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  Topic: John Brennan’s ‘Exceptionally Sensitive’ Issue
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John Brennan’s ‘Exceptionally Sensitive’ Issue
American Spectator, by George Neumayr

Original Article

Posted By:Pluperfect, 5/16/2018 5:06:10 AM

Under John Brennan, the CIA operated as an opposition research outfit for the Hillary Clinton campaign. It appears from leaked news stories in the British press that Brennan’s oafish spying on Trump began around April 2016, right after Trump’s biggest primary victories. As it became urgently clear to Brennan that Trump was going to face off against Hillary, Brennan turned to “intelligence partners” in Europe for dirt on Trump. But they didn’t have any, save some pretty skimpy material on “contacts” between Trump campaign officials and Russians. Whatever Brennan collected was so insubstantial that Robert Mueller


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Dirtyjersey, 5/16/2018 5:43:10 AM     (No. 11633724)

So Brennan circumvented the 4th Amendment by asking other countries to do the spying? And then using the info as evidence for a warrant?

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Reply 2 - Posted by: BeatleJeff, 5/16/2018 6:14:07 AM     (No. 11633730)

Why isn´t this man in Gitmo yet?

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Reply 3 - Posted by: M2, 5/16/2018 6:25:51 AM     (No. 11633733)

One under-reported fillip is the fact that both Obama and Brennan are Islamophiles. This cannot be overstated. Both of them saw their pro-Islamic work about to go down the tubes with a Trump presidency. They would do just about anything to keep it from happening. Trump had to be stopped at all costs. This slime rises all the way to the top.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: rolfnader, 5/16/2018 6:29:51 AM     (No. 11633737)

For Dog´s sake! The man´s an admitted Socialist. Any more questions?

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Reply 5 - Posted by: jeffkinnh, 5/16/2018 6:35:23 AM     (No. 11633739)

"So in all likelihood Obama knew about and had given his blessing to Brennan’s dirt-digging."

When proven, this is the death knell for BO.

BO´s presidency has vanished into ashes because BO was incompetent, arrogant, and committed to ideology rather than reason. All BO had left was his likeability. People that got near to him knew he wasn´t really very personable. That´s the risk of the presidency; you can´t be in the job and keep a distance from everyone. However, he still managed to project likeability from a distance. Also, the Left desperately wanted to like him.

The exposure that BO KNEW and DIRECTED the illegal and corrupt spying on the presidential candidate of the opposition party pushes BO into a box of rare repute; evil leaders from history.

By association, it continues to corrode the dem party, media, RINOs, the Left, the Deep State and any other who colluded with despicable person.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork, 5/16/2018 6:37:05 AM     (No. 11633740)

I wonder just how far down the ranks this corruption has spread. Still waiting for a “few good men” in any of these agencies to step forward, put country ahead of career and drop a dime. Maybe we are out of “good men”.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Krause, 5/16/2018 7:06:53 AM     (No. 11633751)

When he started making threatening public statements to Trump, I knew then he was guilty of something. He should have kept his big fat yap shut. No, not really, now he´s exposed. Mueller obviously has no interest in this democrat/deep state subversion, so it´s up to the IG report to make these guys fall.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: Udanja99, 5/16/2018 7:15:43 AM     (No. 11633760)

"So in all likelihood Obama knew about and had given his blessing to Brennan’s dirt-digging."

Not quite. It was Valerie Jarrett who not only gave her blessing but probably instigated the whole thing.

Obama was just the figurehead. His job was to play golf, vacation, watch ESPN, have the homies over for a little weed and, when necessary, go out to the microphone and be “clean, articulate and a nice looking guy”.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum, 5/16/2018 7:30:32 AM     (No. 11633766)

Clearly, Americans recognize an anti-American zealot posing as a patriot when they see one. Brennan is such a man as is BHO. Of course, Brennan deserves to be prosecuted for the evil he has done but I doubt it will happen. The guilty will likely slither away under a rock to wait until the time is right to do their evil deeds again. Never think these kinds of men and women are going to have a change of heart and repent of their sedition. That is not going to happen. The shame is that our government doesn’t have the courage to call them out and prosecute them. The ruling class in this country are extreme cowards whose only consideration is enhancing their prestige, power and bank accounts. They have no stomach for justice even at the levels of corruption that have already been exposed. They just want it to go away so they can continue their corruption. We are sorely lacking in men and women of integrity in Washington DC. There are too many lawyers who can justify any behavior and not enough men and women of character and resolve to hold the guilty accountable.

Americans will wait a long time, if ever, for justice to be done to men and women like Brennan, BHO, Hillary, and the rest of their fellow travelers. Seems Washington does not have the stomach for it.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Italianlooks, 5/16/2018 7:58:57 AM     (No. 11633787)

Is there any question that Brennan has something on everyone in government high places, from Ibama to Bush, and so much more!

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Felixcat, 5/16/2018 8:18:38 AM     (No. 11633808)

I wonder how much, if any, did Gina Haspel know of this as it was taking place while serving as Brenna´s deputy? He endorsed her as Director and why would Brennan endorse anyone that Trump nominated?

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Reply 12 - Posted by: little guy, 5/16/2018 8:43:25 AM     (No. 11633823)

Folks, right under our noses there was a plot to destroy a candidate --- and then duly elected president --- and the full weight & power of the U.S.A. was used to aid one political base to the harm of the other. This is beyond treason. It rises to the level of the Guy Fawkes conspiracy to blow up Parliament on its opening day. Luckily, so far, the good guys seem to have again caught the culprits before the gunpowder could work!

Side note --- torture worked well in this case as old Guy gave up the names of all his helpers after a judicious taste of the rack.

John Brennan needs to be arrested for treason!

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Reply 13 - Posted by: Seething Citizen, 5/16/2018 9:00:35 AM     (No. 11633840)

Intriguing that Brennan refused to take the oath of office on a Bible?? I wonder why?

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Reply 14 - Posted by: Dodge Boy, 5/16/2018 9:06:31 AM     (No. 11633847)

It´s because Brennan is a muslim convert.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: strike3, 5/16/2018 9:13:26 AM     (No. 11633851)

CIA management, under the direction of the inept Obama and the clueless Clinton is also responsible for Benghazi. Muslim sympathizers responsible for protecting our people against Muslim attackers resulted in a near massacre of the entire embassy due to the mysterious "stand down" order. I wonder why?

If not for the incredible performances of Oz, Tanto & Tig, the jihadis would have had the embassy, a cache of weapons and a lot of classified information and we, the American people, would never know what happened. This was treason and murder.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: Bubby, 5/16/2018 9:16:04 AM     (No. 11633855)

Who the hell voted to confirm this known muslim and communist to be head of our CIA? I want names! Just more evidence of the uniparty´s existence and the corruption of the elite establishment in Washington DC. What did the CIA not investigate while wasting time digging for nonexistent dirt on Trump? Our intelligence agencies have been weaponized against Republicans and WTP! Someone needs to be hanged as an example for this sedition and treason!

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Reply 17 - Posted by: congar, 5/16/2018 9:32:52 AM     (No. 11633870)

Being at the head of any department under Obama just meant you could get away with bigger criminal acts with impunity. Brennan should be behind bars with all his malfeasance exposed.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: planetgeo, 5/16/2018 9:38:31 AM     (No. 11633884)

Wrap your head around this. Given how intensely the questioning of Gina Haspel for CIA Director has been, 63 Senators ended up voting to confirm John Breeenan...admitted voter for communist candidates, and Muslim convert!

Better yet...thirteen Republicans wound up voting for Brennan, including five members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Among the most notable were Sens. John McCain (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.)!!!

Answers a lot of questions, doesn´t it?

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Reply 19 - Posted by: conservativecal, 5/16/2018 9:51:07 AM     (No. 11633900)

Pain is coming
Trust the Plan

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Reply 20 - Posted by: bighambone, 5/16/2018 9:52:52 AM     (No. 11633901)

It appears that the British were up to their ears in all this spying against President Trump and his crew. A day or so after Trump became President the Director of the British Secret intelligence Service resigned, that should tell you something. The British taking part in Brennan’s spying efforts again Trump is bound to adversely affect bilateral relations between the Trump Administration and the UK.

The leader of the UK Labor Party Jeremy Corbin stands a chance of becoming the next UK Prime Minister. Corbin is an outright communist who may have been involved in spying for the Russians during the Soviet Union era and had supported IRA efforts in Northern Ireland. So if Corbin becomes the next UK Prime Minister, you have to believe that the USA is going to have to greatly diminish classified intelligence, military, and security matters with the UK for national security purposes as Corbin is no friend of the USA.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: steveW, 5/16/2018 10:54:42 AM     (No. 11633933)

One wonders why the Enemedia never asks why so extraordinarily many of BarackHussein´s appointees have proven to be so brazenly corrupt and criminal? Perhaps they are too busy speaking truth to power, or perhaps they are in on it...?

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Reply 22 - Posted by: greggojo, 5/16/2018 11:17:26 AM     (No. 11633952)

Neumayr is a very good writer, and the portrait he paints of Brennan (furious, obsessive, opposed to Christianity, I wonder what Brennan secretly thinks of Jewish people?) is downright scary. As for a previous poster´s concern about Brennan´s support for CIA nominee Gina Haspel who had worked on Brennan´s staff, that indeed is a very good point.

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Reply 23 - Posted by: Hazymac, 5/16/2018 11:40:38 AM     (No. 11633971)

In answer to #22, Brennan doesn´t call Israel´s capital city Jerusalem; he calls it "Quds" or "al-Quds." His sympathy for Israel and the Jewish people is well known [clearing throat loudly]. I´d love to see this traitor tossed headfirst and gift wrapped, into supermax alongside Ubama and JFnK, two other conscious and willing traitors.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: Lawsy0, 5/16/2018 12:01:35 PM     (No. 11633994)

Does that mean that Gina Haspel could be an Islamophile?

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Reply 25 - Posted by: rochow, 5/16/2018 12:06:01 PM     (No. 11633997)

This filthy disgusting creep needs to see iron bars.....oh, by the way, where is Sessions cowering?

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Reply 26 - Posted by: akudaq, 5/16/2018 12:37:49 PM     (No. 11634040)

#18, Add my senator, Lisa Murkowski, to the group who voted for confirmation of Brennan. Meh! No big surprise; she also voted to confirm Eric Holder. We still have her for another 3+ years yet..sigh.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: earlybird, 5/16/2018 1:45:50 PM     (No. 11634123)


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Reply 28 - Posted by: cartcart, 5/16/2018 5:13:00 PM     (No. 11634286)

Is Christopher Wray doing much these days? He should be sending missives to his underlings and demand honesty and integrity at the highest levels. The whole truth, por favor.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: O.G.´s Mom, 5/16/2018 6:48:11 PM     (No. 11634391)

Christopher who?

Another Deep State appointee fed to Trump. Another disaster.

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Reply 30 - Posted by: xcenturion, 5/16/2018 7:00:59 PM     (No. 11634412)

John Brennan is a traitorous weasel and should be treated as such.

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