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The Famous Leader Who Wore This
Voter ID Shirt Should Make Every
Dem Rethink His ´Racism´ Charges
Independent Journal Review, by Kyle Becker    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 5:25:52 AM     Post Reply
It’s long been said that Democrats and their supporters who cry “racism!” at everything that smells like opposition to their left-wing agenda are misguided, or in some cases, smear merchants who lack all credibility whatsoever (looking at you, MSNBC). Well, get a load of the T-shirt that this recently departed national figure – whose impeccable left-wing bonafides should never be doubted – has on:(Snip for photo)That’s anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela wearing a T-shirt that endorses getting an ID and voting in 1998. We’ll anxiously be waiting your apology. Oh wait, you won’t apologize, will you?

Obamacare is Obama´s
Failure by choice, not fate
Washington Examiner [DC], by Noemie Emery    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 5:21:29 AM     Post Reply
No, Obamacare isn’t Katrina for Democrats. Katrina was an act of God and/or nature, a phenomenon beyond the control of mere human beings, a catastrophe not of choice, but of nature’s necessity, outside the realm of man’s will. George W. Bush didn’t cause it to happen, nothing he did could have made it not happen, and he surely did not make it worse. The federal response wasn’t inspired, but the reason this mattered was that the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana were not only perhaps the two stupidest people ever to hold public office, but the stupidest people

The Club for Growth’s next phase
Daily Caller, by Matt K. Lewis    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/11/2013 5:11:55 AM     Post Reply
At the 11th hour last night, conservative Texas Rep. Steve Stockman filed papers to challenge incumbent Sen. John Cornyn. The immediate response from the chattering classes was as follows: There’s not enough time for Stockman to raise the requisite funds to win in such a large state, and even if there were, Stockman (whose campaign is in debt) probably isn’t capable of marshaling the kind of organization needed.(Snip)Conservatives who were once in danger of too much passivity are probably in danger of throwing some babies out with the bath water. Changing times call for changing roles, and it occurs to



Podesta Can’t Right
Obama’s Sinking Ship
Commentary Magazine, by Jonathan S. Tobin    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 5:04:57 AM     Post Reply
You know a president is in deep trouble when even an improving economy can’t boost his popularity. That’s the situation facing Barack Obama, as optimism about a less anemic recovery in the coming year has done nothing to halt the slide in his approval numbers. With every poll showing him in deep trouble, it’s time for the White House to call in reinforcements and that’s what they’ve done by getting former Bill Clinton chief of staff John Podesta to return to the West Wing as a counselor. Podesta, a veteran liberal ideologue as well as a friend of current White

Spooks off the Leash
National Review Online, by Kevin D. Williamson    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 5:02:25 AM     Post Reply
Apparently having decided to embark upon a course of self-parody, the National Reconnaissance Office — the other NRO — sent out a press release sharing the logo for its new spy-satellite program, NROL-39. The image is that of an evil-looking giant octopus with its tentacles encircling the entire planet over the motto: Nothing Is beyond Our Reach.(Snip)Our relationship with the national-security and public-safety bureaucracies has changed. It used to be that you called the fireman to get your cat out of a tree; now the policeman shoots your dog. We have police rolling through the streets of such combat zones

The shake that shook the world
Washington Times, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 4:57:54 AM     Post Reply
Soweto, the Johannesburg suburb where popular resistance to apartheid set off the revolution that changed South Africa and established Nelson Mandela as the father of a new country, is the most dangerous place on the continent this week. Anyone who ventures into the street risks being crushed by the hordes of official visitors trying to get in front of a camera. It’s difficult for a hardworking president, prime minister, movie star, rap artist or mere dictator to set himself apart from the crowd of mourners, grievers and lamenters in town to exploit the ultimate photo-op. President Obama did it, however, with

Anti-gun mayors are big on crime
Boston Herald, by Howie Carr    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 4:54:46 AM     Post Reply
It’s almost time for the first anniversary of the massacre in Sandy Hook. Naturally the Obama-run state media will be giving it round-the-clock coverage. Barack’s servile sycophants in the mainstream media will do anything to keep the low-information voters’ attention diverted from how they’re getting blued and tattooed by Dear Leader. As the common nightwalkers of the press get ready for their latest anti-gun crusade, let’s not forget who’s co-sponsoring the TV spots — Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). This organization was founded by two mayors who are now lame ducks, one of whom is Mumbles Menino. The money guy behind MAIG is



Financial world still hasn’t
learned from Bernie Madoff
New York Post, by Charles Gasparino    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 4:50:13 AM     Post Reply
On the five-year anniversary of Bernie Madoff outing himself as the world’s most notorious white-collar criminal, the financial world still hasn’t learned some simple lessons. First, business journalists should stop listening to the fraudster himself. His multibillion-dollar scam caused at least three people to take their own lives, including his son Mark — yet Madoff remains mostly unrepentant and uncooperative. He continues to blame “the greed of others” and loves to offer his opinions on how Wall Street really works. That wouldn’t be so bad if Madoff pulled a Sammy “the Bull” Gravano and came clean about his misdeeds by giving the

Good Deal
Weekly Standard, by William Kristol    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 4:45:03 AM     Post Reply
The budget deal announced today is a good deal for conservatives and Republicans. From the point of view of policy, the deal is a modest achievement—which is all that can be expected, given the unfortunate fact that Barack Obama is president and Democrats control the Senate. The trade-off in the deal of minor mandatory cuts for relatively small domestic discretionary increases is basically a wash. That leaves the defense increase, which, while insufficient, is an important step in the right direction. That alone would make the deal worthwhile. But the restoration of the normal appropriations process will also have a

Nevada rescue: 5 things
family did right to survive
CNN, by Ed Payne & Sarah Aarthun    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/11/2013 4:31:33 AM     Post Reply
It could have had a much different outcome. A family of six spent two days in the Nevada wilderness in sub-zero temperatures after their Jeep rolled off the side of a dirt road and into a crevice. James Glanton and his girlfriend Christina McIntee huddled with their two children, and her nephew and niece, keeping everyone together and keeping everyone warm. After they were found Tuesday, all six were in stable condition with "no frostbite, just some exposure issues," said Patty Bianchi, the CEO of Pershing General Hospital. Dr. Doug Vacek told reporters they all were doing "very well." So how did this

In Praise of John Roberts
PJ Media, by Michael Walsh    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 4:28:00 AM     Post Reply
OK, not really praise; Roberts’s failure to strangle the Obamacare baby in its crib when he had the chance will go down alongside the Dred Scott decision as one of the greatest moral disasters in the history of the republic. The man in charge of enforcing the Constitution blinked when confronted with a triumphalist party and a then-popular president, forgetting that he, Roberts, would likely be in Washington long after Obama was gone. In an attempt to save the Supreme Court’s reputation and standing, he destroyed it. Still, even if inadvertently, Roberts got one thing right: the Patient Deflection and Unaffordable



Sorry, Obamaphiles, opposition to
this president isn’t “unprecedented”
Hot Air, by Guy Benson    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 12/11/2013 4:24:23 AM     Post Reply
This lefty trope has been bugging me for some time now, particularly because O’s cheerleaders use it as a crutch to explain away Obama’s litany of failures. Yeah, well maybe if he weren’t facing such relentless, unprecedented opposition and obstruction, he’d have been able to fix [insert issue] by now. Their argument is a bucket of hogwash and it’s promulgated via a rash of acute selective memory syndrome. It must have been Chris Matthews’ recent blatherings that finally pushed me over the edge, prodding me to write a fairly lengthy piece debunking Obama sycophants’ most calcified and self-serving myth: The way

Can new clues solve mystery
of Roanoke´s Lost Colony?
Fox News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/11/2013 4:19:30 AM     Post Reply
It´s the coldest case in American history. The settlers who inhabited the 16th century North Carolina colony of Roanoke mysteriously disappeared centuries ago, leaving behind only two clues: the words "Croatoan" and "Cro" carved into a fort´s gatepost and a nearby tree. Many conspiracy theories have been concocted as to what happened in 1590, a mere three years after the colonists arrived in North America, but none have proven fruitful. Until now. Technological advances and the discovery of a cover-up on an ancient map have let researchers unearth new clues that may help bring an end to the mystery of America´s lost

Hidden Obamacare Website
Costs Show Lack of Transparency
Bloomberg News, by Kathleen Miller & Alex Wayne    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/11/2013 4:17:17 AM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama’s health agency said it has spent $319 million building an online health-insurance marketplace through October. More than three years after the passage of Obama’s signature health-care law in 2010, it’s almost impossible to verify and track that spending through public records. What the estimates don’t include is the around-the-clock effort to repair the website, which hundreds of thousands of Americans found unusable after its Oct. 1 debut. The race to fix it brought in computer engineers from companies such as Google Inc., Red Hat Inc. and Oracle Corp. and is ongoing today. The figures include what has been paid to

Detroit´s Water Drains
Away From Ravaged Pipes
Associated Press, by Corey Williams    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 12/11/2013 4:10:16 AM     Post Reply
DETROIT -- Torrents of water spew from broken pipes in Detroit´s Crosman School, cascading down stairs before pooling on the warped tile of what was once a basketball court. No one knows how long the water has flowed through the moldy bowels of the massive building a few miles north of downtown, but Crosman has been closed since 2007. It´s not the only empty structure where city water steadily fills dark basements or runs into the gutter, wasting money and creating safety hazards. As Detroit goes through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, the city´s porous water system illustrates how some



Why did the founders give us
the Second Amendment?
Washington Times (D.C), by Ben S. Carson    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/10/2013 10:46:00 PM     Post Reply
When I was in high school, I joined the ROTC initially because I was attracted to the uniforms. I figured they would provide an opportunity to escape the constant berating by fellow students owing to my outdated clothing. I was fascinated with the guns and became an excellent marksman, winning several marksmanship awards. I also led a drill team, which was very advanced with the art of disassembling and reassembling military rifles in record time. I advanced through the ranks, eventually becoming the city’s ROTC executive officer and was offered a scholarship to West Point. I gained great respect for

Oh, Bam! President´s approval rating plummets
to 38 percent overall, just 34 percent on
health care and 40 percent on Iran
Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 12/10/2013 10:35:26 PM     Post Reply
Barack Obama is facing poll numbers that are now in the same territory as President George W. Bush´s following Hurricane Katrina. The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute released numbers on Tuesday showing that just 38 percent of registered voters approve of the job Obama is doing as president, with a whopping 56 percent saying they disapprove. The president has lost his landslide electoral edge among young voters, too, with a negative 41–49 percent rating among 18- to 29-year-old voters. His once formidable support among Hispanics has also evaporated: They now support him by an historically small 50–43 percent margin.

Kerry won´t offer ´any guarantees
whatsoever´ on Iran but insists
´we know what we´re doing´
Daily Mail [UK], by David Martosko    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 12/10/2013 10:27:58 PM     Post Reply
Secretary of State John Kerry boasted in a congressional hearing on Tuesday that a recent nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran will make America ´more secure than the day before we entered this agreement.´ [Snip] But ´this agreement halts the progress of Iran´s nuclear program--Halts the program!´ he boasted. ´Iran´s nuclear program will not move forward. Under this agreement, Iran will have to neutralize--end!--its entire supply of 20 percent-enriched uranium, which you know is a short step away from weapons-grade uranium.´ ´Iran will forfeit all--not part--all of that 20 percent [enriched material], that 200-kilogram stockpile. Gone!´

This is your future
CNN, by Ray Kurzweil    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 12/10/2013 10:22:48 PM     Post Reply
By the early 2020s, we will have the means to program our biology away from disease and aging. Up until recently, health and medicine was basically a hit or miss affair. We would discover interventions such as drugs that had benefits, but also many side effects. Until recently, we did not have the means to actually design interventions on computers. All of that has now changed, and will dramatically change clinical practice by the early 2020s. We now have the information code of the genome and are making exponential gains in modeling and simulating the information processes they give rise to. We also have

Uruguay Senate approves bill
legalising marijuana trade
BBC News, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 12/10/2013 10:18:43 PM     Post Reply
Uruguay has become the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana. After nearly 12 hours of debate, senators gave the government-sponsored bill their historic final approval. The law allowing registered Uruguayans over 18 to buy up to 40g (1,4oz) of the drug a month is not expected to come into force before April. The government hopes it will help tackle drug cartels, but critics say it will expose more people to drugs. Dozens of supporters of the bill proposed by the left-wing President Jose Mujica gathered outside the Congress in Montevideo to follow the vote. Presenting the


House and Senate negotiators
reach two-year budget deal
Washington Times, by Jacqueline Klimas    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 12/10/2013 10:11:38 PM     Post Reply
House and Senate negotiators announced Tuesday evening a $1.012 trillion two-year budget deal to replace some of the automatic spending sequester budget cuts and avert another government shutdown in January. Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, said the two-year plan is a win for Republicans since it reduces the deficit by $23 billion without raising taxes or sacrificing core conservative values. “As a conservative, I think this is a step in the right direction. What am I getting out of this? I’m getting more deficit reduction. So the deficit will go down more by passing this than if we did nothing,”

Tea party threat again hangs
over Republicans’ efforts
to take Senate
Washington Post, by Paul Kane    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 12/10/2013 10:09:08 PM     Post Reply
More than half of Senate Republicans facing reelection next year face potentially viable tea party challenges — a historically large threat to the GOP establishment that could, once again, kill the party’s chances of taking back control of the chamber. A surprise challenge to Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 GOP leader, emerged at the last minute before Texas’s election filing deadline late Monday, and on Tuesday a conservative group with deep pockets threw its financial support behind a radiologist, who has never run for office, in a primary against Sen. Pat Roberts (Kan.), a 16-year veteran. Many of the

Waiting for Nelson Mandela
without the tears
Washington Times, by Wesley Pruden    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 12/10/2013 9:52:33 PM     Post Reply
Nelson Mandela was an important man, a public man of native gravitas, certainly a patient man, and maybe a great man as our age measures greatness. It’s too soon to know. We’ll have to wait until we can get Mandela without the tears. It’s a characteristic of our age that we swing to and fro in measuring men, causes and events. An honorable death sometimes grants heads of state, kings, princesses, politicians and aspiring potentates a temporary idolatry that becomes embarrassing only later. Assassinations are a category unique, of course. John F. Kennedy, in the days following his death, was widely acclaimed

Ben Affleck: Political
money feels ‘gross’
Politico, by Patrick Gavin    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 12/10/2013 9:50:50 PM     Post Reply
Ben Affleck might seem like a political junkie, but the actor appears to have soured on the political system. Asked by Playboy magazine to explain how he came about his interest in politics, Affleck said: “I grew up in a house with a mother who was a teacher and a Freedom Rider—very left-wing Democrats living in a heterogeneous working-class neighborhood. I picked up a lot of those values there, and I brought them with me when I showed up in Hollywood.” Affleck talked about having a connection to the presidential campaigns for former Vice President Al Gore and then-Sen. John Kerry —

Air Force Base Takes Down Nativity
Scene Following Complaint
CBS Charlotte/Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/10/2013 8:52:36 PM     Post Reply
SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -Officials at Shaw Air Force Base are trying to determine what to do about a holiday display after a Nativity scene was taken down last week. Air Force spokeswoman Lt. Keavy Rake said Tuesday a Nativity display was set up Friday by a group of volunteers from the base chapel at a small lake on the installation. The site was near where a tree lighting ceremony was scheduled Friday evening. Rake says the Military Religious Freedom Foundation lodged a complaint about the display through the Air Force in Washington. Paul Loebe, spokesman for the foundation, said

Obama Is Laying the Groundwork
to Move Without, Around, and
Outside Congress
PJ Media, by Bryan Preston    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/10/2013 8:38:25 PM     Post Reply
President Obama has recalled John Podesta to work at the White House as a “counselor.” Podesta is the Clinton hand who founded the far-left Center for American Progress (home of the clownish Think Progress blog). Podesta’s appointment, which needs no congressional approval, comes at a time when Obama is already making moves to do without Congress. He has used executive actions to re-write Obamacare, and to recalibrate immigration law, both in ways that just happen to favor either himself or the Democrats. The New York Times reports that Podesta will work on executive actions when he returns to the White

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