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‘Duck Dynasty’ star:
‘Them gays’ make life hard in NYC

New York Post, by Michael Gartland

Original Article

Posted By:Drive, 12/22/2013 7:29:15 AM

Those who know “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson — or have listened to him speak — shouldn’t be surprised by his recent anti-gay statements. Earlier this year, during a candid moment with a female Post reporter, he asked whether she was seeing anyone. When she said no, he responded, “Must be hard in New York — what with all them gays.” Robertson’s opinions about gays and religion were so widely known, in fact, that members of his family are accusing the A&E network of “hanging him out to dry” — setting up an inflammatory interview with GQ magazine just so they could punish him. Sick of the Robertsons and


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Reply 1 - Posted by: globalwarmer, 12/22/2013 7:48:28 AM     (No. 9664116)

What a schlub, eh? Believes in monogamy and heterosexuality. We just can´t tolerate that in today´s "enlightened" culture.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: jir, 12/22/2013 7:59:06 AM     (No. 9664127)

Talk about piling on! Give me a break. That is not offensive other and it happens to be true. In my earl 30s, working for a big not-for-profit, I was dismayed to find all of my cute male co-workers were gay, gay, gay. Needless to say that did not make me happy, happy, happy. Now enough already leave the Robertson´s alone!

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Reply 3 - Posted by: planetgeo, 12/22/2013 8:17:42 AM     (No. 9664146)

Well A&E could take Pajama Boy in his footie with a backflap and start a new reality series in NYC called "Gerbil Dynasty".

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Mobyclik, 12/22/2013 8:21:42 AM     (No. 9664150)

I see Cracker Barrel has pulled their sponsorship fom Duck Dynasty. Well, I believe in being ´fair´, so I´ve pulled my visits from Cracker Barrel.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Mobyclik, 12/22/2013 8:24:04 AM     (No. 9664152)

Sorry, meant to mention I also let them know: http://www.crackerbarrel.com/contact-us/

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Reply 6 - Posted by: FlatCityGirl, 12/22/2013 8:52:22 AM     (No. 9664174)

Folks, you are going to start hearing all sorts of "quotes" attributed to the Robertsons. Quotes --words, that were never spoken.

Phil has a masters degree in education. Do you really think he would have said, "Them gays"?

Think about it.

In this piece, I see, " . . . one source said."

The piece from the UK above quotes a "source" who wished not to be identified.

Do not trust anything you hear attributed to the Robertsons. Unless it comes straight from one of the family, it is suspect on its face --unless you hear it from Uncle Si, and then it still may be suspect. [LOL] I love that man.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: edgar, 12/22/2013 9:41:32 AM     (No. 9664239)

Did Phil speak the Bible or make homophobic or anti-gay comments? I say the former!

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Reply 8 - Posted by: dcomd, 12/22/2013 9:41:53 AM     (No. 9664241)

Thanks #4/5.

I just let Cracker Barrel know that I would NOT be spending any of my hard earned money there either.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Not your typical New Yorker, 12/22/2013 10:19:44 AM     (No. 9664285)

Phil "ain´t got his mind right" and it´s driving the P.C. nazis crazy!

Keep on keeping on Philly!

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Reply 10 - Posted by: RancherJack, 12/22/2013 10:35:00 AM     (No. 9664305)

Phil said nothing condemning the man. Only the act.

Michael Gartland, on the the hand, is condemning the man.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: papasparky, 12/22/2013 11:28:01 AM     (No. 9664374)

Dear Phil, . . . I´m mad-as-hell and I would write to Bill O´Reilly´s factor except his word limit would preclude me from venting the first 5 lbs of my 100 lb psi head of steam!

What has my boiler sounding like one of those out-of-tune calliopes at an August Fair in Iowa, you ask? -- Cracker Barrel, that´s what -- that´s right CRACKER BARREL!

To begin with, Jesse Jackson has been walking around calling us white folk "crackers", (in his tongue tied delivery) for years and more recently Rachel Jeantel has added "ass" to the slur in her attempt to beatify Trayvon. What did we hear from the barrel CEO´s? Crickets -- that´s right CRICKETS!

I´ll stop there, Phil, but believe me, I could continue until this list would be longer than your beard -- as could thousands of other folks around fly-over country.

I conclude that if "Red Skins" is offensive to the legacy of courageous braves who fought to protect their women and children and should be changed,then the "Cracker" in cracker barrel should also be put in the garbage dumpster behind each of their establishments.

In order to facilitate this demand, allow me to suggest some replacements: Peril Barrel, suggestive of the condition when you dine there, or Feral Barrel, describes the mental state of some of their managers, etc., or get really avant garde and combine the two and open a Feral Peril Barrel. In today´s Obama Lo Fo society catchy rhyming is important.

Enough said, my pop off valve has quit vibrating.

Phil, I´m with millions of other good folks, keep calling a shovel what it is and wear a big smile all the way to the bank.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: Grumpy Yee, 12/22/2013 12:13:02 PM     (No. 9664441)

Some people just don´t read well enough to know that the Cracker Barrel pulled the Ducky Dynasty merchandise that is trademarked by A&E but not the Duck Commander merchandise that is directly related to the Duck Dynasty clan. Don´t boycott Cracker Barrel because they pulled the Duck Dynasty brand merchandise. Go and support them because they know the difference between A&E trademarked merchandise from Duck Dynasty-Duck Commander merchandise. PS I have many lady friends here on the left coast who have also voiced their opinion that there are too many gay men in in SF to find a good real man.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: JediJerry, 12/22/2013 12:14:47 PM     (No. 9664444)

Phil Robertson got set up and played like a 5 string banjo at a ho down. It is one of those Connie Chung just between you and me moments kind of interview that was planned well in advance and used for maximum effect and for maximum damage. The left is so obsessed with the success of DD that they had to hatch a plan to destroy them and this was the end result. This will back fire like an exploding cigar in their faces. Duck ´em all!

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Reply 14 - Posted by: faith_and_reason, 12/22/2013 1:10:24 PM     (No. 9664531)

FTA: Earlier this year, during a candid moment with a female Post reporter, he asked whether she was seeing anyone.

When she said no, he responded, “Must be hard in New York — what with all them gays.”

My thoughts? Why is the supposed reporter not identified? Is "candid moment" another way to say "off the record, so not mentioned in any article, before today?"

And was today´s "recollection" conveniently recalled to bolster the failing narrative that Phil has animosity towards homosexuals?

I don´t believe the reporter, and I don´t believe the report. Somebody is following the commands of the "gay" activists.

By the way, is that the harshest language they can find or plausibly make up?!!

That speaks very well of Phil!

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Reply 15 - Posted by: gramma b, 12/22/2013 2:06:55 PM     (No. 9664607)

A lot of us find homosexual behavior to be sick and disgusting. We ought to be able to say so.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Pinchem, 12/22/2013 3:30:07 PM     (No. 9664688)

Shame on the Cry babies calling for the boycott of Cracker Barrel. First they considered pulling Duck products by A&E but not by Duck Commander. Yet the article said they would examine the situation.

I would not boycott them for taking time to evaluate the situation. We should all wait to see their final decision before being acting like cry baby idiots.

Well, they decided to not pull ANY Duck products off their shelves.

See this boycott crap is nothing but cry baby stuff. If you believe in boycotting Cracker Barrel, then answer this: Since Lucianne allows gays, liberals, anti-americans on this site should you not also boycott Lucianne.com?

Of course not. But then most hypocrites do not recognize themselves.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: JoElla Bee, 12/22/2013 4:34:12 PM     (No. 9664738)

#6, I agree with your premise, but do have to say that I think it´s possible that Phil Robertson could have - and very likely may have - used common vernacular.
Why would he want to disappoint the expectations of erudite, enlightened NYC reporters who have probably swallowed every stereotypical description of "ignernt backwoods rednecks" such as the Robertson "clan".

As to that masters degree in english. It´s from a little ole backwoods college - Louisiana Tech - kinda like Sarah Palin´s "ejication" - them degrees didn´t come from no Ivy League school so they don´t mean nuthin´.

Some Southerners get a kick out of being ´misunderestimated´ from time to time.
But, for the most part, it´s just that the Robertsons, along with many others, don´t have a pretentious bone in their bodies and don´t fret over what those who set store in such things happen to think about them.

Here is an example in a Sports Illustrated interview with Phil Robertson mentioned in this WaPo piece:


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Obamacare will cost large companies between $4,800 and $5,900 more per employee and add hundreds of millions to their overhead, according to a new survey. The American Health Policy Institute conducted a confidential survey of 100 large employers—those with 10,000 or more employees—asking what costs they expect to incur from Obamacare over the next decade. Factoring in the health care law’s added mandates, fees, and regulatory burdens, employers anticipate cost hikes between $163 million and $200 million in 2016, a 4.3 percent increase. By 2023, employers will be paying 8.4 percent more than “what they would otherwise be spending” for

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Stop NYSE Traders Stop
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Democratic lawmakers and campaign finance reform advocates quickly bashed Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision to strike down total limits on individual campaign contributions, warning of future corruption in elections. Meanwhile, Republicans largely cheered the ruling from the narrowly divided court, which found it unconstitutional to impose caps on the aggregate amounts that one person can donate to campaigns, parties and political action committees. Calling himself “all for freedom,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Wednesday commended the ruling, saying “donors ought to have the freedom to give what they want to give."

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Santiago, Chili-Authorities lifted tsunami warnings for Chile’s long coastline early Wednesday after a magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck the South American nation’s northern coast. Six people were crushed to death or suffered fatal heart attacks, a remarkably low toll for such a powerful shift in the Earth’s crust. The earthquake was so powerful, shaking was felt 300 miles away from its center in Bolivia’s capital, CBS News’ Vicente Arenas reports. The extent of damage from Tuesday night’s quake couldn’t be fully assessed before daybreak, President Michelle Bachelet said, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She declared a state of emergency in the region and

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – President Obama compared the Republican budget plan to a "stinkburger" or "meanwich" during a speech here Wednesday, using a series of zingers in an attempt to strike a contrast with the GOP on economic issues in an election year. In a speech to an enthusiastic crowd of 1,400 at the University of Michigan, Obama repeatedly mocked Republican ideas about how to improve the economy, as he touted his own proposal to raise the minimum wage. Obama, who visited the local Zingerman´s deli before the speech, said that Republican proposals to cut taxes for wealthier Americans and

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Big changes could be just down the road for North Carolina drivers. A proposal is in the works that would change the state tax system to charge drivers by the mile, instead of at the gas pump.The proposal would be to charge a half cent per mile for cars, which would generate almost $500 million in annual state revenue. A driver who travelled 15,000 miles in a year would pay about $75. "Basically you pay per the mile. It´s treating transportation as a utility, much like your water and sewer," said Larry Goode, with the Institute of Transportation Research and
Source corrected by Staff

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It´s the end of an era: David Letterman announced Thursday that he´s retiring from CBS´ "Late Show" sometime next year. He made that announcement during the taping of his program this afternoon. The late-night talk show host, who will celebrate his 67th birthday next week, made his debut on the "Late Show" on Aug. 30, 1993. Letterman got his television start in 1978 on the CBS variety series "Mary," starring Mary Tyler Moore. Months later, he paid his first visit to "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" -- marking the first of 22 appearances. He also guest-hosted "Tonight" numerous times.

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Do you think members of Congress are overpaid or underpaid? Most likely you’d go with the former, but Democratic congressman Jim Moran argues it’s actually the latter. In an interview with CQ Roll Call, Moran says, “I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid.” The House recently took up a bill to freeze members’ paychecks, placing another halt on the annual cost-of-living pay increases they would normally get and keeping annual salary at $174,000. Moran believes that this is the wrong way to go, not necessarily talking about himself in particular, but saying there

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Should Say No to Jeb 2016

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Daily Beast, by Myra Adams    Original Article
Posted By: tisHimself- 4/2/2014 6:39:16 AM     Post Reply
With Chris Christie in deep trouble, Republican poobahs are reportedly looking to Jeb Bush to save their party in 2016. The former two-term governor of Florida speaks fluent Spanish, is a convert to Catholicism, and has high name recognition. Jeb could raise millions of dollars over night by just saying “yes” to running. Despite all this, there are strong reasons Republicans should say no to him. 1. His last name is poison. Let’s face it, if Jeb Bush had the last name of Something Else he would have already run for president in 2008 or 2012. According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll registered voters were asked if they would definitely NOT vote for Jeb Bush and 50 percent said they would not.

The GOP faithful should
give Jeb Bush a hearing

25 replie(s)
Washington Post, by George F. Will    Original Article
Posted By: tisHimself- 4/2/2014 11:20:56 PM     Post Reply
The human kindling that makes up the flammable Republican base may soon burst into flames, again. Portions of that excitable cohort are looking — some with fawn-like eyes filled with hurt, others with sparks shooting from eyes narrowed like gun slits — askance at other Republicans urging Jeb Bush to seek the 2016 presidential nomination. A candidacy by Florida’s former governor would be desirable. But if Republicans want to avoid intra-party carnage, they should be very careful about doing what The Post recently reported: “Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft

Defense Secretary ´Looking´ at Banning
Tobacco Sales at Military Installations

24 replie(s)
Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/2/2014 5:23:20 AM     Post Reply
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is "looking" at banning the sale of tobacco at military installations. According to one military publication, Hagel appears to support it. "As the Navy considers banning tobacco sales on all bases and ships, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a strong endorsement of the review Monday, and suggested that he would be in favor of a ban," reports Stars and Stripes. “I don’t know if there’s anybody in America who still thinks that tobacco is good for you,” Stars and Stripes quotes Hagel as saying. “We don’t allow smoking in any of our government buildings. Restaurants, states, [and]

Sarah Palin Continues to Discredit Herself
24 replie(s)
Commentary Magazine, by Peter Wehner    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 4/2/2014 2:45:34 PM     Post Reply
Sarah Palin continues to act in ways that confirm some of the more negative things said about her. For example, she’s taken to Facebook to attack the most recent budget plan by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.(Snip)Whatever differences Ms. Palin may have with the Ryan plan–and perhaps she’ll take the time to offer an actual critique of if rather than a Facebook entry with lots of upper case words–it’s hardly a joke. But what might elicit a roll of the eyes is comparing Ms. Palin’s views now versus what they were nearly four years ago. Consider this: On December

Harry Reid on Koch Brothers:
‘Shadow Billionaires’ Spending
to ‘Rig Our Political System’

24 replie(s)
Cybercast News Service, by Penny Starr    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/3/2014 6:02:21 PM     Post Reply
At a press conference to push legislation to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) criticized industrialists David and Charles Koch, calling them “shadow billionaires” who use their wealth to “rig our political system.” Reid’s sharp comments come on a day when the Wall Street Journal published a commentary written by Charles Koch, in which he described the brothers’ decision to get involved in politics to preserve the individual freedom and free markets that he said are the pillars of the American republic. “These two men are a pair of shadow billionaires spending


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