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Norovirus outbreak on Royal Caribbean
cruise ship sickens 475 passengers

ABC News, by J. Gabriel Ware

Original Article

Posted By:Pluperfect, 1/12/2019 4:10:56 AM

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise ship is cutting its journey short after 475 passengers and crew members have been infected with a norovirus, Royal Caribbean Cruises announced Thursday. The cruise line initially reported on Thursday that more than 250 passengers had fallen ill. “We think the right thing to do is to get everyone home early rather than have guests worry about their health” the cruise line said in a statement, adding that returning early “also gives us more time to completely clean and sanitize the ship before her next sailing.”


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Reply 1 - Posted by: lakerman1, 1/12/2019 5:02:46 AM     (No. 11890351)

We went on one 3 day cruise, 1990,l brand new ship for this company.
It was excellent, but we will never go on another cruise for this very reason.
Confining people in a small space is the best way I know of to get sick. Even church makes me nervous, especially with the ´sign of peace´ in my ELCA Lutheran church.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: M2, 1/12/2019 6:27:58 AM     (No. 11890383)

How many illegals who don’t use the best hygiene habits are working on board?

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Reply 3 - Posted by: GO3, 1/12/2019 6:43:18 AM     (No. 11890393)

#1, 2 nailed it.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Krullerman, 1/12/2019 7:23:29 AM     (No. 11890424)

I have no desire to travel anymore, because ships, planes, trains, buses and probably many of the most "affordable" hotels, motels and hostels are so overloaded with humanity they can´t possibly be kept clean enough not to be breedng grounds for diseases of all kinds. I doubt even museums, theaters, opera houses and concert halls are safe anymore.

I don´t even like to eat in local restaurants –– once a favorite pastime when I lived in New York City ––, because ever since the SICK-sties promscuity has become rife, standards of hygiene have plummeted, while respect and consideration for others have degenerated alarmingly.

Also too many have been traveling to Africa, Asia, and South America where standards of living are abysmally low.

Beyond all that it´s now almost considered an unpardonable sin to be WHITE, so instead of feeling privileged and favored, as we Anglo-European Caucasians did in my parents´ day, one now feels increasingly vulnerable –– like a potential target for theft, abuse, and possible mayhem. –– even ,i>murder

All of this cant help but make the world far less attractive, far more dangerous and far less pleasurable.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: Nevadadad46, 1/12/2019 7:55:06 AM     (No. 11890449)

Wife and I are past 70, and her immune system is not the best. We stay pretty much out of crowds. We go anyplace, we chose the least busy times possible, very early morning outings work best for us. I warn her constantly not to touch door frames and in restaurants, we sit as isolated from other diners as we can- She loves buffets and they quite frankly disgust me. When I see people, especially kids, eating while they are picking their food at the line, I want to leave immediately. What could be nastier than a public serving spoon handle?

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Reply 6 - Posted by: saryden, 1/12/2019 8:22:01 AM     (No. 11890488)

The cruise ships... it may be as simple as completely cleaning the orange juice tank/and other drink tanks instead of just refilling them.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: strike3, 1/12/2019 8:24:47 AM     (No. 11890491)

Sick and trapped on a cruise ship, while paying a fortune for the privilege, no thanks. Every time I get the urge to travel I find what I´m looking for right here in the USA. You can at least complete a trip without having your valuables stolen and risking your life if you wander away from the "safe" zone.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Dodge Boy, 1/12/2019 8:31:04 AM     (No. 11890498)

Not that I am a germophobe and certainly not intending to badmouth the cruise ship industry, I´m always reluctant to be penned up with 3,000 other people who can knowingly board a ship with practically any disease. It would take just one lunatic with anthrax, smallpox, ebola, etc. to spread his bugs throughout the entire ship. A new form of terrorism, perhaps.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: walcb, 1/12/2019 9:10:28 AM     (No. 11890546)

I went on this same ship on the same cruise a month ago, would not hesitate to do it again.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: starboard, 1/12/2019 9:28:47 AM     (No. 11890570)

I have no desire to travel to other continents. North America has an abundance of beauty and spectacular places to visit, primarily by car. This past september a friend and I took a car trip around the state of Colorado. Even though I lived there for 10 years awhile back, it was like seeing this wonderous beauty for the first time. We stayed at Air B&B places and had a great time.
I have another good friend who likes to take cruises and she always sick with something. This past June she decided to go on an African Safari to Tanzania. While there, it seems she caught an air borne fungus that´s developed a home around her heart or Pericarditis. She´s been in and out of the hospital since August. She´s 73 years old.

Having studied medicine decades ago, I know how deadly bacteria and viruses can be and feel this is going to become a major problem with the influx of people of migrants to this country.

Beware of hospitals. They are not safe places to go into and the quality of care has deteriorated, especially in high Medicaid states like New Me xico. Watch out for the socialist states, such as NY and CA offering free medicare. These primarily Democrat states will send good doctors and nurses fleeing as these places to practice medicine and will become nothing more than infectious disease centers. Many of the old diseases, such as TB are on the rise. Fake news is not reporting half of what is going on.

In a nutshell, stay away from crowds and travel smart.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: planetgeo, 1/12/2019 10:15:08 AM     (No. 11890611)

Humidity, thousands of people, cramped spaces, exposed buffet food lines, and underpaid third-world help preparing it all...what could go wrong?

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Reply 12 - Posted by: coldoc, 1/12/2019 10:23:18 AM     (No. 11890630)

I´m not that big a fan of people to want to pen myself in a full floating hotel. I´ve lived in places visited by these ships. The "cruisers" learn nothing about the local culture as everything is staged for them. Meh.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: pete on the coast, 1/12/2019 10:45:58 AM     (No. 11890675)

A lot of posters here must not have much of a life if you live in fear of everything including local restaurants. If cruises don´t interest you, don´t go, but my wife and I have been on 30 or so and never had food poisoning. The cruise lines emphasize on board hygiene to the extent of having a person posted at the entrance of a dining room with hand spray, every single time you enter. Of course, there will be times when a virus breaks out, but that can happen on land as well. The plus sides of the experience are great; experiencing the open sea is awesome, but all travel entails some risk.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: az2thsolution, 1/12/2019 11:33:30 AM     (No. 11890770)

Thank you #13, for giving some perspective here. Humans are terrible at accurately assessing risk. Catastrophic, headline grabbing events that are actually exceedingly rare seem much more common than they are due to press coverage and the fear they cause. Meanwhile we all tend to minimize the comparatively high risk (yet mundane) activities we do every day. The person who spent his/her vacation driving around an entire state put him/herself at statistically much greater risk than the average cruise passenger. Not saying that was a bad choice—I’m sure it was a great vacation—just trying to put things in perspective.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: mc squared, 1/12/2019 11:47:06 AM     (No. 11890793)

It´s a cruise ship and disaster ensues. It will also be dark tonight. Need I say more?

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Reply 16 - Posted by: flutepilot, 1/12/2019 12:11:50 PM     (No. 11890842)

The real problem is people like the man I encountered in a rest room on my last cruise. As he was opening the door to leave, I said "Wash your hands". His reply: "Mind your own d..n business". Right there is the problem.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: bluefindad, 1/12/2019 12:22:54 PM     (No. 11890861)

My wife and I went on an Alaska cruise for our 40th anniversary. Wonderful experience! There is practically nothing as moving and soul-soothing as sitting on the balcony watching a sunset at sea!. I´m retiring next month and intend to cruise a lot!

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Reply 18 - Posted by: enemyofthestate, 1/12/2019 4:35:35 PM     (No. 11891115)

I don´t care for cruises because there is too much eating and drinking and not enough sightseeing. That viruses can break out reinforces my opinion.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: dvc, 1/12/2019 4:37:37 PM     (No. 11891120)

How many of the crew are illegals?

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Reply 20 - Posted by: ladydawgfan, 1/12/2019 5:54:43 PM     (No. 11891171)

I have cruised with my sister several times, on ships both mid-sized and very large. So far, I have never been sickened by a virus. Of course, we take all sorts of precautions, spraying down the entire cabin with Lysol, including doorknobs and washing our hands religiously before eating and after using the lavatories.

Most of the time, when you hear about a virus running rampant on a cruise, it is because a passenger on the ship brought it with them when they boarded or they allowed a child with a dirty diaper swim in a pool. In my experience, the ships are super clean for a reason, because sick passengers, besides being bad PR, can´t spend money.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: LadyHen, 1/12/2019 6:57:46 PM     (No. 11891222)

For those asking about illegals working onboard FOREIGN FLAGGED cruise ships, which would be almost all of them thanks to silly antiquated US laws, there are none. The crew on cruise ships are generally international in nature and their backgrounds are investigated thoroughly. Many are trained for months before even setting foot on a ship in schools set up by the cruise lines and many work for the same company for decades.

On the cruise line we frequent, the staff generally work 12 hour days and get 1 or 2 days off a month. They do 6 month tours. They are some of the hardest working folks I have ever met and I appreciate them. They do it because they have family at home in the Philippines or Indonesia or India to support and thanks to their hard work, their families thrive. THAT to me is commendable.

We have been on 9 cruises and never had noro. I have however caught it from kids at church. Did you know daycares, schools, and nursing homes have a terrible time with noro? But the news doesn´t cover that. Princeton University had a big outbreak in 2012, didn´t hear about that either.

RCI did the right thing for their customers, their staff, and their company. They were under no obligation to refund all those cruise fares nor turn home early for an intense deep cleaning. I applaud their actions.

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Gillette Tells Men They´re Repulsive Creeps. Now
Give Them Your Money, You Piece of Garbage

35 replie(s)
PJ Media, by Jim Treacher    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/15/2019 4:26:22 AM     Post Reply
Are you a man? That is to say, are you a genetic male who also happens to identify as a "man," for some increasingly antiquated reason? If so, are you under the mistaken impression that you´re not a rapist? Our society has come a long way in shaming men for behaving in any way that anybody anywhere doesn´t like, and reminding men that we´re all complicit even if we don´t behave that way. But it´s not nearly enough. The mere fact of maleness is shameful and problematic. Men and boys everywhere need

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The Fight for $15 isn’t living up to its promise. For years, liberals have claimed that the minimum wage needs to increase to $15 an hour to provide a living wage for full-time workers. The stated goal, as socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders writes on his website, is straightforward, “We must ensure that no full-time worker lives in poverty.” In one way, the campaign has been remarkably successful. California and New York are phasing in a statewide $15 an hour minimum wage. Numerous cities, including Seattle, Minneapolis and Washington D.C., have passed $15 an hour minimum wage

P&G Challenges Men to Shave
Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’ in Gillette Ad

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Wall Street Journal, by Alexandra Bruell    Original Article
Posted By: whamdbambam- 1/14/2019 1:03:59 PM     Post Reply
Gillette is embracing the #MeToo movement in a new digital ad campaign aimed at men, the latest message from an advertiser attempting to change societal norms. The ad, dubbed “We Believe,” opens with audio of news about the current #MeToo movement, bullying and “toxic masculinity.” A narrator then goes on to dispute the notion that “boys will be boys,” asking, “Is this the best a man can get? Is it? We can’t hide from it. It has been going on far too long. We can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses.”

Belligerent woman who posted about shooting
POTUS between the eyes berates, slams
door on Secret Service

32 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Tom Tillison    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/14/2019 1:51:28 PM     Post Reply
There’s an old saying that you can’t fix stupid… It’s a safe bet a San Antonio woman has never heard the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” counter to free speech, given her response to a plainclothes Secret Service agent showing at her door. Some of the exchange was captured on video, with the woman falling back on her right to free speech when the agent confronted her for allegedly asking on Facebook of the president, “Can someone shoot the fool between the eyes already and call it a day.” (Video) “On Thursday, January 10th, 2019 my aunt posted a

Snowpack In The West Has Resisted Climate
Change But That Won´t Last Forever

31 replie(s)
KSOR Radio [Ashland, OR], by Erin Ross    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 1/15/2019 10:04:13 AM     Post Reply
For the last 35 years, the snowpack in the West’s mountains has resisted the impacts of global warming. But that could soon change, according to a new study out of Oregon State University. The study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, found that although climate change should have caused a steep decrease in snowpack, naturally occurring, decades-long weather variations shielded the Cascades, Sierras and Rockies from some of the effects. Although snow stations have recorded some decline, it hasn’t been statistically significant. But according to the study, without this natural weather variation, snowpack in Oregon could have declined

Mueller Draft Report Says Trump
´Helped Putin Destabilize the United
States,´ Watergate Journalist Says

29 replie(s)
Newsweek, by Jason Lemon    Original Article
Posted By: toledo- 1/14/2019 7:20:52 AM     Post Reply
Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein has said that he’s been told that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report will show how President Donald Trump helped Russia “destabilize the United States.” Bernstein, who is renowned for his coverage of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of former President Richard Nixon, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday to discuss two bombshell reports released this weekend, one from The New York Times and one from The Washington Post, which revealed new details about whether or not Trump and his aides have colluded with Russia.

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