News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Tue, 24 11 2018 10:11:26 GMT Tue, 24 11 2018 10:11:26 GMT Hubble at 28: Telescope has helped explain mysteries of universe Tue, 24 06 2018 10:06:48 GMT 9514fda79db78a81d61aa3f170a772ab13c36d06 United Press International, by Brooks Hays Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 24 06 2018 10:06:48 GMT Today, astronomers know the age and size of the universe with greater certainty and precision than they did 28 years ago, thanks to 28 years of working with the Hubble Space Telescope. "When I was a grad student 30 years ago, we were arguing about the size and scale of the universe," NASA scientist Jeff Hayes told UPI. Hayes has said those arguments featured estimates differing by a factor of two. "Today, thanks to Hubbles´ observations, we are down to a couple of percent," he said. Hubble was designed to measure the size and age of the universe, as well as the rate of its expansion, and it succeeded in doing just that. US senators introduc social media privacy bill Tue, 24 48 2018 09:48:16 GMT 7cc65bfca80c449e3849752c1204a96b980eae05 Agence France-Presse, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 24 48 2018 09:48:16 GMT Washington - Two US senators, one Democrat and one Republican, introduced legislation Tuesday aimed at better protecting online privacy in response to the Facebook data scandal. (Snip) The “Social Media Privacy and Consumer Rights Act” introduced by Republican Senator John Kennedy and Democrat Amy Klobuchar would require terms of service agreements to be in plain language, and enable users to see what information about them has already been collected and shared. It would also allow consumers the right to opt out and keep their information private by disabling data tracking and collection, and mandate that Allison Mack of ´Smallville´ gets $5M bail, home confinement in sex-cult case Tue, 24 38 2018 09:38:37 GMT 630240d52ba58d38476fb51c28033281d33ae13c USA Today, by Jon Campbell Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 24 38 2018 09:38:37 GMT Albany - Smallville actress Allison Mack will be released on a $5 million bond and confined to a California home as she awaits trial on felony charges for her involvement in an alleged Albany-area sex cult. U.S. Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky set Mack´s bail at $5 million bond during a hearing Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court after the 35-year-old actress spent the weekend in jail, according to the U.S. Attorney´s Office for New York´s Eastern District. But Mack won't be freed entirely: Mack was ordered to home detention with electronic monitoring in central California after prosecutors made the case the actress was a risk to flee Bin Laden’s ‘bodyguard’ is collecting welfare in Germany Tue, 24 31 2018 09:31:04 GMT cccacd7ccbc82c6aeb76e6b455354fa067db201d New York Post, by Lia Eustachewich Posted By: Ribicon- Tue, 24 31 2018 09:31:04 GMT A Tunisian man believed to have been Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard is hiding out in Germany and collecting over $1,400 a month in welfare, according to a report. The man, who has only been identified by German media as Sami A for privacy reasons, lives in the city of Bochum with his German wife and four children and earns roughly $1,426'a'month in welfare payments, BBC News reported. Sami A was investigated for his alleged ties to al Qaeda in 2006 but never criminally charged. He must report daily to a police station. In 2005, a witness at a German anti'terror trial said Sami A New Book Takes a Look at the Legacy of ‘Giant’ Tue, 24 27 2018 09:27:40 GMT 007049010d44647387f1c585b27d85e2b6b5f4cd Texas Monthly Magazine, by Michael Agresta Posted By: StormCnter- Tue, 24 27 2018 09:27:40 GMT Soon after its 1956 release, the ranches'to'oil'riches'epic Giant assumed its place in the Texas film canon, but it might have just as easily fallen flat with local audiences. Though the 1952 novel of the same name was a best'seller, it raised the hackles of Lone Star Staters who felt that New York author Edna Ferber had disrespected their culture, especially in sections of the book critical of Anglo Texans’ contemporaneous discrimination against their Mexican American neighbors. When director George Stevens, from California, took on the film adaptation, he worried that he would be run out of the state on a Amy Chozick Exposes Hillary’s Groveling Press Corps Tue, 24 24 2018 09:24:29 GMT 3ce1115768498e2b89df4ee22933563f1a65c5a0 National Review Online, by Kyle Smith Posted By: StormCnter- Tue, 24 24 2018 09:24:29 GMT Anyone harboring suspicions that political reporters covering the 2016 campaigns might not have been entirely neutral has just received damning, indeed overwhelming, evidence from an unexpected source: a reporter covering Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the New York Times. Amy Chozick, the Times’ Hillary embed in 2016, confesses in her new book Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling that she cried when she wrote about Clinton’s defeat, that she had been “an admirer . . . chasing this luminous figure” since meeting Clinton as an awed child at a signing event for It Takes a Nancy Pelosi promises ‘pro-choice gavel when we win the Congress’ Tue, 24 23 2018 09:23:41 GMT d637814fa50fa243ad96b0fcc63833c72ebf5805 Washington Times, by Seth McLaughlin Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 24 23 2018 09:23:41 GMT House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday the Democratic Party doesn’t have litmus tests for its congressional candidates — though she made it clear that if Democrats flip control of the House, they will fight for abortion rights. Mrs. Pelosi told the student at the Georgetown Institute of Politics that Democrats will support pro-life Democrats over a pro-life Republicans in order to increase their chances of taking over the lower chamber and that she takes “heat” for that. “We will have a pro-choice gavel when we win the Congress,” Mrs. Pelosi said. “We need to have at least 218 votes to achieve that. So this isn’t a pragmatic The great exodus out of America’s blue cities Tue, 24 21 2018 09:21:09 GMT e18097c1087cf66dd301109620ab1f98a1dd906c The Hill [DC], by Kristin Tate Posted By: StormCnter- Tue, 24 21 2018 09:21:09 GMT Am I the only one in my spinning class at Equinox in Manhattan who’s fed up paying $200 every month for a gym with clean showers, $3,000 in rent every month for an apartment without cockroaches and $8 every morning for a cup of coffee? Am I the only one moving through the greater part of New York City boroughs and seeing an inexorable march of urban decay matched with the discomfort of crowding and inexplicable costs? I know I am not. New York is the most expensive city in America. Its lower'cost neighborhoods are riddled with crime and homelessness. Its Sessions will not recuse himself from Cohen probe: Report Tue, 24 19 2018 09:19:55 GMT 7602dd30e7ab6634df9d90e99852c8e99ae4aedf Washington Times, by Jeff Mordock Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 24 19 2018 09:19:55 GMT Attorney General Jeff Sessions will not recuse himself from the investigation into President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, according to a media report Tuesday. However, Mr. Sessions may step back from specific questions tied to the probe, Bloomberg reported. Mr. Sessions will access briefings on the status of the Cohen investigation and voice his opinion on decisions made by prosecutors, including whether to issue subpoenas or indictments, according to the report. That could put Mr. Sessions in a position where he asked about the Cohen probe by Mr. Trump, Bloomberg reported. Comey book sells more than 600,000 copies in first week Tue, 24 13 2018 09:13:43 GMT ab9533b41f6ded2da5ed1057c9915e1f0688ca2c Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 24 13 2018 09:13:43 GMT (Video) - James Comey´s "A Higher Loyalty" had a very big opening week. Flatiron Books announced Tuesday that sales topped 600,000 copies, a number that includes print, audio and e-books. The former FBI director´s memoir has been one of the year´s most anticipated releases. It includes his accounts of investigating Hillary Clinton´s emails and of his awkward encounters with President Donald Trump. Comey, fired by Trump a year ago, has likened the president to a crime boss who values personal loyalty over service to the country. Published April 17, "A Higher Loyalty" is the hottest political book since Michael Wolff´s Liberal Sportswriter Triggered by ‘Racist’ Trump Pardoning Black Boxer Jack Johnson Tue, 24 09 2018 09:09:08 GMT 7f7715ae7fd23c87df3586429d0baed5a84ad2e8 Breitbart Sports, by Warner Todd Huston Posted By: ladydawgfan- Tue, 24 09 2018 09:09:08 GMT Dave Zirin of The Nation magazine, is apparently furious that “racist” President Donald Trump is preparing to issue a posthumous pardon for Jack Johnson, America’s first black heavyweight boxing champion. Johnson, who died in 1946, was sentenced to ten months in prison in 1912 on a charge that was filed only because he was a black man. Therefore, a pardon makes sense, but strangely, even our first black president Barack Obama refused to right this century'old wrong. Trump was approached with the idea of a pardon for Johnson by Hollywood action picture star Sylvester Stallone. Fahrenheit 140° Tue, 24 49 2018 08:49:03 GMT 966e30468bb777c64bb56ed8bcf305fb0f2ac2f5 American Greatness, by Christopher Gage Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 24 49 2018 08:49:03 GMT Donald Trump’s presidency is done. Over. No, seriously. This time, his obsessives insist like meth'mottled street urchins—gaunt, moon'eyed and festooned with weeping chancres, it really is the last time. They promise. Yes, those whose admirable consistency lies in being wrong about everything, are certain, kind of, that we are in the end stages of the Trump presidency.(Snip)“This is the week we know, with increasing certainty, that we are entering the last phase of the Trump Presidency,” it went. “This doesn’t feel like a prophecy; it feels like a simple statement of the apparent truth,” The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson feathered, F'16 from Luke Air Force Base crashes Tue, 24 37 2018 08:37:06 GMT 42ba36e30cb3fa7a676d74589a6806c7b4e28be0 Air Force Times, by Stephen Losey Posted By: cjjeepercreeper- Tue, 24 37 2018 08:37:06 GMT An F'16 from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona has crashed. Luke officials said in a release Tuesday afternoon that an F'16C assigned to the 56th Fighter Wing diverted and tried to land at Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport in Arizona at about 10:35 a.m. local time. During the landing, according to the release, “the aircraft departed the prepared surface.” The pilot ejected and is in good condition, and is being taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center, Luke officials said. Respect Unearned Tue, 24 05 2018 08:05:15 GMT 1b9594340c3a40780b11c081d64acd896d6e3706 American Greatness, by Victor Davis Hanson Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 24 05 2018 08:05:15 GMT Washington’s self'righteous establishmentarians talk of professionalism when they act unprofessionally. They refer at length to their intellectual and professional pedigrees when they prove incompetent. And they cite their morality and ethics when they possess neither. And then, adding insult to injury, when the public expresses abhorrence at their behavior, they accuse critics of unprofessionalism, a lack of patriotism, or reckless demagoguery. A James Clapper can lie to Congress under oath about intelligence surveillance of U.S. citizens; a John Brennan can lie about CIA monitoring of U.S. Senate computers, or mislead Congress about the absence of any collateral damage in the How Kevin Williamson Was Blinded by the Right, Fired by the Left Tue, 24 57 2018 07:57:04 GMT 5e381706999b3f9b457a18c62a3ef95ebf09224c American Greatness, by Esther Goldberg Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 24 57 2018 07:57:04 GMT Kevin Williamson’s primal whine of a weekend essay in the Wall Street Journal reported that he was fired by the Atlantic magazine after serving an indecently short tenure—a matter of days in fact. He wants to explain how it all happened, but he’s too distraught to be coherent, so let me try to help. Let’s start with why the Atlantic hired him in the first place. Williamson’s stock'in'trade is the vituperative insult. Firmly ensconced in the part of the conservative movement that prides itself in good manners, he was, nevertheless, the epitome of unbridled nastiness at National Review. But then his Husband of former Senate leader pleads not guilty to sex assaulting men and sharing nude photos without consent Tue, 24 37 2018 07:37:26 GMT f491c5310efc674e5eee5e87ced21fcdb1084731 Daily Mail [UK] & Associated Press, by Hannah Parry Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 24 37 2018 07:37:26 GMT The estranged husband of former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault. Bryon Hefner, 30, was released on personal recognizance Tuesday after appearing in Suffolk Superior Court to face charges of sexual assault, distributing nude photos without consent and criminal lewdness. He was also ordered to stay away from the alleged victims and the Massachusetts State House. His trial was scheduled for March 2019. Several men claim Hefner sexually assaulted or harassed them, including three men who said Hefner grabbed their genitals in Boston. Investigators say they have uncovered a ´disturbing pattern of conduct´ by ‘Stupid Question’: Donald Trump Shuts Down ABC News Reporter Jon Karl Tue, 24 24 2018 07:24:42 GMT 543e4921d5ec7f7034a631b2a741ce195ffda55b Breitbart Big Government, by Charlie Spiering Posted By: Drive- Tue, 24 24 2018 07:24:42 GMT President Donald Trump welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House, but he was not pleased by a question from ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl. Karl asked Trump whether he was considering a pardon for his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, after he was raided by the FBI. “Stupid. Stupid question,” Trump replied at Karl, glaring at him. The president will host a press conference with Macron later Tuesday afternoon. Black woman golfer: It was like we had targets on our backs Tue, 24 10 2018 07:10:28 GMT d406f06bd89b55e45bdcb648b18c2ecd1883ea4b Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: NorthernDog- Tue, 24 10 2018 07:10:28 GMT YORK, Pa. '' One of five black women golfers who were told to leave a Pennsylvania club said Tuesday it felt like they were playing "with targets on our backs." Representatives of the Grandview Golf Club in York told the group at the second hole they were playing too slowly Saturday, said Sandra Harrison. After the ninth hole, an hour'and'a'half later, the group of white men told them they took too long a break and needed to leave. Harrison said she and two other women left because they were so rattled by the treatment. "It was like we were playing Broward sheriff´s deputies cowered behind cars, tree with Parkland shooter believed in school, report says Tue, 24 06 2018 07:06:47 GMT 0971f4e223aab0b17ad213d3e127029125bd9af3 Fox News, by Travis Fedschun Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 24 06 2018 07:06:47 GMT The deputies who were among the first to arrive to the scene of the Florida school massacre were found cowering behind their cars and a nearby tree and had no idea where the gunman was, according to an official report released Tuesday. The report from Coral Springs Officer Bryan Wilkins details how he arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School within minutes of the active shooter alert '' only to find Broward County Sheriff´s Officers hadn´t entered the school, but were instead taking cover. "I saw approximately four Broward County Sheriff´s Office vehicles parked in the west bound lane with their FBI Raided Manafort Over Records Of Trump Tower Meeting With Russians, Mueller Confirms Tue, 24 52 2018 06:52:47 GMT d2cc487ca40bca71f52f32cc0159990d558c6fb1 Newsweek, by Shane Croucher Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 24 52 2018 06:52:47 GMT A new court filing by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel confirms that Paul Manafort was raided by the FBI to look for documents relating to the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 with Russian lobbyists, which was brokered by Donald Trump Jr. Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, is indicted on five counts, among them conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, and acting as an agent of a foreign government without registering as such. The 69'year'old political consultant made tens of millions of dollars by working for the Ukrainian government, then controlled by the Kremlin ally Viktor Yanukovych. He Trump poised for major makeover of liberal 9th Circuit court Tue, 24 41 2018 06:41:46 GMT 852b22667a62434a2dce6741a8dec451757e223d Fox News, by Barnini Chakraborty Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 24 41 2018 06:41:46 GMT The most liberal appeals court in America could soon be getting a Republican makeover if President Trump and Senate GOP leaders are able to fill seven open seats with conservative picks. Standing in their way is a wall of Democrats hellbent on protecting the long'standing leftward lean of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The stakes are sky high because of the size, caseload and clout of the court. If Trump is successful in getting young, ideologically conservative nominees through the confirmation process, he could significantly alter the court’s DNA for decades to come. “Adding seven conservatives to the court Trump´s ´fake news´ fight has helped media ratings and readership Tue, 24 06 2018 06:06:26 GMT 18a0d37723770b3a5c204ceb0defa36aaa96b55d CNBC, by Michelle Castillo Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- Tue, 24 06 2018 06:06:26 GMT Surprise firings, criminal investigations and vague statements that have world leaders scratching their heads has turned President Donald Trump´s administration into political theater. And the media – one of Trump´s favorite go'to targets' is reaping the benefits. Experts expected media ratings to normalize after the election when the NFL and other popular TV shows started to air. That´s clearly not the case. New York Times subscription revenue grew to more than $1 billion in 2017. It wasn´t even affected by Donald Trump´s constant criticism, including cancelling a meeting with the publication because he called their tactics of changing interview rules "not nice." On pizza regulations, Trump slices differently than his own FDA commissioner Tue, 24 02 2018 06:02:00 GMT 6013ee88acae6c8768284bc9ca11d758de81e276 Washington Examiner, by Jim Gerety Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- Tue, 24 02 2018 06:02:00 GMT As the owner of 18 Domino’s stores in Texas, I do not cut corners, whether on pizzas or complying with the law. Unfortunately, on May 7 the law will become especially burdensome and unhelpful to my customers. (snip) Unlike other food establishments that have static menu options, pizza is highly variable: Domino’s offers consumers 34 million different combinations of pizza. Can you imagine yourself in a small store in Midland or Odessa, Texas, plastered with menu boards, trying to calculate all of these possible combinations? In addition, Domino’s customers do 90 percent of their ordering remotely — either online (Web and app) or by Democrats: No politics here, we oppose Mike Pompeo on substance Tue, 24 57 2018 05:57:19 GMT 5b79d72a80e2e70005d905864ffb3199486c3d68 Washington Examiner, by Al Weaver Posted By: KarenJ1- Tue, 24 57 2018 05:57:19 GMT Senate Democrats Monday rejected Republican claims anti'Trump politics are behind their near'unanimous opposition to CIA Director Mike Pompeo´s nomination to be the next secretary of state, even though Democrats brought substantial support to prior GOP nominations for the same position. "I honestly don´t see that," said Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D'Mich., when asked if pure politics is a factor. "[P]eople have very great concerns. I´m not saying that´s not part of it for somebody, but there´s a lot of legitimate concerns I think." Stabenow, a three'term Democrat, voted for both Colin Powell in 2001 and Condoleezza Rice in 2005, both nominees of President A summit imperiled by Rocket Man’s travel tribulations Tue, 24 53 2018 05:53:26 GMT beea46db0e0025b91232ddf8e9b61152dbc67423 Washington Times, by Wesley Pruden Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- Tue, 24 53 2018 05:53:26 GMT “Just getting there, as Cunard once boasted of transatlantic crossings by ship, “is half the fun.” The Atlantic is still there, but ocean liners are not, and almost the only way to cross the ocean sea now is by air. That’s no fun at all. Dining aboard an ocean liner has been replaced by dining aloft, and you’re lucky to get a pretzel or a stale cracker. But for Kim Jong'un, going through his travel brochures, counting his dongs or rupees and whatever they’re using this week in the Pyongyang markets, and dreaming of his summit with Donald Trump, just getting Seattle´s proposed tax to fight homelessness may hit Amazon hardest Tue, 24 45 2018 05:45:01 GMT 8d0cb14d30016f1abff9b2214c09b33123695895 CNN Money, by Jeanne Sahadi Posted By: NorthernDog- Tue, 24 45 2018 05:45:01 GMT Seattle has a thriving economy and booming housing market, and is home to successful businesses like Amazon and Starbucks. But it also has a homeless crisis and an affordable housing problem. To help alleviate both, the Seattle City Council is weighing a proposal to impose a new tax on big businesses. The proposed tax amounts to 26 cents per working hour per employee in Seattle. That works out to roughly $540 a year for every full'time employee. Only businesses that generate at least $20 million of annual revenue in Seattle itself would be subject to the tax. The legislation would