News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Tue, 26 40 2017 04:40:42 GMT Tue, 26 40 2017 04:40:42 GMT Dallas Cowboys Kneel Down in Arizona – Crowd Boo’s – NFL Implosion Complete… Tue, 26 14 2017 03:14:18 GMT 23cb6e3bcef0a1423435be6c47a226b78e58d792 The Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: greggojo- Tue, 26 14 2017 03:14:18 GMT The Dallas Cowboys, together with team owner Jerry Jones, take a collective knee at the start of the Monday Night Football game to display their unity with… well, something probably. Stick a fork in the financial future of the NFL, it’s done; finished.The only thing that was saving the NFL from full organizational collapse was the advent of Fantasy Football Leagues and the subsequent betting and fan'based league play therein. Never underestimate the inability of any business organization to inoculate itself with idiot resistant policies once they enter the arena of identity politics. Pacific Fleet commander announces unexpected retirement Tue, 26 07 2017 03:07:54 GMT c67854ff77d34d72d57e3c2a7de5484ac2b24e55 Carroll County Times [Westminster, MD], by Carl Prine Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 26 07 2017 03:07:54 GMT Passed over for higher command, U.S. Navy Adm. Scott Swift on Monday announced his unexpected retirement as commander of the Pacific Fleet. "I have been informed by the Chief of Naval Operations that I will not be his nominee to replace Adm. (Harry) Harris as the Commander, U.S. Pacific Command,” Swift wrote in a prepared statement (Snip) On Jan. 31, the cruiser Antietam ran aground on a Japanese shoal. Less than five months later, the cruiser Lake Champlain bashed a South Korean fishing boat. Then came the June 17 destroyer Fitzgerald crash with a merchant vessel and, on Aug. 21, the collision of an oil tanker with Not One More Dime: NFL Stadiums Have Collected Over $1.1 Billion in Federal Subsidies–Time to Cut Them Off Tue, 26 51 2017 02:51:16 GMT 7b70efeec86376acb7f10cd3f08b788bd65a8f71 Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 26 51 2017 02:51:16 GMT Stuart Varney joined FOX and Friends on Monday to discuss the NFL national anthem controversy. On Sunday over two hundred NFL players and staff knelt down in protest during the national anthem. (Photo) Varney reminded the FOX and Friends hosts that NFL stadiums have collected over $1 billion in federal subsidies. Stuart Varney: There’s $1.1 billion in direct subsidies from taxpayers to the NFL… Taxpayer subsidies go to the building of stadiums. There have been 20 new NFL stadiums since 1997. All of them have received a degree of taxpayer subsidies. According to FOX Sports over the last 20 years, Dallas Cowboys, Including Jerry Jones, Take a Knee Before Anthem Tue, 26 32 2017 02:32:18 GMT 7575e42439e337a4a45ffa5a9ea05cfcfa5d89b8 Washington Post, by Benjamin Hoffman Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 26 32 2017 02:32:18 GMT A day after most of the N.F.L. engaged in at least some form of demonstration during the playing of the national anthem, the Dallas Cowboys linked arms in the middle of the University of Phoenix Stadium field in Glendale, Ariz., and collectively took a knee before the song was played. The Arizona Cardinals linked arms in the end zone with some military personnel in a show of unity. By the time the pop star Jordin Sparks began singing the song, the Cowboys, who were joined in kneeling by the team’s owner, Jerry Jones, had moved to the sideline, linking arms while standing. The crowd, which had booed as the visiting C Fearful of Trump´s America, asylum seekers from across the globe stream into Canada Tue, 26 18 2017 02:18:44 GMT 1fe66b533c555948801ca3955539e205ae98b849 Los Angeles Times, by Alexandra Zavis Posted By: NorthernDog- Tue, 26 18 2017 02:18:44 GMT HEMMINGFORD, Canada — Every hour or so, a taxi pulls up at the end of a remote country road in upstate New York and deposits another load of anxious and weary passengers. From here, it is steps across a gully to the Canadian province of Quebec, where police stand ready to arrest anyone who enters illegally. Undeterred, the travelers drag their suitcases across a makeshift dirt bridge, past a sign that declares in French and in English, "No pedestrians," and surrender to the waiting officers. They are part of a surge of asylum seekers from Haiti, Sudan, Turkey, Eritrea and FLASHBACK: NFL Banned Teams From Honoring Murdered Cops; Threatened Players Honoring 9/11 Tue, 26 40 2017 01:40:57 GMT d7e3132c174700e078530e151ef902d35881d6b6 The Daily Wire, by Ryan Saavedra Posted By: ketchuplover- Tue, 26 40 2017 01:40:57 GMT NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attacked President Trump for showing a “lack of respect for the NFL” — regarding the president´s recent comments criticizing players for not standing during the national anthem — because it violated the “constitutional rights of our players,” referring to the First Amendment. This comes from the same commissioner who threatened NFL players who wanted to honor both 9/11 victims and five police officers who were murdered in Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys wanted to pay tribute to the five Dallas officers who were murdered at a Black Lives Matter protest on July 7, 2016. The Cowboys had been wearing Ryan Zinke plans overhaul because Interior Department employees ´not loyal´ Tue, 26 37 2017 01:37:26 GMT 12af93ca8a2435b6ca81c94ba8f65f43ea47cc77 Washington Examiner, by John Siciliano Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 26 37 2017 01:37:26 GMT Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Monday 30 percent of his agency´s employees are "not loyal" to him or President Trump and he is developing a plan to overhaul the department. "I got 30 percent of the crew that´s not loyal to the flag," Zinke said in remarks to the National Petroleum Council, a federal advisory panel. He compared his running of the agency to a pirate ship that seizes "a prized ship at sea and only the captain and the first mate row over" to complete the mission. He then went on to discuss a forthcoming "huge" plan to restructure the Chelsea Manning barred from entering Canada for offences ´similar to treason´ Tue, 26 07 2017 01:07:10 GMT 2da27394f1ef0592aae666a7e7bfd904b8c44d6e Telegraph [UK], by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Tue, 26 07 2017 01:07:10 GMT Chelsea Manning, a former American soldier jailed for leaking troves of classified information, said on Monday that she was banned from entering Canada due to criminal convictions in the United States. Manning had tried to cross at the official border office at Lacolle, Quebec, on Friday. On Monday, she posted a letter from Canadian immigration officials to her Twitter account that said she was not admitted because she was convicted of offences deemed equivalent to treason in Canada. "So, I guess Canada has permanently banned me? Denied entry b/c of convictions similar to "treason" offence," she wrote. Pittsburgh Steelers Player Alejandro Villanueva Apologizes For Standing During Anthem… Tue, 26 32 2017 12:32:22 GMT 3756daa9a4043eb98713da1bbad372c5c30f9026 Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance Posted By: earlybird- Tue, 26 32 2017 12:32:22 GMT Many people heralded Pittsburgh Steeler football player Alejandro Villanueva as a hero for standing up during the national anthem…. Today, not'so'much. Unfortunately, today Villaneuva says he was embarrassed to stand for the U.S. flag and National Anthem; and he apologized to his team and coach for not supporting their decision to stay in the locker room. ( Tweets)I wonder if all of those people who purchased his jersey will now be asking for refunds? (VIDEO) We don´t know her name, but this woman just became the Marine Corps´ first female infantry officer Mon, 25 56 2017 11:56:20 GMT 0bc5bf7238b99989278d2eedc55ef3183d29e517 Circa News, by Alix Hine, Aislinn Hein Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Mon, 25 56 2017 11:56:20 GMT We may not know her name, but this woman made history on Monday. The woman, who has asked to keep her identity private, became the first female to successfully complete the Marines´ infantry officer course in Quantico, Virginia. “I am proud of this officer and those in her class? who have earned the infantry officer MOS,” Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said in a press release. (Tweet) The lieutenant was one of 88 Marines to complete the grueling 13'week course which "trains and educates newly selected infantry and ground intelligence officers in leadership, infantry skills, and character required to serve Cowboys Sources: Plan For ‘Unity’ During Tonight’s Anthem Mon, 25 44 2017 11:44:15 GMT 251a2afd66d6f94c3dfaa7784c9ba8cec4935de2 CBS 11 (Dallas'Fort Worth,TX), by Mike Fisher Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 25 44 2017 11:44:15 GMT There is no easy answer. But In the wake of President Donald Trump calling for the firing of NFL players who opt for peaceful protest during the National Anthem, the Dallas Cowboys are at work crafting a singular answer. “Our statement,’’ one team leader told me on the eve of tonight’s nationally'televised Cowboys'at'Cardinals game, “will be a statement of unity.’’ I’ve spoken to seven Cowboys leaders on the subject in the last 48 hours and come away with a handful of conclusions that the Cowboys – from owner Jerry Jones and his family to the players in the locker room The president is speaking out as a PATRIOT: White House backs up Trump in war on NFL saying he is defending the flag and the anthem Mon, 25 41 2017 11:41:56 GMT 36af2988adf9e76642dfdd14489491265a8b43bd Daily Mail [UK], by Francesca ChambersThe president is speak Posted By: Attercliffe- Mon, 25 41 2017 11:41:56 GMT Donald Trump´s spokeswoman insisted the president´s assault on the NFL was all about defending the American flag today as she beat back criticism of his controversial comments. ´The President is not talking about race. The President is talking about pride in our country,´ White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a press conference. Sanders backed up Trump´s use of the term SOB´s to describe football players refusing to stand at games during the national anthem, saying it´s ´always appropriate´ for the president to go to bat for the military, the flag and the national anthem. She contended that Trump´s remarks The Texas Card Shark Behind New Documentary ‘Dealt’ Mon, 25 58 2017 10:58:43 GMT 53827bf2b0c71bbb306d1f7a2fc0d7c259fbbead Texas Monthly Magazine, by Andrew Roush Posted By: StormCnter- Mon, 25 58 2017 10:58:43 GMT One of the world’s greatest card sharks, true to the old legend about sharks, never stops moving. Seated at a plush green'velvet half'moon card table on the second floor of his San Antonio home, Richard Turner keeps a deck twisting and shuffling in his hands as he describes his decades working to become perhaps the most respected living “card mechanic”—that is, someone who can cheat a card game with sleight of hand. For most of his life, he has practiced an average of fourteen hours a day to master the art of rigging games. He has a closet stuffed with Anthony Weiner gets hard time Mon, 25 50 2017 10:50:25 GMT 10a1098dbc4404744c02cac361876b010dfd04c9 New York Post, by Kaja Whitehouse Posted By: Pluperfect- Mon, 25 50 2017 10:50:25 GMT It’s hard time for Anthony Weiner. The disgraced ex'congressman broke down crying as he was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student to undress and touch herself via Skype in 2016. “This was a serious crime. It’s a serious crime that deserves serious punishment,” Manhattan federal Judge Denise Cote said as the convicted sext fiend dropped his head into his hand and wept. After the courtroom cleared, Weiner sat crying in his chair with his lawyers patting him on the back. His mom also sat crying on the bench behind him, sitting next to Weiner’s brother Jason Mainstream Media Scream: NBC guest calls National Anthem ´white supremacist´ Mon, 25 40 2017 10:40:03 GMT 6bd28dc4e1c25e4a3022351cc5194b55ea0f4c0e Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 25 40 2017 10:40:03 GMT This week´s Mainstream Media Scream features the Trump'inspired debate over the National Anthem and NFL players taking a knee to protest it. (Video) It came Sunday on Meet the Press during an exchange over President Trump´s comments between National Review editor Rich Lowry and Detroit Free Press editorial page editor Stephen Henderson: Rich Lowry of National Review: "He´s not randomly attacking these players. He is attacking them because they´re kneeling during the national anthem. And the national anthem is not a white supremacist symbol. And the President has become'" Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press: "Some of the words of the Sanders Donor Clarifies She Doesn’t Want DeVos to Be Raped, Just Tortured Mon, 25 10 2017 10:10:17 GMT afc03b53a5b183ce1939ee930898e11ac3bc3247 Washington Free Beacon, by Cameron Cawthorne Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 25 10 2017 10:10:17 GMT Rena Marrocco, a Democratic donor and delegate, over the weekend provided further insight into her Facebook post last week that said Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos "deserves" to be the prisoner of a sadist, rapist character on HBO´s "Game of Thrones." Marrocco called DeVos "human pollution" in a Facebook post last Thursday, adding that she "deserves to be a prisoner of someone like Ramsay Bolton," the fictional "Game of Thrones" character known for raping and torturing women for sport, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Marrocco has served as secretary for the Democratic Club of Carlsbad'Oceanside (DEMCCO) in southern California. As NY Restaurant Owner Stops Showing NFL in Response to Players Disrespecting US Flag and Military (Video) Mon, 25 57 2017 09:57:21 GMT 5a9210a0b16162cf5d439145b648cb88c384937d Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 25 57 2017 09:57:21 GMT New York restaurant owner David McGraw, a former military memeber, vows to ban NFL games from his establishment in response to over 200 players disrespecting the US flag and military. David McGraw told reporters, “NFL will never be played at Palmetto Alehouse until all players pay respect to our flag and our country!!!” (FB post, Photo) FOX Carolina reported: A local restaurant owner says he’s taking a stand after recent friction between the NFL, its players and President Trump, over the national anthem. On Sunday, as NFL stars across the country took to one knee during the national anthem in Iran´s supposed missile launch was fake, US officials say Mon, 25 48 2017 09:48:46 GMT 88a3f60750dbfac8f792b3842e642fccc5e56959 Fox News, by Lucas Tomlinson Posted By: FlyRight- Mon, 25 48 2017 09:48:46 GMT EXCLUSIVE: Iranian state television released video footage Friday claiming to show the launch of a new type of medium'range ballistic missile, a few hours after it was displayed during a military parade in Tehran.But it turns out Iran never fired a ballistic missile, sources say.The video released by the Iranians was more than seven months old – dating back to a failed launch in late January, which resulted in the missile exploding shortly after liftoff, according to two U.S. officials. President Trump had originally responded to the reported launch in a late'Saturday tweet, saying, “Iran just test'fired a Ballistic Missile capable Ben Roethlisberger Regrets Steelers Boycotting Anthem; Trump Supports Fan Boos Mon, 25 48 2017 09:48:22 GMT 2566c2663005a11af8c1aeea9c835ab0e1e2f7d9 The Hollywood Reporter, by Ryan Parker Posted By: Pros7767- Mon, 25 48 2017 09:48:22 GMT Ben Roethlisberger: I personally don’t believe the Anthem is ever the time to make any type of protest," the Super Bowl'winning QB says. Ben Roethlisberger on Monday afternoon released a statement saying he regretted his Pittsburgh Steelers boycotting the national anthem on Sunday. The NFL team was the first of three to not come out for the pre'game ritual. "I was unable to sleep last night and want to share my thoughts and feelings on our team’s decision to remain in the tunnel for the National Anthem yesterday," the Super Bowl'winning QB said in a statement. "The idea was to be Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico struggle to connect with their families on U.S. mainland Mon, 25 44 2017 09:44:44 GMT 3a692b0b655f2e6c51e8361d442efaab1133dd99 Los Angeles Times, by Molly Hennessy'Fiske Posted By: FlyRight- Mon, 25 44 2017 09:44:44 GMT zens of people on a highway in Puerto Rico resorted to parking their cars and walking around, cellphones in hand, trying to get a connection, nearly a week after Hurricane Maria left much of the island incommunicado. “I’m trying to do web cam but it doesn’t work, so I’m trying to text,” said Estefanie Torres, 21, who had driven north from Ponce on the island’s south coast to try to call her husband, father and aunt in Philadelphia. “I have a lot to say.Families were frantically trying to reach relatives on and off the island, a U.S. territory. At least 16 James Harrison was surprised Alejandro Villanueva did his own thing Mon, 25 56 2017 08:56:51 GMT edfa9e63c7fb7f4e91a1d6856a3bb2df8ae081f3 NBC Sports, by Darin Gantt Posted By: NorthernDog- Mon, 25 56 2017 08:56:51 GMT When Steelers left tackle Alejandro Villanueva was an Army Ranger, he was expected to follow orders. The fact that he didn’t on Sunday came as a surprise to at least one teammate. Villanueva was the only Steeler to be seen during the national anthem yesterday, standing with his right hand over his heart while the rest of the team stayed in the locker room, in what coach Mike Tomlin described as a way to avoid being dragged into a political fight. In a look at the team’s decision'making process by Jacob Klinger of, there was a sense that the Steelers were 5 Problems With The NFL’s National Anthem Protest Mon, 25 55 2017 08:55:54 GMT 63b0cea60ff30708418b4dcec391dcee04ba066b The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 25 55 2017 08:55:54 GMT At a Friday rally in Alabama, President Donald Trump criticized football players who protest during the national anthem: Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b'tch off the field right now. Out. He’s fired. He’s fired!’ (Snip)Here are five reasons the NFL anthem protests are not going as well as the media would like to think. 1. Vague And Unclear Protest Goals One of the keys to a good protest is to have a clear goal. If the discussions on Sunday were any indication, nobody is entirely clear Who Needs rules?? NFL Players Arrested Every 7 Days On Average Mon, 25 54 2017 08:54:56 GMT 9deb3e6c6ca59e59aff5762a813058943c9595f0 The Daily Wire, by Joseph Curl Posted By: scottc- Mon, 25 54 2017 08:54:56 GMT The National Football League is in a golden age right now: It´s been 23 days since one of its players has been arrested. The average time between arrests is just seven days, while the record without an arrest is slightly more than two months, at 65 days, according to, which "provides an interactive visualized database of National Football League player Arrests & Charges," the site says. Are NFL players required to stand for the national anthem? Mon, 25 53 2017 08:53:41 GMT e95b74621d9f09140d74980d16306abf344148cb Cox Media Group, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 25 53 2017 08:53:41 GMT After NFL teams or players stayed in the locker room, knelt, sat or linked arms during the national anthem before games Sunday, people want to know what the NFL rules say. Are the players required to stand on the field during the national anthem? What does the NFL rule book say? On social media, many people have been cutting and pasting the following excerpt: A62'63 of the NFL League Rulebook. It states: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem, players on