News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Sat, 18 30 2017 07:30:43 GMT Sat, 18 30 2017 07:30:43 GMT The mystery behind California´s most destructive wildfires: Who is to blame? Sat, 18 06 2017 06:06:13 GMT 50964cea59454df04d179e469b1ce168e9cfa34e Los Angeles Times, by Sonali Kohli Posted By: FlyRight- Sat, 18 06 2017 06:06:13 GMT More than two dozen investigators have spent weeks scouring wine country trying to solve the mystery at the heart of the most destructive wildfires in California history: What caused the infernos that killed 43 people and destroyed more than 8,000 buildings? The answers will have wide'ranging ramifications for the region, which faces staggering losses and a challenging rebuilding effort. Losses from insured properties alone are expected to far exceed $1 billion, and the total bill for the fires will be still higher. Just fighting the fires cost $189 million, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Cal Fire is Killer on probation gets medical pot prescription Sat, 18 03 2017 06:03:51 GMT 14a0227422d156cf1faa526ff6601da2e2cfd200 Miami Herald, by Staff Posted By: Hazymac- Sat, 18 03 2017 06:03:51 GMT MIAMI On probation for a bloody 1999 gang murder, Miguel Valdes takes a host of pills to keep his longtime schizophrenia in check. Now, he can also legally use another medicine — marijuana, a drug that normally would get a convicted killer locked up for violating probation. A Miami judge, over fierce objections from prosecutors, allowed the 34'year'old Valdes to ingest the herb after he was approved to take part in Florida´s fledgling medical marijuana program. The State Attorney´s office argued that Valdes didn´t need the drug — which he was smoking when he and another man used a tire iron and a How to Get Power (and Banned from Fox News), According to Gene Simmons Sat, 18 51 2017 05:51:16 GMT 78d9928af8a457244114e6eb43ce320666fb4e17 New Yorker Magazine, by Dan Piepenbring Posted By: FlyRight- Sat, 18 51 2017 05:51:16 GMT Why should anyone care about Gene Simmons? It’s been more than forty years since Kiss’s first single, “Nothin’ to Lose,” featured him singing about coercive anal sex. He’s long since descended into self'parody, if that wasn’t already his métier. And yet he persists in the culture like a bad infection, pervading reality TV and wagging his preternaturally long tongue at anyone he disdains, including Muslims, suicidal depressives, non–English speakers, and Prince, whose death, from a fentanyl overdose, he called “pathetic.” Behind all of this is the steady drumbeat of misogyny. In 2002, he told the “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross, Notoriously brutal ´boss of bosses´ of Italian mafia, born in Corleone, dies in prison Sat, 18 49 2017 05:49:00 GMT 7da066248103dae03d2154088bab63f0d4f9254e Associated Press, by Frances D´Emilio, Colleen Barry* Posted By: Hazymac- Sat, 18 49 2017 05:49:00 GMT Cosa Nostra´s "boss of bosses," who was serving 26 life sentences as the convicted mastermind of dozens of murders of rivals for power on his Sicilian turf as well as prominent anti'Mafia heroes, died Friday in an Italian hospital prison ward. Salvatore "Toto" Riina´s passing, a day after his 87th birthday, is likely to trigger a scramble for power among Mafia clans in Palermo, the traditional hub of the crime syndicate´s leadership. Nicknamed "the beast" for his ferocity, Riina leaves behind a significantly weakened Cosa Nostra after his ferocious killing campaign eventually backfired, triggering a fierce government crackdown aided by a small UC regents admonish UC President Janet Napolitano for approval of interference in state audit Sat, 18 58 2017 04:58:39 GMT 82de7cbd47af880ff169c34528c5249a03c935d1 Los Angeles Times, by Teresa Watanabe Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 58 2017 04:58:39 GMT University of California regents meeting on Thursday admonished UC President Janet Napolitano for agreeing to a plan that led to interference in a state audit on the operation of her office. Her approval of a plan in which top aides would preview campus administrators’ confidential survey responses “reflected poor judgment and set in motion a course of conduct that the Board of Regents finds unacceptable,” board chairman George Kieffer said in a statement after the regents met behind closed doors for nearly five hours. But the regents quickly and unanimously agreed to support Napolitano’s continued leadership, Kieffer said after the Jameis Winston Uber Accusation: NFL, Criminal and Civil Ramifications Sat, 18 53 2017 04:53:42 GMT 593d354b01bac86b8ed788319f16d7e90f25032d Sports Illustrated, by Michael McCann Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 53 2017 04:53:42 GMT Could Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston be in line for a six'game suspension? As first reported by Talal Ansari of BuzzFeed, a female Uber driver alleges that Winston “grabbed her crotch” at around 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 13, 2016, in Scottsdale, Ariz. “Kate,” the pseudonym BuzzFeed used to identify the woman, had accepted a pickup of a passenger who appears to have been partying with other men in downtown Scottsdale. When the Uber arrived, the men told Kate that she would be driving someone famous—Winston—and they then explained that Winston was a well'known NFL player. A person whom Kate No, Al Franken has not admitted what his accuser alleged Sat, 18 01 2017 04:01:02 GMT 6aa8e0dbd7bfe110c3f1d263df4455de18126e94 Washington Examiner, by Byron York Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 01 2017 04:01:02 GMT Some of the voices — like Hillary Clinton '' offering semi'defenses of Al Franken have done so by noting that Franken has acknowledged misconduct toward radio host Leeann Tweeden, while Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Trump have not admitted guilt for the allegations against them. (Snip) Other Franken allies have said similar things. But has Franken acknowledged the misconduct alleged by Tweeden? The answer is no. Franken has acknowledged the actions in a photo in which he mimics groping a sleeping Tweeden. But Franken has not admitted Tweeden´s more serious charge that he physically forced himself on her LaVar Ball on Trump´s role in getting UCLA players released in China: ´Who?´ Sat, 18 52 2017 03:52:42 GMT ab45ae300db2a66ccf7462a75d95a47d5a137c89 The Hill, by Jacqueline Thomsen Posted By: rubberneck- Sat, 18 52 2017 03:52:42 GMT LaVar Ball, whose son was one of the three UCLA basketball players detained in China for shoplifting last week, said "who?" when asked about President Trump´s role in getting the players released. "Who?" Ball told ESPN when asked about Trump´s role. "What was he over there for? Don´t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” (Snip) Like I told him, 'They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.' I'm from L.A. I've seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses." ´Crooked Hillary is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time´: Trump tells his former opponent to ´get on with her life´ after she questioned the legitimacy of the election and urges her to* Sat, 18 51 2017 02:51:48 GMT 0528eadc137769e92d1bc797431c8d48edcba200 Daily Mail [UK], by Ariel Zilber Posted By: Attercliffe- Sat, 18 51 2017 02:51:48 GMT President Donald Trump hit out early Saturday at ´crooked´ Hillary Clinton, his defeated election opponent. Trump called Clinton ´the worst (and biggest´ loser of all time´ for saying that his election victory has ´lots of questions about its legitimacy.´ ´She just can´t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party,´ Trump tweeted on Saturday. ´Hillary, get on with your life and give another try in three years!´ Trump reacted Saturday to an interview Clinton gave to Mother Jones. Clinton said that Trump´s election victory was tainted because of voter suppression and alleged interference by Russia. The former secretary of state and Democratic nominee said Hillary´s Boomerang Sat, 18 45 2017 02:45:24 GMT 61bc2c182511deee2960da2f2d134df165e79101 American Thinker, by Pennel Bird Posted By: magnante- Sat, 18 45 2017 02:45:24 GMT The irony. So rich it could give you gout. At a fundraiser on September 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton made a soul'baring gaffe. With uncharacteristic candor, she stated that half of all Trump supporters are a "basket of deplorables," that they´re "irredeemable," as well as "racist, sexist homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it." Naturally, with her epic lack of self'awareness (see What Happened book tour, 2017) and a blind spot about herself that rivals a covered wagon´s, she said this adjacent to a banner pimping her slogan, "Stronger Together." Because Hillary Clinton is all about the unifying. I checked. Page 1 of How to If this is true, Jameis Winston is done in this town Sat, 18 41 2017 02:41:37 GMT 4af52cfbdea13d070d0bc6fed3a404390c0413c1 Tampa Bay Times, by Martin Fennelly Posted By: Hazymac- Sat, 18 41 2017 02:41:37 GMT TAMPA — Why should we believe this man? Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated by the NFL concerning an allegation of him groping a female Uber driver in Scottsdale, Ariz., in March 2016. Winston denied the allegations Friday in a statement: "The story falsely accuses me of making inappropriate contact with this driver," Winston said. "I believe the driver was confused as to the number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next to her. The accusation is false, and given the nature of the allegation and increased awareness and consideration of these types of matters, I am addressing this Breaking: Spanish police shoot ´Frenchman of north African’ origin´ who sparked a terror alert by shouting ‘Allah is Great’ at a border checkopoint with France Sat, 18 41 2017 02:41:22 GMT 24ff6055e000cd2a6bca9cabc0b6bbbe4128519f Daily Mail [UK], by Gerard Couzens Posted By: Attercliffe- Sat, 18 41 2017 02:41:22 GMT Police have shot a man who sparked a terror alert near Spain’s border with France by shouting ‘Allah is Great’ at a checkpoint. Officers opened fire on the man, believed to be a Frenchman of north African origin, after he began to shout in Arabic when the vehicle he was travelling in was intercepted at a motorway toll near La Jonquera on the Spanish side of the border. He was hit in the leg and rushed to a nearby hospital. He has undergone an operation at the hospital ' the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital in Girona ' and his life is not Former Democratic congresswoman begs to avoid jail time for charity theft Sat, 18 47 2017 01:47:39 GMT 8e104af792443a801b5bc2157a0997ad82b966c3 Salon, by Matthew Sheffield Posted By: NorthernDog- Sat, 18 47 2017 01:47:39 GMT Former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown asked for leniency from a federal judge in Florida on Friday. She faces a lengthy prison term after being convicted of stealing thousands of dollars that were meant to go to charity. In May, a jury convicted Brown of 18 felony counts, including filing false tax returns, mail fraud, and working with others to run a fake non'profit group. Her conviction represents a major fall from political grace. Brown was one of the first black elected officials to be elected to federal office in Florida in 1992. She represented the Jacksonville, Florida area in the Extremely rare photo of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett surfaces, could be worth millions Sat, 18 38 2017 01:38:45 GMT 4c9fefde7c6e4e3d1a5df25ab25ade18d3e575a6 Fox News, by James Rogers Posted By: Pluperfect- Sat, 18 38 2017 01:38:45 GMT Frank Abrams had no idea he was getting his hands on a valuable piece of history when he bought a grainy 19th'century photo for $10 at a North Carolina flea market. However, high'tech analysis of the group photo has revealed that it shows both Billy the Kid and his killer Pat Garrett, which could potentially mean that it is worth millions of dollars. “This is completely unknown, that Garrett and Billy are in a picture together,” Abrams, an attorney, told Fox News. “This is amazing, everybody is excited.”Abrams said that the tintype was in a set of photos that he purchased in Here Are Some Revelations From New Book About The Steele Dossier Sat, 18 36 2017 01:36:57 GMT ce021d3d7c9641324b5d1c8bb8b33f59cff2d0a2 Daily Caller, by Chuck Ross Posted By: mikkins2- Sat, 18 36 2017 01:36:57 GMT A new book out by Guardian journalist Luke Harding provides previously unknown details about the Trump dossier and its author, former British spy Christopher Steele.{SNIP}McCain was provided a final copy of the dossier directly by Simpson, the former Wall Street Journal reporter who started Fusion GPS. “Less than twenty'four hours later, Kramer returned to Washington. Next, Simpson shared a copy of the dossier confidentially with McCain.” Why the Roy Moore Accusations Terrify Me as a Wife and Mother Sat, 18 23 2017 01:23:27 GMT 377313eabb1e58f1183751d5250a49200d363026 PJ Media, by Megan Fox Posted By: Hazymac- Sat, 18 23 2017 01:23:27 GMT I have three men in my life who are important to me above everyone else. My husband, my son and my father. These men mean everything to me. Watching Roy Moore go through the current media circus has made me fear for the future of these men whom I love. The idea that someone can lose a career, his reputation, and the public trust over accusations of events that happened decades ago — that no one was witness to, saw, heard, reported, or acknowledged in any significant way— is terrifying. Let me remind you of something that Americans hold sacred: Texas High School’s Re-Brand from Lee to L.E.E. Will Cost $300K Sat, 18 50 2017 12:50:58 GMT a93d2d4734cf17a01d3cacc21c3a98eb4b407e56 Breitbart Texas, by Merrill Hope Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 50 2017 12:50:58 GMT San Antonio, TX - The Texas school district that recently voted to re-imagine a campus named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee with a more welcoming 21st Century nomenclature, unveiled that the projected costs to re-brand hovers around $300,000. North East Independent School District Superintendent Brian Gottardy presented a report to the trustees Monday estimating a $299,098 price tag to rename Lee High. However, this is not a complete makeover. He said that would have totaled more than $1.3 million and included changing the school’s mascot and spirit colors. Breitbart Texas reported that North East ISD trustees voted in October to change Robert E. EU Threat To Withhold Britain’s £4.4 Billion Budget Rebate, Demands UK Pays £53 Billion ‘Brexit Bill’ in Two Weeks Sat, 18 46 2017 12:46:12 GMT fcd9f0b1f1dcad8b6fcc898ca0de09a52d2f02cc Breitbart London, by Liam Dracon Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 46 2017 12:46:12 GMT The European Union (EU) could withhold Britain’s €5 billion budget rebate, with negotiators issuing a two'week deadline for meeting their unwavering demand for a €60 billion (£53.6 billion) Brexit ‘divorce bill.’ The late Baroness Margret Thatcher famously secured the rebate in 1984, after arguing Britain’s contribution to EU coffers was disproportionately large as the UK received less in agriculture subsidies. Sources have told the Telegraph the future of the €5 billion (£4.46 billion) rebate has not yet been settled with the EU and it could potentially be withheld when the UK leaves the bloc in March 2019. So far, British Woman Raped by Former Al Franken Intern Wants Senator’s Name off Sexual Assault Victims Bill Sat, 18 41 2017 12:41:09 GMT 538619125f848b49dd110cf16e116e5d7d74b9a8 Breitbart Big Government, by Penny Starr Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 41 2017 12:41:09 GMT The 22'year'old woman who was brutally raped by a man who once interned for Sen. Al Franken (D'MN), and who reached out to the lawmaker about passing federal legislation to help sexual assault victims, now says she wants a new sponsor following the revelations about his own sexual misconduct. The ABC News affiliate in Minneapolis, Minnesota, reported: The bill was designed to provide funding for training first responders on ways of interviewing victims who have been traumatized. Just last month, Abby Honold stood side'by'side with Franken at a press conference announcing the bill. Then came the bombshell report Thursday morning. Leeann Tweeden, a journalist who REPORT: Time To Investigate Obama’s FBI Sat, 18 31 2017 12:31:03 GMT 18d45dba139befefc33dfb9381884e125f224988 DCWhispers, by Staff Posted By: earlybird- Sat, 18 31 2017 12:31:03 GMT President Obama weaponized the federal government to punish his political enemies and further the agendas of his supporters. This climate of government intimidation and manipulation culminated in the 2016 Election that saw the FBI attacking one presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and favoring another, Hillary Clinton. Clinton was of course Mr. Obama’s former Secretary of State. Trump was a political outsider who didn’t even have the full support of the GOP but did have the support of tens of millions of voters both Republican and Democrat alike. This popularity made Donald Trump the single greatest threat to the D.C. status'quo and Trump to Pay His Own Legal Bills, Set Up Fund to Cover Staff Sat, 18 10 2017 12:10:06 GMT f9b578db743015a9926572f300a18cc0f51c3b72 Bloomberg News, by Shannon Pettypiece Posted By: FlyRight- Sat, 18 10 2017 12:10:06 GMT President Donald Trump has started paying his own legal bills related to the Russia probe, rather than charging them to his campaign or the Republican National Committee, and is finalizing a plan to use personal funds to help current and former White House staff with their legal costs. The Office of Government Ethics and a tax firm are working on a mechanism for Trump to contribute to staffers’ legal bills that would meet regulatory and ethical standards, White House lawyer Ty Cobb said in an interview. The White House is hoping the issue will be resolved shortly, said Cobb, who declined Top Russian Official Tried to Broker ‘Backdoor’ Meeting Between Trump and Putin Sat, 18 01 2017 12:01:40 GMT d9eb65b3f7785102a2ee340e6852c12d5495b84f New York Times, by MATT APUZZO, MATTHEW ROSENBERG Posted By: FlyRight- Sat, 18 01 2017 12:01:40 GMT WASHINGTON — A senior Russian official who claimed to be acting at the behest of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia tried in May 2016 to arrange a meeting between Mr. Putin and Donald J. Trump, according to several people familiar with the matter. The news of this reached the Trump campaign in a very circuitous way. An advocate for Christian causes emailed campaign aides saying that Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of the Russian central bank who has been linked both to Russia’s security services and organized crime, had proposed a meeting between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump. The subject Report: Roy Moore Fundraising Surges Since Attacks Sat, 18 28 2017 11:28:08 GMT fa74fbc60d92538391b724af978e29f689f61643 Breitbart, by Staff Posted By: mikkins2- Sat, 18 28 2017 11:28:08 GMT CNN Political Reporter Rebecca Berg reported that Roy Moore’s campaign chairman told them the campaign’s fundraising has “skyrocketed” since the allegations against Moore broke and a source close to the campaign says they’ve raised more money in the last six days than they’ve raised online since the runoff in September. Berg said, “He’s been cut off by the NRSC and the Republican National Committee. But his campaign, its online grassroots fundraising, his Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead tells CNN has skyrocketed since these allegations since the national spotlight has shifted to their campaign. They have seen, according to a source close to Mall Never Banned Moore and Other Lies Sat, 18 12 2017 11:12:34 GMT 2581caaa2edaf2adeb9775b633daac40687d2978 American Thinker, by Daniel John Sobieski Posted By: mikkins2- Sat, 18 12 2017 11:12:34 GMT The rush to judgment by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R'SC, and others was premature, but the facts about Judge Roy Moore may be unraveling the fiction as we speak, starting with the accusation that Moore was banned from the Gadsen Mall for repeatedly trolling for young women. The problem is, the manager of the mall says Roy Moore was never banned: The former manager of the Gadsden Mall, Barnes Boyle, said he does not remember Moore being banned. “It was part of the job, yeah, we did have written reports and things (on people banned,” Boyle, 86, who managed the mall For Slimy Senators, Our Conviction Should Be Expulsion Sat, 18 18 2017 10:18:03 GMT 280bba7b2ff8a0229e8005043c2141ecdb32b2ac National Review Online, by Andrew McCarthy Posted By: Pluperfect- Sat, 18 18 2017 10:18:03 GMT The spirit of the times has opened the floodgates of long'suppressed heartache. Victimized women are thus coming forward a decade or more after being abused by this political don or that show'biz celeb — who, in Al Franken’s case, could be the same guy. It is vital that we hear their stories. There should be no expectation, though, of a courtroom reckoning. While prosecution is practically impossible, that doesn’t absolve the culprits. Public office is a public trust, and weighing fitness for it is a matter of everyday discernment, not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. You know this when the Sore Loser Conspiracy Theorist: No, I Can´t Say the 2016 Election Was ´Legitimate´ Sat, 18 15 2017 10:15:59 GMT 9d5e3bf6b93fc3b49ecdf5ca73b1fdb1cebac379 Townhall, by Guy Benson Posted By: Pluperfect- Sat, 18 15 2017 10:15:59 GMT Once upon a time, Hillary Clinton thought the prospect of a presidential candidate declining to pledge to absolutely accept the sanctity of certified election results was "horrifying." She said so in a general election debate in order to attack Donald Trump '' who, at the time, was (recklessly) leaving the door open to challenge the outcome of an election most people expected him to lose. Chief among these people was Hillary Clinton. That´s why she excoriated his dodging and noncommittal answers on the question as dangerous to American democracy. (Snip for video)[Clinton] said she found “horrifying” the intimation he would