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The Typical Household,
Now Worth a Third Less

New York Times, by Anna Bernasek

Original Article

Posted By:chicodon, 7/26/2014 1:16:05 PM

Economic inequality in the United States has been receiving a lot of attention. But it’s not merely an issue of the rich getting richer. The typical American household has been getting poorer, too. The inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household was $87,992 in 2003. Ten years later, it was only $56,335, or a 36 percent decline, according to a study financed by the Russell Sage Foundation. Those are the figures for a household at the median point in the wealth distribution — the level at which there are an equal number of households whose worth is higher and lower.

The NYT stumbles onto the effects of increasing Socialism and illegal immigration and are totally oblivious to it.

Please split long headline.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog, 7/26/2014 1:28:34 PM     (No. 9941164)

"We´ve recovered (from the recession) faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth."

Barack Obama on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 in a speech in Delaware

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Reply 2 - Posted by: bpl40, 7/26/2014 1:30:09 PM     (No. 9941166)

"It is difficult to find any economic measure under which we are not better off!" Well.. Mr. ´President´ here is one.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: DaddyO, 7/26/2014 1:30:30 PM     (No. 9941167)

Honestly the housing bubble is probably responsible for most of this..

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Reply 4 - Posted by: steveW, 7/26/2014 1:35:25 PM     (No. 9941171)

Now more than ever, a reason to Hope for Change. May peace be upon Him.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: melanie, 7/26/2014 1:44:36 PM     (No. 9941182)

People who save money for their future have been getting totally screwed since this guy came into office. There is no way to get any interest worth having on any sum of money. Hundreds of thousands earn less than 1 per cent a month. Older savers can´t afford to gamble in the stock market, because they won´t live long enough for the long term growth to matter. Savings accounts and CDs are not worthless. It truly is a war on the thrifty, risk averse American middle class.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: PrairieAnemone, 7/26/2014 2:07:52 PM     (No. 9941211)

This is no surprise considering real wages have not increased since the 1970´s and inflation has quadrupled, in my estimation.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: FlatCityGirl, 7/26/2014 2:38:17 PM     (No. 9941247)

They stopped shot of stating the truth about why "something is amiss."

It´s the NYT. I didn´t expect them to come away with the truth.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Country Boy, 7/26/2014 2:43:05 PM     (No. 9941251)

If you are going to leave the country, the only self defense is to de-leverage. Buy less and save more. Interest rates will eventually go up, maybe up huge.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Observer177, 7/26/2014 2:45:06 PM     (No. 9941253)

I notice that this article says that for households of median net worth the decline started in 2007.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: harper, 7/26/2014 2:47:24 PM     (No. 9941256)

Obama warned accurately [below] that there would be no recovery and the middle class needs to be further punished for the sin that is America...when you factor in that he was using Democrat Reverse Speak.

"We´ve recovered (from the recession) faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth."

In fact it can be easily proven that, when you make the 180 degree Democrat Reverse Speak adjustment, Obama has never told a lie.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: DEW JR 78, 7/26/2014 2:50:01 PM     (No. 9941260)

It´s interesting the years the study picks to compare. They look at 2003 to2007 and 2007 to 2013 this paints one picture. How about 2009 to 2013 during this period the 5th percentile gained 1% and the 25th percentile gained 17% while all the groups above these levels lost net worth. So why not present the information that over the last four years the poor got richer and the rich got poorer. Could it be the old adage that "figures don´t lie but liars can figure".

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Reply 12 - Posted by: MattMusson, 7/26/2014 3:20:47 PM     (No. 9941285)

#3 -And, the transition of Full-time to Part-time jobs.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: stablemoney, 7/26/2014 6:01:43 PM     (No. 9941421)

Socialism always makes people poorer. It´s the NYT´s socialist democrats that have plundered the middle class and made them poor.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 7/26/2014 10:01:51 PM     (No. 9941596)

I might have been grateful for a "third less"

Notice in the beginning, Zippy´s mantra was "the middle class" ? If you heard it once, you heard it a thousand times. Well, he wiped out the ´middle class´ and into multiple jobs.

Today, it´s the immigrants and Dreamers.

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American schools are scrambling to provide services to the large number of children and teenagers who crossed the border alone in recent months. Unaccompanied minors who made up the summer spike at the border have moved to communities of all sizes, in nearly every state, Federal data indicates, to live with a relative and await immigration decisions. The Supreme Court has ruled that schools have an obligation to educate all students regardless of their immigration status, so schools have become a safe haven for many of the tens of thousands of these young people mostly from central America living in limbo.




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Animal rights group PETA has sparked fury from a local sheriff by demanding that an Indiana man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and eating parts of her body receive a vegan diet while he is in custody, according to local media. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent a letter to Clark County Acting Sheriff Brian Meyer, encouraging him to provide a diet free of animal products for Joseph Oberhansley, reported the Jeffersonville News & Tribune. Oberhansley, 33, is accused of breaking into the Jeffersonville home of ex-girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, murdering her and abusing her corpse by eating

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Liberalism Has Done To Black
Communities Is Horrific’
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James Golden considers his 26 years working with Rush Limbaugh to be the greatest professional blessing he could ever imagine. Originally from Queens, New York, James met Rush while working for a major media network and hasn’t looked back since. Most Rush listeners know James as either “Snerdley,” the call screener, or the “Official Obama Criticizer.” Golden was in Washington recently for a CURE meeting and that’s where we got the chance to sit down with him for this exclusive 30 minute video interview. For the first half of the interview, Golden waxed passionately about race in America,

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Iran Guilty of Terror Attacks
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo    Original Article
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The North Korean and Iranian governments have been found guilty in a U.S. court of providing critical support and funding for a terrorist group that murdered and injured several Americans in 2006, according to court documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The American victims and their families are now legally permitted to request financial relief from both governments as recompense for the murders of their family members by the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, a U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., determined, according to a little publicized court opinion filed in July. The district court determined that both North Korea and Iran

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In her just-released memoir, 27 year-old "Girls" star Lena Dunham claims that as a 19 year-old Oberlin College student in Ohio, she was raped by a college Republican. In the first chapter that addresses the encounter, Dunham describes the "ill-fated evening of lovemaking" as awkward and hollow. The most sensational moment comes from the fact that "Barry" wasn´t wearing a condom. In the next chapter, Dunham backtracks with the claim that she´s an "unreliable narrator" and accuses "Barry" of rape: [I]n another essay in this book I describe a sexual encounter with a mustachioed campus Republican as the upsetting but

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A recently retired Secret Service agent told MailOnline on Thursday that former director Julia Pierson´s resignation will be welcomed by the agency´s rank-and-file because ´people in the service thought she was a joke from Day One.´ He attributed her swift fall from grace to a cadre of ´p***ed off agents who had had enough´ of feeling disrespected by the service´s first female director. ´Putting her in charge was part of the [Obama] administration´s push to feminize the service after the "hookergate" nightmare,´ the agent said, referring to agents who were fired after patronizing prostitutes during a security-check trip to Colombia

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The quintessential question of Watergate was “what did the President know and when did he know it?” Obamagate, the vast scandal that encompasses an entire presidency, offers a preemptive answer. Obama didn’t know anything and he never knew it. At least not until, like smuggling weapons to druglords, bugging journalists, IRSing his political enemies and killing vets, his right hand found out about what his left hand was doing from the morning paper. After skipping 58% of his daily intelligence briefings in Term 1 and 59% of them in Term 2, he went on 60 Minutes and blamed intelligence agencies for being

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Washington Free Beacon, by Matthew Continetti    Original Article
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Deadly, irrational, and determined, the intruder snuck across a weakened perimeter. Eluding capture, the intruder was detained only after missteps and close calls. The spin began soon after the threat was isolated. Information was selectively leaked. Half-truths and untruths were uttered. Responsibility was avoided; privileges and credentials asserted; authority reasserted. Trust us. Remain calm. Don’t panic. This is the template of recent events. A mental case jumps the White House fence. He makes it to the East Room before he’s tackled by an off-duty Secret Service agent. Initial statements turn out to be misleading or false. We discover that lapses in

28 words that Democrats
really wish President Obama
didn’t say today

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Washington Post, by Chris Cillizza    Original Article
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President Obama was at Northwestern University on Thursday to deliver an economic speech that, he and his team hoped, would lay out the case for why the public is better off today than they were six years ago -- even if they didn´t feel it in their everday lives. Instead, Obama just gave every Republican ad-maker in the country more fodder for negative ads linking Democratic candidates to him. Here are the four sentences that will draw all of the attention (they come more than two thirds of the way through the speech): "I am not on the ballot this

The View looking to add cool-down room
for the ladies after Whoopi Goldberg and
Rosie O´Donnell come to blows in front
of studio audience

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Daily Mail [UK], by Chris Spargo    Original Article
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A recent fight between Rosie O´Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg has producers at The View looking to add a cool-down room for the ladies. After being cut off by Goldberg during an episode last week so the show could go to commercial, O´Donnell began to express how upset she was and, after being told repeatedly by Goldberg it was not the right time to have that discussion, eventually got cursed out by the Oscar winner. Goldberg told O´Donnell, ´F*** it, I told you to leave it alone and you just don´t want to listen. If you want to go there Rosie,

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Could It Be True?

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A presidential defeat isn’t an easy thing to bounce back from. And Mitt Romney did it twice. So it was understandable that after he lost the presidential race in 2012, he was adamant about closing the door to the possibility of a third campaign. But recently, speculation is whirling that Romney may not be so adamant anymore. When asked if he was running in a New York Times interview published earlier this week, Romney said : “I have nothing to add to the story. We’ve got a lot of people looking at the race,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.” That response, which

Meghan McCain on Secret
Service: ´I hated all of them´

24 replie(s)
The Hill (Washington DC), by Judy Kurtz    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/3/2014 12:30:44 AM     Post Reply
Meghan McCain joined the dog pile on the Secret Service this week, saying she’s had “nothing but horrible experiences" with the agency and likening the agents to “glorified mall cops.” The 29-year-old author and television personality, who is also the daughter of former GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), opened up on Pivot’s “TakePart Live” about some of her interactions with the Secret Service. "I have nothing but horrible experiences with the Secret Service,” McCain said. “One of my friends called them glorified mall cops and I don´t think that´s terribly far off. I found them cliquey. I hated

Some Blacks See Secret Service
as Flawed Shield for the President

23 replie(s)
New York Times, by Peter Baker    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/3/2014 12:16:43 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Representative Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland was at the grocery store the other day when he ran into an elderly black woman who expressed growing concern about President Obama’s safety. Why, she asked, wasn’t he being better protected by his Secret Service agents? The furor that led to this week’s resignation of the director of the Secret Service resonated deeply among blacks, outraged that those supposed to be guarding the first black president were somehow falling down on the job — and suspicious even without evidence that it may be deliberate. “It is something that is widespread in

White House says it has
Ebola virus under control

23 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Sarah Ferris    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/3/2014 6:55:38 PM     Post Reply
Top White House officials on Friday worked to reassure the American public that the national response to Ebola is under control. Leaders of the country’s health, defense and military branches stressed that they are taking the right steps to contain the spread of the deadly virus, which was first diagnosed in the U.S. on Tuesday. Top White House officials on Friday worked to reassure the American public that the national response to Ebola is under control. Leaders of the country’s health, defense and military branches stressed that they are taking the right steps to contain the spread of the deadly virus, which

Piers Morgan Writes Hit
Piece On President Obama

22 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Betsy Rothstein    Original Article
Posted By: Flyright- 10/2/2014 6:34:11 AM     Post Reply
On Wednesday, the ex-CNN talk show host wrote his first story as editor-at-large for the Daily Mail. While the content is vicious, angry and sure to tickle conservative journalists and pols, the writing is colorful, even entertaining.“A slapdash Secret Service detail isn’t what’s wrong with the White House — the real scandal is a President who is so complacent about protecting Americans,” the headline blares. Piers predicts that now that President Obama went on “60 Minutes” and distanced himself from U.S. national intelligence agencies on the rapid spread of ISIS, he’s guaranteed himself leaks to the media for the remainder of his

California’s next big political fight:
Plastic grocery bags

22 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Reid Wilson    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 10/3/2014 9:19:26 AM     Post Reply
Go to a grocery store in California and buy all the milk, eggs and vegetables you want. But there’s one thing you won’t find at the checkout line, beginning July 1, 2015: Plastic bags to carry your stuff home. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Tuesday signed into law a ban on single-use plastic bags, making California the first state to prohibit stores from using the ubiquitous carry-alls. Shoppers will be charged 10 cents for every paper bag and heavy-duty plastic bag they use. “This bill is a step in the right direction,” Brown said in a press release announcing his approval. “It


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