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NBC/WSJ poll: Shutdown
debate damages GOP

NBC News, by Mark Murray

Original Article

Posted By:congaree53, 10/10/2013 7:15:24 PM

The Republican Party has been badly damaged in the ongoing government shutdown and debt limit standoff, with a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finding that a majority of Americans blame the GOP for the shutdown, and with the party’s popularity declining to its lowest level. By a 22-point margin (53 percent to 31 percent), the public blames the Republican Party more for the shutdown than President Barack Obama – a wider margin of blame for the GOP than the party received during the poll during the last shutdown in 1995-96.Just 24 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion about


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Reply 1 - Posted by: 6079 Smith, W, 10/10/2013 7:20:33 PM     (No. 9559859)

And who can´t trust NBC new? George Zimmerman, maybe?

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Reply 2 - Posted by: question_complexity, 10/10/2013 7:20:38 PM     (No. 9559861)

How many people credit and applaud the Republicans for the shutdown?

How many people blame the Republicans for the shutdown?

I think these polls combine these two distinct groups into one.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: mamafrog, 10/10/2013 7:21:36 PM     (No. 9559862)

Once again the Republicans have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I remember all the sneering at polls in November 2012 - that didn´t work out well either.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: mws50, 10/10/2013 7:23:26 PM     (No. 9559871)

Thanks for posting more proof that you are completely clueless, NBC.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: lennon47, 10/10/2013 7:26:29 PM     (No. 9559875)

Who in heck do they poll. Anyone paying attention knows it´s Obama/Reid. No matter how you look at this its the community organizer ... the Reps did not stop Priest saying Mass, stopping our war hero, giving the amnesty crowd permission, not treating children with cancer, on & on... it Obama stupid.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Bohallx, 10/10/2013 7:26:52 PM     (No. 9559876)

The polls in 2012 concerned the highly controversial Democrat Romney who was running on the Republican ticket.

Obviously the results would be mixed, particularly with all the gays viewing him as the Father (or Mother) of gay marriage in America ~ but that didn´t mean they voted for him, but they sure answered their phones.

This situation is different. WSJ editorial board folks hate the TEAParty, and NBC just hates Republicans.

I wouldn´t trust a poll that crowd would commission even if it was right ~ a broken clock is right twice a day ~

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Reply 7 - Posted by: earlybird, 10/10/2013 7:28:42 PM     (No. 9559880)

They think that if they repeat this mantra enough times it will become true. Not so fast...

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Reply 8 - Posted by: cgood, 10/10/2013 7:31:21 PM     (No. 9559885)

It´s like a murderer reporting on the terrible condition of the corpse.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: yuban, 10/10/2013 7:32:39 PM     (No. 9559890)

I reckon we might find out if it is true come 2014 and 2016.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Bubbasuncle, 10/10/2013 7:35:23 PM     (No. 9559892)

Here are the internals:
Strong Democrat 17
Not very strong Democrat 11
Independent/lean Democrat 15
Strictly Independent 19
Independent/lean Republican 13
Not very strong Republican 7
Strong Republican 12
Other (VOL) 4
Not sure 2

So Democrat 43% Republican 32% + margin of error 3.5% = Worthless Poll IMHO

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Reply 11 - Posted by: danvillebill, 10/10/2013 7:36:55 PM     (No. 9559894)

I´m getting closer and closer to buying a couple of canaries just to have a bird cage to line with the WSJ/NBC polls.
The Journal should be absolutely ashamed that it has any connection with an organization that employs the likes of Matthews, Madcow, etc.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: stablemoney, 10/10/2013 7:38:11 PM     (No. 9559897)

No it doesn´t. Quit the lying.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: quantumman, 10/10/2013 7:48:11 PM     (No. 9559906)

Listen to Lonegan in NJ. He said to Pubbie caucus "Wait 7 days and when I beat Booker tell Zippie and Dingy to shove it". Sarah is campaigning for him as well.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: beth, 10/10/2013 7:58:45 PM     (No. 9559916)

They polled adults. They didn´t even bother to make sure they were citizens by only asking registered voters. That and a heavy Democrat tilt makes this poll somewhat useless.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: yorkiemom, 10/10/2013 8:22:07 PM     (No. 9559939)

We can disagree with this poll and knock it all we want, but the media will make sure even the LoFos keep hearing about it, and everyone will still love Obama.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: BaseballFan, 10/10/2013 8:32:25 PM     (No. 9559957)

The poll was designed to measure the influence of the Obamedia, nothing more.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: GreatPlains, 10/10/2013 8:38:38 PM     (No. 9559962)

Only Rush Limbaugh still thinks the polls show Republicans coming out on top
of this shutdown disaster.
National Journal, WaPo, CBS, AP, CNN, Gallup and now this poll all show Republicans are taking a big hit.
Even the poll Ted Cruz commissioned showed that by 7 points, Republicans are blamed .
What was the point of the idiotic shutdown again ?
Other than to damage the GOP´s hopes of
retaking the Senate .
Which might have realistically and legitimately put a curb on Obamacare.
Ted Cruz and the Heritage Foundation assured the right that if the government was shut down,
Obamacare would be defunded.
They got what they demanded.
Now, where is the Obamacare defunding that
Cruz ,DeMint ,Hannity and Limbaugh guaranteed ???

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Reply 18 - Posted by: michellewsc2, 10/10/2013 8:48:22 PM     (No. 9559967)

It´s not these silly Polls the Republicans need to worry about -- it´s the voters come 2014!

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Reply 19 - Posted by: dwa, 10/10/2013 9:04:48 PM     (No. 9559981)

If this poll is right, why is it that the Repubs are being blamed. Could it be that ALL the media do nothing but blame them, thus the lofo´s believe them.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: Shells, 10/10/2013 9:42:18 PM     (No. 9560011)

The single intent of this entirely bogus poll is to pressure the House Republicans to cave.

Because - they are winning.

I´m shocked some normally astute posters here don´t get that.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: tren9, 10/10/2013 9:51:57 PM     (No. 9560018)

Regardless what the polls show and regardless what the truth is, the fact remains that the Pubbies are in big trouble with their own base. Because so many of them are spineless jerks it will be impossible to turn out the base at the polls. The GOP is in big trouble.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Udanja99, 10/10/2013 10:34:55 PM     (No. 9560067)

Then why has zippy´s approval tanked in the last week and why have the demoncrats lost all of their leads in a generic ballot poll?

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Reply 23 - Posted by: JoElla Bee, 10/10/2013 10:43:39 PM     (No. 9560079)

While it may not happen this time, the reason the left believes deceptive polling will work is because it is a tried and proven tactic that has worked in the past. Many people who hear polling results don´t analyze them. The results are picked up and reported by others than NBC which makes it appear to some that the results "must" be true because "everybody" is reporting them as fact with very little refutation.

#5, the key phrase in your comment is "anyone paying attention knows". Not everyone pays attention. Repetitive lies over an extended period have and do work to confuse facts, especially when they aren´t clearly and convincingly refuted with repetition of truth.

We can´t assume that everyone sees and understands the obvious, or that it will remain obvious after repetitive lies "backed up by polls". It´s called "spinning" for a reason. By the time the liars are finished they can make some people believe that the truth they believed at the beginning was a lie all along.

No matter how obvious the truth may seem it must be repeated in the face of lies.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Polecat49, 10/10/2013 10:48:30 PM     (No. 9560083)

Sounds like the same idiots went out and took this stupid poll as the ones who run the so-called republican national committee. THROW crap at People you supposedly want to lead, and kiss the rears of demoncRATS who want to kill you.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: god of irony, 10/10/2013 10:54:46 PM     (No. 9560090)

according to the internals of this poll 20% of Americans are government workers.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: hotcorner, 10/10/2013 11:16:15 PM     (No. 9560098)

I´ve talked to folks in the last 10 days; all against Obama, including democrats. Don´t ever believe the MSM. They (elitists) hate the country like Obama.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: Hobbiest, 10/11/2013 12:24:35 AM     (No. 9560142)

No screen for likely voters and heavily weighted to government emplpyees says it all.

As for Rush and company, people with long memories recall that in 1995 Republicans took most of the hit and Clinton skated. Obama is pratfalling, mainly because he is retaliating agains ordinary citizens. Clinton was smarter than that.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: mikkins2, 10/11/2013 12:47:58 AM     (No. 9560150)

If you notice that the Establishment Republican minions are defending this poll. The reason why is because they are using it as a reason to justify caving in.

Folks you have to start looking at the big picture. The fix is in, always has been. The Establishment wants more taxpayer money and Obamacare. Its almost comical to read some of their arguments.

They are set to make money hand over fist trading your money for lining their own pockets. Cruz, Lee and the Tea Party are exposing them for the frauds they are and they are both livid and terrified by that. They are afraid that if they dont deliver the goods that they will stop getting campaign cash, insider trade infomation, and those high paying "lectures" and no show consulting jobs when they retire. That is how these politicians are bought and paid for.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: Heraclitus, 10/11/2013 1:24:24 AM     (No. 9560164)

The Republican Party is a "house divided against itself" with arrows coming from every other quarter: libertarian, Left-wing, "Independent" (in quotes because these folks really aren´t independent).

Polls are a gauge of how effective the propaganda´s working on the Lo-Fos. ...And an indication of how much work we have to do.

Call R-congressmen: tell them to get together IN PRIVATE (for cryin´ out loud) and settle their differences FOR THE SAKE OF THE COUNTRY, POSTERITY, THEIR CHILDREN etc etc etc ---if they care

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Reply 30 - Posted by: LanieLou, 10/11/2013 3:07:13 AM     (No. 9560185)

Even Lo Info´s know the MSM is no longer reporting the truth... just a propaganda machine for the WH.

If you want a truer picture, take a look at the comments made on traditionally liberal blogs; They aren´t blaming the GOP.

Every day of the shutdown, Obama looks smaller, more petty & like a petulant bully. Politicians in democracies don´t get to take their marbles & go home. They must negotiate.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: Starlifter Nav, 10/11/2013 12:51:59 PM     (No. 9560863)

In addition to No. 10´s (correct) figures, the poll had 1 in 5 respondents who work for the government or are directly connected to someone who does.

In the general population that figure is less than 1 in 12.

It´s a very skewed-to-the-left poll.

And it comes from NBC.

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Washington Times, by Cheryl K. Chumley    Original Article
Posted By: jackson- 4/15/2014 9:25:28 AM     Post Reply
When President Obama needed a preacher to fulfill the closing prayer duties at the annual White House Easter Prayer Breakfast, he turned to none other than the Episcopal Church’s first openly gay bishop — who said he was as shocked as anyone at the appointment. The Right Rev. Gene Robinson said in a tweet, accompanied by a photo of Mr. Obama behind a podium at the event: “POTUS ‘preaches’ at the Easter prayer breakfast. Then, out of the blue, asks ME to close with prayer. OMG!” Newsmax said he also emphasized that the words he chose to close the breakfast

Obama Selects First Openly Gay
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Mediaite, by Andrew Kirell    Original Article
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President Obama pulled a surprise move Monday at the White House’s Easter Prayer Breakfast when he selected Gene Robinson to lead the closing prayer. Robinson is famously known as the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. Talking Points Memo’s Tom Kludt spotted the following tweet from Robinson, who was in attendance: (Tweet) Robinson, 66, became diocesan bishop of New Hampshire in March 2004. He retired in January 2013 and is currently a senior fellow at the progressive

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Associated Press, by Lolita C. Baldor    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 4/14/2014 12:49:12 PM     Post Reply
A Russian fighter jet made multiple, close-range passes near an American warship in the Black Sea for more than 90 minutes Saturday amid escalating tensions in the region, a U.S. military official said Monday. In the first public account of the incident, the official said the Russian Fencer flew within 1,000 yards of the USS Donald Cook, a Navy destroyer, at about 500 feet above sea level. Ship commanders considered the actions provocative and inconsistent with international agreements, prompting the ship to issue several radio queries and warnings. The fighter appeared to be unarmed and never was in danger of

You´re in denial if
you think Steve Israel is
wrong about GOP racism

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Daily Beast, by Michael Tomasky    Original Article
Posted By: Fiesta del sol- 4/14/2014 6:09:58 AM     Post Reply
Some time back, whenever a big racial controversy erupted, I trained myself into the habit of reading about it at FoxNews.com, just for the unbelievable comment threads. Let’s put it this way: If my friends and I went out to a bar and started playing a “let’s write the racist FoxNews.com comment thread” drinking game, our efforts couldn’t begin to approach what I read there.I wasn’t alone. Liberal websites started feasting on these threads. And so, a couple of years ago, Ailes & Co. got wise. Stories about race were, at least in my disheartened experience, closed to comments.

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