News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Mon, 29 57 2017 09:57:18 GMT Mon, 29 57 2017 09:57:18 GMT Congress Pushes to Counter Obama Labor Reforms Mon, 29 10 2017 09:10:51 GMT 6eaf68fcd57650d3a69e60c9c72cf658fdc976d7 Washington Free Beacon, by Bill McMorris Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 10 2017 09:10:51 GMT Congressional Republicans are attempting to guarantee workers the right to a secret ballot in union elections and allow members to more easily opt out of paying for union political activity after seeing the Obama administration and Democrats block previous efforts. Rep. Phil Roe (R., Tenn.), a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee introduced the Employee Rights Act, a bill that has previously failed to advance out of the House, on Thursday. Roe said that the it would serve to counteract many of the handouts given to organized labor by the Obama administration, including its revision of union election Stonehenge, Manhattanhenge ... now Cathedralhenge: Stunning views of a famed New York cathedral from one lucky photographer´s window Mon, 29 52 2017 08:52:43 GMT d9fb14d7ce7afe7c8624e705c0977e1affa2818a Daily Mail (UK), by Sheila Flynn Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 52 2017 08:52:43 GMT New York photographer Scott Matthews realized while taking photos from his Upper West Side apartment window that, if he carefully charted the sun´s movement, he could twice a year take magnificently aligned photos of the sun and the Archangel Gabriel statue on top of Cathedral of St John the Divine; he dubbed the phenomenon Cathedralhenge. The summer solstice may be more closely associated with ancient pagan ritual and Stonehenge, but one New York City photographer enjoys a unique sun alignment view twice a year, too – from the window of his upper West Side apartment. It’s a phenomenon Scott Matthews ´Thank you, Jane´: Trump gives gratitude to tearful widow of slain Army sniper and honors deceased son of Gen. John Kelly, others who made ´ultimate sacrifice´ in emotional Memorial* Mon, 29 31 2017 08:31:22 GMT b5f56325876c1e7be2f4ef6405dd1bc63cbb6cd5 Daily Mail (UK), by Geoff Earle Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 31 2017 08:31:22 GMT President Donald Trump honored those who lost their lives serving the nation as he participated in a solemn wreath'laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery Monday and told emotional stories of just a few who perished. ´Here at this hallowed shrine we honor the noblest among us – the men and the women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom,´ Trump told a crowd of families, military personnel, and dignitaries at Arlington on Monday in his first Memorial Day speech as president. ´We pay tribute to those brave souls who raced into gunfire, roared into battle and ran ´He went off his food, then became desperately ill´: Owners´ devastation as toxic cat food sold at Petbarn ´Kills 20 felines and leaves dozens critically ill´ Mon, 29 06 2017 08:06:52 GMT 3613ddcda1ed70f6ea4cb4f5ec6dd299379c498a Daily Mail [Australia], by Fiona Connor Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 29 06 2017 08:06:52 GMT An estimated 20 cats have died after allegedly eating toxic cat food with dozens more understood to be critically ill. Cat owners have been showing up at vet clinics with their animals suffering from ´neurological damage´ which they claim was caused by Best Feline Friend canned food. The Australian Veterinary Association confirmed a series of complaints had been laid about the product and are investigating. Spokeswoman Rena Richmond said the neurological damage is possibly linked to the toxicity of pet food or deficiency. ´If your cat is exhibiting signs such as strange head or eye movements, wobbling, repeated circling or Serbia: Belgrade authorities demolish mosque ahead of Ramadan; Mufti denounces demolition illegal Mon, 29 04 2017 08:04:59 GMT 32e0d814e2be5f0a343c07742468e62f8cef1121 Reuters, by Staff Posted By: ketchuplover- Mon, 29 04 2017 08:04:59 GMT Local authorities demolished an illegal mosque on the outskirts of Belgrade after Serbian police secured the area in a pre'dawn action on Friday, ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, despite protests by local Muslims and Islamic clergy. The construction of a two'storey mosque without a minaret in the Zemun Polje neighbourhood started in 2014 even though the authorities had refused to grant it a construction permit. On Thursday, the authorities attempted the demolition of the building but withdrew after protests by Muslims from the neighbourhood, mainly members of the Roma (Gypsy) minority. Early on Friday, they returned with How Native American soldiers helped the Allies win WWI after army officials realized their language could be used as a code Mon, 29 18 2017 07:18:48 GMT fdc8dc2a17d4f4a2ac03a45711d603fc335dcf07 Daily Mail [UK], by Forrest Hanson Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 29 18 2017 07:18:48 GMT Native American soldiers speaking in their own tongue helped the Allies win World War I. The original code talkers, the Choctaw and Cherokee, used their languages as indecipherable codes that the Germans could not solve. Their linguistic heroism came at a time when the United States government tried to eradicate their languages as part of a forced assimilation. And only by chance did an unidentified captain overhear two men in the 142nd Infantry Regiment speaking in their mother tongue, around the time of the Meuse'Argonne Offensive on the Western Front. At first the two men – identified in some accounts as Solomon Lewis New York Times: Jared Kushner ‘Spent the Sabbath in Fretful Seclusion’ Mon, 29 10 2017 07:10:08 GMT 753e6d0090d4e67caa479b3c9d5a93664f2a6170 Breitbart Big Journalism, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 10 2017 07:10:08 GMT Several “associates” of White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner tell the New York Times that President Donald Trump’s son'in'law was distressed during his Shabbat this weekend. The article — by Glenn Thrush, Maggie Haberman, and Sharon LaFraniere — describes Kushner as “fretful” during his religious day of rest: Over the past week, Mr. Kushner, who at age 36 occupies an ill'defined role somewhere between princeling and President Trump’s shadow chief of staff, has seen his foothold on that invaluable real estate shrink amid revelations he is under scrutiny in a federal investigation into whether there was collusion with Russian officials during Trump condemns stabbings in Portland: President says the slayings of two Good Samaritans who were ´standing up to hate and intolerenace´ is ´unacceptable´ Mon, 29 55 2017 06:55:41 GMT 75d3159024d20a496b4292906a958ad0c443dc2c Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 29 55 2017 06:55:41 GMT President Donald Trump is condemning the fatal stabbing of two good Samaritans trying to aid two young Muslim women as an avowed white supremacist harassed them in Portland, Oregon. Trump tweeted Monday: ´The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.´ The attacks came on a light rail train last Friday, the first day of Ramadan, the holiest time of year for Muslims. Police identified the dead as 53'year'old Ricky John Best of Happy Valley, Oregon, and 23'year'old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche of Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler said Best CNN’s W. Kamau Bell: Islam Part of America’s Founding Mon, 29 39 2017 06:39:13 GMT 40685e7fb6c29be6b36e26f5a31d741aef0f7f8a Breitbart Big Journalism, by Joel B. Pollak Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 39 2017 06:39:13 GMT CNN’s W. Kamau Bell devoted a recent episode of his series United Shades of America to exploring Muslim and Arab communities. Aside from some interesting vignettes, the program is left'wing, anti'Trump propaganda that firmly establishes the network’s political bias. Bell also serves up some historical distortions of the sort spoonfed to undergraduates on politically'correct campuses, such as the claim that Islam has always been present in the U.S. “Islam has always been part of the American fabric,” one Muslim man in Detroit tells Bell at an anti'Trump event. “A lot of people think that Islam is from a foreign country, Trump Freak'Out! Celebrity Edition Mon, 29 07 2017 06:07:07 GMT 223803c176e11f91a18466b4d33c6872139aff00 NewsBusters, by Geoffrey Dickens Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 07 2017 06:07:07 GMT It’s not just the press that are freaked out by Donald Trump. Talk show hosts and celebrities from Stephen Colbert to Robert DeNiro, Katy Perry and Rosie O’Donnell are losing their minds over the new president: DeNiro claimed Trump was worse than con'man Bernie Madoff: “He’s a pig”; Perry claimed Trump’s election brought “a lot of trauma for me”; Colbert infamously characterized Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin in the most obscene terms; and O’Donnell sounded like she was fomenting a revolution: “We have never had this kind of treasonous madness in power before. Desperate times ' desperate measures.” And it’s California regents party at university´s expense, report says Mon, 29 56 2017 05:56:57 GMT 88853a612b02fb9662d2c484efd57420709dcc64 CBS News & Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 56 2017 05:56:57 GMT SAN FRANCISCO' The University of California Board of Regents spent tens of thousands of dollars on parties, including a $17,600 banquet the night before they voted in January to raise student tuition, according to a newspaper report Sunday. "I will be regrettably supporting the tuition increase, and I think that every single one of us in this room doesn´t want to raise tuition for our students," Regent Charlene Zettel said at the January meeting, according to CBS San Francisco station KPIX'TV. "It´s very painful for all of us." The office of UC President Janet Napolitano has reimbursed the regents for Trump honors ´angels sent to us from God´ in Memorial Day speech Mon, 29 49 2017 05:49:36 GMT 63dd542b4a391449089c77f0ed0c0b401e142ea6 Washington Examiner, by Anna Giaritelli Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 49 2017 05:49:36 GMT President Trump memorialized the men and women who have died serving the United States in the military on Monday, citing Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly´s late son as one of the people Americans remember on Memorial Day. "He [Kelly] and his incredible wife, Karen, have borne the single most difficult hardship of them all, the loss of their son, Robert, in service to our country," Trump told attendees during his speech at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday. Kelly´s son died in Afghanistan. "The Kelly family represents military families across the country who carry the burden of freedom on their shoulders. Tiger Woods arrested, charged with DUI in Florida Mon, 29 42 2017 04:42:57 GMT fd3ed58a5fbad5acbe7da1e7d48760fe8467eb6e New York Daily News, by Reuven Blau Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 29 42 2017 04:42:57 GMT Tiger Woods was arrested and charged with DUI in Jupiter, Fla., records show. The professional golfer, 41, was nabbed around 3 a.m. Monday on Military Trail just south of Indian Creek Parkway, according to WPBF 25 News. He was released under his own recognizance at 10:50 a.m., Palm Beach County Sheriff´s Office records show. Scientists issue dire forecast if America pulls out of climate change pact Mon, 29 42 2017 03:42:36 GMT b5c216b0e080135f9ff74d9268ddfd0ccea4aa27 Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: mc squared- Mon, 29 42 2017 03:42:36 GMT Earth is likely to reach more dangerous levels of warming even sooner if the U.S. retreats from its pledge to cut carbon dioxide pollution, scientists said. That’s because America contributes so much to rising temperatures. President Donald Trump, who once proclaimed global warming a Chinese hoax, said in a tweet Saturday that he would make his “final decision” this coming week on whether the United States stays in or leaves the 2015 Paris climate change accord in which nearly every nation agreed to curb its greenhouse gas emissions. Leaders of seven wealthy democracies, at a summit in Sicily, urged Trump Sunday Talks: DHS Secretary John Kelly 'vs' Chris Wallace… Mon, 29 19 2017 02:19:50 GMT 00961f5f50cbc441b608efd4ee2aa7ed99eef980 Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 29 19 2017 02:19:50 GMT Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly appears on Fox News Sunday for an interview with swamp gatekeeper Chris Wallace. Wallace began the interview in his customary insufferable fashion trying to bait Kelly into the vast ‘muh Russian’ conspiracy story and Jared Kushner. Secretary Kelly did a great job outlining how Jared Kushner setting up channels of communication with anyone, including Russians, is a nothingburger. Wallace reluctantly was forced to move on… Secretary Kelly went on to outline the status of the U.S. terror threats. Yikes. (Video) Liberals Are Shocked To Find We’re Starting To Hate Them Right Back Mon, 29 06 2017 02:06:42 GMT 865c9997ba1993daec095f078a9a14a0676f769e Townhall, by Kurt Schlichter Posted By: chance_232- Mon, 29 06 2017 02:06:42 GMT I know it’s theoretically wrong for a Republican candidate to smack around an annoying liberal journalist, but that still doesn’t mean that I care. Our ability to care is a finite resource, and, in the vast scheme of things, millions of us have chosen to devote exactly none of it toward caring enough to engage in fussy self'flagellation because of what happened to Slappy La Brokenshades. Sorry, not sorry. President Trump Has Perfectly Positioned Angela Merkel as The De Facto Head of The EU… Mon, 29 56 2017 01:56:02 GMT 67a4c3c62fd71440be598380cf64c025842f2032 Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 29 56 2017 01:56:02 GMT Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is at the root of the European Union’s most terrible policies, both financial and social. However, her life'skills within EU politics have refined her instincts at playing the wounded indian routine to avoid responsibility in the aftermath of the consequences. In addition Merkel points the finger at others never taking ownership of the catastrophic outcomes from her expressed socialist and left'wing multicultural policies. The economic migrants from the Mid'East and North Africa flooding the EU are the most visible example.The conversations at the most recent G7 summit displayed an intensely smart and strategic approach by U.S. Farewell, Aquarius Mon, 29 41 2017 01:41:31 GMT de12b870de7e99af63de831dda8f372eb01b04d5 PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez Posted By: Hazymac- Mon, 29 41 2017 01:41:31 GMT Angela Merkel finally said it: the status quo ante is over. "German Chancellor Angela Merkel told an election rally in Munich that Europe ´must take its fate into its own hands,´ pointing to potential differences of opinion with the United States and Great Britain, following the Group of Seven summit in Italy." (Snip) Ironically the European Union facilitated the very thing it was designed to prevent. "The eurozone and the euro were created not for profound economic reasons but to assuage France’s perennial fear of German power." Now Germany will lead Europe to its fate. All over the world, an Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rides With Rolling Thunder (Video)… Mon, 29 34 2017 01:34:10 GMT da8a055a5a93d0564fde6ecfff444d0106bee2df Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 29 34 2017 01:34:10 GMT OK, there were a lot of requests for a picture of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson riding his motorcycle in the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day tribute. Yesterday we shared the video from the rally location just prior to the Noon start of the kickoff ride. However, T'Rex didn’t want to create a stir or draw attention away from the purpose of the event – so he was his customary self, low key. (Snip)Commencing at 12:00pm on Sunday, 28 May 2017, a police contingent escorts the first tranche of Rolling Thunder Freedom Demonstration riders as they begin their ride from the Rex Tillerson: Dark Knight of the Hoax Mon, 29 02 2017 01:02:46 GMT 89323124106b92a54e7e540294815bd72e768980 American Thinker, by Mark Musser Posted By: Judy W.- Mon, 29 02 2017 01:02:46 GMT As Trump agonizes over the Paris Accord, self'imposed deadlines sail by. Escaping the accord requires action. Delays increasingly resemble a decision to remain. Inside the palace, rival camps intrigue. Those advocating ditching Paris rally around EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and controversial presidential adviser Steve Bannon. Their adversaries follow Princess Ivanka, national economic adviser Gary Cohn, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Of the two dozen mandarins with audible input into the decision'making process, the following seven have previously expressed skepticism about the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming hypothesis: Trump, Pruitt, Bannon, Tillerson, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Vice President The Need for a Middle America News Network Mon, 29 58 2017 12:58:45 GMT 49896ec151a46ac77a6e2d4d8e8db05db215abae American Thinker, by Bruce Walker Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 29 58 2017 12:58:45 GMT The decline and lurch to the left of the Fox News Network provides an opening for any astute conservative billionaire: create a news network specifically intended to provide news from the viewpoint of most of America, which is to say the seventy'five percent of Americans who live in Flyover Country. While the geographic concentration of political power in America is appalling, the geographic concentration of media power is much worse. Because the media defy elections and, in fact, determine elections, having almost all national news pass through the tiny channel of the New York'to'Washington Beltway is toxic to our national Pope Francis Shocks Workers With Pro'Capitalism Pitch Mon, 29 48 2017 12:48:04 GMT a2d8e95ef1e1bccc485d09751877c4b11a4f5c46 Breitbart, by Thomas D. Williams PH.D Posted By: Drive- Mon, 29 48 2017 12:48:04 GMT Speaking to workers and business people in Italy’s port city of Genoa Saturday, Pope Francis surprised his hearers by praising entrepreneurship and touting the importance of healthy businesses for the economy. “There can’t be a good economy without good businessmen, without their capacity to create and to produce,” he said, shattering his reputation as an enemy of the free market economy. The Pope met with “representatives of the world of work,” including businessmen, workers and unemployed persons at the Ilva steel plant in Genoa Saturday, fielding their questions and reflecting with them on a Christian view of the economy. The Watergate Journalist: The Press Needs To Relax And Listen More When Covering The Trump White House Mon, 29 53 2017 11:53:43 GMT 22515d0a7f34e8ca9174a13251c6d0625732c6a6 Townhall, by Matt Vespa Posted By: FlyRight- Mon, 29 53 2017 11:53:43 GMT At an Axios event this week in Washington D.C., veteran journalist Bob Woodward had a message for the media: relax and listen more when covering the Trump White House. The Washington Post editor, who covered the Watergate scandal under the Nixon White House, added that President Trump’s firing of James Comey from the FBI is not the same thing (via The Hill):Legendary reporter Bob Woodward urged reporters this week to "calm it down and listen more" when covering the Trump White House.Woodward also cautioned those in the media broaching Watergate and impeachment in speaking about investigations into the Trump campaign British Airways battles third day of disruption, image blow after IT meltdown Mon, 29 45 2017 11:45:37 GMT 2fcddcf71b0322370e4f79f5b76f97508ce526d9 Reuters, by Alistir Smout Posted By: Honeybadger- Mon, 29 45 2017 11:45:37 GMT British Airways was battling its third day of disruption on Monday after a global computer system failure stranded thousands of passengers over a holiday weekend and turned into a public relations disaster. The airline said it was running a full schedule at London´s Gatwick airport on Monday and planned to operate all its long'haul flights from Heathrow, although some short'haul flights had been canceled. BA had been forced to cancel all its flights from Heathrow, Europe´s busiest airport, and Gatwick on Saturday after a power supply problem disrupted its operations worldwide and also hit its call centers and website.The disruption continued on