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Sarah Palin´s father harassed by
IRS six times since 2008
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 1/15/2014 6:29:54 AM     Post Reply
The problems with a politicized IRS may be far more serious than we have yet suspected. Sarah Palin´s brother Chuck Heath, Jr. posted the following on his Facebook account January 11th: My father, who worked multiple jobs and faithfully and honestly paid his taxes for fifty years, had never heard a word from the IRS. In 2008, his daughter was tapped to run for vice president of the United States. Since that time, he has been, in his words "horribly harassed" six times by the agency. They´ve tried to dig up something on him but he´s always operated above board. Government and

A Witness, Part I
National Review, by Jay Nordlinger    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 1/15/2014 5:37:46 AM     Post Reply
‘Write what you know,” people say. And what they know, mainly, is themselves. So people write about themselves. David Horowitz does, a lot. But you are glad he does, for several reasons. (Snip) The latest volume from him is titled “My Life and Times.” What’s the difference? What’s the difference between that life and the times? Not much. These have been interesting times too, and all too interesting, as in what is allegedly an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” This volume is the first of ten — ten volumes collecting the “conservative writings of David Horowitz.” He has

Obama’s plan to save the Senate
Politico, by Manu Raju & Carrie Budoff Brown    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/15/2014 5:25:59 AM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama has a plan to save the Senate’s tenuous Democratic majority: Sell a populist message, try to make Obamacare work better and raise lots of cash. And unlike previous years when Senate Democrats were mostly left to fight on their own, the White House is wasting no time coordinating its political and policy agenda with congressional leaders and vulnerable lawmakers. The 55-member Senate Democratic Caucus will meet with Obama on Wednesday at the White House, the first such session since October.



A-Rod follows Lance Armstrong
USA Today, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/15/2014 5:17:26 AM     Post Reply
Alex Rodriguez, the highest-paid player in the history of baseball, wants the public to believe that he is a victim — the innocent target of a witch hunt by Major League Baseball. In the best tradition of doper-cyclist Lance Armstrong, he filed suit Monday to prove it. It´s going to be a tough sell. To believe A-Rod, you need to don the rosiest of rose-colored glasses. You have to believe: That a player with a 10-year, $275 million contract, who can afford the world´s best medical care, sought "nutrition" advice from Tony Bosch, a fake doctor at a Florida strip mall. That more

FBI Feeds Cynicism About IRS Scandal
Commentary Magazine, by Jonathan S. Tobin    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 5:14:36 AM     Post Reply
After several months of virtual radio silence in the mainstream press about the IRS scandal, the over-the-top coverage afforded Chris Christie’s Bridgegate fiasco reminded conservatives of the way many in the media downplayed the outrageous accounts of the government’s bias against conservative political groups. But the IRS affair got back into the news in its own right today as the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI is unlikely to prosecute anyone for the practice in which organizations affiliated with the Tea Party and other conservatives causes were specifically targeted for discriminatory treatment. This is bound to fuel further complaints from

U.S. Defense contractor suspected
of smuggling plans for air force´s
$400 billion fighter jet to Iran
Daily Mail [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/15/2014 5:14:05 AM     Post Reply
A Connecticut engineer with dual, U.S.-Iranian citizenship was arrested by federal authorities last week after it was learned that he was attempting to smuggle thousands of secret documents--including blueprints for one of the U.S. Air Force´s most advanced fighter jets--to Iran, prosecutors confirmed Monday. [Snip] Khazaee was arrested last week at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey as he was attempting to travel to Germany and then on to Iran, where he planned to meet a contact and turn over the boxes containing ´sensitive technical manuals, specification sheets, and other proprietary material´ related to the F-35 and its engines

Ex-cop accused of plotting
slayings to seize strip club
Chicago Tribune, by Jason Meisner & Joseph Ryan    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/15/2014 5:11:02 AM     Post Reply
The former cop and death row inmate was callous and calculated, quoting military tactics as he considered which of two targets it made the most sense to kill in order to take over their chunk of a lucrative strip club, federal authorities allege. "You chop the snake´s head off. Pow," Steven Mandell allegedly told an undercover informant in September 2012 as a hidden video recorder rolled. "I still don´t think you have a clear path on how it plays out, but at least we´d be on our way, wouldn´t we?" In the end, Mandell decided to kill the more vulnerable of the



The Difficulty of Getting
an Abortion in Texas
Atlantic, by Olga Khazan    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/15/2014 5:04:05 AM     Post Reply
AUSTIN, Texas — In October, Susan, a woman who lives in Willacy County in Texas’ southernmost tip, found out she was pregnant. She is married and has three children, and for a few weeks last fall, she couldn’t afford her birth control. Her condition, to her, was not entirely good news. “I weighed out the pros and cons,” she said. “But I didn´t want to have another baby.” Susan asked her gynecologist about getting an abortion, but the doctor said she didn’t perform the procedure. For women in her area, there was only one place to go: Reproductive Services of Harlingen, where

Oregon Health Exchange Yet
to Complete One Enrollment
Washington Free Beacon, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 1/15/2014 5:00:01 AM     Post Reply
Oregon will consider a switch to the federal health care exchange next year amid ongoing problems with its online enrollment program, Politico Pro reports. The state’s exchange, Cover Oregon, still cannot process an entire enrollment online — a problem that is not expected to be repaired until after the 2014 enrollment period ends in March. That has state officials weighing several options including scrapping its own enrollment system and moving to HealthCare.gov, the federal enrollment portal which is working better now after its own disastrous start. Switching to the federal site could be considered a significant political defeat for the state and

To Each, According to His Delusions
American Spectator, by Larry Thornberry    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:50:16 AM     Post Reply
The latest faux issue to insinuate itself into our political polemics travels under the unedifying name of “income inequality.” As political abstractions go, this one is more incoherent than most. (Shabbier too in its naked appeal to envy and resentment.) Almost no one who uses the term says what he means by it. But it has the ring of yet another incitement to leftist larceny. Since President Obama heaved this dead cat into the room a few weeks ago, I’ve been waiting for anyone speaking for the Republican Party to say that this hustle is nothing more than Marxist boilerplate. Since

Revealed: NSA has hacked into
100,000 computers around the
world some of which are NOT
CONNECTED to the internet
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/15/2014 4:50:11 AM     Post Reply
The National Security Agency has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world--but not in the United States--that allows the U.S. to conduct surveillance on those machines, The New York Times reported Tuesday. The Times cited NSA documents, computer experts and U.S. officials in its report about the use of secret technology using radio waves to gain access to computers that other countries have tried to protect from spying or cyberattacks. The agency has planted most of the software through getting access to computer networks, but has also used a secret technology that allows it entry even to computers



The Media’s Chris Christie Hysteria
National Review Online, by Jonah Goldberg    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 1/15/2014 4:43:25 AM     Post Reply
What a bizarre spectacle. Assuming he did not lie during his marathon news conference last week, the feeding frenzy surrounding New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be remembered as one of those incredibly odd moments of elite journalistic hysteria that are difficult to explain to people who weren’t there or didn’t get it. I’m not referring to the scandal itself; that’s easy enough to understand. What Christie’s team did was outrageous and deserves as much foofaraw and brouhaha as the New Jersey media can muster. What’s harder to grok is the hysteria at the national level. For starters, there have been countless greater

Dems defying Obama shouldn’t
expect welcome from GOP
New York Post, by Michael Goodwin    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:37:04 AM     Post Reply
Now that the White House is accusing some Senate Democrats of wanting war with Iran instead of peace, it is tempting to welcome those Dems to the Abused-by-Obama Club. They are getting the “enemies” treatment the president routinely dishes out to Republicans, journalists and anyone else who fails to see Dear Leader’s absolute brilliance. But the moment passes and the temptation to sympathize is resisted. Having helped to create the Obama juggernaut and joined in the shaming of all who dared to resist for the last five years, the wayward Dems deserve a dose of their own medicine. They were worse than

N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers
New York Times, by David E. Sanger & Thom Shanker    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:25:03 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world that allows the United States to conduct surveillance on those machines and can also create a digital highway for launching cyberattacks. While most of the software is inserted by gaining access to computer networks, the N.S.A. has increasingly made use of a secret technology that enables it to enter and alter data in computers even if they are not connected to the Internet, according to N.S.A. documents, computer experts and American officials. The technology, which the agency has used since at least 2008, relies on a

Oh, great: United States falls out of
the top ten for economic freedom
Hot Air, by Erika Johnsen    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:20:56 AM     Post Reply
For going on 20 years now, the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal have been putting together an annual Index of Economic Freedom by evaluating countries the world over based on ten criteria along the lines of property rights, government spending, freedom from corruption, trade freedom, and the like. They released the 2014 edition of their annaul Index today, and here’s the good news: Worldwide economic freedom has reached record levels, huzzah! The various governments of 114 countries took steps in 2013 that increased their citizens’ economic freedom, and 43 countries all over the world have now reached their



A League of His Own
Creators Syndicate, by Thomas Sowell    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:17:56 AM     Post Reply
The first time I saw New Jersey governor Chris Christie on television, a few years ago, my first reaction was astonishment: “A talking Republican!” It would scarcely have been more astonishing if there had been a talking giraffe. For reasons unknown, most Republican leaders seem to pay very little attention to articulation — certainly as compared with leading Democrats, who seem to pay little attention to anything else. Governor Christie’s nearly two-hour-long press conference last week showed again that he is in a class by himself when it comes to Republicans who can express themselves in the heat of political battle. When it

Texting killing tells us one thing
CNN, by David Weinberger    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:14:20 AM     Post Reply
Thousands of clicks per minute. More than 23,000 reader comments, with the counter spinning like an odometer in a "Fast and Furious" movie. With 45 murders a day in the United States and about one a minute worldwide, why have so many of us fastened on this one? Why do we care so much about the shooting death of someone for texting during a movie? It´s clear from the headlines why the media are featuring the story: It´s not just a fatal shooting. It´s a fatal shooting over texting. As a crime story, it would be confined to the local Tampa

Is Rouhani right? Iran now poised to
become Alpha Dog of Middle East
Fox News, by K.T. McFarland    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 1/15/2014 4:10:23 AM     Post Reply
Iranian President Rouhani took to Twitter Tuesday with the sobering message that world powers have “surrendered to Iranian nation´s will.” Iran’s leader is referring to the brand new nuclear agreement that was announced in Geneva this week. But hold on. Is this the same agreement that President Obama and Secretary Kerry say will freeze and then roll back Iran’s nuclear program? The one administration flacks are so excited about that they’re heralding it as a breakthrough equal to Nixon’s opening to China? It’s time for a reality check. The deal with the Persian nation makes it clear we are leaving the

The Pope Is Selling His Harley.
Yep, He’s Got a Harley
ABC News, by Russell Goldman    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 1/15/2014 4:05:20 AM     Post Reply
Now, that’s a popemobile! Pope Francis is selling his Harley Davidson motorcycle. The pope, known for riding through Buenos Aires on a bus and taking to the streets of Rome in a modest Ford Focus, plans to see the chopper auctioned off next month with the proceeds going to charity, according to the auction house. The 1,585 cc Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide was presented to the pope as a gift from the motorcycle company in June 2013. The pope signed the gas tank of the bike “Francesco,” the Italian form of his papal name. The motorcycle will be auctioned by Bonhams on Feb. 6.

US Pledges Additional 380M
For Syria War Victims
Associated Press, by Lara Jakes    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 1/15/2014 4:01:25 AM     Post Reply
KUWAIT CITY — The United States will send $380 million in additional aid to victims of Syria´s bloody civil war, much of it designated for children in need of health care, education and emotional counseling. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the new funding brings America´s humanitarian aid contribution to Syrian victims to $1.7 billion since the war began nearly three years ago. Half of the money — $177 million — will go to U.N. programs for victims still in Syria. The rest is for neighboring nations that have taken in an estimated 2.3 million refugees who have


I solved the puzzle of
keeping my brain young
Telegraph [UK], by Harry de Quetteville    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/15/2014 3:28:21 AM     Post Reply
I would not make a good nun. Wimples and self-sacrifice do not suit me. But if I had to be a nun, I would live in Kentucky among the School Sisters of Notre Dame. And there I would teach and do the crossword. This is because, unlike the nuns themselves, I am highly averse to meeting my Maker. And the good Sisters of Kentucky have unlocked the secret to living a longer, healthier life. [Snip] Those who continue to be mentally active live, on average, four years longer than those who do not. Their brains show 40 percent more synapses

´Net neutrality´ ruling could be costly
for consumers, advocates say
Los Angeles Times, by Chris O´Brien*    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 1/14/2014 11:29:32 PM     Post Reply
A federal appeals court swept aside government regulations designed to ensure equal access to the Internet, raising the prospects of higher fees for consumers and more barriers for start-ups seeking to compete online. The decision Tuesday could allow AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and other Internet service providers to charge the likes of Netflix and YouTube more money to deliver movies and video to their customers. The ruling also throws into disarray the efforts of the Federal Communications Commission to limit telecom and cable firms from discriminating against certain Internet traffic by slowing speeds, impeding access or raising fees.

Westinghouse to build three nuclear
reactors in the United Kingdom
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [PA], by Anya Litvak    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/14/2014 11:22:43 PM     Post Reply
Westinghouse Electric Corp. has entered into an agreement to build three AP1000 nuclear reactors in the United Kingdom, opening a door in a nuclear-friendly country that the Cranberry company has been knocking on for years. Toshiba Corp., the Japanese parent of Westinghouse, will buy a 60 percent share in the NuGeneration Limited Moorside project in the northeastern part of the U.K. The cost is expected to be $168 million. That will forge a partnership between Westinghouse and GDF Suez, a French energy company that will retain 40 percent of the project. In entering the NuGen project, Toshiba is buying out

Union Activists Sign on to
Pro-Minimum-Wage-Hike Bill
Washington Free Beacon [DC], by Bill McMorris    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/14/2014 11:17:44 PM     Post Reply
A letter supporting a minimum wage hike being circulated by the George Soros-funded Economic Policy Institute that purports to represent the views of leading academics has been signed by a number of economists who work for labor unions and leftwing special interest groups. In-house economists for the AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Union, and liberal, labor-aligned groups such as Center for American Progress, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and the Center for Economic and Policy Research all signed onto the letter, which was touted as proof that the proposed $10.10 minimum wage would serve as

Probe Finds White House Wanted
to Make Sequestration as ‘Painful
as Possible’ for Rural Schools
PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/14/2014 10:39:17 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — A House Natural Resources Committee investigation has found that President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget ordered that sequestration cuts be applied retroactively to funding for rural schools over the opposition of the Agriculture Department. The committee’s report released today, “A Less Secure Future for Rural Schools: An Investigation into the Obama Administration’s Questionable Application of the Sequester to the Secure Rural Schools Program,” detailed how last February the USDA had determined 2013 sequestration wouldn’t apply to 2012 funds that had already been distributed in the program. The White House stepped in and overruled the USDA, though both

Who Does the GOP Really Have
To Run Against Hillary in 2016?
Daily Beast, by Myra Adams    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/14/2014 10:17:30 PM     Post Reply
Even without Bridgegate, Chris Christie wouldn’t get the Republican nomination. That leaves a pack of conservatives vulnerable to Clinton. As a Republican hoping that my party will retake the White House in 2016, I watched with intense interest as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talked and talked and talked his way out of ”Bridgegate.” The general consensus is that Christie did a decent job bemoaning his circumstances and keeping his cool, considering that the damaging political/ legal issues have only just begun. But it was Christie’s "I am not a bully" persona that reminded me just how truly weak the entire bench of

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