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PICTURED: Four men arrested for
killing lawyer, 30, who was shot dead
while protecting his wife in carjacking
at New Jersey mall
Daily Mail (UK), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/21/2013 2:01:04 PM     Post Reply
Four men have been arrested over the death of a lawyer shot in front of his wife during a carjacking outside a New Jersey mall last week, authorities said on Saturday. The suspects in the fatal carjacking on Sunday last week, in which Dustin Friedland was killed at The Mall, Short Hills, were arrested in a series of raids overnight. Three of the men were arrested in their homes in New Jersey and the fourth was arrested in a Pennsylvania hotel, between 9pm on Friday and 3am Saturday. The suspects were identified as Hanif Thompson, 29, Karif Ford, 31, Basim

´Duck Dynasty´: A&E warned Phil
Robertson about speaking out too much
Los Angeles Times, by Scott Collins    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/21/2013 1:55:58 PM     Post Reply
Anyone looking at the "Duck Dynasty" uproar may wonder why A&E didn´t warn Phil Robertson about the dangers of talking too much to reporters. But it now looks like they did. (Snip)In essence, the network was asking Phil - a man of legendary individuality, who once passed up an opportunity to sign with the NFL because it might interfere with his hunting - to be somewhat less Phil-like. But that is the kind of wobbly bargain that reality TV producers have been forced to make. If they bought the show, they were getting a volatile personality in the mix. A&E could of

Obama and the terrible, horrible,
no good, very bad year
New York Post, by John Podhoretz    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 12/21/2013 1:48:35 PM     Post Reply
When Barack Obama sings “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve, he will have reason to think back, with a deep sense of nostalgia and not a small amount of regret, on the last time he sang the song. If he gets a lump in his throat as he recollects that glorious night one year ago, who would blame him? After all, he was riding about as high as a man can ride on New Year’s Eve 2012. There he was, almost literally the master of the universe — the canny victor of the 2012 election, having run what was instantly regarded



It´s that time of year again -
time to debunk Kwanzaa
Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), by Paul Mulshine    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 12/21/2013 1:26:38 PM     Post Reply
It´s that time of year again - the time when lazy journalists go out and write puff pieces about a fake African holiday created by a psychopath who tortured black women. If these characters would just do a Google search on Kwanzaa, they could find the truth about it in this link to a column I did debunking it. My in-depth article on this originally ran in FrontPage Magazine back in 2002. It´s easily found on the Internet by any journalist willing to do the tiniest bit of research into Kwanzaa. At the time I had to pore through a year´s worth

Obama and the terrible,
horrible, no good, very bad year
New York Post, by John Podhoretz    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 1:25:34 PM     Post Reply
When Barack Obama sings “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve, he will have reason to think back, with a deep sense of nostalgia and not a small amount of regret, on the last time he sang the song. If he gets a lump in his throat as he recollects that glorious night one year ago, who would blame him? After all, he was riding about as high as a man can ride on New Year’s Eve 2012. There he was, almost literally the master of the universe — the canny victor of the 2012 election, having run what was

Santa´s little miracles: The
70million-to-one twins who are
also quads (making it a VERY busy
Christmas for their mum and dad)
Daily Mail (UK), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/21/2013 1:14:43 PM     Post Reply
Santa Claus is going to be busy in the Turner home this year... as there are four extra names on his ´good´ list. Nine-month-old 70million-to-one quads James, Joshua, Lauren and Emily will be celebrating their first Christmas. The two sets of identical twins will be at the centre of the special, if not a bit chaotic, festive period for proud parents Sharon and Julian Turner. The quads are thriving and full of smiles despite their early births at just 29 weeks in March this year and are set to have a magical Christmas surrounded by the family who wanted them

GLAAD Remains Mad,
Doubles Down on Being Bad
PJ Media, by Bryan Preston    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 1:09:50 PM     Post Reply
GLAAD says they have never gotten more angry phone calls and emails than they have since they decided to launch their attack on Phil Robertson, and escalated their speech and thought war against Christians at the same time. But Yahoo reports that they’re not apt to learn anything. The group still wants to re-educate Phil Robertson. After the meeting (between A&E executives and GLAAD), GLAAD issued its statement on Robertson’s comments. A&E initially released a statement from Robertson in which he said he would “never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me.” But the network declined



Atheist groups get cold shoulder
when offering holiday charity
SILive, (Staten Island, NY), by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 12/21/2013 12:55:36 PM     Post Reply
´Tis the season for giving -- but not always for receiving. As the holiday season peaks, atheist and humanist groups around the country have seen their charitable impulses rebuffed by both Christian and secular organizations. Recent incidents of "thanks, but no thanks," include: *A group of Kansas City, Mo., nonbelievers was told their help was not needed after they volunteered to help a local Christian group distribute Thanksgiving meals. *A $3,000 donation to a Morton Grove, Ill., park, collected by a local atheist group, was returned. Park officials said they did not wish to "become embroiled in a First Amendment dispute." *A group of

Why Did BuzzFeed & Co. Target
Justine Sacco for Online Assassination
Breitbart´s Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 12:54:15 PM     Post Reply
Friday night, a young New York-based communications director had her life destroyed on social media while she was out of touch with the world and could not defend herself. Justine Sacco was on a flight to Africa and had no Internet access when BuzzFeed´s Andrew Kaczynski apparently got the ball rolling by tweeting out to his 100k-plus followers that Sacco was responsible for what "may be the worst tweet of all time." By the time she stepped off her flight, Sacco found herself a national pariah and fired from her job. Here´s the tweet that caused it all:

NY Times ‘Disappointed’
by Obama’s NSA Response
Mediate, by Matt Wilstein    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 12/21/2013 12:51:57 PM     Post Reply
The New York Times editorial board issued a sharp rebuke Saturday to the way President Barack Obama handled the issues of privacy, security and the NSA at his year-end press conference Friday. Under the headline, “Mr. Obama’s Disappointing Response,” the editorial criticized the president for failing to take the right course from an “ethical, moral, constitutional and even political point of view.” According to the Times, what Obama should have done was fully “embrace” the recommendations by his own presidential panel on reigning in the power of the NSA. “He could have started by suspending the constitutionally questionable (and evidently pointless)

Mark Steyn on ´Duck Dynasty´ Controversy:
Gay Lobby Enforcing ´Ideological Compliance´
Breitbart´s Big Hollywood, by Jeffrey Poor    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 12:45:40 PM     Post Reply
On Hugh Hewitt’s Thursday radio show, conservative commentator Mark Steyn spoke out against the groups he said were behind the hostile reactions to the remarks made by “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson made to GQ magazine about homosexuality and sin. “I think in a strange way, this is the biggest story of the day, the week, the month,” Steyn told fill-in host Rep. John Campbell (R-CA). “I’m actually quite worried that we’re moving into an age of extremely heavy-handed ideological compliance. There was nothing this guy said in GQ that I think that should have rendered him banished from the airwaves.



DC staff irked as
NBC News eyes cuts
New York Post, by Page Six Staff    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 12/21/2013 12:40:21 PM     Post Reply
NBC News boss Deborah Turness is spending the last few days of the year eyeing cuts — moves that could include axing some senior on-air talent, The Post has learned. Turness, brought on in August to shake up the moribund news division — where “Meet the Press” and “Today” had stumbled — is in the midst of a host of end-of -year buyouts and cost reductions, sources said. The current moves are not the first time Turness has irked journalists under her command. NBC veterans have complained privately that Turness is not serious enough, sources said. “Instead of getting better, NBC News has been

´Duck Dynasty´ Star Would Not Have
Been Fired If He Supported Gay
Marriage, Constitutional Lawyer Says
Cybercast News Service, by Penny Starr    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 12:34:38 PM     Post Reply
What would A&E do if one of its stars told a national magazine that they supported same-sex marriage? Ken Klukowski, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, said they probably wouldn’t have faced the same fate as "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, who was “suspended indefinitely” from the cable channel’s hit show after he said in an interview with GQ magazine that he believes homosexuality is a sin. “It violates the whole principles underlying the First Amendment to say that a person, who just in their own plain spoken manner, that they quote the Bible

Cat Stevens Gets into
Hall of Fame After All
PJ Media, by Kathy Shaidle    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 12:30:50 PM     Post Reply
Look, I tried, remember? But while the good news is that KISS finally got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the bad news is that Cat Stevens (a.k.a. Yusuf Islam) will also be a member of the “class of 2014.” KISS led the popular vote, while Stevens brought up the rear. However, the Hall has a sort of “electoral college” that gets to override the people’s choices. This leads to a frankly bizarre situation, in which bands like Yes (10.88% of the popular vote) and Deep Purple (11.93%) beat out Stevens (5.37%) but don’t get inducted. Look,

Cover Oregon: If you don´t
hear from us by Monday,
seek coverage elsewhere
Oregon Live [Portland,OR], by Brent Hunsberger    Original Article
Posted By: Fiesta del sol- 12/21/2013 12:27:48 PM     Post Reply
Oregon´s troubled health insurance exchange began robocalling applicants Friday, warning them that if they don´t receive enrollment confirmation by Monday, they should seek coverage elsewhere for Jan. 1. "If you haven´t heard from us by Dec. 23, it is unlikely your application will be processed for Jan. 1 insurance coverage," a woman´s voice on the pre-recorded call from Cover Oregon says. "If you want to be sure you have insurance coverage starting Jan. 1, you have other options."It´s yet another sign that the health insurance exchange´s technological breakdowns will prevent some -- perhaps many -- Oregonians from getting subsidized coverage



Federal Judge: Right to Same-Sex
Marriage Is ‘Deeply Rooted in This
Nation’s History and Tradition’
Cybercast News Service, by Terence P. Jeffrey    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 12:24:44 PM     Post Reply
Judge Robert J. Shelby, whom President Barack Obama appointed to the U.S. District Court in Utah last year, issued an opinion on Friday declaring that a right to same-sex marriage is “deeply rooted in this nation’s history and tradition.” Shelby was confirmed to the federal bench by a voice vote of the Senate on Sept. 21, 2012. There was no debate over his nomination, and no senator objected to his confirmation. He has now issued an opinion that could fundamentally alter American law and culture. “The State’s second argument is that the Plaintiffs are really seeking a new right, not access to an

Kerry and Co. Don’t Understand Why
Islamic Front Won’t Meet with Them
Frontpage Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 12/21/2013 12:13:48 PM     Post Reply
A man works hard. He builds a reputation for appeasing every enemy. He puts down roots in the State Department. He lets Iran keep its nukes, Sudan keep its genocide and Israel keep only a square mile of land around the Tel Aviv bus station.And still… the Islamic Front refuses to meet with him. Why? The U.S. ambassador to Damascus has said a newly formed Islamist alliance in war-torn Syria has refused to meet with American officials, in an interview aired Wednesday on Al Arabiya News Channel. “The Islamic Front has refused to sit with us without giving any reason,”

Mom who baked cookies for
school bus riders for 15 years
shut down by complaint
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 12:05:36 PM     Post Reply
CHANHASSEN, Minn. – A Chanhassen mother who has been baking cookies for the kids on her children´s bus for 15 years has been shut down by an anonymous complaint. Every Friday, Anne Tabat has met the school bus in her subdivision with a basket of cookies. It began as a thank you to the bus driver. And, Tabat said, she couldn´t give the driver a cookie without giving one to every child on the bus. Tabat said the cookies were also a way to get to know her neighbors. "I didn´t live in the suburbs until I turned 40," she

Veterans Rip Paul Ryan over
Budget´s Military Pension Cuts
Breitbart´s Big Government, by Mary Chastain    Original Article
Posted By: mikkins2- 12/21/2013 11:57:51 AM     Post Reply
Veterans and conservatives are expressing outrage toward House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). The cuts to retired service members’ pensions embedded in the budget deal cut by him and Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) elicited an overwhelming surge of social media responses.{SNIP} Ryan initially claimed that disabled and injured veterans’ pensions would be exempt from the cuts—a claim he then scrubbed from an official House Budget Committee document two days before the House vote on the budget deal last Thursday. Ryan and Murray now call the fact that wounded warriors are not exempt from pension

Widow gets remains of soldier
lost in Korean War
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoElla Bee- 12/21/2013 11:50:12 AM     Post Reply
LOS ANGELES — Army Sgt. 1st Class Joseph E. Gantt went off to war 63 years ago, leaving behind a wife who never gave up on his return. On Friday, 94-year-old Clara Gantt stood up from her wheelchair and wept in the cold before the flag-draped casket. Sgt. Gantt was finally home. "He told me if anything happened to him he wanted me to remarry. I told him no, no. Here I am, still his wife," she said at Los Angeles International Airport, where his remains were carried from a jetliner by military honor guard.Gantt was a field medic who


A monster off the British coast:
Rusting hulk of World War One German
U-boat emerges after almost a century
Daily Mail [UK], by Anna Edwards    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 12/21/2013 11:45:28 AM     Post Reply
They were the deadly weapon Germany deployed during World War One. But nearly a century later, all that remains of the former submarine that wreaked havoc on Britain´s defences is a crumbling, rusted wreck. This is the wreckage of a German World War One U-boat which has been marooned on mudflats off the Kent coast for nearly a century. Normally the tip of the boat can be seen surrounded by waves; but low tides following storm surges means that the husk can be seen more fully than usual. Experts say it is the only German submarine, which has lain in

ICE agent on transporting young
illegals to parents in US: ‘Our
officers are babysitters’
Daily Caller, by Caroline May    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/21/2013 11:42:07 AM     Post Reply
The Department of Homeland Security is transporting illegal immigrant children smuggled into the United States to their illegal immigrant parents living in the United States “every day,” according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. In an interview with The Daily Caller Thursday, the president of the union representing more than 7,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and staff, Chris Crane elaborated on a recent court order out of South Texas. In the Dec. 13 court order, a federal judge chastised the Department of Homeland Security for transporting illegal immigrant children smuggled to the U.S. and detained at the border

New Health Law Frustrates
Many in Middle Class
New York Times, by Katie Thomas*    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 12/21/2013 11:14:42 AM     Post Reply
Ginger Chapman and her husband, Doug, are sitting on the health care cliff. The cheapest insurance plan they can find through the new federal marketplace in New Hampshire will cost their family of four about $1,000 a month, 12 percent of their annual income of around $100,000 and more than they have ever paid before. Even more striking, for the Chapmans, is this fact: If they made just a few thousand dollars less a year — below $94,200 — their costs would be cut in half, because a family like theirs could qualify for federal subsidies. The Chapmans acknowledge that

Fury and frustration over
Target data breach
Associated Press, by Anne D´Innocenzio    Original Article
Posted By: SoCalGal- 12/21/2013 10:12:58 AM     Post Reply
NEW YORK — Potential victims of credit card fraud tied to Target’s security breach said they had trouble contacting the discounter through its website and call centers. Angry Target customers expressed their displeasure in comments on the company’s Facebook page. Some even threatened to stop shopping at the store. Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized through a statement issued on Friday. The retailer also said it’s working hard to resolve the problem and is adding more workers to field calls and help solve website issues. And the discounter began offering 10 percent off for customers who shop in its stores on Saturday and

Target Customer Information
Shows Up on the Black Market
New York Times, by Nicole Perlroth    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 12/21/2013 9:57:14 AM     Post Reply
The nightmare before Christmas continues for Target. Stolen Target customer information from a security breach involving its in-store point-of-sale systems has already begun flooding the black market, according to numerous people in the fraud industry tracking the situation. On Dec. 11, one week after hackers breached Target’s systems, Easy Solutions, a company that tracks fraud, noticed a ten- to twentyfold increase in the number of high-value stolen cards on black market web sites, from nearly every bank and credit union. The black market for credit card and debit card numbers is highly sophisticated, with numerous card-selling sites that are indistinguishable from

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