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Obama´s ´Post Foley´ Golf Game Less
About The Optics Of Leadership And More
About A Failure To Grasp Our Collective Pain
Forbes, by Rick Unger    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 5:23:43 AM     Post Reply
As readers of this column know, I tend to favor the political and policy positions put forth by President Barack Obama and his administration. (Snip)Because most of the Americans whom the President represents would very much have liked to have been in the presence of the Foley family if only to give them a hug and personally express deep condolences. While most of us couldn’t do that, the President could have—and should have—done it for us. I know the President placed a call to the family earlier in the day. And, on a day when the President’s normal duties would

Obama’s Made-for-TV Worldview
National Review Online, by Jonah Goldberg    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 5:15:11 AM     Post Reply
Does the president think the world is a TV show? One of the things you learn watching television as a kid is that the hero wins. No matter how dire things look, the star is going to be okay. MacGyver always defuses the bomb with some saltwater taffy before the timer reaches zero. There was no way Fonzie was going to mess up his water-ski jump and get devoured by sharks. Life doesn’t actually work like that. That’s one reason HBO’s Game of Thrones is so compelling. Despite being set in an absurd fantasy world of giants, dragons, and ice zombies, it’s

New Ohio abortion rules
close decades-old clinic
Washington Times, by Cheryl Wetzstein    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 8/22/2014 5:12:16 AM     Post Reply
Supporters of a Cincinnati area clinic that is ending its surgical abortion services Friday say it is the latest victim of a political attack — and that Ohio is at risk of losing even more of its abortion clinics. A state law enacted in 2013 “seems like a deliberate Catch-22,” said lawyer Dorothea Langsham, who represents the Women´s Med Center of Cincinnati. Its Lebanon Road Surgery Center in Sharonville, Ohio, is expected to cease offering surgical abortions as of 4 p.m. Friday. The ambulatory surgical clinic had been operating for more than 30 years in the Cincinnati area and was



Anonymous Day Of Rage Over
Michael Brown Fizzles Nationwide
As Ragers Fail To Materialize
Daily Caller, by Eric Owens    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 8/22/2014 5:07:41 AM     Post Reply
Thursday’s “National Day Of Rage” planned by the hacktivist group Anonymous against the Aug. 9 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. failed to materialize in any remotely significant way. Anonymous had called for a protest in 37 cities. A Facebook posting dated Thursday shows that organizers had also envisioned nationwide protests in the early evening in dozens of additional cities — everywhere from Helena, Mont. (pop. 29,134) to Perryville, Mo. (pop. 8,225) The protests were a huge dud. A smattering of dedicated protesters showed up in front of the White House, demanding the arrest of Darren Wilson, the police officer

No Reply from America?
Weekly Standard, by William Kristol    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 5:02:25 AM     Post Reply
On Tuesday, August 19, an American citizen, James Foley, was savagely killed. The group of jihadists known as ISIL had previously killed and brutalized tens of thousands of non-Americans. But they killed Foley because he was an American. They titled the grotesque video of this particular act of barbarism “A message to America.” On Wednesday, the president of the United States of America spoke. It would have been fitting if he had delivered a reply from America. It would have been proper if his reply to the savages who killed James Foley had been that they would be hearing from

What Will Happen to
Officer Darren Wilson?
American Spectator, by Aaron Goldstein    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 4:57:34 AM     Post Reply
A grand jury has convened to determine what charges, if any, will be brought against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown earlier this month. Over at The New Republic, Yishai Schwartz argues that a conviction against Wilson is impossible because of Missouri´s self defense laws: In other states, claims of self-defense need to be proven as more likely than not, or in legal speak, to a “preponderance of the evidence.” It’s still the state’s obligation to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant actually killed the victim. But once that’s established, the prosecution doesn’t

Prosecutors have not spoken
to Darren Wilson yet
Washington Post, by Mark Berman    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 4:47:39 AM     Post Reply
A spokesman for ?St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said he would not comment on reports that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson suffered a fractured eye bone during Wilson’s confrontation with Michael Brown that ended with the officer shooting and killing the unarmed teen. “We do not comment on any evidence in the case, and that would include the officer’s injuries,” said Ed Magee. Magee said that prosecutors have not received any medical records relating to Wilson so far. ?But he said that since Wilson was taken to the hospital, they assume there are medical records and they just haven’t received them



Clintonphobia: Why No Democrat
Wants to Run Against Hillary
Atlantic, by Peter Beinart    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 4:43:00 AM     Post Reply
The mystery of the 2016 Democratic presidential race isn’t why Hillary Clinton seems likely to run. She’s ambitious, qualified, too old to wait another four years and well positioned to win. Why wouldn’t she run? The mystery is why she has no real competition. So far, none of the Democrats who could seriously challenge Clinton—Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, Deval Patrick—have shown any interest. The candidates who have—Brian Schweitzer, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders—are too weak to arouse much media attention or donor support. On Tuesday, The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake ran through the reasons various potential challengers seemed disinclined to run: Warren has

Lead Investigator: Perry Was Not Under
Investigation When He Tried to Get
Travis County’s Drunk DA to Resign
PJ Media, by Bryan Preston    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 8/22/2014 4:40:15 AM     Post Reply
The Texas Democratic Party and its operatives have tried to build a defense of their indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. According to that narrative, Perry tried to get Lehmberg removed because the Travis County Public Integrity Unit was circling around the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. There were allegations of crony corruption in CPRIT. According to the Democrat narrative, the suspicion of crony corruption had the PIU looking into Perry and several close associates. So, according to this narrative, Perry wanted to push Lehmberg out as Travis County district attorney, so he could appoint her successor and get

‘Top Chef’ Host Padma Lakshmi And
Crew Flambéed By Boston Teamsters
Deadline Hollywood, by David Robb    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 8/22/2014 4:33:37 AM     Post Reply
The Teamsters picketers were already mad. By the time Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi’s car pulled up to the Steel & Rye restaurant in the picturesque New England town of Milton just outside Boston, one of them ran up to her car and screamed, “We’re gonna bash that pretty face in, you f*****g whore!” “She was scared,” said a Top Chef crewmember who witnessed the incident, which occurred in June while filming an episode for the upcoming 12th season of Bravo’s popular skein, which premieres October 15. “He was screaming at her aggressively and violently.”

A question for Washington pollsters: How
wrong must you be to never work again?
Washington Post, by Ben Terris    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 8/22/2014 4:26:02 AM     Post Reply
Just how wrong does someone have to be to lose their job in Washington, D.C.? For John McLaughlin, even historically wrong wasn’t enough. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you know his work. He’s the Republican pollster who predicted just weeks before the June election that then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) would win his primary by 34 points. This week, Cantor packed up his Capitol Hill office, having lost that election by 10 points. “The worst part of it is, you build a relationship with a longtime friend and you never want to lose,” McLaughlin says now, noting that



ISIS: What it will take
to beat terror group
CNN, by Tom Lister    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 8/22/2014 4:22:37 AM     Post Reply
We need long-term to take out ISIS´ leadership, to degrade their operational capabilities, to cut off their financing sources, to go after them in a comprehensive way to cut off their ability to do the things we´ve seen them do." Those were the words of State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf on Monday -- suggesting the Obama Administration is preparing to do much more against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq than deprive it of the Mosul Dam. They sounded much like the checklist used to degrade al Qaeda over a decade. Until the sudden capture of Mosul in June, ISIS

10-Hour ´Pay It Forward´ Line Ends
With Customer No. 458 Who Refuses
ABC News, by Yazhou Sun    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 8/22/2014 4:20:44 AM     Post Reply
A 10-hour stream of kindness ended abruptly at a Florida Starbucks Wednesday evening when customer No.458 broke ranks and declined to "pay it forward" for the next drive-thru patron. "She got a free drink from the previous customer," Celeste Guzman, manager at the Starbucks on Tyrone Boulevard in St. Petersburg, told ABC News today. "She was happy about that," Guzman said. "But she didn´t want to pay for the next patron. “It all started at 7:21 a.m. yesterday morning when a woman paid for her iced coffee and decided to pay for the caramel macchiato the customer behind her ordered as well,” Guzman

Pentagon: Islamic State
Militants Will Regroup
Associated Press, by Robert Burns    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 8/22/2014 4:16:44 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON -- U.S. airstrikes have helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces regain their footing in Iraq, but the well-resourced Islamic State militants can be expected to regroup and stage a new offensive, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday. Speaking alongside Hagel at a Pentagon news conference, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said that although the Islamic State group can be contained it cannot be defeated without attacking it in Syria. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said this would not necessarily require airstrikes by the U.S., although Hagel appeared to leave open that possibility by telling reporters, "We´re looking at

IRS E-mails: The Perfect Storm
American Thinker, by Bruce Walker    Original Article
Posted By: geo11- 8/22/2014 3:53:34 AM     Post Reply
August 22 is another deadline for the Obama administration’s IRS officials to come clean about their clear malfeasance in office. Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has acted sua sponte to compel IRS officials to provide all the details surrounding the “lost” e-mails, has the reputation of a judicial pit bull, a federal judge who insists that his orders and his office be treated with proper respect. Placing himself directly in the middle of this scandal, Judge Sullivan has removed the favored riposte by the left: attack the questioner. Sullivan is a black jurist from Howard University, perhaps the most respected black university



Obama´s Worldview: We´re the Problem
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: steveW- 8/22/2014 3:22:56 AM     Post Reply
RUSH: Now, folks, I want to get started here on a popular perception of Obama´s worldview. There´s a lot of people I have run across in the throes of show prep pulling their hair out and wringing their hands trying to figure out why Obama doesn´t do anything, doesn´t really take action to deal with these really bad, evil people and the threats that they pose. I´m not gonna have time to complete this in-depth analysis before the next obscene profit time-out, but let me give you a heads-up. Let me give you the umbrella under which everything else falls.

Sacramento patient tests negative
for Ebola after West Africa visit
Los Angeles Times, by Ryan Parker    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/22/2014 12:50:12 AM     Post Reply
A patient at the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center who was potentially exposed to the Ebola virus has tested negative, hospital officials confirmed Thursday night. The unidentified patient was being cared for in a specially equipped negative pressure room while tests were ongoing, officials said. It is unclear when the patient arrived at the facility or when the possible exposure to the virus occurred, but it did happen in West Africa, officials said. No specific information about the patient, including the name or gender, has been released. Kaiser was working with the Sacramento County Division of Public Health

Navy: F/A-18s pounded
Islamic State targets with
laser-guided bombs on 30 missions
Washington Times, by Douglas Ernst    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/22/2014 12:37:54 AM     Post Reply
Sunni radicals fighting on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq have been on the receiving end of at least 30 F/A-18s bombing runs that originated from the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier. Rear Adm. DeWolfe Miller, commander of Carrier Strike Group Two, told reporters by phone from the Arabian Gulf that artillery positions, convoys and other strategic targets have been destroyed by the jets, which carry GBU-54 500-pound, laser-guided bombs, the military blog Defense Tech reported Wednesday. When asked about the kind of anti-aircraft weapons that the Islamic State may have, the admiral only replied “We can handle whatever they have,”

Pope Francis called to console Foley
family after photojournalist’s killing
Washington Times, by Douglas Ernst    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/22/2014 12:21:38 AM     Post Reply
The family of slain photojournalist James Foley received a call from Pope Francis on Thursday. Sunni radicals with the Islamic State group beheaded him on Tuesday. A spokesman for the Vatican said that the family was “deeply moved and grateful,” NBC reported. When James Foley, a Catholic who attended Marquette University, was captured by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in 2011, he said that prayer helped him through the ordeal. In a letter he wrote to the university, he explained, “I began to pray the rosary. It was what my mother and grandmother would have prayed. I said 10 Hail Marys between each Our Father.

Islamic State press officer
who taunted White House with
‘flag of Allah’ killed in Syria
Washington Times, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/22/2014 12:14:14 AM     Post Reply
The Islamic State press officer who taunted the Obama administration by saying the terrorist group would “raise the flag of Allah” in the White House is now dead. Abu Mosa was killed by Syrian forces loyal to dictator Bashar Assad, whose regime also is fighting against the Islamic State, which began as part of the anti-government militia there and is accordingly also known by the acronyms ISIL and ISIS. “An #ISIS leader and press officer both killed in Tabqa Airbase attack in #Syria,” the State Department said Thursday via one of its Twitter accounts, @ThinkAgain_DOS, which tells “truths about terrorism” to encourage Muslims to “turn


Haniyeh vows Hamas will
´liberate Palestine´ after top
commanders killed by Israel
Jerusalem Post [Israel], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/22/2014 12:03:53 AM     Post Reply
After the killing of three of its senior commanders by Israel, Hamas vowed early Friday that it would be “strengthened” in its quest “to lift the siege on Gaza” and “liberate Jerusalem and Palestine from the neo-Nazi occupier who destroys houses and kills women and children.” Hours after the targeted strike on the Hamas commanders, Ismail Haniyeh, the former head of the Hamas regime in Gaza, released a statement that was read aloud by the Hamas television network. Haniyeh said that Hamas “was saddened over the deaths of our brothers and commanders who went on the path of great ones.”

Monuments to Obama raise some hackles
Washington Times (D.C), by Dave Boyer    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/22/2014 12:00:25 AM     Post Reply
Everything from streets to a parasitic hairworm have been named in honor of President Obama, but the effort to immortalize him is causing a backlash in one New Jersey town, whose elected leaders are reconsidering their vote to place the president’s name on a recreation center. The Willingboro council has scheduled a second vote on renaming a township building the Barack Obama Center amid complaints that its initial move was premature and unjustified. Mayor Eddie Campbell Jr. said the council’s first vote this month was rushed and that most residents in the overwhelmingly Democratic town oppose changing the building’s name

Extracting ‘a cancer’
Boston Herald, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/21/2014 11:51:42 PM     Post Reply
The nature of the enemy is now abundantly clear — if it were ever in doubt. The masked beasts who call themselves the Islamic State have taken the life of one of our own in every sense of that phrase. James Wright Foley was a native of Rochester, N.H. His parents are our neighbors. Their pain is our pain. And he was a fellow journalist who risked his life on more occasions than this last one in Syria. As his mother posted on Facebook, “He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people.”

Sarah Palin Responds to Dawkins´
Statement of ´Immoral´ Not to
Abort Down´s Syndrome Baby
Breitbart Big Government, by Dr. Susan Berry    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/21/2014 11:48:00 PM     Post Reply
On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin, the mother of a child with Down’s syndrome, responded to atheist author Richard Dawkins, who started a Twitter firestorm Wednesday by claiming an unborn baby with Down’s syndrome should be aborted, and that it would be “immoral to bring it into the world.” Palin replied to Dawkins: Mr. Dawkins, I´d let you meet my son if you promised to open your mind, your eyes, and your heart to a unique kind of absolute beauty. But, in my request for you to be tolerant, I’d have to warn Trig he must be tolerant, too, because

Powerless to stop ISIS, West
may have no choice but to join
forces with Iran, Hezbollah
Jerusalem Post [Israel], by Ariel Ben Solomon    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 8/21/2014 11:44:26 PM     Post Reply
US attacks on the Sunni Islamic State in Iraq and its cooperation and arming of the ruling Shi’ite government there, is the latest signal that the West is moving towards an arrangement with the Shi’ite Iranian axis, which includes Hezbollah, Iraq, and Syria. Such an alignment has been feared by the Sunni world and Israel for some time. For example, the Obama administration has allowed Iran to drag out negotiations over the country’s nuclear program and reportedly indirectly shared intelligence with Hezbollah to counter Islamist jihadists in Lebanon. Seeing the wind blowing its way in the region, Iran has jumped

Revved Up
Politico, by Glenn Thrush    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 8/21/2014 10:10:48 PM     Post Reply
A few days after 18-year-old Mike Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri, White House officials enlisted an unusual source for on-the-ground intelligence amid the chaos and tear gas: the Rev. Al Sharpton, a fiery activist who became a household name by provoking rather than pacifying. Sharpton—once such a pariah that Clinton administration officials rushed through their ribbon-cuttings in Harlem for fear he’d show up and force them to, gasp, shake his hand—arrived on the scene 72 hours after the shooting at the request of Brown’s grandfather, who had admired his advocacy on behalf of the family of slain Florida teen

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