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Maher and Guests Battle Over
Whether Obama Governs ‘Out
of Fear of Assassination’
Mediaite, by Andrew Kirell    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/12/2013 10:47:24 PM     Post Reply
During the “Overtime” online edition of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher posited that President Obama moderates his political positions out of fear of being assassinated, leading to a panel-wide battle over whether Americans are “subconsciously racist” against the president. While lamenting with Oliver Stone about the short political career of John F. Kennedy, Maher suggested that bold leaders like JFK “always seem to, at the end of the day, get cut out of the picture, violently or otherwise. And maybe that is why Barack Obama is more of a centrist than we want him to be?” “You think that?”

NYC Parents of 2 Kids Slain
in Bathtub Welcome Son
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 10/12/2013 10:41:25 PM     Post Reply
NEW YORK A New York City couple who lost two of their children in an attack police blamed on their nanny has welcomed a baby boy. Kevin and Marina Krim announced the news Friday on the Facebook page for the Leo and Lulu Fund. The Krims say Felix Harrison was born weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces. Everyone is healthy and happy. The fund was created in memory of their 6-year-old daughter, Lulu, and 2-year-old son, Leo, who were found dead in their apartment Oct. 25, 2012. Their 4-year-old daughter, Nessie, wasn´t home at the time. The fund raises money for children´s education. The family

Venezuela Escorting US-
Chartered Ship to Port
Associated Press, by Bert Wilkinson and Joshua Goodman    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 10/12/2013 10:24:48 PM     Post Reply
GEORGETOWN, Guyana A ship carrying five American oil workers is expected to touch shore in the coming hours after Venezuela intercepted the U.S.-chartered vessel in disputed waters off the coast of Guyana, a move that threatens to revive a decades-old territorial dispute between South America´s biggest oil producer and one of the region´s poorest nations. The 285-foot survey research vessel, sailing under a Panamanian flag, was conducting a seismic study under contract for Anadarko Petroleum Corp. on Thursday when it was detained by an armed Venezuelan navy vessel and ordered to sail under escort to Margarita Island, which is part of



Palin to Attend ´Million Vets March´
in DC to Honor ´Dishonored´ Vets
Breitbart Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/12/2013 9:56:52 PM     Post Reply
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced that she will travel to Washington, D.C. on Sunday to support and honor the veterans who will be arriving for the "Million Vet March" on the memorials. Speaking at a rally for New Jersey Republican Senate candidate Steve Lonegan along with Mark Levin on Saturday, Palin denounced the Obama administration for dishonoring veterans by barricading the World War II Memorial during the federal government shutdown. She said it was "heart-wrenching," "atrocious," and "not right." "We´re going to zip on in to D.C.," Palin said of herself and her husband Todd. "We´re going to shake hands

Peru bus plunge kills 51,
including 14 children
Associated Press, by Franklin Briceno    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/12/2013 9:52:53 PM     Post Reply
LIMA, Peru— A makeshift bus carrying 51 Quechua Indians back from a party in southeastern Peru plunged off a cliff into a river, killing everyone on board, including 14 children. The accident occurred Friday night as the red-and-yellow cargo truck made its way back from a party in the provincial capital of Santa Teresa, an area about 310 miles (500 kilometers) southeast of Lima. It went off the road and fell about 650 feet (200 meters) into a deep ravine, ending up in the Chaupimayo river below. Rescuers equipped with little more than flashlights spent the night searching without success

Cruz crushes field in presidential
straw poll at Values Voters Summit
Washington Times (D.C), by Seth McLaughlin    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/12/2013 9:46:04 PM     Post Reply
Sen. Ted Cruz trounced the competition in the presidential straw poll at the 2013 Values Voters Summit, with Dr. Ben Carson and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum coming in a distant second and third places — highlighting how Mr. Cruz has become a rock star with grassroots conservatives. Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, which hosted the three—day event, announced that Mr. Cruz won 42 percent of the vote, while Mr. Carson and Mr. Santorum each captured 13 percent. “I just spoke with Senator Cruz and he wanted me to convey to you his deep appreciation for

US doesn´t need ´lecture´ in
budget battle: Schaeuble
Agence France-Presse, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 8:46:45 PM     Post Reply
US leaders seeking a budget compromise that would avoid a default have no need for outside lectures, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said late Friday. "They don’t need a lecture. They just need the force to come to an agreement," Schaeuble said at a news briefing after a finance meeting of the world´s major economies in Washington. Speaking after the Group of 20 issued a statement calling for the US to take "urgent action to address short-term fiscal uncertainties," the German finance minister echoed other officials´ concerns about a default if the gridlocked Congress fails to lift the $16.7 trillion



Netanyahu Takes a Lonely
Stance Denouncing Iran
New York Times, by Jodi Rudoren    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 8:22:51 PM     Post Reply
Jerusalem — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, the son of a historian, often complains to his inner circle that “people have a historical memory that goes back to breakfast.” But when Mr. Netanyahu has recently tried to focus the world on the Iranian nuclear program, using ancient texts, Holocaust history and a 2011 book by Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, he has sometimes come off sounding shrill. As six major world powers convene next week to negotiate on the nuclear issue with Iran’s new leadership, the Israeli leader risks seeming frozen in the past amid a shifting geopolitical landscape.

Netanyahu warns France, UK
against lifting Iran sanctions
Jerusalem Post, by Tovah Lazaroff*    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 8:14:04 PM     Post Reply
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned French and British leaders over the weekend not to lift sanctions against Iran precisely when they appear to be working. In advance of the six party diplomatic talks scheduled to be held in Geneva on Tuesday and Wednesday, Netanyahu spoke by telephone with French President François Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron. France and Great Britain will participate in the P5+1 talks, along with the US, China, Russia and Germany and Iran. Netanyahu made the calls as part of his diplomatic and media blitz to sway the international community

Funding Jihadists While
Denying Military Benefits
National Review, by Andrew C. McCarthy    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 10/12/2013 8:06:10 PM     Post Reply
Here is where we’re at: The Republican establishment — the guys who told us that for a trillion dollars and several thousand American casualties, we could build “Islamic democracies” that would be reliable U.S. allies in the War on Terror — say it is Ted Cruz who is “delusional” and the effort to stave off Obamacare that is “unattainable.” These self-appointed sages are, of course, the same guys who told us the way to “stabilize” and “democratize” Libya was to help jihadists topple and kill the resident dictator — who, at the time, was a U.S. ally, providing intelligence about the

Gay community ´Coming Out´
to enroll in Obamacare
CNN, by Jen Christensen    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 8:02:25 PM     Post Reply
Jeff Jones started shopping for health insurance as soon as the Obamacare insurance marketplaces opened on October 1. The Kentucky resident is like a lot LGBT citizens who have not had access to affordable health insurance in the past. (Snip) As a whole the LGBT community has less experience with insurance than the general population. A survey done by the Center for American Progress found that about a third of respondents were uninsured. It´s estimated some 16.3% of the general population is uninsured. In honor of National Coming Out Day on Friday, Out2Enroll´s "Be Out. Be Healthy. Get Covered" campaign



´Baby Hope´ case: Cousin confesses to
sexually assaulting, killing toddler Anjelica
Castillo more than two decades ago
New York Daily News, by Thomas Tracy *    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 10/12/2013 7:46:02 PM     Post Reply
The answer to the Baby Hope murder mystery was all in the family. A cousin of the toddler brutally murdered two decades ago was arrested Saturday — marking a dramatic turn in one of the city’s most notorious cold cases. Conrado Juarez, 52, confessed to killing the girl who was identified for the first time as 4-year-old Anjelica Castillo, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. Juarez, a dishwasher from the Bronx, told cops he sexually assaulted and then smothered the tot at his sister’s home in Astoria, Queens. The monster stuffed the girl´s lifeless body into a cooler, Kelly said.

Tea Party is the solution, not the problem
Providence Journal [RI], by Star Parker    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/12/2013 7:14:47 PM     Post Reply
Washington -Let’s get clear about the political realities behind the budget impasse in Washington and the government shutdown. Nothing captures the distortions being perpetrated more than the headline of a Washington Post column by Anne Applebaum: “The GOP Undermines Democracy.” And, according to President Barack Obama, a “faction” of Republicans (read “Tea Party”) is holding the nation hostage to its “ideological demands.” After all, isn’t it true that the health care law is the law of the land? Isn’t it also true that it passed constitutional muster before the U.S. Supreme Court? And isn’t it also true that we have

Food stamp debit cards not
working in many states
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/12/2013 7:09:35 PM     Post Reply
People in Ohio, Michigan and several other states found themselves unable to buy groceries with their food stamp debit-style cards on Saturday, after a routine check by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure. Xerox spokeswoman Karen Arena confirmed via email Saturday afternoon that some Electronic Benefits Transfer systems are experiencing temporary connectivity issues. She said technical staff is addressing the issue and expects the system to be restored soon. U.S. Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Courtney Rowe underscored that the outage is not related to the government shutdown. Xerox runs EBT card systems for 17 states and all were

Banish the gobbledygook, PDQ
Washington Times, by Wesley Pruden    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 10/12/2013 6:50:35 PM     Post Reply
Politics occasionally drive John Boehner to tears, but rarely to plain English. Gobbledygook is the Washington disease, and the Republicans have a bad case of it. Wonkery was not invented in Washington, but Washington is where it thrives. Corporate-speak is closely related to government gobbledygook, and those most fluent in the tongue have been carefully trained and tutored in using words not to amplify meanings, but to hide them. One way to do this is to use five words when one or two will do. Perfumed words are preferred. Initials and acronyms are best of all. The Democrats are rarely wordsmiths, but



Man died after overdosing
on caffeine mints
Independent [U.K.], by Paul Cheston & Lewis Smith    Original Article
Posted By: JoElla Bee- 10/12/2013 5:51:42 PM     Post Reply
A man died from an enormous caffeine overdose after snacking on high-energy mints - each of which is as powerful as a can of Red Bull. John Jackson, 40, ate Hero Instant Energy Mints, unaware they could kill him. Each mint contains 80mg of caffeine, equivalent to a can of Red Bull, but are sold alongside normal mints. Coroner Robin Balmain recorded a verdict of accidental death but said he intends to write to the Department of Health highlighting the dangers of energy sweets. He said at the hearing: “It seems to me to be something the authorities need to know

The BBC foists on us a
skewed version of reality
Telegraph [UK], by Janet Daley    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/12/2013 5:32:06 PM     Post Reply
The news media are engaged in a political argument about whether the purpose of journalism is to report the world as it is or to purvey an idealised view. You have probably noticed that we are engaged in a fight to the death over the future of the free press in Britain. But you may be under the mistaken impression that this is a war between politicians determined to protect their own behaviour from scrutiny, and journalists who want to run riot through any area of public or private life they choose. It may seem that this ruckus has very

Computer Upgrade Blamed
For Nationwide EBT System
Shutdown On Saturday
CBS Boston, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 4:19:15 PM     Post Reply
Boston – A possible glitch in a computer system upgrade was causing major problems nationwide with the Electronic Benefits Transfer System on Saturday, as a countless number of shoppers found themselves stranded at the register. Reports from around the country began pouring in around 9 a.m. on Saturday that customers’ EBT cards were not working in stores. The glitch, however, did not appear to be part of the government shutdown. At 2 p.m., an EBT customer service representative told CBS Boston that the system was currently down for a computer system upgrade. The representative said the glitch is affecting people

Park Service Paramilitaries
National Review Online, by Mark Steyn    Original Article
Posted By: chicodon- 10/12/2013 4:02:09 PM     Post Reply
If a government shuts down in the forest and nobody hears it, that’s the sound of liberty dying. The so-called shutdown is, as noted last week, mostly baloney: Eighty-three percent of the supposedly defunded government is carrying on as usual, impervious to whatever restraints the people’s representatives might wish to impose, and the 800,000 soi-disant “non-essential” workers have been assured that, as soon as the government is once again lawfully funded, they will be paid in full for all the days they’ve had at home. But the one place where a full-scale shutdown is being enforced is in America’s alleged

Hate crime suspected in convent fire
where nun leapt from 2nd floor
New York Post, by Georgett Roberts & Natasha Velez    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 10/12/2013 3:51:22 PM     Post Reply
A pair of suspicious fires that ripped through a Staten Island Catholic school compound and forced one nun to leap out a second-floor window is being investigated as a possible hate crime, authorities said. One blaze was set in the chapel of Saint Joseph Hill Academy and another in the second-floor of a building where two nuns were staying overnight. The nun, Regina Gegic, saw smoke in the hallway outside her room, called 911 from her cell phone and then jumped to safety, breaking three vertebrae in her back, authorities said. Gegic was taken to Staten Island University Hospital.


Obama Set to Meet With Senate
Democratic Leaders
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 3:40:46 PM     Post Reply
Washington — President Barack Obama is set to meet with Senate Democratic leaders at the White House as the impasse drags on over the government shutdown and the nation´s credit limit. The meeting was arranged after the Senate failed on a test vote to advance legislation that would have raised the government´s current $16.7 trillion debt ceiling for one year. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, are holding talks to break the logjam. But no solution seems imminent.

White House slams Senate GOP
for debt ceiling vote
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Keith Laing    Original Article
Posted By: BuckeyeRon- 10/12/2013 3:25:04 PM     Post Reply
The White House criticized Republicans in the Senate for blocking a bill that would have increased the federal debt ceiling by $1.1 trillion until after the 2014 elections. The debt hike, put forward by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), failed to win the 60 votes that were necessary to advance the measure to a floor debate in the upper chamber. The bill was stymied on a party line vote, with Reid switching his vote to no at the end to preserve the ability to attempt to pass the measure again later.

A woman in Calcutta
PJ Media, by Richard Fernandez    Original Article
Posted By: Hazymac- 10/12/2013 3:23:38 PM     Post Reply
I first heard the phrase “dark night of the spirit” at age 18 from my New Testament teacher in college, but I was reminded about it again while coming across a video about a family who nursed a sick baby bunny back to health only to have a hawk swoop down from the nowhere and carry it off. (Snip) If faith has an operational meaning it is not far different from a determination to go on. (Snip) We just don’t know what will happen after opening doors. (Snip All real knowledge is dangerous. We’ve managed to disremember that.

Google´s new plan for endorsement
ads is all about your info
Reuters, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/12/2013 3:02:30 PM     Post Reply
Google plans to launch new product-endorsement ads incorporating photos, comments and names of its users, in a move to match the "social´´ ads pioneered by rival Facebook Inc that is raising some privacy concerns. The changes, which Google announced in a revised terms of service policy on Friday, set the stage for Google to introduce "shared endorsements´´ ads on its sites as well as millions of other websites that are part of Google´s display advertising network. The new types of ads would use personal information of the members of Google, the social network launched by the company in 2011. If

52 Die in Peru Bus Plunge
Latin American Herald Tribune [Miami FL], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 10/12/2013 2:59:11 PM     Post Reply
LIMA – At least 52 people died when a bus full of passengers plunged into a ravine in the southern Peruvian region of Cuzco, local authorities said Saturday. A local prosecutor, Juan Carlos Valverde, told RPP Noticias that up to now 52 deaths have been reported and that the bus crashed Friday night as it was transporting passengers home from a religious celebration. Though at first it was reported that 30 people had died, the mayor of the Santa Teresa district, Ruben Pinto, later contacted RPP Noticias to say that authorities were working to identify 52 victims that had been found up

We Gave Iran an Antique as a Token
of Goodwill. Only Problem? It’s Fake.
Tablet Magazine, by Alex Joffe    Original Article
Posted By: FlyRight- 10/12/2013 2:35:25 PM     Post Reply
Sometimes an ancient artifact symbolizes more than its admirers necessarily imagine. Take for example the silver griffin that was returned by the United States to Iran as a gesture of respect and—at least according to tea-leaf readers—a sign of an emerging thaw between the two nations.There’s only one problem: It’s a fake. Not only is it a fake, it’s a bad fake. The saga of the griffin, from its production to its much-touted return to Iranian President Rouhani during his recent visit to New York, demonstrates how fakers of ancient art fool the gullible wealthy with the connivance of museums

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