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Brutal Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial
Labels Obama ‘Unworthy’ of His Office

PJ Media, by Bryan Preston

Original Article

Posted By:StormCnter, 11/2/2012 4:46:52 AM

Writing at Instapundit, Elizabeth Price Foley says she’s never seen anything quite like this blistering editorial. I have to agree. It’s astounding. Based on documents released by the committee, on the day of the attack the Pentagon dispatched a drone with a video camera so everyone in Washington could see what was happening in real time. The drone documented no crowds protesting any video. But around 4 p.m. Washington received an email from the Benghazi mission saying it was under a military-style attack. The White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and the CIA

L-Dotters can't post directly from the Review-Journal, so this is next best. Maybe even better, since we get the editorial plus a review of it.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Trigger2, 11/2/2012 4:57:34 AM     (No. 8981410)

He was 'unworthy' in 2008. In 2012, he should be persona no grata.

Reply 2 - Posted by: Udanja99, 11/2/2012 5:07:51 AM     (No. 8981417)

He is worthy of a tiny cell BENEATH Levenworth. That or a firing squad.




Reply 3 - Posted by: lewis1940, 11/2/2012 5:12:29 AM     (No. 8981422)

If Mitt does not win this thing. It will be because he did not use this to his advantage. The MSM will cover for 0bama to the best of their ability. While they fawn over how Presidential he looks in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Reply 4 - Posted by: Maybeth, 11/2/2012 5:19:19 AM     (No. 8981428)

President Obama ALLOWED the murder of an American Ambassador and 3 ex-SEALS because 'didn't want to offend the sensibilities of the new radical Islamic regime which America and British arms had so recently helped install in Lybia.'
.... Offend Islamics?

America and British arms? Excuse me?
.... Since there is no way Obama can lay the blame on Bush,
.... And since the CIA isn't going to accept blame,
.... And Hillary won't take responsibility,
.... And the State Department didn't make the decision,
.... And the military was told to stand down,
Obama is going to try blaming the British?

Reply 5 - Posted by: Pepper Tree, 11/2/2012 5:47:41 AM     (No. 8981448)

If Obama does 'win', he may be the historic first black president removed from office, and it could happen so soon the suddeness would stun even even us.

The cat's out of the bag. Exposure of Obama's lies and coverup has gone viral. Twitter remarks are apparently becoming the the modern equivalent of the newspaper. And Chris Matthews is asking, "What scandal?"

Reply 6 - Posted by: veritas, 11/2/2012 5:55:52 AM     (No. 8981456)

#5: Chrissie had a big, big disappointment yesterday.

His leg fell asleep and he thought the "tingle" was back.

Reply 7 - Posted by: awen, 11/2/2012 5:57:52 AM     (No. 8981460)

After reading the LVRJ editorial last night, it was all I could do not to stand up and yell YES!

The entire MSM cabal had disgraced itself in the covering for a man who is nothing but an illusion they have enabled in his attempts to run the United States into the ground.

Thank you LVRJ for telling it like it is. How refreshing!




Reply 8 - Posted by: DoktorFranken, 11/2/2012 7:06:57 AM     (No. 8981542)

Is THIS why Obama has been in Vegas so often??
Revenge via campaigning?

Reply 9 - Posted by: Bad Dog, 11/2/2012 7:22:52 AM     (No. 8981558)

And this was published on the day pResident Fraud-in-Chief-Jacket returned to the stump and made his NINTH appearance here in Las Vegas - NINTH appearance, JUST THIS YEAR. He gets much luv from his unions here.... can you say ''lockstep''?

The RJ still pulls its world/national stories from sources like AP and Reuters, and we see left-leaning and deceptive headlines and stories. But even though the paper was bought out some time ago and turned leftward a little, the Editorial Board remains as staunchly conservative as it was back in the day before Nevada became a suburb to Los Angeles.

Rock on, guys!

Reply 10 - Posted by: Twinkles, 11/2/2012 7:43:02 AM     (No. 8981592)

F&F reported a little while ago that voters in Nevada said that when they cast their vote for Romney it came up obama. The state was told to recalibrate their machines. They responded that there wasn't a problem. Be diligent and pray!

Reply 11 - Posted by: fleetusa, 11/2/2012 7:54:25 AM     (No. 8981610)

I believe the decision to do nothing was directed by Valerie Jarrett and Axelrod because they didn't want B0 to be saddled with a Carteresque mission which failed so close to the election. Remember Jarrett was the one who kept convincing B0 not to go after Bin Laden frequently before she was finally overruled by Panetta about a year later.

Reply 12 - Posted by: a man over thirty, 11/2/2012 8:03:34 AM     (No. 8981629)

Remember when it was the duty of all media to hold government feet to the fire?
Bravo for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
At least one newspepr in this country still knows what their job is supposed to be.




Reply 13 - Posted by: Speedypetey, 11/2/2012 8:03:38 AM     (No. 8981630)

Have their eyes finally opened? Las Vegas is really hurting, still, from the huge government fixes everything mentality. The residents, I didn't say citizens, of Staten Island are just finding out. And now the circus act taken on the road wants to establish the Department of Business to help business work with Health and Human Services, Treasury, Interior, Commerce, Homeland Security, Energy, Education and all the other over educated enforcers. The TV star media is sick and we can only hope it is terminal.

Reply 14 - Posted by: chiller, 11/2/2012 8:16:42 AM     (No. 8981649)

Spot on, #11. How craven?

Reply 15 - Posted by: chiller, 11/2/2012 8:21:02 AM     (No. 8981658)

.....that and the Turkey / Syrian gun running Amb Stevens was brokering.

Tuesday is literally a battle between good and evil

Reply 16 - Posted by: cgood, 11/2/2012 8:23:54 AM     (No. 8981669)

Obama is above the law. No congress will impeach him. They would be subjected to a negative media assault we can't begin to imagine. There would be riots in the streets. Our only chance to get rid of him will be next Tuesday. At this point NO ONE who loves this country should contemplate sitting this election out. Vote like your life depends upon it.

Reply 17 - Posted by: bpl40, 11/2/2012 8:31:02 AM     (No. 8981691)

"A willful and perverse attempt to destroy our prosperity". Never thought I would see those words in print. Thanks!




Reply 18 - Posted by: chiller, 11/2/2012 8:34:35 AM     (No. 8981704)

Media is culpable in this mess. Lets pick one of the alphabets and remove them completely from our diets of news consumption. We're acknowledging that's it difficult to turn off all the news, all the time , so lets pick one and put them out of business. The obvious choice is NBC

NBC news , Today, MSNBC, Rock Center, Morning Joe, Chris Mathews , Meet the Press. I love political shows, news shows but something's gotta go.

Reply 19 - Posted by: LZK, 11/2/2012 8:47:35 AM     (No. 8981727)

Well -- well -- is the media understanding their STANDING in the publics "eye" is tarnished -- and covering their hind/quarters?


Reply 20 - Posted by: Freeloader, 11/2/2012 9:00:34 AM     (No. 8981758)

So the "Einsteins" on the Las Vegas-Journal Review Editorial Board finally figured out, after four long years, that the undocumented, Marxist street agitator from Nowheresville is unworthy of his office?.......I'm extremely grateful that you have finally "seen the light" board members, but certainly not impressed by your reaction time!

Reply 21 - Posted by: boliver, 11/2/2012 9:19:59 AM     (No. 8981806)

And if Obama wins on Tuesday, and more comes out on Benghazi and he is impeached, we get Biden? Broken glass on Tuesday!

Reply 22 - Posted by: Nevadadad46, 11/2/2012 9:23:54 AM     (No. 8981819)

We moved ehre in 2001. I wanted to take the paper, RJ, but, noticed right away it had a terrible lefty color. The "other paper" is nothing but a re-wrap of the RJ- they call it something different, but inside, it's exactly the same paper. So, we did not subscribe. We became accustomed to the internet for our news and have been very happy ever since. The RJ finally quit salivating over Øbama when he came out and told America not to come to Las Vegas, not one, but three times! Lefty Mayor and the casino people all went nuts. But, unfortunately, the unions, very strong here, are still deeply enamored of the boy goon, even though, their ranks are decimated by the economic disaster led by Øbama. It is just nuts.



Reply 23 - Posted by: thekidsmom66, 11/2/2012 9:27:47 AM     (No. 8981830)

Reply 24 - Posted by: thekidsmom66, 11/2/2012 9:30:20 AM     (No. 8981834)

Oops...hit the enter button too soon!

#1, I was able to go right to the article?? Does this link not work for everyone? Hopefully so...


Reply 25 - Posted by: Eheu Fugaces, 11/2/2012 9:41:17 AM     (No. 8981873)

"Incompetent at best, malevolent at worst". I vote for "malevolent". Even Obama and his gang of overaged Kampus Kommies couldn't be so stupid as to do what they have done without knowing the likely consequences of their actions.

Reply 26 - Posted by: Flyball dogs, 11/2/2012 9:42:00 AM     (No. 8981874)

What nos. 1 and 2 said. And here in Northern AL, "broken glass" and a fire ant bed.

Reply 27 - Posted by: Arby, 11/2/2012 9:50:44 AM     (No. 8981897)

A "narcissistic amateur". That pretty much says it all.

Reply 28 - Posted by: FormerDem, 11/2/2012 9:50:51 AM     (No. 8981898)

Wow. From the Las Vegas RJ: "To return to office a narcissistic amateur who seeks to ride this nation's economy and international esteem to oblivion, like Slim Pickens riding the nuclear bomb to its target at the end of the movie "Dr. Strangelove," would be disastrous." Wow. And, exactly.

Reply 29 - Posted by: joeyinempirestate, 11/2/2012 9:52:54 AM     (No. 8981902)

Mitt clearly wanted no part of this issue, at least not personally. He knows that you need to fight 0 with velvet gloves, and he has. Let's pray that he got it right.

Reply 30 - Posted by: RancherJack, 11/2/2012 11:00:00 AM     (No. 8982120)

I think Mr. Preston is unfamiliar with what a "brutal Op-Ed" would be.

This Op-Ed was just okay.

Pretty tame to me. Like warm milk, Not the acid bath this Administration deserves.

Reply 31 - Posted by: Mazeman, 11/2/2012 11:31:44 AM     (No. 8982250)

Anyone subscribing to cable TV is subsidizing the MSM through their (required) "basic packages". Drop your cable. There are plently of streaming options. If enough people do this we might get a la carte pricing.

Reply 32 - Posted by: Layne's Soapbox, 11/2/2012 11:49:30 AM     (No. 8982318)

I've been saying since 2008 that Obama was unworthy to even run for POTUS. I'm convinced now that he is a traitor, though he'll probably never stand trial.

#31: I had noticed that. We haven't had cable in years (actually, haven't had a tv in years), we just got an old tv a friend no longer wanted. We will be getting a converter in a couple of weeks so we can keep an eye on the weather when it gets dicy (like hurricanes). Another place to look at who is behind what internet company. Very interesting who owns what.

Reply 33 - Posted by: toinee, 11/2/2012 12:11:22 PM     (No. 8982387)

This is so true and so brutal. I got a tingle down my leg.

Reply 34 - Posted by: larryp, 11/2/2012 12:40:14 PM     (No. 8982458)

Actually I havebeen thinking of scotching my cable forthe TV. I have to say tho that TW has been great, quick service, no outages for me anyway-not one in years.
but they have so much of my pack as paid, and espanyol, and sports. the Latest they have added 3 laker channels! I think that might make five if I count games on tnt.
but if Obamgets re-elected ,I am quits. I don't go to movies not since '91. I tell people why support companies thatare tearing down the country? No use.
If Obama is re-elected I won't listen to any radio, talk or other, and prob will cancel cable for tv.
Go back in yr mind and think how manytimes we heard GWB speak on media.
We never heard him except when he mis-spoke and when the press rephased what he said.
Obama is speaking every 15 mins on radio at every break-NO more!

Reply 35 - Posted by: bobn.t, 11/2/2012 1:08:59 PM     (No. 8982539)

It's amazing to me that 50% of the populace and 90% of the blacks support this America-hating Muslim.

If he wins, blacks will continue to decline along with America.

Do blacks understand that 0bama is anti-negro too. What hasa he done to help them? NOTTA

Reply 36 - Posted by: Mother of AL, 11/2/2012 1:20:07 PM     (No. 8982564)

I'm thinking Morris and Barone might be right. But I'm TERRIFIED the election will be stolen, such as the reports of pulling switch for Romney, and it votes for 0

Reply 37 - Posted by: peterfleming, 11/2/2012 1:23:23 PM     (No. 8982571)

We, all of us Ldotters, found this article on lucianne.com today, Lucianne found it on PJ MEDIA, PJ found it on Elizabeth Price Foley’s INSTAPUNDIT, who found it written by Bryan Preston in the Vegas Journal !
In the old days, a fiery blast of investigative truth from a small paper like the Vegas Journal, would, best case, be buried by AP, UP and Reuters, then avoided scrupulously by the networks and press, and would die instantly, thanks to the Cronkites
(the Diane Sawyers of yesterday). And that, good friends, is how the vital New Media, WORKS NOW, thank you Drudge, Breitbart, Lucianne and many more, to get the truth past the networks of Sawyers Brokaws TV Traitors to the Truth ! A perfect example to viral yourself ! to all the smart ones and even the dumb ones who need waking.

Reply 38 - Posted by: steph_gray, 11/2/2012 2:32:46 PM     (No. 8982744)

#37 is right, very good point.

And I don't understand why #34 would include radio in the boycott. Talk radio is one of the few last bastions of freedom. If it's hard to get the good channels where you are, most of it is now available streaming over Internet and on phones with apps like iHeartRadio. I have a daily diet of good shows in my pocket, and I listen to them over headphones at work while the Massachusetts moonbats chat outside my cube about how wonderful The Won is. Talk about being behind enemy lines!

Hang in there and pull those levers Tuesday - broken glass!

Reply 39 - Posted by: stoli, 11/2/2012 2:44:15 PM     (No. 8982790)

What's Obama gonna do with those Greek columns from his first convention?

Reply 40 - Posted by: plumnellie, 11/2/2012 2:50:15 PM     (No. 8982817)

Mitt has been smart to keep things positive. Thus it would be interesting if he were to end with a question in an ad in Iowa, Ohio, Penn, Col., Nev., and New Hampshire: Do you want to know what went wrong in Benghezi? If you do vote for Romney/Ryan. We promise to uncover everything that happened and make sure it never happens again. I promise to protect our Embassies. And, I promise to tell the truth to the American people.

Reply 41 - Posted by: walcb, 11/2/2012 3:48:56 PM     (No. 8983041)

Yes, very good point #37. I am still nervous about the possible outcome though.

Reply 42 - Posted by: Watlines, 11/2/2012 4:37:45 PM     (No. 8983175)

Rush has been right about Obama for four years and counting. We all now wish he had failed, but he has not.

Obama is slowly, systematically reducing America to a third world nation.

His refusal to help Americans in Libya is proof of his preference for Muslims over Christians (us) and Jews (Israel).

You cannot prove to me that he is not a Muslim in his heart of hearts.

Remember him saying that the sweetest sound was the Muslim call to prayer?

Or how he reverently pronounces Islam with emphasis on the second syllable: IsLAM?

Or his wedding ring with Muslim inscriptions on it?

Or proof that he is America's most Biblically hostile president in history?

Check this out from David Barton: http://www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp?id=106938

If you're a Christian or Jew, start praying now and don't stop ... don't let this man back in office.

Reply 43 - Posted by: JoElla Bee, 11/2/2012 4:46:46 PM     (No. 8983197)

Each new revelation of the horrendous events in Benghazi on 9/11/12 put the actions and inactions of Obama and Hillary into clearer and more damning perspective.

For instance, they knew all of the information that we are just now learning when they spent our tax dollars to produce an apology ad blaming and condemning that trumped up anti-Islam video, which essentially excused the actions of these murdering terrorists, and played it in their middle-eastern homeland.

The actions of Benedict Arnold pale in comparison.

Reply 44 - Posted by: mominNoCA, 11/2/2012 4:49:07 PM     (No. 8983204)

Sometimes media types have to stop the spinning and tell it like it is. No doubt it's better for their bottom line, and Vegas residents don't like losing money.

Reply 45 - Posted by: mikeh251, 11/2/2012 9:10:30 PM     (No. 8983769)

I completely quit watching all television except for Steelers, Pirates and Penguin games. I did this back in the bill/monica days because I was embarrassed to watch with my daughters. Not even at 6 in the evening can I watch with my kids or my parents, just too wierd and uncomfortable for me. I get alot more done and I feel alot better. Tv created this whole mess our country is in and I choose not to participate. I urge you all to try it. At least, start out by blocking out the worst offenders. You may find that you end up blocking them all! Start some new hobbies you always wanted to try, you will be amazed at how much you can do just by giving up this one BAD HABIT!!!!!

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Hot Air. com, by Allahpundit    Original Article
Posted By: Not your typical New Yorker- 7/31/2013 11:12:11 AM     Post Reply
Gotta figure her lead would be even bigger without Joe Miller in the field here. Her nomination for the taking? Alaska should be a top tier pick up opportunity for Senate Republicans next year…but their top choice of a candidate is Sarah Palin. 36% of GOP primary voters in the state say they’d like Palin to be their standard bearer against Mark Begich to 26% for Mead Treadwell, 15% for Dan Sullivan, and 12% for Joe Miller.

John McCain: Hillary´s a ´rock
star,´ Fox is ´schizophrenic´

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Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 7/31/2013 6:58:18 PM     Post Reply
Arizona Sen. John McCain was the Republican Party´s 2008 presidential nominee and he still wants the keys to the Oval Office. But he is beginning to sound more like a fan of likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. "She´s a rock star," he said in a newly released interview. "She has, maybe not glamour, but certainly the aura of someone widely regarded throughout the world," he added in a reference to her work as secretary of State. McCain, reportedly trying to win back his reputation as a GOP maverick, was asked by the New Republic

E-mails Suggest Collusion
Between FEC, IRS to
Target Conservative Groups

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National Review Online, by Eliana Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 7/31/2013 6:07:16 AM     Post Reply
Embattled Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner and an attorney in the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel’s office appear to have twice colluded to influence the record before the FEC’s vote in the case of a conservative non-profit organization, according to e-mails unearthed by the House Ways and Means Committee and obtained exclusively by National Review Online. The correspondence suggests the discrimination of conservative groups extended beyond the IRS and into the FEC, where an attorney from the agency’s enforcement division in at least one case sought and received tax information about the status of a conservative group,

McCain strolls into Dem caucus meeting
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The Hill (Washington DC), by Judy Kurtz    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 7/31/2013 1:28:56 PM     Post Reply
Sen. John McCain — a Democrat? There was confusion Wednesday after the Arizona Republican mistakenly strolled into President Obama’s meeting with Senate Democrats at the Capitol. The room full of Democrats — who happened to be meeting in the same room where the Senate GOP usually holds their weekly policy luncheons — erupted in applause and laughter as the former Republican presidential candidate made his entrance. As McCain, 76, walked out of the Dem-filled space, reporters pressed him as to why he stepped foot in the room.

George Zimmerman armed when
stopped for speeding
in Texas, report says

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CBS News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 7/31/2013 4:36:37 PM     Post Reply
FORNEY, Texas - George Zimmerman, the former Florida neighborhood watch leader cleared of all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, was pulled over for speeding in North Texas on Sunday, CBS DFW reports. According to the station, Zimmerman was armed when officers pulled him over on Highway 80 in Forney, east of Dallas. (Snip) The officer reportedly did not recognize Zimmerman, who was driving a Honda pickup. Zimmerman told the officer he was armed and was then told to put the weapon in his glove compartment, according to the station.

New Pelosi Agenda: Moms Free
from ´Burden of Child Care´

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Breitbart´s Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 7/30/2013 7:23:04 PM     Post Reply
In an interview on National Public Radio (NPR), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said her new agenda for women will give mothers access to day care so they can “earn without carrying the burden of child care.” During the interview, aired on Weekend Edition Sunday, Pelosi spoke about her newly announced agenda, which is on her website, and is titled, “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: An Economic Agenda for Women and Families,” a plan that includes universal pre-school and access to day care for working women, and an increase in the minimum wage.

Scientists Seek to Rein
In Diagnoses of Cancer

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New York Times, by Tara Parker-Pope    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 7/30/2013 12:53:51 AM     Post Reply
A group of experts advising the nation’s premier cancer research institution has recommended sweeping changes in the approach to cancer detection and treatment, including changes in the very definition of cancer and eliminating the word entirely from some common diagnoses. (Snip) The group, which includes some of the top scientists in cancer research, also suggested that many lesions detected during breast, prostate, thyroid, lung and other cancer screenings should not be called cancer at all but should instead be reclassified as IDLE conditions, which stands for “indolent lesions of

Karl Rove, 100+ GOP Donors Send
Letter to Republicans Urging
Immigration Reform

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Breitbart Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: SpeedMaster- 7/30/2013 1:58:42 PM     Post Reply
Karl Rove and more than one hundred Republican donors sent a letter to Republican members of Congress on Tuesday, urging them to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would include, among other provisions, granting "legal status" to illegal aliens who meet certain criteria. Anticipating that lawmakers will face resistance to the bill when they go home for the August recess, the letter marks the escalation of a campaign in which Republican leaders and donors are pressuring House Republicans to act on an immigration reform bill.

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