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Why Karl Rove is Smiling Today
New Yorker, by John Cassidy

Original Article

Posted By:Pluperfect, 5/22/2014 5:37:30 PM

Karl Rove, fresh from outraging Democrats with his remarks about Hillary Clinton’s health, was on Fox News last night, and, once again, he was looking pretty happy with himself. As it became clear that establishment Republicans—i.e., those supported by Rove and his big Super PAC—had bested their Tea Party-affiliated rivals in a number of key G.O.P. primaries, Rove flashed his gnashers and told Megyn Kelly: “The reason Republican candidates are winning is because they are uniting the party.” Presumably, Rove wasn’t talking about Mitch McConnell, the lugubrious Senate minority leader, who does a good job of uniting the Democratic Party but


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Reply 1 - Posted by: William1, 5/22/2014 5:47:47 PM     (No. 9858449)

By all means, Karl. You are uniting the party so its members will fit into a phone booth, after you chase out those unruly conservatives and Tea-partiers.

But, hey, the Republicans still have a berthing dock on the ballot, even if the party becomes a super-minority party. Karl has inched ever closer to Nelson Rockefeller´s image for the republicans.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Pluperfect, 5/22/2014 5:49:43 PM     (No. 9858450)

You have it backward, #1. The winning candidates in the primaries so far indicate how the tea party movement has moved the entire party to the right, not to the left as you suggest. Nelson Rockefeller would not be able to garner many votes in todays GOP.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: dman, 5/22/2014 5:56:08 PM     (No. 9858457)

"Immigration reform" (aka Amnesty) will define this, #2.

The GOP, like Scripture points out, cannot serve two masters. Wall Street and Main Street are at odds on this issue.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: thethirdruffian, 5/22/2014 6:00:59 PM     (No. 9858466)

Every election, the TEA party picks up a few more seats and RINOS are barely hanging on -- they are far from emboldened and have to vote conservative or they are eventually toast.

Rove is good about putting a brave face on things, but his days are numbered.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: StormCnter, 5/22/2014 6:05:02 PM     (No. 9858470)

#3, actually immigration "reform" and "amnesty" are not synonymous. None of the proposed plans from our side grant amnesty. The Democrats are the ones who are stipulating that. Sometimes, it behooves to see what´s in a plan or a bill before we begin knee-jerking in protest.

I am very much in favor of bringing back some form of the old guest worker program. That worked very well and can do so again, with some modifications. There are many things we can do to improve our immigration system that don´t come anywhere near granting amnesty to those who are here illegally. And yes, of course, the borders must be better secured. When our border patrol is ordered not to arrest and not to detain, we have no border enforcement at all.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Nina584, 5/22/2014 6:35:36 PM     (No. 9858502)

Fat face may be happy now but if last time millions of republicans stayed home he better get ready for more millions staying home next time.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: TXknitter, 5/22/2014 6:39:57 PM     (No. 9858509)

I have a question. Has anyone heard any Republican state that part of our plan is they must go to back of the line? That is, while they "await citizenship" will they really actually be deported to wait in line like everyone else? If not, this is why some of us continue to consider immigration reform and amnesty as meaning basically the same thing. If they get yo stay, continue food stamps, their elderly newcomer relatives continue SS and Medicare, then why is it not basically amnesty? Serious question here, perhaps I have not heard the GOP plans correctly.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: stablemoney, 5/22/2014 6:43:45 PM     (No. 9858514)

Please don´t call up ugly illusions. Think of peace and beauty.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: periwinkel, 5/22/2014 8:29:03 PM     (No. 9858619)

#5 I don´t care what the Republican Reform Immigration Reform Plan states...when it gets to the conference committee it will be amnesty and open borders because that is what the Democrats, Chamber of Commerce and the Establishment Republicans want. The Republicans OWE the Chamber of Commerce for all the money spent in these primaries and elections coming in November. Believing in anything else is believing in Unicorn Fa-ts.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: periwinkel, 5/22/2014 8:29:59 PM     (No. 9858620)

Apologize for second post. It should be Republican Immigration Reform Plan. Sorry.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: SheikYerBooty, 5/22/2014 9:32:30 PM     (No. 9858671)

Yeah sure, immigration reform isn´t amnesty. The RINO apologists remind me of the black idiots that blindly follow the Democrat Party.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: GreatPlains, 5/22/2014 9:42:01 PM     (No. 9858678)

Rove is right.
The Republicans are uniting.
On Tuesday night ,Ben Sasse called McConnell and then sent McConnell a $ 2,000 campaign contribution.
The Senate Conservative Fund , Erick Erickson and the Madison Project all endorsed McConnell on Tuesday night.
I guess they´re RINOs now.
Tomorrow, Rand Paul will hold a joint news conference with Mitch McConnell in Louisville
and will campaign for him.
Matt Bevin is a sore loser and he said he will not support McConnell and
will not encourage his tea party supporters to vote for McConnell.
Which is fine, a free country and all.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 5/23/2014 12:16:33 AM     (No. 9858769)

Guess old Karl "planted the seed" and the media ran with it. Propaganda works two ways.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: StormCnter, 5/23/2014 6:15:13 AM     (No. 9858864)

#7, to my knowledge, all of the various GOP plans require "back of the line". Some of the plans have very stringent restrictions on who can be eligible, even then. I´m not sure about the deportation while they wait. Most of the plans require immediate registration into a computer base, with a sorting out of who might be eligible for a temporary work card, who for a green card, who has to be immediately deported, and so forth. Kay Hutchinson had a plan to send everyone home for five years, or some such, before they could apply for legalization (not the same as citizenship). To me, "reform" means getting control of the problem, documenting who is here, what they are doing and if they can be given permission to work. None of the plans allow for the government assistance citizens are entitled to receive.

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Lessons from the rise of ISIS
New York Daily News, by S.E. Cupp    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/19/2014 5:11:35 AM     Post Reply
They go where the opportunity is. Was Joe Biden right? It’s the question swirling through the punditocracy as it debates the latest installment of the can’t-watch, can’t-turn-away reality show, “President Obama’s Very Bad Year.” The question emanates from a 2006 New York Times op-ed that then-Sen. Joe Biden co-authored in the New York Times, in which he suggests that war-torn Iraq should be divided into a confederacy with a weak central government and three largely autonomous states — one for the Sunnis, another for the Shiites and another for the Kurds. But the question, while amusing to mull over, is

U.S. Opposes New Draft Treaty from
China and Russia Banning Space Weapons
Washington Free Beacon, by Bill Gertz    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/19/2014 5:03:46 AM     Post Reply
The United States is opposing a new draft treaty submitted to the United Nations last week by China and Russia that seeks legally binding curbs on weapons in space amid concerns that both states are secretly building space arms. The draft treaty—updated from a 2008 version—cannot be verified, according to Frank A. Rose, deputy assistant secretary of state for arms control, verification, and compliance. “The United States believes that arms control proposals and concepts should only be considered by the international community if they are equitable, effectively verifiable, and enhance the security of all,” Rose told a June 10 session in Geneva




Editor´s note: Michael Gerson
replaces George Will
Post-Dispatch [St. Louis, MO], by Editors    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/19/2014 4:43:02 AM     Post Reply
Dear Post-Dispatch readers, Starting today, Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson replaces George Will on Thursdays and Sundays. (Snip)We believe that Mr. Gerson’s commitment to “compassionate conservatism” and his roots in St. Louis will better connect with our readers, regardless of their political bent. The change has been under consideration for several months, but a column published June 5, in which Mr. Will suggested that sexual assault victims on college campuses enjoy a privileged status, made the decision easier. The column was offensive and inaccurate; we apologize for publishing it.

Justina Pelletier´s legal nightmare
should frighten all parents
Fox News, by Dr. Keith Ablow    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/19/2014 4:27:11 AM     Post Reply
A Massachusetts judge ordered Tuesday that 16-year-old Justina Pelletier be returned to her Connecticut family. His ruling ended a 15-month odyssey that I believe showed that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Boston Children´s Hospital were willing to disregard the rights of her parents and, in essence legally "kidnap" her. "We are stunned," Lou Pelletier, her dad, told me minutes ago by phone. "Justina called us with the news herself. We just want to thank everyone who helped us get our daughter home." Back in February, 2013 the Connecticut teen went to Children´s Hospital for a consultation to complement her medical care

Businesses launch legal challenge
to Seattle´s $15 minimum wage
Fox News, by Dan Springer    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/19/2014 4:24:51 AM     Post Reply
Many Seattle workers are about to see their income go way up, after the City Council unanimously passed a $15 minimum wage earlier this month. But faster than you can get a happy meal at McDonald´s, the ordinance is facing a legal challenge. “I guarantee not everyone will survive,” warned David Jones, who owns a Subway franchise in Seattle. “This discriminatory law will affect some franchisees and they will go out of business.” The International Franchise Association, representing those concerns, has sued over the wage hike, specifically objecting to the fact the ordinance treats franchises as big businesses and requires them to pay

Iraq Crisis Stirs Fears
Afghanistan Could Be Next
Associated Press, by Donna Cassata    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/19/2014 4:13:11 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON -- The deteriorating situation in Iraq is giving Congress pause about President Barack Obama´s plan to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2016, with fears that hard-fought gains could be wiped out by a resurgent Taliban. Senior Obama administration officials insist Afghanistan is not Iraq, with a population far more receptive to a continued U.S. presence and the promise of a new unity government. But the officials could offer no assurances that Afghanistan won´t devolve into chaos after Americans leave, as Iraq has. "There´s no guarantee," Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told a Senate panel Wednesday. "It is up

Patent office cancels Redskins´
trademarks, ruling it´s ´disparaging´
Fox Sports, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 11:17:10 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Patent Office ruled Wednesday that the Washington Redskins nickname is "disparaging of Native Americans" and that the team´s federal trademarks for the name must be canceled. The 2-1 ruling comes after a campaign to change the name has gained momentum over the past year. The team doesn´t immediately lose trademark protection and is allowed to retain it during an appeal. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has refused to change the team´s name, citing tradition, but there has been growing pressure including statements in recent months from President Barack Obama, lawmakers of both parties and civil rights groups.




What’s Up With That: Building Bigger
Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse
Wired, by Adam Mann    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 10:41:29 AM     Post Reply
I grew up in Los Angeles, the city by the freeway by the sea. And if there’s one thing I’ve known ever since I could sit up in my car seat, it’s that you should expect to run into traffic at any point of the day. Yes, commute hours are the worst, but I’ve run into dead-stop bumper-to-bumper cars on the 405 at 2 a.m. As a kid, I used to ask my parents why they couldn’t just build more lanes on the freeway. Maybe transform them all into double-decker highways with cars zooming on the upper and lower levels. Except,

If you think the IRS´ latest claim
on ´lost´ emails is unprecedented,
Gawker has some news for you
Washington Examiner [DC], by T. Becket Adams    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 10:39:18 AM     Post Reply
As the Internal Revenue Service tries its best to convince a skeptical nation that it´s unable to recover nearly two years´ worth of subpoenaed emails because of a supposed computer crash, it´s important to remember that this isn´t the first time that a federal agency has “struggled” to produce requested correspondences. In fact, Gawker has been trying since at least 2012 to obtain emails between reporters and Philippe Reines, a former State Department official and longtime aide to Hillary Clinton. Yes, Gawker editor John Cook wrote the State Department nearly two years ago for all emails between Reines and reporters

Someone Is Spilling ISIS’s
Secrets on Twitter
Daily Beast, by Jacob Siegel    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 7:38:04 AM     Post Reply
A mysterious Twitter account is trying to stop ISIS’s rise to power by spilling the terror group’s secrets online. For more than six months a series of tweets have detailed the alleged covert alliances and conspiratorial machinations behind the ascension of The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, the Islamist group taking over large parts of Iraq. Taken together, the tweets form a slanted but valuable picture of ISIS and one of the only portraits of its leaders. Perhaps even more important, the account is still active, sending out tweets days ago about ISIS’s current strategy in Iraq and what it plans to do next. Sitting over a keyboard somewhere,

After touting estate tax, Bill and
Hillary Clinton seize on loopholes
CBS News, by Lindsey Boerma    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 4:24:39 AM     Post Reply
Estate tax champions Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing just about everything in their power to stave off hefty estate taxes on their own personal fortune, according to Bloomberg News. The report out Tuesday shows that the two heads of the political dynasty have been seizing on legal but slippery loopholes to minimize taxes on inherited wealth - maneuvers not atypical of multimillionaires but which will inevitably drum up cries of hypocrisy based on the Clintons´ active support for the estate tax in the past. Bloomberg cites county property records that show the Clintons divided ownership of their New York home into separate 50 percent shares,

How Will the Crisis in Iraq
Affect U.S. Gas Prices?
Fox News, by Kate Rogers    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 4:17:38 AM     Post Reply
As the situation in Iraq continues to escalate as Islamic militants continue to advance across the nation, gas prices in the U.S. are set to rise. The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline stands at $3.65, with the prospect of a five-to-10 cent jump over the next two weeks, according to Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy.com. The turmoil in Iraq spooked Wall Street last week and left the major market averages in the red. The markets have taken a bit of a breather this week, as investors shift their focus to oil and gas prices. “There was a bit of irrationality in the markets last week, but the story is still evolving,”

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Patent office cancels Redskins´
trademarks, ruling it´s ´disparaging´

45 replie(s)
Fox Sports, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 6/18/2014 11:17:10 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Patent Office ruled Wednesday that the Washington Redskins nickname is "disparaging of Native Americans" and that the team´s federal trademarks for the name must be canceled. The 2-1 ruling comes after a campaign to change the name has gained momentum over the past year. The team doesn´t immediately lose trademark protection and is allowed to retain it during an appeal. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has refused to change the team´s name, citing tradition, but there has been growing pressure including statements in recent months from President Barack Obama, lawmakers of both parties and civil rights groups.

Redskins lose trademark, Harry Reid
says team will be ´forced´ to change name

43 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 6/18/2014 2:16:47 PM     Post Reply
In what some see as the first step to forcing the Washington Redskins football team to change their name, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday cancelled six federal trademarks of the team name because it´s “disparaging” to Native Americans. “Petitioners have shown by a preponderance of the evidence that a substantial composite of Native Americans found the term REDSKINS to be disparaging,” said the decision. Fans, however, won’t see any immediate change — even if Daniel Snyder’s team eventually loses in court. That’s because all the order will do is eliminate the trademark the team has on merchandise. The Redskins are expected to appeal.

Megyn Kelly: The Obama
Presidency Is ‘Imploding’

38 replie(s)
Mediaite, by Josh Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 6/17/2014 9:53:11 PM     Post Reply
Megyn Kelly opened her show tonight tearing into the Obama White House for what increasingly looks like an “imploding” presidency, given scandal after scandal after scandal the White House has found itself engulfed in, both domestically and abroad. Kelly opened with this simply question: “Is Barack Obama‘s presidency imploding?” She cited the bewildering fact that the U.S. may ally with Iran to deal with the situation in Iraq, and ripped Obama in particulas as “a president who has lost the trust of the American people by repeatedly misleading them.” She went down a list of scandal after scandal that the president has

Jay Carney: Obama ´Paying Close
Attention´ to Iraq While Golfing

35 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 6/18/2014 3:55:26 PM     Post Reply
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that President Obama is fully engaged in the situation in Iraq – even though he spent last weekend golfing. Carney was asked about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal criticizing the President for golfing instead of paying attention to world affairs. “I think it’s pretty clear that this President has been paying close attention to this and has been engaging regularly with his national security team,” Carney said, praising Obama for deliberating carefully about the use of force in Iraq. Karl cited the op-ed which asserted that “rarely

5 Reasons Hillary Won´t Run
33 replie(s)
Real Clear Politics, by Tom Bevan    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 6/18/2014 4:28:58 AM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton´s minions are hard at work assembling a political machine and fine tuning it for another go at the White House. Mrs. Clinton is doing her part preparing for a run as well, churning out a bland memoir about the "hard choices" she faced as secretary of state and coyly positioning herself (again) as the inevitable nominee of the party. But after the troubled beginning to her book tour, we´re beginning to see the reasons why Hillary may eventually decide to pull the plug on a 2016 presidential run. Here are five: 1) She´s just not that good at campaigning. If the last two gaffe-prone weeks have reminded us of anything about Hillary,

CIA Operation “Zero Footprint”, Qatar,
Benghazi and The Connection To Ahmed
Abu Khattala – The Real Motive For The
Obama Administration’s Recent Arrest…

29 replie(s)
Conservative Tree House, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 6/18/2014 9:36:00 AM     Post Reply
Yesterday, it was announced the Obama administration had moved on Sunday to arrest a Benghazi al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Abu Khattala. Many people, including Fox’s James Rosen pointed particular questions to the State Dept. about “why now”? As unbelievable as this might sound, the most likely answer has little to do with what’s currently being pondered as a motive for this administration, “squirrel”. The reality is within the Bergdahl deal, and the GITMO-5 to Qatar, there is a far more likely reason.Ahmed Abu Khattala is directly connected to the covert transfer of U.S. arms from Qatar to Libya in the initial 2011

Sarah Palin: GOP Establishment Fighting
Chris McDaniel Rather Than Obama

27 replie(s)
Bretbart´s Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: mikkins2- 6/17/2014 4:42:00 PM     Post Reply
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted the Republican establishment on Tuesday for spending more time trying to tear down Mississippi conservative Senate candidate Chris McDaniel than combating President Barack Obama´s lawlessness at home and incompetence abroad. Days before the Mississippi runoff, establishment Republicans have been trying to save incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) by painting McDaniel as "unelectable" in a general election in one of the most reliably conservative states in the nation. Palin said that if "the national GOP machine spent as much time fighting President Obama´s disastrous and

Malia fetched coffee and got no special
treatment during Hollywood gig but was
´charming and delightful´ says Halle
Berry co-star

27 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by David McCormack    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 6/18/2014 1:45:10 PM     Post Reply
The First Daughter’s recent work experience gig as a production assistant on Halle Berry´s new TV show Extant has received a host of glowing reports about her behavior and demeanor. Malia Obama, who turns 16 on July 4, spent last week working as a runner on the set of the sci-fi series which is being produced by prominent President Obama donor Steven Spielberg. According to sources on set, the 15-year-old received no special treatment and carried out the kinds of menial tasks that anyone who wants to make it behind

Clinton: I’ve ‘gone through the fire’
24 replie(s)
The Hill (Washington DC), by Alexandra Jaffe    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 6/17/2014 10:32:05 AM     Post Reply
Former secretary of State Hillary Clinton said while there are many Democratic women who are qualified to run for president in 2016, she may be the only one with the experience to do it. In an interview with Canadian network CBC, Clinton said she’s “well aware” of the expectation women have for her to run. “I’m incredibly touched by it and feel responsible because of it,” she said. “And I know that it’s important that we break that highest and hardest glass ceiling. I also believe there are quite a few women who are eminently qualified but may not have

U.S. captures Benghazi
suspect in secret raid

24 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Karen DeYoung*    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 6/17/2014 11:33:40 AM     Post Reply
U.S. Special Operations forces captured one of the suspected ringleaders of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi in a secret raid in Libya over the weekend, the first time one of the accused perpetrators of the 2012 assault has been apprehended, according to U.S. officials. The officials said Ahmed Abu Khattala was captured near Benghazi by American troops, working alongside the FBI, following months of planning, and was now in U.S. custody “in a secure location outside Libya.” The officials said there were no casualties in the operation, and that all U.S. personnel involved have safely left Libya. Khattala’s apprehension is a major

The Obama Administration Wants
Americans To Stop Eating So Much Salt

24 replie(s)
Daily Caller, by Tristyn Bloom    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 6/18/2014 5:11:56 AM     Post Reply
The FDA, perhaps still smarting from the recent artisanal cheese kerfuffle, is setting its sights on a bigger target: salt. “The current level of [sodium] consumption is really higher than it should be,” said FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg. That’s why they’re preparing “voluntary guidelines” for the food industry encouraging them to stay below certain salt levels. While the guidelines will initially be voluntary, health groups are lobbying for mandatory standards–lobbying that will only grow more intense if businesses refuse to comply once the standards are released. If businesses don’t go light on the salt “then FDA should start a

Glenn Beck admits liberals
were right about invading Iraq

24 replie(s)
Salon, by Elias Isquith    Original Article
Posted By: viola- 6/18/2014 12:53:06 PM     Post Reply
Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, conservative commentator Glenn Beck delivered a rare admission, saying that the latest disorder in Iraq is yet more proof that liberals who opposed the invasion in 2003 were right all along. “[Liberals] said we couldn’t force freedom on people,” Beck, who initially supported the Iraq War, reminded his listeners. “Let me lead with my mistakes. You were right. Liberals, you were right; we shouldn’t have.” Beck went on to note that “most people on the left” thought waging war on Iraq was a bad idea “from the beginning.”


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