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  Topic: That Bus Is Rolling . . .
Hillary's Headed Under?
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That Bus Is Rolling . . .
Hillary's Headed Under?

Townhall, by Carol Platt Liebau

Original Article

Posted By:Scottyboy, 10/14/2012 8:21:28 PM

As Eliana Johnson points out over at NRO, this morning, David Axelrod continued to throw Hillary Clinton and the State Department under the bus, doubling down on the story that Joe Biden's royal "we" at the veep debate referred only to a party of two -- himself and the President -- not knowing about the requests for enhanced security at Benghazi. Apparently, in the Obama presidency, the buck doesn't stop with the President . . . it stops with, in Axelrod's words, "the security folks at the State Department."

I doubt Barry & Hillary can keep up the charade until the election. 0bama is going to have to do more damage control after Mitt is through with him Tuesday evening....should be interesting.


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Reply 1 - Posted by: Justavoter, 10/14/2012 8:29:24 PM     (No. 8933231)

Wouldn't it be rich if Mitt tells Obama Tuesday night that he would never sell his cabinet members out if he were president

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Reply 2 - Posted by: Bubbasuncle, 10/14/2012 8:30:29 PM     (No. 8933237)

Hey Barry, see that huge bump in the road your bus is headed for? You may want to re-think hitting it, she will rear up and rip off your head and crap down your neck.

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Reply 3 - Posted by: noddy, 10/14/2012 8:35:18 PM     (No. 8933250)

Okay Slick. Let's see what you're really made of.

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Reply 4 - Posted by: Freeloader, 10/14/2012 8:42:05 PM     (No. 8933264)

Could this mean the Chi-Town and Ozark/New York Mobs are finally going to the mattresses? Stay tuned. Don't touch that dial!

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Reply 5 - Posted by: NuGoddess, 10/14/2012 9:00:14 PM     (No. 8933290)

You knew he was a snake when you picked him up.

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Reply 6 - Posted by: Holeymoses, 10/14/2012 9:03:00 PM     (No. 8933292)

I noticed how many of the Obama people have been protecting Rice, even though they don't think twice about throwing Hillary to the wolves. I am suspecting that is because she is the weakest link and they don't want to have her confessing all over the place. SHe could probably set the record straight about the strategy and players.

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Lucky4, 10/14/2012 9:03:10 PM     (No. 8933293)

Every time I hear the word "folks" I cringe now.

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Reply 8 - Posted by: steveracer, 10/14/2012 9:03:52 PM     (No. 8933294)

I'm not so sure. These are the same Clintons that brought us impeachment, Twin Towers terrorism, Fannie & Freddie housing crisis, defense secrets to China, FALN & Marc Rich pardons, selling off the Lincoln bedroon, Vince Foster, travel gate, asprin factories. Can we rely on them to dispatch the Chump from Chicago?

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Reply 9 - Posted by: barbcrose, 10/14/2012 9:06:31 PM     (No. 8933300)

"The wheels of the bus go round and round"

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Robinsolana, 10/14/2012 9:06:47 PM     (No. 8933301)

Cats in a barrel, but still just cats.

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Reply 11 - Posted by: bluehouse, 10/14/2012 9:18:54 PM     (No. 8933320)

Wow, #8 just reminded me of the first time I ever heard of Tony Snow. He was subbing for Rush & explaining travel-gate. It's been a long road.

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Reply 12 - Posted by: starbaby, 10/14/2012 9:20:57 PM     (No. 8933323)

FTA: So expect more details damaging to Obama and Biden slowly to trickle out.

Yes, I bet Obama is having nightmares about this. I'm sure Bill and Hill have a nice little stash of oppo research in reserve and they will not hesitate to use it if threatened. They are ruthless and without conscience. But then again so is Obama. The Clinton Machine vs. the Chicago Machine. Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

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Reply 13 - Posted by: NY Betsy Rose, 10/14/2012 9:29:04 PM     (No. 8933331)

Hatfields and McCoys busy destroyig the land they live on. Bill must be in a snit to end all snits, and the world watches like we're a daily soap opera. All the while Obama destroys America inside and out.

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Reply 14 - Posted by: leviteprez, 10/14/2012 9:36:43 PM     (No. 8933343)

i guess this week will tell us who has the bigger kahonies... mohamabama or hillary the hun

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Reply 15 - Posted by: pickle1, 10/14/2012 9:37:58 PM     (No. 8933346)

These two are in this together. It's the party first and that ain't Dem or Rep. They should both be tried for treason.

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Reply 16 - Posted by: hay32, 10/14/2012 9:57:58 PM     (No. 8933371)

The Obama team now says that noone would think anything about the murders in Benghazi if it were not for those nasty Repubs. They keep bringing it up for political purposes.

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Reply 17 - Posted by: BarryNo, 10/14/2012 10:33:23 PM     (No. 8933417)

I think Obama is going to manage to throw Hillary AND himself under that bus!

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Reply 18 - Posted by: doublesharp, 10/14/2012 10:47:49 PM     (No. 8933426)

#11, thanks for the memory jog. Wouldn't it be great to get Tony's take on the events happening now.

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Reply 19 - Posted by: steveracer, 10/14/2012 11:08:47 PM     (No. 8933456)

Will I finally get to see Barry's college grades? Oh boy.

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Reply 20 - Posted by: whyyeseyec, 10/14/2012 11:09:25 PM     (No. 8933457)

You`d think that bus would have flat tires by now...

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Reply 21 - Posted by: Penney, 10/14/2012 11:10:22 PM     (No. 8933460)

No matter. At this late date 0bama is just shifting the deck chairs as his entire statist, 'pirate ship,' administration sinks from its own weight. ...Such leaky, unstable crafts don't stay afloat very long.

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Reply 22 - Posted by: Rita, 10/14/2012 11:28:12 PM     (No. 8933493)

I recommend taking them as they come, and right now it's Hillary Clinton's baby no question about it, and she's in our lap. The smartest woman in the room proved to be a boob on the job.

Testimony revealed it was not money funding that brought rejections to the cries for security, and the mission of State is to protect and defend our embassies, so if you fail, for any reason, you resign. She did not.

Yes, Obama wanted a light footprint, but could hardly himself want to risk all this. Hillary did not do the job, failed the mission of the state dept, was caught red handed, but won't resign. She's going to let the Republicans leap frog over her to get Obama, and apparently they are willing to do just that, to let her dereliction of duty slide to get it done. That may be good politics but lacks integrity. Running around aiming low at Susan Rice and high at Obama, Hillary is going to skate and come back and bite us inthe netherregion. We will deserve it

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Reply 23 - Posted by: KTWO, 10/14/2012 11:37:45 PM     (No. 8933506)

I hope she gets mangled by the bus. And soon.

It would only hurt Obama by revealing more of his true character. Which is why I want it soon, before the election

In the long term Hillary would benefit from breaking with the loathsome gang in the WH.

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Reply 24 - Posted by: JerseyDotter, 10/14/2012 11:41:41 PM     (No. 8933509)

I cannot understand why both Hillary and Rice have not been called to testify. Well, yes I can....the Republicans have no spine (and I'm being kind).

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Reply 25 - Posted by: Charactercounts, 10/15/2012 2:18:20 AM     (No. 8933603)

In the fight between the Chicago thugs and the Arkansas thugs, let's hope the damage to America is small.

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Reply 26 - Posted by: Trigger2, 10/15/2012 4:28:15 AM     (No. 8933683)

Even if Issa called the Hildebeast to testify, Barry would just invoke executive privilege and prevent her from going. After all, his faux presidency is on the line.

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