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Battle in the States: NYT
Documents Impending GOP
Takeover of Statehouses Nationwide
Breitbart Big Government, by Matthew Boyle    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 8/12/2014 9:25:13 PM     Post Reply
Recess is in full force in Washington, D.C., as national lawmakers vacation around the country, but both political parties are fighting intense political battles on the ground in states nationwide as several statehouses are up for grabs in what’s shaping up to be a landslide pro-GOP election year. “Republicans, who had appeared to hit a high-water mark in control of statehouses in recent years, are seeking to pick off another half-dozen chambers this year, taking advantage of President Obama’s persistent unpopularity, anxiety about the economy, and a history of anemic turnout among Democrats in nonpresidential election years,” the New York

Obama redirects $10M to help
fight terrorists in Africa
USA Today, by David Jackson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/12/2014 9:16:55 PM     Post Reply
The United States is redirecting $10 million in Pentagon spending to help France fight terrorists in northern Africa. President Obama issued the order Monday while on vacation at Martha´s Vineyard, Mass. "I hereby determine that an unforeseen emergency exists that requires immediate military assistance to France in its efforts to secure Mali, Niger and Chad from terrorists and violent extremists," Obama wrote in a memorandum. France has launched a new operation against Islamist groups, sending some 3,000 troops to the Sahel region that includes the three countries identified by Obama. Ned Price, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said

Obama calls death of Missouri
teenager ´heartbreaking,´ urges
public calm
Washington Examiner (DC), by Brian Hughes    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 9:13:40 PM     Post Reply
President Obama called the death of Missouri teenager Michael Brown “heartbreaking” Tuesday, making his first public comments on the police shooting that prompted clashes between protesters and authorities. “The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time,” Obama said a statement from Martha’s Vineyard, where he is vacationing. “I know the events of the past few days have prompted strong passions, but as details unfold, I urge everyone in Ferguson, Mo., and across the country, to remember this young man through reflection and understanding,”



Help Me Stay Rich, Colorado!
Power Line, by John Hinderaker    Original Article
Posted By: MDMuskrat- 8/12/2014 9:11:39 PM     Post Reply
A grass roots group is running some terrific pro-fracking ads in Colorado. They feature a Middle Eastern sheik and a Russian oligarch pleading with Coloradans to help them stay rich by suppressing the production of American energy. They are funny and true, and therefore highly effective. (snip) Best of all, the ads are accompanied by street art. We have written before about the fact that conservative, anti-Obama street art has been popping up around the country. This is a good example of the genre: We need a lot more of this sort of creativity between now and November.

FLASHBACK: Obama Administration
Says Islamic Caliphate is "Feckless
Delusion" That is "Never Going
to Happen"
Townhall, by Katie Pavlich    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 9:08:51 PM     Post Reply
The brutal terrorist organization known as ISIS or ISIL, made up of former al Qaeda fighters, has renamed itself the Islamic State. The name "Islamic State" is self-explanatory and was chosen based on the group´s goal of establishing a caliphate by conquering as much land in the middle east and around the world as possible, beheading and killing anyone standing in their way. Regardless of the terrorist group´s own classification and stated goals to implement and maintain an Islamist caliphate going back years, the Obama administration wasn´t worried about the "absurd" concept and had no plans to stop it from

IRS and Barack´s Half-Brother
American Thinker, by Eileen F. Toplansky    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 9:04:09 PM     Post Reply
In April 2012, Indiana´s news station WTHR conducted a "Tax Loophole" investigation that attracted the attention of millions of Americans. They discovered "a massive tax loophole that provides billions of dollars in tax credits to undocumented workers." Although a program known as the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) was supposed to be "primarily used by undocumented workers to follow the law and file income taxes in the United States" the ongoing IRS scandal linked "ITIN fraud to billions in lost taxpayer dollars" and the IRS was "forced to reform the ITIN program at the start of 2013." Didn´t quite happen.

Lauren Bacall, legendary actress, dies at 89
Los Angeles Times, by Ryan Parker & Dennis McLellan    Original Article
Posted By: Mike PHX- 8/12/2014 8:49:33 PM     Post Reply
Lauren Bacall, the smoky-voiced movie legend who taught Humphrey Bogart how to whistle in "To Have and Have Not," has died at the age of 89, according to her family. Details of the location and the cause of her death were not immediately available. Her death was confirmed by Robbert de Klerk, the co-managing partner of the Humphrey Bogart Estate with her son Stephen Bogart. Reached by telephone at her Santa Monica home, her daughter, Leslie Bogart, said the family was not sharing any additional information at thi time. Bacall launched her career with the 1944 film that turned "Bogie and Bacall" into one of Hollywood's legendary



Go big: Immigration activists
beg Obama to legalize eight
million illegals or more
Hot Air, by Allahpundit    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/12/2014 7:11:26 PM     Post Reply
The number kicked around for the past few months was five or six million. That’s not good enough for immigration groups, who want to see something closer to eight figures. And once you’re creeping up towards 10 million, there’s really no point in having eligibility criteria at all. Just legalize everyone, no questions asked. Honestly, if we’re going to have the president dictate national policy, what’s the sense in demanding that he do it by half-measures? Instead of dipping a toe into our new antidemocratic age, let’s swan dive. Marielena Hincapié, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, said that’s

Cheney: Obama Probably Not
Reading His Intelligence Reports
Breitbart TV, by Ian Hanchett    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 8/12/2014 7:07:43 PM     Post Reply
Former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized President Barack Obama’s handling of the crisis in Iraq and said that the president probably isn’t reading his intelligence briefings. In an interview set to air on Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Cheney agreed with Charles Krauthammer’s claim that the president is “strategically clueless,” adding that President Obama doesn’t think that US power is beneficial, but rather “part of the problem.” And maintaining that President Obama does not “have the same fundamental set of beliefs that most of our presidents have held over the years.” Cheney added that President Obama’s past statements that ISIS was “JV”
Staff has corrected headline.

Protests Force Roman Polanski
to Bow Out of Film Festival Honor
Breitbart California, by Chistian Toto    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 8/12/2014 6:31:55 PM     Post Reply
Roman Polanski´s sordid past continue to haunt him. The famed director of Rosemary´s Baby and Chinatown will not personally collect a lifetime achievement award from the Locarno Film Festival as originally planned. The Hollywood Reporter says media critics as well as local Swiss politicians blasted the decision to fete Polanski given his abuse of a pre-teen back in 1977. Court records showed Polanski gave a 13-year-old girl a Quaalude and Champagne before anally raping her. He spent 42 days in prison before fleeing the country rather than face the full force of the U.S. legal system. The director said he

Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams killed
himself due to ‘leftist world view’
Washington Times, by Jessica Chasmar    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 8/12/2014 6:30:38 PM     Post Reply
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Tuesday that Robin Williams committed suicide because of his “leftist world view.” “What is the left’s world view in general?” Mr. Limbaugh asked listeners. “If you had to attach, not a philosophy, but an attitude to a leftist world view. It’s one of pessimism, and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy, are they?” (snip) “[Liberals] are animated in large part by the false promises of America, because the promises of America are not for everyone,” he said. “He had it all, but he had nothing. Made everybody else laugh, but was miserable inside. It fits a certain



Immigrant youth to confront
Sen. Ted Cruz about bullying
immigrant community
McKinney Courier-Gazette [Plano, TX], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/12/2014 6:25:37 PM     Post Reply
Dreamers from Texas, a chapter of an immigrant-youth led organization, on Thursday will descend on Sen. Ted Cruz’s Houston offices, present him a huge blowout of his Canadian birth certificate and remind him of his own immigrant roots, according to a release. Maria Fernanda Cabello, an organizer for the organization, United We Dream (UWD), issued the following statement: “Since taking office, Sen. Cruz has bullied the undocumented community, blocking attempts at immigration reform that would lift my parents out of the shadows, and now he’s using his power among right-wing representatives in the House to allow a vote to get rid of

Vast tomb unearthed in northern Greece
Telegraph (UK), by Nick Squires    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 8/12/2014 6:19:57 PM     Post Reply
Archaeologists in Greece have discovered a vast tomb that they believe is connected with the reign of the warrior-king Alexander the Great, who conquered vast swathes of the ancient world between Greece and India. The tomb, dating to around 300 BC, may have held the body of one of Alexander´s generals or a member of his family. It was found beneath a huge burial mound near the ancient site of Amphipolis in northern Greece. Antonis Samaras, Greece´s prime minister, visited the dig on Tuesday and described the discovery as "clearly extremely significant". A broad, five-yard wide road led up to

President Obama urges protesters to
act, “not in a way that wounds
KTVI (St. Louis, MO), by Joe Millitzer    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 8/12/2014 6:18:03 PM     Post Reply
FERGUSON, MO - The police shooting of Michael Brown has made international headlines. Rev. Al Sharpton was in St. Louis on Tuesday to give a speech from the old courthouse. Protesters demands are even being heard in the Oval office. The White House released this statement by the President on the Passing of Michael Brown, “The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time. As Attorney General Holder has indicated, the Department of Justice is investigating the situation along with local officials, and

FAA Issues Flight Restriction After Rioters
Fired ‘Multiple Times’ At Police Helicopter
Daily Caller, by Chuck Ross    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 8/12/2014 6:16:34 PM     Post Reply
The Federal Aviation Administration issued a temporary flight restriction on Tuesday for an area surrounding Ferguson, M0., the town where a police officer fatally shot an unarmed 18-year-old black man, after a St. Louis County police helicopter was fired upon Sunday night. The flight restriction was issued Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. local time. The reason for the notice is “TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES.” A Ferguson police officer shot Michael Brown on Saturday. The incident sparked outrage in the community as Brown was reportedly unarmed and surrendering to the officer when he was shot multiple times.



CA Supreme Court Rejects
Dems´ Anti-´Citizens United´
Ballot Measure
Breitbart California, by William Bigelow    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 8/12/2014 5:57:20 PM     Post Reply
On Monday, the California Supreme Court blocked an "advisory" ballot measure that Democrats had hoped to include on the November ballot, with a view to increasing turnout among apathetic voters. The non-binding measure, Proposition 49, asked voters if they felt the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling should be reversed. The Sacramento Bee notes that at the time the state legislature approved the measure, Governor Jerry Brown had released a statement condemning the measure while tacitly allowing it to proceed by not vetoing it. Brown’s statement read, “We should not make it a habit to clutter our ballots with nonbinding

Iran endorses Haider al-Abadi as Iraq’s
new prime minister, spurning Nouri al-Maliki
Washington Post, by Loveday Morris    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 4:55:23 PM     Post Reply
BAGHDAD — Iran endorsed Iraq’s new prime minister-designate on Tuesday, dealing a devastating blow to Nouri al-Maliki as even the incumbent’s most loyal militia turned its back on him. After eight years in office, Maliki has refused to step aside as Iraq’s prime minister, vowing to fight the nomination Monday of Haider al-Abadi to form a new government. But he was left with nowhere to turn for support Tuesday as he lost the backing of Tehran, which wields significant influence over Iraqi politics. Asaib Ahl al-Haq, a militia that has supported Maliki in the past, also said it supported the

4 Minnesota primary elections to watch
KMSP Fox 9 [Minneapolis/St.Paul MN], by Stephanie Gailhard    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 4:26:01 PM     Post Reply
ST. PAUL, Minn. -Tuesday´s primary elections will set the stage for some major races across Minnesota, but turnout is expected to be very low. The Secretary of State´s office is only predicting between 10 to 15 percent turnout – between 200,000 and 300,000 Minnesotans. Governor (Republican challenger to Mark Dayton) -Candidates: Jeff Johnson, Merrill Anderson, Scott Honour, Marty Seifert and Kurt Zellers. What to watch: Analysts believe if Republican party-endorsed Johnson wins is a strong sign the party is back on its feet. Minnesota Republicans have not won a statewide race since 2006 and they lost control of the House

Fatal helicopter crash in Iraq
injures New York Times journalist
Los Angeles Times, by Lauren Raab    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 4:21:45 PM     Post Reply
The fatal crash of a helicopter that was delivering aid to stranded Yazidis in Iraq and evacuating some of the refugees from the Sinjar mountains injured a New York Times correspondent, among others. Alissa J. Rubin “apparently suffered a concussion, at least one broken wrist and possibly some broken ribs but was conscious,” the New York Times said. Rubin serves as the New York Times´ Paris bureau chief and was covering the situation in Iraq. Rubin, 56, wrote for the Los Angeles Times for about a decade before being hired by the New York Times in late 2006. She spent

Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama:
No ´attack´ intended
Politico, by Maggie Haberman    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 8/12/2014 4:10:28 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton called President Barack Obama on Tuesday to “make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him” when she recently discussed her views on foreign policy in an interview with The Atlantic, according to a statement from a Clinton spokesman. The statement comes amid tension between the Clinton and Obama camps in the wake of the interview. It also comes as Obama and Clinton, his former secretary of state, are due to cross paths at a social gathering Wednesday night in Martha’s Vineyard. (Snip) “Secretary Clinton was proud to serve with President Obama, she was proud to be his partner


Obama administration considers
sending more advisers to Iraq
CBS News, by Rebecca Kaplan    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 3:54:58 PM     Post Reply
The Obama administration is considering sending more advisers to the city of Erbil in the Kurdish region of Iraq to help manage the ongoing crisis, CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin reports. President Obama ordered up to 300 military advisers to Iraq in mid-June to assist Iraqi security forces and assess intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets in the region, 250 of whom are now on the ground. But there are no advisers in Erbil, close to where much of the fighting is taking place between the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and ISIS. The advisers would, among other things, help manage

Fore! Obama Hits the Golf Course... Again
Breitbart Big Government, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 8/12/2014 3:42:02 PM     Post Reply
President Obama continues to enjoy his vacation by spending another afternoon at the golf course. The Presidential motorcade arrived at 12:56 pm on Tuesday at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown, MA, according to the White House Press pool. His golfing partners today are longtime friend Eric Whitaker, Cy Walker and former Ambassador Ron Kirk. This is the third time President Obama has golfed since beginning his vacation, golfing both Saturday and Sunday at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, MA. His vacation golf partners have included retired football player Ahmad Rashad and basketball star Ray Allen. On Monday,

Prince Charles pays tribute to ´frenetic
humour´ of ´remarkable´ Robin Williams
Daily Express [UK], by Aaron Brown    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 8/12/2014 3:35:15 PM     Post Reply
Prince Charles today added his voice to the mournful chorus paying tribute to late actor Robin Williams. In an official statement published on his website, the Prince of Wales honoured the "wonderfully frenetic humour" of Williams´ that "brought a special kind of laughter into people´s lives". Charles, 65, met the Oscar-winning actor numerous times throughout his career, with 63-year-old Williams supporting a number of the Prince´s charity projects. [Snip] "I greatly enjoyed meeting him on several occasions and his irreplaceable contribution to life will be greatly missed by countless people, including myself." In November 2008, Williams performed at a show

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