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Don´t Tread on My Light Bulbs
National Review, by Robert Bryce

Original Article

Posted By:Judy W., 12/21/2013 6:42:52 AM

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 — one of the most pork-filled bits of federal energy legislation ever passed by Congress — continues to haunt us. That legislation, signed into law by George W. Bush, forced more ethanol into our motor-fuel supply. And come New Year’s Day, it will effectively eliminate a type of light bulb — the standard 40- and 60-watt incandescent — that consumers have been using since the days of Thomas Edison. (The January 1 ban on 40- and 60-watt bulbs follows the phase-out of the 75- and 100-watt incandescent bulbs that took effect at the


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Bazi, 12/21/2013 7:21:44 AM     (No. 9662668)

In a few short years, they will be wondering why there is a dramatic increase of mercury in our water supply and landfills: The fish are dying! Why? WHY?!

We have a nice stash of ILBs to get us through till we can afford the transition to the new generation of LEDs. So far,at our house,they work really well as kitchen cabinet undermount lights and o
f course, Merry Christmas lights.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: franq, 12/21/2013 7:24:13 AM     (No. 9662671)

Hard and fast rule - beware any piece of legislation that has the word "security" or "protection" in it.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog, 12/21/2013 7:28:48 AM     (No. 9662676)

The cold grey light of dawn will now the cold grey light every time a CF light bulb is energized.

Our finely-attuned hunter-gatherer ears can tell the difference between analog/vacuum tube sound waves (emphasis on waves) and bursts of bits and bytes in digital form.

Similarly, our eyes detect the flickering of flourescent lights and eventually our brains´ fatigue at coping with the on/off pattern causes headaches etc. Newer technology is supposed to overcome this cycling but I´m not sold.

Besides, a steady glow from a filament is cheery, has certain light ´overtones´ in the spectrum (which is why they started using a blue tint) and is a more natural replication of the sun, which was the original point.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: planetgeo, 12/21/2013 7:41:37 AM     (No. 9662697)

The only thing worth doing with their squiggly bulbs is screwing it up their origice where the sun don´t shine.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Philly_Patriot, 12/21/2013 7:55:06 AM     (No. 9662718)

As one of the 10s or 100s of thousands of Americans who get severe headaches and nausea from flickering lights ......... all I can do is stock up on light bulbs.

One of the Head Trauma Medical groups warned the Congress about this ........ but to no avail.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: walcb, 12/21/2013 8:08:31 AM     (No. 9662741)

The low energy bulbs aren´t as comparatively efficient as believed. The heat generated by incan bulbs offset heat not needed from your heating system--at least in the winter. For the warmer climates they make more sense.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Gordon Mills, 12/21/2013 8:31:03 AM     (No. 9662774)

Check out rough service incandescent bulbs.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: WAN2, 12/21/2013 9:03:40 AM     (No. 9662826)

;And this wouldn´t be a vote-getter? Elect me and get your 100 Watt light bulbs back!

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Seething Citizen, 12/21/2013 9:06:35 AM     (No. 9662833)

While completely ignoring their sworn functions, our impotent Congress interferes with our personal lives daily. CFL bulbs are crap and hazardous. I´ve been stockpiling real light bulbs for a few years.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: mc squared, 12/21/2013 9:14:19 AM     (No. 9662856)

The cost savings for LEDs and CFLs are imaginary in the long run. Power producers know what their revenue must be in 5 - 10 years to cover growth. If we all switched to low energy bulbs tomorrow, do you think that revenue wouldn´t come from rising rates?

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Reply 11 - Posted by: franq, 12/21/2013 2:49:27 PM     (No. 9663452)

Right, like that dimbulb (pun intended) congressman who wanted to raise the gas tax because people are driving more fuel-efficient cars. It never ends.

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What the Post-American
World Will Look Like
FrontPage, by Daniel Greenfield    Original Article
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The Cold War map of the world divided into two camps was simple and clear. The post-American world will be a much more ambiguous place. Instead of two global ideological alliances based around two world powers, there will be three post-ideological powers, no longer global in scope, and one worldwide ideological alliance. The United States, Russia and China are post-ideological states. Russia and China have abandoned Communism. The United States is even abandoning nationalism; to say nothing of capitalism, democracy or freedom. Its rulers cling to scraps of global leftist ideology that isolate them from their own people.

Gadsden Flag: Too Racist for
Government Buildings, But Just
Right for Obamacare Propaganda!
Reason, by Matt Welch    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/22/2014 7:53:20 AM     Post Reply
Q: What is the Gadsden "Don´t Tread on Me" flag? A. (1775): A banner designed by Continental Col. Christopher Gadsden, using colonial rattlesnake imagery popularized by Benjamin Franklin, that accompanied the first-ever mission of the nascent U.S. Navy. A. (1991): A song and album cover from Metallica. A. (2004): A common sight at anti-Iraq War protests. A. (2009): According to law enforcement officials, “the most common symbol displayed by militia members and organizations,” possibly indicative of “terrorist or criminal operations.” (Snip). A. (March 2014): According to Democratic strategist and daughter-of-the-House-minority-leader Christine Pelosi, a symbol to be re-appropriated in the

Dangerous Times: Obama Surrenders
American Thinker, by James Lewis    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/22/2014 7:24:53 AM     Post Reply
The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described the “inversion of values” -- how deeply envious people can twist good into evil. Obama has now accomplished a perfect inversion of American values. Putin’s thuggery in the Crimea is rewarded by a slap on the wrist so effete that a Russian politician immediately tweeted “Comrade Obama” to laugh at him. Iran was just rewarded for thirty years of murderous aggression -- thirty years of Death to America! Death to Israel! -- by a total surrender “led from behind” by Our Hero and the Eurosocialist welfare states. Even the abject lickspittles of the Washington Post

Racial Preferences Under Siege
National Review Online, by John Fund    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/21/2014 2:16:00 PM     Post Reply
Two recent events, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast, demonstrate that after half a century, support for racial preferences in college admissions is getting more and more unsustainable — both politically and intellectually. In California, liberals have long deplored the 1996 passage of Proposition 209, which banned racial preferences at state universities. Its backers pointed out that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which is often cited as the authority for mandating preferential treatment for racial minorities, actually forbids all racial discrimination. “It is a sordid business, this divvying us up by race,” Supreme Court chief justice

A Federal Jury Speaks,
and Academic Freedom Wins
National Review, by David French    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/21/2014 1:12:58 PM     Post Reply
Yesterday, in Greenville, N.C., a federal jury found that the University of North Carolina–Wilmington (UNCW) violated the free speech rights of conservative Christian professor Mike Adams. Specifically, the jury found that Dr. Adams’s First Amendment–protected speech was a “substantial or motivating factor” in the defendants’ decision not to promote him to full professor and that defendants could not prove they would have made the same decision in the absence of Dr. Adams’s speech activity. The case now moves to the judge to determine Dr. Adams’s relief. Dr. Adams’s story has now gone from a cautionary tale of the punishment that leftist




Get To Know the Common
Core Marketing Overlords
Creators Syndicate, by Michelle Malkin    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/21/2014 7:16:12 AM     Post Reply
They´re everywhere. Turn on Fox News, local news, Animal Planet, HGTV, The Family Channel or talk radio. Pro-Common Core commercials have been airing ad nauseam in a desperate attempt to persuade American families to support the beleaguered federal education standards/testing/technology racket. Who´s funding these public relations pushes? D.C. lobbyists, entrenched politicians and Big Business interests. The foundational myth of Common Core is that it´s a "state-led" initiative with grassroots support that was crafted by local educators for the good of all of our children. But the cash and power behind the new ad campaign tell you all you need to know.

Goodbye, flexible work arrangements
McClatchy-Tribune, by James Sherk    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/21/2014 6:31:47 AM     Post Reply
Millions of salaried workers may soon lose flexibility in how they work. President Obama plans to cover them under federal overtime regulations. This won´t raise their pay. It will, however, effectively convert them into hourly workers - putting the kibosh on the flexible work arrangements many employees value. Hourly employees get paid time-and-a-half for working more than 40 hours a week. However, under the "white collar exemption," businesses can pay many salaried employees for getting the job done, not simply for the hours they´ve logged. To qualify for this exemption, an employee must make more than a minimum salary, work in

Having a venerable name can
be a key to upward mobility
Washington Examiner, by Michael Barone    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/20/2014 7:27:59 AM     Post Reply
Here´s one school of thought: America used to be a land with great upward social mobility, but isn’t any more. Here´s another: America never was a land with great upward social mobility. Which do you believe? Keep in mind that your answer will have significant implications for public policy. Most politicians, of both the Right and the Left, favor the first statement. Conservatives say big government is stifling people´s chances to move upward. Barack Obama says growing inequality of wealth is holding people down. But Gregory Clark, a British-born economist at the University of California, Davis, says the politicians have

Young People Don´t Change--
Neither Does the N.Y. Times
Townhall, by Ann Coulter    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/20/2014 7:08:24 AM     Post Reply
Let me begin by saying that I think the only issue in the 2014 election should be Obamacare. (Snip) Yet and still, I´m not sure it´s news that The New York Times ran into some kids at CPAC who are "pro-free market on fiscal issues and libertarian on social ones." ("Young Republicans Find Fault With Elders on List of Social Issues," March 10.) First of all, young people are idiots. I love them, I was one once myself -– but they´re idiots. We´ll be interested in their opinions on the basic rules of civilization as soon as they have one of three

Rand Paul: Sleeping with
the Enemy at Berkeley
PJ Media, by Roger L. Simon    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/20/2014 6:22:31 AM     Post Reply
Whatever you think of Rand Paul, he’s actually doing something that politicians rarely do — talking at length to audiences who don’t usually agree with him. And winning over new friends in the process. His recent speech at UC Berkeley, where he apparently got a standing ovation for excoriating runaway government spying on Americans, is only the latest example. Historically, the Republican Party has been just what the public thinks it is, largely a bunch of risk-averse white men who are totally clueless at public relations, even though they are on the right (correct) side of almost every issue. Meanwhile, the



Study Questions Fat and Heart Disease Link
New York Times, by Anahad O´Connor    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/19/2014 4:50:22 PM     Post Reply
Many of us have long been told that saturated fat, the type found in meat, butter and cheese, causes heart disease. But a large and exhaustive new analysis by a team of international scientists found no evidence that eating saturated fat increased heart attacks and other cardiac events. The new findings are part of a growing body of research that has challenged the accepted wisdom that saturated fat is inherently bad for you and will continue the debate about what foods are best to eat. For decades, health officials have urged the public to avoid saturated fat as much as possible, saying

Hate-Crime Laws and the
Expansion of Federal Power
National Review, by John Fund    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 3/19/2014 7:30:10 AM     Post Reply
Forty-five states and the District of Columbia provide additional penalties for crimes that they classify as “hate crimes,” over and above what would have been available if the same crime been committed with a different motivation. In 2009, President Obama signed into law a federal hate-crimes statute that adds a third level of criminalization for violent crimes that occur “because of” the victim’s “actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation.” Actual hatred is not required. It is enough that there is a causal connection between the crime and one of these

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Beijing hotel workers already ´fed up´ with
Obama entourage in 3400-square-foot,
$8,350-per-night suite inconveniencing´ pretty
much everyone´--and the first lady´s mother is*

93 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/21/2014 6:02:02 PM     Post Reply
*´barking at the staff´ Michelle Obama and three of her family members are staying in a $8,350-per-night Beijing presidential suite, but despite a 24-hour butler and other perks that come with the lodging, her entourage has inconvenienced ´pretty much everyone´ and made the hotel staff ´fed up,´ a well-placed hotel staffer has told MailOnline. [Snip] But the Obamas´ stay has already affected staff and guests at the hotel, with the Westin front-desk veteran alleging that Mrs. Obama´s mother Marian Robinson has been ´barking at the staff since she arrived.´ Government security forces from both China and the U.S. started Thursday to screen

Jimmy Carter: Obama the Only President
So Far Not to Call Me for Advice

59 replie(s)
Mediaite, by Josh Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/21/2014 10:07:18 PM     Post Reply
Jimmy Carter has been very active in the decades since his presidency, and his successors have occasionally called for his advice. Except, it turns out, the current occupant of the office. A clip from Carter’s upcoming Meet the Press interview reveals that President Obama is the first president since Carter left office not to solicit the Southern Democrat’s advice. Carter explained, “President Clinton did and President George W. Bush and H.W. Bush and even Ronald Reagan used to call on us to go into sensitive areas.” They all asked Carter to deal with “unsavory characters,” but Obama hasn’t reached out to

Too busy to be president
39 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Jeffrey T. Brown    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 3/21/2014 4:06:45 AM     Post Reply
Is Barack Obama simply too busy to be Chief Executive of the United States? Apparently. One of the primary functions of the president is to keep the nation safe, to preserve it from its enemies. To do that effectively, one would actually have to maintain something of a consistent level of attention to the moving pieces that directly influence how future events will unfold. None other than the truly sycophantic thinks for a second that President Obama cares a whit for anything that does not involve fundamentally altering the social composition of this country. Or golf. During the five-plus years

Washington Post busted!
39 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: mikkins2- 3/21/2014 8:10:31 PM     Post Reply
A Washington Post story purporting to expose the Koch brothers as behind-the-scenes beneficiaries of the Keystone Pipeline has been exposed as an utterly false propaganda operation, hilariously wrong and politically malicious. Even worse, one of the writers behind the story is married to a political operative in the left wing Koch-demonization machine. The Washington Post was recently purchased by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who ought to take a hard look at the reporters and editors who collaborated with the left wing smear machine, and while he is at it, should send a note of thanks to John Hinderaker, the blogger

Jeb Bush Praises Illegal Immigrants
as ´Risk Takers,´ Defends Common Core

33 replie(s)
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/21/2014 7:24:57 PM     Post Reply
In a speech Friday, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush praised illegal immigrants as "risk takers" who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of America and doubled down on his defense of Common Core. According to the Miami-Herald, Bush made his remarks in front of business leaders in Florida. “People who come here legally and illegally are the risk takers,” Bush reportedly said. “If you’re living in a rural area of Guatemala and you come, you’re a bigger risk taker than those who stay,” he added. Of course, the first action of those who come to the country illegally is breaking the law. Bush also said he

Why Does Michelle Obama’s
Mother Live at the White House?

32 replie(s)
PJ Media, by J. Christian Adams    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/21/2014 9:28:09 PM     Post Reply
Here’s a question I’ll bet nobody ever asked Jay Carney at a White House press briefing: Why does Michelle Obama’s mother live at the White House at taxpayer expense? (If someone has asked, please send link for me to stand corrected.) Now that Michelle Obama’s mother has caused a disruption on the latest exotic vacation for the first lady, perhaps it is time for some answers about why Marian Robinson is even on the trip to China. Worse, why is she appearing in official photographs with Chinese officials? Drudge is reporting in big bold lead letters that Marian Robinson is barking

Black preschoolers more likely
to face suspension

31 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Kimberly Hefling & Jesse J. Holland    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/21/2014 11:11:29 AM     Post Reply
Black students are more likely to be suspended from U.S. public schools — even as tiny preschoolers. The racial disparities in American education, from access to high-level classes and experienced teachers to discipline, were highlighted in a report released Friday by the Education Department´s civil rights arm. The suspensions — and disparities — begin at the earliest grades. Black children represent about 18 percent of children in preschool programs in schools, but they make up almost half of the preschoolers who are suspended more than once, the report said. Six percent of the nation´s districts with preschools reported suspending at

Michelle Obama: It´s very rare
that I have the chance to travel
outside of the United States

31 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/21/2014 12:50:07 PM     Post Reply
During her visit to China, first lady Michelle Obama pointed out that the ability to travel outside of the United States was "rare" but that she chose China for a reason. "It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother," she said. "And it is no accident that one of our first trips as a family is here to China." Obama made her remarks while visiting a school in Beijing, with the Chinese first

Washington Post Falls for Left-Wing
Fraud, Embarrasses Itself

29 replie(s)
Power Line, by John Hinderaker    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/21/2014 5:27:43 AM     Post Reply
Today’s Washington Post features an article by Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin headlined, “The biggest lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers.” The article was based on a newly-issued two-page report by the far-left International Forum on Globalization. The Post reported: You might expect the biggest lease owner in Canada’s oil sands, or tar sands, to be one of the international oil giants, like Exxon Mobil or Royal Dutch Shell. But that isn’t the case. The biggest lease holder in the northern Alberta oil sands is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, the privately-owned

Obama: Nancy Pelosi ´will
go down in history as one
of the greatest speakers´

29 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/21/2014 1:22:42 PM     Post Reply
President Obama took the opportunity to flatter House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during a fundraiser Thursday for House Democrats at the Florida home of former NBA star Alonzo Mourning. Obama said the California Democrat "will go down in history as one of the greatest speakers in our history" and indicated that he was eager to return her to her former position as Speaker of the House. "She is as tough and principled and as visionary as any member of Congress that we´ve ever seen and I´m grateful to call her a friend," he added. The fundraiser — the first of six Obama has

L´Wren Scott, and the awful
truth about women´s obituaries

28 replie(s)
The Week, by Stassa Edwards    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 3/21/2014 4:29:41 AM     Post Reply
W hen news broke that respected fashion designer L´Wren Scott had passed away on Monday, The New York Times noted her suicide with the regrettable headline "Mick Jagger´s Girlfriend Found Dead." The Times wasn´t alone in its faux pas; the Associated Press dutifully tweeted, "BREAKING: Law enforcement: Mick Jagger´ [sic] girlfriend, L´Wren Scott, found dead in NYC of possible suicide." Though the AP managed to slip Scott´s name in the headline of the report, both news organizations seemed to agree: Scott´s death was newsworthy only because of her romantic association with a legendary rock and roller. Editors at neither The New York

Without facts on the missing airliner,
the media make stuff up

28 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Eugene Robinson    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 3/21/2014 4:56:42 AM     Post Reply
Let me go out on a limb: The Malaysian airliner did not get sucked into a black hole, vanish over the Indian Ocean equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle or crash-land on the spooky island from “Lost.” Those “theories” were actually discussed on CNN this week. Host Don Lemon dismissed them as “preposterous” before asking one of his assembled “expert” guests — there were six of them waiting expectantly in their boxes on the screen — whether, you know, such ideas really were so preposterous. At which point the nonstop coverage of this tragedy entered the Twilight Zone. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines


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