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Wives of jailed Venezuelan
opposition mayors win in polls

BBC News, by Staff

Original Article

Posted By:PageTurner, 5/26/2014 12:25:49 PM

The wives of two jailed opposition mayors in Venezuela have won elections to replace them. The two women, whose husbands were sentenced earlier this year over their failure to contain opposition protests, won by a landslide. Venezuela has been disrupted by mass anti-government protests since early February. Talks between the government and the opposition to resolve the crisis are currently stalled. Patricia Gutierrez won 73% of the vote in the western city of San Cristobal, while Rosa Brandonisio won in the central city of San Diego with 88%.

More great election news this weekend, this time from Venezuela, accompanying the rightwing victory in Colombia and the anti-EU victories in England and France. Coming on the heels of the blowout rightwing victory in India and the rightwing victories in Israel, Canada and Australia. Hang on, world, we are coming to join you starting in November!

Notice what a shambles Venezuela has become, look at that Detroit-like city background. And notice that none of the voters - not one - standing in line is willing to wear red. They just don´t wear red.


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Most Recent Articles posted by "PageTurner"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "PageTurner"

Zuluaga to Face Incumbent in
Runoff for Colombia Presidency
Bloomberg, by Oscar Medina and Andrea Jaramillo    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/25/2014 7:16:36 PM     Post Reply
Colombian opposition candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who opposes peace talks being held with Marxists rebels, will face incumbent Juan Manuel Santos in a presidential runoff next month, the preliminary vote count shows. Zuluaga, an ally of former President Alvaro Uribe, won 29.3 percent of the votes with 99 percent of polling stations reporting. Santos had 25.6 percent. To avoid the June 15 second round a candidate would need to garner more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round. Negotiations between Santos’ administration and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, is the main issue dividing the two candidates.




Police investigate threatening
messages on 2 El Paso billboards
KFOX-TV [El Paso, TX], by Jamel Valencia    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/23/2014 12:48:51 PM     Post Reply
EL PASO, Texas - A mannequin dangling from a billboard off Interstate 10 has many people asking why it was placed there. El Paso police are investigating the act of vandalism. The mannequin was hanging from a rope around its neck that was attached to a billboard for public display Thursday morning. The billboard is in the 9400 block of Gateway East Boulevard. The billboard it was attached to also had a message in Spanish that read: "Plata-O-Plomo," translated literally means "silver or lead." But the meaning is much deeper “pay or die.” Many motorists traveling along Interstate 10 west

Some 20 Million Bees Threaten
Motorists Along Stretch of U.S. Highway
Latin American Herald Tribune [Miami FL], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/22/2014 8:18:13 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON – Some 20 million bees were released after a tractor-trailer transporting them overturned on a highway ramp near Newark, New Jersey, and traffic authorities on Wednesday recommended that motorists not stop and roll their windows up along the stretch of road where the insects are still swarming. The accident occurred about 6 p.m. Tuesday night on the ramp from northbound Delaware Route 896 to Interstate 95 North when the truck carrying more than 450 beehives from Florida to Maine overturned. Delaware police spokesman Sgt. Paul Shavack told the daily Delawareonline that the driver, Adolpho Guerra, was stung

Anti-EU and protest parties
expected to take 25% of seats in
parliament election
MercoPress [Montevideo, Uruguay], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/21/2014 1:34:29 PM     Post Reply
The centre right has extended its lead over the centre left in the race for dominance in the European Parliament elections this week, a poll showed, but both sides are expected to fiercely contest the presidency of the European Commission. The European People´s Party (EPP) will take 217 seats in the May 22-25 vote, a five-seat improvement on a week ago, according to an analysis of national surveys by PollWatch 2014, its final forecast before polls open. Meanwhile, the centre-left Socialists and Democrats (S&D) have lost ground over the past week. That puts the EPP 16 seats ahead of the centre

India´s BJP Swing Toward Free
Markets Is Cause For Celebration
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/21/2014 11:23:53 AM     Post Reply
Elections: India´s voters dealt a crushing blow to socialism Friday with the "Modislide" victory of the pro-free market BJP party and its top governor, who has already brought prosperity to his Gujarat state. It´s great news. Markets in India reacted to the country´s election Friday with a "blistering rally," as Reuters put it, pricing in a buy-high, sell-higher future for the giant BRIC economy after the blowout victory for the openly pro-free market Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India´s Lok Sabha, or lower house, of parliament, which will choose the prime minister.

McDonald´s New Mascot Will
Scare Your Children Away from
Happy Meals
The Wire / MSN News, by Polly Mosendz    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/21/2014 2:25:55 AM     Post Reply
Meet Happy, McDonald´s terrifying new mascot. Happy is the new ambassador of the restaurant´s new healthy Happy Meals. Maybe McDonald´s is trying to scare children into eating their vegetables. Happy is the "ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating." He is encouraging kids to eat the healthy Happy Meal options: fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and water or juice. He is especially welcoming of the new Low Fat Strawberry Go-Gurt. Because nothing says "finish your carrot sticks" like a psychotic stare from the side of a box. While he seems pretty alienating, Happy has actually done decently well as an animated mascot in other




Swiss Voters Defeat $24.65
Minimum Wage by a Wide Margin
New York Times, by Melissa Eddy    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/19/2014 2:58:37 PM     Post Reply
BERLIN — Swiss voters resoundingly rejected on Sunday a proposed minimum wage that would have been the world’s highest, a move widely seen as reflecting an aversion to state intervention in the liberal economic policies that are the bedrock of Switzerland’s prosperity. Trade unions had sought a minimum hourly wage of 22 Swiss francs, or $24.65, in what they said was an effort to ensure fair salaries for workers in the lowest-paid sectors, such as retailing and personal services. Switzerland has no national minimum wage. The proposed rate — considerably higher than elsewhere in Europe and more than double the $10.10 President

California Wages Economic War
With Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/19/2014 9:26:14 AM     Post Reply
Business Climate: Los Angeles is buzzing over the possible exit of Sriracha sauce maker Huy Fong to friendlier territory in Texas. But why shouldn´t it go? L.A. is so unfriendly it makes Detroit look good, according to two studies. In a region that has made itself a foreign and venture capital investment desert, it´s rather astonishing to see politicians from the industrial Los Angeles suburb of Irwindale do all they can to chase the largest and rarest investor in their town out. But that´s what they´ve done, hauling the Huy Fong company into court and winning an injunction from the Los Angeles

Morales reveal that with Argentine
help Bolivia is developing
nuclear energy
MercoPress [Montevideo, Uruguay], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/17/2014 5:22:13 AM     Post Reply
Bolivian President Evo Morales revealed on Thursday that, with Argentina´s help, his country was working to develop nuclear power. Morales had previously indicated that his country had plans to go nuclear with help from both Buenos Aires and France, but this is the first time that the news was confirmed. “We are working on nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, for medical purposes,” Morales said at the opening of a gas and energy seminar in Santa Cruz. “We salute the Argentine people as we have begun to work on nuclear energy”. The populist leader and first indigenous president of Bolivia said he

Brazilian police tells tourists
that if attacked “don´t fight,
scream or argue”
MercoPress [Montevideo, Uruguay], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/17/2014 5:18:06 AM     Post Reply
If attacked in Brazil: “Don´t fight, scream or argue”. That´s the advice being offered to tourists by São Paulo Civil Police ahead of this year´s World Cup games which authorities have revealed will be enforced by armored, “RoboCop”-styled riot police. The alarming safety precautions come as 3.6 million tourists are expected to flood the country, which has been labeled “critical” for crime by the US Department of State for the last 25 years. The advice to tourists on if attacked, first reported by Sao Paulo news site Estadao may sound contradictory of how a victim may react elsewhere, but in

Reverse Revolution: Angry
Thai Elites Target Democracy
Investor´s Business Daily, by Doug Bandow    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/17/2014 1:17:11 AM     Post Reply
Thailand continues its slow motion political implosion. The prime minister has been ousted and a new election has been scheduled for July 20, but the latter will settle nothing unless traditional ruling elites are willing to accept a government run by their opponents. If not, the country risks a violent explosion. Bangkok´s politics long leaned authoritarian. However, in 2001 telecommunications executive Thaksin Shinawatra campaigned as a populist, winning the votes of Thailand´s neglected rural poor to become prime minister. He was re-elected in 2005. Instead of figuring out how to better appeal to the popular majority, his opponents organized the so-called People´s



Italy´s Alitalia scraps Venezuela
flights over currency dispute: sources
Reuters, by Brian Ellsworth    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/15/2014 12:23:08 PM     Post Reply
CARACAS - Italian airline Alitalia has canceled service to Venezuela as of June 2 due to delays in repatriating revenue under the country´s 11-year-old currency control system, two sources told Reuters on Wednesday. Venezuela owes airlines some $4 billion, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), because the airlines are required to sell tickets in the local bolivar currency but the government has not granted them approval to repatriate that revenue. "The last flight arrives on June 1, the plane will go back (to Italy) and will not return," said a local company employee, who asked not to be identified, adding

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Alleged Gunman´s Family Releases
Statement Supporting Gun Control

82 replie(s)
Breitbart California, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/24/2014 8:26:08 PM     Post Reply
On May 24, the family of Santa Barbara shooting suspect Elliot Rodger released a statement through their attorney saying they are "against guns" and support gun control. On May 23, their son allegedly shot and killed 7 people, including himself, and wounded 7 others. Breitbart News reported his motive was "retribution" for women who had rejected his advances. Elliot was the son of Peter Rodger, one of the assistant directors of Hollywood´s The Hunger Games. According to the Post and Courier, attorney Alan Shifman spoke on behalf of the family, saying: "My client´s mission in life will be to try

White House accidentally blows the
cover of CIA chief in Afghanistan
in memo to thousands of reporters

38 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Ryan Gorman    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 5/26/2014 2:09:15 AM     Post Reply
The U.S. government accidentally named the top spy in Afghanistan on a memo given to reporters accompanying President Barack Obama on a surprise visit Sunday to Kabul. The memorandum included an individual named as ‘Chief of Station,’ the title given to the top CIA officer in a given country. It was immediately retracted, and a new memo was issued without the officer’s name. [Snip] U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan James B. Cunningham and 14 other were also named on the memo, including several military officials, according to the Post. They were all identified as having being included in a meeting with

Father of Slain Victim Blames Son’s
Death on NRA and Craven Politicians

35 replie(s)
Breitbart California, by Robert Wilde    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/25/2014 8:34:09 AM     Post Reply
(Video) In an emotional statement, the father of a victim of the mass murder in Isla Vista on Friday night addressed reporters Saturday and warned families that it can happen to them too. "Our family has a message for every parent out there: You don’t think it’ll happen to your child until it does.” According to the Los Angeles Times, Richard Martinez, the father of Chris Martinez, who was killed in the premeditated attack near the campus of UC Santa Barbara, spoke for 45 minutes, extolled the virtues of his son, and expressed his disdain for the National Rifle Association

Michelle Obama Stepping Up
Her Solo Political Engagement

35 replie(s)
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Warner Todd Huston    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 5/25/2014 6:44:55 PM     Post Reply
White House officials are warning that First Lady Michelle Obama is launching into a new "sustained level" of political engagement this year, signaling a shift from her less public profile during the beginning of her husband´s first term in the White House. As Barack´s second term has gotten fairly underway, the White House claims that the President will be using his wife in more ways than ever and we should expect to see her acting as a solo political act far more than we have in the past. The Hill notes we have already seen Michelle add her voice to the issue of the kidnapped Nigerian girls with the Twitter campaign #BringBackOurGirls.




They Had a Dream
34 replie(s)
Weekly Standard, by Noemie Emery    Original Article
Posted By: trapper- 5/24/2014 5:57:23 PM     Post Reply
They had a dream. For almost a hundred years now, the famed academic-artistic-and-punditry industrial complex has dreamed of a government run by their kind of people (i.e., nature’s noblemen), whose intelligence, wit, and refined sensibilities would bring us a heaven on earth. Their keen intellects would cut through the clutter as mere mortals’ couldn’t. They would lift up the wretched, oppressed by cruel forces. Above all, they would counter the greed of the merchants, the limited views of the business community, and the ignorance of the conformist and dim middle class.

Distraught father blames ´craven, irresponsible
politicians and the NRA´ for his son´s death at
hand of ´virgin killer´ while the shooter´s aunt
makes impassioned appeal to Obama to ´Stop the

34 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Peter Allen*    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 5/25/2014 4:48:52 PM     Post Reply
A distraught father whose son was among the victims killed in a shooting rampage near a California university quaked with grief and rage Saturday as he described his ´lost and broken´ family and the proliferation of guns he believes led to his son´s death. ´Our son Christopher and six others are dead,´ Richard Martinez told reporters gathered outside a sheriff´s station for a news conference the day after the shootings near the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the 20-year-old son was a sophomore. ´You don´t think it´ll happen to your child until it does.´ Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, of Los Osos, California was

Jeb Bush Gives Party
Something to Think About

34 replie(s)
New York Times, by Michael Barbaro    Original Article
Posted By: tisHimself- 5/26/2014 12:04:35 AM     Post Reply
As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush flew in Ivy League social scientists for daylong seminars with his staff and carved out time for immersive brainstorming sessions he called “think weeks.” A voracious reader, he maintains a queue of 25 volumes on his Kindle (George Gilder’s “Knowledge and Power” among them, he said) and routinely sends fan mail to his favorite authors. A self-described nerd, he is known to travel with policy journals and send all-hours inquiries to think tanks. (A sample Bush question: What are the top five ways to achieve 4 percent economic growth?) As Mr. Bush, 61, weighs whether to seek

Obama Slips Into Afghanistan
to Visit US Troops

33 replie(s)
Assocaited Press, by Julie Pace    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 5/25/2014 12:08:54 PM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama secretly slipped into Afghanistan under the cover of darkness Sunday for a weekend visit with U.S. troops serving in the closing months of America´s longest war. Air Force One landed at Bagram Air Field, the main U.S. base in Afghanistan, after an overnight flight from Washington. Obama was scheduled to spend just a few hours on the base and had no plans to travel to Kabul, the capital, to meet with Hamid Karzai, the mercurial president who has had a tumultuous relationship with the White House. Obama´s surprise trip comes as the U.S. and NATO withdraw most of their

Why Santa Barbara shootings
are not just about gun control

33 replie(s)
Christian Science Monitor, by Mark Sappenfield    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 5/25/2014 4:32:18 PM     Post Reply
The fingers are already pointing, the headlines already blaring. Once again, a young man, angry at the world, has ended his life in a hail of gunfire, taking with him innocent victims.(Snip)But to researchers who have studied the trend, these are secondary – though important – factors. The young men who are overwhelmingly responsible for these shooting sprees fit a very clear portrait: self-obsessed yet marginalized in some way. Their rampages are not fits of senseless rage, but cold, calculating attempts to level the score with society. In the attempt to become an antihero – to lay bare how they




A $40,000 BMW, $300 Armani sunglasses,
flying first class and a private
Katy Perry concert: Inside the privileged
life of Hunger Games director´s son
before he became the ´virgin killer´

32 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Michael Zennie    Original Article
Posted By: zephyrgirl- 5/25/2014 5:09:39 PM     Post Reply
Elliot Rodger often complained on his YouTube videos that his life wasn´t fair. But, his own social media presence reveals that the son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger lived a life of privilege. He posted several videos and pictures behind the wheel of his black BMW 328i, a luxury coupe with a starting price tag of nearly $40,000. Rodger, who is believed to have killed six people in Santa Barbara on Friday night because he frustrated that he was still a virgin at age 22, posted a YouTube video of his flight home from a vacation to Britain

Democrats See Obama As
Incompetent, Uninvolved

31 replie(s)
Breitbart InstaBlog, by Dan Riehl    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/26/2014 5:42:39 AM     Post Reply
An on air conversation between CNN´s John King and Politico´s Maggie Haberman relied primarily on feedback from his fellow Democrats to portray an image of an "incompetent" Obama, seemingly not all that involved with the mechanisms of big government central to so many of the Democrat´s political arguments. "Forget for a moment that Republican outrage," said King on his CNN show this morning. "More and more Democrats in key 2014 races are calling for the president to get a spine, they say, and fire his Veterans Affairs secretary. And what more and more Democrats are saying privately is scathing, calling the

This Futuristic Idea Is Cool,
Regardless Of Where You
Stand On Climate Change

29 replie(s)
Independent Journal Review, by Kevin Boyd    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/24/2014 9:40:18 PM     Post Reply
(Video) There is a company called Solar Roadways that is proposing to replace all of America’s roads, bike paths, sidewalks, and pavement with solar panels. According to The Blaze, the video has gone viral with over a million views. Here’s what the website says this company can do: Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks (250,000 pounds). These Solar Road Panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds… literally any surface under the sun. They pay for themselves primarily through the generation of electricity, which


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