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  Topic: Conservatives lambast Romney,
vow to take over Republican Party
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Conservatives lambast Romney,
vow to take over Republican Party

The Hill [Washington, DC], by Erik Wasson

Original Article

Posted By:KarenJ1, 11/7/2012 7:47:02 PM

Conservative leaders on Wednesday lashed out at Mitt Romney, saying his attempts to paint himself as a centrist and hide his principles cost him the presidency. They vowed to wage a war to put the Tea Party in charge of the Republican Party by the time it nominates its next presidential candidate. “The battle to take over the Republican Party begins today and the failed Republican leadership should resign,” said Richard Viguerie, a top activist and chairman of ConservativeHQ.com. He said the lesson on Romney’s loss to President Obama on Tuesday is that the GOP must

Oh my. This could get very ugly. The RINO's will not surrender their power easily. I cringe whenever I see the Tea Party called extreme. Barack Hussein 0bama is extreme, not the Tea Party.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: woodsman, 11/7/2012 7:57:22 PM     (No. 8998117)

Did we learn nothing here?

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Moritz55, 11/7/2012 7:59:37 PM     (No. 8998122)

Ditto #1!

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Reply 3 - Posted by: SouthSanAntonio, 11/7/2012 8:00:14 PM     (No. 8998125)

You kids have fun.

Ultimately, unless we can find a bunch of cool ''free stuff'' to give away, we will never see another Republican president again.

But I'm through playing. I just can't do it anymore. Just don't have it in this old body.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: 4Justice, 11/7/2012 8:05:27 PM     (No. 8998140)

The GOP is doomed...because it is not about RINOs or not being "conservative enough". If anything, that will completely kill the party's viability (especially if the people push social conservatism too far). Though we all wish we could go back to the mid 20th Century in many ways, it will NEVER happen this way. You cannot force more extreme views when people are more moderate socially. Fiscally, the party needs to be strongly conservative in line with the Constitution. But you can't put the worms back in the can with regard to certain social "freedoms" by force -- that just alienates people. Many of the TEA parties have lost their original charter to stick to financial issues and the Constitution. That is part of the problem. Unfortunately, rational heads will not prevail here because people want to go back in time too badly and they want it now. Romney shouldn't have lost. I think the fraud was rampant and the main reason why we lost. I know people don't believe it, but it is true.

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Reply 5 - Posted by: plex, 11/7/2012 8:05:46 PM     (No. 8998143)

As on another thread. Romney received fewer votes than McCain. Why did Ohio Republican not vote? Why did Virginia Republicans not vote. Did they think that Obama would be a better President? Did they not connect Obama policies with current problems? How much was the press a factor.

These should be the questions that are being asked and answered. Romney was not the problem. GOP voters were the problem. Democrats don't have this problem. They would vote for Maxine Waters if you made her the candidate and the press would support her.

Yes, Houston, we have a problem, but it is not how conservative the candidate is.

What is the strategy to get voters to connect the dots and to give a darn!

Does the Tea Party really believe that a more conservative candidate would have gotten Ohio Republicans to vote?? I don't think that is an issue. Ohio Republicans must not connect high gas prices with Democrat policies.

We have a problem. Please focus on the right issue.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Italiano, 11/7/2012 8:06:17 PM     (No. 8998144)

A Tea Party nominee would have been chewed up and spit out. I don't like it either, but there it is.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: texas_gop, 11/7/2012 8:11:21 PM     (No. 8998154)

Cringe? LEarn nothing? You evidently learned nothing or are part of the problem. the time to keep rolling over is done. We need conservatives and the TEA PARTY is our path. They are our conservative leaders, not the elitists. The republican elite that keep shoving moderate and liberal republicans down our throats needs to be stopped. We do not want a choice between big government and bigger government. We need to take our government back! The Left does not play fair, their rules change with the situation and the outcome is all that matters to them. It does not matter what we do the Left and the media will lambast us and blame us for every one of their failed policies. I am tired of this crap. I do not see a future for my kids. DID NOT LEARN ANYTHING?!?!? The nicy nice needs to stop. It is time to fight back. And I purposely made republican with a small r as that is what the elitists are, small Vichy willing to sacrifice all of us just to be liked. KMA.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: killerbee, 11/7/2012 8:12:55 PM     (No. 8998161)

Romney did as well as he could have. We are in a horrible web with the media being as corrupt as anything from the Soviet Union and the Democrats having power.

I live in California and we have a small business. It's successful right now but it won't be soon. It's going to be taxed to death. I'd love to get out but we're locked in. And the rest of the country is going our way.

I'm praying all the time now.

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Reply 9 - Posted by: Keekng, 11/7/2012 8:13:34 PM     (No. 8998163)

F'n monday morning quarterbacks. Where were they during the campaign and why weren't they helping?

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Scottish girl, 11/7/2012 8:16:38 PM     (No. 8998168)

Romney was the man. . Our world has changed. We are living in a Godless society and I think we saw that with the result last night.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: Muguy, 11/7/2012 8:25:58 PM     (No. 8998179)

The Establishment and "old guard" need to be taken over. Period.

No more deals.

Tea Party, arise! Take no prisoners--we have tried it their way the last two times, and we have lost.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: Peach1, 11/7/2012 8:36:23 PM     (No. 8998191)

After giving this defeat some careful thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is biblical prophecy coming to fruition right before our eyes.

Revelation states that in the end times ALL nations will go against Israel. What better way for America to go against Israel than to have a Muslim president.

The end times will happen, they have to in order to fulfill prophecy.

There is no way America would be against Israel with a Godly president.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: angelesgift, 11/7/2012 8:42:51 PM     (No. 8998209)

I've created my own personal TEA Party. Heck yeah, I've been taxed enough already. In fact, that's ALL you Dem parasites will get from me anymore. Help those who were hurt by Sandy? Not a penny, and don't even think of blaming me because you live by the ocean and got flooded. All you blue staters who'd never dream of voting for some dreadful Republican - go pound the sand in what's left of your yard.

Drop my folding money in the Salvation Army bucket? Not anymore. Give to the food pantry? No indeed. Go apply for food stamps like all the other Obama lovers.

I'll help my family or people I personally know, but not one more dime to charity. Studies show that conservatives are far more generous than liberals. I'm doing my part in helping to take down that incredibly foolish statistic. Nobody gives me anything and I'm done letting parasites destroy our morals and liberty on my dime.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: PatrickHenry599, 11/7/2012 8:47:11 PM     (No. 8998218)

It's sick to lambast Romney. I'm a Texas red conservative but I'll be darned if I will criticize in any fashion the man we nominated. As Rush said today, there is no better man than Mitt Romney and he is what the country needed.

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Reply 15 - Posted by: dman, 11/7/2012 8:48:30 PM     (No. 8998220)

Don't try to take over. Let the country clubbers and Wall Streeters have the party. Walk away and start a party of our own. Unlike Perot, invite elected (or recently elected) conservatives to switch parties and form its base. That's the ticket to succeed where Perot failed.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: august9, 11/7/2012 8:50:25 PM     (No. 8998222)

A: Conservative leaders on Wednesday lashed out at Mitt Romney, saying his attempts to paint himself as a centrist and hide his principles cost him the presidency. They vowed to wage a war to put the Tea Party in charge of the Republican Party by the time it nominates its next presidential candidate.

Does anyone believe that there were more conservatives that didn't vote for Romney then centrists who did?

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Reply 17 - Posted by: jeffreyabigail, 11/7/2012 8:50:42 PM     (No. 8998224)

Are these clowns Democrat plants? Do they think that Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachman or Rand Paul would have actually done better?

Romney got every Tea Party vote. Although he was not the perfect candidate, don't blame Romney. Blame the dumb American people, who are enamored with The One.

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Reply 18 - Posted by: AnnG, 11/7/2012 9:07:11 PM     (No. 8998255)

I'm curious about the turnout of the evangelicals. Has anyone mentioned this?

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Reply 19 - Posted by: fiddle ed, 11/7/2012 9:12:04 PM     (No. 8998262)

Romney is a good, moral man who would have been good for this country. Obamacare is settled law, there are countless EPA regulations coming to destroy what's left of our energy production, and the Barbarians (the entitled ones) have just crashed through the gate. This country is toast and the discussion is Tea Party politics? That game is over. They won. I don't have the talent or genius for the John Galt mode but I can be realistic and prepare in various ways for the inevitable.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: CaptainLibra, 11/7/2012 9:17:22 PM     (No. 8998265)

Stuck on stupid I guess.

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Reply 21 - Posted by: earlybird, 11/7/2012 9:25:59 PM     (No. 8998280)

Tormenting us with the differential between the votes McCain got and those Romney got, at least one blogger has opined that McCain lost about 2 million when Rand Paul's people sat out the 2008 election, and threatened to do the same this time, in what number? And then we read from an evangelical spokesperson that they may have sat out this election because "Romney didn't reach out to them". It wouldn't be hard to find the missing votes in these blocs...

Although everyone talks the talk about revering Ronald Reagan and his perceived wisdom, no one seems to find it convenient to recall his "big tent" philosophy. And his being elected either governor or president was no slam dunk. He knew he needed all the votes he could get.

Divide and be conquered.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: earlybird, 11/7/2012 9:26:44 PM     (No. 8998281)

That should have said "While some are tormenting us..."

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Reply 23 - Posted by: King of all trolls, 11/7/2012 9:30:50 PM     (No. 8998285)

We are cursed with some very, very Stoopid leaders. Romney was up 5 before Christie fell in love with Obama. Remember that. We had it won according to Rasmussen and gallop. Now is not the time to crawl into the cave and become the Akin-Mourdock party. The economy is going to tank. The world is going to be very, very dangerous. I believe Scalia will wait four more years before stepping down. Thomas and Alito and Kennedy aren't going anywhere. John boener is not perfect, but hes a solid leader and has an extremely impressive record for enforcing party discipline. Business leaders, who is John Galt?

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Reply 24 - Posted by: SoCalGal, 11/7/2012 9:31:28 PM     (No. 8998286)

To simplify, doesn't it seem reasonable that everyone would get more of what they want with someone who is from the same general side in power than if the opposition won the prize?

Conservatives are a darned sight closer to moderate Republicans than they are to any Democrats. And more likely to get more of what they want with Republicans in positions of power.

That is just common logic.

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Reply 25 - Posted by: chumley, 11/7/2012 9:31:50 PM     (No. 8998287)

I've been holding my tongue, waiting for the anger and disappointment to wear off.
I see the battles from the primaries are still going on here.
Against my better judgement, I did what the pragmatic L Dotters said. I held my nose and voted for Romney. Not because I believed he was a good candidate, but because he was acceptable to the "moderates" and "electable". Well, as it turns out he was neither. Thanks to the Republican party foisting yet another milksop candidate on us, we lost and evil continues its purge on the nation.
Nobody ever won by fighting a defensive war, and nobody ever won a war by being more civilized than the enemy.
If we have a nation left in four years, I would welcome a Conservative Party. To blazes with all the people who say a vote for the third party is a vote for the Dems. Using the fear of that being true, all we have managed to get is spineless losers, whether they won or not.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Italiano, 11/7/2012 9:33:17 PM     (No. 8998288)

Evangelicals don't need to be "reached out to." That's the other side. We make our choice and go from there, as we did in great numbers for Mitt. We knew who Mitt was, just as we know who Obama is, and more importantly, isn't. It was an easy decision. We lost, for now.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: Whimsy, 11/7/2012 9:37:30 PM     (No. 8998296)

Mitt runs to the center, camos himself, and gets thumped.

Obama campagins to the right, camos himself, and wins.

Which one has the 'problem'????

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Reply 28 - Posted by: Justavoter, 11/7/2012 9:53:58 PM     (No. 8998330)

Here is the problem. The democrats always frame the debate and their opponent first. Until the Republicans can find someone with the skills to reframe the debate or simply reject the primise of the medias questions the pub bites wheels will continue to spin.
Simple as that.

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Reply 29 - Posted by: pickle1, 11/7/2012 9:57:05 PM     (No. 8998339)

Exactly who are our conservative leaders in the Republican party?

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Reply 30 - Posted by: Italiano, 11/7/2012 10:00:56 PM     (No. 8998349)

#28, for that to work effectively, you need the media, or at least an objective media. That we'll never have. If Mitt's first debate performance didn't do it (although I think it did), forget it.

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Reply 31 - Posted by: Periwinkel, 11/7/2012 10:05:02 PM     (No. 8998358)

Does it not bother ANYONE that Romney did not pick up one of the battleground states? (Florida still counting...) I think the voting machines were rigged. All it took was a couple of precincts in a couple of counties in each state to bring the state into the Obama column.

All day long I have been hearing about the low voter turnout. Not true. I worked a precinct in black/white/latino Louisville in a polling place with five precincts. We opened at 60 a.m. and were overrun all day. Every other precinct worker I know said the same thing. I doubt voter fraud here because we use paper ballots with many checks and balances. But we do have a Dem Secretary of State who is also touting the low turnout to bolster "low" numbers in other states. (I trust no one these days.)

Ulstermann has a report tonight. Very interesting because Insider, who I believe is a nom de plume of Ulstermann, is crunching numbers that show high turnout rather than low. Something is very wrong with this election.

Back to the battle-ground states that all voted for Obama...I believe he may have overplayed his hand on this one because it just all looks so screwy.

But we lost. Romney, like Nixon, will not contest so Obama is now our two term president with a huge agenda and no mandate. Could be troublesome......

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Reply 32 - Posted by: stablemoney, 11/7/2012 10:05:48 PM     (No. 8998362)

Romney is a good person. We are never going to change the blue states. I would rather go back to the constitution with the states operating according to their citizen's choices. Now we operate according to the choices made by the blue states and imposed on everyone else.

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Reply 33 - Posted by: skedaddle, 11/7/2012 10:55:50 PM     (No. 8998454)

If Romney had fought 0bama as hard as he fought fellow Republicans in the primary, he might have got somewhere. The Republican party should now focus on getting control of the voting apparatus on the state level. If they could root out the cheating, it would go a long way to leveling the playing field. The Republicans on the federal level need to pick a fearless quick wit to be the GOP spokesperson. Someone to throw the medias feces back at them and articulate some sensible positions.

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Reply 34 - Posted by: King of all trolls, 11/7/2012 11:08:59 PM     (No. 8998459)

Mark Levin should shut his profoundly ignorant TTTemple yap. Look at his record: Alan West, Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin, Richard Mourdock, Akin, Angle. What a loser! I'll stick with Boenner and that Jew from Richmond. At least they win.

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Reply 35 - Posted by: Gretchen, 11/7/2012 11:17:40 PM     (No. 8998469)

You all are still swallowing the blue pill. Stop it. The terms Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Moderate, left, right, are meaningless. There are only Progressives (a la Chris Christie). The next election will be between two Progressives, one calling himself a Republican and one calling himself a Democrat. And the one that is most attractive to the masses will be elected. The old paradigm is dead and buried. Stop kvetching over the useless details and the blame game. We lost this nation when we let the Left take over our schools and churches. The battle is no longer about elections, the Left has them sewn up for the foreseeable future. Until we retake the ground we gave up in the last two generations, we will continue to be ruled by the Obamas of the world. It begins at home, in our schools and churches. One by one.

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Reply 36 - Posted by: rocket scientist, 11/8/2012 1:13:30 AM     (No. 8998563)

I am starting to wonder what could be wrong with the Republican
Brand to lose so badly at what should have been an easy win?

Maybe they should retire people like Carl Rove and Dick
Morris who kept telling us it was going to be a landslide?
The same goes for Rush Limbaugh.

Also people like the Neanderthal Todd Akin didn't help the
Republican brand by opening his big mouth and talking
about "Legitimate Rape". Romney asked him to step down
but he refused. Last I heard Akin's election went down in
flames. No surprise there. What world does that guy live in?

I am starting to think we have all been treated to a big dose
of Kabuki theater by BOTH parties and the news pundits.

About the only thing that happens every year is government
keeps getting bigger and taxes keep getting higher.
Oy Vey!!!

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Reply 37 - Posted by: ketchuplover, 11/8/2012 1:54:56 AM     (No. 8998592)

Before we eat ourselves like the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat....think about the effect the media is having. It painted and destroyed Sarah's future. It painted and destroyed many of the GOP candidates in the primary. It painted and destroyed Romney while whitewashing and remaking Obama. Is there anyone out there who will compose a list of sponsors of the main stream media (TV, newspapers, radio) so we can write them and boycott them? The media has to be exposed, destroyed, and rebuilt before anything or anyone has success. Look how we have resigned ourselves into saying matter-of-factly, that our candidate needs to be up by at least 7-8 points to counter the media's attacks, etc. Let's declare war on the media! Let's stand united against them!

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Reply 38 - Posted by: bassman, 11/8/2012 2:59:46 AM     (No. 8998607)

First thing the Republican party needs to do is get rid of these open primaries. It's bad enough when Dems like McCaskill are donating to weaker candidates to give them an advantage in the elections, but allowing them to vote in our primaries is stupid.

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Reply 39 - Posted by: danu, 11/8/2012 3:31:05 AM     (No. 8998620)

The GOP's were warned of dirty Chi-town politics, and have been on notice of same for 50+ yrs.
They never learn, or protect the electorate from gross fraud--which is gross negligence.

Once again, Lucy yanked away the football.

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Reply 40 - Posted by: mikkins2, 11/8/2012 3:39:00 AM     (No. 8998622)

And still we have GOP/NRC apologists and lap dogs insisting that there was nothing wrong with the candidate and the campaign they ran.

Ron White was prophetic when he coined the phrase "You cant fix stupid."

After 4 years of the republican establishment attacking the Tea Party they wonder why turnout was low? Seriously? And you still want to preach strategy to the rest of us?


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Reply 41 - Posted by: bearcat, 11/8/2012 4:51:56 AM     (No. 8998660)

Apparently there was no anti-Mormon sitting on hands? I find it very strange if Romney received less than or same number of votes as McCain. The Tea party should stick with its fiscal roots. The far right has been a disaster for us. And I don't believe Santorum supporters actually got up and voted for Mitt.

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Reply 42 - Posted by: hot coffee, 11/8/2012 5:34:14 AM     (No. 8998678)

What about those slam dunk Senate races in Missouri and Indiana?

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Reply 43 - Posted by: Sully, 11/8/2012 6:20:59 AM     (No. 8998707)

#36 BINGO!


The con talkers are trying to sell PRODUCT? Books ties tea whatever. I say this as a 20 year Rush listener. Im not saying Rush isnt honest in his conservative core, but his show is 100% oriented toward his cash register. And that compromises him.

Dont get me started on those howling nabobs Levin and Savage. It is all screaching all the time. You think Buckley would have any of that?

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Reply 44 - Posted by: forward, 11/8/2012 6:45:58 AM     (No. 8998722)

We have allowed social issues to hijack the more fundamental ones about economy and the role of gov't. In a horrible economy that Obama presided over, tell me why we had all these distractions about abortion abortion abortion, birth control birth control birth control, rape rape rape rape rape, back to abortion abortion abortion. I do think this allowed an opening for the Libs to cast it as a "war on women" that our party was waging, and I do think it cost us that precious 2%-3% of votes that we needed. Not only from women but from young people who are thinking, DO NOT take away my (or my girlfriend's) birth control pills! I know this was not accurate for them to think, but the focus on reproductive issues allowed us to be villainized to an extreme degree. Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a "slut", I am telling you, outside our own echo chamber do you think that went over well? It did NOT. OK, over and out, thanks.

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   1  person like this.

Reply 45 - Posted by: Sully, 11/8/2012 7:13:16 AM     (No. 8998761)

OK now you're going to have the social moderates coming out and blaming the prolifers.

Lookit, if Repubs can't win THIS election, they can't win anything. We had the most socialist, most lying in daylight, most incompetent, scandal plagued admin you could possibly want. You think a prochoice repub would have taken it? REALLY???

It doesn't matter what they espouse, The MainMedia will spin it into crap.

Contraception? Where the h did that come from???? Stephie the Greek made that up out of whole cloth. How the h is candidate x supposed to reply to it? Any candidate? You respond to it well, they'll just pick something else. "is it true you want to ban alcohol?" Don't you get it??

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Reply 46 - Posted by: pmarc078, 11/8/2012 7:28:43 AM     (No. 8998789)

what #44 said...

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Reply 47 - Posted by: Judith, 11/8/2012 7:41:45 AM     (No. 8998820)

Tea party? Palin? I'm in, just call, I'll help.

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   1  person like this.

Reply 48 - Posted by: RUReadyY3K, 11/8/2012 10:18:33 AM     (No. 8999286)

Agree that open primaries should go. Also, was is Iowa sacrosanct? We didn't even win there. First Republican primary should be a big swing state - Florida or Virginia.

For now, concentrate on taking the senate in 2014 if possible and expand the House again.

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Daily Caller, by Patrick Howley    Original Article
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Then-Sens. Joe Biden and John Kerry were both opposed to Hillary Clinton’s 1993 health-care reform program, according to documents released by the Clinton presidential library. Clinton marked a handwritten “No” beside Biden’s name on Clinton’s list of Capitol Hill lawmakers that she needed to win over for her universal health care law, known as the “Clinton health plan” or “Hillarycare,” to pass. John Kerry, meanwhile, was marked with a “Probably not.” “Hillarycare” ended up dying in the Democratic-controlled Senate in 1994 without coming to a floor vote. As vice president, Biden has been a loyal supporter of the Obama administration’s

The ´soft despotism´ of regulation
imposes high costs on Americans
Washington Examiner, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/18/2014 9:37:39 PM     Post Reply
Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Alexis de Tocqueville, author of the classic Democracy in America, were born in different times and places. But the French aristocrat and American think tanker have the measure of the federal behemoth in the age of Obama. Writing in 1835, Tocqueville eloquently predicted how it would function, while Crews today supplies in his annual compilation of federal rules and regulations, “10,000 Commandments,” the hard numbers that describe the behemoth´s contemporary reach and costs. It is always worthwhile to revisit de Tocqueville’s description of what he called the

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´America´s royal baby´: How Chelsea´s first
child could give Hillary Clinton a boost in
the polls if she runs for president in 2016

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Daily Mail (U.K.), by Jessica Jerreat    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 4/19/2014 7:12:10 PM     Post Reply
For Hillary Clinton, having her own baby grandchild to kiss on the campaign trail, could be one of the biggest boosts to her possible presidential election campaign. Although the former Secretary of State and First Lady has not said if she will run in 2016, the arrival of her first grandchild will soften her image, analysts have said. While Chelsea only revealed her pregnancy on Thursday, supporters of her mother have already started cooing over a possible baby in the White House. With the Clintons having a near-royal status in the U.S., the announcement of a new arrival due this fall has sent

Barack Obama and the politics of lies
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Washington Examiner [DC], by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/20/2014 5:45:25 AM     Post Reply
That was quite a victory dance President Obama did Thursday while claiming Obamacare is “working” because eight million people have now supposedly signed up for the health care program. He even indulged in some less-than-subtle mockery of Republicans - and by extension the majority of Americans who have disapproved of Obamacare since before it became law. "The repeal debate is and should be over,” Obama said, taking a dig at Republicans who are “going through, you know, the stages of grief … anger and denial and all that stuff …” But a president who is viewed by most Americans as less

White House asks American parents to
monitor their children for signs of terrorism

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Daily Caller, by Eric Owens    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/19/2014 5:50:04 PM     Post Reply
In a speech earlier this week, Lisa O. Monaco, President Barack Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism, insisted that American parents must be vigilant because their “confrontational” children could be on the verge of becoming terrorists. Monaco’s full, prepared text is available here. She presented the speech, entitled “Countering Violent Extremism and the Power of Community,” at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government on April 15. Monaco began her remarks by eloquently describing the lives tragically lost last year during the Boston Marathon bombings. Interestingly, the Harvard grad failed to mention the religion or the motive of brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan

In a Hole, Golf Considers
Digging a Wider One

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New York Times, by Bill Pennington    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 4/19/2014 10:48:33 AM     Post Reply
GREENSBORO, Ga. — Golf holes the size of pizzas. Soccer balls on the back nine. A mulligan on every hole. These are some of the measures — some would say gimmicks — that golf courses across the country have experimented with to stop people from quitting the game. Golf has always reveled in its standards and rich tradition. But increasingly a victim of its own image and hidebound ways, golf has lost five million players in the last decade, according to the National Golf Foundation, with 20 percent of the existing 25 million golfers apt to quit in the next few years. People under 35 have especially spurned the game, saying it takes too

Harry Reid calls dissident Nevada ranchers
´domestic terrorists´ following show of
force against the federal government

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Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 4/19/2014 9:29:17 AM     Post Reply
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that a family of dissident ranchers and their supporters in his home state of Nevada are ´domestic terrorists,´ citing this week´s standoff with the federal government´s Bureau of Land Management. Cliven Bundy has refused to pay grazing fees for land where his hundreds of cattle roam every day. The land is owned by the federal government, which says he owes more than $1 million. Bundy, however, insists that since his family has been using the land since the 1870s, Uncle Sam can´t collect the grazing fees. A tense standoff developed this week after

Obama: ´For me, Easter is a story of hope,
a belief in a better day to come´

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Investor´s Business Daily, by Andrew Malcolm    Original Article
Posted By: SurferLad- 4/19/2014 9:16:36 AM     Post Reply
Hi, everybody. For millions of Americans, this time of year holds great meaning. Earlier this week, we hosted a Passover Seder at the White House, and joined Jewish families around the world in their re-tellings of the story of the Exodus and the victory of faith over oppression. And this Sunday, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and I will join our fellow Christians around the world in celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, the salvation he offered the world, and the hope that comes with the Easter season. These holy days have their roots in miracles that took place long ago. And yet, they still inspire us, guide us, and strengthen us today. They remind us of our

Stop dressing so tacky for church
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CNN, by John Blake    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 4/20/2014 4:40:56 AM     Post Reply
If the Rev. John DeBonville could preach a sermon to lift the souls of churchgoers across America, his message would be simple: Stop dressing so tacky for church. DeBonville has heard about the “come as you are” approach to dressing down for Sunday service, but he says the Sabbath is getting too sloppy. When he scans the pews of churches, DeBonville sees rows of people dressed in their Sunday worst. They saunter into church in baggy shorts, flip-flop sandals, tennis shoes and grubby T-shirts. Some even slide into the pews carrying coffee in plastic foam containers as if they’re going to Starbucks. “It’s like

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