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´60 Minutes´ too quick
to retract Benghazi story

Statesman Journal (Salem, OR), by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Original Article

Posted By:Scottyboy, 11/15/2013 6:27:45 AM

SAN DIEGO — “60 Minutes” should not have thrown out its report on Benghazi with the bath water.(snip) Under pressure from the liberal group Media Matters, and from defenders of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — who still has many questions to answer about Benghazi — the network brass was so eager to atone for the errors that they overcompensated. CBS retracted the entire story, when only part of it had been challenged. Despite the claims by Clinton defenders that Davies’ interview was the linchpin of the story, this was not the case. I’ve watched the segment several times, and

Nice try Hillary, but we ain´t buying it..


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Spidey, 11/15/2013 6:38:06 AM     (No. 9614163)

You had to know there was some heavyweights bullying 60 Minutes into a retraction.All this shows in Hillary would follow the same mode of operation as Obama.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Red Jeep, 11/15/2013 7:05:38 AM     (No. 9614201)

Nothing has changed. 4 brave Americans died after a several hour attack, and our country´s leaders let them die.

At the very least the President should have been impeached over this and if this incident had been properly reported at the time it is doubtful that King Barack would have had a Second Coronation.

The four who were murdered at Benghazi were, Tyrone S. Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and J. Christopher Stevens. Let us never forget their names.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Hotrod, 11/15/2013 8:08:10 AM     (No. 9614305)

Hillary is more dangerous than Obama because she is more cunning, and probably smarter. She has the same vision for America, the same LoFo voters and the same large, fawning press corps to enable her.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: pickle1, 11/15/2013 8:29:08 AM     (No. 9614341)

They should all be in prison.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: coyote, 11/15/2013 8:31:46 AM     (No. 9614344)

It´s a 60 Minutes gaff, they told the truth.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: cyberspace cadet, 11/15/2013 8:34:46 AM     (No. 9614349)

Hillary lied, people died and Hillary lied again and again.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Rinktum, 11/15/2013 8:41:33 AM     (No. 9614372)

The Clinton´s will do anything to cover this up. They have a lot of clout and intend to use it. It is how they operate. The fact that the deaths of four Americans can be brushed aside after a screeching Hillary asks, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" is sickening. That comment alone should have brought condemnation down on her thighness. Not only did Hillary lie to the families of the dead, by that statement she cavalierly dismissed any attempt to investigate it further. The families and the nation deserve to know the whole truth about Benghazi. Obama and Hillary need to be held accountable.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: nevernaught, 11/15/2013 8:45:32 AM     (No. 9614380)

Those NSA people are busy little bees.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: saucy, 11/15/2013 8:59:20 AM     (No. 9614415)

Why is CBS and the rest of the fawning media afraid of HilLIARy?
Does she have files on EVERYONE!!!!??

She puts her pants on, one leg at a time, just like every other man.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: jebediah, 11/15/2013 9:06:20 AM     (No. 9614430)

And once again I have to wonder how much of this was a David Brock set-up. In any case, the revelations today that survivors of Benghazi had to sign confidentiality statements AT THE FUNERAL CEREMONY for those who had died, and that the attack was military and constant over 7 hours, so why no help says a lot.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Attila DiMedici, 11/15/2013 9:22:13 AM     (No. 9614464)

Well, of course, just as the Bush National Air Guard story was "false, but accurate", this story is "true, but inaccurate." The difference being that the first story put a Republican President in a bad light and thus gave voters an accurate impression of him. This story, however, puts a Democratic President (and potential Presidential candidate) in a bad light and thus gives voters and inaccurate impression. /s

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Reply 12 - Posted by: sadc, 11/15/2013 9:29:23 AM     (No. 9614480)

Hillary is Obama in a woman´s pantsuit and with more testosterone. She is fuming because she preceded Obama in everything except being president. She is also from Chicago and learned a thing or 2 about the Chicago way. She was a fan of Saul Alinsky before Barry. She tried healthcare with her husband and hers bombed, too. She is a congenital liar and no doubt has taken part in countless criminal schemes including the 900 FBI files that somehow made it to the private residence at the White House. To have her say "what difference does it make"
regarding the death of the Benghazi heroes, and for Jay Carney to say it is old news now, makes the blood of patriots boil.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: uno_thatguy, 11/15/2013 9:39:57 AM     (No. 9614496)

True, "we ain´t buying it," OP, but THEY (the LoFos are.

And #9,Does she have files? She claimed she had only nine. Then she had to add a 4 and a 2 behind that because she forgot to put them on. Don´t believe it. She most likely has 90,000 or maybe with yet another zero. She has a criminal mind of the first degree. And yes, she and bill and dozens of others should be in prison. Even barbarians like Nicolae Ceaucescu, Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin thought they were untouchable. When those who "represent(?)" US get a spine, these anti-Americans will be forced out of power.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: peterfleming, 11/15/2013 9:43:06 AM     (No. 9614501)

Thanks to small town papers like Salem Oregon´s Statesman Journal, journalists like Ruben Navarette Jr,
the internet and Lucianne.com, thanks to all of these,
The truth emerges against the High Ministry of Propaganda (that´s CBS, to you).

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Reply 15 - Posted by: peterfleming, 11/15/2013 9:48:00 AM     (No. 9614511)

Thanks to Ldotter number 2 Red Jeep, the four names must be remembered on signs, T shirts, all kinds of ads
And memorialized, like Pearl Harbor, JFK, MLK, Waco,
Vince Foster, the long list of unexplained, never investigated, resolved, brutalities.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: peterfleming, 11/15/2013 9:52:16 AM     (No. 9614520)

Hillary, the co-impeached, co president, has many other unaccountable deaths behind her conniving career. look them up on the Bill and Hillary Body Count Lists, widely distributed for years on the net.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: spahrkl, 11/15/2013 10:48:08 AM     (No. 9614621)

She flunked her bar exam, so she isn´t so smart!

Secondly, the Marines/special forces will not let this go. Active or retired, their reputation is at stake. This masculine woman is no match for these men/women of military service.

She belittled Obama about who would be responsible to answer the red phone at 30AM. Neither responded! She isn´t a woman, she has no compassion, heart, or sweetness.

She is that old branch stuck under a truck being dragged along the road
refusing to drop off.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: TruthAndJustice, 11/15/2013 11:33:11 AM     (No. 9614711)

The fruit of Benghazi:

That Obama and Hillary felt the need to supply Al Qaeda a reason -an excuse ... For attacking in Benghazi-- is the opening story.
Americans needed no reason to understand why AlQaeda would attack Americans anywhere?

Obama providing that false narrative is the first question that needs to be answered. Why? Why say the attack was because a Coptic Christian made a video? One, it was to provide a reason for the holocaust of Christians ( that Obama has refused to stand against) in the Middle East as the reason for their decimation at the hands of Muslims as through Christians bore the responsibility for provoking their own demise...

Secondly, Obama knew that attack was coming ...in advance. Why else be on the phone with Netanyahu that night, at that 3AM hour for Netanyahu... whom Obama had spoken to only once before ( December ´09)-- and with the Jewish vote fading in the run up to his re- election, Obama hoped to settle the unsettled Jewish vote by showcasing a relationship with Netanyahu. A relationship with Netanyahu that didn´t... and doesn´t exist. Telling is the 3AM Netanyahu call-- it was preplanned optics and complete Kabuki. Obama knew in advance he would be asked what he was doing at that exact time...thus Obama knew of the preplanned attack on Benghazi...that call was preplanned campaign optics for the Jewish vote that Obama was fast loosing.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: TruthAndJustice, 11/15/2013 11:36:10 AM     (No. 9614717)

Benghazi brought Stinger missiles to terrorist´s AlQaeda.

Keep in mind Obama´s unwavering support of Mursi...a thug. Keep in mind the Al Qaeda force caught on tape ...that upon their arrival in Benghazi, they are recorded yelling "Don´t shoot, Dr. Mursi sent us."

The arms did go to Syria, to Al Qaeda in Syria, where more Christians are being slaughtered...where the holocaust of Christians continues in the Middle East...and that included the WMD, the bio warfare Al Qaeda used on one village and its children...used to entrap the USA in a war in Syria...that fortunately Obama didn´t or hasn´t yet gotten off the ground.

Consider the top commanders purge out of the military.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: chicodon, 11/15/2013 11:40:14 AM     (No. 9614723)

I remind folks that in 1968 Hillary received a personally signed job offer from Saul Alinsky. Alinsky may have died but Obama went to work for his organization seventeen years later. All we have to do is to read everything we can find on Alinsky to see where this is headed. Alinsky´s friendship with the Capone mob should tell us a lot about tactics. Of course Hillary is behind the arm twisting.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: nevernaught, 11/15/2013 11:53:45 AM     (No. 9614756)

By the way, Hillary said in 2007 that everyone could keep their insurance under her plan too.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Chiritwo, 11/15/2013 5:22:50 PM     (No. 9615298)

A very simple question still needs answered (along with a thousand other questions). Who said "Stand Down" 3 times? Be an adult and own up.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: Goldwater rep, 11/15/2013 7:32:51 PM     (No. 9615444)

If you know a truth is coming out and you don´t want it believed then here´s what you do:
> Do an expose which is 80% true and 20% false but apparently true.
> Shortly after the expose have someone loudly denounce the 20% that is provably false.
> Orchestrate a howling mob that denounces the whole thing as a ´tissue of lies´.
> When the truth is published ridicule it as ´old news that has already been disproved´.
Perfect example: GWB´s ´18 words´ - sales documents came out purporting to show Saddam Hussein´s govt buying yellow cake. The documents were shown to be forgeries, which they were. The howling mob denounced the forgeries AND Bush´s 18 words as ´a tissue of lies´. Mission accomplished.
Second example: CBS´s Bengazi story

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As he moves from lobbyists to the golf course, from press conferences to the tanning bed, he remains oblivious to all that is around him. He has power, incredible power, and yet to this day he has no understanding of the election that made it so. Moreover, all around him are astonishing opportunities for him to be an historic figure -- one who could and should be the man who did more than any other single person in turning back the red tide of Obama. It’s all there for Speaker of the House, and yet John Boehner manages to miss

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New audio reveals an Eastern Connecticut State University professor warning that Republicans will “want things to go back — not to to 1955, but to 1855? if they win control of Congress in November. Republican victories could also put him out of a job, he cautioned. “We will live in a very, very, very different kind of country if that happens,” Professor Brent Terry told students in his Introduction to Creative Writing course, according to audio obtained by Campus Reform. “I mean, colleges will start closing up if these people have their way.” Over the course of his rant, Terry characterized conservatives

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Global sea levels have risen by 8 inches (20cm) since 1880 and scientists predict they could rise up to 3ft (98cm) by 2100. But despite the UN’s recent threats of war, famine and extreme weather, such a dramatically different world caused by sea level rise can be hard to imagine. To help picture the future, Martin Vargic, an amateur graphic designer from Slovakia, has created a map depicting the planet with sea levels around 260ft (79m) higher than they are today. He imagines what Earth would look like if the ice sheets surrounding the North and South poles melted, releasing

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New York Post, by John Crudele    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/22/2014 5:03:20 AM     Post Reply
There’s a pattern of falsifying statistics throughout the entire Census Bureau. And anyone who attempts to blow the whistle on the fraud is either retaliated against or ignored, according to two new sources who have experienced the process firsthand. As I’ve been writing for more than six months, the Census Bureau office in Philadelphia uncovered a case of fraud in 2010, did nothing about it and allowed the practice to continue. In that instance, a data collector named Julius Buckmon was faking reports that went into the nation’s all-important jobless tally and consumer-inflation survey. Because the Census Bureau’s surveys are scientific — meaning

Reid: ´We Are a Nation of Laws,
Not of Men and Women´

33 replie(s)
Cybercast News Service, by Susan Jones    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/22/2014 10:53:27 AM     Post Reply
It may not be tomorrow, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says "something will happen" to force a Nevada rancher to obey a court order to stop grazing his cattle on federal land and pay his grazing fees. "It´s obvious that you can´t just walk away from this," Reid said in an April 18 interview with a Nevada´s KSNV-TV News 3 program “What’s Your Point?” "You can´t have a law that is -- we´re a nation of laws, not of men and women," he said. (Video) Reid noted that most cattlemen pay their taxes, pay their fees, and follow

You´re on the clock:
Doctors rush patients out the door

32 replie(s)
USA Today*, by Roni Caryn Rabin    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/21/2014 4:35:59 AM     Post Reply
Joan Eisenstodt didn´t have a stopwatch when she went to see an ear, nose and throat specialist recently, but she is certain the physician was not in the exam room with her for more than three or four minutes. "He looked up my nose, said it was inflamed, told me to see the nurse for a prescription and was gone," said the 66-year-old Washington, D.C., consultant, who was suffering from an acute sinus infection. When she started protesting the doctor´s choice of medication, "He just cut me off totally," she said. "I´ve never been in and out from a visit faster." These days,

The Increasing Desperation of Democrats
31 replie(s)
National Review Online, by John Fund    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/21/2014 5:19:02 AM     Post Reply
Harry Reid isn’t backing down from his claim that rancher Cliven Bundy’s supporters are “domestic terrorists.” It’s astonishing rhetoric given the White House’s characterization of the mass shooting by a genuine terrorist, Major Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 Americans at the Fort Hood Army base after yelling “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great.) Rather than labeling Hasan’s actions “domestic terrorism,” the Obama administration is prosecuting him for having committed “workplace violence.” Democratic rhetoric is become ever more desperate and overheated as we approach the November midterm elections. Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that GOP positions on immigration were motivated by

38 Republican lawmakers put aside differences
for lawsuit challenging legality of Obamacare

30 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Dave Boyer    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/22/2014 5:20:31 AM     Post Reply
Thirty-eight Republican lawmakers, including such unlikely bedfellows as John McCain of Arizona and Ted Cruz of Texas, have joined to support a lawsuit challenging the legality of the Affordable Care Act and accusing the president of repeatedly ignoring the law he signed for political reasons. The lawmakers have signed onto a legal brief in support of a lawsuit filed by Sen. Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Republican who is asking a federal court to overturn Obamacare’s special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs. “The unlawful executive action at issue in this case is not an isolated incident,” the brief

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