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After a Month of Trying, I Still
Can´t Sign Up for Obamacare
Weekly Standard, by Ike Brannon    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/27/2013 4:53:40 AM     Post Reply
After a month of trying, I still can´t complete an application to join the D.C. Health Exchange. For a week, the Obamacare marketplace asked me to prove my citizenship, my daughter´s existence, and my fixed address in the District of Columbia, but it would not allow me to submit the requested material. That changed, slightly, yesterday when it started allowing me to submit those things, which I did, but it must now validate them via a person. Perhaps this is why Barack Obama’s staff had to physically visit the D.C. exchange in order to sign up the president for Obamacare. It

Anthony Weiner Hints of
Another Comeback Attempt
New York Observer, by Jill Colvin    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/27/2013 4:47:58 AM     Post Reply
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner posted a thank you message to supporters on Facebook this afternoon that leaves the door open–ever so slightly–to another comeback run. “What’s next? I’ll keep you posted on my plans. But I hope we keep the band together,” he wrote in the message to supporters posted on his Facebook page. “(Who knows, maybe I have a third book of ideas in me!)” he added. Mr. Weiner, who lost his race for mayor this summer following revelations that he’d continued sexting with women long after he resigned from Congress, has kept largely out of the spotlight since his loss. In the

Professor admits faking AIDS
vaccine to get $19M in grants
New York Post, by Andy Soltis    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/27/2013 4:44:00 AM     Post Reply
An Iowa State University professor resigned after admitting he falsely claimed rabbit blood could be turned into a vaccine for the AIDS virus. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han spiked a clinical test sample with healthy human blood to make it appear that the rabbit serum produced disease-fighting antibodies, officials said. The bogus findings helped Han’s team obtain $19 million in research grants from the National Institutes of Health, said James Bradac, who oversees the institutes’ AIDS research. The remarkable findings were reported in scientific journals but raised suspicions when other researchers could not duplicate Han’s results. The NIH uncovered the scam when it checked the rabbit



Data Brokers Gathering Dossiers on Millions
of Americans by Income, Disease, and More
PJ Media, by Rodrigo Sermeño    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/27/2013 4:41:19 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON – A Senate panel released a report and held a hearing before the holiday break on the multibillion-dollar and largely unregulated data broker industry, which showed that these firms have several avenues to collect sensitive data on consumers. To better understand how firms in the industry operate, the Senate Commerce Committee reached out last year to nine companies that sell consumer data for marketing purposes. Based on this information, the committee staff was able to draw some conclusions in a 36-page report. Data brokers collect a huge volume of detailed data about consumers, from what illnesses they may have, to what

What if the Germans had
won the first world war?
Guardian [UK], by Martin Kettle    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/27/2013 4:37:13 AM     Post Reply
People who see a divine hand or the iron laws of dialectical materialism at work in human affairs bridle at the question: "What if things had turned out differently?" To EH Carr, historian of Soviet Russia, to speak of what might have happened in history, as opposed to what did happen, was just a "parlour game". To EP Thompson, author of The Making of the English Working Class, such counterfactual speculation was "unhistorical sh*t". Other historians have confessed to being more intrigued. "The historian must constantly put himself at a point in the past at which the known factors will seem

Utility Linemen Brave
Cold, Ice to Restore Power
Associated Press, by Corey Williams    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/27/2013 4:22:36 AM     Post Reply
DETROIT -- When an ice storm glazed over Michigan last weekend, Tony Carone feared he wouldn´t be spending Christmas at home with his family. "Nobody had to call. I heard it on the top of my roof," Carone said. The 52-year-old lineman for Detroit-based DTE Energy is one of the thousands of electrical workers who have put in double shifts trying to restore power to more than a half-million homes and businesses. Outages stretched from the Great Plains to Maine and into eastern Canada. "My power went out the same time as everybody else´s," Carone said of the power to his Lapeer home,

Obama Channeling Pope Francis
To Sell Wealth Redistribution
Big Government, by Robert Wilde    Original Article
Posted By: steveW- 12/27/2013 1:54:30 AM     Post Reply
President Obama is using Pope Francis to foster wealth redistribution ideas in his speeches on the importance of reducing the gap between rich and poor. Now that the President’s message of “Hope and Change” has drastically soured over his last few years in office, Obama is hoping the popular pontiff’s vitality will rub off on him. Michael Peppard, a professor of politics and the papacy at Fordham University, posits, "I think Obama probably wants to tap into some of the energy, and tap into some of it for his own message." Obama quoted Francis in a recent speech on fiscal



Ted Cruz: Indefinite Detention
Retained in NDAA 2014
New American, by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D    Original Article
Posted By: ketchuplover- 12/27/2013 1:06:43 AM     Post Reply
Eighty-five of 100 U.S. senators voted to renew the president’s power to indefinitely detain Americans, denying them of their fundamental right to due process. (snip) No sooner had 85 of his colleagues united to permit the president to apprehend and imprison American citizens that he alone suspects of aiding and abetting terrorists or those associated with terrorists, than consistent constitutionalist Ted Cruz (shown above) issued a statement explaining why he wasn’t one of that considerable number: Today I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. I am deeply concerned that Congress still has not prohibited President Obama’s ability to indefinitely

Asylum for Ugandan homosexuals
requested to Foreign Affairs Office
El Universal [Caracas, Venezuela], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/27/2013 1:04:24 AM     Post Reply
A group of NGOs and the Venezuelan community of Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, Bisexual and Intersexual persons (LGTBI) requested on Thursday to the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Office to grant asylum to Ugandans with different sexual orientation in light of their imminent imprisonment within the framework of a new law. The request, handed over to a team closed to the foreign minister (of Venezuela), was signed by several organizations supporting the community. Some of these organizations include Comando Hugo Chávez para la Sexodiversidad (Hugo Chávez Command for Sexual Diversity) and Venezuela Igualitaria (Egalitarian Venezuela).

Blackouts continue in Argentina
while government keeps
threatening power distributors
MercoPress [Montevideo, Uruguay], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/27/2013 1:01:59 AM     Post Reply
Blackouts continued in several neighborhoods of Argentina´s metropolitan Buenos Aires area while protests increased including pickets in highways, attempts to set on fire power distributors offices or kidnap power companies´ officers while the only resource from government has been to blame companies and threaten to take over utilities. In Buenos Aires there was some brief relief with late Thursday evening showers after a full day of 38 degrees Celsisus. In the north of Argentina in the province of Santiago del Estero where there was a record 47 degrees two people died and in downtown Buenos Aires some hospitals have warned

Over 10m Argentines live in
poverty conditions, says
Catholic University
MercoPress [Montevideo, Uruguay], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/27/2013 12:59:24 AM     Post Reply
Over a quarter of the Argentine population live in poverty conditions, with no formal job, poor quality education, dreadful housing and insufficient healthcare, according to the latest paper from the Buenos Aires Catholic University Social Debt Observatory. The paper, “Structural heterogeneous factors and standing social inequalities” also reveals that from 2004 to 2010 the social gap between life conditions for the middle class and the most vulnerable has increased considerably. The Social Debt Observatory considered one of the most prestigious and reliable in Argentina says that half of Argentine workers have a precarious job or ´indigence jobs´ (i.e. collecting cardboard



Alan Dershowitz: Glenn Greenwald
‘Never Met a Terrorist He Didn’t Like’
Mediate, by Josh Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 12/26/2013 11:55:25 PM     Post Reply
Christmas is supposed to be a time of putting aside differences and brotherhood and such, but clearly no one told Alan Dershowitz, because during an appearance on CNN yesterday, he went after journalist Glenn Greenwald for his work on the NSA leaks and accused him of being an anti-American ideologue who would never badmouth terrorist regimes. Dershowitz popped up on-air right after Dana Bash spoke with Greenwald himself, and Dershowitz wasted no time in going after both Greenwald and Snowden. He insisted that Snowden had other options aside from just going public, in spite of the national security apparatus

Dershowitz Clashes With WaPo
Reporter over Snowden, Swipes at
Journalists ‘Acting on His Behalf’
Mediate, by Josh Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: Lalo- 12/26/2013 11:37:44 PM     Post Reply
Alan Dershowitz has been on the attack this week regarding the reporting on the Edward Snowden NSA revelations, and he kept it up when both he and Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman appeared on Hardball Thursday night. Dershowitz did not go after Gellman in the same aggressive manner he’s gone after Glenn Greenwald, but he did take a not-so-veiled swipe when he said that journalists doing reports on the information Snowden gave them are “people acting on his behalf.” Dershowitz agreed with the recent federal court ruling that the NSA phone program is unconstitutional “as if relates to American citizens,”

Film found from photographer
killed in Mt. St. Helens blast
KGW-TV [Portland, Oregon], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/26/2013 11:37:43 PM     Post Reply
VANCOUVER – An undeveloped roll of film from 33 years ago with never-before-seen photos of Mount Saint Helens days before it erupted just resurfaced at The Columbian newspaper. The pictures are part of Northwest history and were taken before Columbian photographer Reid Blackburn died in the May 1980 eruption. Blackburn went up in an airplane to capture the images of the smoldering cauldron. A week later, Blackburn was killed in his vehicle while covering the eruption. The roll of film got lost in the newspaper’s archives before it was ever developed. This month, 33 years after the blast, photo archivist Linda Lute found

Detroit Demise Spurs Tourist
Attraction of ´Ruin Porn´
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Robert Wilde    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 12/26/2013 11:17:30 PM     Post Reply
Sightseeing of abandoned buildings, factories, schools, and churches is becoming a growing industry in the now dilapidated city of Detroit. Some people come from far away to visit Los Angeles and tour the houses of the rich and famous. Architectural student Oliver Kearney came from England to tour the ruins of Detroit. "No other American city has seen decline on this scale," Kearney claims. With 78,000 remaining vacant structures that investors are cool on renovating, and with a city too bankrupt to shell out the $8000 per structure needed to demolish them, the landscape has become a fertile ground for



´Men are stuck´ in gender
roles, data suggest
Los Angeles Times, by Emily Alpert Reyes    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/26/2013 10:55:40 PM     Post Reply
Brent Kroeger pores over nasty online comments about stay-at-home dads, wondering if his friends think those things about him. The Rowland Heights father remembers high school classmates laughing when he said he wanted to be a "house husband." He avoids mentioning it on Facebook. "I don´t want other men to look at me like less of a man," Kroeger said. His fears are tied to a bigger phenomenon: The gender revolution has been lopsided. Even as American society has seen sweeping transformations — expanding roles for women, surging tolerance for homosexuality — popular ideas about masculinity seem to have stagnated.

GOP surges ahead of Democrats
in 2014 generic ballot
CBS News, by Rebecca Kaplan    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/26/2013 10:46:49 PM     Post Reply
Democrats woke up Thursday to some gloomy post-Christmas news: they have fallen behind Republicans in the battle to win House and Senate seats in the 2014 election. A new CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday shows Republicans holding a 49 percent to 44 percent edge over Democrats in the “generic ballot,” which asks registered voters whether they would choose a Democrat or a Republican in the midterm elections without identifying specific candidates. Just two months ago, after the government shutdown, Democrats were up 50 percent to 42 percent. But a month later, the GOP had a narrow edge - 49 percent

Okinawa Governor Approves
Relocation of US Base
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/26/2013 10:43:16 PM     Post Reply
Tokyo- The governor of Okinawa has signed off on the long-awaited relocation of a U.S. military base, a major step toward allowing the U.S. to move forward with plans to consolidate its troops on the southern Japanese islands and move some to Guam. Japanese media reported Friday that Gov. Hirokazu Nakaima approved the Japanese government´s application to reclaim land for a new base on Okinawa´s coast. The base would replace the U.S. Marine Corps base in Futenma, a more congested part of Okinawa´s main island. Nakaima´s decision could still face court challenges and protests. Opponents want the base moved off

600 People Involved in Movie
Theater Brawl, 5 Arrested
ABC News, by Russell Goldman    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/26/2013 10:38:53 PM     Post Reply
Five teenagers were arrested when a 600-person brawl broke out in a Florida movie theater’s parking lot on Christmas night. Described by police as a “melee,” the fight occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday outside the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville when a group tried to storm the theater’s doors without purchasing tickets, police said. Several had rushed an off-duty police officer working as a security guard. The officer “administered pepper spray to disperse the group, locked the doors and called for backup, following protocol,” said Lauri-Ellen Smith, a spokeswoman for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Soon after the

Reply to Michael Eric Dyson:
No, Loving Jesus Is Not Homoerotic
Breitbart´s Big Journalism, by Michael Collender    Original Article
Posted By: mitzi- 12/26/2013 9:53:32 PM     Post Reply
On Monday, Michael Eric Dyson appeared on The ED Show on MSNBC, this time hosted by Joy Reid. He was introduced as someone knowledgeable in American history and Biblical theology. Dyson, a professor at Georgetown, then insinuated that the Bible´s teaching regarding loving Jesus is “interestingly homoerotic.” Dyson said: Look through the Bible, there´s a lot of interesting things. The same men who sat up in a church of all men -- ´I put my God, Jesus over all women, I love Him more than I love her!´ -- Hmmm... do you really? That sounds interestingly homoerotic to people who are


The Black Chamber
PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 12/26/2013 9:43:24 PM     Post Reply
The Marine Corps Times reports that Edward Snowden has declared his mission “already accomplished” in a public interview. “Snowden told The Washington Post in an interview published online Monday night that he was satisfied because journalists have been able to tell the story of the government’s collection of bulk Internet and phone records, an activity that has grown dramatically in the decade since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” But Snowden is prematurely congratulating himself. He didn’t finish the NSA. However, Cass Sunstein undoubtedly will. In August 2013, President Obama appointed Sunstein to serve on the NSA oversight panel.

The 5 Best Drug Scares of 2013
Reason, by Jacob Sullum    Original Article
Posted By: zoidberg- 12/26/2013 9:36:46 PM     Post Reply
Drug policy and rationality go together like hot fudge and anchovies. From marijuana to Salvia divinorum, from cocaine to "bath salts," from absinthe to Four Loko, panic precipitates and perpetuates prohibition. The process can be observed every day as activists, politicians, and yellow journalists conspire to keep the American public alarmed about the psychoactive substances other people are consuming. Sometimes their best efforts are inadequate, as illustrated by the marijuana stores that will start opening in Colorado next Wednesday. More often, horror stories about what happens when people are allowed to exercise dominion over their own minds and bodies

California Schools Prepare
for Transgender Rights Law
Asociated Press, by Lisa Leff & Julie Watson    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 12/26/2013 8:53:07 PM     Post Reply
SAN FRANCISCO With a law that spells out the rights of transgender students in grades K-12 set to take effect in California, school districts are reviewing locker room layouts, scheduling sensitivity training for coaches, assessing who will sleep where during overnight field trips and reconsidering senior portrait dress codes. But administrators, counselors, teachers and school board members also are watching and waiting. The law, the nation´s first requiring public schools to let children use sex-segregated facilities and participate in the gender-specific activities of their choice, could end up suspended within days of its Jan. 1 launch if a referendum to repeal it

The top ten Obama constitutional
violations of 2013
Hot Air, by Allah Pundit    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/26/2013 8:41:44 PM     Post Reply
It’s not my list, it’s Ilya Shapiro’s, but it’s a better use of your time than 95 percent of year-end media crapola. I’ve been so focused lately on the White House changing ObamaCare’s rules via royal proclamation that I’d forgotten this one: 8. Recess appointments. Last year, President Obama appointed three members of the National Labor Relations Board, as well as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, during what he considered to be a Senate recess. But the Senate was still holding “pro forma” sessions every three days—a technique developed by Sen. Harry Reid to thwart Bush recess

Electricity Prices Soar As
Government Regulation Surges
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 12/26/2013 8:21:11 PM     Post Reply
The Cost Of Green: In the midst of an unparalleled energy boom, U.S. electricity prices have skyrocketed to new highs. This paradox is a result not of the free market, but of runaway government "green" regulation. Unnoticed by virtually everyone except the sharp-eyed folks at CNSNews.com, new federal data show that electricity prices have never been higher. In November, the Bureau of Labor Statistics´ Electricity Price Index hit 202.284, an all-time record and nearly 20% higher than just six years ago. This might strike some as strange, given the private-sector shale-fracking boom going on in the Midwest, Northeast and Texas, which has led

EPA Pushes Gun Control
Through Green Ammo Mandate
Investor´s Business Daily, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 12/26/2013 8:17:12 PM     Post Reply
Gun Control: Thanks to government regulations, the closing of the last U.S. lead smelter and a push for "green" lead-free ammunition, ammo prices will skyrocket. Does the Second Amendment threaten the environment? Having been stymied by court defeats such as the Supreme Court´s deciding that the Second Amendment does indeed confer a right to keep and bear arms on individuals throughout the United States, advocates of a gun-free America and a disarmed citizenry are taking a different approach: Go after the ammunition through regulations that stifle domestic production and force the use of more expensive and eco-friendly substitutes. Expanded regulations issued by

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