News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Tue, 22 24 2014 08:24:29 GMT Tue, 22 24 2014 08:24:29 GMT IRS official: Lost Lois Lerner emails may still exist Tue, 22 18 2014 08:18:18 GMT 8b10677fe1395aa8bae1a39c0ab7e236109e4c84 Washington Examiner, by Susan Ferrechio Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 18 2014 08:18:18 GMT Could the IRS have those missing Lois Lerner emails after all? New testimony from a key Internal Revenue Service official indicates the IRS may not have lost two years of emails sent by former top IRS official Lois Lerner after all. That is what the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee suggested Monday morning in a newly released transcript of a recent closed'door interview with IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane. Kane is responsible for producing documents requested by Congress that are related to a a probe into the IRS past practice of targeting conservative groups. Kane met with House investigators after Oversight Hillary Clinton answers questions on Facebook today Tue, 22 16 2014 08:16:11 GMT 67b1ee2b1cb8fbd0a2c4baff076634d3c21a7094 San Francisco Chronicle, by Wendy Lee Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 16 2014 08:16:11 GMT Hillary Rodham Clinton will participate in a live Q&A today on Facebook. Clinton, the former secretary of state and first lady who ran for president in 2008, will tour Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. She said in a Facebook post that she’ll be talking about her new book, “Hard Choices“ and answer questions on her book’s Facebook page beginning at 2:30 p.m. The book delves into her years as secretary of state. A Facebook spokesperson said Clinton’s tour of Facebook headquarters was closed to the press. There’s been some speculation over whether Clinton would run for president in 2016. She has yet to Obama shares support for DC statehood Tue, 22 56 2014 07:56:50 GMT 1a580574a5dfd5143658c693441fb65f6efb487b The Hill (Washington, D.C.), by Justin Sink Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 56 2014 07:56:50 GMT President Obama said Monday that as a Washington, D.C., resident he supported statehood for the District of Columbia’s 650,000 inhabitants. &#34;I´m in D.C., so I´m for it,&#34; Obama said Monday at a town'hall event to promote his &#34;My Brother´s Keeper&#34; program. &#34;I´ve long believed that folks in D.C. pay taxes like everybody else. They contribute to the overall well'being of the country like everybody else. They should be represented like everybody else,&#34; Obama added. The president said there was no reason based on population size to deny the district´s residents statehood. But he acknowledged that the politics in Congress on D.C. statehood would Hobby Lobby Makes Atheists Knit Bricks Tue, 22 52 2014 07:52:51 GMT 1f4d9a17172ae7483a8c3c00ff2cd10cae33e29a National Review Online, by Celina Durgin Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 52 2014 07:52:51 GMT In response to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, atheists are sitting around knitting. And in this time of national crisis, they are knitting bricks. Worried about the supposedly crumbling wall of separation between church and state, the Secular Coalition for America (SCA) launched a “Knit a Brick” campaign to “harness outrage” at the ruling. The group will send yarn bricks to the Supreme Court, Congress, or White House staffers. Targets will be selected based on the number of bricks the Coalition’s high command receives by August 5, according to If organizers collect 400 bricks, they will send them to Un'amused! Hilarious video of the North Korea´s leader arm'wrestling Obama, dancing with Bin Laden and even dropping his trousers that´s made Pyongyang furious Tue, 22 42 2014 05:42:56 GMT ec2c7ac0d1e84b768922f87a78c731a11ee4efc7 Daily Mail (U.K.), by Mia De Graaf Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 42 2014 05:42:56 GMT He is revered by his people as seemingly all'powerful. But it seems North Korea is not au fait with Kim Jong Un´s break dancing, arm'wrestling and skipping ' on show in a spoof video that has gone viral. In a series of clearly photoshopped scenes compiled by a Chinese student, the dictator is shown cavorting in a field with Osama bin Laden, riding a pig through a snowy field, and being fly'kicked into a swimming pool by President Barack Obama. And Pyongyang is not happy. ´It seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority,´ a top'ranking official from the Hermit Kingdom said, according to Asia News. North Don´t sell your warships to Putin: David Cameron urges France to axe arms deal as he calls for economic cold war Tue, 22 33 2014 05:33:02 GMT 525ebe1cd3aa3b9f3f225a752523dc3ca8069e0f Daily Mail (U.K.), by David Chapman Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 33 2014 05:33:02 GMT David Cameron yesterday urged France to abandon a contract to sell warships to Vladimir Putin. Calling for an economic cold war, the Prime Minister urged other EU leaders to agree tough sanctions against Moscow. He insisted there should be an embargo on commercial dealings with Russian defence, banking, energy and aviation firms. Ahead of emergency talks in Brussels today, he insisted the EU should also freeze the assets of the Russian president’s allies, whom he referred to as cronies and oligarchs. Mr Cameron told MPs it had been shown beyond doubt that Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an SA11 missile fired Russian Air Massacre: What Would Reagan Do? Tue, 22 24 2014 05:24:36 GMT 57c2f8f0cee6c61d3089d85d6f4ee68d14301f8b Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 24 2014 05:24:36 GMT Leadership: President Obama´s response to Russia´s downing of an unarmed passenger jet is tepid compared with President Reagan´s response to a similar horror in 1983. Obama called Russian'backed rebels´ downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 a &#34;terrible tragedy.&#34; Reagan called the Soviets´ downing of Korean Airlines Flight 007 a &#34;crime against humanity.&#34; Despite overwhelming evidence Moscow had a hand in the civilian massacre over Ukrainian airspace, Obama refuses to rebuke Russia. Instead, he´s called for an &#34;international investigation into the incident.&#34; A defiant Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, has warned the West against using the tragedy for &#34;selfish political ends,&#34; and is spreading propaganda the Payback: Republicans Paint ‘Millionaire’ Democrats as Out of Touch Tue, 22 23 2014 05:23:21 GMT 9f4731e2cb9a6afd3be6bd86a04575c7061dd58b Wall Street Journal, by Reid J. Epstein Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 23 2014 05:23:21 GMT When Democrats in 2012 tarred Mitt Romney as so wealthy he was out of touch, the Republican pushback was to assert that there’s no shame in being rich. “Republicans come here and say everyone should live like this,” Mr. Romney said at one fundraiser held at a supporter’s mansion. Back then it worked, as President Barack Obama and his allied Democrats launched a full'scale campaign to tag Mr. Romney as the candidate of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. By and large, that worked, with a handful of assists from Mr. Romney himself. Two years later, it’s Republicans who Detroit: No Water Shutoffs For Next 15 Days Tue, 22 21 2014 05:21:48 GMT 26737af3a1d9e11d1b1b83ce4625b25140d8bb09 Associated Press, by Ed White Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 21 2014 05:21:48 GMT DETROIT '' Detroit suspended its aggressive policy of cutting off water to customers with unpaid bills on Monday, the latest response to a controversy that has prompted large protests and caught the attention of the judge overseeing the city´s bankruptcy. The city said there will be no shutoffs for the next 15 days. The disclosure was made in bankruptcy court where Judge Steven Rhodes is overseeing the nation´s largest ever municipal bankruptcy. He has been encouraging Detroit to come up with alternatives to shutting off water for thousands of homes and businesses. The issue gained national attention last month after activists appealed Detroit residents fight back over water shutoff: ´It´s a life'or'death situation´ Tue, 22 18 2014 05:18:42 GMT f11a9c08b3e1f502a52a4975d5fa7607ad9e377e Guardian (U.K.), by Jon Swaine Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 18 2014 05:18:42 GMT When the coast is clear, and the trucks from the contractor shutting off water for the city of Detroit have rolled away, the men with water keys come. They offer residents whose supply has just been shut off a tempting deal. For $20, they will use their tools to turn the water main back on immediately, and illegally, sparing the household the agonising days spent without showering, cooking or flushing that have already been endured by at least 16,000 of their neighbours so far this year. It is only the most desperate action being taken in response to the beleaguered city´s aggressive French online forums overflow with hate over Israel offensive Tue, 22 14 2014 05:14:17 GMT 074bd616857054f196e5324c51b7e91db117b88f Agence France Presse, by Laurence Benhamou Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 14 2014 05:14:17 GMT Paris ' The deadly Israeli offensive in Gaza has let loose an unprecedented wave of hate on media websites and social networks in France that moderators say they are struggling to contain. The bombardment by land, sea and air that has killed at least 425 Palestinians has enflamed tensions far afield from the Middle East, especially in France with its large Muslim and Jewish communities. Paris protests in support of Gaza residents have degenerated into violence on several occasions. &#34;As soon as you talk about Israel, it crystallises all passions, with up to 20,000 or 30,000 comments sometimes after an article, of which Are the Obamas buying a home in Rancho Mirage? Tue, 22 09 2014 05:09:39 GMT 0e4a4c42050e32c2ece59b3020f7665344fb328c Los Angeles Times, by Lauren Beale Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 09 2014 05:09:39 GMT President Obama and his wife, Michelle, could be the owners of a home in Rancho Mirage listed at $4.25 million before the month is out. The First Family is believed to be in escrow on a contemporary home in a gated community where entertainers Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby once maintained estates. The White House said rumors regarding a home in Rancho Mirage are not true. But area real estate agents, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Obamas are the buyers of the Rancho Mirage home. Listing agents Marc Lange and Carl Blea of HOM Sotheby’s International declined to MH17 crash: FT photo shows signs of damage from missile strike Tue, 22 07 2014 05:07:36 GMT 90847eeca2a45b2fd33df62b7e8ddc89dc807733 Financial Times, by Mark Odell Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 07 2014 05:07:36 GMT The first apparent hard evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile is emerging from the crash site in eastern Ukraine, after experts confirmed on Monday there were signs of shrapnel damage to the aircraft. The photograph above, first published by the Financial Times over the weekend, shows a piece of the downed Boeing 777 about a metre NAACP Legal Defense Fund: Detroit Water Service Shutoffs Were Racially Motivated Tue, 22 06 2014 05:06:10 GMT 8878d5529ade133945625ff559adf04bbcedc916 WWJ TV 62 Detroit, by Staff Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 06 2014 05:06:10 GMT DETROIT – After a class action lawsuit filed against the city of Detroit, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says that recent water shutoffs to Detroit residents were racially motivated. Veronica Joice with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund says, “That (the shutoffs are) being done in a discriminatory fashion; and they should at least take a look at whether there’s a better way to do this that doesn’t affect the most vulnerable citizens — the majority of whom are African American here in Detroit.” Attorney Alice Jennings, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Detroit residents, said it’s a known fact that there IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives Tue, 22 03 2014 05:03:41 GMT 9ccbfcbbbf8f3b542c03ef66acf8382f76539988 Washington Times, by Jim McElhatton Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 03 2014 05:03:41 GMT Days after IRS officials said in a sworn statement that former top agency employee Lois G. Lerner’s computer memory had been wiped clean, the agency put out word to contractors Monday that it needs help to destroy at least another 3,200 hard drives. The Internal Revenue Service solicitation for “media destruction” services reflects an otherwise routine job to protect sensitive taxpayer information, but it was made while the agency’s record destruction practices remain under a sharp congressional spotlight. Congressional investigators of the IRS targeting of conservative groups have been hampered by the unexplained destruction of emails and other records of Ms. Lerner, West Fails To Answer Threats To Its Very Existence Tue, 22 00 2014 05:00:09 GMT a5c96f8f0447cdee55121b3404bb74e2a4db39c7 Investor´s Business Daily, by Peter Morici Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 00 2014 05:00:09 GMT The downing of Malaysia Flight 17 casts new light on just how inept and decadent the United States and Europe have become. Faced with Russia´s annexation of Crimea and attempts to repeat in eastern Ukraine, the best Western Europe and the U.S. have mustered are strong words and token sanctions on top Russian officials and several companies. That´s hardly enough to deter Vladimir Putin´s ambitions to make Russia the dominant power in Eurasia. Now, public outrage at the downing of the Malaysian airliner will force Western governments to offer Russia restraint from imposing truly effective sanctions on its subversive activities in Ukraine in Strange Bedfellows: Silicon Valley Techies ‘Like’ Conservative Senator Rand Paul Tue, 22 58 2014 04:58:05 GMT 316ba98eb477beaae7b80b84c587474b6d7a6efa KPIX TV5 San Francisco, by Mark Kelly Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 58 2014 04:58:05 GMT SAN JOSE — There’s a new app in Silicon Valley — conservatarianism. It’s the app that conservative Senator Rand Paul is pushing. He wants to join forces with local techies. But how can technology and liberty flourish side by side? Paul’s answer, “shrink government.” “Is government inherently stupid?” the Kentucky Republican the audience at the Lincoln Labs Reboot 2014. “I say no, but it’s a debatable question.” Since Paul’s visit a new political term is being coded — the conservatarian… part conservative, part libertarian. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Garrett Johnson organized Senator Paul’s visit. “It’s not that I agree with him 100% of the time,” said Johnson. Obama Dragged Down By Chaos All Around, Not By Economy Tue, 22 54 2014 04:54:47 GMT 723788b802daaa5665e893129eb2e71c81148741 Investor´s Business Daily, by Michael Barone Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 54 2014 04:54:47 GMT ´Why do you think President Obama´s job rating is falling, even though the economy is recovering?&#34; the interviewer asked. It´s a fair question, even though the economy declined 2.9% in the first quarter, even though most jobs created in June were part'time and even though labor force participation remains low. The fact is that the economy is growing, however slowly; jobs are being created, and the unemployment rate is heading down toward what economists consider full employment. And still the president´s job rating languishes. What´s wrong with the question is an assumption embedded within it, that what voters seek most from government and The Obama Promise Of Amnesty Drives The Border Surge Tue, 22 51 2014 04:51:05 GMT 0967ca68a3cda1d8966e610ca09a7c68b98ca93f Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 51 2014 04:51:05 GMT Immigration: As the great wave of illegals continues to wash over our border, Sen. Ted Cruz puts his finger on the magnet: President Obama´s promise of amnesty — an incentive unlike any other. ´The cause of this crisis is the promise of amnesty,&#34; the Texas Republican said over the weekend. &#34;In 2011, there were roughly 6,000 children apprehended coming in illegally. Then in 2012, President Obama unilaterally granted amnesty to some 800,000 people who were here illegally, who entered as children. The direct foreseeable consequence of that was the number of unaccompanied children skyrocketed.&#34; His summary of the problem is indisputable. Obama not only MSNBC Flatlines On Big Big News Day While Fox News Dominates & CNN Ratings Surge Tue, 22 42 2014 04:42:39 GMT 0708c809dc7741b1b936500d6ec2d689a490e022, by Dominic Patten Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 22 42 2014 04:42:39 GMT The rule of thumb is that when news is breaking and a crisis is unfolding, cable news networks see a big jump in viewership. Turns out that’s not the case if you are MSNBC. On the first full day of coverage of the Malaysia Airlines disaster and Israeli troop movement into Gaza the day before, the Comcast'owned news channel actually was down double digits among adults 25'54 both in total day and in primetime on July 18. While rivals CNN and Fox News Channel were up 16% and 13% in total day over the comparable day last year, when the Obama Dismisses ´Haters´ Tue, 22 33 2014 04:33:00 GMT b812881ad7df1186729144ca8c7873c513444fac Breitbart Big Government, by Charlie Spiering Posted By: Desert Fox- Tue, 22 33 2014 04:33:00 GMT During a town hall with young people, President Obama explained how he deals with people who criticize him. “I just don’t watch TV,” Obama joked, after he was asked about his critics during a town hall promoting the White House &#34;My Brother´s Keeper&#34; initiative. Obama advised young people to listen to critics who actually had their interests at heart. “Who gives you constructive criticism because they’re invested in the same things you are but maybe can see the things you can’t, versus folks who are just '' what’d someone say '' hatin’? Somebody just hatin’, just haters?” Obama said. Obama said that people should <b>Source corrected Obama’s LGBT Executive Order Threatens Religious Liberty, Say Advocates Tue, 22 27 2014 04:27:28 GMT 2cb96a9edc0d7f82ba1b86550a138a2b87712e49 Daily Caller, by Kate Patrick Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 22 27 2014 04:27:28 GMT Unwilling to wait for Congress to pass the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, Obama signed an executive order Monday prohibiting organizations with federal contracts from discriminating against employees who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, or transgender. For religious freedom advocates, that could pose a major problem. Obama’s order does not provide an exemption for religious organizations, whereas the ENDA bill before Congress does. Carmen Fowler LaBerge — president of the Presbyterian Layman Committee – set aside her ordination in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. after the General Assembly opened the door for gays and lesbians to be ordained as ministers in 2010. What Happened To the IRS IT Asset Management Team? Tue, 22 54 2014 03:54:11 GMT cd29eafd09eb846917d5fc740a51afb71713f278 Weekly Standard, by Jim Swift Posted By: mitzi- Tue, 22 54 2014 03:54:11 GMT An Ohio'based trade association, the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM), wants to know why the IRS’s IT Asset Managers have apparently “disappeared at a key juncture.” IAITAM administers internationally accepted certifications for information technology professionals, and according to their records “at least three IT Asset Managers…were working at the IRS prior to the 13 May 2013 Inspector General Report [that detailed the IRS abuse of conservative political groups].” However, IAITAM claims in a press release Monday that those workers “were shuffled out from those positions around the time of the report.” The group’s president, Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, urged Wonderland Tue, 22 53 2014 03:53:08 GMT 0161c3944b1eaec3c6457ddd58f5402ecde07f60 PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez Posted By: Hazymac- Tue, 22 53 2014 03:53:08 GMT According to a Reuters story Egypt is in the crosshairs of Islamic militants based in Libya. “Chaos in Libya has allowed militants to set up makeshift training camps only a few kilometers from Egypt’s border, according to Egyptian security officials.” (Snip) Everyone goes to War For Oil, even Europe and China, except they use American troops to do it. Perhaps the saddest thing about all the last seventy years of idealistic political rhetoric is that it was ultimately founded on crass money and power. At the end of the day it wasn’t “show me your heart”. It was show me It’s virtually impossible to be a successful modern president Tue, 22 50 2014 03:50:38 GMT c6aac0aaa228e22f518ba7424223b67aac2ec0ca Washington Post, by Chris Cillizza Posted By: Dreadnought- Tue, 22 50 2014 03:50:38 GMT Being president is the most powerful job in the world. At which you will almost certainly fail. Why? For lots of reasons up to and including: * The decline of the bully pulpit as a persuasion mechanism * The deep partisanship present not only in Congress but also in the electorate more broadly * The splintering of the mainstream media/the rise of social media. Consider the last three presidents '' two Democrats, one Republican '' who have had to deal with those three factors in varying degrees. (Can you imagine what Bill Clinton´s presidency would have been like if Twitter White House Criticizes Anonymous Sources, Reporters Note The White House Has An Anonymous Source Call Today Tue, 22 38 2014 03:38:33 GMT 814110ecd5a91b661bbf173c76e7c96bbc5a9192 BuzzFeed, by Andrew Kaczynski Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 22 38 2014 03:38:33 GMT (Video) A press briefing between reporters and White House press secretary Josh Earnest got testy Monday as reporters pushed back against the White House’s criticism of a Washington Post story for relying on anonymous administration sources. “The lead of that story is hooked entirely to anonymous sources,” Earnest said of the Post report that Obama aides were warned of coming influx Central American minors into the United States. “That’s just a fact.” “You criticize anonymous sources, but we have anonymous sources from you all every day. In fact, I think we have a call today. How can you criticize that