News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Sun, 01 16 2016 03:16:51 GMT Sun, 01 16 2016 03:16:51 GMT U.S. West Point academy set for first woman dean in two century history Sun, 01 13 2016 03:13:41 GMT 8661647f5f1867eacea4e69cec9dac64c0507a88 Reuters, by Staff Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 13 2016 03:13:41 GMT The United States Military Academy is poised to have its first woman dean in its 216'year history after President Barack Obama nominated to the post a West Point graduate who currently leads the school´s Department of Social Sciences. Colonel Cindy Jebb, who holds a Ph.D. in political science from Duke University, needs confirmation from the U.S. Senate to take on the post. If approved, she would be promoted to brigadier general and serve as West Point´s dean of the Academic Board, the U.S. Military Academy said in a statement on Friday. “She’s revered amongst the faculty and cadets and we’re Gallup: Ted Cruz Now Most Unfavorable Candidate – Down 16 Points to Trump Sun, 01 49 2016 02:49:42 GMT da2c4680b14cc5d37e1dae2676a89fe1c8ed835e Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft Posted By: earlybird- Sun, 01 49 2016 02:49:42 GMT Ted Cruz now has a negative net favorability rating after his shellacking this week. Cruz was mathematically eliminated on Tuesday. Per Gallup, Cruz now has a negative net favorability rating among Republicans. (Poll) Americans now agree with Donald Trump that he is the presumptive nominee. — Harry Enten (@ForecasterEnten) April 30, 2016. 43% of Republican voters now have an unfavorable view of Ted Cruz. Wee'lief! Dogs get airport bathrooms of their own Sun, 01 49 2016 02:49:17 GMT 83a373606dc488e181c66f67218e4c65f278fdba Associated Press, by William Mathis Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 49 2016 02:49:17 GMT NEW YORK' Little Simba couldn´t wait to check it out. The toy poodle was among the first to try a special bathroom just for animals at New York´s John F. Kennedy International Airport, among a growing number of &#34;pet relief facilities&#34; being installed at major air hubs across the nation. &#34;There´s a fire hydrant in there!&#34; Simba´s owner, Heidi Liddell, announced as she opened the pawprint'marked door between the men´s and women´s rooms. It didn´t take long for the dog to sidle up to the little red hydrant atop a patch of artificial turf and do her business. A dispenser Yes, Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton Sun, 01 38 2016 02:38:57 GMT 5bda24cac124356e5c83a355f404307dd3ad3497 CBS News, by Will Rahn Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 38 2016 02:38:57 GMT How would Donald Trump fare in a general election against Hillary Clinton? The conventional wisdom is that he wouldn´t stand a chance. The GOP is divided. His campaign, despite a recent spate of landslide primary wins, appears to have its own civil war going on. His favorability numbers are at historic lows for a nominee. The case against Trump´s electability is strong. But it is also perhaps overstated. The Manhattan billionaire does have a narrow path to the White House. In fact, he may be the GOP´s most electable option at this point, at least among the candidates who are Washington goes Hollywood: Obama prepares to have last laugh at his final star'studded White House Correspondents´ Dinner Sun, 01 33 2016 02:33:02 GMT acfde3d6c532527f31f5cc1ab4bba99953c36ff0 Daily Mail (UK), by Ollie Gillman Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 33 2016 02:33:02 GMT President Obama has arrived at his final star'studded White House Correspondents´ Dinner in Washington, DC, where the ´comedian'in'chief´ will be looking to get the last laugh as he pokes fun at politicians, celebrities and the Press. The president and the First Lady, who dazzled in a glittery silver gown, walked in to the national anthem before taking their seats at the top table for dinner. Among the A'listers at the glitzy dinner were model Kendall Jenner, actor Morgan Freeman, Emma Watson, Adriana Lima and Kerry Washington ' while heavyweights from the political world such as Secretary of State John Kerry Woman wanted for punching straphanger on 7 train: police Sun, 01 32 2016 02:32:05 GMT f815b99b43be07a8c13028297a9b40e7186fda83 WPIX'TV [New York, NY], by Allie Yang Posted By: Ribicon- Sun, 01 32 2016 02:32:05 GMT Sunnyside, Queens — Police are looking for a woman who punched a straphanger, then threw her phone out of the train when she tried to call police. On Friday at 3 p.m., the suspect was arguing with a straphanger on a Queens'bound 7 train en'route to 46th Street station. The suspect accused another passenger, a 48'year'old woman, of staring at her, then approached and punched her in the face, police said. The suspect then grabbed the woman’s cell phone as she attempted to call 911, police said. (Snip) The victim suffered redness and swelling to her face but refused Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk Sun, 01 27 2016 02:27:14 GMT a81e2eb7844e56f0f4d4866d87ab2f7e17a4772c New York Times, by Maureen Dowd Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 27 2016 02:27:14 GMT WASHINGTON — IT seems odd, in this era of gender fluidity, that we are headed toward the most stark X versus Y battle since Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Donald Trump exudes macho, wearing his trucker hat, retweeting bimbo cracks, swearing with abandon and bragging about the size of his manhood, his crowds, his hands, his poll margins, his bank account, his skyscrapers, his steaks and his “beautiful” wall. He and his pallies Paul Manafort and Roger Stone seem like a latter'day Rat Pack, having a gas with tomatoes, twirls and ring'a'ding'ding. The beauty pageant impresario’s coarse comments to Howard Man creeps up behind teenage girl, chokes her in the Bronx: NYPD Sun, 01 17 2016 02:17:42 GMT d46b33b2b077a91de11a3344e5b14fb63446785e WPIX'TV [New York, NY], by Alyssa Zauderer Posted By: Ribicon- Sun, 01 17 2016 02:17:42 GMT Williamsbridge, The Bronx — Police are searching for a teenage boy they say crept up behind a 15'year'old girl and choked her in the Bronx. The assault happened on Monday, April 11, around 7:30 a.m. Police say the victim, 15, was walking in the vicinity of White Plains Road and E. 217 Street in the Williamsbridge section of the borough. The suspect, who had been following the victim, allegedly grabbed her from behind and placed his hands around her neck. After choking her, the suspect took off on foot down White Plains Road. The victim remained conscious but said Singaporean transgender woman wins appeal to stay in UK citing fear of persecution Sun, 01 35 2016 01:35:20 GMT 25aafa0a6860db107fd430f7869acac5baba807f Channel News Asia [Singapore], by Staff Posted By: PageTurner- Sun, 01 35 2016 01:35:20 GMT SINGAPORE: A 33'year'old Singaporean transgender woman won her appeal earlier this week to stay in the United Kingdom in order to avoid serving out her remaining National Service (NS) liabilities. Her lawyer S Chelvan, from No5 Chambers, told Channel NewsAsia he has received no notification regarding further appeals from the Home Office. When asked about this, the Ministry of Defence said: “All male Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents above the age of 18 years are required to serve National Service if they are medically fit. Those who are legally declared female will not be required to serve NS.” Ms EFH, as the Singaporean Obama’s legacy: Politics of anger, fights, division Sun, 01 34 2016 01:34:08 GMT 7d7f75868abc11227ba2ac1144942773bc1846a5 McClatchy News (DC), by Anita Kumar Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 01 34 2016 01:34:08 GMT WASHINGTON 'Fist fights at campaign rallies. A major presidential candidate called a bigot and bully by members of his own party. Gridlock in Washington. And Americans downright pessimistic. This is America’s politics today, seven years after Barack Obama was elected president with a promise to change it all. The political change he predicted never appeared. Instead, partisanship and dysfunction have grown worse. His legacy on policies is more mixed. He did accomplish things, notably the Affordable Care Act. But his legacy on politics is another story. Republicans and Democrats refuse to compromise, sometimes even talk. Congress has become more unproductive Hollywood can´t help hating on Reagan Sun, 01 49 2016 12:49:04 GMT 80a891a6ab6320cc9b1f4d8b56edada4d8612601 Washington Examiner, by Editorial Posted By: garnet- Sun, 01 49 2016 12:49:04 GMT Comic actor Will Ferrell made a good decision Friday. He pulled out of &#34;Reagan,&#34; a comedy movie project that sought to portray Ronald Reagan´s presidency as the result of an intern skillfully manipulating him in his early stages of Alzheimer´s disease. What´s amazing, yet not surprising, is that anyone in Hollywood was dumb enough and tasteless enough to let this project get further than square one, or that one of America´s biggest comic actors would consider associating himself with it. Ferrell pulled out after Patti Davis, Reagan´s daughter, expressed her anger about the project. The premise of this movie, which might still British special forces fighting in Libya ´are ambushed by ISIS suicide bombers who may have killed Italian troops´ Sun, 01 48 2016 12:48:45 GMT b6803a339cd37d6906ea27d0cc51ab27f5ef4282 Daily Mail [UK], by Ian Gallagher Posted By: Attercliffe- Sun, 01 48 2016 12:48:45 GMT British Special Forces have been ambushed by Islamic State suicide bombers in Libya, according to a well'informed Israeli website. The attack is said to have happened last Wednesday and reportedly ‘killed or wounded’ Italian troops travelling in a convoy with the Special Boat Service (SBS) personnel, who apparently escaped uninjured. ‘Vehicles packed with explosives drew up alongside the convoy transporting the Italian and British troops and blew themselves up,’ said the Debka news website. Its report was based on unnamed military and intelligence sources and comes amid speculation that the SBS and Special Forces Support Group, alongside their allies, are Insults and Ads: How Gender Hurts Trump but Doesn’t Lift Clinton Sun, 01 46 2016 12:46:09 GMT 607d2cb73fc409cf810bf24532d3ed36a37285b2 New York Tims, by Lynn Vavreck Posted By: garnet- Sun, 01 46 2016 12:46:09 GMT Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton is playing “the women’s card.” But evidence suggests that if anything is making gender a potent issue in this campaign, it’s Mr. Trump’s words, not Mrs. Clinton’s. How do we know? New data on the emotional engagement and effectiveness of different campaign messages suggests that it’s far easier to drive down support for Mr. Trump by highlighting the derogatory things he has said about women than it is to drive up support for Mrs. Clinton by talking about her as a strong woman. Over the last few weeks and every week between now and Election Report: Abedin brought to tears by Clinton carrying her own bags Sun, 01 42 2016 12:42:52 GMT f498b74c00aef9a2e3a65abb22344ffd9d9bde3e Washington Examiner, by Rudy Takala Posted By: Tianne- Sun, 01 42 2016 12:42:52 GMT Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, nearly began sobbing at the thought of Clinton carrying her own bags, according to a report published on Thursday. &#34;Abedin took her duties so seriously ... that when she learned that Clinton had once carried her own bag up a flight of stairs in her aide´s absence, Abedin nearly burst into tears,&#34; an unnamed source said for the story in Newsweek. Abedin began working for Clinton as a White House intern in 1996, the same year that former intern Monica Lewinsky began working for President Bill Clinton. However, her career took a different a Total Politics World Sun, 01 41 2016 12:41:50 GMT 16844bc22772faf84e1baab36c4102cebe87a5d1 American Spectator, by Daniel J. Flynn Posted By: garnet- Sun, 01 41 2016 12:41:50 GMT Will Ferrell mines laughs out of Alzheimer’s in a forthcoming film about Ronald Reagan. The Telegraph describes the project as “a new comedy about Reagan’s second term in office – a period during which the head of state suffered from Alzheimer´s.” But Reagan did not suffer from Alzheimer’s during his presidency. His diagnosis came more than five years after he left office, and the numerous doctors tending to him in the White House uniformly reported their patient did not exhibit symptoms as president. The film, which seeks laughs as a secondary purpose, has already achieved its primary purpose — to create Donald Trump overcomes ´woman card’ backlash to crush competition in new Oregon poll Sun, 01 14 2016 12:14:56 GMT 799c775e308f850994e49bdaf3c3c5d2ed4b4514 The Oregonian, by Douglas Perry Posted By: earlybird- Sun, 01 14 2016 12:14:56 GMT Republican presidential front'runner Donald Trump continues to give people reasons to dislike him, from Mexican immigrants (&#34;rapists,&#34; he declared) to Rosie O´Donnell fans (&#34;that fat, ugly face of hers&#34;) to the British (who tried to ban him from their country). (Snip)The result? More and more Republicans love the real'estate magnate and reality'TV star. At least that´s undeniably the case in Oregon, where the primary is May 17 and Trump dramatically leads in the polls. (Indiana, which votes next week, is notoriously hard for pollsters to survey because of quirky state laws.) A new poll from Hoffman Research Group found that Bill Clinton Calls FBI Email Investigation ‘A Game’ [Video] Sat, 30 57 2016 11:57:39 GMT 31f9642b7610fa967c2a4e505d71f941ba561024 Daily Caller, by Chuck Ross Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 30 57 2016 11:57:39 GMT An animated Bill Clinton on Saturday scoffed at the FBI’s investigation into his wife’s emails, calling it “a game” perpetuated by her political opponents. “So everybody’s all breathless about this,” the former president said of the ongoing probe during a campaign stump speech in Kokomo, Ind. “Look, this is a game,” he added. As part of its “game,” the FBI has seized the former secretary of state’s private email server. The bureau is looking into whether classified information was mishandled by Clinton or any of her aides. Federal investigators are also poised to interview the main players, according to recent White House Correspondents´ Dinner: Obama vs. Trump the sequel? Sat, 30 51 2016 11:51:50 GMT aef26013b983df7d52534229b05a0bd2c263016c CNN, by Stephen Collinson Posted By: JoniTx- Sat, 30 51 2016 11:51:50 GMT Washington 'He´s a real estate mogul, a reality show pioneer and now a political phenom on his way to becoming the Republican presidential nominee. And that success sets Donald Trump up for a different role on Saturday night: punch line. As President Barack Obama polishes his annual '' and final '' tart'tongued stand'up riff for the White House Correspondents´ Association dinner, Washington is salivating at the prospect of a sequel to his blistering evisceration of Trump in 2011. The President used that speech to publicly ridicule Trump — who was in the audience — for the billionaire´s claims that Obama was Illegal Muslim prayer hall blown up in Russia after police find explosives inside (Video) Sat, 30 22 2016 11:22:44 GMT 9d5605992e5a470267683d881638c92a0ac8c510 RT News [Russia], by Staff Posted By: PageTurner- Sat, 30 22 2016 11:22:44 GMT Explosives found in an illegal Muslim prayer hall near the Russian city of Samara was eliminated right inside the building. Bomb disposal team deemed it too dangerous to take the explosives out. The video of the controlled explosion shows a considerable part of the building being destroyed in the blast.A police dog helped to find a cache with more than a kilogram of explosives of unknown origin. A bomb'disposal expert said extracting the explosives would be definitely unsafe and bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon, a source within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT. Trump fanatic who threatened to assassinate Obama in barrage of hateful social media posts is arrested after FBI found four pipe bombs Sat, 30 02 2016 11:02:05 GMT 158f77115fe6a38211e4fd38dd745ec6d7499e19 Daily Mail [UK], by Jessica Chia Posted By: Photoonist- Sat, 30 02 2016 11:02:05 GMT A 61-year-old Trump fanatic who wrote a stream of racist social media posts threatening to kill Barack Obama was arrested after authorities found four pipe bombs and loaded guns in his apartment. John Martin Roos, of Medford, Oregon, was charged with threatening the president of the United States on Thursday, although he previously claimed the posts were his way of ´blowing off steam´. In just one post of hundreds on Facebook and Twitter, he wrote: ´Why do Americans talk about Obama. He will have his head blown off by a patriots bullet. Maybe mine, GOD WILLING´ FBI Agents and local Colorado woman gets 100 years for cutting baby from womb Sat, 30 50 2016 10:50:45 GMT 7bf11c048b4d4c771721816dc0750f425480c2c4 Associated Press, by Donna Bryson Posted By: Photoonist- Sat, 30 50 2016 10:50:45 GMT Boulder, Colo. ' A judge sentenced a Colorado woman who cut a baby from a stranger´s womb to 100 years in prison, including the maximum penalties for attempted murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. Judge Maria Berkenkotter said the harshest sentences for the most serious charges were justified by the brutality of the 2015 attack, which she described as performing a cesarean with a kitchen knife. Berkenkotter also said the victim, Michelle Wilkins, as well as her family and the community needed Dynel Lane, 36, to express remorse. Lane murmured a &#34;no&#34; when the judge asked if she wanted Cuomo’s office gets subpoena in probe of Buffalo Billion Sat, 30 44 2016 10:44:06 GMT 97eaeddbce3e17350c65adb5241fbe58380aba4c Buffalo News, by Tom Precious Posted By: Photoonist- Sat, 30 44 2016 10:44:06 GMT Albany ' Hours after his office received a subpoena as part of a criminal probe of the Buffalo Billion program, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Friday ordered a review of his own signature economic development program, which is anchored by the massive SolarCity project along the Buffalo River. The governor’s counsel, Alphonso David, said Friday that the investigation begun last year by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has “recently raised questions of improper lobbying and undisclosed conflicts of interest by some individuals” that may involve cases in which the state was “defrauded.” Hillary Wants to Make It Illegal to Criticize Her Sat, 30 29 2016 10:29:49 GMT ba778e4ed5da49e213fa365ccf37f9404c0da4c9 Power Line, by John Hinderaker Posted By: StormCnter- Sat, 30 29 2016 10:29:49 GMT In an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN yesterday, Hillary Clinton had this to say about the Citizens United decision: <i>I really respect the important point of getting money out of politics. Remember, Citizens United was an attack on me, so I take it very personally and even before Senator Sanders got into the campaign way back in April of last year, I said we are going to reverse Citizens United and if we can’t get the Supreme Court to do what I think would be the right decision, then I will lead a constitutional amendment [sic].</i> Hillary was right, Citizens United Is Sanders About to Play the Email Card Against Clinton? Sat, 30 26 2016 10:26:16 GMT 06645fff63b09eb177abb2a99f6c49b5f0b74294 Fiscal Times, by Martin Matishak Posted By: Photoonist- Sat, 30 26 2016 10:26:16 GMT Contrary to what her husband thinks, Jane Sanders does want to hear about Hillary Clintons’ “da*n emails.” “Right after the debate where he said, ‘enough of your damn emails,’ he also said, ‘there’s a process – it’s going forward,’ ” Sanders, the wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, said Thursday night during an interview on Fox Business. (Snip) If he goes after the former First Lady about her emails, he risks alienating Democratic leaders he will have to make deals with to ensure that his “political revolution” makes it into the party’s platform. Rick Perry on ‘The View’: ‘At the End of the Day,’ I’ll Vote for Trump Sat, 30 24 2016 10:24:16 GMT 7ee696faba50459863e9588e1e5e49e7dd6a9c53 Daily Beast, by Matt Wilstein Posted By: StormCnter- Sat, 30 24 2016 10:24:16 GMT The morning after Donald Trump swept the primaries in five Northeast states, Ted Cruz supporter Rick Perry stopped by The View to give his thoughts on the state of the GOP race. Has Donald Trump finally become the “presumptive nominee” for the Republican Party? That was the question posed to former Texas Governor Rick Perry when he visited The View on Wednesday, the morning after Trump swept five primaries in the Northeast. Admitting that Trump’s rise seemed like a “stretch” to him when he was running against the candidate last year, Perry touted his credentials as one of the original anti'Trump voices