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Obama Is Eagerly
Mainstreaming the Iranian Regime
National Review Online, by Benjamin Weinthal    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 6:02:02 PM     Post Reply
A State Department spokesman announced Monday that the United States and the European Union will begin offering sanctions relief to Iran because the country “has begun to take concrete and verifiable steps to halt its nuclear program.” Here’s just three items over the past week that suggest that Iran’s behavior perhaps isn’t quite worthy of State’s praise: First, the regime-controlled Fars News published an article on its website asserting that the U.S. government is run by Nazi space aliens (a “US-Alien-Hitler” troika). I asked Abas Aslani, the general director of the Fars News Agency, on Twitter if Fars believes the content

What Made America Exceptional?
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:58:34 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Mary in Glenburn, Maine. It´s great to have you on the EIB Network hello. CALLER: Hi, Rush. Greetings from the great state of Maine. RUSH: Thank you. Great to have you here. CALLER: I promised to say hi to my husband Phillip who is hopefully still listening on his lunch break. I have two points to talk about today, which back up what you said earlier about the difference between America and Europe. RUSH: Yeah. CALLER: The first is during my time working for Lufthansa German airlines as a stewardess. I was stationed in Frankfurt but I had been visiting a friend of mine,

Doggie Deception: Thieves
Target Dog Lovers
CBS 4 (Denver, Colo), by Libby Smith    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:57:26 PM     Post Reply
AURORA, Colo Coloradans love their pets. Now thieves are using adorable pictures of puppies to steal money. Now an Aurora woman says she got drawn into this twist on the classic Nigerian scam. Kellie Bohrer was looking for a puppy for her brother. She found an advertisement on dog.oodle.com for a cute Siberian husky. The puppy was described as a purebred and listed for $320 dollars. A good deal considering that purebred huskies can run $1,000. Kellie contacted the sellers and got more cute pictures and a registration certificate. “The agency called and said that we needed to give them $1,600,” Bohrer



Adm. Mike Mullen: Americans forget the
troops who die in ´our dirty little wars´
Washington Examiner, by Joel Gehrke    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:48:41 PM     Post Reply
Americans love the troops -- until they´re killed in action, at which point all too many people forget the soldiers and their families, according to retired Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "Our culture is a culture of ´if you´re here, we love you, and if you are not, please carry on [with] whatever it is,´" Mullen said at a breakfast hosted by Concerned Veterans for America and The Weekly Standard. "And the best and worst example of that were Gold Star families." A Gold Star pin "is distributed to members of the immediate family of a fallen servicemember by the Department of Defense," as the National Gold Star

March for Life expands
to new cause: Obamacare
Washington Times, by Meredith Somers    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:45:59 PM     Post Reply
When the March for Life first stepped off in 1973 in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion, Dr. Jack Kevorkian had not begun to advertise “death counseling,” capital punishment had been suspended and the Affordable Care Act was decades from being signed. Over the course of 40 years, laws have changed and society’s perceptions have shifted beyond a simple division between pro-life and pro-choice. Issues such as the death penalty, assisted suicide, “do not resuscitate” medical orders and euthanasia frequently enter the right-to-life debate these days. “Our belief in the dignity of human life from conception to

Parties Seize on Abortion
Issues in Midterm Race
New York Times, by Jeremy W. Peters    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:44:29 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — When the Republican National Committee gathers for its winter meeting here on Wednesday, the action will start a few hours late to accommodate anyone who wants to stop first at the March for Life, the annual anti-abortion demonstration on the National Mall. And if they need a lift to the meeting afterward, they can hop on a free shuttle, courtesy of the Republican Party. “We thought it only fitting for our members to attend the march,” said Reince Priebus, the party chairman. Abortion is becoming an unexpectedly animating issue in the 2014 midterm elections. Republicans, through state ballot initiatives and

Rep. Gohmert drops health
coverage, blames Obamacare
Morning News [Dallas, TX], by Ben Kamisar    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/21/2014 5:41:30 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Lots of conservative lawmakers hate Obamacare. Rep. Louie Gohmert is putting his money where his mouth is. The Tyler Republican gave up his health insurance for 2014, asserting that the president’s signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act, has made coverage too expensive. “Other people are going to see what I did when I looked into health insurance for my wife and me: that the deductible rate, it doubled, about $3,000 to $6,000, and our policy was going to go from about $300 to about $1,500 a month,” he said during a recent radio interview with Trey Graham, a



Liberals Fret Over Obama,
Swimming Up the River of History
Rusimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:37:40 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the busy broadcast, Juan Williams read the 18-page interview, David Remnick´s interview with "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" and is not happy. Juan thinks that Obama sounded defeated. Here´s what he said. This was on Special Report with Bret Baier on the Fox News Channel during the Fox All Stars. I didn´t know there was anybody else on the All Stars. I didn´t know Juan was still there. I thought the Fox All Stars were Dr. Krauthammer and George Will. I didn´t know that Juan was still among the All Stars. So I´m happy to

Record 20% of Households
on Food Stamps in 2013
Cybercast News Service, by Ali Meyer    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:35:24 PM     Post Reply
A record 20% of American households, one in five, were on food stamps in 2013, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The numbers also show that there were a record number of individuals on food stamps in 2013 and that the cost of the program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), was at an all-time high. For fiscal year 2013, the USDA declared that 23,052,388 households were on food stamps, an increase of 722,675 from fiscal year 2012, when household participation stood at 22,329,713. Those numbers were compared with the Census Bureau’s estimates for the total number of

US reportedly offers to send
envoy to North Korea
to secure American´s release
Fox News*, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/21/2014 5:26:44 PM     Post Reply
The Obama administration has offered to send an envoy to North Korea to secure the release of American missionary Kenneth Bae after he appeared in front of reporters urging action from Washington, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. "We hope this decision by DPRK authorities to allow Kenneth Bae to meet with reporters signals their willingness to release him," an administration official told the newspaper. Robert King, the U.S. special envoy for North Korea, had planned to visit North Korea in late August to discuss Bae´s release, but Pyongyang withdrew its invitation at the last minute, accusing the United States of hostility.

WaPo: Leftist Ezra Klein Out,
Conservative Volokh Conspiracy In
Breitbart´s Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 1/21/2014 5:23:10 PM     Post Reply
Very interesting day at The Washington Post. Left-wing Ezra Klein is out and the much-respected conservative legal blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, is in. Already the Jeff Bezos era is becoming an interesting one. Numerous reports claim that Bezos wasn´t interested in a multi-million dollar proposal Klein pitched, but he was apparently interested in giving Volokh full editorial control: We will also retain full editorial control over what we write. And this full editorial control will be made easy by the facts that we have (1) day jobs, (2) continued ownership of our trademark and the volokh.com domain, and (3) plenty



Our Future Hinges on
Our View of Freedom
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:14:57 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: I also have something I want to get into today, something a little philosophical. Well, I say it´s philosophical. It´s probably the way I´m gonna approach it. I ran into a piece today by Dr. Eamonn Butler at the AdamSmith.org Web page, and he comments on a book that he´s reading. It´s Daniel Hannan, the English member of parliament who has a new book out called "How We Invented Freedom And Why It Matters." It illustrates a major difference in the perception of freedom on the continent, meaning in Europe, as opposed to Great Britain, the island. And Great

Wall Street adviser: Actual unemployment
is 37.2%, ´misery index´ worst in 40 years
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:13:50 PM     Post Reply
Don´t believe the happy talk coming out of the White House, Federal Reserve and Treasury Department when it comes to the real unemployment rate and the true “Misery Index.” Because, according to an influential Wall Street advisor, the figures are a fraud. In a memo to clients provided to Secrets, David John Marotta calculates the actual unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent, not the 6.7 percent advertised by the Fed, and the Misery Index at over 14, not the 8 claimed by the government. Marotta, who recently advised those worried about an imploding economy to get a

Chris Christie Calls for Bipartisanship as
Democrats Pack Panel to Bring Him Down
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 5:09:20 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Well, Bret Baier at Fox News tweeted that he´s heard the same thing: Wealthy Republican donors are starting to give up on Chris Christie for 2016. F. Chuck Todd at NBC News has tweeted the same thing. "Some GOP Donors Think Christie´s ´2016 Hopes are Done.´" Today, Christie gave his inaugural address to commence his second term as governor of New Jersey. Among the things he said: "We must shun partisanship. We must take action on behalf of the people." CHRISTIE: We cannot fall victim to the attitude of Washington, DC, the attitude that says, "I am always right and

Muslim anti-Semitism is only
decades old, Obama claims
Daily Caller, by Neil Munro    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 1/21/2014 4:52:50 PM     Post Reply
Experts are scoffing at President Barack Obama’s apparent belief that widespread Muslim hatred of Jews is only decades old. “Obama reveals that he has no idea, or doesn’t want to give the impression that he has any idea, about the reality of Islamic anti-Semitism,” said Robert Spencer, the author of many books on Islamic ideas and director of Jihad Watch. “Anti-Semitism is hard-wired into Islam,” from its origins before 700, said Andrew Bostom, author of three books about Islam, including “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism,” which lists centuries of anti-Semitic hatred, murders, pogroms and apartheid-like discrimination.



Media Circle Wagons to Protect
Wendy Davis From Bio Falsehoods
Breitbart Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/21/2014 4:51:58 PM     Post Reply
It is not as though the media would have to quit their ongoing political assassination of Chris Christie to give the brewing scandal surrounding Texas Democrat Wendy Davis´s bio falsehoods the attention it deserves. The media can do two things at once. But other than clearing the way for President-in-waiting Hillary Clinton, the media is desperately circling the wagons to downplay a legitimate scandal that could take down a rising Democrat star. For two days now, NBC´s Chuck Todd has failed to mention the scandal even once during his hour-long MSNBC political show "The Daily Rundown."

Neel Kashkari, ex-Treasury official,
running for California governor
Los Angeles Times, by Seema Mehta & Chris Megerian    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/21/2014 4:42:14 PM     Post Reply
Former U.S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari announced Tuesday that he is running for governor of California, staking his campaign on his ability to create jobs and improve public schools. "Here today, on this stage, I am announcing that I´m running for governor of California," Kashkari told a few hundred people at a luncheon at Cal State Sacramento. “That´s my platform, jobs and education. That´s it. That´s why I´m running for governor of California." The 40-year-old Republican has long been mulling a run, and has spent much of the past year meeting with donors, politicians and GOP activists. He has also

Polar bear hunting campaigns
´mislead public and divert focus
from climate change threat´
Western Daily Press (UK), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 1/21/2014 4:32:52 PM     Post Reply
Campaigns to stop the hunting of polar bears may be doing the animals more harm than good by oversimplifying the debate and ignoring the threat posed by climate change. Animal welfare groups opposed to hunting by Inuit groups are also said to have manipulated numerical data and misled the public through narratives of impending extinction. A joint study by the universities of Exeter and Saskatchewan, Canada, found that campaigns by animal welfare organisations, often backed by celebrities, targeted hunting while virtually ignoring the loss of sea ice habitat due to human-induced climate change. University of Exeter geographer

Harry Reid on the hot seat: Ethics
probe demanded by watchdog group
Washington Times, by David Sherfinski    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 1/21/2014 4:07:44 PM     Post Reply
A conservative-leaning group has filed an ethics complaint against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, accusing him of violating the chamber’s code of conduct by pushing to help a politically connected casino get visas for foreign investors. The Washington Timesreported in December that after repeated pressure from Mr. Reid and his staff, the Obama administration overruled career Homeland Security officials and expedited visa applications for about two dozen foreign investors for the casino. D.C.-based Cause of Action argue in a letter to ethics committee chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer and ranking Republican Sen. Jonny Isakson that

Understanding the Olympic terror threat
Canada Free Press, by Doug Hagmann    Original Article
Posted By: SpeedMaster- 1/21/2014 3:56:40 PM     Post Reply
What and who is behind the current terror threat at the Olympic games in Sochi? I was asked this question last night in an interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM for their news segment. After I explained the reasons and origins, I received an off-air telephone call from a nationally syndicated talk show host who heard my answer. “I never expected that explanation, but I must admit that it makes perfect sense,” was his response. The key to understanding the terrorist threats for the Olympic games is to understand the bigger picture. Even on a good day


Chamber spent $50 million on lobbying
amid push for immigration reform
The Hill (Washington, D.C.), by Kevin Bogardus    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/21/2014 3:56:26 PM     Post Reply
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent more than $50 million on lobbying last year as it pushed for action on immigration reform. Typically the biggest K Street spender in Washington, the business group funneled about $52.7 million toward lobbying efforts in 2013, according to disclosure records. In the last quarter of the year, the group spent almost $16.5 million. Some of that money went toward lobbying on immigration reform, which is a top legislative priority for the business community. The Chamber played an instrumental role in getting a comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate last year by helping the “Gang of Eight”

´Draft´ billboards aimed
at Carson, voters
Baltimore Sun (MD), by John Fritze    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 1/21/2014 3:50:33 PM     Post Reply
A group trying to draft Ben Carson to run for president in 2016 has bought seven billboards in the Baltimore region aimed partly at voters but also at the Hopkins neurosurgeon himself. "We wanted Dr. Carson to be able to see the billboards on the way into work," said Vernon Robinson, treasurer of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee. Carson became a prominent figure in conservative circles after criticizing President Barack Obama´s health care law at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington last year. He has generally demurred when asked about his political ambitions, but has left the

Former Energy Secretary Joins
Board of Stimulus Recipient
Washington Free Beacon [DC], by Lachlan Markay    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/21/2014 3:35:47 PM     Post Reply
Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu will join the board of a company that got millions of dollars from the Department of Energy during Chu’s tenure and is backed by some of the nation’s most politically connected investors. Lithium ion battery manufacturer Amprius announced Chu’s move on Monday. His “ideas and experience will help Amprius accelerate the development of even higher-energy batteries,” the company said in a statement. Chu has already helped the company accelerate that development through more than $4 million in DOE grant money paid to the company since 2011. The company was awarded a $4,998,336 grant that year

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