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Immigration advocates should
strike a bargain with Trump.
Here´s what I propose

Fox News, by Geraldo Rivera

Original Article

Posted By:Attercliffe, 10/22/2018 6:48:52 PM

Back in June in Sandusky, Ohio, about 65 miles west of my home here in Cleveland, there was a huge federal raid involving about 200 agents on Corso’s Flower and Garden Center. The combined ICE-led operation rounded up 114 undocumented immigrants workers; some of whom had been here on and off for decades. The raid lay bare the essential dilemma facing those attempting to enforce our immigration policy. It took a gigantic federal operation to round up and hold for deportation people who were working hard and attempting to do the right thing. No matter how you slice it, our massive,


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Reply 1 - Posted by: excalgalcg, 10/22/2018 6:54:58 PM     (No. 11805827)

No thanks Geraldo. You want them to all come in. Just retire and do us a favor.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: rockeysroomie, 10/22/2018 6:56:39 PM     (No. 11805830)

Geraldo: talks out both sides of his mouth. Not a great fan.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Pete Stone, 10/22/2018 6:57:18 PM     (No. 11805832)

Gerald Rivers. He´s the guy who had fat from his rear end transplanted under the skin of his forehead to give him a better profile -- thus making himself a genuine butthead.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: caddyjak, 10/22/2018 7:00:52 PM     (No. 11805841)

Didn´t this guy change his name to sound mexican and he is really mid-eastern.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: earlybird, 10/22/2018 7:04:53 PM     (No. 11805844)

Jerry Rivers. Go away.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: bpl40, 10/22/2018 7:12:01 PM     (No. 11805852)

That they are ´working hard´ is of no concern to me. THIS IS NOT THEIR COUNTrY!

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Reply 7 - Posted by: turninggrey, 10/22/2018 7:12:49 PM     (No. 11805854)

No, from the outset they are not trying to do the right thing. They are here illegally.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Achilles, 10/22/2018 7:14:42 PM     (No. 11805857)


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Reply 9 - Posted by: BarryNo, 10/22/2018 7:23:35 PM     (No. 11805873)

No deals. Until we have secure borders and solid laws dealing with citizenship and American secuity - Forget about it!!

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Reply 10 - Posted by: watashiyo, 10/22/2018 8:04:52 PM     (No. 11805919)

Heraldo Libera, nobody´s asking for your amateur opinion, especially your morally irresponsible and unAmerican proposals.
Civilized, humanitarian and democratic country enforces the LAW of the LAND to protect their citizen and to maintain PEACE and HARMONY in their community.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: jeffkinnh, 10/22/2018 8:16:01 PM     (No. 11805926)


No conditions, no delays.

Only then can we discuss other "solutions" to immigration. Further, all other "solutions" are contingent on the timely prerequisite of completing the wall.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: mc squared, 10/22/2018 8:54:35 PM     (No. 11805947)

Let these 10,000 in and there will be 100,000 by end of year.
Stop then now and and avoid the inevitable bloodshed.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: saguni, 10/22/2018 9:24:37 PM     (No. 11805962)

Whor-aldo, people who were working hard and attempting to do the right thing.

Sorry, NO! if they were attempting to do the right thing, they would be doing it where they are citizens.

Close the border.
Repel the invaders.
Rinse and repeat until they are no more invaders trying to enter this country.

IF a person wants to apply for asylum, do it at the consulate or embassy in their own country!
No person attempting to trespass their way into this country should ever be rewarded for their blatant law-breaking.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: John c, 10/22/2018 9:30:31 PM     (No. 11805965)

End anchor babies retro-active.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: bighambone, 10/22/2018 10:01:14 PM     (No. 11805990)

So Geraldo wants an amnesty and a path to citizenship (code for US voting rights) for just about all illegal aliens, possible 20-25 million poor, uneducated, and socialist oriented people, and in turn the liberal and socialist Democrats should sit down with President Trump and come to an agreement that they will support some borderline security measures in the future. You got to be kidding, as that was the same underhanded game plan the Democrats used to get President Reagan to go along with an amnesty for over 3 million illegal aliens, when the Democrats promised to back effective immigration enforcement efforts to stop mass uncontrolled illegal immigration, but after the amnesty was granted the Democrats refused to support any immigration enforcement resulting in the current massive illegal alien population being now in the USA. Reagan laster said signing that amnesty was the worst thing he ever did as President. If Trump were to go along with the Geraldo plan it would mean long-term political suicide for the Republicans, as in a few years the socialist Democrats would pick up tens of millions of new foreign born voters, with that foreign born then able to bring another 20 to 30 million of their foreign relatives into the USA. The political result that Geraldo is proposing is to change the future voter demographics of the country to the great favor of the socialist Democrats.

Tonight Geraldo was on Hannity saying that the intending illegal aliens who make up the “caravan” should be welcomed into the USA, as there is nothing that the US Government can do to stop such migrations or silent invasions.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: tundrarider, 10/22/2018 10:15:24 PM     (No. 11805997)


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Reply 17 - Posted by: leonardo, 10/22/2018 10:27:09 PM     (No. 11806010)

Saw you on Hannity tonight, Geraldo ... you seem like a likable fellow. But having watched you for a LONG time, I cannot ignore your proselytizing-for-illegal-hispanics demeanor. When someone, despite the danger and huge expense of allowing this ARMY of thuggish young men (they ripped down the fence at Mexico´s border and have stolen stuff during their march) to unlawfully cross the American border, my only conclusion after long observation is that YOU are a racist who would compromise innocent Americans´ safety to coddle illegal hispanic invaders and have them disappear into our nation once they cross the border.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: dvc, 10/22/2018 11:34:22 PM     (No. 11806062)

No deal.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623, 10/22/2018 11:59:18 PM     (No. 11806076)

Neither the leader of Mexico nor Rivera are on our side. He should move to Mexico and support them.

I wish ICE would do a round up in my area.

In a group discussion, blacks have been brainwashed into thinking the invaders all work here and pay taxes.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: jaxxon48, 10/23/2018 12:12:35 AM     (No. 11806087)

My retort to Gerald:
First, let us get one thing clear: It is not a ´caravan´; it is nothing less than an army of invaders.
FTA: " The raid lay bare the essential dilemma facing those attempting to enforce our immigration policy. It took a gigantic federal operation to round up and hold
for deportation people who were working hard and attempting to do the right thing."
There is no dilemma. Enforce the law. Living here illegally for decades is not ´attempting to do the right thing´.
FTA: "It would be easy to support the deployment of the U.S. military and other draconian “solutions” to the migrant crisis generally, and the caravan specifically, if
the marchers were gang bangers or ISIS recruits."
It is not ´draconian´ for the U.S. military to protect our border from an invasion. It is a clearly enumerated duty of the Federal government.
FTA: "Even the most hardened anti-immigrant pundit cannot justify actions taken to stop the caravan by saying it is mostly about national security. It is not."
Again, it is not a ´caravan´; it is nothing less than an invasion.
It is EXACTLY about national security. If we don´t have a secure border we don´t have a secure nation.
FTA: "He has even stated that he will, if necessary, use our military to stop the caravan from crossing over the southern border. In doing so he ignores the principle
known as Posse Comitatus, which by law, prevents the military from enforcing civilian laws."

From the US Constitution, Article IV Section 4:
"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when
the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence"

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Reply 21 - Posted by: pchristopher, 10/23/2018 1:24:01 AM     (No. 11806111)

Here´s what I propose, Jerry:

We treat these ignorant peasants like the freeloading invaders that they are, and you shut your mouth and go away, yeah? Right

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Reply 22 - Posted by: strike3, 10/23/2018 3:56:44 AM     (No. 11806142)

NO. We don´t make deals with criminals. You feel free to go back with the deportees, Jerry, and your little dog too.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: TOOTALL, 10/23/2018 9:31:59 AM     (No. 11806390)

The fact that Fox has welcomed this self absorbed, name changing, weasil is just one more reason why I won´t watch it anymore.

Some enterprising media type should replace it and take the few remaining Conservative ´Media Stars´ with them. Fox would crash and burn. It disgusts me what they´ve become.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Pete Stone, 10/23/2018 11:18:14 PM     (No. 11807108)

#4: No, Gerald Rivers is a genuine American Jew who changed his name to Geraldo Rivera to seem Latin.

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(Please do not use caps in headlines no matter how they are written - LComStaff.)

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US President Donald Trump spoke on Thursday afternoon at the White House Hanukkah reception. The reception was attended by hundreds of US Jewish leaders. In addition to Trump and his wife Melania, the event was also attended by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen, members of the Trump family and his close advisors. “More than 2,000 years ago, a band of Jewish patriots led by Judah Maccabee reclaimed their freedom from an oppressive dictator who persecuted the Jewish people and ransacked the Holy Temple,” he said. The President noted that the Jewish people throughout history have suffered repression

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Daily Mail [UK], by Chris Pleasance    Original Article
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Three whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence suggesting wrongdoing at the Clinton Foundation, a Republican congressman says. Mark Meadows, head of the House Oversight Subcommittee, said the documents suggest misappropriation of funds and quid-pro-quo promises made to donors during Hillary´s time as secretary of state. Meadows spoke to Fox News about the documents ahead of an investigative hearing on the Clinton Foundation which is due to take place next week. The hearing will review evidence collected by U.S. Attorney John Huber, who was tasked with investigating the Foundation by ex-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It comes after The Hill reported

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said without evidence on Thursday Arizona “is bracing for a massive surge” of immigrants along part of the border that has no protective fence, reiterating his call for Democrats to back funding for his proposed border wall. “Arizona, together with our Military and Border Patrol, is bracing for a massive surge at a NON-WALLED area. WE WILL NOT LET THEM THROUGH,” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter, appearing to maintain pressure on lawmakers seeking to approve legislation to keep the government open through to Sept. 30 next year. Representatives for the White House, the

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President George H.W. Bush had a long-lasting impact on Israel and the Middle East. From the Gulf War to the Madrid Conference – what will Bush 41 be most remembered for? Would he stand a chance if he had run for president today? And what is it like to be a presidential historian in the Trump era? Also: A serious look at Israel-Diaspora relations, as we discuss Troy’s newly published book “The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland – Then, Now, Tomorrow.” Is it okay to be a nationalist and how should Jews on the Left view Zionism?

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Former Vice President Joe Biden´s son, Hunter Biden, said that his father counseled him not to worry about hurting the family´s "public profile" when it came to his private life, which includes divorcing his wife and engaging in an affair with his late brother Beau´s widow, Hallie. "Even though my life has been played out in the media, because I am a Biden, my father never once suggested that the family’s public profile should be my priority. The priority has always been clear for my dad, as it is, now, for me: Never run from a struggle. Love people and

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The federal government shutdown has presented a unique opportunity for President Donald Trump to clear out the deadwood in the federal bureaucracy, saving U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars in salaries, perks, and rented office space for people who aren´t doing anything productive. At the same time, Trump can get rid of dozens, possibly even hundreds of Deep State operatives in the government, handpicked by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for their loyalty to the Democratic Party, not their country or the law. These people leak like a screen door in a submarine, mainly to CNN and MSNBC, the twin headquarters

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Former White House political strategist Karl Rove warned Senate Republicans in a meeting this week not to become overly reliant on their conservative base as they head into what could be a tough 2020 presidential election. Rove, who served as former President George W. Bush’s top political strategist, was brought in by Senate GOP leaders to speak to the 22 Republican incumbents up for reelection at an all-day planning session Thursday hosted at Nationals Park in southeast Washington,

CNN Analyst: Many Americans
Will Dismiss Media as ‘Leftist Liars’
Over Disputed BuzzFeed Story

34 replie(s)
Washington Free Beacon, by David Rutz    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 1/19/2019 11:53:32 AM     Post Reply
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin fretted Friday that many Americans would dismiss the news media as a "bunch of leftist liars" in the wake of the BuzzFeed News story called "not accurate" by special counsel Robert Mueller´s office. BuzzFeed set off a Washington firestorm on Thursday with its report that President Donald Trump had directed longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. However, on Friday night, a spokesman for Mueller´s office said the report was "not accurate."

The 12 Best Country Songs of All Time
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Photos: Women’s March Protesters Call For
Trump to ‘Drop Dead,’ His Children
to Be Caged

31 replie(s)
Breitbart Politics, by Justin Caruso    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/19/2019 4:12:12 PM     Post Reply
Protesters among the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Saturday called for free abortions for all, President Trump’s children to be caged, and for Trump to “drop dead.” The left-wing protesters showed support for feminism, prostitution, transgender issues, and immigration. Many demonstrators also showed serious hatred for the president. “Make America Great Again, and Drop Dead!” one sign read. (Photo) One protester called for Trump’s children to be caged. Barron Trump is only 12 years old. (Photo) “Grab ’em by the patriarchy” one sign read. (Photo) In a video captured by Breitbart News, a woman says, “Everybody, I’m giving abortions. I

´It´s gotta end now!´ Trump wants to
trade three-year DACA fix for $5.7
billion in wall funding to end ´wide
open gateway´ for criminal illegals in*

31 replie(s)
Daily Mail (UK), by Francesca Chambers & David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/19/2019 5:11:44 PM     Post Reply
President Trump outlined a plan to end the government shutdown in a Saturday afternoon address, offering three years of legislative relief for 700,000 DACA recipients — including protection from deportation —and Temporary Protective Status awardees. He also offered $800 million in urgent humanitarian assistance, 75 new immigration teams to reduce the court backlog of 900,000 cases, which he called an ´impossible nightmare,´ in remarks from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House. In exchange, he said he wants $5.7 billion for the ´strategic deployment of physical barriers, or a wall,´ that he will use to put ´steel barriers in

Is Religion Anti-Intellectual?
31 replie(s)
American Thinker, by John E. Tutton    Original Article
Posted By: tisHimself- 1/20/2019 9:19:31 AM     Post Reply
Should you believe in a God? All the discord and vitriol in our culture boils down to how you would answer. Border walls, gay marriage, abortion, national defense, school choice -- where you stand on these issues and the myriad others comprising our daily tussle is for the most part defined by how you answer this question. Your answer, yeah or nay, draws a very hard line. The professional philosopher John G. Messerly begins with this question in his recent Salon piece, “Religion´s smart-people problem: The shaky intellectual foundations of absolute faith.”

How things will go down if
Ginsburg leaves the SCOTUS

31 replie(s)
American Thinker, by Steve Grammatico    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/20/2019 12:31:02 PM     Post Reply
Mueller, the wall impasse, the shutdown, the "postponement" of the SOTU – all are skirmishes in the undeclared war on President Trump waged by Democrats, the Deep State, and the compliant media. A decisive battle will be enjoined if Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies or resigns this year. Nothing scares the left more than the prospect of Trump filling another seat on the SCOTUS with a young, fire-breathing constitutionalist who would join with Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh to form a conservative bloc for the ages. Pelosi and Schumer are praying that Justice Ginsburg survives and remains on the bench until

What makes a liberal want to punch a child?
29 replie(s)
Spectator, by Daniel McCarthy    Original Article
Posted By: toledo- 1/20/2019 11:07:42 AM     Post Reply
If someone walks up to you and bangs a drum in your face, are you guilty of harassing the drummer? You might be if you’re white and wearing a MAGA hat. Just a day after rushing to judgment about a BuzzFeed story that claimed President Trump had instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress — a story Robert Mueller’s own office subsequently debunked, the blue-checkmark media elite had a new instant narrative to promote. It was a tale perfectly tailored to liberal biases: white Catholic teenagers in MAGA hats had harassed an old and frail Indian veteran during the March

Critics Push Back Against Media
Reports Covington Catholic High
School Students Racist Toward
Native American Drummer

26 replie(s)
Breitbart Media, by Joel B. Pollak    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 1/20/2019 4:29:22 PM     Post Reply
Critics are pushing back against the portrayal of students from Covington Catholic High School as racist, after a confrontation between the school and a Native American counter-demonstrator at the March for Life on Friday. The headline from the Associated Press at the Hollywood Reporter — repeated in some form by outlets across the country — read: “Students in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mock Native Americans After Washington Rally.” (Snip) Video posted by a group of left-wing activists present showed that the students had been taunted with racial slurs as the incident took place.

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