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Best-selling author ‘Zane’ faces financial
mess worthy of a plot twist in her steamy novels
Washington Post, by DeNeen L. Brown    Original Article
Posted By: toledo- 2/5/2014 9:56:19 AM     Post Reply
“Zane,” the renowned Prince George’s County author who has sold millions of steamy novels, has been chased for years by creditors, including the IRS and the state of Maryland, according to court records and state officials. Kristina Laferne Roberts, 47, who writes under the pseudonym “Zane,” owes the IRS almost $541,000, according to court documents filed by the government. In 2010, the Treasury Department placed a tax lien on her imposing house in Upper Marlboro, which Roberts had bought for more than $1 million in 2004. She avoided foreclosure in 2009 after falling 79 days behind on her mortgage payment —

Mayor wants to impose regulations
on ride-sharing industry
Chicago Sun-Times, by Fran Spielman    Original Article
Posted By: AltaD- 2/5/2014 9:44:40 AM     Post Reply
Mayor Rahm Emanuel will move Wednesday to fill a “regulatory vacuum” that has given ride-sharing companies an unfair advantage over taxicabs, with no safeguards to protect consumers. The 20-page ordinance, expected to be introduced at a City Council meeting, would license ride-sharing companies as “transportation network providers” and require them to pay an annual, $25,000 fee, plus $25 per driver. UberX, Lyft, SideCar and other ride-sharing companies that allow drivers to offer rides in their personal vehicles to passengers who order them on their smartphones also would be required to pay the city’s $3.50 a day per vehicle ground transportation

Wendy Davis imploding
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 2/5/2014 9:36:06 AM     Post Reply
Democrats across Texas and America may be regretting their choice of Wendy Davis as the Great Feminist Hope, designated warrior in the battle to lock-up the female vote. Having raised something north of 12 million dollars for run at the Texas governorship, she has become the standard-bearer in the great crusade to turn Texas blue. But she is turning out to be something of a laughingstock, and the worst of laughingstock at that: one whose foibles reveal the conceits which define the feminist left. The embarrassing omissions in her self-proclaimed biography are by now well-known (snip)these realities of Wendy Davis reveal



The Ghost and John Roberts
American Thinker, by Bill Dunne    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 2/5/2014 9:31:37 AM     Post Reply
The chief justice must have "gone off his meds." No, it was blackmail. No, it was cowardice. He caved. It was a perverse abdication of his fundamental responsibility. Those are some of the many disputations that came in to American Thinker regarding my exploration of another possible explanation for why Chief Justice John Roberts chose, astonishingly, to keep the "Affordable Care Act" alive and kicking.("The Roberts Trap Is Sprung", American Thinker, Jan. 2) (snip) Was Roberts channeling [Justice Charles Evans] Hughes when he decided to flip? No telling, unless Roberts himself lets us in on his thinking.

Theory Of The New Leisure Class
Power Line, by Scott Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: toledo- 2/5/2014 9:26:26 AM     Post Reply
Thorstein Veblen made a name for himself with the publication of Theory of the Leisure Class in 1899. In a democracy, how can the rich distinguish themselves? Veblen came up with the notion of “conspicuous consumption” geared to the display of social status. The notion has long survived Veblen and the evidence for it seems to be all around us. (Digression: Charlotte Hays works the other side of the street, so to speak, in her recent book When Did White Trash Become the New Normal? Hays gave a précis of her thesis in a New York Post column.) Veblen’s notion

Christie Slides, Bush Rises
National Review, by Jim Geraghty    Original Article
Posted By: jackson- 2/5/2014 8:40:06 AM     Post Reply
The “Chris Christie for President” moment may already be over. Former allies are souring on him. His poll strength against Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical matchup has evaporated. Once-friendly media figures like Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen are mocking him, and their joint parody of “Born to Run” now has more than 4 million views on YouTube. If Christie’s appointee David Wildstein is telling the truth when he claims evidence exists that proves the governor knew about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, and if that evidence is made public, then all the “Christie in 2016” talk is moot, because

Sandra Fluke forgoes congressional
bid to run for state Senate
Los Angeles Times, by Seema Mehta    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 2/5/2014 8:34:25 AM     Post Reply
Democratic attorney and activist Sandra Fluke has decided against running for retiring Rep. Henry A. Waxman’s congressional seat, instead planning a bid for the state Senate. “I am extremely moved by the outpouring of local and national support I have received since I announced that I was considering running for office. My entire career has been devoted to the public interest, whether representing victims of human trafficking or advocating for working families,” Fluke said late Tuesday night. “I am committed to continuing that fight in Sacramento, working to protect our environment, ensure our access to health care, and create the jobs



Overdue farm bill passes;
Cornyn and Cruz vote no
Dallas Morning News [TX], by Nick Swartsell    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 2/5/2014 7:45:32 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON– A lot of people– from needy families in Dallas to small farmers in rural Texas– have been holding their breath for today’s passage of the five-year farm bill. But for Texas’ senators, the long wait wasn’t worth it. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz both voted against the bill, citing its huge price tag and lack of reforms to programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as food stamps. “Unfortunately, this bill is not really a Farm Bill, it’s a Food Stamps bill with some farm provisions,” Cruz said in a statement today. “Instead of locking people into an endless

Wendy Davis’s Media Meltdown
National Review Online, by John Fund    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 2/5/2014 7:43:14 AM     Post Reply
It’s been a rocky rollout for the Wendy Davis campaign in Texas. She announced for governor four months ago on the strength of the massive public attention paid to her 13-hour filibuster of a bill limiting abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. But since then her media operation has been so rocky, seasoned Texas journalists are mocking it. David Mann, editor of the liberal Texas Observer, wrote a blunt article calling her campaign a “media fail”: “The Wendy Davis operation is about the worst at media relations that I’ve ever seen. Her team’s mismanagement of the press is damaging her

Republicans to the rescue?
Jewish World Review, by Thomas Sowell    Original Article
Posted By: philsner- 2/5/2014 7:43:07 AM     Post Reply
Some supporters of President Obama may be worried about how he and the Democrats are going to fare politically, as the problems of Obamacare continue to escalate and it looks like the Republicans have a chance to win a majority in the Senate. But Democrats may not need to worry so much. Republicans may once again come to the rescue of the Democrats, by discrediting themselves and snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory. The latest bright idea among Republicans inside the Beltway is a new version of amnesty that is virtually certain to lose votes among the Republican base and

What Is Open Kindergarten?
PJ Media, by Inge Kummant    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 2/5/2014 7:41:22 AM     Post Reply
Too bad the Obama/Cuomo/de Blasio universal preschool proposals won’t actually do anything to help children and families. Let’s hope these political boondoggles fall through. Instead, if Americans really do want more preschool, we could take a page from the Scandinavian playbook. Open kindergarten, common in Finland and other Scandinavian countries, is for the birth-through-age-five crowd and their parents. The program is low-cost, local, flexible, and does appear to help prepare kids for school. Last fall I visited the Bluebird House in Rauma, Finland, the site of a popular open kindergarten started 28 years ago. It is one of two sponsored by the



Treasury IG to Admin: Stop
Changing Obamacare
Washington Free Beacon, by Elizabeth Harrington    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 2/5/2014 7:31:54 AM     Post Reply
A new audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration warned that further changes to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act would create “challenges” for the IRS. The Obama administration has repeatedly altered the law, delaying the employer mandate until 2015 and suspending numerous enrollment requirements due to the disastrous roll out of Healthcare.gov. Health and Human Services (HHS) has been the “public face” of Obamacare since Oct. 1, handling customer service and enrollments on the health care exchange. The IRS, however, will take over these tasks beginning in 2015, and is urging consistency from the administration in order to

Americans are So-So on Sochi;
Perceptions of Putin Don’t Help
ABC News, by Greg Holyk    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 2/5/2014 7:30:13 AM     Post Reply
Half of Americans express a favorable view of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games – plenty for a broad audience but far fewer than greeted the 2012 summer games in London. A range of factors may be at play, among them, dim views of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Fifty percent in this ABC News/Washington Post poll hold a favorable opinion of the Winter Olympics starting this week in Sochi, Russia, while 40 percent see the games unfavorably. That compares with a 72-16 percent rating for the London games ahead of their start in July 2012.

Obama’s Failure in State of the Union
Marks Decline of American Leadership
New York Sun, by Conrad Black    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 2/5/2014 7:28:21 AM     Post Reply
As one who has been watching presidential State of the Union messages since the Eisenhower years, and has read a great many of them in historical research, I am conditioned to think of the SOTU as a serious occasion that lends itself to important policy formulations, and as the president’s night. I don’t believe in a reply by the other party and, whatever criticisms I may have of the incumbent, I always hope he will do well and uplift the country and impress the world. Usually, it has been a good address, and, occasionally in American history, it has been momentous.

U.S. to launch ´climate hubs´ to
help farmers face climate change
Reuters, by Jeff Mason & Ken Wills    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/5/2014 7:25:35 AM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama´s administration will announce on Wednesday the formation of seven "climate hubs" to help farmers and rural communities adapt to extreme weather conditions and other effects of climate change, a White House official said. The hubs will act as information centers and aim to help farmers and ranchers handle risks, including fires, pests, floods and droughts, that are exacerbated by global warming. The hubs will be located in Ames, Iowa; Durham, New Hampshire; Raleigh, North Carolina; Fort Collins, Colorado; El Reno, Oklahoma; Corvallis, Oregon; and Las Cruces, New Mexico, the official said. true Additional "sub hubs" will be



CVS to stop selling cigarettes,
tobacco products by Oct. 1
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/5/2014 7:17:17 AM     Post Reply
CVS Caremark is kicking the habit of selling tobacco products at its more than 7,600 drugstores nationwide. The nation’s second-largest drugstore chain says it will phase out cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco by Oct. 1 as it continues to focus more on health care. CVS Caremark Corp. and other major drugstore chains have been adding clinics to their stores for several years. Their pharmacists deliver flu shots and other immunizations, and their clinics also have been expanding the care they deliver. CVS CEO Larry Merlo says the company decided it can no longer sell cigarettes at places where it also

Journalists at Sochi are
live-tweeting their hilarious
and gross hotel experiences
Washington Post, by Caitlin Dewey    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 2/5/2014 7:09:52 AM     Post Reply
Amid continued debate over whether or not Sochi is prepared to host the 2014 Olympics, which begins Thursday, reporters from around the world are starting to check into local hotels — to their apparent grief. Some journalists arriving in Sochi are describing appalling conditions in the housing there, where only six of nine media hotels are ready for guests. Hotels are still under construction. Water, if it’s running, isn’t drinkable. One German photographer told the AP over the weekend that his hotel still had stray dogs and construction workers wandering in and out of rooms.

Freeing Workers From the Insurance Trap
New York Times, by Editorial Staff    Original Article
Posted By: HogPilot- 2/5/2014 6:56:09 AM     Post Reply
The Congressional Budget Office estimated on Tuesday that the Affordable Care Act will reduce the number of full-time workers by 2.5 million over the next decade. That is mostly a good thing, a liberating result of the law. Of course, Republicans immediately tried to brand the findings as “devastating” and stark evidence of President Obama’s health care reform as a failure and a job killer. It is no such thing. (SNIP) The new law will free people, young and old, to pursue careers or retirement without having to worry about health coverage.

UN denounces Vatican on sex abuse, abortion
The (S.C.) State, by Nicole Winfield    Original Article
Posted By: DaddyO- 2/5/2014 6:51:44 AM     Post Reply
A U.N. human rights committee denounced the Vatican on Wednesday for adopting policies that allowed priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children over decades, and urged it to open its files on the pedophiles and the churchmen who concealed their crimes. In a devastating report, the U.N. committee also severely criticized the Holy See for its attitudes toward homosexuality, contraception and abortion and said it should review its policies to ensure children´s rights and their access to health care are guaranteed.

Intelligence chairman accuses Glenn Greenwald
of illegally selling stolen material
Politico, by Josh Gerstein    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 2/5/2014 6:46:15 AM     Post Reply
A top lawmaker argued Tuesday that journalist Glenn Greenwald is illegally selling stolen material by asking news organizations to pay for access to U.S. intelligence secrets taken from the National Security Agency.“For personal gain, he’s now selling his access to information, that’s how they’re terming it…. A thief selling stolen material is a thief,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) told journalists after a hearing where the leaks set in motion by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. were a major topic of discussion.


Obama, suffering from his own
hubris, blames everyone else
Washington Examiner, by Noemie Emery    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/5/2014 6:02:55 AM     Post Reply
Strangely enough, most liberal takes on the State of Obama, which is said to be perilous, come couched in the most passive tense. The hostile Republican House just happens to be there. The Tea Party also just happens to be there, a spontaneous thing that sprang up for no reason. The same thing goes for the toxic divide now gripping the country, which Gallup calls one of the deepest rifts ever, worse than the days of Bubba and Dubya (brothers under the skin, as they will now tell you), from which President Obama had promised relief. As with the opposition, the polarization

Old Guard Sentinel Puts Laughing
Tourists In Their Place At
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Independent Journal Review, by Caroline Schaeffer    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/5/2014 5:59:26 AM     Post Reply
The Old Guard is the name familiarly given to the 3rd U.S. Infantry, an active-duty unit based in Washington, D.C. They serve as the President’s escort, and more publicly, serve as sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. It’s a high honor to be chosen to serve in the Old Guard, as the selection process is rigorous. They take their job incredibly seriously, as you see in the video above: a few seconds into the video, some people disrespect the sanctity of the memorial by loudly talking and laughing. Watch how this soldier quickly puts these

Muslim Brotherhood Leader
Meets Obama in White House
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/5/2014 5:46:58 AM     Post Reply
A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood was recently hosted at the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama, prompting an outcry from critics of the global Islamist organization. Anas Altikriti, a top British lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood whose father heads Iraq’s Muslim Brotherhood party, recently met with the president and Vice President Joe Biden as part of a delegation discussing problems in Iraq. Altikriti, whose work has also been tied to Hamas, can be seen smiling in photos published by the White House as he stands next to Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi, who is pictured shaking hands

New Arrivals Are Finding a
´Soviet-Style Dystopia´ in Sochi
Atlantic, by Danielle Weiner Bronner    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/5/2014 5:40:50 AM     Post Reply
As reporters begin to arrive in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, they are noting firsthand the city´s much-anticipated idiosyncrasies. And there are a lot of them. New York Times reporter David Segal calls Sochi a "Soviet-style dystopia," and makes the city sound like a scene from the fever dream of SNL club-tipster Stefon. Segal describes a Sochi hotel bloc: The exteriors are monolithic and nearly identical, except for sections of paint, in shades of yellow, taupe and mauve. None of the buildings have names. Instead, they are identified by numbers, and as of last weekend, many of the numbers had not

Obama’s basketball strategy on Keystone XL
Washington Times, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/5/2014 5:36:27 AM     Post Reply
Affordable power dissolves liberal fantasies. White House wise men insist on spending the public’s money to promote retro power plants such as windmills, which went out of fashion with the Industrial Revolution. Eliminating the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would take cheap crude from the oil sands of Canada down to the Gulf Coast of Texas, is nevertheless a liberal priority. President Obama, whose passion is basketball, has employed the “four corners” strategy he picked up in his days shooting hoops in junior high school to stall on energy, and particularly the pipeline. In the early days of basketball, before the slam dunk became

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