News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Thu, 17 44 2014 10:44:58 GMT Thu, 17 44 2014 10:44:58 GMT After Nevada ranch stand'off, emboldened militias ask: where next? Thu, 17 25 2014 10:25:01 GMT 78037be3cf39cebda1a0d09a908296d75f16f43a Reuters, by Jonathan Allen Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 25 2014 10:25:01 GMT Flat on his belly in a sniper position, wearing a baseball cap and a flak jacket, a protester aimed his semi'automatic rifle from the edge of an overpass and waited as a crowd below stood its ground against U.S. federal agents in the Nevada desert. He was part of a 1,000'strong coalition of armed militia'men, cowboys on horseback, gun rights activists and others who rallied to Cliven Bundy´s Bunkerville ranch, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, in a stand'off with about a dozen agents from the federal Bureau of Land Management. The rangers had rounded up hundreds of Bundy´s cattle, which Russia and Ukraine Agree on Steps to End Crisis Thu, 17 16 2014 10:16:56 GMT c2d9bf63643d90127eb45580c761a7c9db71054b NBC News, by Erin McClam Posted By: BaseballFan- Thu, 17 16 2014 10:16:56 GMT Russia and Ukraine struck a deal Thursday to end unrest in eastern Ukraine stoked by pro'Russian militants, Secretary of State John Kerry said. The militants must refrain from violence, lay down their illegal weapons and return seized buildings to their rightful owners, Kerry said. In return, Ukraine agreed to offer amnesty to protesters who had not committed capital crimes. Kerry called the agreement “a good day’s work,” but warned that the United States would impose further sanctions on Russia if it didn’t see progress soon. “None of us leave here with the sense that the job is done because the What would a Mitch McConnell'led Senate look like? Thu, 17 08 2014 10:08:09 GMT e4c0f5362e510f1fed33813c17dd180fedbe05c4 Washington Post, by Paul Kane Posted By: StormCnter- Thu, 17 08 2014 10:08:09 GMT It’s no secret that Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D'Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R'Ky.) don’t like one another. They battle regularly over legislation and their Senate floor fights over arcane'but'important rules have become must'see entertainment for senatorial insiders. According to aides in both parties, the two leaders have not had a one'on'one sitdown to discuss legislation (or anything else) since late last year. Nowadays, all business is conducted on the phone or in brief discussions on the Senate floor. Part of that feud is political – Democrats targeted McConnell in 2008, Republicans targeted Reid in 2010, Democrats Jews ´ordered to register and list property´ in east Ukraine city of Donetsk where pro'Russian militants have taken over government buildings Thu, 17 55 2014 09:55:14 GMT d11aa9b129312a62091c8ba7d8479cb47986799b Daily Mail [UK], by Julian Robinson Posted By: StormCnter- Thu, 17 55 2014 09:55:14 GMT Jews have reportedly been told to ´register´ with pro'Russian forces in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk. They were also told they would need to provide a list of property they own as well as being ordered to pay a fee or face the threat of deportation. U.S. officials in Washington say leaflets bearing the chilling order have recently appeared in the city amid pro and anti'Russian protests as tensions rise in the area. It comes after Jews leaving a synagogue in the city of Donetsk were reportedly told they had to ´register´ with Ukranians trying to make the city part of Russia.United Family: Missing Albuquerque teen found safe in Arkansas Thu, 17 55 2014 09:55:00 GMT 274964180178b3d16fb9f1b142b49c49f4d0d4cc KOB Eyewitness News 4 (NM), by Elizabeth Reed Posted By: cjjeepercreeper- Thu, 17 55 2014 09:55:00 GMT Family members tell KOB that U.S. Marshals have located Lacey DeWent, the Albuquerque 14'year'old reported missing more than two weeks ago, in Arkansas. According to DeWent´s father, Marshals located DeWent with 26'year'old Robert Butler in Fort Smith, Ark. The family is on their way to the airport to be reunited with their daughter. Her mother, Jessica DeWent, says Lacey is doing OK and was not harmed. The Problem with Rand Paul Thu, 17 51 2014 09:51:41 GMT 10214ab53b45f73eb8bbab58b3d48f4900177c97 Commentary Magazine, by Peter Wehner Posted By: StormCnter- Thu, 17 51 2014 09:51:41 GMT In his column earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens laid out his case against Rand Paul becoming the GOP’s presidential nominee. It was a powerful indictment and perhaps one worth building on. Mr. Stephens highlighted what he believes would be some of the obstacles facing Senator Paul, beginning with his long political association with Jack Hunter, alias the “Southern Avenger,” who among other things wrote an April 13, 2004 column titled “John Wilkes Booth Was Right.” The “Southern Avenger” said this: Although Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth’s heart was in the right place, the Southern Avenger does regret that Lincoln’s Fox News’s ‘Outnumbered’ is a stroke of evil genius Thu, 17 43 2014 09:43:34 GMT 808a654258ab848d6235ae0be87274dad507e81c Washington Post, by Alyssa Rosenberg Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 17 43 2014 09:43:34 GMT I thought it was smart when Fox News promoted Megyn Kelly, an anchor with the singular ability to generate juicy cable news moments that appeal to the left and the right, to an evening slot. Ratings'wise, that seems to have been a good call for the network. But one of the things that makes Fox such a strong channel, purely from a business perspective, is its ability to develop new talent and new concepts. And the show the network dreamed up to replace Kelly’s in daytime has a flair of evil genius: In “Outnumbered,” a panel of women will debate El Paso parents say YISD fourth'graders receive inappropriate reading... Thu, 17 42 2014 09:42:00 GMT 79320f813ddaff0603a9a5da55521cb4ff973ca0 KFox14 (El Paso TX), by Stacey Welsh Posted By: JoniTx- Thu, 17 42 2014 09:42:00 GMT EL PASO, Texas' Questions about affairs, death and murder were all part of a fourth'grade reading assignment at Pasodale Elementary in the Lower Valley. One woman who did not want to show her face on camera told KFOX14 her son brought the assignment home because he was attending another tutoring session when his teacher passed it out. She is concerned other students completed the questions in class, so other parents could not stop them from reading it. "How is she grading it? Is she reading it? I don´t understand that," Ursula Garcia said. Garcia has a daughter in the same Chelsea Clinton Announces Pregnancy Thu, 17 37 2014 09:37:04 GMT 506db869063eb5db67cad39c271e1086c9271294 NBC News, by Staff Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 17 37 2014 09:37:04 GMT Chelsea Clinton announced Thursday that she and her husband are expecting their first child later this year. The announcement came during a joint event with her mother, Hillary Clinton, for the Clinton Foundation´s "No Ceilings: The Full Participation project. "I have one more thing to say very quickly," Chelsea Clinton said near the conclusion of the event. "I just want to thank all of you for being such an inspiration to us and to me in particular. Marc and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year." "And I certainly feel all the better, whether it’s a Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies Thu, 17 32 2014 09:32:44 GMT 075e3f68ce43ddb9651366c46bc51a4835dc3ba7 USA Today, by Bob Minzesheimer Posted By: PageTurner- Thu, 17 32 2014 09:32:44 GMT Nobel Prize'winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who was praised as the most popular Spanish writer since Cervantes, died today in Mexico City at the age of 87. Garcia Marquez, a former journalist who was born in Colombia but lived in Mexico for more than 30 years, is best known for his 1967 masterpiece, the epic, hallucinatory novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, about the trials and tribulations of one family over several generations. Widely taught in college, it has sold about 50 million copies in more than 25 languages. His other novels include Autumn of the Patriarch (1975), about a pathological fascist Hustler sent to every congressional office since 1983 Thu, 17 18 2014 09:18:02 GMT 587ebad42c116fd33fe5c8c645cfeca2209bc36a Washington Times (D.C), by Jessica Chasmar Posted By: JoniTx- Thu, 17 18 2014 09:18:02 GMT For more than 30 years, Hustler’s flamboyant publisher Larry Flynt has continued to send the monthly magazine to every member of Congress. Since 1983, Hustler has sent the porno mags in plain manila envelopes to every Congressional office as Mr. Flynt’s unique way of petitioning the government, National Journal reported. Congress tried in 1984 to stop the unwanted porn subscription, but the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled two years later that the delivery of the magazine could not be stopped under the First Amendment. “Receiving Hustler once each month would not unduly burden a Member of Congress,” Rev. Graham: Muslims Who ‘Want to Practice Sharia Law’ Should ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’ Thu, 17 16 2014 09:16:54 GMT a3443695d72ba2c59730d3911ac71c0bb5d0484b Cybercast News Service, by Michael W. Chapman Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 17 16 2014 09:16:54 GMT “We should be afraid of sharia law” in America, and Muslims here who want to practice sharia should go back to where they came from, “to those nations that recognize sharia law,” said Rev. Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. In a recent interview with the Charlotte Observer, Graham was asked, “Some say you demonize Islam, and Christians in this country have opposed building a mosque or are worried about Sharia law. Isn’t it –” Graham, who oversees the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse, said, “We should be afraid of Sharia law. We should be absolutely Obama taunts GOP, takes nationally televised victory lap on Obamacare Thu, 17 14 2014 09:14:00 GMT ae95194288f2f163b723423fcb3d9bf6930a2546 Washington Times (D.C), by Tom Howell Jr. Posted By: JoniTx- Thu, 17 14 2014 09:14:00 GMT President Obama said Thursday more than 8 million Americans selected a private health plan through his signature health overhaul, topping the most recent tally by a half'million people and offering the president an opportunity to blast Republicans for criticizing his efforts. “This thing is working,” he said, cautioning his law will not solve everything that ails the country’s health care system. He then openly criticized GOP lawmakers for trying to repeal his law. “They still can’t bring themselves to admit that the Affordable Care Act is working,” he said. Republicans say Mr. Obama’s enthusiasm is fleeting, because a portion of Americans Obama: Health care sign'ups hit 8 million Thu, 17 58 2014 08:58:18 GMT ab0cad3885577667affa532b1dab384a68d3e490 CNN, by Staff Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 17 58 2014 08:58:18 GMT The number of Americans who signed up for private insurance in the marketplace has grown to 8 million, President Barack Obama said Thursday during a rare appearance at the daily White House news conference, where he talked about the Affordable Care Act. About 35% of the people of those who have signed up through the federal marketplace are younger than 35, he added. ´Twitter gave me PTSD´: Woman claims mean comments and ´cyberstalking´ gave her an illness usually suffered by WAR VETERANS Thu, 17 33 2014 08:33:28 GMT 9029f94067683f6aef4f5e284e49e86a064c8a9c Daily Mail (U.K.), by Sara Malm Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 33 2014 08:33:28 GMT A Washington woman has come under fire over claims her PTSD caused by online harassment and Twitter trolls is equal to that of military veterans. Melody Hensley was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 16 months ago following online abuse, which she says is the result of her being an outspoken feminist and atheist. She caused upset to many military veterans and their families and friends when she claimed her PTSD from Twitter trolls was as bad as mental anguish suffered by those who do active duty. Ms Hensley, head of an organisation promoting secular ideas, has suffered from PTSD for more than GOP fears executive order on biometric guns Thu, 17 29 2014 08:29:18 GMT 54719024f36417d16c8c759c1e5b20e02c314080 The Hill (Washington, D.C.), by Ramsey Cox Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 29 2014 08:29:18 GMT Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is warning the Obama administration to not issue an executive order requiring that all new guns be made with biometric technology, such as finger-print recognition or bracelets. Cornyn raised the issue in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, who in testimony earlier this month highlighted biometric bracelets and fingerprint identification as a safety issue. “Your testimony has raised serious concerns for my constituents given President Obama’s track-record of acting beyond the scope of his legal authority and your hostility to the individual right to self-defense under the Second Amendment,” Cornyn wrote. “Is the Obama administration currently exploring Al Gore on Climate Change: ´We Are Going to Win This Thing´ Thu, 17 27 2014 08:27:37 GMT 29de44b8ca42182b4c204fa019567f8cc52f90e8 Honolulu Civil Beat (Hawaii), by Chad Blair Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 27 2014 08:27:37 GMT The man who was almost president graced Honolulu with his presence Tuesday and walked us through a "seminar of sustainability." By turns a university professor, a wry observer, a recovering politician, a joke teller and a Southern preacher, Al Gore fired up an audience of thousands at the Stan Sheriff Center to believe that global warming can be stopped. But it´s possible only if each of us does our part. "Ultimately, we are going to win this thing," he said, one of many statements met with hearty applause. He also managed to repeatedly gush over fellow Democrats Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz, who A New, More Sinister IRS Scandal Thu, 17 24 2014 08:24:28 GMT c77b72fad15708ed371534a5476b5a3a73b00583 PJ Media, by J. Christian Adams Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 17 24 2014 08:24:28 GMT Yesterday was a significant day in the IRS abuse scandal. The scandal evolved from being about pesky delays in IRS exemption applications to a government conniving with outside interests to put political opponents in prison. Emails obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act reveal Lois Lerner cooking up plans with Justice Department officials to talk about ways to criminally charge conservative groups that are insufficiently quiet. Larry Noble, a law professor now with the Soros'funded Campaign Legal Center, was cited in the emails as someone agitating to jail conservatives who “falsely” report on IRS forms that they Man so petrified of the Kardashians that the sight of semi'naked Kim on TV makes him vomit with disgust Thu, 17 23 2014 08:23:43 GMT 6a4f09611cec4d21178c96a3ac82b1aae6a58470 Daily Mail [UK], by Staff Posted By: Ribicon- Thu, 17 23 2014 08:23:43 GMT Kim Kardashian may be one of the most sought'after women in the world ' but one man can´t stay far enough away from the reality TV star. Retail assistant Mike Amess has an unusual phobia: he is absolutely petrified of the Kardashian family. He breaks out in a cold sweat whenever he sees or hears the famous family and says the sight of a semi'naked Kim even makes him vomit with disgust. The 24'year'old from Exeter explains, ´Just hearing the sound of the Kardashians´ nasal voices or catching a glimpse of them on screen makes me feel nauseous Dozens of Widows Dropped from Health Care Due to Obamacare in Alabama Thu, 17 22 2014 08:22:15 GMT 29180a1e00a7455d6859bc430c64ddd90b983947 Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 22 2014 08:22:15 GMT Over two dozen widows in Alabama were dropped from their health care plans due to Obamacare, WHNT reports: "More than two dozen widows who were married to retired Madison county employees, lost their health insurance coverage earlier this year. And now one commissioner says it´s time to give it back to them. The change was sparked by the new federal health care law, but whether or not coverage can actually be restored really isn´t clear," said the anchor. Says the reporter, "Madison county commissioner Roger Jones says no one realized just how much the new federal health care law would change Biden joins Instagram, takes selfie with Obama Thu, 17 20 2014 08:20:27 GMT 063998efcd1b85281b334e15a5b4eee5b2c0a360 Fox News*, by Staff Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 20 2014 08:20:27 GMT Vice President Joe Biden joined the popular photo-sharing website Instagram on Wednesday, posting photos of himself in Pittsburgh for a speech about job-training grants and his first selfie with President Obama. "Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. –VP," read the caption for the photo of Biden and Obama in what appears to be the back of a motorcade. Boston Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz snapped a selfie with Obama at a White House event and tweeted it to his followers earlier this month. The post sparked controversy after Samsung retweeted the Joe Biden’s first Instagram pic mocked as shill for sunglass ad Thu, 17 17 2014 08:17:26 GMT 23a573212049668909f0d8ff40d2bc27065e14f0 Washington Times, by Cheryl K. Chumley Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 17 2014 08:17:26 GMT Vice President Joseph R. Biden just can’t avoid the comedic spotlight, it seems His jump into Instagram — while remarkable in that within a few short hours, he already hit at 16,000 followers — nonetheless brought out the critics who mocked that his first photo share seemed a blunt advertisement for a sunglasses company. In it, Mr. Biden is shown as an out'of'focus background to the in'focus, in'your'face pair of Ray'Ban aviator'style sunglasses placed at a strategic tilt on his desk. The sunglasses are front and center. Mr. Biden is the hazy afterthought, seated in the background, reading some papers. As the New York Post Atheist Group Sues Clemson Football Program for Prayers, Bible Studies Thu, 17 16 2014 08:16:30 GMT 70fd4e1194cbba41224d54451214c210b864c9c6 Breitbart Sports, by C. Edmund Wright Posted By: KarenJ1- Thu, 17 16 2014 08:16:30 GMT Clemson accused of trying to integrate religion and football Coach Dabo Swinney and his Clemson football program face a blitz again. This time it´s not South Carolina´s Jadeveon Clowney seeking to slam their quarterback into the turf, or even a lighthearted sound'byte from Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier aiming to bringing them down a notch. Instead, it´s an oddly dour out'of'state assault in the form of a complaint filed against the football program by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist rights group from Wisconsin. The FFRF claims that Swinney´s program is "entangled" and "entrenched" in religion. Prayers and Bible studies instituted Poor Little Rich Man Thu, 17 14 2014 08:14:02 GMT 65e5499abc7376a968ed04283b09bfd1d9b59ebc Wall Street Journal, by James Taranto Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 14 2014 08:14:02 GMT Being a "distinguished professor" of economics at the City University of New York is nice work if you can get it. "During year'one," the boss explains in a letter to the new hire, "you will not be expected to teach or supervise students." In subsequent years, "you will teach one seminar per year." In addition, the boss informs the distinguished professor that he "will play a modest role in our public events" and "will be asked to contribute to the buildup" of one of the university´s programs. The pay is $225,000 a year, plus a $10,000 expense budget''and the distinguished prof Major Democratic donor indicted over campaign contributions Thu, 17 11 2014 08:11:46 GMT 8818a1d9fa7783953d12aa4b70e72524b3fc8310 Associated Press*, by Staff Posted By: Desert Fox- Thu, 17 11 2014 08:11:46 GMT A hotel executive and Democratic fundraiser has pleaded guilty in New York to witness tampering and conspiracy to evade campaign finance laws. Sant Singh Chatwal appeared Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn. The candidates were not identified. Chatwal had raised at least $100,000 for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton´s 2008 presidential campaign against Barack Obama. "Mr Chatwal deeply regrets his actions and accepts full responsibility for the consequences. He looks forward to resolving this personal matter," a spokesperson for Chatwal told CNBC on Thursday. According to the Justice Department, Chatwal made more than $180,000 in donations to three candidates via straw donors, who