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A Ryan Reboot
Wall Street Journal, by Editorial

Original Article

Posted By:Desert Fox, 3/12/2013 8:08:53 PM

The political class seems to be scandalized that Paul Ryan had the cheek Tuesday to propose another reform budget. Doesn´t the House Budget Chairman understand that the 2012 election settled every political question in President Obama´s favor? Er, no. The federal fisc is still a shambles—despite the tax increase on millionaires and billionaires that Mr. Obama said would solve everything and despite the modest sequester spending cuts he says are too painful to abide. Thus Mr. Ryan´s proposal for fiscal 2014 is still an important document, even if it has no chance of becoming law this year, because it


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Reply 1 - Posted by: nonsense, 3/12/2013 8:44:26 PM     (No. 9221809)

We do not have time to phase in any program at a pace that will please the Demonrats and the "gimme" population. We are rapidly heading for economic collapse, and when it occurs the "free stuff" will abruptly end. So easy to understand, so difficult to explain to the lo fo population of the country.

Reply 2 - Posted by: noproblems, 3/12/2013 11:08:49 PM     (No. 9221926)

what is the point of this "plan" if you are not willing to fight for it.

just a pr stunt by the establishment to beg people to vote republican next time so that they will have the power to balance the budget. just like they did from 2000 - 2006.




Reply 3 - Posted by: StormCnter, 3/13/2013 7:33:54 AM     (No. 9222225)

There is apparently no sunshine in #2´s world.

I like Ryan. With a few reservations, I like his plan. We have to begin somewhere and sometime and here and now will work just fine. I know a lot of our work is going to involve a lot of uphill trekking, but the alternative is to sit at the bottom of the hill and cry. Let´s don´t do that.

Reply 4 - Posted by: cobieone, 3/13/2013 8:30:50 AM     (No. 9222313)

Once again, a good and decent Republican, who is trying to solve our fiscal problems, comes up with ideas and we conservatives criticize. Paul Ryan should be praised for the hard work he is doing in the House, but for many conservatives, it´s their way or the highway. Wont be long before someone starts calling Ryan a RINO.

Reply 5 - Posted by: jfodoch, 3/13/2013 8:30:52 AM     (No. 9222314)

It´s all about marketing. You can have the best mouse-trap in the history of mouse-traps, but if you don´t convince people to but/try it, you´re stuck in the mud with yet another superior idea.

Selling Ryan´s plan to urkel´s voters will be the challenge of the decade, and I´ve already started praying for some kind, any kind of deliverance from this creature and his ilk.

Reply 6 - Posted by: Rinktum, 3/13/2013 8:47:32 AM     (No. 9222349)

So right, #5. Messaging is a real problem with Republicans. Everyone wants to be a leader and no one wants to follow. Are you listening McCain and Graham? Either everyone gets on board with the Ryan plan or you can kiss this country goodbye. Stand firm with Paul Ryan and no "reaching across the aisle" or secret "gangs of". For once in your arrogant lives, put the country first. Beat Obama at his own game. Take your message straight to the people.

Reply 7 - Posted by: Nan, 3/13/2013 9:10:34 AM     (No. 9222396)

Ryan is one of our heros, right next to Cruz.




Reply 8 - Posted by: jofel, 3/13/2013 9:11:11 AM     (No. 9222398)

So correct #5, I´ve been praying for the removal of the skinny socialist and his evil administration since 2008.

Reply 9 - Posted by: beca, 3/13/2013 9:26:55 AM     (No. 9222434)

paul ryan will always have my support

Reply 10 - Posted by: LZK, 3/13/2013 9:28:29 AM     (No. 9222440)

Ryan reminds me of Sarah Palin. She told her daughter -- "when you miss -- RELOAD".....

Like her thinking. Where is she these days? I don´t hear much about her....

DID the MSM manage to shut her up????

I hope not....


Reply 11 - Posted by: congaree53, 3/13/2013 9:45:07 AM     (No. 9222486)

Ryan defended his Medicare voucher position with ´we won the senior demographic´. Really forward thinking..put another way-- the base of the GOP is literally going extinct. I hope Ryan is not thinking of running against Hillary; I don´t want my party to go the way of the Whigs.

Reply 12 - Posted by: bpl40, 3/13/2013 9:46:49 AM     (No. 9222489)

There must be an ability to clearly differentiate between what is ideal and what is possible. It is a defining virtue of leadership, whether political, military, business whatever. But there is a thin line between the practical and the achievable and surrender of vital interests. Reagan was superbly skilled at that. Ryan is showing beginnings of the same ability. McCain and Graham for example have no clue what this means and Zippy is hoping the entire Republican Party will follow suit.




Reply 13 - Posted by: pineledger, 3/13/2013 10:47:45 AM     (No. 9222596)

Yes, 11, but with the aging Boomer generation, that thought is enough to strike terror in the hearts of Dims.

Reply 14 - Posted by: starboard, 3/13/2013 11:22:21 AM     (No. 9222677)

It sure looks like the Republicans are using a swarm offensive strategy. They are coming at it from all sides. A good way to confuse the press, throw the opposition off balance, and take control of the national conversation. My goodness, what must the media think? I say keep it coming.

Reply 15 - Posted by: JoniTx, 3/13/2013 2:09:50 PM     (No. 9223100)

The Republicans only control the House. Remember, the democrat party has control of the WH and the Senate.

It´s so discouraging to continually read disparaging and nasty remarks on this site.

Thank you Rep. Paul Ryan.

Reply 16 - Posted by: redink, 3/13/2013 2:24:07 PM     (No. 9223122)

Saw Ryan on Hannity. Romney´s pick for V.P. was the same ray of hope Palin was in 08.
Rand Paul gave us an opening and smart men like Ryan are going to use it.

I don´t think it´s futile, or cynical or part of a stunt. I think it´s a legitimate use of our advantage right now.
Go for it. Anyone who keeps the debate front and center on smaller government and more freedom deserves our support.
(And anyone who wants to turn the gop purple is on notice...paging Rove)

Reply 17 - Posted by: Dodge Boy, 3/13/2013 8:35:36 PM     (No. 9223778)

We must pull our heads out of the sand and listen with open eyes and ears to what Ryan has to say. Unlike Obie et al, let´s take the lead at the front and meet this issue head on. We are only fooling ourselves if we believe complaining about the pubbie leadership will solve anything. Don´t play to the left anymore. I think we still got a shot at solving a very serious matter, but only if our folks (who we elected, by the way) can put their political backsides aside and meet it head on same as us folks.





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Most Recent Articles posted by "Desert Fox"

Random Act of Journalism! CBS
Reports Truth About Obama Economy
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 10:38:37 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Let´s go to the audio sound bites. The gross domestic product number is out. And, by the way, I don´t know what this is. There´s a new way of measuring the GDP. The Obama administration is measuring it in an entirely different way, which is showing growth. The standard measure of gross domestic product is showing flat. But this new measure, which the media is applauding and loving, is showing a growth rate of 1.7%, and it´s being hailed. The stock market earlier today was having a pretty good day.

If the Majority of the American People
are Against Obamacare, Why are the
Republicans So Afraid to Oppose It?
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 10:18:09 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: In one hour, we´re gonna have Utah Senator Mike Lee on the program to explain in detail and in an understandable way what he´s trying to do. As you know, Mike Lee is leading the effort to defund Obamacare in the United States Senate. The entire Republican establishment has aligned against him. Consultants, establishment bigwigs, party bigwigs, even some donors have aligned against him because they are convinced that attempting to defund Obamacare at the next negotiation, the end of September, on a continuing resolution will lead to a government shutdown,

The Mess Made by
Republican Consultants
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 10:10:28 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Here´s Brad in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It´s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi. CALLER: Mega dittos, Mr. Limbaugh. A pleasure to speak to you. I told your call screener there that I am an attorney. I teach law. I´m a former public official and a Republican, and I advise my clients and my students, "You can´t take legal advice from the people across the table. They´re going to give advice, obviously, that is in favor of their position." RUSH: Exactly. CALLER: That sounds so obvious, why even say that, right?

Media Can´t Ignore New
Developments In IRS Scandal
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 9:56:19 PM     Post Reply
IRS-Gate: From stonewalling Congress to Federal Election Commission collusion to harassment of already-tax-exempt conservative groups, the IRS scandal metastasizes. Someone high-up was clearly giving orders. ´Phony scandals," to use President Obama´s term, should not generate near-daily news coverage from a media that would like nothing better than to see its dream president let off the hook. Yet everywhere you look comes another bolt of lightning keeping this Frankenstein monster "alive!": • In addition to conservative organizations being ultra-scrutinized in applying for tax-exempt status, existing conservative groups like Morton Blackwell´s Leadership Institute, around since 1979, and the



France´s Reign of Terror Driven
By Violent Propaganda
Investor´s Business Daily, by Monica Showalter    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 9:49:24 PM     Post Reply
So why did the French Revolution — initially premised on the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity — come to be defined by the guillotine, regicide, rivers of blood and the Reign of Terror? To reveal a common historic error, the revolution didn´t start pristine and somehow get hijacked by the likes of Maximilien de Robespierre. He and his notorious Committee of Public Safety ruled through terror and systematically beheaded thousands at the guillotine. The violence was there from the very start, in the bloodcurdling words of the revolution´s propagandists — journalists, pamphleteers and writers, some of whom

Data of Prosperity Past
Wall Street Journal, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 9:47:44 PM     Post Reply
The good news is that the Commerce Department´s second-quarter GDP report shows that the U.S. is richer and the economy larger than previously believed. The bad news is that this has nothing to do with anything that has happened lately, and certainly not in the last nine months. The current not-so-great economic recovery trudges on. *** Wednesday´s second quarter report is especially interesting because it includes economic revisions based on new assumptions that re-measure the size of the U.S. economy going back to 1929. The Bureau of Economic Analysis does this every five years or so,

Hillary, Huma ´Stonewall´
Senate Inquiry Into Conflicts
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 9:45:29 PM     Post Reply
Graft: The relationship between the Clintons and the wife of embattled Anthony Weiner grows curiouser and curiouser. Forget sexting; this may be the real scandal. And one senator sees a possible criminal element to it. Republican Chuck Grassley, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is demanding documents from the State Department shedding more light on the private consulting work that Huma Abedin, aka Mrs. Weiner, performed while working for the government, where she had access to top secret information. Abedin served as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton´s deputy chief of staff, where she earned $135,000 a year.

Obama´s Creeping Authoritarianism
Wall Street Journal, by Daniel Henninger    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/31/2013 9:41:29 PM     Post Reply
If we learned anything about Barack Obama in his first term it is that when he starts repeating the same idea over and over, what´s on his mind is something else. The first term´s over-and-over subject was "the wealthiest 1%." Past some point, people wondered why he kept beating these half-dead horses. After the election, we knew. It was to propagandize the targeted voting base that would provide his 4% popular-vote margin of victory—very young voters and minorities. They believed. He won. The second-term over-and-over, elevated in his summer speech tour, is the shafting of the middle class. But

How ObamaCare Hurts Patients
Wall Street Journal, by Scott Gottlieb    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/30/2013 9:36:10 PM     Post Reply
President Obama promised to mend the failings in the American health-care system, and yet for cancer treatment, ObamaCare is taking a rotten feature of the old system and making it worse. The Affordable Care Act expands a program called 340B, which siphons money from drug makers and insurers to subsidize certain hospitals. The program has been expanded as a way to offset some of the cuts that the law imposes on hospitals. One significant side effect: 340B is increasing the cost of cancer care—and harming its quality. When the program began in 1992, its aim was to support

Mitch Daniels´s Gift to
Academic Freedom
Wall Street Journal, by Benno Schmidt    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/30/2013 9:02:41 PM     Post Reply
Most Americans would agree that academic freedom is a sacred right of the academy and crucial to the American experiment in democracy. But what is it really? That´s the question raised by the Associated Press´s July 16 release of emails between Mitch Daniels, when he was the governor of Indiana, and his staff concerning Howard Zinn´s "A People´s History of the United States." The emails were written in 2010 and Mr. Daniels, whose second term as governor ended this January, is now president of Purdue University in Indiana. Published in 1980, Zinn´s "A People´s History"

Obama´s ´Grand Bargain´ On Taxes
Is Neither Grand Nor A Bargain
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/30/2013 8:09:49 PM     Post Reply
Fiscal Policy: President Obama has proposed a "grand bargain" with Republicans: They get a tax cut for corporations, he gets more money to spend on worthless government stimulus. That´s no bargain — that´s surrender. In the latest attempt by Democrats to disguise GOP capitulation as centrist "compromise," Obama said he´ll sign off on a cut in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 28% — with an even lower rate of 25% for manufacturers — if Republicans will agree to spend more on Obama´s "investments" and OK a tax hike on U.S. companies doing business overseas.

Obama´s ´Grand Bargain´ With Obama
Wall Street Journal, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 7/30/2013 8:06:25 PM     Post Reply
In Chattanooga on Tuesday, the latest stop on his economic inequality tour, President Obama made himself an offer he couldn´t refuse. If Congressional Republicans agree to a corporate tax increase, he said, then he´ll agree to spend more money on his favorite public-works projects. If Republicans bargain hard, will he also offer an expansion of ObamaCare as a sweetener? We know this sounds like an exaggeration, but that´s the essence of what the President proposed as what he called a new "grand bargain." Mr. Obama will agree to reform the corporate tax code—a GOP priority and one

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George Zimmerman armed when
stopped for speeding
in Texas, report says

45 replie(s)
CBS News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 7/31/2013 4:36:37 PM     Post Reply
FORNEY, Texas - George Zimmerman, the former Florida neighborhood watch leader cleared of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, was pulled over for speeding in North Texas on Sunday, CBS DFW reports. According to the station, Zimmerman was armed when officers pulled him over on Highway 80 in Forney, east of Dallas. (Snip) The officer reportedly did not recognize Zimmerman, who was driving a Honda pickup. Zimmerman told the officer he was armed and was then told to put the weapon in his glove compartment, according to the station.

John McCain: Hillary´s a ´rock
star,´ Fox is ´schizophrenic´

44 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 7/31/2013 6:58:18 PM     Post Reply
Arizona Sen. John McCain was the Republican Party´s 2008 presidential nominee and he still wants the keys to the Oval Office. But he is beginning to sound more like a fan of likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. "She´s a rock star," he said in a newly released interview. "She has, maybe not glamour, but certainly the aura of someone widely regarded throughout the world," he added in a reference to her work as secretary of State. McCain, reportedly trying to win back his reputation as a GOP maverick, was asked by the New Republic

Barack Obama’s clueless message
to America’s middle class shows a
presidency out of touch with reality

43 replie(s)
Telegraph [UK], by Nile Gardiner    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 7/31/2013 4:25:41 AM     Post Reply
President Obama has been rolling up his sleeves campaigning across the country delivering a surreal stump speech message supposedly aimed at the middle class: big government works, Obamacare is manna from heaven, the wave of recent scandals are “phony” figments of the imagination, and all economic problems are the fault of the Republicans. Conveniently, he leaves out the bankruptcy of Detroit, a city run by his own party for more than half a century. His message is so stale and unconvincing, that even The New York Times and Washington Post have noticed. Both papers, usually loyal to Obama, remarked that

Benghazi Hearing: Special Ops
Commander Said He Was Traveling,
Had ‘Unreliable Communications’

42 replie(s)
PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 7/31/2013 8:07:31 PM     Post Reply
The former commander of special operations in Northern Africa told a closed-door briefing today that he was largely detached from events the night of the Benghazi attack as he was traveling at the time. The testimony of Col. George H. Bristol, USMC, Former Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force-Trans Sahara, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command Africa, had been eagerly anticipated by members of Congress. Originally, lawmakers had been told by the Defense Department that he had retired — the actual date is Aug. 1, an “administrative error” according to the Pentagon — and that they didn’t have

PPP poll: Palin leads Alaska
Republican Senate primary by 10 points

41 replie(s)
Hot Air. com, by Allahpundit    Original Article
Posted By: Not your typical New Yorker- 7/31/2013 11:12:11 AM     Post Reply
Gotta figure her lead would be even bigger without Joe Miller in the field here. Her nomination for the taking? Alaska should be a top tier pick up opportunity for Senate Republicans next year…but their top choice of a candidate is Sarah Palin. 36% of GOP primary voters in the state say they’d like Palin to be their standard bearer against Mark Begich to 26% for Mead Treadwell, 15% for Dan Sullivan, and 12% for Joe Miller.

E-mails Suggest Collusion
Between FEC, IRS to
Target Conservative Groups

40 replie(s)
National Review Online, by Eliana Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 7/31/2013 6:07:16 AM     Post Reply
Embattled Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner and an attorney in the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel’s office appear to have twice colluded to influence the record before the FEC’s vote in the case of a conservative non-profit organization, according to e-mails unearthed by the House Ways and Means Committee and obtained exclusively by National Review Online. The correspondence suggests the discrimination of conservative groups extended beyond the IRS and into the FEC, where an attorney from the agency’s enforcement division in at least one case sought and received tax information about the status of a conservative group,

Mark Levin urges his 8.5 million
listeners to call a ´We the People´
convention to stop Obama

40 replie(s)
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 7/31/2013 7:38:05 PM     Post Reply
Mark Levin, who hosts one of America´s top radio talk shows and is considered by supporters to be the people´s pundit on the Constitution, is rallying his 8.5 million-strong audience to demand an historic convention of state governments to halt the "oppressive power" of the federal government. The author of two New York Times bestsellers on the threats to the Constitution, Levin hopes his latest, "The Liberty Amendments," out mid-August, will spark the state lawmakers to tap a rarely used Constitutional provision to institute measures that would brake President Obama´s use of executive orders, bar thousand-page laws and

McCain strolls into Dem caucus meeting
39 replie(s)
The Hill (Washington DC), by Judy Kurtz    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/31/2013 1:28:56 PM     Post Reply
Sen. John McCain — a Democrat? There was confusion Wednesday after the Arizona Republican mistakenly strolled into President Obama’s meeting with Senate Democrats at the Capitol. The room full of Democrats — who happened to be meeting in the same room where the Senate GOP usually holds their weekly policy luncheons — erupted in applause and laughter as the former Republican presidential candidate made his entrance. As McCain, 76, walked out of the Dem-filled space, reporters pressed him as to why he stepped foot in the room.

New Pelosi Agenda: Moms Free
from ´Burden of Child Care´

37 replie(s)
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 7/30/2013 7:23:04 PM     Post Reply
In an interview on National Public Radio (NPR), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said her new agenda for women will give mothers access to day care so they can “earn without carrying the burden of child care.” During the interview, aired on Weekend Edition Sunday, Pelosi spoke about her newly announced agenda, which is on her website, and is titled, “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: An Economic Agenda for Women and Families,” a plan that includes universal pre-school and access to day care for working women, and an increase in the minimum wage.

Karl Rove, 100+ GOP Donors Send
Letter to Republicans Urging
Immigration Reform

35 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: SpeedMaster- 7/30/2013 1:58:42 PM     Post Reply
Karl Rove and more than one hundred Republican donors sent a letter to Republican members of Congress on Tuesday, urging them to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would include, among other provisions, granting "legal status" to illegal aliens who meet certain criteria. Anticipating that lawmakers will face resistance to the bill when they go home for the August recess, the letter marks the escalation of a campaign in which Republican leaders and donors are pressuring House Republicans to act on an immigration reform bill.

Alaskans Can´t Decide If
Sarah Palin Is Alaskan, Agree
She Shouldn´t Be Senator

34 replie(s)
Atlantic Wire, by Philip Bump    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 7/30/2013 12:56:17 PM     Post Reply
No matter how much you may hope for it, it seems unlikely that you´ll be using the phrase "Senator Sarah Palin" with any great regularity in 2015. A new poll indicates that the former Alaska governor is about as popular in the state as Barack Obama — which is to say, not very popular at all. But even more surprising, while the former vice presidential candidate has made Alaska a central part of her public image, the state´s residents split on the question of whether Palin is all that Alaskan. Conducted by Public Policy Polling,

New EPA chief promises jobs,
pulls no punches in
climate change fight

34 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 7/31/2013 9:54:00 AM     Post Reply
In her first speech since taking over the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy came out swinging Tuesday and promised to ramp up the aggressive climate change agenda laid out by President Obama.(snip)“Can we stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs? Please, at least for today,” she said during remarks at Harvard Law School. “We need to cut carbon pollution to grow jobs. We need to cut carbon pollution to strengthen the economy. Let’s talk about it positively. Let’s approach this as an opportunity of a lifetime. There are too many lifetimes at stake.”


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