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Fighting back: Residents force feds to
scrap plan to house illegals at Va. college

Washington Times, by S. A. Miller

Original Article

Posted By:MissMolly, 6/17/2014 5:09:15 AM

The Obama administration Monday abruptly halted plans to shelter some of the children surging across the border at a defunct college in rural Virginia, as the White House has continued to see its efforts to house the children throughout the country be thwarted by opposition from local officials. As many as 500 children were to start arriving this week at St. Paul’s College, a recently closed historically black college in Lawrenceville, Virginia. But the Health and Human Services Department’s plans were stymied, at least temporarily, after town and county officials objected to the short notice and complete lack of community


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Reply 1 - Posted by: PChristopher, 6/17/2014 5:44:16 AM     (No. 9888937)

As the feds worked over the weekend preparing the campus for the arrival of the children, whom officials said would be ages 11 to 17, public outrage erupted in the community

Oh...just the perfect age to form their own little gangs and wreak serious havoc on the local community, which is probably what The Muslim wants.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Malia2012, 6/17/2014 7:13:23 AM     (No. 9889010)

Personally I am sick and tired of the photos of "children" in their jammies and sucking on baby bottles. The REAL "children" are as this article states, between 11 and 17 years old. Of course the "msm" will never show THOSE pictures. I absolutely agree with #1. BTW, Imagine what would happen if EVERY town stood up to fight the crime wave coming out of the W.H.......never mind..

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Mai Bad, 6/17/2014 7:17:44 AM     (No. 9889017)

Yo..yo...Send them to Chicago. They´ll be right at home with all the gunfire. Barry´s house is vacant. That ought to house aBout 500!

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Judith, 6/17/2014 7:59:31 AM     (No. 9889075)

How did the citizens find out? I noticed something on Michele Malkin´s site mentioning illegals being flown to MA, but I don´t know where they are stashed. By the way, how much does it cost to fly these people all over our country? And why are they being sent to a variety of states? And how are the selections made?

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Sanspeur, 6/17/2014 9:01:52 AM     (No. 9889152)

Wasn´t this done with carter and the Mariel boat lift . Ft Indian Town gap?

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Reply 6 - Posted by: suziesuburbanite, 6/17/2014 9:02:00 AM     (No. 9889153)

Treat em like welfare recipients and put them up at 5 star hotels - good for the economy?

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Reply 7 - Posted by: lil dotty, 6/17/2014 11:12:01 AM     (No. 9889349)

Flying a passel to various states could make it much more difficult to round them up when it comes to ´branding´ time. The ´chillren´ need to return from whence they came. Black boy is finding push back from AMERICAN communities. He cannot believe some actually slapped down his horrific ideas. Thank you AMERICA for standing up to bozo the clown.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 6/18/2014 1:10:53 AM     (No. 9890260)

There was a two second blurb about how many had already arrived in this area, so many of them have already been sent across the country.

Why isn´t someone asking about their vaccinations ? Over crowded schools in the fall ?

What happened to "they will be reunited with relatives here" ?

Remember the Mariel boatlift ? Schools closing in Miami due to measles ? Increased crime ? Immigrant camps ?

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Mitt Romney to back Scott Brown
for Senate in New Hampshire
USA Today, by Catalina Camia    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/24/2014 10:22:57 AM     Post Reply
Scott Brown is about to get some help in his bid to become a New Hampshire senator from Mitt Romney, one of the Granite State’s favorite adopted sons. CNN reports Romney will formally endorse Brown — an ex-senator from Massachusetts — next week in his bid to become the GOP nominee to take on Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor who has a vacation home in New Hampshire, is popular in the Granite State. Despite his repeated protests that he’s not interested in another White House bid, Romney is the top choice for president

Woman’s claim KFC kicked out 3-year-old
disfigured granddaughter a hoax: report
New York Daily News, by Sasha Goldstein    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/24/2014 9:58:14 AM     Post Reply
It’s a finger-lickin’ fraud. A Mississippi woman’s story of her disfigured 3-year-old granddaughter being discriminated against and kicked out of a Jackson KFC in May was made up, an investigation has found, the Laurel Leader-Call reported. Kelly Mullins has raised more than $135,000, received free surgeries for her granddaughter and drawn $30,000 from KFC itself after claiming an employee at the fast-food joint ordered little Victoria Wilcher out because of her severe scarring. “They just told us, they said, ‘We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers,’” Mullins told WAPT-TV of the alleged May 15 incident. "(Victoria)

Illinois warns parents: You are replaceable
Washington Examiner [DC], by Sean Higgins    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/24/2014 5:09:51 AM     Post Reply
Deborah Teixeira is in danger of literally being fired by the state of Illinois from her job as Juliet´s mother. The Peoria resident has been warned that if there are more infractions, the state will send a replacement into her home to take care of her daughter instead. Teixeira is not alone. Across the state, mothers like her and other people taking care of their family members have been told via threatening official phone calls and letters that they could be replaced if they don’t shape up. Her predicament comes from the fact that she takes care of an adult daughter with



Presbyterian holy war
New York Post, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/24/2014 5:05:05 AM     Post Reply
How ironic that, as the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA voted to divest from Israel, it also voted to recognize same-sex marriage. It’s ironic for two reasons. First, because Israel is the only gay-friendly country in the Middle East. For example, this month’s 16th annual Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv drew over 100,000 participants. Try doing that in Saudia Arabia, Yemen or Iran. Second, because Israel is also the only place in the Middle East where Christian minorities can practice their faith freely. The hypocrisy of the vote, which declared that the Presbyterian church “cannot profit from the destruction of homes

How The Trans-Agenda
Seeks To Redefine Everyone
The Federalist, by Stella Morabito    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/24/2014 4:26:57 AM     Post Reply
Did you think only women get pregnant? Or only women get abortions? Planned Parenthood and NARAL—ironically both pro-abortion organizations that self-identify as champions of women’s rights—may soon be trying to change your mind about that. One signal comes from a little petition drive that goes by #protransprochoice. It urges both Planned Parenthood and NARAL to adopt language more “inclusive” of transgender persons and to acknowledge “gender-non-conforming” people. Both pro-abortion organizations, which have been longtime supporters of the LGBT lobby, tweeted back supportive replies. So what does this mean and why should we care? Well, maybe Exhibit A should be Oprah Winfrey introducing us

Lankford Gains Lead Over
Shannon Before Primary
News 9 [Oklahoma City, OK], by Nathan Elliot    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/23/2014 10:08:04 AM     Post Reply
OKLAHOMA CITY - James Lankford now has a lead over T.W. Shannon in a heated race to replace Sen. Tom Coburn, according to a News 9/News On 6 poll. The poll, taken June 19-21, shows Lankford with 43.4 percent and Shannon with 34.9 percent, with 13.3 percent of likely Republican voters still undecided. The latest poll indicates Lankford has gained an eight point lead over Shannon since a May 5-10 News 9/News On 6 poll showed the two front-runners nearly tied. Five other candidates received support in the poll, including Randy Brogdon (4.2 percent), Jason Weger (1.5 percent), Kevin Crow

Hillary Clinton Wants Bill to Lift Her Up—
but Obama Will Drag Her Down
Daily Beast, by Lloyd Green    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/23/2014 10:01:00 AM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton’s book tour is in fact showing the limits of her charms—at a time when Barack Obama’s unpopularity may rub off on her. Once again, Hillary Clinton has reminded us that she is not a natural-born politician—unlike her husband, Bill. Questioned by Diane Sawyer about her role in what went wrong in Benghazi, Clinton slipped into monotonal legalism and disavowed her own responsibility for security breaches surrounding the murders by Islamic militants of J. Christopher Stevens, our ambassador to Libya, and Sean Smith, a foreign service officer. Dodging and weaving, Clinton punted on her own nexus to disaster:

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton in Denver
ahead of Clinton Global Initiative
KDVR [Denver, CO], by Eli Stokols    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/23/2014 9:58:47 AM     Post Reply
DENVER — Chelsea Clinton led a few hundred volunteers in a day of service led by her family’s foundation Sunday that assisted six local nonprofit organizations that provide food, medicine and housing for people in the United States and across the world. The day of action, something the Clinton Foundation began after Superstorm Sandy ravaged the New York and New Jersey coast in 2012, is a way of giving back to the city playing host to the Clinton Global Initiative America meetings, which run Tuesday through Thursday at the Sheraton hotel downtown. “We’re so grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received already




Walmart’s Response To The
New York Times Is Great
Daily Caller, by Chuck Ross    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/23/2014 5:34:53 AM     Post Reply
Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, recently decided to go into the newspaper editing business. The Arkansas-based company responded to an article from New York Times columnist Timothy Egan, titled “The Corporate Daddy” by doing the work that it felt Egan’s Times editors should have done. “Thanks for sharing your first draft,” reads a red-inked note from Walmart, which is known more for its low prices than its snark. “Below are a few thoughts to ensure something inaccurate doesn’t get published,” continued the note, which was posted at Walmart’s blog and is attributed to David Tovar, Walmart’s director of corporate communications.

Women should be able to buy
the pill without a prescription
Denver Post [CO], by Cory Gardner    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/22/2014 1:15:32 PM     Post Reply
The least loved institution in America today is the U.S. Senate, and one of the reasons it is reviled is a zero-sum approach to women´s medical care. It´s time we changed that and adopt modern policies that make sense instead of using women´s medical issues as an election-year power play. One of the most rational ways for Washington to break this gridlock is to approve oral contraception for over-the-counter purchases by adults. Since "the pill" was first approved 44 years ago, it´s been one of the most proven and tested pharmaceuticals of our time. It is safe, reliable, effective, and presents

EPA in Contempt for
Destroying Computer Files
Sharyl Atkisson.com, by Sharyl Atkisson    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/22/2014 9:40:43 AM     Post Reply
It’s hard to hear about this week’s Environmental Protection Agency contempt case and not think about the controversies surrounding the IRS “loss” of Lois Lerner’s email–and hard drive–and crash of the relevant server. According to an Associated Press report, a federal judge has held the EPA in contempt for destroying computer files sought after by a conservative group: Landmark Legal Foundation. It’s taken more than 13 years. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth had ordered the EPA on Jan. 19, 2001, at the end of the Clinton administration, to preserve all documents relevant to a Freedom of Information Act request by

Advocates of splitting California into
six states gathering signatures
Los Angeles Times, by Harriet Ryan    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/22/2014 9:36:53 AM     Post Reply
Good day, future citizen of West California! You may find yourself greeted thusly as you head into a supermarket or drugstore in Los Angeles on Saturday morning. Advocates for Six Californias, a plan to split the Golden State into a half dozen separate states, are holding a petition drive this weekend to get their plan on the ballot in 2016. The idea is the brainchild of Timothy Draper, a venture capitalist from Menlo Park – or as he hopes to some day call it, the state of Silicon Valley. Draper has sunk $2 million into signature gathering for the proposal. He maintains

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Hillary Clinton Says She
Isn´t ´Truly Well Off´

41 replie(s)
Business Insider, by Hunter Walker    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 6/23/2014 5:00:38 AM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton´s multimillion dollar fortune has caused some negative headlines during the media tour for the release of her new book "Hard Choices," which is widely seen as a prelude to a potential 2016 presidential campaign. Clinton responded to criticism of her wealth in an interview with the Guardian newspaper published Saturday night by suggesting Americans won´t be concerned about the more than $100 million her family has reportedly earned in recent years because they´re not "truly well off." "They don´t see me as part of the problem," Clinton said of Americans who are upset about income inequality, adding, "Because we




´We have a problem with you,
and you have a problem maintaining
your credibility´: House Republicans
slam IRS commissioner as they
subpoena a White House lawyer*

39 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 6/23/2014 10:29:49 PM     Post Reply
Republicans dropped a hammer on IRS Commissioner John Koskinen during a testy hearing covering the disappearance of emails tied to the agency´s tea party targeting scandal. The emails, covering the period January 2009 to April 2011, belonged to embattled former official Lois Lerner and could shed light on whether an expansive scheme to single out conservative groups for special scrutiny was guided by members of Congress or administration officials outside the IRS. ´The committee requested all of Lois Lerner’s emails over a year ago,´ said House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa. ´And we subpoenaed the emails in August 2013 and

Disparaging the president is uncalled for
38 replie(s)
Chicago Sun-Times, by Laura Washington    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 6/23/2014 9:48:04 PM     Post Reply
‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T,” the song goes. It is easy enough to spell, but for some vocal critics of President Barack Obama, it seems exceedingly hard to do. As the president moves toward the land of the lame ducks, his political enemies are calling for blood. That’s no shocker at this stage of a presidency. In this case, the cuts go deeper. For some, it is not enough to disagree. Some high-status public figures seem determined to demean, denigrate and ridicule the president of the United States. On June 12 the Speaker of the U.S. House stepped to a podium and insulted Obama for his handling of

Fireworks Erupt After GOP Rep
Tells IRS Boss His Personal Integrity
Is in Question

37 replie(s)
Breitbart TV, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 6/23/2014 9:56:44 PM     Post Reply
Monday night at a evening congressional hearing on the Internal Revenue Service claims that Lois Lerner´s email´s were lost due to a computer crash, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) confronted agency commissioner John Koskinen over whether he had contacted the FBI since he claimed he "can not say no crime was committed," and that Lerner had pleaded the Fifth Amendment "to avoid criminal prosecution." Turner grilled Koskinen demanding to know why the FBI has not be contacted asking, "Will you call the FBI, integrity of your agency is absolutely at stake?" Turner went on to stress that Koskinen should responsibly handle

An arrogant and lawless IRS
37 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Michael Gerson    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 6/23/2014 11:25:00 PM     Post Reply
Noted management expert and Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen was apparently called out of retirement — like the Ted Williams of evasive, unapologetic bureaucrats — to destroy what is left of his agency’s credibility. At immediate issue is two years of subpoenaed e-mails from former IRS official Lois Lerner to outside agencies, lost in a convenient computer crash. The possible involvement of other agencies is one focus of a congressional investigation into the heightened IRS scrutiny of conservative nonprofit groups before the 2012 election. In recent congressional testimony, Koskinen admitted that the e-mails

Right wing dementia
on Iraq in full swing

36 replie(s)
Jewish World Review, by Alicia Colon    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 6/23/2014 8:13:45 AM     Post Reply
There are times that I have senior moments and forget certain names and events but after the recent Obama Iraq war implosion, I´m convinced most political pundits are suffering from them as well. What is unusual is that this revision of history is being committed by conservatives who should know better. Recent commentary by Glenn Beck, George Will and Charles Krauthammer indicate that they have significant memory lapses about why we went to war in Iraq. They now suggest that it was a wrong decision whereas my complaint is that we took too long to invade and oust Saddam Hussein.

Obama: Women Vote Democrat
Because They Are Smarter

34 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Kaitlan Collins    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 6/24/2014 12:29:51 PM     Post Reply
Women vote Democrat because they are smarter, Obama said to a White House audience Monday afternoon. He made the remark at the end of a talk at the White House Summit on Working Families. “Somebody asked: ‘Well, it’s well-known that women are more likely to vote for Democrats,’ to which I said, women are smarter,” Obama said. “This is true.” The rest of Obama’s talk centered on paid maternity leave, a minimum wage of $10.10, flexibility in the workplace, and access to childcare. He blamed Congress for moving slowly after he asked it to raise the minimum wage and when

Michelle Obama to Robin Roberts:
U.S. Needs Female President ‘As
Soon as Possible’

29 replie(s)
Mediaite, by Matt Wilstein    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 6/24/2014 11:26:25 AM     Post Reply
Monday’s Working Families Summit at the White House ended with a sit-down conversation between ABC News’ Robin Roberts and First Lady Michelle Obama. After discussing the various issues facing working mothers today, Roberts asked the first lady when she thinks it will be time for the United States to elect its first female president. “That should happen as soon as possible,” Obama said, to cheers from the audience. “I think this country is ready. This country is ready for anyone who can do the job,” she said, adding that the election of her husband proved that you don’t need a “particular

Iraq crisis: John Kerry in Baghdad
as Isis seizes more towns

28 replie(s)
BBC News [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 6/23/2014 3:10:02 AM     Post Reply
US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Iraq´s capital, Baghdad as Sunni insurgents expand their control of towns across north-western Iraq. In Egypt on Sunday, Mr Kerry warned that Sunni militants Isis´ "ideology of violence and repression is a threat not only to Iraq but to the entire region". On Sunday rebels--spearheaded by Isis militants--captured border crossings to Syria and Jordan. The strategically important airport in the northern Tal Afar has also fallen. The town controls the main road from the Syrian border to Mosul, Iraq´s second biggest city, which was captured by the rebels two weeks ago.

Kerry: ´I´m Working Hard to ...
Have Lesbian, Bisexual, and
Transgender Ambassadors´

28 replie(s)
Weekly Standard, by Jeryl Bier    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 6/23/2014 8:01:35 AM     Post Reply
With much of the Obama administration´s foreign policy in tatters, John Kerry is clear on at least one goal he hopes to achieve by the end of his time as secretary of state: having lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors representing the United States. In remarks to a GLIFAA (formerly Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) Pride event in the Ben Franklin Room at the State Department, the secretary ran through a litany of accomplishments by the Obama administration that benefit the "LGBT/gay community." During his speech, Kerry said that, if confirmed, Ted Osius (nominated by President Obama for the

Obama´s not just on the loose.
He´s also hungry.

25 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Julie Pace    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 6/23/2014 6:07:33 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON- The bear isn´t just on the loose. He´s also hungry. In this case, the bear in question is President Barack Obama, who has lately been comparing his yearnings to escape the White House security bubble to an animal breaking free from his cage. And his objects of pursuit once out in the wild include a good burger, some casual Mexican and a nice cup of hot tea. On Monday, Obama rounded up a few participants at a White House working families summit for a short walk to a local Chipotle restaurant, where they swapped stories while enjoying the fast-food

Krauthammer: ‘Obama Is a
President Choosing Decline’

25 replie(s)
Fox News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 6/24/2014 12:54:58 PM     Post Reply
Bill O’Reilly asked Charles Krauthammer: How bad are things in America? Krauthammer said that things are pretty bad, but noted, “There’s a big difference between decline as a condition and decline as a choice. What we have with Obama is a president choosing decline.” He continued, “We are in a position to dominate again, but we have a president who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, American greatness, and he has chosen for America to retreat from the Middle East, to not lift a finger in places like Ukraine, basically to make us one nation among others.” Krauthammer said Obama is comfortable with


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