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Obama — bitter, petty, but,
try as he might, not funny

Washington Times, by Joseph Curl

Original Article

Posted By:StormCnter, 5/5/2014 5:16:48 AM

Barack Obama is not a funny man. He thinks he is — and of course, when you’re president, everyone laughs at your jokes — but really, not funny. Angry? Sure. Bitter? You bet. But funny — not so much. Which makes his yearly outing to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner a bit uncomfortable. See, the idea there is, make fun of yourself. But it takes a big man to mock himself, to take his failures, hold them up for everyone to see, and say, as Chandler Bing of “Friends” might: “Could I be any more ridiculous?” Once a year, at


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Reply 1 - Posted by: franq, 5/5/2014 7:12:44 AM     (No. 9836636)

As many have pointed out, both Hussein and his wife know - in their heart of hearts - they have not truly deserved their station in life.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: jinx, 5/5/2014 7:20:46 AM     (No. 9836647)

Bitter, petty, and small; that just about sums up Mr. President and his angry wife. Not a pretty sight.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rubygram, 5/5/2014 7:29:40 AM     (No. 9836655)

Never heard a President say PO´´d in a speech before! My first attempt was rejected because I spelled it out.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: EnsignOToole, 5/5/2014 7:41:48 AM     (No. 9836670)

A man who can’t laugh at himself is a man devoid of humor, and nearly always, bitter, petty and small.

Yep, Barry is all of the above and I would add he is simply full of BS in everything he says that really is serious and affects all Americans - IOW Barry is a congenital liar.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Globalwarmer, 5/5/2014 7:56:18 AM     (No. 9836685)

Who´s the last Leftist you saw that had a sense of humor? These people are bitterly unhappy, right to the bone.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: zephyrgirl, 5/5/2014 8:57:09 AM     (No. 9836744)

I´m waiting for the day that a future president says, "I´d rather not bother" and declines to attend.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: mulhaven, 5/5/2014 9:04:32 AM     (No. 9836756)

This Obama jerk is a pipsqueak who is a born loser. His lack of a sense of humor goes with his low level of intelligence.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: nevernaught, 5/5/2014 9:22:35 AM     (No. 9836785)

Name me one Marxist who is funny, or failing that, some of those old time Communists dressed in funny suits with all those medals and decorations. Name me one who even approaches funny in any speech made anywhere.

Obama isn´t any different. Remember his mother was a long time confirmed Communist and I doubt she cracked any jokes around the house. Her lovers probably spent their days complaining about being picked on because they were black and picking on her funny looking kid with the big ears. Nothing funny about that.

Barry, Barrack or whatever they called the bothersome kid probably didn´t think life was amusing either and I´ve never seen any young person who was stoned who was amusing while staring at the void.

Even now he has to listen to Michelle constantly moaning about how unfair life is flying around the world in Air force two. I think the headline above fits him perfectly.

All the electronic equipment and liberal writers in the world aren´t going to make him even a bit amusing. He´s a Marxist and that is a dead end street.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: RayLRiv, 5/5/2014 9:26:39 AM     (No. 9836790)

Will Rogers wouldn´t like Øbama.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Arby, 5/5/2014 10:21:18 AM     (No. 9836871)

If he was a real man he would have walked out on McHale´s talk after calling him out for being crude, unfunny, and, in general, for crossing over the line and lowering the quality of public discourse. Fauxbama should have been the adult in the room. He should have acted presidential. Yeah, like that´s ever going to happen . . .

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Me_Opinionated_Nah, 5/5/2014 10:33:32 AM     (No. 9836905)

From all indications, the 99% leftist audience in the room ate it up. Barack “Shecky” Obama’s self-aggrandizing act, Joel “Henny” McHale’s ball-peen-spirited routine, and that vice-pathetic-presidential playlet featuring two – count ‘em – two veeps, an unreal one and a more unreal one, that set comedy shtick back four score and seven years at the very least. It was Game of Groans Night, not for that crowd, but for citizens who still remember what exceptional American patriotism used to be.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: lancer12, 5/5/2014 11:29:10 AM     (No. 9837032)

Pres.Obama is not guilty. The Teleprompter wrote the jokes and he just lip-synch´d.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: papasparky, 5/5/2014 11:52:11 AM     (No. 9837086)

Re; reply 4, William Safire called Hillary Clinton a "congenital liar" some years back and I´m sure if he were among us today he would use the phrase again.

They both were "born to lie til the day they die".

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Butch59, 5/5/2014 12:24:07 PM     (No. 9837159)

I NEVER watch any thing that has Obozo in it. I can´t stand to hear the "person" (he´s not a man in my opinion).

And let me agree whole heartily with poster #8. I couldn´t have said it any better.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: Hazymac, 5/5/2014 12:44:21 PM     (No. 9837189)

In communist dictatorships all of the humor comes from the subjects, none from the nomenklatura. That´s why Obama´s humor bombs, except among his equally hateful toadies. There´s no love, wisdom, or human understanding in anything he says.

Communist humor? Examples: In the old USSR an ordinary Russsian, asked about his factory job, replied, "We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us."

On Cuba´s north coast just above Havana a Canadian tourist noted a Cuban fisherman´s daily catch, and complimented him on his fishing prowess. The fisherman responded, "Yes, we thank Fidel for it." Searching for a topic for small talk, the Canadian continued, "It´s a lovely day, isn´t it?" The fisherman answered, "Yes, we thank Fidel for it." His teeth starting to clench, the Canadian asked, "What will you do when Fidel dies?" The fisherman smiled and said, "We will thank God for it."

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Reply 16 - Posted by: StuartL, 5/5/2014 1:59:53 PM     (No. 9837324)

Somewhere in the Ukraine, circa 1900:

"Tell us, Rabbi, is it permitted to pray for the Tsar?"

"Yes, of course, of course it is. May the Lord bless and keep the Tsar..... far from us!"

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Kett1953, 5/5/2014 2:37:13 PM     (No. 9837378)

Your comments on how the liberal audience howled in agreement with BHO´s pathetic attempts at humor reminded me of what Orwell said of journalists in "1984". The Inner Party --"the new aristocracy"--was composed mostly of "bureaucrats, scientists, technicians,trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians." The Democratic Party owns most of these groups, certainly the journalists. Orwell understood that they were part of society that was "hungrier for pure power" and intent "on crushing opposition." (206) So when we see the media quacking approval of all that Their Leader says, we should not be surprised. We were warned by Orwell that they were dangerous. And the WHCD shows it over and over.

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Oh, Brother
Politico Magazine, by Bill Minutaglio    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 5:45:08 AM     Post Reply
George W. Bush owns what he calls a “treasured” picture that depicts him being sworn in as governor of Texas for the first time—the image also shows what he says is his “pensive” brother Jeb in the background. George W. has studied the picture and come to a conclusion about the moody look on Jeb’s face as he stands, in the second row, directly behind their misty-eyed father: Jeb, George W. wrote in his autobiography, is “no doubt thinking of what might have been.” The picture was taken in 1995, not long after Jeb had lost his own gubernatorial race in

Pro-immigration protesters again
storm Eric Cantor´s condo
Washington Examiner [DC], by Sean Higgins    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 5:31:04 AM     Post Reply
For the second time in six months, a group of pro-immigration protesters stormed inside the private northern Virginia residence of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. About two dozen activists from a group called Casa de Virginia appeared at the Cantor’s condo complex in Arlington at about 8 p.m. Thursday. One distracted the complex´s front desk clerk long enough to allow the rest to stream into the lobby area. Once inside, they attempted to distribute fliers to residents accusing Cantor of being “the one man blocking immigration reform.” They also loudly chanted, according to residents. At least one protester shouted through a

UT Regent Uncovered Waste, Fraud And
Abuse… And Might Be Fired For It
Daily Caller, by Robby Soave    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 5:25:36 AM     Post Reply
Days after taking office as a regent of the University of Texas, Wallace Hall began making discoveries that pointed toward considerable administrative wrongdoing, questionable admissions decisions and misuse of public funds. Three years later, UT-Austin President Bill Powers and his friends in the Texas legislature are doing everything they can to silence Hall–and may take the unprecedented step of forcibly removing him from office. As a pretext, administrators have claimed that Hall’s insatiable demand for UT records (he has requested that over 800,000 pages of documents be made public) hampered university operations. “It’s time that there’s some action that has to be taken,”

How the Internet Killed Tom Cruise
Washington Free Beacon, by Sonny Bunch    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 5:18:40 AM     Post Reply
There’s a great, longish piece by Amy Nicholson on how the Internet has made us misremember Tom Cruise’s couch-jumping misadventure with Oprah and the impact this has had on his career. You should read the whole thing; I just wanted to briefly highlight this: Building up to 2005, Cruise had tackled some of the most challenging dramas of any actor of his generation: Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Vanilla Sky. Even his popcorn flicks — Minority Report,Collateral, War of the Worlds — were intriguingly dark. He’d never played it safe or shot a cash-grab. He trusted that if he chose movies he




Boom Time
American Spectator, by Enemy Central    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 5:12:06 AM     Post Reply
The Rev. Wright wasn’t around, so our leader found a worthy substitute, the great DB Richard Sherman, visiting the White House along with other Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks to receive full presidential honors and lessons on leadership and teamwork. But not before “Sherman” was singled out for his mic work. That was a knowing reference to the trash talk little Richard engaged in upon securing his team’s playoff win against hated San Francisco. The sort of talk and taunting that remains as classless as that when Muhammad Ali bullied a fighter he’d just knocked out. The very kind of

Bloom off Clinton rose after
Margolies loss in Pennsylvania
Washington Times, by Wesley Pruden    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 5:04:28 AM     Post Reply
These are not happy times for Hillary Clinton. Nor Bubba, either. They got a wake-up call Tuesday that was less a call than a fire bell in the night. Neither has slept a wink since. The fire bell is not about Hillary’s fragile health or even, at the moment, about what she did — and more important, didn’t do — as secretary of state. It’s far more serious than that. The Clinton mojo isn’t working. This is two in a row on the losing end of selected congressional races. Bubba still has the impish smile, the ingratiating c**k of the head, the

Raiding and Trading in the American West
American Conservative, by Shawn Regan    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 4:59:15 AM     Post Reply
In 1994, economists Terry Anderson and Fred McChesney proposed a simple theory of violence on the American frontier. Their paper, published in the Journal of Law and Economics, modeled an important choice that white settlers and Indians faced when conflicts arose over land claims: Would the two groups fight or negotiate to resolve disputes? Or to put it another way, would they raid or trade?(Snip)The range war brewing on federal lands in the West, witnessed last month in the standoff on Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada, is case in point. There, where more than half of the land in western

Cuban was just being realistic
New York Post, by Naomi Schaefer Riley    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 4:42:05 AM     Post Reply
If Mark Cuban was trying to defend Donald Sterling yesterday, he failed. Suggesting that we shouldn’t throw stones at the LA Clippers owner for his racist comments, Cuban said, “I know I’m prejudiced. I know I’m bigoted in a lot of different ways. If I see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, I’ll move to the other side of the street.” Sorry, Mark Cuban, but you are not — at least to judge by that sentiment — a bigot. In fact, you’re in good company. Jesse Jackson once famously acknowledged, “There is nothing more painful

The Veterans Scandal:
Socialized Medicine on Trial
PJ Media, by Roger L. Simon    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/23/2014 4:28:35 AM     Post Reply
Many have wondered about Barack Obama’s prolonged silence concerning the disastrous situation at the Veterans Administration hospitals and then his odd detached demeanor (well, maybe not that odd for him) when he finally did discuss it at a press conference. The answer is simple. His lifetime dream of a free public (single payer) healthcare system for all just disintegrated in front of him. Forget the wildly ambitious and pervasive “Affordable Care Act,” the government couldn’t even handle the health of our wounded servicemen, acknowledged for years to be by far the group most deserving of medical attention in our country.

Hypersensitivity and the 9/11 Memorial
National Review Online, by Charles C.W. Cooke    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/22/2014 3:12:29 PM     Post Reply
Ace of Spades has an excellent rant on his website today, in which he implores the press and its customers to “stop with all the 9/11 museum hypersensitivity.” It’s a tricky topic, certainly, but one I think he addresses pretty well. I’ve been bothered by this for a long time. I understand that the 9/11 site is the place where 3000 people were murdered. However, I’ve been very annoyed at the demands that the 9/11 site not be used for anything dirty like Commerce or Ordinary Human Activities. The 9/11 site is not a graveyard. A graveyard is a consecrated site, pregnant with

How Obama Became the
Superhero of Excuses
National Journal, by Ron Fournier    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/22/2014 3:07:59 PM     Post Reply
You helped elect an untested presidential candidate, a man almost as liberal as you. He promised to heal the oceans, make health care an inalienable right, and transform Washington´s toxic culture. You mocked Republicans, independents, and squishy Democrats who had the audacity to criticize your guy, much less doubt the inevitability of his victory. President Obama won—twice—and then didn´t live up to anybody´s expectations, including his own. What do you do? Well, if you´re Ezra Klein and a coterie of inflexibly progressive pundits, you repurpose an attack used against President George W. Bush´s bombastic approach to geopolitics. You call anybody who

Tea party leader, Laurel man
arrested in Cochran case
Clarion Ledger [Jackson, MS], by Geoff Pender & Sam R. Hall    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 5/22/2014 3:00:09 PM     Post Reply
1:47 p.m.: Madison Municipal Judge Dale Danks has set bond for Mark Mayfield at $250,000. Richard Sager´s bond has been set at $250,000 per count. He faces one charge of conspiracy and one charge of tampering with evidence. 1:39 p.m.: District Attorney Michael Guest says the man accused of taking allegedly illegal photos of Rose Cochran is now facing conspiracy charges. Clayton Kelly is expected in court in the city of Madison today. 1:30 p.m.: District Attorney Michael Guest confirms that Richard Sager of Laurel is the second person arrested today in relation to the Rose Cochran photo scandal. Sager is a P.E. teacher

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Alleged Gunman´s Family Releases
Statement Supporting Gun Control

78 replie(s)
Breitbart California, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/24/2014 8:26:08 PM     Post Reply
On May 24, the family of Santa Barbara shooting suspect Elliot Rodger released a statement through their attorney saying they are "against guns" and support gun control. On May 23, their son allegedly shot and killed 7 people, including himself, and wounded 7 others. Breitbart News reported his motive was "retribution" for women who had rejected his advances. Elliot was the son of Peter Rodger, one of the assistant directors of Hollywood´s The Hunger Games. According to the Post and Courier, attorney Alan Shifman spoke on behalf of the family, saying: "My client´s mission in life will be to try

Sen. Corker: White House Meeting About
Obama’s Foreign Policy ‘One Of
The Most Bizarre I’ve Attended’

42 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Flyright- 5/24/2014 7:20:03 AM     Post Reply
ASHINGTON — White House officials have been holding private meetings this week aimed at soothing lawmakers’ concerns over the U.S. posture in Syria, the future of the American military presence in Afghanistan and defense spending. The meetings come as a frustrated White House seeks to push back at criticism of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. But the White House outreach appeared to be having little effect on some lawmakers’ concerns. Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, described Tuesday night’s White House meeting with chief of staff Denis McDonough and national security adviser Susan

If America had a Memorial Day
for peace, would the nation be
more reluctant to go to war?

36 replie(s)
Los Angeles Times, by Scott Martelle    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 5/24/2014 9:37:52 AM     Post Reply
What a society chooses to memorialize says a lot about what it values, which is worth contemplating this weekend as the nation recognizes the sacrifices of military men and women who died in service to their country. (Snip) Warrior culture pervades American society, from the military flyovers at major public events to the video games we play, to the movies and TV shows we watch. It even informs the vocabulary of our political life, where "war chests" finance "campaigns" by "foot soldiers" in "battleground" states directed by top "lieutenants." Less militarily, there´s the obligatory singing of the national anthem before

Father of Slain Victim Blames Son’s
Death on NRA and Craven Politicians

33 replie(s)
Breitbart California, by Robert Wilde    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/25/2014 8:34:09 AM     Post Reply
(Video) In an emotional statement, the father of a victim of the mass murder in Isla Vista on Friday night addressed reporters Saturday and warned families that it can happen to them too. "Our family has a message for every parent out there: You don’t think it’ll happen to your child until it does.” According to the Los Angeles Times, Richard Martinez, the father of Chris Martinez, who was killed in the premeditated attack near the campus of UC Santa Barbara, spoke for 45 minutes, extolled the virtues of his son, and expressed his disdain for the National Rifle Association

They Had a Dream
32 replie(s)
Weekly Standard, by Noemie Emery    Original Article
Posted By: trapper- 5/24/2014 5:57:23 PM     Post Reply
They had a dream. For almost a hundred years now, the famed academic-artistic-and-punditry industrial complex has dreamed of a government run by their kind of people (i.e., nature’s noblemen), whose intelligence, wit, and refined sensibilities would bring us a heaven on earth. Their keen intellects would cut through the clutter as mere mortals’ couldn’t. They would lift up the wretched, oppressed by cruel forces. Above all, they would counter the greed of the merchants, the limited views of the business community, and the ignorance of the conformist and dim middle class.

Obama Slips Into Afghanistan
to Visit US Troops

31 replie(s)
Assocaited Press, by Julie Pace    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 5/25/2014 12:08:54 PM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama secretly slipped into Afghanistan under the cover of darkness Sunday for a weekend visit with U.S. troops serving in the closing months of America´s longest war. Air Force One landed at Bagram Air Field, the main U.S. base in Afghanistan, after an overnight flight from Washington. Obama was scheduled to spend just a few hours on the base and had no plans to travel to Kabul, the capital, to meet with Hamid Karzai, the mercurial president who has had a tumultuous relationship with the White House. Obama´s surprise trip comes as the U.S. and NATO withdraw most of their

Allen West’s Question On Donald
Sterling And Obama Makes A Powerful
Point About Our Culture

29 replie(s)
Independent Journal Review, by Kevin Boyd    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2014 11:59:56 PM     Post Reply
Former Congressman Allen West wrote an article about the issues surrounding the Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling in which he asks: Has our culture devolved to the point that the private statements of an NBA owner draws more outrage than the lies and deceit of the President of the United States? He has a point. Let’s take a look at just some of the lies President Barack Obama has told during his time in office: Perhaps his most famous one is “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” award-winner. The fact is,

This Futuristic Idea Is Cool,
Regardless Of Where You
Stand On Climate Change

29 replie(s)
Independent Journal Review, by Kevin Boyd    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/24/2014 9:40:18 PM     Post Reply
(Video) There is a company called Solar Roadways that is proposing to replace all of America’s roads, bike paths, sidewalks, and pavement with solar panels. According to The Blaze, the video has gone viral with over a million views. Here’s what the website says this company can do: Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks (250,000 pounds). These Solar Road Panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds… literally any surface under the sun. They pay for themselves primarily through the generation of electricity, which

A chilling message from the
cartels: Billboards with hanging
mannequins warning cops to choose
´silver over lead´ appear in Texas

26 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Meghan Keneally    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2014 9:28:12 PM     Post Reply
Two frightening incidents of vandalism in El Paso near the Mexican border in Texas have been interpreted as warnings from drug cartels. In both instances, a mannequin wearing a suit and tie was tied to a billboard with a noose and messages were scrawled over the placards. Local station KHOU reports that one of the signs reads ´Plata o Plombo´ which translates to ´silver or lead´, a threat used commonly against police officers effectively warning that if they do not accept the cartel´s bribes then they will be shot. ´This symbol has historically been used by Mexican drug cartels to

´I will punish all of you´: Seven dead
after 22-year-old student goes on
shooting rampage because women
rebuffed his advances

26 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Associated Press and Alex Greig    Original Article
Posted By: SoCalGal- 5/24/2014 10:18:43 AM     Post Reply
A gunman went on a drive-by shooting rampage in a Santa Barbara student enclave and at least seven people were killed, including the attacker, authorities said. Investigators believe a 22-year-old named Elliot Rodger driving a black BMW acted alone in the shootings late Friday night near the University of California, Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown confirmed at a news conference early Saturday that that seven people were killed, including the gunman, and seven wounded. Rodger is thought to be the son of Peter Rodger, assistant director of the Hollywood film franchise The Hunger Games. Authorities are examining

Federal judge puts U.S. Rep. John
Conyers back on primary ballot

25 replie(s)
Detroit Free Press, by Kathleen Gray    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 5/23/2014 7:40:29 PM     Post Reply
U.S. Rep. John Conyers’ on-again, off-again roller coaster ride for the Aug. 5 ballot took a new twist Friday when U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman put the 85-year-old congressman back on the ballot. Leitman’s decision, released late Friday, contradicts the Secretary of State’s review of Conyers’ petitions, which found earlier in the day that Conyers had less than half the required signatures of valid registered voters on the petitions he turned in to qualify for the Aug. 5 primary ballot.But Leitman said the requirement that petition ciruclators be registered voters — the issue that got Conyers booted off the ballot in

Wannabe Gangsters Just ´Tryin´ to Eat´
When Killed During Break-In

25 replie(s)
American Thinker, by John Bennett    Original Article
Posted By: ScarletPimpernel- 5/24/2014 8:36:34 AM     Post Reply
After breaking into an elderly widow’s house twice in a row, two teenagers were killed by an armed occupant, in self-defense. Steven Crider, 17, and Michael Sambrano, 14, were shot in the chest numerous times after breaking in to the widow’s home. Now, the dead thieves’ friends and family are publicly complaining that “it was wrong that they were shot” and that the thieves were just “tryin’ to eat.” Everyone needs to eat, but how many people actually need to steal in order to eat? The number must be extremely small.


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