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Congress Must Curb The
´Soft Tyranny´ Of Bureaucrats
Investor´s Business Daily, by Chuck Devore    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 7:31:56 PM     Post Reply
On Jan. 28, America will hear the president deliver his annual State of the Union address to Congress. The president will, no doubt, call for a larger role of government in our daily lives. More government is the last thing Americans need. The late Sen. Eugene McCarthy, D-Minn., observed, "The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty." He said this in 1979 when the Code of Federal Regulations contained about 30,000 rules. Today, the federal government has more than 180,000 rules. Alexis de Tocqueville warned that the threat to American democracy

Top Secret Benghazi Docs Prove
that After Stevens et al Died,
Obama and Clinton Lied
PJ Media, by Bryan Preston    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/13/2014 7:24:02 PM     Post Reply
This is far more significant than the closure of a bridge. The Pentagon’s top brass knew, immediately, that the attack on the US facility in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11-2012 was a terrorist attack, and not a demonstration gotten out of hand. Fox’s James Rosen has obtained transcripts of top secret testimony on the attack. Minutes after the American consulate in Benghazi came under assault on Sept. 11, 2012, the nation’s top civilian and uniformed defense officials — headed for a previously scheduled Oval Office session with President Obama — were informed that the event was a “terrorist attack,” declassified documents

Proposed IRS Regs Would
Immediately, Unlawfully and
Permanently Muzzle Conservatives
Cybercast News Service, by J. Matt Barber    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 1/13/2014 7:23:57 PM     Post Reply
In 2010, millions of American tea-party constitutionalists, to include the GOP´s Christian base, united in a remarkable grass-roots effort to rein in our unbridled federal government and return it to its expressly limited constitutional confines. As a result, an unprecedented number of counter-constitutionalist lawmakers (read: liberal Democrats) were swept from office. The Obama administration wasn´t going to take this lying down. Whether it was by tacit approval or via direct order remains largely immaterial. The president quickly and unlawfully politicized the Internal Revenue Service, using it as a weapon against his political enemies. In an explosive scandal that continues to



Michelle Obama´s second inaugural
gown headed to Smithsonian
The Hill (Washington DC), by Emily Goodin    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/13/2014 7:16:31 PM     Post Reply
Michelle Obama´s ruby-red second inaugural gown is headed to the Smithsonian´s popular "First Ladies" exhibit. Her Jason Wu-designed dress, which she wore to the inaugural balls, will go on display Tuesday, the Smithsonian announced on Monday. It´s unusual for a first lady´s second inaugural gown to the Smithsonian. Those gowns traditionally go to a president´s library. But, with President Obama still in the Oval Office, Michelle Obama´s gown will grace the National Museum of American History for a year. The loan of the dress also coincides with the centennial of the "First Ladies" exhibit and the museum’s 50th anniversary. With Obama´s

Reid delays unemployment vote
The Hill (Washington DC), by Ramsey Cox    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 1/13/2014 7:11:12 PM     Post Reply
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Monday postponed a procedural vote on a three-month extension of federal unemployment benefits. Democrats will need 60 votes to proceed to the bill, and at least 17 senators weren´t present for the vote Monday evening due to the severe cold weather that has delayed flights across the country. The vote is now set for 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. “Because of the timing of this vote, we know what the outcome is. It is transparent that this is a political exercise,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said moments before Reid asked unanimous consent to reschedule

Crushes Federalism
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 7:08:18 PM     Post Reply
States´ Rights: As Republicans watch from the sidelines, pinning their hopes on 2016, the president and his radical troops are storming local school and zoning boards in an unprecedented federal invasion. Last week, after the attorney general and education secretary jointly announced an alarming new witch hunt against local school officials over allegedly racist disciplinary policies, we watched with keen interest Republican reaction. Disappointingly, barely a whimper was registered from the opposition party. Even Fox News punted on the administration´s dangerous anti-discipline crusade, preoccupied as they were handicapping a speculative race, two years away, between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie. Yet we can´t

Fed up tea party and conservative
critics attack John Boehner over
´ideologically bankrupt´ GOP
Washington Times, by Jennifer Harper    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 1/13/2014 7:08:13 PM     Post Reply
Potential political woes are multiplying in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Capitol. The Tea Party Leadership Fund PAC has declared that House Speaker John Boehner is an enemy of conservatives, and is acting, well, according. There’s a public petition against the Ohio Republican, an advertising buy, a new website - all coordinated by a group that claims to be the nation’s largest political action committee for the grassroots movement. “John Boehner has declared war on conservatives demanding lower taxes and limited government,” says talk radio host Rusty Humphries, spokesman for new campaign. “Today we declare war on him. We



This Is What Government-Run
Health Care Looks Like
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 7:05:23 PM     Post Reply
Socialized Medicine: More than two-thirds of the public don´t think the government can be trusted to run the nation´s health care system successfully. ObamaCare is proving these skeptics right. The public might not agree on much these days, but one thing it overwhelmingly believes is that government is ill-equipped to manage one-sixth of the economy — 67% said so in the January IBD/TIPP poll. This distrust has only gotten worse as the ObamaCare debacle unfolded, climbing 4 points in one month. Even Democrats — at 44%, up from 34% the month before — are increasingly skeptical. Little wonder, since every day ObamaCare provides

The Benghazi Transcripts: US
military woefully unprepared
for attack, documents show
Fox News, by Jennifer Griffin    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 1/13/2014 6:45:13 PM     Post Reply
Hundreds of pages of declassified transcripts from the U.S. military´s top commanders present a picture of a woefully ill-postured military force whose assets were not in a position to quickly respond to the Benghazi terror attack -- or other hot spots across Africa and the Middle East. The 450 pages of newly declassified transcripts detail testimony from secret, closed hearings last year before Congress. They provide fresh insight into the military´s decision-making that night from the very commanders who staged the rescue efforts, including the top commander in Africa at the time Gen. Carter Ham. Among other details, they reveal gaps in

Stocks drop sharply on talk of Fed
slowing its stimulus, poor earnings
CNBC, by Kate Gibson    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 1/13/2014 6:32:35 PM     Post Reply
Stocks closed sharply down on Monday, with the Dow dropping almost 200 points, after a Federal Reserve official said the central bank will continue to taper off its stimulus and several companies warned of poor quarterly results. The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted its worst session since Sept. 20 and closed 179 points, or 1.1 percent, down, with 29 of its 30 components finishing in the red. The S&P 500 lost 23 points, or 1.26 percent, and the Nasdaq was 61 points lower -- a 1.47 percent drop -- on a day when earnings reports began in earnest. Stocks slumped

Comedian Evan Sayet: Liberals
Believe ´We Are Evil Because
We Have Succeeded´
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Robert Wilde    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 6:22:37 PM     Post Reply
The late Andrew Breitbart called Evan Sayet’s original Heritage Foundation talk on the Unified Field Theory of Liberalism "one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given.” That is hearty praise for someone most people consider a comedian and a comedy writer. On Sunday, we learned that Sayet is above and beyond that label; he is an astute conservative commentator and a culture warrior for the “right." Sayet joined Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125. Bannon introduced Sayet as one of the most “courageous conservatives” who was with



Robert Gates says that Obama never welled
up at a Medal of Honor ceremony unlike
George W. Bush as he criticizes his
´disturbing lack of passion´
Daily Mail (U.K.), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 6:21:20 PM     Post Reply
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has strongly criticized President Obama´s passion for the nation´s military - contrasting his attitude strongly with that of his predecessor President George W. Bush. In his forthcoming memoir ´Duty´, Gates claims that he never once saw Obama become emotional during a Medal Of Honor ceremony - claiming that his coldness was in stark contrast with Bush, who would regularly ´well up´. Declaring himself to be ´disturbed´ by this ´absence of passion´, Gates goes onto say that the only time he saw his commander-in-chief become animated during his time in the administration was during Obama´s push to repeal

The Benghazi Transcripts: Top
Defense officials briefed Obama
on ‘attack,’ not video or protest
Fox News, by James Rosen    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 1/13/2014 6:18:26 PM     Post Reply
Minutes after the American consulate in Benghazi came under assault on Sept. 11, 2012, the nation´s top civilian and uniformed defense officials -- headed for a previously scheduled Oval Office session with President Obama -- were informed that the event was a "terrorist attack," declassified documents show. The new evidence raises the question of why the top military men, one of whom was a member of the president´s Cabinet, allowed him and other senior Obama administration officials to press a false narrative of the Benghazi attacks for two weeks afterward. Gen. Carter Ham, who at the time was head of

How Hillary´s ´Hit List´ Struck Fear
in the Hearts of Democrats
Breitbart´s Big Government, by William Bigelow    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 6:10:01 PM     Post Reply
A new book jointly written by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Politico’s Jonathan Allen, HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, details how the Hillary Clinton campaign composed a political hit list of those who had betrayed Clinton in the 2008 presidential campaign and supported Barack Obama instead. The book asserts that the list was finalized in June 2008 after months of keeping score of those who stuck with Hillary and those who stabbed her in the back. The job of finalizing the list fell to Kris Balderston, deputy assistant to Bill Clinton during his presidency and later Hillary’s

MSNBC to Air One-Hour
Bridgegate Special
National Review Online, by Andrew Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 6:07:30 PM     Post Reply
There isn’t enough coverage of Chris Christie and the lane closures leading to the George Washington Bridge over at MSNBC, so the network is devoting an entire one-hour special to the story tonight. Mediaite notes that Chris Hayes will host the special at 11 p.m. on Monday, in which he will interview individuals close to the situation and report on the latest developments. The one-hour special looks to be an extension of what Hayes’s 8 p.m. show, All In, has been over the last few days. Since the story broke last Wednesday, he has dedicated nearly all of his daily show to



MSNBC Contributor Sees Sexism in
Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton’s
‘Hit List’
Mediaite, by Noah Rothman    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 6:06:26 PM     Post Reply
An MSNBC panel convened on Monday to discuss the hours-old revelations surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s maintaining a graded list of Democrats she believed did not support her 2008 presidential bid to her satisfaction. Most of the panel agreed that this is not a damaging revelation because it would not be unique to Clinton’s campaign, but one guest said that the “gendered” elements of the coverage of this scandal disturbed her and indicates that “we just don’t know how to deal with gender.” “This doesn’t surprise me in the least,” said Democratic strategist and columnist Zerlina Maxwell of Clinton’s

NBC´s Lauer Grills Bob Gates on
´Dangerous or Dishonorable´ Criticism
of Obama
Newsbusters, by Kyle Drennen    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 6:02:16 PM     Post Reply
During a live interview with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday´s NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer suggested that criticism of President Obama in Gates´s new memoir was endangering American troops overseas: "As this criticism is leveled by you in the book of the commander-in-chief, the acting commander-in-chief, at a time when some 40,000 U.S. troops are in harm´s way, do you think that by calling him into question at this stage it is either dangerous or dishonorable?" After Gates rejected the notion, Lauer insisted: "But you don´t think it undermines his credibility with the troops he is commander-in-chief of

John Kerry topped a list of ´traitors´
compiled by Hillary Clinton during
2008 presidential campaign
Daily Mail [UK], by Leon Watson    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/13/2014 5:40:25 PM     Post Reply
John Kerry topped a list of ´traitors´ who Hillary Clinton´s staff believed betrayed her during her bitter 2008 presidential primary battle with Barack Obama, a new book has revealed. The detailed list, which also included Democratic Party heavyweight Edward Kennedy, who died in 2009, was kept by Clinton´s aides who ranked names on a seven-point scale, it is claimed. Kerry, who was Senator for Massachusetts at the time and went on to replace Clinton as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, was among those receiving the worst possible score, according to the book. HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary

Brian Lamb´s Fascinating Admission
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 5:31:18 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Another fascinating thing. Brian Lamb, the founder of C-SPAN, admitted on C-SPAN Sunday night Booknotes... He had an author on as a guest. The author´s name is David Bobb, B-o-b-b, and the book is Humility: An Unlikely Biography of America´s Greatest Virtue. In this interview Brian Lamb, who admits to being a regular listener, admits that he doesn´t get what happens here, in the sense that he doesn´t know when I´m being satirical, facetious, or funny. Now, to me... Again, this is personal, but to me and in a business sense, this is fascinating to me, because here you have

Hypersonic arms race: China tests high
-speed missile to beat U.S. defenses
Washington Times, by Bill Gertz    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 5:30:23 PM     Post Reply
China’s military last week conducted the first flight test of a new ultra-high speed missile vehicle aimed at delivering warheads through U.S. missile defenses, Pentagon officials said. The test of the new hypersonic glide vehicle was carried out Jan. 9 and the experimental weapon is being dubbed the WU-14 by the Pentagon, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity. The hypersonic vehicle represents a major step forward in China’s secretive strategic nuclear and conventional military and missile programs. The new hypersonic vehicle was detected traveling at extremely high speeds during the flight test over China, said officials who discussed some details of


Christie Saga Makes Clear Republicans
Still Don´t Know What They´re Up Against
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 5:22:53 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: Can I share with you something? This whole Chris Christie business. I said that when he first got out of trouble, it was noticeable to me that none of the other wildebeests came to his defense, other RINOs. He was just left to sink or swim on his own, and none of the Democrats that supposedly like him and have worked with him and Obama -- nobody -- rushed to his aide. Which is classic, by the way. But there´s something else about this. If you watched the Sunday shows yesterday -- which I didn´t. I get reports, transcripts,

Shock and Dismay on the Left: Rush
Limbaugh More Admired Than Mrs. Clinton
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 5:14:09 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: YouGov.com did a poll commissioned by the Times of London. They did a poll commissioned by The Times of London, YouGov.com, and they polled the most admired people in America, and then they polled the most admired people in the world, and they did this in 13 countries. Yeah, here it is. "They went to 13 countries that have more than half of the world´s population, and they asked people to name who they admire most. Only those living were allowed to be listed." It was not multiple choice. You picked the name yourself, and in the YouGov.com poll

Why Conservatives Won’t Defend Christie
the Way We Defended Clarence Thomas
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 1/13/2014 5:12:08 PM     Post Reply
RUSH: If I do this right, I think, this is telling. It´s important. I want to take you back, talk about Chris Christie and talk about why there is not a huge wave of people defending him. The Tea Party isn´t because the Tea Party doesn´t like him. The Tea Party does not think that he is a conservative. The Tea Party... This Bridgegate´s one thing, but basically embracing Obama and screwing Romney, that was all it took, that one time and you´re done. But the Tea Party´s not Christie´s buddies. The Republican Party establishment is Christie´s buddies, and they

The BBC: still as pro-EU as
ever after all these years
Telegraph [UK], by Norman Tebbit    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/13/2014 4:47:55 PM     Post Reply
My old friend Michael, now Lord, Dobbs had a good day last Friday successfully piloting the European Referendum Bill through its first stage in the House of Lords. That was after a most extraordinary interview on the BBC Today Programme with Mr Evan Davis in which he was constantly heckled and interrupted to prevent him making his case or completing an answer to Mr Davis´s questions. That was followed by a most pathetically obsequious interview with Lord Mandelson who it seems was not willing to be interveiwed together with Lord Dobbs and spoke from a radio car. Lord Mandelson was

Chris Christie accused of misuing
Sandy storm relief fund
Telegraph [UK], by Jon Swaine    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 1/13/2014 4:37:45 PM     Post Reply
The crisis engulfing Chris Christie has deepened, as the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful was accused of misusing millions of dollars from a storm relief fund to promote himself. Federal investigators are looking into claims that the embattled New Jersey governor acted improperly by spending $4.7 million (£2.9 million) in public funds on TV advertisements in which he starred. The advertising campaign, to promote tourism following the cleanup from 2012´s Superstorm Sandy, cost $2.2 million (£1.3 million) more than a comparable proposal that did not feature Mr Christie. Frank Pallone, a Democratic congressman for New Jersey, said the extra money could

The Five Worst Things About Ecuador
Washington Free Beacon, by Daniel Wiser    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 1/13/2014 4:31:56 PM     Post Reply
Observers wondering who would assume the mantle of Hugo Chavez as Latin America’s fiery, anti-American strong man did not have to wait long. That man is Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Correa won a second term last February and promised to continue his “citizens’ revolution.” However, his record looks different beyond the rhetoric. More than half of Ecuador’s 15 million people still live in poverty. Crime rates remain high. And journalists, members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and indigenous inhabitants are routinely fined and arrested. As the world awaits the birth of true democracy and freedom in Ecuador, the Washington Free Beacon compiled the five

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