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The gold rush begins for
fragments of Russian meteor
worth more than £10,000
each as astronomers warn
UK had a lucky escape
Daily Mail (UK), by Sam Webb    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/17/2013 4:53:05 PM     Post Reply
The meteor that crashed in central Russia on Friday has sparked a modern-day gold rush as treasure hunters flock to the area for fragments worth more than £10,000. Just a day after the 40-tonne meteor, which injured more than 1,200 people with flying fragments of glass and rubble, hurtled across the sky above Chelyabinsk, locals were out in force seeking fragments to sell to collectors desperate for a piece of the celestial body. Enthusiasts took to the internet to let locals with a fragment know they could make big money.

Danica Patrick is first woman to
win Daytona 500 pole position
Los Angeles Times, by Dan Loumena    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 2/17/2013 4:45:14 PM     Post Reply
Danica Patrick became the first woman to win the Daytona 500 pole position Sunday when she covered the 2½-mile speedway in 45.817 seconds. Patrick(Snip) was the eighth driver in the qualifying session and averaged 196.434 mph. She had two wait for two hours as 37 other drivers tried to better her mark on the Daytona, Fla., track. Jeff Gordon was the only other driver to average 196 mph, clinching the second spot on the front row for the race, which will be next Sunday.

Obama golfs with Tiger Woods
USA Today, by David Jackson    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 2/17/2013 4:28:58 PM     Post Reply
President Obama´s golf weekend included the world´s most famous player. On Sunday, Tiger Woods joined Obama´s foursome in South Florida, along with outgoing U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Houston businessman Jim Crane. (Snip)Obama´s playing partners on Saturday included Eric Whitaker, a longtime friend from Chicago, as well as Kirk. The group also featured a trio from Houston, according to the pool report:



Oil’s new reign in Texas draws
comparisons to the Kingdom
Houston Chronicle, by Vicki Vaughn    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/17/2013 4:23:26 PM     Post Reply
The Lone Star State is earning a new moniker: Saudi Texas. Oil production in Texas is soaring, jumping to an average 2.139 million barrels a day in November — the best showing in more than 25 years. Analysts are chalking up Texas’ booming production to shale plays, especially South Texas’ Eagle Ford, where production was minuscule just five years ago, along with a revival of West Texas’ Permian Basin. Analysts are tossing around the words “phenomenal,” “amazing” and “unprecedented” when discussing the numbers. Since production began in the Eagle Ford Shale, the state’s oil output has doubled and Texas’ share

John McCain Asks NBC´s
David Gregory ´Do You Care
Whether Four Americans Died?´
Newsbusters, by Noel Sheppard    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/17/2013 4:13:00 PM     Post Reply
Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) asked NBC´s David Gregory a question Sunday that should be asked of virtually every media member in this country. During a heated exchange about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last year, McCain said to his Meet the Press host, "Do you care whether four Americans died?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):DAVID GREGORY, HOST: The president said this week on the issue of Benghazi, "You guys are running out of things to ask about." So let me ask you, at the end of the day here on Benghazi, if the worst thing

Mark Levin: US preparing for
societal collapse by buying
up billions of rounds of ammo
Daily Caller, by Jeff Poor    Original Article
Posted By: Donttaxmebro- 2/17/2013 3:12:22 PM     Post Reply
On Friday’s night broadcast of his radio show, Mark Levin speculated that the federal government is stockpiling ammunition to ensure the rule of law in the event of a total societal and economic collapse. On Feb. 8, Investor’s Business Daily editorial writer Andrew Malcolm penned a piece about the Department of Homeland Security amassing what he called “sufficient firepower to shoot every American about five times –including illegal immigrants,” or more than 1.6 billion bullets. “I’m going to tell you what I think is going on,” Levin said. “I don’t think insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies

Maker´s Mark to restore
alcohol content of whiskey
Associated Press, by Brett Barrouquere    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 2/17/2013 3:08:49 PM     Post Reply
Louisville, Ky. — After backlash from customers, the producer of Maker´s Mark bourbon is reversing a decision to cut the amount of alcohol in bottles of its famous whiskey. Rob Samuels, Maker´s Mark´s chief operating officer, said Sunday that it is restoring the alcohol volume of its product to its historic level of 45 percent, or 90 proof. Last week, it said it was lowering the amount to 42 percent, or 84 proof, because of a supply shortage. "We´ve been tremendously humbled over the last week or so," Samuels, grandson of the brand´s founder, said of customers´ reactions.



Karl Rove Dismisses Tea Party
Backlash: We Need ‘Fewer Christine
O’Donnells And More Rand Pauls’
Mediaite, by Meenal Vamburkar    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 2/17/2013 2:44:12 PM     Post Reply
Through his new Conservative Victory Project, aimed at backing conservative candidates who will actually win elections, Karl Rove has upset some conservatives and Tea Partiers. This weekend, he paid a visit to Fox News Sunday, where Wallace confronted him with some of that backlash. Rove said his favorite reaction was that of Mark Levin, who called him “queen for a day.” They did spent $30 million on Tea Party candidates, Rove said, specifically citing Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). “Look, Todd Akin was not a Tea Party candidate,” he added. Their objective, he said,

Submerged superstorm
debris threatens tourism
Associated Press, by Wayne Parry    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/17/2013 2:19:59 PM     Post Reply
MANTOLOKING, N.J. -- On the surface, things look calm and placid. Just beneath the waterline, however, it´s a different story. Cars and sunken boats. Patio furniture. Pieces of docks. Entire houses. A grandfather clock, deposited in a marsh a mile from solid land. Hot tubs. Tons of sand. All displaced by Superstorm Sandy. "We did a cleanup three weeks ago. Then when we went back the other day, you could still see junk coming up in the wash," said Paul Harris, president of the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association, which helps take care of beaches on which

Why Did McCain Rescue Hagel?
American Spectator, by Aaron Goldstein    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/17/2013 2:15:19 PM     Post Reply
Why on earth did John McCain just rescue Chuck Hagel’s nomination? Why did he go on Meet the Press this morning to say that Chuck Hagel was going to get confirmed as Secretary of Defense? McCain argued that Hagel had the votes to be confirmed and that he didn’t want the process to be delayed further. But if that is the case then why did Bob Woodward go on Fox News yesterday to say that Democratic Senators were calling the White House to ask when Hagel was withdrawing? Now I doubt Woodward would have dropped that tidbit if there wasn’t sufficient discord

Bobby Jindal is governing
like it’s 2016
Politico, by Emily Schultheis    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/17/2013 2:12:11 PM     Post Reply
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is laying the groundwork for a likely presidential run — and using his state as a testing ground for policies that play well with national conservatives. He’s passed a sweeping school voucher plan, rejected the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare and proposed scrapping the state income tax. But political observers who’ve watched Jindal up close for years say it’s become increasingly fuzzy where his governing ends and his presidential ambitions begin — whether the 41-year-old policy wonk’s plans are aimed at Louisiana’s problems or future GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.



Cardinals ´Forbidden Access´ to
Twitter Accounts During Conclave
Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/17/2013 2:08:00 PM     Post Reply
Cardinals will not allowed to access their Twitter accounts during conclave, according to Catholic News Service. This restriction is applicable to the 9 cardinals who have Twitter accounts. In all, there are "117 red-vested princes of the church who are eligible to vote for a new pope." "[T]he College of Cardinals does include at least nine active tweeters," reports the Catholic News Service. "From the moment they enter the Sistine Chapel to cast their ballots, they will be forbidden access to their accounts along with all other forms of communication with the outside world." The pope himself recently joined Twitter

The Push to Normalize
Polyamory Begins
National Review Online, by Wesley J. Smith    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/17/2013 1:59:53 PM     Post Reply
You knew it was coming. Scientific American — which often pushes cultural agendas as much as scientific ideas — has an article informing us that polyamorous people have so much to teach the rest of us about life. From “The New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good For You“ One thing that seems to unite the polyamorous community is a real enthusiasm for digging into emotions. Honesty, openness and communication are cornerstones for polyamorous relationships, Holmes has found. “They’re talking a lot, they’re negotiating a lot, they’re bringing their feelings to the table a lot,” he said.

Report: Obama, Woods golf together
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/17/2013 1:57:58 PM     Post Reply
PALM CITY, Fla.-Faced with a long weekend in an empty White House, President Barack Obama figured he needed a getaway, too, so he put together a golf outing with some buddies — and, apparently, a round with Tiger Woods. Tim Rosaforte, a writer for GolfWorld magazine, reported on Twitter that the president and Woods played together Sunday at the Floridian, an exclusive and secluded yacht and golf club on the state´s Treasure Coast. "The President is arriving at The Floridian range. Awaiting is Tiger Woods and club owner Jim Crane. Historic day in golf. Their first round," Rosaforte tweeted

Dr. Ben Carson for President?
‘I’ll Leave That Up to God’
ABC News, by Kari Rea    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/17/2013 1:52:21 PM     Post Reply
It’s a forum that isn’t known for making news – so Dr. Ben Carson says the buzz created by his speech at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast, including a Wall Street Journal staff editorial with the headline “Ben Carson For President” – came as a surprise. “I don’t think it was particularly political,” Carson, the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, told ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl during an interview for ”This Week.” ”You know, I’m a physician. I like to diagnose things. And, you know, I’ve diagnosed some pretty, pretty significant issues that I think



´We want to get into your country
before someone locks the door´:
Shocking investigation into the
coming wave of immigration from
Romania and Bulgaria
Daily Mail [UK], by Guy Adams    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 2/17/2013 1:46:33 PM     Post Reply
Lounging on the steps of a crumbling Soviet-era apartment block on the outskirts of Romania’s most notorious slum, Iordan Rupa is drinking apple brandy and waiting for his mobile phone to ring. Pulling a woollen hat tightly over his ears, he gestures at the filthy streets, filled with packs of stray dogs, mountains of rubble and litter, potholes, and the occasional burnt-out car. ‘Look at this place,’ he says. ‘There is nothing for us here. No jobs, no money. But if God is willing, this telephone will soon bring the chance of a better life.’

Philly voices at today´s
climate change rally in D.C.
Philadelphia Inquirer, by Sandy Bauers    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/17/2013 1:07:28 PM     Post Reply
More than 500 people headed out this morning from Southeastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey, planning to take part in a climate change rally in Washington, D.C. I´ll be posting some of their quotes here throughout the afternoon. Meanwhile, a bit of background: Organizers are expening about 20,000 or more people to converge on Washington to voice their support for action on climate change and their opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport oil from the Tar Sands of Canada to the Gulf Coast. The demonstration comes after a week of events in which climate change figured prominently.

Tax sale wreaks havoc with
Cedar Lake woman´s life
The Times [NW Indiana], by Bill Dolan    Original Article
Posted By: US Veteran- 2/17/2013 1:05:24 PM     Post Reply
CEDAR LAKE | Blind and living on little more than her Social Security check, Dolores Pittman soon may be homeless. Lake County officials have mistakenly traded away the plot of land on which she had been living for 54 years in a tax delinquency sale. "I got an eviction notice Thursday. I don´t know what I´m going to do. Besides being scared that I don´t have a place to live, no one wants to take my cats. Being without my cats ... that would probably just kill me," she said.

Veteran charities rush to support US
Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden
Sunday Express [UK], by Mike Parker    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/17/2013 12:17:55 PM     Post Reply
The US Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden has been hung out to dry by military chiefs, veteran charities say. The veteran, identified only as The Shooter in a US magazine interview, is now broke, jobless and in failing health since leaving the crack outfit. He claims his health care benefits were cut off the moment he left the crack Seal Team Six last year. Now veterans charities have pledged to do all they can to support him. Unlike other former military personnel who find security work, he never wants to handle a gun professionally again because of

Oops, your racism is showing
American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/17/2013 11:40:33 AM     Post Reply
The New York Times and Washington Post have been called out for what grievance industry types like to call racism - treating a person of minority ethnicity more harshly than members of the dominant ethnicity. And the target, unsurprisingly, is Ted Cruz, the brilliant and tenacious new senator from Texas. Make no mistake: Ted Cruz is a serious threat to the liberal establishment because he is so damn smart and has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and call out their misbehavior. John Nolte of Breitbart spotted the racism in what he calls "racially coded" attacks


There Is No "Good Regulation"
American Thinker, by Michael Moeller    Original Article
Posted By: Ragenrylie- 2/17/2013 11:39:03 AM     Post Reply
For an unapologetic capitalist, it´s particularly frustrating when an allegedly pro-capitalist politician lacks the intellectual ammunition to adequately defend the free market. Concessions to statist opponents provide the illusion that statists have the moral upper hand. This is especially self-defeating when a politician -- a successful capitalist in his private life who should recognize the dangers of statist principles -- is reduced to merely quibbling over good and bad applications of an inherently pernicious principle.

Ryan: Obama Immigration
Proposal ‘Counterproductive,’
‘Wrong Direction’
National Review Online, by Patrick Brennan    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/17/2013 11:38:04 AM     Post Reply
This morning, Representative Paul Ryan had no kind words for the president’s proposed immigration legislation and the White House’s decision to leak it yesterday. He explained that “leaking this out sets things in the wrong direction,” “makes [immigration reform] that much more difficult.” The congressman laid out his criticism in blunt terms, saying that the question from the beginning on this immigration debate has been, “Is the president looking for partisan advantage, or a bipartisan law?” The White House’s release of its own plan at this time

President Obama does
not have Democratic votes
to pass immigration reform
American Thinker, by Silvio Canto Jr.    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 2/17/2013 11:34:20 AM     Post Reply
We learned this morning that President Obama is impatient with Congress and immigration reform. He is now threatening to do it his way ("decree") and go around Congress: "The White House is circulating a draft immigration bill that would create a new visa for illegal immigrants living in the United States and allow them to become legal permanent residents within eight years, according to a report published online Saturday by USA Today." What´s wrong with this? "Impatient" with Congress? Why didn´t he do something about it when he had 60 votes

Immigrant crime soars with
foreign prisoners rising
Sunday Express [UK], by Marco Giannangeli    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 2/17/2013 11:12:46 AM     Post Reply
Shock new figures today reveal an increase of nearly 40 percent in the number of Romanian criminals in Britain’s jails. As the total of UK-born inmates falls, the ranks of Eastern European prisoners are rising amid a crimewave by migrants exploiting European Union freedom of movement rules. The figures obtained by the Sunday Express raise fresh fears about the impact on Britain when transitional controls on impoverished and crime ridden Bulgaria and Romania are removed next year. [Snip] Fraudsters from the former Eastern bloc country are responsible for 92 percent of all ATM crime in Britain, according to police figures.

Perform Criminal Background
Checks at Your Peril
The Wall Street Journal, by JAMES BOVARD    Original Article
Posted By: ConradNY- 2/17/2013 11:08:03 AM     Post Reply
Should it be a federal crime for businesses to refuse to hire ex-convicts? Yes, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which recently released 20,000 convoluted words of regulatory "guidance" to direct businesses to hire more felons and other ex-offenders. ... It is difficult to overstate the EEOC´s zealotry on this issue. The agency is demanding that one of Mr. Livingston´s clients—the Freeman Companies, a convention and corporate events planner—pay compensation to rejected job applicants who lied about their criminal records.
Headline split by staff

American reformation
Tribune-Review [Pittsburgh PA], by Scott Walker    Original Article
Posted By: afortiori- 2/17/2013 11:01:25 AM     Post Reply
Wisconsin is known for many things, such as our friendly disposition, impeccable beer and cheeses and, of course, our Green Bay Packers. Since I´ve taken office, we´ve gained national recognition for the proven results of our fiscal and economic reforms. We took a principled stand, confronted our shortcomings and transformed them into real solutions. We´re turning things around and heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, the national outlook isn´t as bright. With growing debt and deficit without a clear solution, the problems we face as a nation are daunting.

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