/28/2014 9:15:07 PM     (No. 9943864)

everbody done know he´s dumb as post

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Reply 12 - Posted by: beancounter, 7/28/2014 9:28:44 PM     (No. 9943883)

Obama doesn´t see a competence problem because almost everything is going according to plan.

The IRS attacked the conservative groups in 2012 and then apparently destroyed the evidence leading back to the WH. That´s a win.

We have hundreds of thousands of welfare recipients streaming across the border. That´s a win.

We get to keep all the goodies in Obamacare that people like and we dumped the stuff that was in the law to keep it revenue neutral. That´s a win.

The VA problem was not a win, but veterans are mostly Republicans so he doesn´t care.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 7/28/2014 9:36:06 PM     (No. 9943894)

The only thing he is competent at is shucking and jiving.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: RealityChick, 7/29/2014 7:44:37 AM     (No. 9944185)

Indeed #2. Notice no mention of Benghazi, the big Hildebeast/0bummer debacle. Nor the general imploding of the ME.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: BeatleJeff, 7/29/2014 8:13:56 AM     (No. 9944206)

Problem is most of those Independents who now rightly view Oblunder as incompetent voted for him - twice. So as far as I´m concerned, this is their own fault, because they could have prevented this mess by voting for McCain and Romney.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Freeloader, 7/29/2014 8:16:38 AM     (No. 9944212)

Question: Would you hire this young man to manage your neighborhood Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash?:

Background Information:
-Birth Certificate-Not available
-Passport Records-Not available
-Valid Social Security Number-None
-Selective Service Information-Not available
-Medical Records-Not available
-Academic Records-Not available
-Student Financial Aid Records-Not available
-Private Sector Full-Time Job History-None
-Military Service History-None
-Security Clearances Held-None

-Professor William C. Ayers-Chicago
-Ms. Bernadine Dohrn-Chicago
-Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr.-Chicago
-Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.-Chicago

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Thirstyjack, 7/29/2014 8:35:15 AM     (No. 9944237)

Hard to believe that obamalamadingdong is still polling higher than his bowling scores.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: congar, 7/29/2014 8:41:37 AM     (No. 9944252)

Governing is not Captain Zero’s forte. Creating chaos and bitter divisions are his strong suit. It’s what community organizers do, and he is doing a fabulous job of it.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: rsgonner, 7/29/2014 9:20:04 AM     (No. 9944327)

If by some miracle we actually do get a republican president in 2016, he/she should immediately release all of Barry´s hidden lies: college transcripts, passport records, etc.. His legacy must be absolutely and convincingly destroyed. Ah, I can stop daydreaming now....this is the republican party, don´t you know...the "we won so it´s time to cave in and reach across the aisle so the NYT and WP may finally like us" republican party. The stupid party. The spineless party. The one that is ashamed of its base. Yeah, THAT party.....

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Reply 20 - Posted by: Me_Opinionated_Nah, 7/29/2014 9:32:46 AM     (No. 9944345)

There once was a liar from Kenya
Who questioned us starting with “When ya
Gonna like what I say
And please ‘Don’t Run Away!’
Until I get ta phone ya and pen ya?”

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Philipsonh, 7/29/2014 10:00:42 AM     (No. 9944386)

It has nothing to do with competence, but all to do with his goals, which as others have stated, are to destroy the fabric of our Society as we have known it. His actions are not those of incompetence, but of pure malevolence towards the U>S>, in my opinion.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: mc squared, 7/29/2014 10:05:33 AM     (No. 9944389)

Why couldn´t more voters see through these grifters in 2008?
It´s a source of never ending grief for me.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: steelbreeze, 7/29/2014 10:46:56 AM     (No. 9944456)

Dont know if America can recover.Our government schools are nothing more than union run jokes.How else could a reasonably sane person even consider a vote for the likes of Obama?

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 7/29/2014 10:51:51 AM     (No. 9944463)

He´s handling it perfectly: destroying our country, pitting citizens against each other, isolating us from our global friends, allowing the Muslim terrorists to serge, plus a rapid fire ethnic cleansing of our white nation by inviting hoards of tan people into our country… and all with a continued 41% approval. What a guy! What a legacy!

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Reply 25 - Posted by: Felixcat, 7/29/2014 11:11:10 AM     (No. 9944497)

He´s the epitome of the affirmative action hire: clearly unqualified, but presents him/herself well and when it becomes obvious is unable to perform the job at hand, blames the system, The Man, racists, etc.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Heraclitus, 7/29/2014 1:24:52 PM     (No. 9944773)

Often Mark Levin reads from BO´s daily schedule, and it seems that BO rarely starts business --I mean official business-- before 9 or 10.

President Bush was up early EVERY day, starting with security briefings.

But then, President Bush did not have a House-full of czars, little creepy minions, doing the busywork of wrecking the Republic.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: danvillebill, 7/29/2014 1:31:43 PM     (No. 9944787)

Stop it #21!!!

Please take your unrhymed iambic pentameter (or whatever it is) over to Kos where it will be truly appreciated.

And be sure not to quit your day job...unless your day job is writing poetry.

Only kidding...thanks for the laugh.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: strike3, 7/29/2014 5:55:20 PM     (No. 9945224)

Obama is evil and brain-damaged but that´s as far as it goes. If he had the least bit of competence, America would be on her knees by now. After six years of holding the most powerful position in the world, even a little child could do the measure of damage that he has done to us. If he has an agenda, it was given to him by the witch who pulls his strings. He is not capable of fooling anybody except the pond scum who voted for him. When he does accomplish some measure of damage, it´s not much more than a child throwing his toy truck against the wall. It could possibly make a dent in the plaster or put a gash on somebody´s head but whatever it does is not planned or executed well. As for his support from democrats, they are as stupid as he is if they think he´s doing a good job or any job at all. For Barack Hussein, it´s just one long day after another playing in the sandbox, lying to his elders and throwing tantrums when he doesn´t get his way.

Our biggest danger is that real, aggressive men like Putin can spot a pansy like obama a mile away and will certainly take advantage of that weakness.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: Charactercounts, 7/29/2014 11:37:53 PM     (No. 9945604)

I think Obama is perfectly competent to be a three-card monte dealer in Times Square.

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Below, you will find ...

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Most Recent Articles posted by "Drive"

Charge: Benghazi Boiler Room
Operation Hid Documents
White House Dossier, by Keith Koffler    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/15/2014 2:08:37 PM     Post Reply
A top former State Department official is charging that senior aides convened an after-hours Foggy Bottom operation to sift through Benghazi-related documents and separate out those that might be damaging to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The documents were supposed to be turned over the the Accountability Review Board, an internal State Department probe that has been criticized for not addressing the potential culpability in the Benghazi matter of Clinton or President Obama. Sharyl Attkisson broke the story in The Daily Signal:

Flight Risks
National Journal, by Shane Goldmacher    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/15/2014 9:29:07 AM     Post Reply
Three days after Christmas last year, 13 members of Congress boarded planes across the United States bound for Morocco. Their all-expenses-paid trip lasted a week, and included visits to the cities of Marrakech, Rabat, and Casablanca. But much of what the lawmakers did while abroad—where they stayed, where they dined, what tourist sites they may have visited, and even how much the jaunt cost—remains a secret. That´s because the trip was underwritten by the Moroccan government, making it exempt from the tightened travel reforms enacted seven years ago in the wake of the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling scandal.

Obama´s unnecessary, unpromising war
Washington Examiner, by Steve Chapman    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/15/2014 7:59:14 AM     Post Reply
President Obama said Wednesday night the United States is going to war "to degrade and ultimately destroy" the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. So right off you know one thing we will not do: destroy it. The only thing more reliable than the habit of American presidents of starting wars is the inability of wartime presidents to achieve their goals. President George W. Bush went into Afghanistan pledging to wipe out al Qaeda and the Taliban. He invaded Iraq to eliminate Saddam Hussein´s weapons of mass destruction, while promising that the creation of "free Iraq" would be

Obama forced by events to reverse
course --- and disillusion base
Washington Examiner, by Michael Barone    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/15/2014 7:57:23 AM     Post Reply
Iraq, immigration, inversion. On all three of the issues referred to, President Obama finds himself forced by events to do something he dislikes — and he´s in trouble with much of his Democratic Party base for doing so. Obama seemed ill at ease before the camera and teleprompter on the evening of Sept. 10. Sending troops into Iraq and Syria is probably the last thing he expected to do when he set out running for president in 2007. He still insists that he will send in “no ground troops,” though it appears that hundreds of U.S. military personnel are literally on the

The Name of the Fight
The New Yorker, by Amy Davidson    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/15/2014 7:55:40 AM     Post Reply
Mr. President, everybody is asking in this country, are we or are we not at war?” a reporter asked Harry Truman at a White House press conference on June 29, 1950. It was a reasonable question: two days earlier, in response to a swift, unexpected advance of North Korean troops, Truman had ordered American forces to South Korea. In keeping with the rules of the time, the reporters asked the President for permission to print his answer verbatim. “The Chief Executive responded that he would allow the news men to use in quotes: ‘We are not at war,’ ” the

Patent office whistleblower:
‘Managers have no idea when
their employees are working’
Washington Post, by Lisa Rein    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/12/2014 3:36:29 PM     Post Reply
With top Commerce Department officials headed to Capitol Hill Friday to answer allegations about fraudulent practices by patent examiners, the Washington Post this week obtained copies of the whistleblower complaints that set in motion a series of investigations of the patent office. Four whistleblowers, at least two of them managers, submitted lengthy, detailed accounts to an anonymous hotline set up by the Commerce inspector general’s office in 2012. The accounts described widespread time and attendance fraud by examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Has the “War on Women”
Jumped the Shark?
Townhall, by Charlotte Hays    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/12/2014 3:33:13 PM     Post Reply
The “war on women” was always a cynical ploy by Democrats, aimed solely at getting votes from women rather than creating an economy in which we can flourish. But it worked. President Obama is in the midst of his disastrous second term largely because women voted for him in 2012 by an eleven point margin. But there are clear indications that the “war on women” is not working in 2014. A case in point is Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s recent attack on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

White House: We Aren´t Going
To Get Into What The "Legal,
Academic Definition of War"
With ISIS May Be
The Hill (DC), by Katie Pavlich    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/12/2014 3:27:53 PM     Post Reply
Over the past few weeks, but more specifically since President Obama spoke to the country Wednesday evening about how he will "degrade and destroy" ISIS, Americans are asking one question: Are we at war with these people? Up until now, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have said the answer is no. Today White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said while the United States isn´t at war with ISIS, the United States is at war with the terror army in the same way we´re at war with al Qaeda.

Joan Rivers Update: Yorkville Endoscopy
Medical Director Steps Down
Yahoo! Celebrity, by Suzy Byrne    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/12/2014 3:07:29 PM     Post Reply
The investigation into Joan Rivers´s death is far from over — but there´s certainly movement in the ranks. Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the medical director at Yorkville Endoscopy, where Joan Rivers was having her procedure and went into cardiac arrest, was asked by the board to step down from his post and accepted, The Insider With Yahoo confirmed on Friday. "Dr. Cohen is not currently performing procedures at Yorkville Endoscopy; nor is he currently serving as medical director," a spokesperson for Yorkville Endoscopy said. New details about an unauthorized doctor being present for the actress´s medical procedure emerged late Thursday that

Four Media Outlets With 9/11
Truthers On The Payroll
Breitbart Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/11/2014 10:21:02 AM     Post Reply
Our media overlords love to mainstream leftwing fanaticism. 9/11 Trutherism is no exception. Even though the mainstream media prides itself on being oh-so rational and pro-science, the most anti-science among us enjoy star status and 1%-sized wealth from some of our most prestigious media outlets. ABC: Rosie O´Donnell - On this anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, let us take a moment to thank ABC, home of World News Tonight, for re-hiring the most ignorant (fire can´t melt steel) and foul 9/11 Truther to ever enjoy the national spotlight. O´Donnell is not only returning to ABC´s "The View," she´s doing so as

On What Is and Is Not Islamic
Commentary Magazine, by Michael Rubin    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/11/2014 9:27:33 AM     Post Reply
During his speech last night, President Obama declared, “ISIL is not ‘Islamic.’ No religion condones the killing of innocents. And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.” It is certainly true that the vast majority of the victims of ISIS, as the group is more commonly known, have been Muslim as have been the majority of victims of other radical Islamist movements, it is not the job of any president to decree what is and is not Islam; what is and is not Christianity; and what is and is not Judaism. For all practical purposes, religion is what

Judge: Pistorius did not
intentionally kill Steenkamp
CNN, by Richard Greene, Josh Levs,*    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 9/11/2014 8:34:04 AM     Post Reply
Pretoria, South Africa -- Oscar Pistorius cannot be found guilty of intentionally killing Reeva Steenkamp, the judge in his trial said Thursday. The judge has not issued a verdict, and the proceedings continue. Pistorius faces other possible verdicts, including culpable homicide. Under South African law, Pistorius will not be found guilty of murder. Evidence suggests that Pistorius genuinely believed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was still in the bedroom, and that the person in the bathroom was an intruder, although that is irrelevant to the case, Judge Thokozile Masipa said. Oscar Pistorius cries during the verdict in his murder trial in Pretoria, South Africa. Oscar

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Hillary Clinton says Bill was subjected
to South Africa-style hearings in
order to work through his affair
with intern Monica Lewinsky

75 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Daniel Bates    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 9/13/2014 6:12:02 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton has revealed that she worked through her husband’s affair whilst he was President by making him go through an agonising ´truth and reconciliation´ process. The former US Secretary of State said that she forced Bill Clinton into South Africa-style hearings where he had to be completely honest before she forgave him. She said she was inspired by the country´s former leader Nelson Mandela and that she had to act otherwise she would remain in a mental ´prison´ for the rest of her life. Mrs Clinton, 66, has rarely spoken about her husband’s infidelity with White House intern Monica

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton
State Department Official Reveals
Details of Alleged Document Review

55 replie(s)
Daily Signal, by Sharyl Attkisson    Original Article
Posted By: Flyright- 9/15/2014 8:04:50 AM     Post Reply
As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.New Benghazi allegation puts spotlight on Hillary Clinton confidants, alleged after-hours document review.According to former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, the after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department

John Kerry Says 40 Countries Have
Joined Obama’s Coalition Against
ISIS – But Nobody Knows Who They Are

39 replie(s)
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/15/2014 5:32:01 AM     Post Reply
Former President George W. Bush put together a 48 member coalition for the Iraq War in 2003. 40 of those members supported military operations and 37 provided some number troops. In April 2003, the list was updated to include 49 countries, though it was reduced to 48 after Costa Rica objected to its inclusion. Of the 48 states on the list, three contributed troops to the invasion force (the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland). An additional 37 countries provided some number of troops to support military operations after the invasion was complete. Despite these numbers the liberal media continues to push the lie

Sen. Gillibrand: If NFL Doesn´t
Police Itself, Congress Will Be
Looking More Into It

39 replie(s)
Cybercast News Service, by Melanie Hunter    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 9/15/2014 12:22:29 PM     Post Reply
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) signaled on Sunday that Congress may hold hearings on the NFL’s handling of domestic abuse in light of the Ray Rice case, if the league does not “police” itself. “If the NFL doesn´t police themselves, then we will be looking more into it. We will -- I wouldn´t be surprised if we have hearings,” she said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice was fired from the team and suspended indefinitely by the league after a video surfaced showing Rice punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in the face in an

2 Arizona counties tally
more ballots than voters

28 replie(s)
Arizona Republic [Phoenix,AZ], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Fiesta del sol- 9/13/2014 7:52:33 PM     Post Reply
Voter turnout during last month´s primary races was a little too good in some counties, Arizona elections officials said Friday. Some precincts in northern Arizona tallied more ballots cast than there are registered voters, the Arizona Capitol Times reported. According to officials, errors made by poll workers and elections officials in Apache and Navajo counties led to the miscalculations. Initial reports from some precincts showed a turnout of anywhere from 200 to 400 percent. In Apache County, the Puerco West precinct reportedly had 100 votes cast, but only 23 voters are registered there. The voter turnout added up to 434

Bombshell Emails: White House Coordinated
With Department of Labor To Hide Illegal
Obama Fundraiser Hilda Solis’ Schedule

27 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Patrick Howley    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/15/2014 5:24:06 AM     Post Reply
The Department of Labor coordinated with the White House on whether or not to release hidden portions of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ schedule as Solis battled an FBI investigation into her illegal fundraising for President Obama. New emails provided to The Daily Caller from the nonprofit legal research firm Cause of Action show the White House thanking the Department of Labor for “flagging” a public information request for “withheld” portions of Solis’ schedule. The White House then asked for the name of the conservative group making the request — information that Labor officials were eager to give up. As TheDC previously

Is there a mutiny brewing around Obama?
26 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Ed Rogers    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/15/2014 4:55:56 AM     Post Reply
Is a mutiny happening around President Obama? It appears possible that the president may not have made two of his most recent decisions with complete free will. The announcement that he would delay his immigration initiative until after the election and his formal announcement that the United States would take military action against the Islamic State could have been coerced. Maybe Democratic leaders in Congress and a few members of the Obama team have had it. Could it be that, after President Obama briefed Democrats in Congress on the immigration plan, they balked? Maybe the president was told that, if he

Black Panthers Threaten to Lynch Black
Conservative for Supporting Officer Darren Wilson

25 replie(s)
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: Toledo- 9/14/2014 9:24:32 PM     Post Reply
Conservative Martin Baker attended a rally in support Officer Darren Wilson in St. Louis. As news of this rally in support of Wilson spread across social media it wasn’t long before Baker’s attendance was noticed by those super tolerant liberals. Now a local New Black Panther adviser is threatening violence against Martin Baker. The Bell News reported: Mauricelm-Lei Millere is a Black Panther and New Black Panther Adviser who is assisting to organize the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. He has also recently encouraged people to commit violence on Martin Baker in a recent Facebook posting.

Pelosi’s panic fire: GOP Senate
would end ‘civilization as we know it’

24 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Kellan Howell    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 9/13/2014 10:26:16 PM     Post Reply
House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi told “Real Time” host Bill Maher that Democrats are not “fear-mongers” but in the same breath said civilization is doomed if Republicans manage to take control of the Senate in November. “It would be very important for the Democrats to retain control of the Senate,” the California Democrat told Mr. Maher on his show Friday night, which aired live from Washington. “Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if Republicans win the Senate.” Mr. Maher pointed out that voter turnout will most likely lean to the right saying, “Nobody comes out

Bill Clinton: Republicans ´trying
to get you to check your brain
at the door´

24 replie(s)
The Hill (Washington DC), by Alexandra Jaffe    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 9/14/2014 10:18:40 PM     Post Reply
Former President Bill Clinton railed against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Sunday and framed the midterm elections as more broadly about defining “the terms in which we will relate to each other and relate to the rest of the world.” Speaking at Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-Iowa) annual steak fry fundraiser, Clinton said while much had improved in America, one problem still prevailed: “We don’t want to be around anyone that disagrees with us.” "We’ve got to pull this country together to push this country forward,” he went on to declare. Speaking directly after Hillary Clinton, the former president´s

Barack Obama’s Biggest Lie
24 replie(s)
PJ Media, by Roger L. Simon    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/15/2014 4:41:47 AM     Post Reply
There’s a lot of competition for Barack Obama’s biggest lie. The man who could assure the American public with a straight face over thirty times that they could keep their doctor under his health plan, when he knew that to be completely false, is one hellluva fibber. But execrable as that serial prevarication may have been, it doesn’t hold a proverbial candle to his most recent whopper — that the Islamic State is not Islamic — not to mention its corollary, or perhaps subsidiary lie, that real religions do not indulge in murder. Islam has been doing that pretty much straight

White House Reacts to Death of
British Journalist David Haines

23 replie(s)
Breitbart News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 9/13/2014 9:47:03 PM     Post Reply
The White House published a statement reacting to the decapitation of British Journalist David Haines at the hands of ISIS Saturday night: "The United States strongly condemns the barbaric murder of UK citizen David Haines by the terrorist group ISIL. Our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Haines and to the people of the United Kingdom. The United States stands shoulder to shoulder tonight with our close friend and ally in grief and resolve. We will work with the United Kingdom and a broad coalition of nations from the region and around the world to bring the perpetrators

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