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They won´t cover the left-wing mobs,
but they´ll cover Republicans´ reaction

Washington Examiner, by Becket Adams

Original Article

Posted By:JoniTx, 10/11/2018 6:53:06 PM

Whenever there’s a story that could make Democratic lawmakers and their supporters look insane or unworthy of voters’ trust, some major newsroom rushes to make the real story about how conservatives are exploiting the moment. It’s the “Republicans pounce” or the “ Republicans seize” trope, and it has become more predictable over time. Left-wing agitators have recently chased Republican lawmakers and White House officials from restaurants. Left-wing demonstrators also came out in force last week during the fight to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. They have disrupted hearings and floor proceedings and intimidated lawmakers. Two protesters notably cornered


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Thos Weatherby, 10/11/2018 7:16:26 PM     (No. 11793567)

Because those aren´t mobs, they´re outings.

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Reply 2 - Posted by: citizen, 10/11/2018 7:29:46 PM     (No. 11793576)

Large group of agitators is a mob. Some being professional grade, some minimum wage.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: Clinger, 10/11/2018 7:34:48 PM     (No. 11793579)

Seems to me that they used up all of their energy looking for a single gum wrapper or ant stepped on by the Tea Party.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: greggojo, 10/11/2018 8:39:34 PM     (No. 11793619)

Unfortunately for the media, millions of people tuned into the Kavanaugh hearings, and we watched the carefully choreographed screeching "protesters" systematically disrupting the proceedings. And the pictures of the protesters, slovenly, outrageous outfits, heavily tattooed and pierced bodies, half-shaved heads, pink hair, and lining up for their pay from a Soros funded organization. Yikes, NPR can spout euphemisms from here till November 6th, we saw what we saw and heard what we heard and it was a major turn off.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: JHHolliday, 10/11/2018 8:52:49 PM     (No. 11793627)

Childish radicals who are so sure that their ideology is the correct one that they will stop at nothing to get their way. Nothing is out of bounds for these loons. Anyone is fair game....ask Rep. Scalise. His health will never be the same. Thank God for those two cops or there could have been a dozen or more dead Republicans.

I am afraid that this is just the start. The true radicals who have hijacked the Democrat Party see nothing wrong with assassination if it will return them to the power they lust for. Be warned and be aware.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: wsdiego, 10/11/2018 9:24:18 PM     (No. 11793639)

The Democrat party is a criminal organisation!!!

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Reply 7 - Posted by: web, 10/12/2018 4:38:16 AM     (No. 11793776)

Just another of their journalistic propaganda tricks. Change the subject. Make it about the Republicans, rather than have the country talking about violent leftist mobs. The hacks at NPR have a lot of these little tricks.

Another is to allow anyone on the left to actually speak, while paraphrasing anything uttered by a conservative, republican or christian. We never hear the actual quote, only a leftist "interpreting" what they said.

The liberal audience must never hear the actual words spoken by a conservative, least they hear and realize that it actually makes sense. The devil has his little tricks to harden their hearts and blind their eyes, least they see and repent. He mocks and copies the ways of God, as in the Parable of the Sower.

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Below, you will find ...

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"


Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Most Recent Articles posted by "JoniTx"

NJ Doesn’t Say How It Will Enforce
Magazine Confiscation After Court Upholds Law
Washington Free Beacon, by Stephen Gutowski    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 11:21:32     Post Reply
New Jersey law enforcement officials refused to say on Thursday how they planned to go about enforcing the state´s ban on the possession of any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, which goes into effect on Monday. Neither the state police nor the attorney general´s office elaborated on how they plan to enforce the law. Nor did they provide any guidance for those currently in possession of the magazines. The law, signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in June along with five other new gun laws, gave New Jersey gun owners who currently possess the magazines in

Army-Navy Game’s Stunning National
Anthem Rendition Puts Every Kneeling
NFL Player To Shame
Daily Caller, by Benny Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 11:13:42     Post Reply
President Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis were on hand to start off the annual Army vs. Navy game. Army and Navy met again Saturday afternoon in the neutral site of Philadelphia to play a football game between the two oldest branches of the armed forces. This year marks the 119th time the two teams have met. A U.S. president is occasionally on hand for the national anthem and coin toss. President Trump took the field Saturday in Philadelphia before an enormous crowd in Lincoln Financial Field. The audience was composed of Midshipmen of the Navy, West Point

Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Comey is
a disgrace to the FBI, won´t answer
key questions on Clinton email scandal
Fox News, by Chris Swecker    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 11:05:58     Post Reply
The appearance of fired and disgraced FBI Director James Comey before two congressional committees Friday is a reminder of his brief but profoundly disappointing tenure leading the FBI – the outstanding law enforcement agency where I served for 24 years. Unfortunately, members of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee were unable to get satisfactory answers from Comey regarding his illegal actions and violations of longstanding FBI and Justice Department regulations and procedures. The chairmen of the two committees released a 235-page transcript Saturday of their interview with Comey. According to a statement issued by

Crowd Roars as President Trump is
Introduced at Annual Army-Navy Game
in Philly (Video)
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 7:55:06     Post Reply
President Trump is attending the Army-Navy Game this year at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Video) Trump tweeted out earlier that he will be attending the game. (Tweets/Videos) President Trump flipped the coin to start the game. (Tweets)




Martin Luther King Jr.´s Daughter Writes
Letter Supporting Trump-Endorsed Bill
Daily Wire, by Ryan Saavedra    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 7:36:06     Post Reply
Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., wrote a letter this week in support of a criminal justice reform bill that has bipartisan support and has been endorsed by President Donald Trump. In a letter obtained by The Daily Wire from the National Diversity Coalition For Trump, King wrote in a "plea to Congress" that the "First Step Act" is an opportunity to take a "monumental" step "towards assisting and empowering the least of these in America." "The bill would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for some crimes and grant judges greater discretion in sentencing nonviolent drug offenders,"

James Comey told lawmakers Russian probe
started with four Americans, not Trump
Washington Times, by Alex Swoyer    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 7:30:48     Post Reply
Former FBI Director James B. Comey told lawmakers Friday the Russian probe began with the surveillance of four Americans but signaled the counterintelligence investigation was not into Donald Trump or his presidential campaign. Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Rep. Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Republican, asked Mr. Comey in a closed-door interview about the start of the Russian inquiry in July of 2016, asking if the government opened the examination on “the Trump campaign or Donald Trump himself.” Mr. Comey said neither of those would be “fair to say.” “We opened investigations on four Americans to see

Read: Transcript of James Comey´s
closed-door House hearing
Washington Examiner, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 6:39:47     Post Reply
Former FBI Director James Comey was grilled on Friday by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Committees released a transcript of the testimony Saturday, after both sides said it would be best to release it for transparency´s sake. The House Oversight Committee provided a link to the full 235-page transcript Saturday afternoon. Among other things, Comey insisted during the day-long session that he was not friends with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating President Trump´s alleged ties to Russia. Comey also insisted he did not slow-walk the investigation into Hillary Clinton´s

Dean Martin’s daughter has something
to say about crazy ban on his ‘Baby
It’s Cold Outside’ classic
BizPac Review, by Frieda Powers    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 4:20:59     Post Reply
The daughter of the late Dean Martin declared she has no intentions of stopping her performances of a classic Christmas song in spite of complaints from politically correct Scrooges. Deana Martin refuses to stop singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” a song sung by her father and many others for over 70 years which was recently pulled from an Ohio radio station because a proponent of the #MeToo movement deemed it offensive. (Photo) “’Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is a cute, flirtatious and romantic song written by Frank Loesser in 1944,” Martin, who has kept her father’s legacy alive on stage since

Six killed, dozens injured in stampede
at packed Italy nightclub
Reuters, by Philip Pullella & Crispian Balmer    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 4:01:09     Post Reply
ROME- Six people, including five young teenagers, were crushed to death in the early hours of Saturday following a stampede at a packed nightclub near Ancona on Italy’s Adriatic coast, officials said. The deaths occurred when a walkway leading out of the Lanterna Azzurra nightclub in the town of Corinaldo collapsed, causing dozens of people to fall into a trench below. Three girls, two boys and a mother who had accompanied her child to the event died in the crush. Police said the teenagers were aged between 14 and 16, while the dead woman was 39. More than 100 other





Mysterious Anti-Ted Cruz Super PAC
Revealed To Be Funded By National
Democratic Group
Daily Caller, by Molly Prince    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 3:41:11     Post Reply
A super PAC that spent millions attacking Republican Sen. Ted Cruz during the midterm election was revealed Thursday to be funded almost entirely by Washington, D.C., Democrats. The Texas Forever PAC, which spent $2.3 million on last-minute anti-Cruz attack ads, was funded by the Senate Majority PAC except for $10,000, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings in December. The Senate Majority PAC has strong ties to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and fundraises to help Democrats win control of the Senate. Texas Forever was created less than a month before the November election and after the last deadline to

Joe DiGenova: Rosenstein the “Most Fundamentally
Dishonest Lawyer in America” who “Deserves
the Guillotine” (Video)
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 1:51:05     Post Reply
Former federal prosecutor and legal analyst Joe DiGenova told Lou Dobbs on Thursday that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “deserves the guillotine”. DiGenova focused his attacks on corrupt Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein who was behind the spying on the Trump campaign and then ran the DOJ witch hunt against the Trump presidency. DiGenova is NO FAN of crooked Rod Rosenstein. Via CNS News: (Video) Joe DiGenova: The Mueller investigation is a joke, has been a joke, should be over… Mueller has played his role beautifully with the assistance of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is the single, most fundamentally

John Rich asks fellow country artists
Dierks Bentley, Tyler Hubbard to offer
real ´solution´ to gun control
Fox News, by Sasha Savitsky    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 11:50:34     Post Reply
NEW YORK – John Rich is challenging his fellow country music stars to a friendly debate over the Second Amendment. Rich, one half of the country duo Big & Rich, has never been one to shy away from politics. And when the "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy" singer heard his friends and fellow artists Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line´s Tyler Hubbard were part of a new push for gun control, the proud Texan was really interested to hear their side. "Successful artists, while they´re only one person, or a couple of people, whatever it is, they have millions

Most Active Articles (last 48 hours)

Donald Trump: Rex Tillerson
‘Lazy’ and ‘Dumb as a Rock’

53 replie(s)
Breitbart Politics, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 12/7/2018 6:41:49 PM     Post Reply
President Donald Trump ridiculed Rex Tillerson on Friday after his former Secretary of State criticized his leadership style. “He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough,” Trump said on Twitter. “He was lazy as hell.” Tillerson aired his grievances against Trump, calling him “undisciplined” in an interview on Thursday, accusing him of trying to violate the laws and treaties. Tillerson stepped down as Secretary of State in March.

Chuck Todd blames willfully ignorant voters for
Trump´s election: ´Maybe they want to be gullible´

46 replie(s)
Washington Times, by Douglas Ernst    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/8/2018 5:14:33 AM     Post Reply
Prominent journalists gathered this week to discuss why President Trump sits in the White House and came to the following conclusion: “Gullible” voters and “unfair” coverage — toward Democrat Hillary Clinton — are to blame. The Recode Decode podcast this week featured NBC’s Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, and Hallie Jackson talking about the state of American politics. They told host Kara Swisher that Mr. Trump’s campaign tricked the former secretary of state into responding to non-issues while stupid voters took care of the rest on Election Day. “I knew the gaslighting was out there,” Mr. Todd told the panel Dec. 5



Tucker Carlson says Trump is ‘not capable’
and hasn’t kept his promises

43 replie(s)
Washington Post, by Deanna Paul    Original Article
Posted By: M2- 12/7/2018 6:27:20 AM     Post Reply
Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson set straight any misinformation concerning his views on President Trump: “I don’t think he’s capable,” he said during an interview on Tuesday. Urs Gehriger, an editor at “Die Weltwoche,” Switzerland’s leading German-language opinion weekly, noted that Carlson’s new book, “Ship of Fools,” is silent on Trump but comments on his critics. And so, Gehriger jump-started the conversation by asking what Carlson thought of Trump’s first two years in office. Carlson said he cannot stand Trump’s self-aggrandizement and boasting. Then, when asked whether Trump has kept his promises, the usually quick-witted

Principal bans candy canes, says
‘J shape’ stands for Jesus

39 replie(s)
Fox News, by Nicole Darrah    Original Article
Posted By: mc squared- 12/7/2018 10:02:12 AM     Post Reply
An elementary school principal in Nebraska was placed on leave after telling teachers to avoid decorating their classrooms with Christmas-themed ornaments so as not to offend those who don’t celebrate the holiday. The principal at Manchester Elementary School, identified by Fox affiliate KPTM as Jennifer Sinclair, sent out a memo earlier this week with guidelines as to what is considered appropriate for classroom decorations and assignments. Teachers reportedly were told that generic winter-themed items, such as sledding and scarves, and the “Frozen” character Olaf, were acceptable.

Desperate measures! Bill and Hillary Clinton
resort to using Groupon to sell half-price
tickets after their 13-stop paid speaking
tour fails to draw the crowds

37 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 12/8/2018 5:09:48 AM     Post Reply
Bill and Hillary Clinton have been forced to resort to selling half price tickets for their 13-city tour on Groupon in a desperate bid to put bums on seats. The former president and first lady launched their tour in a Canadian hockey arena last Tuesday to an underwhelming crowd and swaths of empty seats. Ticket prices were plummeting shortly before the event, with the cheapest seats selling on Stubhub for single-digits - $6.55 Canadian Dollars, or less than $5. Now the couple are taking drastic action to avoid another embarrassment

“I Know Where All The Bodies Are
Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO
Spills Beans To Investigators

33 replie(s)
DC Whispers, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 12/8/2018 4:35:04 PM     Post Reply
A fascinating bit of news flying well under the D.C. radar is the comments of Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel to members of an independent investigation firm that has been looking into Clinton Foundation business practices for some time. According to Kessel it’s as bad as some have long thought – the foundation is mired in conflicts of interests, misappropriation of funds, and a rogue Bill Clinton himself who has long used it as a personal piggy bank.Via Zero Hedge: The CFO of the Clinton Foundation, thinking he was “meeting an old professional acquaintance,” admitted to investigators

THREE whistleblowers hand over hundreds of
documents ´showing the Clinton Foundation
misused funds and made quid-pro-quo
promises to donors about access to Hillary´

32 replie(s)
Daily Mail [UK], by Chris Pleasance    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 12/7/2018 5:06:54 AM     Post Reply
Three whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence suggesting wrongdoing at the Clinton Foundation, a Republican congressman says. Mark Meadows, head of the House Oversight Subcommittee, said the documents suggest misappropriation of funds and quid-pro-quo promises made to donors during Hillary´s time as secretary of state. Meadows spoke to Fox News about the documents ahead of an investigative hearing on the Clinton Foundation which is due to take place next week. The hearing will review evidence collected by U.S. Attorney John Huber, who was tasked with investigating the Foundation by ex-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It comes after The Hill reported

Yellowstone Volcano: Eruption could trigger
devastating GLOBAL volcanic WINTER

32 replie(s)
Daily Express [UK], by Charlotte Davis    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 12/8/2018 1:53:19 AM     Post Reply
A YELLOWSTONE volcano eruption could trigger a volcanic winter, which would plunge the globe into freezing conditions and threaten to cut off food supplies, experts have warned. The Yellowstone volcano, located in the US State of Wyoming, has been ranked a “high risk” volcano by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and experts have warned an eruption could one day cause a volcanic winter, threatening to cause chaos across the globe. Dr Christopher Kilburn, a professor at University College London and expert in volcanic hazards, has explained exactly how a volcano can produce what is called a volcanic winter.

Ocasio-Cortez Violates House Ethics Rules,
Threatens Trump Jr. For Trolling
Her On Twitter

31 replie(s)
The Federalist, by Liz Wolfe    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 12/8/2018 10:30:09 AM     Post Reply
Last night, Donald Trump Jr. sparked a bit of a feud with incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). He posted a meme to his Instagram account that directly poked fun at Ocasio-Cortez and her self-proclaimed socialist affiliations, along with the caption “It’s funny cuz it’s true!!!”:(Snip)Ocasio-Cortez escalated by seemingly threatening to subpoena Trump Jr. once she takes office in a month. Not only is this horrifically immature, it’s also a violation of the House Ethics Manual.

Sacrebleu !! Macron Shuts Down Paris
in Attempt To Stop Protests,
Deploys 89,000 Police Around France….

30 replie(s)
Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 12/8/2018 11:27:28 AM     Post Reply
Yikes, and a simultaneous ‘Wow’. French President Emmanuel Macron has officially shut down Paris this weekend in his attempt to stop the “Yellow Vest” populist uprising against current political policies. The primary tourist venues are all closed; shops ordered to close; windows boarded up; 8,000 police units dispatched to Paris and 89,000 deployed throughout the country. (Snip)PARIS (Reuters) – Paris was in lockdown early on Saturday with thousands of French security forces braced to meet renewed rioting by “yellow vest” protesters in the capital and other cities in a fourth weekend of confrontation over living costs.

PLOP! The Sound of Tucker Carlson
Landing on the Anti-Trump Boat

28 replie(s)
Canada Free Press, by Judi McLeod    Original Article
Posted By: Cavallodifiero- 12/7/2018 2:30:21 PM     Post Reply
The news of Carlson’s having jumped aboard the louder than any protest Anti-Trump boat surfaced one day after the mainstream and social media used the funeral of President George H.W. Bush to gang up on the president the media live to hate. Blaming Trump for everything now includes media accusations that he really secretly wanted all the attention at Wednesday’s memorial. There paying his last respects, Trump likely never knew that the media would use the occasion to point out the differences between him and Bush ad nauseam—but they could read that he angrily “TORE” off his coat even though video clearly

Criminal Act: Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Broke
42 US Code § 1983 By Threatening
Donald Trump Jr. with Retaliation Over
Snarky Meme

27 replie(s)
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/8/2018 12:51:03 AM     Post Reply
On Friday Donald Trump Jr. mocked dimwitted Socialist Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram with a popular meme that is going around social media. Ocasio-Cortez: Why are you so afraid of a socialist economy? President Trump: Because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them. (Photos) Of course, it’s pretty funny because it it true. In response Ocasio-Cortez threatened to harass and abuse Don Jr. with a subpoena to testify before Congress. (Tweet) Ocasio-Cortez then doubled-down on her threat!


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