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The peevish president
Chicago Tribune, by Editorial

Original Article

Posted By:JoniTx, 7/3/2014 11:58:10 AM

"So sue me." —President Barack Obama on Tuesday, complaining about Republican leaders ~We´re not sure who would be spurred into action by the hectoring lectures this week from the president of the United States along the lines of, "I´m right, you should know better." Maybe his kids. Certainly not the Republican members of Congress. Americans who aren´t fierce Republican or Democratic partisans probably rolled their eyes at this display — if they haven´t completely tuned out Washington´s bimodal distrust and contempt. Problem is, right now, that mutual distrust and contempt hampers a national response to an urgent humanitarian crisis involving


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Bison65, 7/3/2014 12:09:06 PM     (No. 9909780)

Too late Chicago Tribune. You helped to get a feckless adolescent elected and you should bear the burden. How about accepting about 10,000 illegals into the city of Chicago. Maybe the embedded narcos could help fight the local gang violence. The rest let´s transport to California, New York City, and Massachusetts. Locate them to all of the Blue (really the red states). Funny thing about liberals. They are all about helping the oppressed until they are asked to do the helping.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Udanja99, 7/3/2014 1:33:59 PM     (No. 9909874)

It´s not a humanitarian crisis. It´s an illegal invasion.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: smcchk, 7/3/2014 1:38:41 PM     (No. 9909880)

The Chicago Tribune did the most to get a little-known state Senator Obama into the Senate office by destroying the strong GOP candidate´s chances by releasing his private divorce records. The Chicago Tribune also referred to Obama as Kenyan born though they seem to have no recollection of that. Thanks a lot, Tribune.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: De Vere, 7/3/2014 1:53:50 PM     (No. 9909900)

Peevish? How about inept, immature, and completely lacking in leadership skills?

There´s a reason this guy had no accomplishments to his name before he was dubbed "the Messiah."

Good grief. Our president is a cosseted adolescent who has never designed, built, implemented, run, operated, streamlined, or improved ANYTHING in his life.

But liberals fawned over his "world class temperament."

What a farce. Those of us who think rationally saw this conman for the fraud that he is on day one.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: KarenJ1, 7/3/2014 1:58:27 PM     (No. 9909903)

FTA: The president warned last week that putting children in the hands of smugglers, or allowing them to travel alone, is terribly dangerous.

Oh puhleeze, spare me from those blatant lies of Obama. He is the one who created and caused this. I´m sure this newspaper didn´t bother to research the fact that the regime advertised for jobs in January the need for 65,000 escorts for illegals. All this blather that this is: "the moment in the Obama presidency when it is possible to put political differences aside" is hollow and meaningless. This is what Obama wants and he is achieving it. For them to pretend that an immigration bill will solve this is outrageous, delusional and ridiculous.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: billa, 7/3/2014 2:14:18 PM     (No. 9909923)

It never ceases to amaze me how low this idiot can go.

It is not merely "do not let a crisis go to waste" or whatever BO or Holder said...now the motto is "create a crisis when there is none" so we can "fix it".

He is like the fireman who starts a fire in order to put it out and become a hero.

This carefully crafted INVASION of the poorest of poor, smugglers, drug agents, criminals and terrorists is going to create havoc for the communities that are forced to accept.

Learning of the swell of public outcry and protest blocking the transports, I hope is just the begining of a huge revolt against this president, his policies and administration.

Mayors in every city should start emergency legislation banning any use of public property, facility and funds for the harboring of illegal aliens. And if is unconstitutional, fine. It will be locked up in court for 5+ years.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: zeldafitzg, 7/3/2014 2:23:51 PM     (No. 9909929)

Biggest reform needed: Enorce the immigration laws already on the books.

"Immigration reform" always means amnesty. We tried that under Pres. Reagan. At the time, I said it wouldn´t work, and it hasn´t.

I´m with Laura Ingrahm: fences, National Guard , deportation by the thousands.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: T-Bubba, 7/3/2014 2:27:29 PM     (No. 9909932)

As anyone sentient ought to realize by now, for 17 years, Liar´s own publicity package reflected his assertion that he was Kenyan-born. Shame on those who claim that Liar is Kenyan-born

We KNOW that president Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. (no relation to Sammy!) was NOT born in Kenya. Liar said he was born in Kenya. Isn´t this reason enough to be convinced that Liar was not?

Interesting how a guy described as "Pops" looks an awful, awful lot like the Honolulu kid he mentored. Check the photos--it´s not a close call--that show that one of Stanley Ann´s numerous communist paramours was a dead ringer for the guy who wrote of "Pops" in his "autobiography."

Perhaps this explains the forged birth cert...

Perhaps this explains, President FM Davis Jr.´s (no relation to Sammy!) ability to address life-and-death issues by lying through the air with the greatest of ease about everything and anything...

Perhaps a guy who lies about who his real father is, is capable of lying about domestic and international matters that would be causing suffering/dead/displaced humans numbering in the hundreds of millions...

Does NOBODY want to win a Pulitzer?

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Jebediah, 7/3/2014 2:38:58 PM     (No. 9909946)

We are subscribers, but have long been disgusted with the WSJournal view of illegal immigration: come one come all. What they may mean, but are too politically correct to say, is that we would like to offer eventual citizenship to those who have come here to study and have graduated, and have a lot to offer, or, like Canada, some sort of criteria as to what a proposed citizen can bring to the table right off, be it $ or entrepreneurship. What we, unfortunately, DON´T need is a huge number of low skilled, poorly educated (no matter how decent) applicants who will compete with our low skilled, poorly educated, who are desperate for jobs as we speak. And we need a tight border!!!!!!! so that those who do go to the back of the line stay there with all those who play by the rules!

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Globalwarmer, 7/3/2014 2:39:09 PM     (No. 9909947)

"Peevish". Another warm and fuzzy term to cover up this Leftist´s evil forced decline of America.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: dman, 7/3/2014 3:09:16 PM     (No. 9909969)

Parallels with the Trojan Horse are there, #2.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: planetgeo, 7/3/2014 3:17:42 PM     (No. 9909980)

Yes, "peevish"...as in all true Americans now vish to pee on this stealth Marxist.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: Quigley, 7/3/2014 4:22:43 PM     (No. 9910042)

Obama´s snide, children died!

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Reply 14 - Posted by: mizzmac, 7/3/2014 5:25:48 PM     (No. 9910084)

Is "peevish" a synonym for "pathological" in the Chicago Manual of Style?

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Reply 15 - Posted by: bighambone, 7/3/2014 6:26:47 PM     (No. 9910139)

Why should the Republicans in Congress have to accept a massive liberal Democrat designed amnesty for up to 20 million illegal aliens, who then would gain a right to bring unlimited numbers of their foreign relatives here, with all being put on a special path to citizenship run by the very liberal ethnic and immigration advocacy groups at US Government expense? Because Obama, the liberal Democrats, and the liberal media order them to? But that is not he way the legislative process in Congress works.

Besides such an amnesty would not stop the unlawful flow of huge numbers of poor and uneducated illegal aliens sneaking into the USA, it would legalize such a flow on into the future, and after a couple of years those new aliens would also be welcomed aboard the liberal Democrat path to citizenship. This is all about manufacturing tens of millions of new foreign born socialist oriented Democrat voters in the years ahead, and the Republicans would have to be political morons to go along with that liberal Democrat long-term plan.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Patchy groundfog, 7/3/2014 7:50:22 PM     (No. 9910217)

Did the Trib join in the legal action(s) to gain access to Ryan´s divorce records along with the Obama campaign? Did the Trib publish any of the information and aid Obama´s chances back then?

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Reply 17 - Posted by: ocjim, 7/3/2014 9:13:52 PM     (No. 9910278)

In none of these pathetic, increasingly common Awakening To Obama editorials do the writers ever acknowledge the significance of the 2010 Congressional elections. That election was the American people slamming on the brakes of the runaway freight train. obama misled them and the people did not want to continue down his leftist side track. Although not always effective, the Congressional brakes have been on ever since, and rightfully so. And for good reason, there is very little common ground between the mandated 2010-14 Congress´ and the arrogant little king. And there is no equivalence between the stubbornness of the little king and the Congress sent to stop him.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: FormerDem, 7/3/2014 10:49:45 PM     (No. 9910375)

The reason nobody wants immigration reform is that Obama writes regulations without regard for what the law says. He just picks out keywords he´s interested in and writes stuff. It wouldn´t be safe to give him a new law to play with. Um, if the Tribune? had told him not to do that? he might possibly have learned to comport himself as a trustworthy federal official. But ya didn´t and he hasn´t. We´re being prudent, Trib, you´re the ones with blinkers on.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: oh-heck, 7/4/2014 12:08:48 AM     (No. 9910427)

Take the word of the conservative and pro-immigration Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, which wrote Wednesday that "a majority of GOP members wanted an immigration reform to pass as long as they didn´t have to vote for it."

Business leaders who grew more vocal this year about the need for immigration reform have also grown more frustrated with the Republicans, who scurried to hide in dark corners when former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary election in Virginia last month, arguably because he favored reform.

Didn´t the left go into apoplexy when small businesses thought it was wrong for them to be forced to pay for those 4 contraceptive methods that terminated fertilized eggs? And you have just admitted that conservatives don´t want immigration reform but their establishment representatives are willing to vote for it if they do it in stealth.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: Charactercounts, 7/4/2014 1:52:58 AM     (No. 9910481)

Actually, I prefer petulant and feckless to peevish.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Bevan, 7/4/2014 5:57:17 AM     (No. 9910542)

It´s beyond an invasion. It´s an occupation.

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This is the amazing moment an 87-year-old woman with Alzheimer´s recognises her daughter and has a brief, lucid conversation. Kelly Gunderson, from Georgia, videoed the emotional encounter and uploaded it onto YouTube titled ´God´s Gift´, where it has been viewed almost 950,000 times over the past three days as the inspirational tale went viral on the internet. At the start of the video, Ms Gunderson´s mother is visibly confused, initially thinking that her daughter is in fact her mother. Scroll down for video

Latest victim was grandson of
two Holocaust survivors who had
a deep love for the Islamic world
Daily Mail (UK), by Andy Milne & Michael Zennie    Original Article
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Steven Sotloff was the grandson of two Holocaust survivors who was fully aware of the risks of reporting from Middle East - and made it his career anyway. Friends say he spoke fluent Arabic and had a showed a deep love for the Islamic world before he was captured by ISIS militants in Syria in 2013. He was executed by them on Tuesday. Sotloff, 31, grew up Miami with his mother Shirley - whose parents were both Holocaust survivors - and father Art before attending the Kimball Union Academy boarding school in New Hampshire from which he graduated in 2002.

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Newsbusters, by Scott Whitlock    Original Article
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Although Phil Robertson appeared on Tuesday´s Good Morning America to promote his new book, reporter Ryan Owens couldn´t resist portraying the reality show personality as an anti-gay bigot. Owens reminded viewers of the Duck Dynasty star´s interview with GQ where he called homosexuality a sin. Owens pressed, "Would you consider yourself a homophobe?" [See video below. MP3 audio here.] Robertson retorted, "I´m as much of a homophobe as Jesus was. People who are participating in homosexual behavior, they need to know that I love them." ABC has not been consistent in pressing liberal celebrities about their controversial

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On Tuesday’s “New Day” on CNN, Associated Press White House correspondent Julie Pace pointed out that Democrats facing reelection are avoiding President Barack Obama as he has made trips around the country, sometime going to extraordinary lengths to do so. That included Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Mary Burke, who was absent during Obama’s visit to Milwaukee on Monday. “Some of these Democrats are twisting themselves all up in knots trying to figure out what the right thing to do is,” Pace said. “Do you appear with him? Do you not? [Burke] tried to split the difference. She didn’t appear in

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Fox Reporter to State Dept. Spox:
Why Won’t Obama Recognize
We’re at War with ISIS?
Mediaite, by Evan McMurry    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 9/2/2014 5:02:22 PM     Post Reply
Following the release of a video purportedly showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff, Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen asked State Department Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Obama administration would recognize the U.S. was at war with ISIS, given they are clearly at war with us. “A lot of Americans are sitting at home and they see Americans who are not even combatants, but who are journalists, being beheaded by the group overseas, and from a common sense point of view the average American will say to himself, ‘This group is at war with us, why does

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Obama warned Isis terrorists ´will
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Independent [UK], by Stuart Henderson    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 9/1/2014 9:26:46 PM     Post Reply
President Obama needs to take action to stop Islamic State (Isis) militants from targeting cities in America and Western Europe, two senators have warned. Without offering specifics on any threats or suggestions on how to confront them, the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees urged the White House to work to prevent the Islamic State extremists from launching attacks on US soil. The bipartisan pair shared a dire warning against Isis, which now has control of vast swathes of Syria and Iraq, has killed civilians from that region and beheaded American journalist James Foley. “This is

´You are not up to this job´:
Parents of SEAL Team Six soldier
killed in action call for
President Obama´s resignation

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Daily Mail [UK], by Ashley Collman    Original Article
Posted By: galloglass- 9/2/2014 12:21:16 AM     Post Reply
One couple knows all too well the pain suffered by the parents of James Foley, the American journalist executed last month by the Islamic State. Billy and Karen Vaughn also lost their only-son Aaron Carson Vaughn in 2011, when the SEAL Team Six soldier´s Chinook helicopter was shown down over Afghanistan. Now the couple are calling on President Barack Obama to step down, citing his reaction to the Foley video and ´lack of leadership´ in confronting ISIS.

The president who is
uninterested in other people

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Washington Examiner [DC], by Michael Barone    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/1/2014 4:51:54 AM     Post Reply
Some time ago I contrasted the reaction a conservative would get if he were in the same room with the two most consequential politicians of the 1990s, Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. If you were in a room with Bill Clinton, he would discover the one issue out of 100 on which you agreed; he would probe you with questions, comments, suggestions; and he would tell you that you enabled him to understand it far better than he ever had before. If you were in a room with Rudy Giuliani, he would discover the one issue out of 100 on which you

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American Thinker, by Lloyd Marcus    Original Article
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Because I am a black conservative, someone wrote asking me this great question. “What is it that compels some black men and women to cling to, and follow people like Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, Obama, Spike Lee, Black Panthers, Holder, etc.?” I have pondered the same question. Some black folks embrace victim status because it provides cover for their laziness and irresponsible lifestyles. Black Judases preach a false, evil gospel of victimhood-ism for profit. Some blacks are racist, pure and simple. I believe that a majority of black Americans simply have not been exposed to unfiltered conservatism – to blacks articulating how blessed they

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student on state tests, study shows

34 replie(s)
New York Daily News, by Stephen Rex Brown and Ben Chapman    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 9/2/2014 12:42:14 PM     Post Reply
Dozens of public schools across the city failed to pass even a single black or Hispanic student on this year’s state math or reading exams, a new analysis shows. Pro-charter school group Families for Excellent Schools found no black or Hispanic kids passed the standardized tests — based on the more stringent Common Core standards — at 90 schools with diverse student bodies. (Snip) At 31 city schools with a combined enrollment of 1,065 black students, none passed the state math exam. At another 28 schools, zero out of 613 Hispanic students passed the math test. State reading exams saw

White House: We Tried
to Save Steven Sotloff

31 replie(s)
National Review Online, by Joel Gehrke    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 9/2/2014 4:35:51 PM     Post Reply
President Obama’s spokesman emphasized that the United States tried to save journalist Steven Sotloff, who has reportedly been beheaded by ISIS terrorists. “The United States, as you know, has dedicated significant time and resources to try and rescue Mr. Sotloff,” Earnest told reporters when alerted that ISIS had claimed to have executed the kidnapped reporter. In the video, the authenticity of which Earnest could confirm, Sotloff is apparently killed by the same British jihadist who killed American photojournalist James Foley. “I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State,”

FBI looking into leaked nude
photos of Lawrence, Upton

30 replie(s)
USA Today, by Lorena Blas    Original Article
Posted By: DaddyO- 9/2/2014 6:45:13 AM     Post Reply
The FBI said late Monday that it was investigating leaked nude photos that targeted Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The agency told the Associated Press that it was addressing accusations that online accounts of celebrities, including Oscar-winner Lawrence, had been hacked, leading to the posting of their nude photographs online. In addition, Apple Inc. spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said the company was investigating whether any iCloud accounts were compromised, according to the AP. Representatives for supermodel-turned-actress Upton, 22, and Lawrence, 24, who plays heroine Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movie franchise, issued statements about intimate pictures which first appeared on

Obama on GOP: ‘We’ll Break
Those Folks Down… That’s How
I Got Michelle to Marry Me’

29 replie(s)
Mediaite, by Eddie Scarry    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 9/2/2014 9:17:30 AM     Post Reply
In remarks on the U.S. economy Monday, President Barack Obama said Congressional Republicans will eventually cave to public pressure to raise the federal minimum wage. Obama was speaking at the Laborfest festival hosted by the AFL-CIO in Milwaukee, Wis. “If I cared about these things, I’d also want more Democrats looking out for me,” he said. “I’m just saying. Because when the rest of the country is working to raise wages, but Republicans in Congress won’t, it ain’t right.” Noting the protests in recent months from fast food workers seeking higher wages, Obama said Republicans would open up to the

Nude Jennifer Lawrence photos
leaked by hacker who claims to
have ´private pictures of 100 A-listers´

28 replie(s)
Telegraph [UK], by Josie Ensor    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 9/1/2014 4:57:15 AM     Post Reply
Nude photos of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, as well as those purportedly showing other top Hollywood stars, were posted online in an apparent massive hacking leak. An anonymous hacker reportedly gained access to private photos on the Hunger Games actress’s mobile phone, and those of 100 others, via Apple’s online storage system iCloud. The 60-odd pictures of Lawrence in varying stages of undress were then posted on the bulletin board website 4chan. More than 100 A-list celebrities are alleged to have been targeted, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian, singer Rihanna, models Candice Swanepoel, Cara Delevingne and Kelly Brook, and

Obama Unleashed: ´I´m Not
Asking for the Moon´

28 replie(s)
Breitbart TV, by Pam Key    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 9/1/2014 4:39:14 PM     Post Reply
Monday at the Laborfest event in Milwaukee, President Barack Obama gave a passionate speech in his plea for fair wages for workers. At a raised pitch, he said, "I´m not asking for the moon. I just want a good deal for the workers." The president also discussed his "vision for an economy," where workers have a fair chance, retirement benefits, family leave and pay equality for woman.

Obama, Outed: If Only
28 replie(s)
National Review Online, by Quin Hillyer    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 9/2/2014 4:06:28 AM     Post Reply
Just resign already. Go. Be gone. Vamoose. Get out of our lives. More important: Stop endangering all of us with your self-indulgent vacations and self-absorbed dithering, along with unconstitutional domestic power plays while the whole world burns. Barack Obama already is derelict in his duties as commander in chief. He ought to abdicate and just step off his self-made throne. Knowledgeable people were calling for Obama to begin air strikes against the Islamic State barbarians months before Obama could rouse himself to admit that the brutes were something other than “jayvee” terrorists. Because he didn’t, thousands of innocents died, villages were razed,

America is so over homeownership:
Why the shift to a renting economy
might actually be a good thing

27 replie(s)
Salon, by Henry Grabar    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 9/1/2014 4:08:20 AM     Post Reply
Between 1970 and 1990, the population of Philadelphia shrank by a quarter, dropping from 1.95 to 1.59 million. Like many American cities, it seemed caught in a downward spiral. Since then – like many American cities – Philadelphia has stabilized. The population now appears to have bottomed out at the millennium, and has been regaining residents over the past decade. But as it rebounds, Philly is becoming a different kind of city. In the two most recent decades, which comprise the bounce of the city’s population curve, owner-occupied housing dropped even more steeply than in the ’70s and ’80s. Between 2000 and

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