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Muslim Brotherhood
Infiltrates Obama Administration

Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial

Original Article

Posted By:Desert Fox, 12/5/2013 7:28:35 PM

Homeland Insecurity: The radical Muslim Brotherhood is often dismissed in the media as a distant threat. In fact, this sworn U.S. enemy isn´t just overseas. It´s inside the gates of the White House. At least six American Islamist activists who work closely with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the Center for Security Policy in Washington. As we list the worst of these subversives, bear in mind that the FBI in 2004 uncovered the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood´s strategic plan to infiltrate the U.S. government and sabotage


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Sanspeur, 12/5/2013 7:32:19 PM     (No. 9642099)

Yo!! IBD !! this is not new! Start with prezzie´s religion , ring , father (sic) , Valjar , huma ,brennan , hey how low do you want him to bow ?? Offer up SEAL team 6 ? The most beautiful sound ? Infiltrated ? How about COUP ?

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Keekng, 12/5/2013 7:33:14 PM     (No. 9642103)

Zippy hires Muslim brotherhood dudes and Congress sits on its butt not impeaching????

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Urgent Fury, 12/5/2013 7:40:03 PM     (No. 9642115)

Infiltrate? I always thought they ARE the Administration.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Namma, 12/5/2013 7:46:17 PM     (No. 9642126)

The MB infiltrated our government. Ha..where have you been...look in the WH..One lives there...another one runs the country from there.
Need proof. Look at the policies they push toward Isreal..need more proof ...$400 million was given to the MB...

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Reply 5 - Posted by: excalgalcg, 12/5/2013 7:46:20 PM     (No. 9642127)

At least IBD is doing its homework and trying to get the info out to us. Now what do we do with it? This totally freaks me out.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Little Peep, 12/5/2013 7:58:31 PM     (No. 9642140)

zero and val jar are subversives. They are not for us or our country. I am not with, or for them and consider them the enemy. Proper punishment should be putting them in front of a firing squad. Too much bs in Washington, we need to stop the infiltration that has reached the highest level of our government.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: uno, 12/5/2013 8:17:25 PM     (No. 9642165)

A lot of petrobux made the defecrats look the other way back in 2006 and before!

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Th-Gr-Sil-Majority, 12/5/2013 8:24:40 PM     (No. 9642170)

...sounds like Barry got the "high crimes and treason" covered for the "articles"...

...there´s a bountiful harvest of scandals for the spring and summer to keep all from being bored...

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Reply 9 - Posted by: bobn.t, 12/5/2013 8:48:18 PM     (No. 9642191)

Musbros in the WH?
Tell me it ain´t true.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: KarenJ1, 12/5/2013 9:23:34 PM     (No. 9642235)

FTA: If the Obama administration will not properly vet the advisers it plucks from the Muslim community, Congress has a duty to step in and do its job for it.

Really?? Remember how Michelle Bachmann was treated when she brought up the Muslim Brotherhood as it related to Huma Abedin? She was excoriated by her fellow Republicans. Congress would get as far as they have with the IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc., nowhere. I´ve seen Elibiary´s name mentioned a lot lately. Jed Babbin and Daniel Pipes have been warning about him for a long time. We are in deep kimchi in this country and I´ve never been more concerned for our safety and how badly 0bama, Jarrett and other enemies of our country have threatened our security.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: bmw50, 12/5/2013 9:54:39 PM     (No. 9642252)

Only in a Democrat administration.

The American people are being lead to the slaughter.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: Texan1stCavDad, 12/5/2013 10:14:31 PM     (No. 9642257)

We all know this; we have been betrayed from within, from within the White House by our very own president, from within the Democratic Senate and RINOs in both houses, from within our MSM who have a responsibility to tell the truth to the American people.

Is there no leader in this country who will stand up and rally loyal Americans to defend our Constitution or is the time soon to come when we, as common citizens of this once great republic, must take it upon ourselves to fulfill the admonition and call-to-arms of Thomas Jefferson?

Our Founding Fathers knew the very real dangers they faced and they also understood (men being what they are) those internal dangers which future generations (ours, just one among them) would face. And they provided the constitutional authority and encouragement to fight and win.

Today is is far too cloudy for "Sunshine Patriots". Who will stand to lead us?

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Reply 13 - Posted by: ROLFnader, 12/5/2013 10:26:45 PM     (No. 9642268)

Okay! That DOES it! It´s time to start a 529 month congressional investigation TODAY!

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Reply 14 - Posted by: leftcoastmom, 12/5/2013 10:35:37 PM     (No. 9642279)

IBD...late to the party...better late than never I guess.

Congress will do nothing about it. Nothing.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: mizzmac, 12/5/2013 10:56:42 PM     (No. 9642308)

the offense of acting to overthrow one´s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
a violation of allegiance to one´s sovereign or to one´s state.
the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Twiggy, 12/6/2013 2:36:13 AM     (No. 9642403)

Aiding and abetting the enemy is a big reason for charges of treason. What the hell is congress waiting for? How do these people get security clearance? There is a boat load of charges against him to throw his behind out. I´m losing my patience!!

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Reply 17 - Posted by: The Advocate, 12/6/2013 2:47:40 AM     (No. 9642406)

Time to perp walk Obama et al out of the WH and take them to GITMO along with the other Islamist terrorists/spies/
Only American POTUS can be impeached - foreign agents/spies are treated - differently.

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The Back to Pelosi Budget
Wall Street Journal, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:41:15 PM     Post Reply
President Obama released his 2015 budget proposal on Tuesday, and the best way to understand it is as a campaign-strategy memo to return Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. After the rude four-year interruption of a GOP House, Mr. Obama is revving up the tax and spend engines to turn out Democrats this fall and change the debate away from ObamaCare. One of the President´s more amusing fiscal sleights-of-hand is his claim that the federal government has been enduring "austerity." Taxpayers should be so lucky. The nearby table shows the arc of tax revenues and spending during the Obama Presidency,

Mr. Farrow and the
Obama Syndrome
National Review Online, by Victor Davis Hanson    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:35:13 PM     Post Reply
Young, charismatic, good-looking, hip, and glib are all superficial traits that supposedly cerebral liberal elites have a bad habit of believing trump experience, knowledge, humility, and what the Greeks called pathei mathos, learning through requisite pain. Once someone is acclaimed as a liberal prodigy by elites, stamped with the right Ivy League brand and aristocratic contacts that resonate through networking and cocktail parties along the Boston to D.C. corridor, all normal cross-examination seems to end. He is anointed a genius—and then usually Nemesis strikes, in the fashion that the once just-about-to-be-appointed New York senator Caroline Kennedy could not find a polling

Cold War Not Over As Russia,
China Unite Over Ukraine
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:31:57 PM     Post Reply
National Security: The president who mocked his presidential foe in 2012 for saying Russia was our greatest geopolitical threat now watches as China backs Moscow as it reclaims a province of its lost empire. As it turns out, 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was right, too, when in the third presidential debate President Obama ridiculed him for listing, in response to a question, the Russia of Vladimir Putin as our number one strategic geopolitical threat. "You said Russia. Not al-Qaida. You said Russia," Obama rebuked him regarding our biggest threats. "The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy

Laura and Barbara More
Popular than Michelle and Hillary
National Review Online, by Andrew Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:30:55 PM     Post Reply
Despite Michelle Obama’s frequent media appearances, the public prefers her predecessor, a new poll finds. In fact, the first ladies during both Bush administrations had higher average favorability ratings than Obama and Hillary Clinton did during their respective times in the White House. While their husbands were in office, an average of 73 and 77 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Laura and Barbara Bush, respectively, according to a new Gallup survey. Both also enjoyed relatively low unfavorability ratings; just 10 percent thought negatively of the elder Bush, and only 15 percent of her daughter-in-law. Obama is not too far



American Voters To Blame
For Russian Aggressiveness
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:27:27 PM     Post Reply
Decline: The people, not politicians, get the credit for making America the greatest nation on earth. We also get the blame for the mess we´re now in: Americans elected this misguided president twice. Those who became adults in the Age of Obama may find it difficult to believe, but we once had a president who recoiled from routine use of the words "I" and "me" in his public utterances. "I never won anything you didn´t win for me," Ronald Reagan said in his farewell broadcast to the nation. "They never saw my troops. They never saw Reagan´s regiments: the American people." We won

Obama´s $4 Trillion Budget:
Liberalism´s Last Hurrah?
Investor´s Business Daily, by Stephen Moore    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:18:52 PM     Post Reply
Obama´s $4 Trillion Budget: Liberalism´s Last Hurrah Barack Obama keeps saying there isn´t a government program for every problem in America, but you wouldn´t know it from reading his new 2015 federal budget. This nearly $4 trillion document would spend more federal dollars on everything from climate change to green energy to transit systems to welfare state expansion to federal land purchases to day-care subsidies. The spending blueprint is a back-door scheme to bust the budget caps that already were raised just last December. It calls for spending $56 billion above those caps, to be paid for by "loophole closing" tax increases to pry

Obama´s Bizarro World
Budget For Fiscal 2015
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:15:47 PM     Post Reply
Fiscal Irresponsibility: Just how out of touch is President Obama? In the midst of a faltering economy and rising global threats, he proposes a budget that would sharply cut defense spending and impose $1.8 trillion in tax hikes. Despite its relative insignificance in the grand scheme of things, the annual White House budget proposal does provide a window into the president´s thinking on the size and scope of government. The fiscal 2015 budget — released a month late on Tuesday — also manages to showcase Obama´s worrisome detachment from reality. The budget rests, for example, on the assumption that real GDP growth this

Libs Searching for
Their Own Media Star
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 7:14:12 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Grab sound bite number one, I just want to get this out of the way and then we will move on. There are two things about this. I´m tempted to talk about things that are maybe a little inside baseball before we get to Obamacare delays and more Putin and Ukraine and all that. Do you remember this young man that may be Frank Sinatra´s son, Ronan Farrow? After three days they gave him the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism. He´s got one week now under the belt, one week of the show, 26 years old.

Seminar Caller Reads
Leftist Talking Points
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 6:49:45 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: This is Anthony, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hello, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi. CALLER: Thank you, sir. I´d like to say the Putin is not invading the Ukraine. He´s ensuring that his 20% pro-Russian supporter base is not dissolved or dismantled before the Ukrainian elections. That way he can ensure that he gets a neutral, non-pro-EU government in this presidential election. He can grow his 20% supporter base to 35% for the next election, and get a pro-Russian government in that election. Every great strategist knows that you first build one´s defenses before you move to take the battlefield.

Iranian general: Obama’s
threats are ‘the joke of the year’
Times of Israel, by Marissa Newman    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 6:48:29 PM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama is a “low-IQ US president,” whose threat to launch a military offensive should nuclear talks fail is an oft-cited punchline in the Islamic Republic, particularly among children, an Iranian general said on Tuesday. “The low-IQ US president and his country’s Secretary of State John Kerry speak of the effectiveness of ‘the US options on the table’ on Iran while this phrase is mocked at and has become a joke among the Iranian nation, especially the children,” General Masoud Jazayeri said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency. Jazayeri was responding to the US president’s interview in Bloomberg

What a Professional Republican
Told Me About Winning Elections
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 6:46:10 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Some electoral news that dovetails with the Obama decision. It´s a prediction, actually (and I don´t doubt it), that they´re gonna announce an additional three-year delay and allow you to keep your plan that you liked, that you were lied to about. You were told 24 different times over three years by the president you could keep it if you liked it, and then they took it away from you. And then they gave it back to you when they found out how much you liked it because there was an election coming up -- and they extended your illegal

WaPo OMG: Obama
Lives in Fantasy World
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/4/2014 6:41:35 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Washington Post editorial: "Obama´s Foreign Policy Based on Fantasy." It´s an editorial in the Post today. Let me read you some of this. "For five years, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality." That´s the whole Obama presidency, not just foreign policy. And I submit to you that these people have known it from the get-go. Some people on our side are gonna see this editorial and start cheering, "Hey, hey, look, Washington Post!" No, that´s the wrong way to look at this. This is utter

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

President Obama’s foreign
policy is based on fantasy

57 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 3/2/2014 10:23:27 PM     Post Reply
FOR FIVE YEARS, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. It was a world in which “the tide of war is receding” and the United States could, without much risk, radically reduce the size of its armed forces. Other leaders, in this vision, would behave rationally and in the interest of their people and the world. Invasions, brute force, great-power games and shifting alliances — these were things of the past. Secretary of State John F. Kerry displayed this mindset on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday when he

Oscars full of grammar flubs
& mispronunciations

45 replie(s)
New York Post, by Kyle Smith    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 3/3/2014 5:54:23 AM     Post Reply
John Travolta didn’t have to memorize the names of all the Oscar nominees. He didn’t even have to memorize the names of all of the performers of the Best Original Song nominees since he was only introducing one of them. He didn’t even have to memorize Idina Menzel’s name. It was right there on the teleprompter. Yet here is how it came out: “Please welcome the ‘Wicked’-ly talented, one and only Adele Dazim.” Adele Dazim? Maybe it was an anagram. For flubbing 10 seconds of patter, Travolta won the Not Even Close award, though there was intense competition. The 86th Annual

Ukraine: John Kerry flies to Kiev as
Russia faces mounting global outcry

43 replie(s)
AgenceFrancePress, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 3/3/2014 7:30:46 AM     Post Reply
Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Kiev this week in a show of support for the embattled leadership, as Washington and its allies strongly criticised Moscow for violating Ukraine´s sovereignty. Mr Kerry led warnings from around the globe that Moscow risked being stripped of its coveted seat as one of the Group of Eight nations, and could face a damaging economic fallout for sending troops into Ukraine´s Crimean Peninsula.Mr Kerry denounced what he called a "brazen act of aggression", as he pointedly added a stop in Kiev to a planned trip to Rome and Paris this week.He will meet

McCain: Obama ‘was smarter
than the rest of us’

38 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Aaron Blake    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/3/2014 12:12:08 PM     Post Reply
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), in a new interview with Time magazine, says that President Obama made a good impression on GOP senators when he sat down to dinner with them last year. Part of the reason? "Because he was smarter than the rest of us." Here´s McCain´s full quote, from Time: "I thought when he had a couple of dinners with Republican senators, we really had a good environment there. Because he is a very very articulate and attractive guy in a setting with eight or nine senators and him. Because he was smarter than the rest of us. ... But I

What happened to Kim Novak´s
face? Vertigo actress, 81, shocks
audience during Oscars appearance

38 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/3/2014 12:22:33 PM     Post Reply
She lit up the silver screen during her heyday, but Kim Novak left the Oscars audience in shock as she took to the stage on Sunday. The 81-year-old actress joined Matthew McConaughey to present Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature Film. But Novak, who is best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 film Vertigo, got most of the attention due to the drastic plastic surgery she’s had in recent years. Scroll down for video -Her plumped up cheeks, stretched lips and high brows caused a stir on social media, which many making fun of the legendary

RNC omits Sarah Palin from
Women´s History Month Tribute

38 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Journalism, by Adrienne Ross    Original Article
Posted By: Fiesta del sol- 3/4/2014 8:02:07 AM     Post Reply
Saturday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a statement in honor of Women’s History Month in which they highlighted women trailblazers, mentioning some prominent women in the Republican Party. Conspicuously absent, however, was former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.Republicans “played a leading role in securing women’s right to vote,” Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day wrote, adding that Susan B. Anthony joined with other suffragists to pass the 19th Amendment, which was finally accomplished in 1919. Boasting a unique role Republican women have played, they stated: Republican women have a history of being trailblazers, breaking ground and glass ceilings--from Margaret Chase Smith,

Apple´s Tim Cook: Business
isn’t just about making a profit

36 replie(s)
Independent (UK), by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith    Original Article
Posted By: Hermoine- 3/3/2014 3:37:36 PM     Post Reply
He leads a company that some would consider the epitome of ruthless global capitalism. But Apple chief executive Tim Cook has shocked some in the US with an impassioned attack on the single-minded pursuit of profit – and a direct appeal to climate-change deniers not to buy shares in his firm. Eyewitnesses said Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs as boss of the technology giant in 2011, was visibly angry as he took on a group of right-wing investors during a question-and-answer session at a shareholders’ meeting.

Ukraine conflict tests Obama´s
credibility on the world stage

34 replie(s)
CBS News, by Rebecca Kaplan    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 3/3/2014 6:23:14 PM     Post Reply
The crisis in Ukraine has brought out a fresh round of critics of President Obama´s foreign policy who see a pattern emerging: the president tries to assert his authority and direct events on the world stage with empty threats, which inevitably have no follow through. With each instance, U.S. power grows weaker as foreign powers view Mr. Obama as the president who cried wolf. The latest case: Mr. Obama´s public warning to Russia to stay out of Ukraine was followed by an invasion just days later. It´s just the latest failure, say critics who point to Syria as an example.

One more time: East Coast
braces for snow, sleet, misery

33 replie(s)
CNN, by Ralph Ellis    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 3/3/2014 6:34:57 AM     Post Reply
Will somebody please push the reset button on the winter of 2014? Yet another big storm is barreling down on the Mid-Atlantic states, bringing snow, sleet and disruption to winter-weary Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia, not to mention frigid temperatures to the Midwest and Great Plains. The federal government has already decided to close offices Monday in Washington, which expects rain, ice and 8-12 inches of snow. Congress postponed Monday business until Tuesday. Public school systems from Dallas to Philadelphia canceled Monday classes. Washington city offices and Delaware state government offices will be closed Monday.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow:
Bush to blame for Ukraine

33 replie(s)
Washington Times (D.C.), by Cheryl K. Chumley    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 3/4/2014 3:51:00 PM     Post Reply
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow asserted Monday that George W. Bush, who exited office in 2009, is ultimately at fault for the current Ukrainian crisis. Ms. Maddow told colleague Andrea Mitchell that Mr. Bush’s entire Middle East policy has led to several overseas conflicts, from the Iraq War to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine dispute. “The decisions of our generation on national security are determined more than anything by what the George W. Bush administration did with that nine-year war in Iraq and, alongside it, a 13-year war in Afghanistan that’s still going on,” Ms. Maddow said during a discussion about her new

Tim Cook´s Climate Change
Faith Costs Apple, Shareholders

32 replie(s)
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 3/3/2014 7:14:10 PM     Post Reply
Bad Business: Apple CEO Tim Cook has told global warming skeptics to "get out of this stock." But in essence, he did more than that. He told every Apple shareholder to take a hike and waved potential investors away. When Cook met with shareholders Friday, he lost his usual business cool when a group proposed that the company be more open about its environmental activism as well as transparent about costs it incurs as it increases its dependence on renewable energy. "If you want me to do things only for ROI (return on in vestment) reasons, you should get out of this

Pipeline protesters arrested at White House
30 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 3/3/2014 12:07:09 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON—Police arrested hundreds of people who strapped themselves to the White House fence on Sunday to protest the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline. The protesters were mostly college students who participated in a peaceful march that began at Georgetown University and ended outside the White House. They chanted "climate justice now" and carried signs with slogans such as "don´t tarnish the earth" in an effort to persuade President Barack Obama to reject the pipeline. They say it will worsen global warming. Protesters were passionate but quite orderly. Police were waiting for them with buses and vans to speed the process.


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