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John Kerry’s Bright Shining Lie
American Spectator, by Jeffrey Lord

Original Article

Posted By:StormCnter, 9/5/2013 6:17:40 AM

There is a God. Or, put another way, what goes round…comes round. The suddenly furious debate over Syria has two very blunt problems. Lying. And telling the hard truth. The latter also known as Iran. Let’s deal first with what can only be called John Kerry’s problems with what might be called a “Bright Shining Lie.” “Bush Lied” was a lie. No matter. The anti-war left sold this leftist lie like corn flakes…and they had lots of help. And one of the people who recklessly helped sell the notion that “Bush Lied” was his 2004 Democratic opponent — John Kerry. And another? Barack Obama.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Rob_NC, 9/5/2013 6:33:25 AM     (No. 9506327)

...LORD help them for they no not what they do...

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Reply 2 - Posted by: LComStaff, 9/5/2013 6:45:35 AM     (No. 9506335)

Sorry -

Lord help us for the KNOW not what they do.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Trigger2, 9/5/2013 6:55:58 AM     (No. 9506343)

Lying and a libtard go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lurch can´t help himself. It´s ingrained in his DNA.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Janjan, 9/5/2013 7:15:19 AM     (No. 9506371)

This is a farce, and a deadly one. Obama gambled that if he leaked his attack plans to the media for a week or so it would scare off Assad. He was wrong. They know what he is. Assad heeded the warning by moving their military assets into civilian neighborhoods knowing that Obama would not dare attack there. This has now boiled down to a political butt covering chess game where the highest stakes are the midterm elections and control of the Senate. There is nothing else to be gained and much to lose.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Teleologicus, 9/5/2013 7:16:07 AM     (No. 9506374)

Fanatics of all causes have a different definition of truth than the rest of us.

For most people, the truth is what is actually the case.

For the fanatic, the truth is whatever fits, strengthens and advances the cause of the fanatic, be it Islam, Communism, National Socialism or radical Leftism.

The cause itself is actually secondary to this process of alternative truth formation.

The real dynamic is the pathological commitment of the fanatic to whatever has captured his enthusiasm.

Same manure, different flies.

The plague reservoirs for radical Leftist fanaticism are the universities of America and the West. Unless something is done to regain control of the educational system, the republic cannot possibly survive.

It would be simple, cheap and effective to install webcams in selected classrooms so that the American public -which is paying for every cent of what goes on and which has a vested interest in what its children are being exposed to- could easily know what is actually going on. The cameras would capture only the instructors and what they are telling the students. Any American could click on a web portal and see and hear for themselves. Smartphone recordings by conservative students are a definite start - but they cannot do the job by themselves.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: JAN, 9/5/2013 7:44:37 AM     (No. 9506419)

This lamebrain cites Saddam Hussein´s use of chemical weapons as our reason to stop Assad and then insists that Bush lied as there were NO chemical weapons in Iraq.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: seminolesecure, 9/5/2013 7:46:30 AM     (No. 9506423)

There will be lies and more lies. The media will never report The Bright Shining Lie because doing that would be professional suicide. So, everyone on the right (40% of country) knows what the truth is and the other 60% believe or are told what is not true. Amazing cover up by the MSM to keep their man from being seen as incompetent. But we know the truth.


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Reply 8 - Posted by: privateer, 9/5/2013 7:46:44 AM     (No. 9506424)

This is a superb piece of REAL journalism. It should be echoed on 60 minutes, Frontline, the alphabets and NPR. But, naturally, it will not even be tangentially acknowledged by the running dogs of the Ministry of Truth. Wouldn´t serve the interests of the 12th Goofti.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Me?Opinionated?Nah!, 9/5/2013 7:53:52 AM     (No. 9506432)

Perhaps Kerry also waited until Obama’s second term to become “more flexible?” Y’think?

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Not gonna take it anymore, 9/5/2013 8:02:02 AM     (No. 9506449)

Excellent article. Thanks for posting.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: RCFlyer98, 9/5/2013 8:13:19 AM     (No. 9506474)

Obama says now he didn´t set a "red line". He dyd say he "set a red line", it´s all over TV, and the print media. He now says that Assad gassed his people. Is he lying now? His whole life is nothing but a lie, one after another, another, etc., etc.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: Clinger, 9/5/2013 8:31:09 AM     (No. 9506501)

Let´s also keep in perspective that the WMD question in Iraq was one of degree;the use of chemical weapons was well established.

Let´s also not forget that the accusations of Bush lying were part of a campaign to discredit him and his administration from day 1 starting with the stolen election garbage. Then there´s the going it alone when Bush had congressional authority and albeit a small international coalition but not alone. Tell your going it alone story to the mothers of fallen Brits. The groundwork has been well laid to condition us to the white noise of accusations of election fraud, abuse of presidential power, outright lying about foreign threats. You want to know what the statist / totalitarians are up to? Just watch what charges they levy at anyone who is not among them who is in power or a threat to get in power.

Not to imply that I believe Republicans have been responsible custodians of the Republic but I believe true evil is hiding among the bad actors appearing simply to be just among the bad actors. I also believe good actors get so soiled in the process that they become easy to taint and difficult to distinguish.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: Rinktum, 9/5/2013 8:31:23 AM     (No. 9506502)

Never believe a liar. It is second nature for them to lie. Even when the truth will do, they will lie or embellish. Obama is brazen in his willingness to lie when he knows the video that contains the lie can be replayed. Progressives don´t understand the concept of right and wrong. Therefore, there is no such thing as a lie. Truth is what they say it is. Never before have so many progressives been in such positions of power as they are today. They are at the top of their fields in the news media, politics, academia, and entertainment. The end justifies the means is their mantra.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Crosscut, 9/5/2013 8:35:41 AM     (No. 9506509)

Bush is vindicated. The Media and Press will not go near this story.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: sadc, 9/5/2013 8:36:40 AM     (No. 9506510)

A great article but what passes for news today are soundbites and checking to see if the info babe is "hot". The truth a hypocrisy is right there with Kerry up front and bold. Obama says he did not set a red line and only one station challenges that big lie. Serious, deadly...oh, time for golf and vacations.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: TunnelRat, 9/5/2013 8:38:59 AM     (No. 9506517)

I kept waiting for the article to say that Assad´s chemical weapons are the ones he got from Saddam Hussein -- the ones smuggled out of Iraq before Mr. Bush attacked there...

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Reply 17 - Posted by: 1976Ag, 9/5/2013 8:47:32 AM     (No. 9506532)

The chemical weapons in Syria came from Iraq. They were part of the WMD that President Bush was going after in Iraq. Need we ask why this isn´t being reported or discussed?

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Reply 18 - Posted by: Arby, 9/5/2013 8:55:49 AM     (No. 9506550)

One lesson from all this: look at Lurch under fire. Thank God he was never elected president.

The ´Bush lied´ meme is one of the great indicators of the evil of the left and their LSM enablers. If SH didn´t have WMD, what was he using to kill the Kurds--camel methane? The story should be that the reports of trucks taking WMD into Syria are probably now being confirmed by Syria´s use of them.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: oldselzer, 9/5/2013 9:05:59 AM     (No. 9506578)

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Reply 20 - Posted by: Italiano, 9/5/2013 9:25:50 AM     (No. 9506614)

I highly recommend Sheehan´s book. Vietnam will never be old news. We keep making the same damn mistakes.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: sherlock1, 9/5/2013 9:32:55 AM     (No. 9506627)

"- the ones smuggled out of Iraq before Mr. Bush attacked there"

While he built a coalition of many countries, got a UN resolution, and finally got the Democrat-led Congress to pass a resolution supporting military action. The contrast to the the sham playing out before our eyes today could not be more obvious. Any thinking person has to see the hypocrisy today and remember the faux "anti-war" outrage of only a few years ago.

I must admit it is fun to see Jaques "Stoneface" Kerry reprising the role of General Buck Turgidson.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Italiano, 9/5/2013 9:38:14 AM     (No. 9506634)

Big difference: Turgidson was a patriot, albeit a bit "overzealous." Kerry was and is a leftist traitor.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: maggie2u, 9/5/2013 10:00:26 AM     (No. 9506686)

In a speech yesterday, Kerry said that several Arab countries said they would pay the United States to invade Syria. Why isn´t this today´s explosive news by the corrupt media?
One wonders just how much Kerry, Obama and others in the democrat party will personally profit from this? Is this another way for hitlery to fund her race for the presidency?

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Reply 24 - Posted by: bigfatslob, 9/5/2013 10:32:08 AM     (No. 9506753)

Who does Assad think he is, Gingis Khan or something?
The Arabs along with Russia have set the trap and are waiting for the United States and Obama to step in it.
My plan would be to go ahead and cut the head off the snake, bomb Iran. Do it with the help of Israel. That would ruin their Arab Spring.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: nevernaught, 9/5/2013 10:37:24 AM     (No. 9506766)

Kerry always lies...

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Clinger, 9/5/2013 10:48:33 AM     (No. 9506779)

And how long did we let Saddam play footsie with the UN inspectors? Then after many many months, and after a convoy to Syria, we finally go in but don´t find massive stockpiles. Gee wiz what a surprise what could possibly have happened, Bush must have lied I guess. I do try to understand those who buy in to that drivel because they are destroying my country.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: jglas, 9/5/2013 11:52:37 AM     (No. 9506890)

Good article. I´d make one exception: it isn´t Iran that´s the real problem, radical Islam is the real problem and since radical Islamists are a major part of Islam and define it, it´s not wrong to say Islam is the problem.

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Reply 28 - Posted by: roger h. cook,MD, 9/5/2013 1:07:13 PM     (No. 9507028)

Dear Luci I like all the comments ,it takes to long to click on each. RHC

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Reply 29 - Posted by: dman, 9/5/2013 3:42:42 PM     (No. 9507277)

This episode of the chickens coming home to roost reminds me of a now politically incorrect story I heard as a child. It was about the Whitefoot Indians, who never told a lie, and the Blackfoot Indians, who never told the truth. An unidentified Indian was asked which tribe he belonged to. His reply was: "Why, I´m a Whitefoot, of course!"

While the contrast is not quite as stark as in the story, we know who are more like the Whitefoots and who are more like the Blackfoots. There should be no surprise here.

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Reply 30 - Posted by: donnaclaire, 9/6/2013 9:38:34 AM     (No. 9508226)

Kerry ripped his britches with me way back when he trashed our military to make a splash and a name for himself. These military people are the ones putting themselves at risk every day to protect his sorry rear-end, but he´s far too important to worry about that.

These far-left people are so far removed from what is good and decent and special about America and Americans. Unbelievable things have been spoken by these mean, vicious and vindictive people. Kerry is one of them - as is Obama - such arrogant phonies!

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Reply 31 - Posted by: Arby, 9/6/2013 10:05:12 AM     (No. 9508277)

Lurch: the gigolo who would be president. We dodged that bullet (but not Fauxbama).

Sad days for our country.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: peterfleming, 9/6/2013 10:08:20 AM     (No. 9508281)

#5 TELEOLOGICUS nails it: webcams in all classrooms, monitoring the indoctrination, the shocking truth revealed first hand.
Of course Kerry lies. It all adds up.
The occupant of the White House IS A LIE.
The forged birth certificate is a
treasonous and conveniently overlooked lie.
Stealth communism is a lie against all of the people. A real person could never have attempted this whole list of treacherous acts. An imposter cannot be impeached. He
will be properly accused and arrested for his treasonous act, once proved.

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Reply 33 - Posted by: Rafter, 9/6/2013 12:27:42 PM     (No. 9508597)

When Fraud Kerry lies down with Dingo Barry...
("a mutt like me")...
he not only gets fleas...
gets fleeced...
and has to flee...
O-Bomber´s Badministration´s Lies...

He´ll never do Lurch in this town again!

Another Sick Sycophant Bytes The Crust.
Next up?
Vice Presidunce JoeBlow Buh-Biden...

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Reply 34 - Posted by: Tianne, 9/6/2013 4:33:28 PM     (No. 9509012)

Excellent, comprehensive article by Mr. Jeffrey Lord. How refreshing it is to be able to read an article with a concurring sigh of relief because of its unmitigated and brave truth.

Mr. Lord´s paraphrasing of John Kerry´s 1971 statement is superb:

"…In our opinion, and from our experience, there is nothing in Syria, nothing which could happen that realistically threatens the United States of America. And to attempt to justify the loss of one American life anywhere else in the Middle East after Afghanistan and Iraq by linking such loss to the preservation of American or international or congressional credibility, which those Syrian misfits would supposedly damage, is to us the height of criminal hypocrisy, and it is that kind of hypocrisy which we feel has torn this country apart…."

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Reply 35 - Posted by: Nevadadad46, 9/6/2013 6:37:48 PM     (No. 9509227)

People Write, write, write. Commenting here does no good. Write, call, - hell, scream! Let your congress critter know you say "NO!" and mean it.

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Houston Chronicle, by Jennifer A. Dlouhy    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2014 10:32:12 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Former President Jimmy Carter joined fellow Nobel laureates Wednesday in opposing Keystone XL, insisting that approving the pipeline would trigger “more climate upheaval” around the globe. In an open letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, Carter and the nine other Nobel Peace Prize winners bluntly warned the leaders: “Your decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will define your climate legacy.” The missive, published as an advertisement in Politico, represents the first time Carter has taken a position on the $5.4 billion project and makes him the first former president to come

Fox News Poll: Many voters say Obama lies
to the country on important matters

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Fox News, by Dana Blanton    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/16/2014 7:39:27 PM     Post Reply
About six in ten American voters think Barack Obama lies to the country on important matters some or most of the time, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday. Thirty-seven percent think Obama lies “most of the time,” while another 24 percent say he lies “some of the time.” Twenty percent of voters say “only now and then” and 15 percent “never.” Click here for the poll results. President Obama has been accused by political opponents and media fact-checkers alike of telling falsehoods. Frequently cited: His repeated claim that under Obamacare “If you like your plan, you can keep

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Easter message:
Politically ‘crucified’ Obama has risen again

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Washington Times, by Jessica Chasmar    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/16/2014 3:42:51 PM     Post Reply
With Easter soon approaching, the Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday drew parallels between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of President Obama’s political career. Joining the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Mr. Sharpton said that his message for this Easter is that “no matter what the world may do to you unfairly, no matter how you’re crucified — nailed to the cross at home, or in your personal relationships, or on the job — that you can rise if you don’t lose yourself during the hard times and the challenges.” The reverend went on to say that Christ endured so much humiliation and unearned suffering leading up to his death,

Wendy Davis will undergo neck surgery
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Star-Telegram [Fort Worth TX], by Anna M. Tinsley    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2014 4:02:34 PM     Post Reply
FORT WORTH — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis will undergo neck surgery today, her campaign said Tuesday. “After experiencing shoulder and right arm pain in recent weeks, Sen. Davis will have a routine surgical procedure to remove bone spurs and degenerative discs that are creating compression on the nerves in her neck,” campaign spokesman Zac Petkanas said in a statement Tuesday. “This is a common issue experienced by runners and endurance athletes,” he said. Davis, of Fort Worth, will undergo the outpatient surgery at the Fort Worth Brain and Spine Institute. Dr. Thomas Ellis will perform the

Obama administration gives Detroit
$100 million for ´blight removal´

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American Thinker, by Rick Moran    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2014 1:36:54 PM     Post Reply
The cash infusion by the federal government is actually going to help the city pay pensions, even though they´re playing a kind of shell game with the money. As for "blight removal," perhaps they could start with city hall. Reuters: Michigan officials and President Barack Obama´s Administration are discussing a plan to free up $100 million in federal money to aid Detroit´s retired city workers, the Detroit Free Press reported on Tuesday. Citing two people familiar with the talks, the newspaper said the talks were centered around federal money flowing to Michigan for blight removal. Under the plan, $100 million

Michael Bloomberg: ´I Have Earned
My Place in Heaven´

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The Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper    Original Article
Posted By: Bill the Cat- 4/16/2014 9:15:28 AM     Post Reply
Former New York City mayor is pledging to spend $50 million this year to push gun control, the New York Times reports. For this and other deeds (such as taking on obesity and smoking), Bloomberg believes he´s going to heaven. “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close,” Bloomberg told the Times.

Climate change causing fish to
lose their minds, researchers say

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Washington Times, by Cheryl K. Chumley    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 4/16/2014 1:35:05 PM     Post Reply
Climate change’s latest casualty appears to be fish — or more specifically, fish brains — as researchers say the carbon dioxide that’s being absorbed into the ocean is causing the scaly creatures to lose their survival instincts. In other words, the fish are losing their minds, The Daily Mail reported. The acid from atmospheric carbon dioxide seeps into sea waters, dissolves and ultimately lowers the pH balance, researchers said. The acidic waters then hamper the fishes’ sensory systems, so they’re not able to distinguish between smells any longer, the scientists went on. When the acid levels get really high, the fish lose their

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