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Barack Obama’s Era of Hopelessness
Power Line, by John Hinderaker

Original Article

Posted By:Dreadnought, 10/19/2013 12:26:13 AM

Of all the bitter fruit of the Barack Obama disaster, the most bitter may be the sense of hopelessness that has descended on Americans, especially the young. Has there ever been anything like it in our history? Even on the eve of the Civil War, was there this much pessimism about our future? Gallup wasn’t around in those days, but I wonder. For a simple measure of how the Obama administration has crushed any sense of hopefulness in the American people, take a look at the survey that Rasmussen Reports does periodically on whether America’s best days are behind her,


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Reply 1 - Posted by: oh-heck, 10/19/2013 12:32:37 AM     (No. 9572020)

You need to go back to the great depression and FDR´s attempt to create government control of the economy. There is a correlation between government control and individual hopelessness.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: JediJerry, 10/19/2013 12:45:03 AM     (No. 9572025)

Ahhhh yes.... from Hope & Change.....to God-da#n I hope this changes real soon! What the hell just happened! We didn´t know this is what he meant by fundamental transformation. The son of a beyatch anyway. OK Dorothy, click those ruby red slippers together and dream " I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home...

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Reply 3 - Posted by: clw54, 10/19/2013 12:51:08 AM     (No. 9572029)

Obama is just a symptom of cultural rot the left has brought us. We had a clear choice between a good man who wanted to get this country on the right track and people chose what we have now.

Right now I wonder how far the pendulum has to swing to the left before people decide they´ve had enough.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: scottc, 10/19/2013 2:16:01 AM     (No. 9572062)

Creating hopelessness is the leftwing extremists goal therefore the only help will be big daddy government. Just surrender all your thoughts, rights and personal will and big brother will love you.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: TruthAndJustice, 10/19/2013 2:30:12 AM     (No. 9572065)

Do not let the left direct your sight..there is hope...open your eyes...The transformation of America is underway....just not what Obama wants or expected...


Instead of querying whether the Congressional stenographer is a mentally ill woman....perhaps the conversation surrounding her out-of-character moment, when she walked to the microphone and delivered a message ....a message she had no idea what it was that would come forth from her lips...yet she had complete faith the Holy Spirit would guide her and His words would come ..... the message she delivered were not her words. Consider her message may indeed be directly from God...to us, the American People.

“He will not be mocked!” she had begun. “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God….”

Can you imagine a more pertinent message God would want you to hear?? Be strengthened. Have hope...We have a leader well beyond the strength of the likes of Barack Obama and his minions.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: steveW, 10/19/2013 2:38:30 AM     (No. 9572072)

Free, independent, self-reliant people - the very last thing the Left wants. The Left wants a weak, dependent populace, one that it can "save" and distribute its so-called "fairness" to.

This is why Barack Obama was elected, and this is the "fundamental transformation" he promised. The irony that his followers have been hoping for hopelessness is entirely lost upon them.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Tom Kilbride, 10/19/2013 2:51:59 AM     (No. 9572075)

By following the same strategy that FDR used in the 1930s, Obama has deepened and prolonged what might otherwise have been a mild recession.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Spidey, 10/19/2013 2:53:01 AM     (No. 9572076)

A couple weeks ago,Obama said raising the debt ceiling didn´t raise the debt but within hours of it being raised,we racked another 1/3 of a trillion overnight.I guess this means the already borrowed past the ceiling before the crisis even hit.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: doctorfixit, 10/19/2013 3:02:48 AM     (No. 9572081)

We have only begun to see the devastation that socialism brings. It took Russia 70 years to throw off the communists. America may be in for a century or more of abject misery. Every federal agency is mobilizing for subjugation and slavery of the people.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: 4justice, 10/19/2013 3:07:53 AM     (No. 9572085)

It´s not just the young. I know plenty of 50 + year olds who feel despair, hopelessness, anger, imprisoned, etc. This is no longer the land of the free. There is no more American Dream. We don´t recognize our country and especially society anymore. It is not just economic, it is also the fundamental changes in society, attitudes, morals, behaviors..everything that are spiraling our lives out of control and down the toilet. And none of us see much of a future anymore.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: killerbee, 10/19/2013 3:10:24 AM     (No. 9572086)

Ah, Power Line. I´d feel a little less hopeless if you guys would stop back-stabbing conservatives and Tea Partiers at every turn. It´s not the Dems that break my heart, they´re behaving true to form. It´s the so called "right" that pulls the rug out from under anyone who tries to fight the Socialist juggernaut.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 10/19/2013 3:39:13 AM     (No. 9572095)

Hopelessness ? I don´t remember such a time of despair, suffering, ill will, anger, depression, poverty, and division in my lifetime and I´ve been around for a long time. Next will come the riots while the opposition rubs their hands together in glee.

How´s that hope and change working for you ?
It´s not. We are being played.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: JAN, 10/19/2013 6:48:56 AM     (No. 9572155)

For political gain this evil man has ripped the heart out of the African American community by convincing them that the rest of America hates them and wishes them harm.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: franq, 10/19/2013 6:51:20 AM     (No. 9572156)

The incident #5 describes is germane to what I was saying in the wake of the Newtown shooting.
People (even some on this site) were clamoring for psychological evaluations of gun buyers. Look at this woman. Speaking Scripture. Surely she is mentally unstable, and must be institutionalized or medicated. Catch my drift?

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Reply 15 - Posted by: franq, 10/19/2013 7:05:53 AM     (No. 9572171)

The 24-hour news cycle does much to foment the despair many posters describe.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: bmw50, 10/19/2013 7:33:26 AM     (No. 9572208)

What Obama and the Democrat Party has done is buy votes using the public treasury. They have used subsidies, grants, awarded contracts and bought off legislatures to get then on board with the Party. Along with this, the have constructed ways to make as many individuals as possible dependent on the government by increasing the number of unemployment, welfare and food stamp recipients and by taking control of everyone´s healthcare. Then they open the borders letting illegals in making sure the illegal understands this is done by Democrats, ensuring their votes. If you´re part of a minority group, regardless of how illegal or perverted it is, Democrats become your non-judgmental partner, excusing your behavior against the evil racists on the right.
All this has lead to a nation divided, depressed and sinking in unsustainable debt. But trying to get Democrats to curb spending and live by a budget is like trying to reason with a thief to stop stealing. It´s their livelihood, it´s how they live, it´s how they get and protect their power. They will not stop, they cannot stop, they will not stop. They act like rabid dogs when you try to shut down spending... but it will be paid sooner or later and if it´s later, it will get ugly.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: M2, 10/19/2013 7:43:21 AM     (No. 9572216)

Great work, Barry. This is your true legacy: hopelessness.

Indeed, but it´s deliberate. I don´t doubt that Obama had lofty goals to "fundamentally remake America" and he has done that. But his goals were to subjugate the people to socialism or communism. In his eyes, a people depressed and hopeless will acquiesce to any drug to bring themselves out of it.

Those drugs are being supplied by this Administration in the form of generational welfare, reparations, entitlements and cradle-to-grave government largesse.

They would say, "What´s wrong with that?" What is wrong is that it robs individuals of self-worth, fulfillment of their desires, use of their God-given gifts and the loss of their freedom due to the cancerous expansion of government.

It´s insidious and hideous and it´s deliberate.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: Bad Dog, 10/19/2013 7:52:24 AM     (No. 9572224)

Oh just stop it. If you ALLOW IT, yes, you can feel hopelessness, aka sorry for yourself.

Or, you can get off your sorry butt and get energized! Strengthen your will, straighten your spine, lift your chin, and keep going toward that which you know is better - for yourself, your family, and your country. We have enough losers in this politico-cultural environment - why add yourself?

Remember - whatever you put up into the Cosmos will multiply and return down onto your head. You can get angry, but use that to motivate yourself to do something ABOUT IT.

And, just a note to #2.... with all due respect, some of us DID know what he meant by fundamental transformation. Just the dictionary definitions of those words told us what he meant. HE told us what he meant! A little research into his background (doing the work the MSM didn´t/WOULDN´T do) told us the details.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: Udanja99, 10/19/2013 7:55:40 AM     (No. 9572230)

I´m 60 years old and #10 described me perfectly.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: strike3, 10/19/2013 7:57:24 AM     (No. 9572232)

Unhappy, depressed people who know the cause of their condition get angry, break out their pitchforks and take back what was stolen from them. It won´t be long now. I hope the government has built enough doomsday shelters in the mountains to hold all of them.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: ROLFnader, 10/19/2013 8:19:33 AM     (No. 9572252)

This national depression can be measured by a few empty shelves in every sporting goods store of every town in this great country. This isn´t Russia of 100 years ago as another poster mentioned.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Rinktum, 10/19/2013 8:29:12 AM     (No. 9572264)

Of course the older generation feels hopeless. We remember this country when it was at its best. We know what is possible because we have seen it with our own eyes. Now as we look to the future our grandchildren will inherit, we are sad and we are angry that they and their children will never experience our America. The country has lost its way in the 60´s. We were told to question authority. God is dead. If it feels good, do it. Make love, not war. Trust no one over 30. Our culture was under attack. Traditional America was not hip or cool. Evidently a large part of the country bought these lies, hook, line and sinker while the rest of us were busy educating ourselves, working and raising families. We just didn´t realize the focused determination of this movement. Now we are reaping our apathy. I pray to God that there is still a remnant of traditional Americans in both parties who will pull together and fight for the soul of this country. That group is the TEA Party. We have the antidote to Obama´s poison. It is freedom. Get involved today or sentence your children and grandchildren to a life of hopelessness.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: BruisedOrange, 10/19/2013 8:44:41 AM     (No. 9572285)

Yeah. I´m near-60 and I´m fighting that hopelessness every waking moment. And now those moments are occurring from midnight to 3 AM on workdays! The problem for all of us is... WHAT exactly do we DO about this intended destruction of American civilization?

During these early morning Obamanxiety attacks I´ve written letters to representatives, media people, etc. But what we all want is something strategic we can do. Something NOT merely symbolic, and something that will inform and change the minds of fellow citizens. We who believe in freedom, in the Constitution, are not outnumbered by Leftists--we´re outnumbered by "ignorants."

I think the weak part of the link is the mainstream media. We can expose them by simply quoting them. We can destroy their credibility with the 10-minutes of news-a-day crowd. We can´t all march on the Elitist News bastion of NYC, but we can march in front of our local newspapers, exposing the biases of the Associated Press and demanding our papers stop shoving AP stories in our faces.

There´s a lot of small donation political money that used to go to the Republican Party that could be used on billboards. What message? Quote the left. Expose hypocrisy in the media. Put on billboards the stories they haven´t covered: "Didja know... there´s been no global warming for the past __ years? You didn´t know that? Oh. You must get your news from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or John Stewart."

Regular folks like us can make THEM the issue, and take away the Left´s cover. Local TV will cover protests in front of newspapers. They´ll also cover protests against radio stations who subscribe to incredibly slanted top-of-the-hour news from sources like ABC radio. We can use media´s competition with each other to our cause.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: maryc, 10/19/2013 9:13:50 AM     (No. 9572339)

It is the propaganda press that makes us feel defeated. It is the plan that communists perfected. We can win but first the press must be defeated. The left uses it like the threat of a firing squad. The lie and distort and present it as fact. Going after those who advertise there is the only way to cash starve the lefts mouthpiece

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Reply 25 - Posted by: nonsense, 10/19/2013 9:22:25 AM     (No. 9572350)

Remember just a few short months ago when the Mooch stood before the adoring DNC crowd and announced that "Barack loves you". Less than a year later, he is closing national parks, sending storm trooper to harass citizens in parks both large and small, denying aging WWII veterans access to their memorial, refusing to fund cancer research for children, name calling and pitching tantrums when he does not get his way.

Who in their right mind would want to be "loved" by such a petty, spiteful, small minded, tryannical, and very dangerous individual.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Freeloader, 10/19/2013 9:33:21 AM     (No. 9572367)

"When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people mourn."
-Proverbs 29:2

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Reply 27 - Posted by: Arby, 10/19/2013 9:57:33 AM     (No. 9572410)

This is precisely how the European social democracies feel. People believe that positive change is impossible and so they retreat into themselves. They drink; they focus on local trivia, etc. The leftie politicians are then free to continue to do whatever they want. The most that you can possibly hope for is a centrist alternative. The ship doesn´t get righted but it lurches in water with fewer sharks.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: Grambo, 10/19/2013 10:03:45 AM     (No. 9572423)

You’ve got to hand it to those Lefties; they managed to turn America into East Germany in 5 short years.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: geoguy, 10/19/2013 10:21:36 AM     (No. 9572459)

I´m 60 and I feel like I´m running a marathon; just putting one foot in front of the other and looking at the horizon hoping the finishing line will come in view soon. I know there is so much pent up business activity that will let loose as soon as this tyrant retires.

My son and his friend have jobs, but there is little hope of their lives improving of any significance. I tell him this "recovery" feels exactly like Carter´s recession. I tell my son not to give up. In three and a half years this will be over. Life for the producers of this country will be BEAUTIFUL again.

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Reply 30 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua, 10/19/2013 10:28:25 AM     (No. 9572477)

All according to plan.

Obama is a tyrant and the thieves are in charge.

The Democrat party, and probably half of the Republican party marching in lock step behind Obama. The supreme court subverted. The media props up corruption. Has the government betrayed the people?

If we survive this, there will need to be changes because our system of checks and balances has been destroyed.

Show the Obama gang that the American desire for freedom, prosperity, and justice will never be destroyed.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: pineledger, 10/19/2013 10:37:09 AM     (No. 9572490)

I can´t restrain myself. The Fourth Reich.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: Me?Opinionated?Nah!, 10/19/2013 10:41:11 AM     (No. 9572497)

One day handing out pamphlets on a windy Chicago street corner. The next day issuing executive orders from his desk in the Oval Office. Talk about Affirmative Action…

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Reply 33 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 10/19/2013 10:43:35 AM     (No. 9572501)

Thank you stupid, uniformed voters, Democrat Congress, liberal media, and Justice Roberts. Obama couldn´t work his magic if it were not for you.

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Reply 34 - Posted by: Objectivity, 10/19/2013 11:31:53 AM     (No. 9572580)

Personally, I tip my hat to posters 5, 11 & 27.

And never forget the ´media´ class is sub-conciously endorsing & supporting all of Team 44....even if they do not fully appreciate their own idiocy, forgetting about any standard of ´professionalism´.

There is no way folks fought the Revolution or Civil Wars for this...

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Reply 35 - Posted by: Hazymac, 10/19/2013 11:37:21 AM     (No. 9572587)

#5, correctly reading the symbolism in the Congressional stenographer´s psychological meltdown, makes a case that is full of poetic verisimilitude, which recalls Faulkner´s great tragi-comic novel As I Lay Dying.

I can almost hear some thinking out loud: What in the world is he talking about? Let me explain. At the beginning of the novel the Bundren family of Faulkner´s fictional patch of earth, Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, awaits the death of the matriarch Addie Bundren. Her methodical son Cash lovingly joins together the boards that will make up her coffin, holding each one up for her inspection and approval, while the rest of the family (husband Anse, daughter Dewey Dell, and sons Darl, Jewel, Cash, and young Vardaman) reveal their personalities through words and vignettes. After Addie passes away the family puts her coffin on the back of a horse drawn flatbed and travels through fire, flood, and disaster to reach her burial place, which is far away from the Bundren home. What´s the reason for undertaking this perilous journey? There really isn´t one, other than the fact that Anse can find another woman and "get them teeth" that he desires. The poetic and deeply sensitive Darl goes crazy when they reach their destination, and has to be placed in an instituition: "Looking out, he foams." But in reality, Darl is the only sane mamber of the family. He sees things as they actually are, and cannot function in an illogical, upside down world.

Perhaps it is the same with the congressional stenographer. When the world is a madhouse, what can one who truly sees do but go insane?

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Reply 36 - Posted by: MDMuskrat, 10/19/2013 11:58:16 AM     (No. 9572628)

Hinderaker, a lawyer, is being devious and untruthful in this piece. Check his bold claim against a fact here:

FTA: "... the Obama administration has crushed any sense of hopefulness in the American people, … 31% of Likely U.S. Voters think America’s best days are still to come.”

Yes, those of us who cherish being "the American people" are crushed.

But what about the "31% [surprising that it wasn´t 47%] of Likely...Voters [who] think America´s best days are still to come?"

The parasites know there is still some blood left in the host. They, too, will become depressed when the host staggers and falls.

And the elites, who have enslaved all of us, are immune since they make the ´laws.´

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Reply 37 - Posted by: EQKimball, 10/19/2013 12:11:35 PM     (No. 9572647)

The future of a socialist America resembles the sad pathology of adult children who are allowed to live at home, not work, sleep in, play computer games, stay up all night watching television, in time becoming unable to stand on their own two feet. Depressed, yes. Even more depressing to witness.

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Reply 38 - Posted by: Cedar, 10/19/2013 12:17:30 PM     (No. 9572657)

See this: If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Clean Audio Version) at www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaGVCO6CByQ
Mar 22, 2012 - Uploaded by Joe Donahue

We can´t let one skinny stupid liberal black man and his equally stupid liberal cronies get to us.

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Reply 39 - Posted by: A Burrite, 10/19/2013 12:54:13 PM     (No. 9572716)

*Unhappy, depressed people lose their will
and are easier to control"? Only in Washington, D.C. and only in the ranks of the RINOs. Otherwise - we are Americans, and we don´t believe this Barbra Streisand.

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Reply 40 - Posted by: Timber Queen, 10/19/2013 2:20:51 PM     (No. 9572808)

My hope is in the Lord, not in the princes or the powers of this world. I have come to believe that we have no political solution, and it has been a hard journey coming to this realization. When we were a free people our Judeo-Christian heritage and ethics encouraged an active citizenry with rights and responsibilities. Over time those in power have usurped the responsibilities of the individual and therefore have robbed them of their rights. Political activities on the part of the citizen only have meaning if the elected representatives are responsive to the will of the people. As we have seen and experienced for decades, and especially in the last 5 years, our “Republican representatives” are complicit in the tyranny of omnipresent governmental control. They have broken the social contract.

I have no responsibilities to a communist dictatorship. I will not comply with their edicts. I will live my life as an honorable person and fulfill my responsibilities to my God, my family and friends, and those that need my help. Much of the time I used to waste writing letters, forwarding emails and going to meetings, I now spend in prayer and parish work. God is our only hope and true answer. Our nation cries out for a spiritual renewal and the mercy of God to save us. Prayer is our “weapon” for it will unite us with God and His purposes, and give us the grace to live Godly lives in an ungodly time.

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Reply 41 - Posted by: NotaBene, 10/19/2013 6:31:04 PM     (No. 9573043)

Hopelessness is what electing a Communist named after Mohammed´s horse brought US.

42,000,000 beggars on food stamps, 47% not paying taxes and starting now Death Panels.

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Reply 42 - Posted by: seenitallbefore, 10/19/2013 6:43:10 PM     (No. 9573053)

I was in Paris last week with a group of French friends whose political beliefs spanned the spectrum. They were unanimous is their contempt for Francois Hollande, even the socialists among them. They were also unanimously defeatist, even the right-wingers.

When it was obvious that Black Marx was going to be elected, my wife and I looked at our options. We considered moving to Europe and to Canada, even Singapore and Hong Kong. Then we realized that none of these places offered any resistance to the creeping socialism coming our way.

The only place to stop this is right here in the USA. This is the only place where effective resistance to international liberalism exists (and do not forget that 70 million families are armed, whereas in every other country the governments have succeeded in using one horrible incident to disarm the citizenry).

We have the Tea Party, which is not a party but an expression of Americans refusal to succumb. Don´t mope. Get out and support them. Don´t feel sorry for yourself. Get up off your duff and do something. We are not Europeans, we are Americans.

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Reply 43 - Posted by: Coy860, 10/19/2013 6:54:53 PM     (No. 9573061)

We have got to stop ducking everytime we find fault with Obama´s policies because we are labeled racist. NOT SO.
Beware Hillary Clinton because should she be elected, it will 8 years of "sexist" labels for us or until America ceases to exist, whichever comes first.

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Washington Post, by Erik Wemple    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/21/2014 9:30:23 AM     Post Reply
Introducing: The “Playbook” game! Politico Chief White House Correspondent Mike Allen writes “Playbook,” a daily e-mail newsletter featuring stories from Politico and other outlets, various “exclusives,” tips and birthday notices. It also carries “messages” from big companies and trade associations hoping to reach “Playbook’s” audience of influentials. All the items below were extracted from “Playbook” and are related to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a lobbying force that has advertised in the newsletter. Please designate which are paid advertisements for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and which are Allen’s own work: 1) “The economy is not growing fast enough to

USAID documents cite Hillary
Clinton in chaos of Afghan aid
Washington Times, by Guy Taylor    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/20/2014 10:21:24 PM     Post Reply
In internal government documents with potential repercussions for the 2016 presidential election, top officials at the U.S. Agency for International Development repeatedly cited former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for setting into motion a policy to waive restrictions on who could receive U.S. aid in Afghanistan, resulting in millions of dollars in U.S. funds going directly into the coffers of Afghan ministries known to be rife with corruption. References to Mrs. Clinton’s role in the policy first appeared in a November 2012 USAID action memo, which outlined how U.S. officials made a “strategic foreign-assistance

As ‘Meet the Press’ struggles in
the ratings, plenty of questions
for host David Gregory
Washington Post, by Paul Farhi    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/20/2014 10:17:28 PM     Post Reply
If “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory were a guest on his own show, he knows the kinds of questions he’d be asked. Why have your ratings been falling? Is the show in trouble? Is your job in trouble? “I get it,” says Gregory, the face of the longest-running TV program in American history (founded: 1947). “Do I want to be number one in the ratings? Every week I want to be number one, and we fight like hell to get there. And it’s tough right now. It’s a fight.” He adds, “I’m not just trying to sell you — well, I am trying to sell you — but I’m not going to B.S. you, either. Yeah, it’s hard. I see what our challenges are.

Long-term unemployed struggle
to find — and keep — jobs
Washington Post, by Ylan Q. Mui    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/18/2014 10:37:47 PM     Post Reply
For the long-term unemployed, finding a job is hard — but keeping one may be even harder. New research tracking people who have been out of work for six months or longer found that 23 percent of them landed a job within a few months of the study. But a year later, more than a third of that group was unemployed again or out of the labor force altogether. The findings are the latest in a bleak but growing body of literature suggesting long-term unemployment has become a trap that is difficult to escape. Economists say that means the long-term unemployed could become a permanent underclass, left behind by the nation’s broader

Social Security stops trying
to collect on old debts by
seizing tax refunds
Washington Post, by Marc Fisher    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/14/2014 10:13:04 PM     Post Reply
The Social Security Administration announced Monday that it will immediately cease efforts to collect on taxpayers’ debts to the government that are more than 10 years old. The action comes after The Washington Post reported that the government was seizing state and federal tax refunds that were on their way to about 400,000 Americans who had relatives who owed money to Social Security. In many cases, the people whose refunds were intercepted had never heard of any debt, and the debts dated as far back as the middle of the past century. “I have directed an immediate halt to further

Wendy Davis Ethical Questions Surface
Breitbart Texas, by Bob Price    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/14/2014 8:58:53 AM     Post Reply
Despite promises to the contrary, it appears that State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) voted on bills that affect her clients and favorably impact the bottom line of her law firm. “I have never done anything in a way that represents a conflict in my voting and something that would benefit me personally,” she said in an interview, but state records seem to tell a different story. The Dallas Morning News´ Senior Political Writer Wayne Slater (DMN) reported that Davis supported legislation governing a toll road project. That would be all well and good except for the fact that the

Democrats Lose Two More Special
Elections They Didn’t Expect To
National Review Online, by John Fund    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/14/2014 8:38:34 AM     Post Reply
Democrats have had a recurring problem in special elections this year: Their voters aren’t turning out. If a weak economy and continued Obamacare problems persist, the November elections could be a disaster for Democrats. Last week, Democrats lost two special elections they weren’t planning to. Arlington, Va., is a classic wealthy ObamaTown, filled with government workers and limousine liberals. Mitt Romney won only 29 percent of the vote in 2012. But last Tuesday, Democrats lost their first election for the five-member Arlington County Board in 15 years when John Vihstadt, a Republican running as an independent, won a vacancy on

Nevada ranch standoff could leave
dirt on Harry Reid’s reputation
Washington Times, by Valerie Richardson    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 4/13/2014 10:19:32 PM     Post Reply
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said little as federal agents seized and then released cattle last week from the Bundy ranch, but there is little doubt that the highly charged episode was threatening to become a political headache for the Nevada Democrat. The Bureau of Land Management is headed by former longtime Reid aide Neil Kornze, who was confirmed by the Senate as BLM director on Tuesday, just as federal authorities descended on the cattle ranch outside Mesquite, Nev. Mr. Kornze issued a statement Saturday saying that the bureau would return the cattle and withdraw its agents from the ranch

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Obama to free hundreds of drug
felons under clemency rules
designed to un-do mandatory
sentences from ´War on Drugs´ era

54 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 4/21/2014 11:37:51 PM     Post Reply
The Obama administration is poised to entertain a flood of new clemency applications from thousands of federal prisoners who were given harsh sentences under mandatory-minimum laws following drug convictions, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday. Holder said in a short videotaped statement that he wants to shrink the federal prison population by a modest amount while ensuring ´that those who have paid their debts have a chance to become productive citizens.´ At the center of the move is a set of old sentencing rules that punished crack-cocaine offenders with more time behind bars than users or traffickers of powder cocaine.

Dole: Cruz, Paul & Rubio
lack experience for 2016

44 replie(s)
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Mario Trujillo    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/22/2014 11:18:06 AM     Post Reply
Former Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) said a number of junior GOP senators considering a presidential run in 2016 do not yet have the experience — specifically naming Rand Paul (Ky.), Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ted Cruz (Texas). The former 1996 GOP presidential candidate sounded particularly skeptical of Cruz in an interview this week with The Wichita Eagle. "A number of the younger members, first-termers like Rand Paul, Rubio and that extreme-right-wing guy, Ted Cruz — all running for president now. I don´t think they´ve got enough experience yet," Dole said. The 90-year-old former senator said, however, his main concern about 2016 is living

Jeb Bush is your only chance
against Hillary, Republicans

42 replie(s)
Hot Air, by Bob Schrum    Original Article
Posted By: quantumman- 4/22/2014 6:32:54 AM     Post Reply
If Jeb reaches for the nomination, there will be a titanic battle between the party establishment and the Tea Party. Steve Schmidt, McCain’s strategist in 2008, insists that in the end Republicans usually settle on the most electable candidate. To get by, this Bush may be forced to trim his positions, although the cautionary tale of Romney suggests that he would have to tack artfully and carefully for the sake of the general election. Certainly he will have the resources to outlast, discredit, and disqualify his rivals.

Michelle Obama:
´splurging is the key to life´

40 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/21/2014 9:31:25 PM     Post Reply
Washington - Michelle Obama said "splurging is the key to life" if you regularly eat right and stay active. Her biggest guilty pleasure: French fries. "How would you appreciate vegetables if you never had chocolate?" she asked. "You couldn´t live without a little chocolate, a little French fries." The first lady took questions from children reporters Monday after appearing at the White House Easter Egg Roll. She told the children that if they eat right the majority of the time, then a splurge or snack is not going to hurt them. "I still splurge when I can, but that's why I try to exercise almost every day," she said.

Fraud runs rampant in Census Bureau
37 replie(s)
New York Post, by John Crudele    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/22/2014 5:03:20 AM     Post Reply
There’s a pattern of falsifying statistics throughout the entire Census Bureau. And anyone who attempts to blow the whistle on the fraud is either retaliated against or ignored, according to two new sources who have experienced the process firsthand. As I’ve been writing for more than six months, the Census Bureau office in Philadelphia uncovered a case of fraud in 2010, did nothing about it and allowed the practice to continue. In that instance, a data collector named Julius Buckmon was faking reports that went into the nation’s all-important jobless tally and consumer-inflation survey. Because the Census Bureau’s surveys are scientific — meaning

Professor: ‘Colleges Will Start Closing Up’ if
‘Racist, Misogynist, Money-Grubbing’ GOP Wins

36 replie(s)
National Review Online, by Andrew Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/22/2014 4:42:50 PM     Post Reply
New audio reveals an Eastern Connecticut State University professor warning that Republicans will “want things to go back — not to to 1955, but to 1855? if they win control of Congress in November. Republican victories could also put him out of a job, he cautioned. “We will live in a very, very, very different kind of country if that happens,” Professor Brent Terry told students in his Introduction to Creative Writing course, according to audio obtained by Campus Reform. “I mean, colleges will start closing up if these people have their way.” Over the course of his rant, Terry characterized conservatives

But Seriously, Just How
Slow-Witted is John Boehner?

35 replie(s)
American Thinker, by C. Edmund Wright    Original Article
Posted By: quantumman- 4/21/2014 7:22:21 AM     Post Reply
As he moves from lobbyists to the golf course, from press conferences to the tanning bed, he remains oblivious to all that is around him. He has power, incredible power, and yet to this day he has no understanding of the election that made it so. Moreover, all around him are astonishing opportunities for him to be an historic figure -- one who could and should be the man who did more than any other single person in turning back the red tide of Obama. It’s all there for Speaker of the House, and yet John Boehner manages to miss

Benghazi attack could have been prevented if
US hadn´t ´switched sides in the War on Terror´
and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach
al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report

35 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/22/2014 7:02:40 PM     Post Reply
The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, a self-selected group of former top military officers, CIA insiders and think-tankers, declared Tuesday in Washington that a seven-month review of the deadly 2012 terrorist attack has determined that it could have been prevented – if the U.S. hadn´t been helping to arm al-Qaeda militias throughout Libya a year earlier. ´The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,´ Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline. She blamed the Obama administration

Would YOU be underwater if the
polar caps melted? Map reveals
what our planet would look like
if sea levels rose by 260ft

33 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Ellie Zolfagharifard    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/21/2014 5:20:21 PM     Post Reply
Global sea levels have risen by 8 inches (20cm) since 1880 and scientists predict they could rise up to 3ft (98cm) by 2100. But despite the UN’s recent threats of war, famine and extreme weather, such a dramatically different world caused by sea level rise can be hard to imagine. To help picture the future, Martin Vargic, an amateur graphic designer from Slovakia, has created a map depicting the planet with sea levels around 260ft (79m) higher than they are today. He imagines what Earth would look like if the ice sheets surrounding the North and South poles melted, releasing

Reid: ´We Are a Nation of Laws,
Not of Men and Women´

33 replie(s)
Cybercast News Service, by Susan Jones    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/22/2014 10:53:27 AM     Post Reply
It may not be tomorrow, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says "something will happen" to force a Nevada rancher to obey a court order to stop grazing his cattle on federal land and pay his grazing fees. "It´s obvious that you can´t just walk away from this," Reid said in an April 18 interview with a Nevada´s KSNV-TV News 3 program “What’s Your Point?” "You can´t have a law that is -- we´re a nation of laws, not of men and women," he said. (Video) Reid noted that most cattlemen pay their taxes, pay their fees, and follow

38 Republican lawmakers put aside differences
for lawsuit challenging legality of Obamacare

30 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Dave Boyer    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/22/2014 5:20:31 AM     Post Reply
Thirty-eight Republican lawmakers, including such unlikely bedfellows as John McCain of Arizona and Ted Cruz of Texas, have joined to support a lawsuit challenging the legality of the Affordable Care Act and accusing the president of repeatedly ignoring the law he signed for political reasons. The lawmakers have signed onto a legal brief in support of a lawsuit filed by Sen. Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Republican who is asking a federal court to overturn Obamacare’s special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs. “The unlawful executive action at issue in this case is not an isolated incident,” the brief

A rancher´s armed battle against the US
government is standard libertarian fare

29 replie(s)
Guardian [UK], by Kieran Suckling    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 4/21/2014 8:10:33 AM     Post Reply
Perhaps the most remarkable feature of American democracy is the magnificent estate of public land that it reserved from the very beginning for the use of all citizens, rich or poor. There is nothing like it in the democracies of Europe, which came into being with nations already carved up into private fiefdoms. The Great Idea that hundreds of millions of acres of forests, deserts, rivers and prairies should be owned by, and managed for, the public interest has had a profound and lasting influence on American culture. But not everyone has accepted it. Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff with the National Park

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