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FEMA extends payments for
Hurricane Sandy victims
still in hotels
Star-Ledger [Newark, NJ], by Eugene Paik    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 2/7/2013 4:32:12 PM     Post Reply
With about 1,300 Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey still living in hotel rooms, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has agreed to pay for their hotel stays another two weeks, according to Gov. Chris Christie’s office. The federal agency is extending its Transitional Sheltering Assistance program in New Jersey through Feb. 22, giving the displaced victims a new check-out date of Feb. 23. “We will continue to request extensions until all families in the program have a safe housing solution,” Christie said in a news release this morning. The program, which was slated to expire Saturday,

Karl Rove: The biggest loser
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Jenny Beth Martin    Original Article
Posted By: Vastrightwingconspirator- 2/7/2013 4:30:57 PM     Post Reply
While Barack Obama is busy shredding the Constitution, Washington, D.C. insider Karl Rove is busy trying to destroy what is left of the Republican Party by launching a multi-million dollar Super PAC to usurp representative democracy, disenfranchise American voters, and concentrate even more power in Washington DC. Rove and the professional “consultant class” think that only Washington D.C. insiders like them – not the American people – should get to decide who runs for public office. That’s why he is launching the “Conservative Victory Project” – a Super PAC whose mandate is

Hearings in Chandra Levy murder
case will continue to be closed to
public, media
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 2/7/2013 4:18:56 PM     Post Reply
Washington - A judge has ruled that hearings in the 2001 Chandra Levy murder case will continue to be closed to the public and the news media. The hearings have been held behind closed doors over the last several weeks and could signal a problem with the prosecution. Ingmar Guandique, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was convicted of Levy´s murder in 2010 and is serving a 60-year prison sentence. Levy was a Washington intern whose murder went unsolved for years and captivated the public because of her romantic relationship with a California congressman.



Yes, There Was a Plan For
Gunrunning to Syria
Townhall, by Katie Pavlich    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/7/2013 4:18:41 PM     Post Reply
Two weeks ago, Senator Rand Paul asked then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if Benghazi served as a gateway for the United States to run weapons to Syrian rebels through Turkey. Today during testimony on Capitol Hill, outgoing CIA director Leon Panetta admitted there was a plan, supported by Clinton and former CIA Director David Petreaus, put in place to arm Syrian rebels but was stopped by President Obama. Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Mr. Panetta and Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were asked by Senator John McCain,

Panetta Says the Pentagon
Backed Arming Syrian Rebels
New York Times, by Michael R. Gordon    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 2/7/2013 4:04:03 PM     Post Reply
Washington - Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told Congress on Thursday that the Pentagon had supported a plan to arm Syrian rebels that was developed last year by David H. Petraeus, the C.I.A. director at the time, and backed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was then serving as Secretary of State. (Snip) The New York Times reported in its Sunday editions that as the fighting in Syria raged last summer, Mr. Petraeus developed the plan, which Mrs. Clinton supported and that called for vetting rebels and training fighters who would be supplied with weapons. His proposal offered

Plea deal in Jesse Jackson, Jr.
case includes ´significant´ jail time
American Thinker, by Rick Moran    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/7/2013 4:03:09 PM     Post Reply
Jesse Jr. will not go to jail for trying to buy Obama´s senate seat. Apparently, that´s a dead issue now that Jackson is out of Congress and the Ethics Committee has dropped the matter. But Jackson will apparently be spending some time in the slammer for using his campaign fund as a personal piggy bank. Chicago Sun Times: Sneed has learned a plea deal is now on the table between former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and federal authorities probing allegations of campaign fund misuse. Sneed is told the plea deal includes Jackson serving time in federal prison.

More mammograms mean
more problems for older
women, study finds
Los Angeles Times, by Karen Kaplan    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 2/7/2013 3:50:38 PM     Post Reply
The American Cancer Society advises all women over 40 to get a mammogram once a year to screen for signs of breast cancer. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a panel of experts that advises the federal government on health matters, says most women need to get mammograms only once every two years, and only when they’re between the ages of 50 and 74. Who’s right? A new study comes down on the side of the task force. (Snip) It turned out that having annual mammograms did not reduce women’s risk of being diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer,



Panetta: Obama AWOL on
Night of Benghazi Attack
Breitbart.com, by AWR Hawkins    Original Article
Posted By: chicodon- 2/7/2013 3:47:16 PM     Post Reply
While giving Senate testimony regarding Benghazi on Feb. 7, Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta said Obama was not present nor did he communicate with the Sec. of Defense during the Benghazi attack. Panetta was answering questions from Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) when he made it clear he had no communication with Obama outside the normal, "pre-scheduled" 5 p.m. meeting on September 11. When asked if Obama at least called to check in as the attack unfolded Panetta said "No." When asked if anyone from the White House called that night, Panetta said "No." According to Panetta, the President trusted that

Iran´s Khamenei rebuffs
U.S. offer of direct talks
Reuters, by Marcus George    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 2/7/2013 3:27:51 PM     Post Reply
Dubai - Iran´s highest authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Thursday slapped down an offer of direct talks made by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden last week, saying they would not solve the problem between them. "Some naive people like the idea of negotiating with America, however, negotiations will not solve the problem," Khamenei said in a speech to officials and members of Iran´s air force carried on his official website. "If some people want American rule to be established again in Iran, the nation will rise up to face them," he said. "American policy in the Middle East has been destroyed

On Their Own
Weekly Standard, by William Kristol    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 2/7/2013 3:27:12 PM     Post Reply
The White House left Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith on their own on September 11 in Benghazi. That is the upshot of today’s Capitol Hill hearing featuring Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey. After a pre-scheduled afternoon meeting, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified that he never heard from President Obama the night of September 11. In fact, Panetta said, he had no further communication from the White House that night—even as the attack turned deadly. This is truly extraordinary—and appalling. And both Panetta and Dempsey admitted

New England eyes potentially
record-setting blizzard
Reuters, by Scott Malone    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 2/7/2013 3:24:10 PM     Post Reply
BOSTON - New England braced on Thursday for a possibly record-setting winter storm, with forecasts of up to two feet of snow prompting local officials to urge residents to prepare. Forecasters warned the snow would begin lightly on Friday morning but ramp up to blizzard conditions by afternoon, leading Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to order the city´s schools closed Friday. He asked businesses to consider allowing staff to stay home. "We are hardy New Englanders, let me tell you, and used to these types of storms. But I also want to remind everyone to use common sense



Obama: Prayer Breakfast
‘Forgotten on the Same Day
as the Prayer Breakfast’
Cybercast News Service, by Melanie Hunter    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/7/2013 2:51:50 PM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama said Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., that “everything we’ve been talking about … at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten – on the same day as the prayer breakfast.” “I do worry sometimes that as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast, everything we’ve been talking about the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten – on the same day as the prayer breakfast. You’d like to think that the shelf life wasn’t so short. I go back to the Oval Office, and I start watching

What the Most Prominent
Latina in the U.S. Thinks
About Immigration Reform
National Journal, by Beth Reinhard    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/7/2013 2:36:42 PM     Post Reply
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is one of the Republican Party’s most prized ambassadors. She is female and Hispanic at a time when recruiting candidates like her is at the top of the Republican agenda. But while she praised Republicans on Capitol Hill for seeking an overhaul of a “broken” immigration system, Martinez on Wednesday advocated the traditional view of her party’s conservative base: secure the border above all else. Martinez also defended her proposed repeal of a state law that allows undocumented workers to obtain drivers licenses, an effort that has drawn angry protests from pro-immigrant activists.

Obama to promote his agenda
to House Democrats
Associated Press, by Jim Kuhnhenn    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 2/7/2013 2:14:57 PM     Post Reply
LANSDOWNE, Va.- Predicting a tough road ahead, President Barack Obama urged House Democrats to stick to their principles on guns, immigration and the economy as they confront congressional Republicans in legislative fights to come. (Snip) To House Democrats fatigued from spending the past few years in the minority, Obama offered a glimmer of hope: "As a byproduct of doing that good work and keeping that focus, I would expect that Nancy Pelosi is going to be Speaker again pretty soon," the president said, referring to the California Democrat

First lady to attend
funeral of Chicago teen
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Daniel Strauss    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 2:10:38 PM     Post Reply
First lady Michelle Obama will attend the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton, a Chicago teenager who was killed near her home shortly after she performed at the 2013 presidential inauguration. The first lady will attend the funeral services alongside White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, according to a White House official "On Saturday, Feb. 9, the first lady will travel to Chicago to attend the funeral service for Hadiya Pendleton," the official confirmed to The Hill. "Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will also attend."



Lawmakers push for repeal
of Obamacare’s tax increase
on braces
Washington Examiner, by Joel Gehrke    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 2:04:21 PM     Post Reply
House Republicans and Democrats are making another push to repeal a $29 billion tax increase contained in President Obama’s health care law that is expected to raise the price of medical devices such as braces. “[The medical device tax] will reduce patient access to cutting edge medical products and treatments that save lives,” said Rep. Erik Paulsen, R-Minn., in a statement on the bill yesterday. The Congressional Budget Office said last year that repealing the Obamacare provision would cut taxes by $29.1 billion over a ten year period. “While the tax will be paid to the IRS by the manufacturer,

Obama´s Dismal Second Term
Reason, by A. Barton Hinkle    Original Article
Posted By: drive- 2/7/2013 2:01:45 PM     Post Reply
Nothing in the cosmic laws of the universe makes the halfway mark sacred. Nevertheless, we often treat that dividing line as more important than others: Victory in a democracy usually requires crossing the 50-percent threshold. All other things being equal, a 50-50 split is considered fair. The question dividing optimists and pessimists asks whether the glass is half-full or half-empty. We encourage others by saying, “You’re halfway there already.” Et cetera.

President Obama Had One
Conversation With Leon Panetta on
the Day of the Benghazi Attack
Reason, by Ed Krayewski    Original Article
Posted By: drive- 2/7/2013 1:59:52 PM     Post Reply
In today’s hearing on Benghazi at the Senate Armed Forces Committee, New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte asked about the president’s personal involvement, finding out that the president only had one conversation with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta or General Martin Dempsey on 9/11, the day of the Benghazi attack. In that conversation, according to Panetta, President Obama told them to “do whatever you need to do to be able to protect our people”. The president didn’t, according to Panetta, ask for any specifics on what kind of

Interior Secretary nominee Sally Jewell
received Obamacare waiver for REI
Washington Examiner, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 1:58:31 PM     Post Reply
REI CEO Sally Jewell, President Obama’s nominee for Interior Secretary, received an Obamacare waiver in 2011 for her company’s health care coverage for 1,180 employees. The controversial waivers were issued to select companies after Obama’s health care reform bill passed in 2008, temporarily excusing them from the Obamacare health insurance mandates. As Michelle Malkin noted in her May 2011 column, Jewell participated in an Obama administration roundtable in 2009 to talk about the benefits of health care reform. After the roundtable meeting, President Obama praised the REI health plan for covering both part-time and full-time employees.

White House: No more information
about drone killings will be
released to public
Daily Caller, by Vince Coglianese    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 1:41:15 PM     Post Reply
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the Obama administration will not be releasing any more information about the controversial use of drones to kill American citizens. Carney’s remarks, via the White House’s transcript of the off-camera press gaggle: “This is not an open-ended process. This is a specific and unique accommodation in this circumstance. The fact is, when it comes to public disclosure, we have been — not with the kind of attention that’s been given it this week — but we have been


Incoherent Immigration Reform
National Review, by Victor David Hanson    Original Article
Posted By: tisHimself- 2/7/2013 1:38:59 PM     Post Reply
Nothing about illegal immigration quite adds up. Conservative corporate employers still support the idea of imported, cheap, non-union labor — in a strange alliance with liberal activists who want the larger blocs of Latino voters that eventually follow massive influxes from Latin America. Yet how conservative are businesses that in the past flouted federal law — and how liberal are activists who undermined the bargaining power of American minimum-wage, entry-level workers, many of them minorities?

Black Conservatives Targeted
on Twitter, Facebook
Fox News, by Todd Starnes    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 1:30:50 PM     Post Reply
A black pro-life coalition had its Twitter account shut down after they announced plans on the social networking site to protest the NAACP. (Snip) “Twitter shut us down,” said Stephen Broden, a spokesman for the National Black Prolife Coalition and Dallas-area pastor. Their trouble started on Jan. 28 when Leroy Dodd, the group’s social media manager, sent out a tweet promoting the demonstration against the NAACP at the Image Awards. “We sent out our first tweet at 9:17 a.m.,” he told Fox News. “Eight tweets later we were shut down.” Dodd said he received a message

White House: Jon Stewart ‘more
substantive’ than other media outlets
Washington Examiner, by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 1:22:02 PM     Post Reply
During a press gaggle today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested that President Obama’s interview with comedian Jon Stewart on the Daily Show was ‘more substantive’ than other interviews he had during the campaign. Carney quoted a statement during the briefing about President Obama’s executive powers in foreign policy decisions from a Daily Show interview in October of 2012. “Is the ‘Daily Show’ a proper platform for a foreign policy discussion like that?” asked a reporter in response. “When the President is asked a question, he answers it,” Carney said sternly.

Lt. Col. Bill Cowan: Slippery
Slope Could Allow Drone Killings
Of Americans Inside U.S.
Real Clear Politics, by Ian Schwartz    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 1:12:16 PM     Post Reply
LT. COL. BILL COWAN, FOX NEWS: Quite a contrast, Sean. No question about it. Even if Romney had won the presidency and this news had just been leaked, you know the left would be all over him, blaming him for this memo that was written back sometime. Sean, I have no problem with the drone program. I don´t have a real problem with waterboarding, if it saves American lives. The issue with the drone program is -- and I have no problem with killing Americans overseas, who are a part of a terrorist organization.

Democrats: Stop banning job
candidates with criminal records
Star-Ledger [Newark, NJ], by Ryan Hutchins    Original Article
Posted By: Ribicon- 2/7/2013 12:45:09 PM     Post Reply
Trenton — New Jersey Democrats will introduce legislation today meant to give convicted criminals a better shot at finding work. The measure, known as “ban the box,” would require employers to consider the qualifications of job candidates before asking about criminal histories, state Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), a primary sponsor, said last night. Giving jobs to former convicts will reduce recidivism rates, he said.(Snip) New Jersey, like many states, has struggled to keep released inmates from committing more crimes. Nearly 55 percent of offenders released from the state’s prisons in 2008 were rearrested, according to a report by the

Candy Crowley Out at CNN?
Breitbart´s Big Journalism, by John Nolte    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 2/7/2013 12:39:50 PM     Post Reply
According to Fishbowl DC, newly-installed CNN-chief Jeff Zucker has made or is contemplating a couple of smart moves. Apparently, John King has survived and just renewed his contract. That´s the good news. The great news is that the incorrigibly corrupt Candy Crowley might be headed for the door. King´s a smart, informed guy who was a favorite of mine a few years ago. His reporting was straight-forward and surprisingly objective. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. Not long ago, King lost his objectivity, and not in a way that benefitted Republicans.

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