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Before a Wave of Meningitis,
Shots Were Tied to Risks

New York Times, by Andrew Pollack

Original Article

Posted By:woofwoofwoof, 10/12/2012 12:42:02 AM

Perry D. Clark says that a steroid injected near his spine to relieve persistent back pain instead left him “way, way worse.” Twelve years later, he still suffers from continuous stinging in his legs and feet and occasional bursts of excruciating pain. ... The outbreak of fungal meningitis that has killed 14 people and sickened 156 more has focused attention on the risk of infection from spinal injections. But the same injections have also long been linked to other rare but devastating complications, including nerve damage, paralysis and strokes. The Food and Drug Administration is already reviewing how to reduce

My mother went for these a few years ago after mostly successful back surgery, a "pain clinic", seemed like a scam to me. Shots did not help her pain - but did restore her hearing! Doctors never saw that before, but six months later her hearing went out again, she went for another shot, and it worked again! Generally steroids are overused in many medical areas.


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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "woofwoofwoof"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "woofwoofwoof"

Massive solar flare
narrowly misses Earth,
EMP disaster barely avoided
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/31/2013 4:35:23 PM     Post Reply
The earth barely missed taking a massive solar punch in the teeth two weeks ago, an "electromagnetic pulse" so big that it could have knocked out power, cars and iPhones throughout the United States. Two EMP experts told Secrets that the EMP flashed through earth´s typical orbit around the sun about two weeks before the planet got there. "The world escaped an EMP catastrophe," said Henry Cooper, who lead strategic arms negotiations with the Soviet Union under President Reagan, and who now heads High Frontier, a group pushing for missile defense. "There had been a near-miss about




Zombie economy overshadows fed meeting
CNBC, by Patti Domm    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/30/2013 11:32:16 PM     Post Reply
GDP data Wednesday is expected to show a slow-moving, zombie-like economy, as the Fed meets for a second day. Many economists expect second quarter growth to be paltry, less than one percent, and some think that data could help shape the Fed´s thinking if it´s even weaker than expected. The first quarter grew at a 1.8 percent rate. The Fed meanwhile, is not expected to say much new when its meeting ends. The 2 p.m. statement is not seen altering what Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has already said about the Fed´s plans to taper bond purchases before the end of the

Obama says income gap
is fraying US social fabric
New York Times, by Jackie Calmes & Michael Shear    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/28/2013 11:44:46 PM     Post Reply
In a week when he tried to focus attention on the struggles of the middle class, President Obama said in an interview that he was worried that years of widening income inequality and the lingering effects of the financial crisis had frayed the country’s social fabric and undermined Americans’ belief in opportunity. Upward mobility, Mr. Obama said in a 40-minute interview with The New York Times, “was part and parcel of who we were as Americans.” “And that’s what’s been eroding over the last 20, 30 years, well before the financial crisis,” he added.

Mortgage delinquencies
take a sharp turn up
CNBC, by Diana Olick    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/25/2013 1:32:22 PM     Post Reply
After five straight months of improvement, mortgage delinquencies rose dramatically in June. The national delinquency rate is 6.7 percent, up nearly 10 percent from May and the highest level since February, according to a report from Lender Processing Services. This data follow another read on the mortgage market showing that nearly half of the loans modified in 2009 under the Obama administration´s housing rescue program defaulted again.

The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage:
How Guest Workers Lower US Wages
PBS, by Hal Salzman and B. Lindsay Lowell    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/25/2013 1:15:27 PM     Post Reply
A battle rages in economic policy circles: Should America make its borders more open to high-tech guest workers, or should we batten the hatches? Even those who oppose totally open immigration often support temporary guest worker visas, known as H-1B work visas, for high-tech. But some oppose them, arguing that -- as in other industries -- workers from abroad undercut the wages of those domestic workers who would otherwise do the jobs here in America.

Lawmakers (again) propose replacing
$1 bills with coins
NBC News, by Steve James    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/23/2013 7:20:05 PM     Post Reply
Hey America, want to save $13.8 billion over the next 30 years? Get rid of your dollars. The greenbacks, that is. Let´s use dollar coins instead. That´s the message from a consumer advocacy group and former presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, who has re-introduced legislation to phase out dollar bills. Eliminating the dollar bill in favor of the coin would save $13.8 billion over 30 years, says the consumer group Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW). At a Capitol Hill briefing on Monday, the group said printing dollar bills may be cheaper than minting coins, but they last only




In Second Term, Obama Is Seen
as Using ‘Hidden Hand’ Approach
New York Times, by Peter Baker    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/16/2013 2:41:53 PM     Post Reply
In the nearly two weeks since Egypt’s military seized power, President Obama has promoted a better federal bureaucracy, given a medal to George Lucas of “Star Wars” fame and had former President George Bush to the White House for lunch. What he has not done is publicly address the violent upheaval in Cairo. (Snip) Some compare Mr. Obama’s approach to the “hidden hand” style of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who often steered events behind the scenes without being public about his role.

Don´t Rely on Business
Investment to Spur Recovery
CNBC, by Katrina Bishop    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/11/2013 1:16:49 AM     Post Reply
Capital expenditure across the world is expected to decline this year and next, according to a new report by rating agency Standard & Poor´s (S&P), which warned that hopes of it driving an economic recovery were unfounded. S&P said that despite a modest recovery in capital expenditure (capex) following the financial crisis, it slowed again in 2012, and is expected to contract by 2 percent in real terms this year. Initial forecasts for 2014 are for it to continue to slip, falling by 5 percent year-on-year. "A modest post-crisis recovery appears to be stalling before it has really begun,"

Taking omega-3 fish oil supplements
may increase the risk of aggressive
prostate cancer by 70%
Daily Mail, by Fiona Macrae    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/10/2013 9:13:47 PM     Post Reply
Fish-oil supplements credited with a range of health benefits could trigger prostate cancer. Experts found that omega-3 fatty acids may raise the risk of the most lethal form of the disease by more than 70 per cent. ... However, scientists found that those with the highest levels of omega-3 in their blood were 71 per cent more likely to develop fast-growing, hard-to-treat prostate tumours. They were also more likely to contract the slower, less deadly form of the disease, with the overall prostate cancer risk raised by 43 per cent.

Why Underemployment May Be
Worse Than It Looks
CNBC, by Jeff Cox    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/8/2013 10:54:00 PM     Post Reply
The level of underemployed workers looks bad on its face but even worse when it´s not the government doing the counting. When the Labor Department released its monthly nonfarm jobs report Friday, it was all sunshine and roses except for one glaring weakness: A big jump in the underemployment rate that includes those who have quit working as well as those who have had to take part-time jobs even though they´d rather work full-time. That rate, which economists call the U-6, jumped from 13.8 percent in May to 14.3 percent in June—a 3.6 percent increase and indicative that the 195,000 new jobs

Mohamed ElBaradei Appointment
as Interim Prime Minister on Hold
NBC News, by Ian Johnston and Charlene Gubash    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/7/2013 12:11:15 AM     Post Reply
Egypt´s interim president has backed away from an announcement Saturday that pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei would be appointed as the country´s interim prime minister, news agencies reported. Ahmed el-Musilamani, a spokesman for President Adly Mansour said consultations were continuing, denying that ElBaradei´s appointment was ever certain following the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, according to the Associated Press.




Mohamed ElBaradei Named
Egyptian Prime Minister
Financial Times, by Heba SalehCairo    Original Article
Posted By: woofwoofwoof- 7/6/2013 5:36:07 PM     Post Reply
A former UN atomic energy chief and Nobel laureate who is a leader of Egypt´s liberals was named prime minister of his nation´s interim government on Saturday, replacing the ousted Islamist president, according to state television. Mohamed ElBaradei, who is also a co-founder of the liberal Dostour Party, will form a caretaker cabinet that will oversee Egypt´s affairs following the popularly backed military overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader now being detained by the armed forces. An official close to Mr. ElBaradei confirmed the appointment, one of a series of moves by the interim president Mansour Adly, the

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Faces of Evil in
a Violent Underclass

72 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Bryce Buchanan    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 8/26/2013 6:37:31 AM     Post Reply
Faces of Evil - that was the headline of the Australian Herald Sun when reporting the depraved murder of Aussie Christopher Lane. It is instructive to carry that theme further with a few more faces. (snip)There is an explosion of black mob violence. If you doubt that, read "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty. Across the country, degenerate people are violently attacking strangers in "the knockout game" ... just for ´fun´. Flash mobs swarm stores to plunder and pillage. They are eliminating the government middle-man and taking what they want directly.

Two million bikers to meet ‘Million
Muslim March’ in DC on 9/11

64 replie(s)
Hot Air, by Katie Pavlich    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 8/25/2013 7:35:42 AM     Post Reply
I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the “Million Muslim March” planned in Washington D.C. on 9/11. If you haven’t, you can watch the group’s organizer refusing to denounce hateful groups like the Muslim Brotherhood here. Now in response to the march, a bunch of bikers are planning their own party in DC on 9/11…with two million people. Thousands of America’s patriotic bikers are organizing an enormous counter protest to the planned Million Muslim March on DC this Sept. 11. The Facebook Page, “2 Million Bikers to DC,” has over 18 thousand “likes,” as of Thursday morning and individual state chapters of riders

Martin Luther King´s Son: Trayvon
Murdered Because He Was Black

58 replie(s)
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 8/25/2013 9:48:48 AM     Post Reply
On Saturday, Martin Luther King III, son of the civil rights icon, used a rally that honored the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Doctor´s "I Have a Dream" to politicize and inject race into the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, asserting he was killed because of the color of his skin. "Sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin´s mother and father remind us that far too frequently the color of one´s skin remains a license to profile, arrest, and to even murder with no regard to the content of one´s character," Martin Luther King III declared. "Regressive ´stand your ground´ laws must

Potential successor for San Diego´s
disgraced mayor has alleged history
of openly masturbating in restrooms

48 replie(s)
New York Post, by Marc Raimondi    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 8/24/2013 8:42:13 PM     Post Reply
From bad to gross? A potential candidate to succeed disgraced San Diego mayor Bob Filner has been caught openly masturbating in restrooms on multiple occasions, according to investigative site VoiceOfOC.org.When Carl DeMaio, one of the leading Republican candidates to replace alleged serial sexual harasser Filner, was in the City Council, he would allegedly leave the dais during meetings to m*******te in a men’s room, former City Council president Ben Hueso said. Hueso, now a Democratic state senator, said he witnessed DeMaio in the act twice, but others suspect his inappropriate




Powell: Trayvon Martin
Verdict ´Questionable´

47 replie(s)
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Emerson- 8/25/2013 8:18:42 AM     Post Reply
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says the jury verdict that freed the killer of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was "questionable." But he isn´t sure it will have staying power in the public consciousness. Speaking on CBS´s Face the Nation, Powell said cases like Martin´s "blaze across the midnight sky" and are forgotten. The first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and first black secretary of state, Powell says America has come a long way toward racial equality 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr.´s "I Have a Dream" speech. Powell recalled being refused service when trying to

McCain and Graham: U.S. Must ´Take
Limited Military Actions in Syria´

45 replie(s)
Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 8/25/2013 5:38:33 PM     Post Reply
In a statement released this morning, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham call for the U.S. to "take limited military actions in Syria." “Recent reports and information from Syria lend additional credibility to what has been clear since last week: Assad and his forces have once again used chemical weapons against civilians in Syria and are, in fact, escalating their use. Their recent massacre of hundreds of men, women, and children around Damascus clearly constitutes the commission of a war crime, and it is the responsibility of civilized nations everywhere to ensure that those responsible are held accountable," the statement reads. “Now

Would-be robber shot, killed
by Domino´s pizza driver

44 replie(s)
News 13 [Orlando, FL], by Jerry Hume    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 8/25/2013 7:36:14 PM     Post Reply
WEST MELBOURNE -- Investigators say a Brevard County pizza delivery man took action into his own hands -- shooting and killing a would-be robber. Investigators said Byron Park, a Domino´s employee, had just delivered a pizza to one of the rooms at the Days Inn off US-192 near Interstate 95. Park, 54, went back to his car, sat down and starting counting his money and tip, waiting for his next call for a delivery. That’s when investigators said 32-year-old Fredrick Kelly Jr. approached him with a knife, demanding money and threatening to kill him. Park pulled out his firearm and fired once toward Kelly,

Was Kennedy murdered by
his own vice president?

41 replie(s)
Sunday Express [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 8/25/2013 5:41:54 AM     Post Reply
On Thursday, November 21, 1963, a wealthy Dallas businessman was throwing a party. His name was Clint Murchison and he was big in the oil business, with additional interests in banking and publishing. His influential guest list included Richard Nixon, in Dallas on business for his clients the Coca Cola Company. Oil billionaire HL Hunt was also present along with Senator John Tower, Chase Manhattan banker John McCloy and Murchison’s particular friend, FBI director J Edgar Hoover. Into the gathering strode Vice President Lyndon B Johnson, accompanied by his Dallas mistress Madeleine Brown. He had left President Kennedy and those

Time for full-disclosure
from the right

41 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Jennifer Rubin    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/25/2013 5:51:27 AM     Post Reply
The far right has gotten into a dangerous habit (well, many habits but we’ll focus on one for now). Those who claim to be guardians of conservative purity assume what they advocate is popular. Therefore, the explanations for failing to get what they want must be betrayal or cowardice by their party, lies by the media, or inarticulateness. They imagine if they speak in shrill tones and hammer the same message over and over again they will prevail — provided of course they are not betrayed, undermined and hobbled by their own elected leaders and the devious vast left-wing conspiracy.



Cokie Roberts: ‘What’s Going on
With Voter Rights is Downright Evil’

41 replie(s)
Mediaite, by Evan McMurry    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 8/26/2013 11:36:03 AM     Post Reply
On This Week With George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning, Cokie Roberts attacked the GOP’s recent slew of legislation increasing voting restrictions as “downright evil,” and argued that it threatened to undue the progress made since the civil rights movement. “Having grown up in the deep south in the era of Jim Crow, the difference is dramatic,” Roberts said. “The fact that Andy Young was Mayor of Atlanta and John Lewis is a member of Congress from Georgia, is a great testament to the fact that when you do something like pass a voting rights bill, that it makes a difference.

Is this Martin Luther King’s legacy?
National Mall covered in garbage

36 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Emily Miller    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 8/25/2013 5:25:31 PM     Post Reply
The day after thousands rallied to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, the National Mall looks like a trash dump. The grass from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial is covered Sunday with empty soda cans, water bottles, boxed lunches, newspapers, a broken chair and rally signs. The Reflecting Pool also was filled with trash. Although the trash cans were full along the expanse, the attendees did not attempt to leave their garbage near the bins. Instead, they left everything on the grass where they stood. On Saturday, prominent Democrats such as Attorney General

U.S. Sets Stage for
Bigger Syria Role

36 replie(s)
Wall Street Journal, by Adam Entous & Sam Dagher    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 8/25/2013 7:23:26 PM     Post Reply
The Obama administration hardened its stance against Syria´s regime and stepped up preparations for possible military action, saying it believed Damascus used chemical weapons in an offensive last week and rebuffing its offer to let United Nations officials inspect the affected areas. The White House, in statements issued by senior officials, signaled it wasn´t backing away from a showdown with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad despite apparent efforts by Damascus to ease tensions by letting U.N. inspectors visit areas near Damascus that were allegedly hit with chemical weapons. In recent days, the Pentagon has moved more warships into place in the eastern Mediterranean


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