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Why Obama Will Lose
All Three Debates

American Thinker, by Monty Pelerin

Original Article

Posted By:magnante, 10/8/2012 8:18:16 AM

President Obama had a terrible debate last week. Supporters and opponents were shocked that he could be so off his game. They shouldn't have been. That they were indicates that they don't understand Obama's serious, likely insurmountable re-election problem. Obama supporters and detractors expect the old Obama to show better form in the next debate. But that is not going to happen! It cannot, because Obama's critical problem is not correctable.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Not your typical New Yorker, 10/8/2012 8:27:07 AM     (No. 8917475)

His flashy smile can't make up for what he doesn't know or for what he's done the past 4 years.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Iconoclast, 10/8/2012 8:42:06 AM     (No. 8917498)

No teleprompter

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Throwback, 10/8/2012 8:54:21 AM     (No. 8917515)

He will come ready to re-fight the last debate. Pre-loaded with a string of lies to attack Romney with. The audience will be packed with dupes spouting pre-screened questions.

All Romney has to do is not play their game. Sidestep the questions and lies. No matter what is asked or said, use the time to get his own points across. Given that this is a Foreign policy debate, this could be a rout.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: ZurichMike, 10/8/2012 9:17:33 AM     (No. 8917555)

Romney: "For one of our greatest allies in a time of increasingly instability and violence in the the Middle East, I took time from my campaign to meet with Prime Minster Netanyahu. I did not think like the President that being a guest on "The View" and saying that he was "eye candy" exhibited any kind of leadership from the world's greatest defender of liberty."

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Mass Minority, 10/8/2012 9:18:44 AM     (No. 8917559)

The overarching leftoid response to Romneys win was some variation of "Even though Romney spewed nothing but lies" followed by a long winded recitation of how hard it is to be president and pure amazement at how poorly the annointed one performed, although obviously it wasn't his fault (Romneys cheat hanky and all).

Very few followed the "spewed lies" comment with any refutation of fact. They simply left the word Lie hang out there hoping it would stick. Those that did try to refute were left with unconvincing arguments like "Just because Romney didn't specically call for a 5 trillion dollar tax hike expert economists have shown that it could happen as a result of ... insert boogeyman conspiracy plot here.

If anything Obama is even more vulnerable on Foreign policy. Most of us had Obama's utopian worldview in our late teens. He relates so well with college students BECAUSE he has that same naieve understanding of the world.

He's pushing a worldview most in the country have strongly held, and then completely abandoned in the face of the cold harsh reality of human nature.

He is going to be the Tobacco Salesman in a room full of ex smokers. He's toast.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Jenfidel, 10/8/2012 9:22:31 AM     (No. 8917566)

0bama's was never the worldview most Americans strongly held, #6, especially after 9/11/01 and Pearl Harbor.
Research Jacksonian Democrats.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: antiquegolf, 10/8/2012 9:26:28 AM     (No. 8917576)

What poster 4 said. Be ready for spew from obama about ----- "every independent fact checker, according to every independent analysis, all economists who reviewed statements made by Mr. Romney." I'm sure Mitt is well prepared for the ugly attack. He will prevail.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: ratslayer, 10/8/2012 9:31:23 AM     (No. 8917591)

"You cannot fatten the pig on market day." This I heard from an Irish student who was being encouraged to cram for a test. Obama cannot find answers to remove 4 years of abject failure.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: jalo1951, 10/8/2012 10:03:03 AM     (No. 8917677)

I liked the analogy of the golden and pit bull. Very true. obama does not speak extemporaneously very well and it shows. No teleprompter to read and he just isn't very good or believable. I am sure he will boo hoo with someone from the crowd and offer a Kleenex and he cannot offer any answers. I am also looking forward to the Ryan/biden debate. I know they keep saying how good biden is but I don't believe it for a minute.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: southernboy, 10/8/2012 10:05:46 AM     (No. 8917684)

#4 "All Romney has to do is not play their game. Sidestep the questions and lies. No matter what is asked or said, use the time to get his own points across. Given that this is a Foreign policy debate, this could be a rout."
Foxnews had Debbie Blabbermouth-Shultz on yesterday morning. She was asked a direct question…she responded with a thirty second dissertation that had absolutely nothing to do with the question but was actually a repeat of democrat talking points. Of course she wasn't called on it.
Romney and Ryan should do the same thing when hit with 'gottcha' questions.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 10/8/2012 10:09:32 AM     (No. 8917705)

You can bet your boots Romney is not going to fall into his own inevitability of winning the last two debates, but will be more determined to even perfect his last performance.

What I do expect, is for Obama to try to charm his Town Hall questioners. 'Too late the phalarope,' they will be looking past that for answers. The media of course realizes it must find a little something wonderful to prop up their boy.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: lakerman1, 10/8/2012 10:50:33 AM     (No. 8917826)

candy crowley and bill scheiffer are moderators. That puts romney at a disadvantage from the very beginninng.
He has to be as tough as Newt Gingrich in hitting back against silly questions.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: happy conservative, 10/8/2012 11:01:35 AM     (No. 8917854)

Look for a manufactured "October Surprise" before the next R/O debate if (probable) the debate on Thursday between Joe and Paul goes south for the administration. Word's out he's thinking about bombing or irritating Libya somehow so he can look presidential. It's all about the ME at this point. Any little skirmish there will require his "leadership" which will trump the debate.

He'd rather not be "present" at anymore of these "ridiculous" events. Give him Hollyweird where he can shine!

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Reply 14 - Posted by: lonestarm3, 10/8/2012 11:09:01 AM     (No. 8917874)

The Obamamedia spin-talkers have all gotten the memo that their idol got taken to the woodshed because Romney lied with the journal-list understood implication that Jim Leher was "too passive."
[Translation: Leher failed to provide softballs tailored to Obama's know talking-point repertoire.]

Absolute certain prediction for debate #2: The "town hall" will be packed with Obama supporters all reading written questions provided in advance by Obama operatives.

We will be lucky if any of the "audience" are Romney supporters rather than Obama supporters who lied in whatever screening takes place.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: MickTurn, 10/8/2012 11:33:44 AM     (No. 8917944)

Simple, his supposed nice smile is now a negative...he is arrogant and condescending and uses the smile as a signal he's upset.

Also he's got nothing to talk about but bash Mitt, and Mitt is not taking it one more second, he's fighting back and kicking Obama's rear all over the stage.

Love it Libs, it gets worse!

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Judy W., 10/8/2012 12:25:31 PM     (No. 8918118)

I'm sure the debate planners are figuring out a format that will prevent Romney from repeating his performance.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: Hazymac, 10/8/2012 1:00:38 PM     (No. 8918211)

As Romney was applying the surgeon's scalpel to Obama's half-truths and outright falsehoods in last Wednesday's debate, the outmatched and humiliated incumbent's face wore the phony smile of ignominious defeat.

"Monty Pelerin"--I like that nom de plume!--is surely correct that Obama won't improve in the next two debates because those abilities just don't inhere in him. He's spent a lifetime pretending to be someone he will never be: an eminence grise, a deep thinker, a wonk with abilities above those of the people whom he has chosen to surround him. In truth he's just a noisemaker that someone else must program.

Obama's trembling smile reminds me of a passage in Tom Wolfe's great Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers.

"'Ha-unnnnh,' says the Flak Catcher. It is one of those laughs that starts out as a laugh but ends up like he got hit in the stomach halfway through. It's the first assault on his dignity. So he breaks into his s***-eating grin, which is always phase two. Why do so many bureaucrats, deans, preachers, college presidents, try to smile when the mau-mauing starts? It's fatal, this smiling. When some bad dude is challenging your manhood, your smile just proves that he is right and you are chickens***--unless you are a bad man yourself with so much heart that you can make that smile say, 'Just keep on talking, sucker, because I'm gonna count to ten and then squash you.'"

Obama the Flak Catcher has been transformed into a spear catcher.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: 4Diogenes, 10/9/2012 6:48:30 AM     (No. 8919590)

Every thing said about b0 is true and it may not matter. See Star Parker's article immediately above.
We, Lucialle readers, are not the significant part of the electorate that we once were. We have to show the non-white, non-married, non-religious that b0 is just as bad for them as he is for us. No sale = no sale.

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First daughter Sasha Obama cut a stylish figure in jeans and shades as the Obama girls visited the Great Wall of China today. Michelle Obama, Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, were left alone to explore the Mutianyu section of the historical landmark in the northern Beijing suburbs though Chinese police officers looked on protectively. The three walked a stretch of the wall that looks out to a massive rock inscription on a hillside that reads in Chinese: ´Loyal to Chairman Mao.´ The country has been fascinated by Mrs Obama´s ´elegance´ during the weeklong visit to the country to promote educational

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When Washington, D.C., councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry this week said that whites need to be “more open-minded” about African-American politicians, claiming “blacks are more open-minded than” whites, he was suggesting that whites can´t do what blacks do -- embrace the other race. But a new study of 212 black college students made available to Secrets found little open-mindedness: Blacks don´t like it when other blacks associate with whites, to the point of refusing help to an African-American experiencing “a run of bad luck” -- just because they have white friends. The study in the April edition of the authoritative journal

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De Redactie*, by Michael Torfs    Original Article
Posted By: wetenschapper- 3/24/2014 7:59:55 AM     Post Reply
The Flemish daily De Morgen has offered apologies for the Obama cartoon that was shown in its satirical section "The Daily Herald" on Saturday. The digital collage compares the Obamas with monkeys and triggered numerous international reactions. De Morgen says they made an error of judgement.

Ellmers berates constituents
for opposing amnesty ´You
don´t have any damn facts´

25 replie(s)
Breitbart Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: Fiesta del sol- 3/23/2014 9:55:10 AM     Post Reply
In a constituent meeting gone awry that was captured on shaky, amateur video, embattled Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) berated a group of local activists who oppose amnesty legislation, suggesting they were racist and saying they didn´t have “any damn facts.” “You´re telling me what people have told you? You don´t have any damn facts!” Ellmers exploded at one of the activists when he said that employers – who often claim a labor shortage to argue for amnesty – frequently don´t post job openings in that region.

Boxer: Obamacare ´Is a Huge Success´
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Cybercast News Service, by Susan Jones    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 3/24/2014 11:52:15 AM     Post Reply
"Never in my lifetime have I seen a law that is helping so many people be so vilified," Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told a conference call on Friday. She talked about the millions of people in her state who are benefiting from the law that Republicans have tried to repeal 54 times. "This is a huge success, this law. I´m saying that. We had a terrible rollout, it slowed us up, but it´s all falling into place now and the Republican answer is very, very simple -- let´s repeal it and take away all these benefits from people. And that´s just gonna

The president’s pointless
trip to Saudi Arabia

25 replie(s)
New York Post, by Amir Taheri    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 3/24/2014 3:31:57 PM     Post Reply
As President Obama prepares to visit Saudi Arabia on Friday, many in the Middle East are wondering why he is making a trip with no discernible purpose. No one is quite sure what Obama is supposed to do while in Riyadh. According to the White House, in addition to a one-on-one talk with 90-year-old Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, Obama hopes to attend a summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council. But there may be no summit — since the GCC is now badly split. The council’s members are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar. One bloc — the


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