News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Sun, 07 23 2016 03:23:26 GMT Sun, 07 23 2016 03:23:26 GMT After Sanders´ kibbutz past revealed, right'wing critics blast his ´Stalinist past´ Sun, 07 57 2016 02:57:11 GMT bc4bc5c5edbe1cf0bfb280de41943433c9ad2644 Haartez, by The Forward and Nathan Guttman Posted By: magnante- Sun, 07 57 2016 02:57:11 GMT It took just a few hours from the moment news broke that Bernie Sanders had volunteered decades ago on a hard'left kibbutz in Israel for right'wing critics to start lobbing ever'scarier adjectives at him. The surging Democratic presidential candidate’s stint at Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim in northern Israel proves to conservatives that he isn’t just a “socialist” but a hard'core Marxist or even a “Stalinist,” far outside the American mainstream. “Bernie Sanders’s 1963 stay at a Stalinist kibbutz,” was the title of Thomas Lifson’s piece on the site American Thinker, posted soon after the kibbutz was identified after months of mystery. Over at The Classiest Debate Moment That No'One Noticed – Never Leave A Good Man Down… Sun, 07 16 2016 02:16:05 GMT fc0cbd1ebce173fbb6a0fd0291f697f2854cf09c Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: Emerson- Sun, 07 16 2016 02:16:05 GMT Few people will talk about this, and fewer will even want to acknowledge it, but what Donald Trump did before the debate even began shows the measure of a real man’s worth.At the beginning of the ABC debate, each of the candidates were being introduced in a specific order. The first name called to the stage was Chris Christie. The applause was loud and lingered through the time when Martha Raddatz called the second candidate Ben Carson. Dr. Carson did not hear his name called (easy to understand why when you listen to the video) and stood in the entry'way. The Malice or Mala Suerte Sun, 07 10 2016 02:10:10 GMT 1a3d156654f2bfdacce8f85ecf7d9a6c6b5b1110 PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez Posted By: Hazymac- Sun, 07 10 2016 02:10:10 GMT By coincidence, the Republican presidential field touched an issue which has long intrigued the commenters on the Belmont Club. Maya Rhodan of Time describes how Republicans debated whether president Obama was "incompetent or nefarious." Those who did not approve of the president´s policies were naturally interested in which. Making the case for Obama´s incompetence was Donald Trump. The advocate for malice was Marco Rubio. “I think we have a president who as a president is totally incompetent. He has no idea what he is doing, and the country is going to hell.” Trump´s comments were in response to Rubio saying earlier that Michigan ISIS Supporter ´Tried to Shoot Up´ 6,000'Member Church, FBI Says Sun, 07 06 2016 02:06:07 GMT dfd3904b91541658bc0cf1ec20fae176e35e6455 NBC News, by Elizabeth Chuck Posted By: NorthernDog- Sun, 07 06 2016 02:06:07 GMT Federal authorities have arrested a Michigan man they say is an ISIS supporter who wanted to carry out an attack on a 6,000'member Detroit church. Khalil Abu'Rayyan, 21, of Dearborn Heights, allegedly had guns and a large knife and told an undercover FBI agent that he "tried to shoot up a church one day." "I bought a bunch of bullets. I practiced reloading and unloading," he said in an online conversation, the FBI said. Investigators did not specify which church Abu'Rayyan allegedly was eyeing, but said it has a capacity of 6,000 members, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Thursday Super Bowl ads to put diversity on display Sun, 07 56 2016 01:56:48 GMT fd5b467ca320820ed7847f80daa7fb86672be8d9 USA Today, by Charisse Jones Posted By: NorthernDog- Sun, 07 56 2016 01:56:48 GMT Super Bowl ads are practically an event unto themselves. And when they unfold on the screen this Sunday, viewers will see a reflection of America´s diversity. While Hollywood faces a backlash over an all'white slate of acting nominees for this year’s Oscars, several of the TV spots airing during the big game will feature actors, athletes and characters who represent a range of ethnicity, generations, and sexual orientations. (Snip) And among the images of masculinity showcased in an ad for Axe´s grooming products, will be a man dancing in heels. “Super Bowl advertisers get that as the face of America Once Impervious, Marco Rubio Is Diminished by a Caustic Chris Christie Sun, 07 00 2016 01:00:13 GMT db998bf3297e51ea23682978ea791645bd7051dd New York Times, by Michael Barbaro Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 00 2016 01:00:13 GMT MANCHESTER, N.H. — In the Republican race for president, Senator Marco Rubio’s soaring oratory, firm command of policy and steely unflappability are his sword, helmet and shield. On Saturday night, Gov. Chris Christie seemed to rob Mr. Rubio of those armaments and turn them against him. In the process, Mr. Christie accomplished something that the rest of the Republican field has repeatedly tried but failed to do so far: diminish and even embarrass Mr. Rubio, whose rapid rise in the polls, broad appeal and seeming imperviousness to attack have made impeding him his rivals’ most urgent mission. Mr. Christie, who as a presidential Watch Marco Rubio Repeat The Same Line Four Times Sun, 07 58 2016 12:58:17 GMT e39478ec514e1e8f804c41d942b6c8a5b64b0a27 Time Magazine, by Daniel White Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 58 2016 12:58:17 GMT Sen. Marco Rubio may have been looking too closely at his notecards at Saturday’s Republican debate in New Hampshire—much to the chagrin of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Rubio repeated a variation of the same line, an attack on President Barack Obama, a total of four times. “Let’s dispel this notion that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing,” Rubio said. “He is trying to change this country.” Eventually, Christie seemed to have had enough of the line, saying “There it is, the memorized 25'second speech.” Watch the clip above. Marco Rubio Short'Circuits During G.O.P. Debate Sun, 07 55 2016 12:55:03 GMT 9ffa9ceb4b9c92abac55b917982e5903dee25ecf Vanity Fair, by Benjamin Landy Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 55 2016 12:55:03 GMT After months of looking like bit players in the Republican presidential race, Governors Chris Christie, John Kasich and former Governor Jeb Bush all delivered their strongest debate performances yet Saturday night in New Hampshire. But the object of their attacks was not Donald Trump, the irascible billionaire who maintains a double'digit lead in the primary state. Instead, they focused their fire on Marco Rubio, turning his aggressively rehearsed talking points against him and exposing the vacuity of his campaign in a series of devastating exchanges that threaten to blunt his recent momentum. Rubio has long faced criticism for his robotic Marco Rubio is biggest loser. Trump and the governors all have a good night in NH Sun, 07 49 2016 12:49:35 GMT 489893b9ce2eef466bbcf11e854f67f3b274738d Fox News, by Doug Schoen Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 49 2016 12:49:35 GMT Saturday night at the GOP debate in New Hampshire belonged to the executives: the governors and the businessman. Indeed, if Saturday is any indication of what kind of debater Donald Trump can be, then it’s safe to say that it really was a mistake for him to skip the Fox News debate before the Iowa caucus. He may very have won it if he had shown this kind of strength and adeptness just days before Iowans went out to vote. With the exception of the moment when the crowd booed Trump during an exchange with Jeb Bush over eminent domain and stacking You Cannot Support Israel’s Existence (and Ours) and Vote Democratic This Election Sun, 07 41 2016 12:41:14 GMT b2b4e8be0c2db3aa739236faafcc675a60e74abb American Thinker, by Clarice Feldman Posted By: Judy W.- Sun, 07 41 2016 12:41:14 GMT The Iowa Democratic caucus which I’ve already described as akin to the Marxist Zimbabwe Farmers'workers confabs is over, and it appears '' as Mark Steyn ably notes '' “almost certain” that Hillary Clinton did not win it. If Iowa were one of those banana republics in which the president'for'life has been prevailed upon to hold an election and Jimmy Carter and a bunch of UN observers had flown in to certify it, none of the above would pass muster. But in the Democrat Party it does: [snip] In effect, Hillary and Bernie fought Iowa to a draw. But a miss is a good Compromise and the Law of the Excluded Middle Sun, 07 38 2016 12:38:26 GMT 93605f3404e7858e804a073840d0148adc56165a American Thinker, by Deana Chadwell Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 38 2016 12:38:26 GMT So much of political talk in the last couple of decades has been about “working across the aisle, “ to “get things done.” These discussions have been filled with a sentimental, "Kumbaya" longing, “Can’t we all just get along?” This recent Iowa caucus vote has brought us to the stark realization that concession and reconciliation is not at all what conservative voters want. Why? Because conservatives are logical people and the only compromise the left wants flies in the face of the third law of logic. Logic isn’t a high priority in liberal circles, though progressives like the word, they either Obama bullied bank to pay racial settlement without proof: report Sun, 07 33 2016 12:33:28 GMT 7f020d89e83841da499955ae62bbd429b6f23ff4 New York Post, by Paul Sperry Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 07 33 2016 12:33:28 GMT Newly uncovered internal memos reveal the Obama administration knowingly exaggerated charges of racial discrimination in probes of Ally Bank and other defendants in the $900 billion car'lending business as part of a “racial justice” campaign that’s looking more like a massive government extortion and shakedown operation. So far, Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has reached more than $220 million in settlements with several auto lenders since the agency launched its anti'discrimination crusade against the industry in 2013. Several other banks are under active investigation. That’s despite the fact that the CFPB had no actual complaints of racial discrimination — it A Political May'December Romance? Sun, 07 23 2016 12:23:07 GMT e21725fb91d7b150fa358819ab9d61c160a644ac American Thinker, by Doris O´Brien Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 23 2016 12:23:07 GMT Every generation finds fault with the next, which finds fault with the one before. But sometimes a wave of mutual affection manages to skip generations, creating a surprising bond between the young and the old. Could this be a factor at play in the millennials´ enthusiasm for 73'year'old Bernie Sanders? In the Iowa caucus, he captured that vote six to one over Hillary. Children have been known to bypass parental advice in favor of the same from their grandparents, whom they find less judgmental – possibly because they ´re not living under the same roof. Grandparents have been known to lavish Ted Cruz once again proves himself presidential Sun, 07 18 2016 12:18:51 GMT 12d85f918d0ad481402001daca87eefc2dd31f91 American Thinker, by Lloyd Marcus Posted By: Desert Fox- Sun, 07 18 2016 12:18:51 GMT As the New Hampshire primary fast approaches, I wish to remind voters that our next commander'in'chief must be of the highest character, cut from the rare cloth of our founders. Sometimes God gives us great gifts in ugly packages. Recent attacks on Ted Cruz from both the Trump and Dr. Carson campaigns gifted Cruz an opportunity to show his character and presidential instincts. Cruz was hit from all sides when a staffer used a CNN report that Dr. Carson might leave the race. Cruz did not pull a Hillary, claiming ignorance while throwing the staffer under the bus. Cruz took full responsibility ´Astonishing´: CNN rips into Ted Cruz for ´categorically false´ characterization of Iowa controversy Sun, 07 42 2016 10:42:00 GMT 684f240f93ed567cbb61c3695291414eab1e98d9 Business Insider, by Pamela Engel Posted By: Pluperfect- Sun, 07 42 2016 10:42:00 GMT CNN released a statement on Saturday night decrying debate comments Sen. Ted Cruz (R'Texas) made about a controversy involving his campaign and the Iowa caucuses. Cruz said CNN´s reporting on retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson taking a break from campaigning after the Iowa caucuses earlier this week was wrong, stating that it took the cable news channel hours to correct it. "They didn’t correct that story until 9:15 that night," Cruz said. "Subsequent to that initial report, Ben´s campaign put out a statement saying that he was not suspending his campaign. I wish that our campaign staff had forwarded that statement. They were Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning Sun, 07 11 2016 10:11:55 GMT 804d44c9c2844494e742c9b751ef4269724cf567 Daily Caller, by Jacob Bojesson Posted By: PageTurner- Sun, 07 11 2016 10:11:55 GMT A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday. The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries. The refugees allegedly groped and harassed women in a similar manner as the assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. A group of male Russian took The Coming Hillary Meltdown? Sun, 07 53 2016 09:53:55 GMT 0b3ceb2f61374689823bfefe39095dd26aa42194 Power Line, by Steven Hayward Posted By: PageTurner- Sun, 07 53 2016 09:53:55 GMT Interesting tidings in the media the last 24 hours that suggest a smoldering volcano of Democratic discontent and near panic. The Democratic establishment has cleared the field for Hillary, and she’s having trouble putting away Bernie Sanders! If she can’t handle Bernie Sanders, how will she match up with a Republican nominee? Colbert King, a reliable liberal columnist at the Washington Post, sends out the message: Clinton email scandal: Why it might be time for Democrats to draft Joe Biden The Hillary Clinton email issue is developing into a real whodunit, complete with Clintonesque legal semantics. “I never sent or received any material Gloves Come Off Between Bush, Trump Over Eminent Domain Sun, 07 41 2016 09:41:01 GMT c40c4056ca484d76c763aa30bbce74651d3c8780 Townhall, by Leah Barkoukis Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 07 41 2016 09:41:01 GMT Donald Trump’s history of using, and many would argue abusing, eminent domain in his business life has surfaced time and again on the campaign trail, with Saturday night’s GOP debate as no exception. ABC News’ David Muir asked the real estate mogul about a project in New Hampshire that would bring hydroelectric power from Canada into the Northeastern grid. "Do you see eminent domain as an appropriate tool to get that project done?” he asked, pointing to Trump’s past business endeavors and his support for its use for the Keystone XL Pipeline. Trump was defensive from the start, knocking the number of Chelsea Clinton Accidentally Calls Bernie, “President Sanders” Sun, 07 33 2016 09:33:28 GMT 6e81004c6a854aeb09bafbe93bc9ec6545d6c9da American Spectator, by Emily Zanotti Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 07 33 2016 09:33:28 GMT The Clinton campaign has been using Chelsea as a surrogate since the final few weeks in Iowa, even though the response to her has been lukewarm at best. They´ve now flown her to New Hampshire and elsewhere, where she´s taking rallies to promote her mother as "Grandma'in'Chief." Only, yesterday´s speech went a little awry. While at a campaign stop in Minnesota (a must'win for the Clinton camp), Chelsea made a Freudian slip, referring to "Bernie Sanders" as "President Sanders."(Snip for video)Obviously, she didn´t mean to suggest that her allegiances are split, but it´s pretty funny nonetheless. The Clinton campaign is losing Washington pledges $450 million peace package aid for Colombia Sun, 07 33 2016 09:33:11 GMT 4fce3ce3f0f73a71d4a0e7e49ca270c8dd5d82a4 El Pais [Spain], by Silvia Ayuso Posted By: PageTurner- Sun, 07 33 2016 09:33:11 GMT The United States has pledged to give Colombia $450 million (more than €400 million) to help its transition to peace as the Bogota government prepares to finalize a truce with a left'wing insurgency that has been waging war for more than 50 years. Meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that the contribution will go to security, compensation to the victims of the long insurgent war, and consolidating the justice systems in his country. Rubio’s Tough Night Sun, 07 29 2016 09:29:29 GMT da152cea6d3433c1b06fad7900eda782fa6f06e7 National Review Online, by Rich Lowry Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 07 29 2016 09:29:29 GMT Everyone knew that Christie was going to come after Rubio hard, and yet Rubio let himself get steamrolled. He either got rattled by the assault or thought he was sticking to his message by bringing it back to the point that Obama’s intentions, not his lack of experience, accounts for the disasters of his administration. Of course, Rubio only validated Christie’s attack on him by seeming so relentlessly scripted. The moment already has dominated the post'debate discussion and will continue to do so–the clips of Rubio saying the same thing is just irresistible to TV producers. What Rubio needed to Hope — and clean water — remains elusive for the people of Flint Sun, 07 25 2016 09:25:18 GMT 8362360fa47cc0f7d4e0b55a87f9135575885aa6 Washington Post, by Lenny Bernstein Posted By: MissMolly- Sun, 07 25 2016 09:25:18 GMT FLINT, Mich. — It kills him to say it, but Darren Bentley is thinking about leaving town. He was born here, went to Kearsley High School and rents a place near a couple of college campuses. He has never lived anywhere else. His father worked at the old Fisher Body plant. So did an uncle and both grandfathers. His grandmother worked on the line at Flint Metal Fabricating. But the only way that Bentley, 33, and his wife, Laura, can provide safe water for their four boys is by driving every day to the local firehouse, where Army National Guardsmen plop a The Real Shape of the Race Sun, 07 20 2016 09:20:46 GMT 9af55e4255430a75d472038491d9c635c3ffba5e Weekly Standard, by Stephen F. Hayes Posted By: MissMolly- Sun, 07 20 2016 09:20:46 GMT Des Moines, Iowa The shorthand understanding of the likely three'man race for the Republican nomination goes something like this. Donald Trump is the populist outside agitator, running on economic nationalism and against the entire political system. Ted Cruz is the antiestablishment crusader, running on sharp intellect, eager confrontation, and ideological purity. And Marco Rubio is the conventional candidate, running on optimism, easing our anxieties, and repairing old divisions. Cruz and Trump are often lumped together as “outsiders" or "antiestablishment," manifestations of the anger and frustration of the Republican base. Rubio, by contrast, is usually included in discussions of the "establishment lane" and grouped Obama’s foreign'policy hell: The 1980s just won’t stop calling Sun, 07 17 2016 09:17:34 GMT 9fafbb7926b4a087d4877b090ee8be5cbf2295e3 New York Post, by Editorial Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 07 17 2016 09:17:34 GMT President Obama must be ruing his famous dig at Mitt Romney — you know, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.” Because Obama now faces overseas woes scarily reminiscent of the ’80s — and his defense secretary just said as much. The zing came in the third presidential debate in 2012. “A few months ago,” Obama told Romney, “when you were asked what is the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia, not al Qaeda.” Then came the laugh'line about the ’80s asking for their foreign policy back — and the jibe, “The Cold War has been Sparks fly in GOP debate, Rubio targeted Sun, 07 15 2016 09:15:01 GMT 39ac333737ae26be77530d0d4d5c8166172f3a03 Washington Times, by Seth McLaughlin Posted By: StormCnter- Sun, 07 15 2016 09:15:01 GMT GOFFSTOWN, N.H. — Looking to pick a fight, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pummeled Sen. Marco Rubio over his record in Congress in Saturday’s GOP presidential debate, saying the Florida Republican’s canned speeches don’t hide how he lacks the executive experience ' and political backbone ' to be president. Businessman Donald Trump, meanwhile, took aim at the audience inside the debate hall here at Saint Anselm College, saying the boos that rained down on him over his support of eminent domain came from deep'pocketed donors and special interests that want to control him, but can’t. Mr. Christie has faded in recent polls, Hillary Battles Bernie Sanders, Chick Magnet Sun, 07 09 2016 09:09:13 GMT 649ab43fcff158954164446f2a44eb8fd059b316 New York Times, by Maureen Dowd Posted By: MissMolly- Sun, 07 09 2016 09:09:13 GMT MANCHESTER, N.H. — HILLARY CLINTON first grabbed the national spotlight 47 years ago as an idealistic young feminist, chiding the paternalistic establishment in her Wellesley commencement speech. So it’s passing strange to watch her here, getting rebuffed by young women who believe that she lacks idealism, that she overplays her feminist hand and that she is the paternalistic establishment. Bernie Sanders may be a dead ringer for Larry David, but Hillary is running the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” campaign. She can’t fire up young voters by dwelling on what can’t be done in Washington and by explaining that she’s more prose