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Susan Rice likely Hillary
Clinton replacement
CBS News, by Bill Plante    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/13/2012 10:19:35 AM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama is putting together his cabinet for a second term, including a new CIA director. So far, only Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has confirmed she will leave. And Republicans are already objecting to her potential replacement. CBS News has learned that President Obama is likely to nominate Susan Rice, the current U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to replace Clinton as Secretary of State. White House sources say the president feels he should be able to choose the cabinet members he wants, and they say that Rice has performed well on Iran and North Korea.

Philip Hoezel´s upside down flag
protest upsets neighborhood on
Veterans Day
WTSP.com [Tampa], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: BaseballFan- 11/13/2012 10:19:01 AM     Post Reply
In a patriotic Florida neighborhood there´s one American flag that´s standing out on Veterans Day, but it´s also causing outrage amongst neighbors. "I figure if they can burn the flag, if they can spit on it, if they can put it down as a doormat, why can´t I fly it upside down?" says Philip Hoezel, a Fleming Island resident. Philip Hoezel says he served the Navy for seven and half years and is now using his first amendment right to express his dissatisfaction with last Tuesday´s election results. (Snip) "I think this country is in distress," says Hoezel.
Headline split by staff

Petraeus whistle blower and her
surgeon husband are ´broke, owe
millions and are the target of
Daily Mail [UK], by Paul Thompson & Rachel Quigley    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/13/2012 10:15:50 AM     Post Reply
The housewife and whistle blower at the center of the David Petraeus sex scandal may have been hoping for some financial gain by lifting the lid on the affair, after it emerged today she and her husband are broke. Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, 37, and her cancer surgeon husband Scott owe millions to banks after the collapse of their real estate holdings in 2010. The Kelleys are currently the targets of at least four indebtedness lawsuits and two foreclosures in Hillsborough County, according to court records. Gossip Extra reported today that the Kelleys are fighting to keep their properties.



Elmo voice sorry for ´sex´ talk
in email to accuser: report
New York Post, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/13/2012 10:12:48 AM     Post Reply
Elmo’s real-life persona, Kevin Clash, once professed his carnal “love” for a man, who is now accusing the famed puppeteer of an underaged hookup, according to published reports this morning. "I´m sorry that I keep talking about sex with you, its driving me insane,” Clash allegedly wrote in an email to his accuser, TMZ reported. “I want you to know that I love you and I will never hurt you. I´m here to protect you and make sure your dreams come true." The embarrassingly salacious email, however, could still back up Clash’s claims of innocence.

Panetta: ´I´m Reading the
Papers Like You Are´ to
Learn More About Petraeus
Cybercast News Service, by Susan Jones    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/13/2012 10:10:28 AM     Post Reply
Speaking with reporters on a flight to Perth, Australia Monday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was asked about the scandal engulfing Gen. David Petraeus, the man who replaced Panetta as CIA director. Is there any indication that Petraeus´ affair with Paula Broadwell started while he was on active duty in Afghanistan, and if so, would Panetta make the decision to prosecute him? "You know, I don´t know. I don´t know the answer to that," Panetta said. "I guess I´m reading the papers like you are to determine just what the (intelligence) committee finds out, what the

Today Show bosses SACKED
after flagship NBC program
suffers ratings slump amid
in-fighting on set
Daily Mail [UK], by Leslie Larson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/13/2012 9:57:25 AM     Post Reply
It is not going to be a good morning at the Today Show. NBC is expected to soon announce the departure of the show´s executive producer, Jim Bell, after the morning program lost its 16-year consecutive ratings win to the competition. The set at Studio 1A in New York´s Rockefeller Center has been in a state of constant flux, with a revolving door among the cast and a lack of viewer confidence in the show that once dominated morning television. New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter broke the news on Monday, citing unnamed

Wasserman Schultz: Women
Politicians ´Build Consensus,
Put Aside Petty Differences´
Newsbusters, by Mark Finkelstein    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/13/2012 9:54:30 AM     Post Reply
Should Debbie Wasserman Schultz lose her DNC job, there´s always a stand-up gig waiting at the Laff Shack . . .On Morning Joe today, DSW managed to maintain a straight face while claiming that if women ruled Washington, they´d be able to fix the fiscal cliff because they "build consensus" and "put aside petty differences." The litany of Wasserman Schultz´s hyper-partisanship is long, exemplified by her allegation back in March that by adopting voter ID laws, Republicans want to "literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws." Oh, then claiming



Labor leaders set to meet
with Obama Tuesday
Politico, by Carrie Budoff Brown    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/13/2012 9:53:49 AM     Post Reply
A White House official has confirmed POLITICO’s list of CEOs scheduled to attend a meeting Wednesday with President Barack Obama on the fiscal cliff, and sent over the list of union and progressive leaders who will sit down with him Tuesday: •Mary Kay Henry, SEIU •Lee Saunders, AFSCME •Dennis Van Roekel, NEA •Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO •Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress •John Podesta, Center for American Progress

CBS´s Nancy Giles: Whites
Oppose Abortion ´To Build
Up the Race´
NewsBusters, by Noel Sheppard    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/13/2012 9:51:52 AM     Post Reply
Wow! On MSNBC´s Melissa Harris-Perry Show Saturday, CBS´s Nancy Giles said the reason white people are "trying to eliminate all these abortions" is "to build up the race" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, file photo): Host Harris-Perry was discussing with her guests the results of Tuesday´s election by demographic group. When she got her chance to comment, Giles said, "It´s been weird to watch white people report on this." "You know when you just showed that graph of the decline in the numbers," she continued, "I thought, ´Maybe that´s why they´re trying to eliminate

Obama to hold news
conference on Wed.
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/13/2012 9:50:09 AM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama will hold a news conference on Wednesday, his first since being re-elected to a second term. White House press secretary Jay Carney says Obama will take questions from reporters on a variety of topics in the White House East Room. The news conference will take place two days before Obama meets with congressional leaders Nov. 16 on the fiscal cliff, the combination of pending tax increases and spending cuts that could plunge the economy back into a recession. Obama has not taken questions from the White House media corps since August,

Obama, labor talk tax
hikes for rich
United Press International, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/13/2012 9:41:16 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON- Labor leaders planned to press U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday to stay strong in his push for higher taxes on upper-income earners, labor officials said. "We´re not asking anyone to do anything that is politically courageous. It´s not politically courageous to implement the broad mandate that the president and Democrats received to raise taxes on the top 2 percent," AFL-CIO spokesman Jeff Hauser told The Wall Street Journal ahead of the 11:30 a.m. White House meeting. "Clearly there was a mandate from this election. The American people are with the president on taxing the wealthiest Americans," Service Employees



Feinstein: I’ll subpoena CIA
about Petraeus trip to Libya
after Benghazi attack
Hot Air, by Edward Morrissey    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/13/2012 9:36:45 AM     Post Reply
One piece of information that got lost the last few days of sex scandals is the news that David Petraeus personally traveled to Libya after the Benghazi attack — and apparently filed a “trip report” covering his own findings. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee probing the Benghazi terrorist attack, wants either the report or Petraeus to testify to its contents. So far, though, the CIA and the White House have refused to provide it — and yesterday, Feinstein threatened that subpoenas may be forthcoming if the stonewalling continues:

Mark Levin to Karl Rove: ´Get
the hell off the stage already,
will you pal?´
Daily Caller, by Jeff Poor    Original Article
Posted By: Donttaxmebro- 11/13/2012 9:32:49 AM     Post Reply
On his Monday radio program, talk show host Mark Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” rejected the notion that the Republican Party should become more moderate to win over voters and blasted several commentators who suggested otherwise. Levin added that the so-called Republican “consultant class” — including MSNBC analyst and former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt — should be required to disclose how much they’re being paid before they’re allowed to try to steer the party. “This consultant class, ladies and gentlemen, is very, very dangerous,” Levin said. “And all this money you contribute to the campaigns
Headline resplit by staff

The insatiable trolling of David Frum
Legal Insurrection, by William A. Jacobson    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/13/2012 9:31:37 AM     Post Reply
David Frum announced in November 2011 that Mitt Romney or John Huntsmann must be the nominee, or Frum might leave the GOP: Any other nominee would gravely test my commitment to the political party I’ve supported since I entered the United States as a college student in the fall of 1978. Frum got the nominee he wanted, but what he wanted now wasn’t good enough for Frum: The Mitt Romney who began seeking the presidency in the early 2000s—the savior of the 2002 Olympics, the author of Romneycare,

Why has the Other Woman in
the Petraeus Sex Scandal
Lawyered Up
Gawker.com, by John Cook    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/13/2012 9:19:30 AM     Post Reply
Among the many odd, swirling facts surrounding the unfolding David Petraeus scandal: Jill Kelley, the longtime friend of the former CIA director who reportedly went to the FBI complaining of harassing emails from Petraeus´ mistress Paula Broadwell, has reacted to the mess by bringing out the scandal equivalent of heavy artillery. She´s hired DC superlawyer Abbe Lowell and crisis PR specialist Judy Smith—despite the fact that the FBI has concluded its investigation and there are no criminal allegations on the table.



Cold, Dark and Damp, Pockets
of Misery Persist 2 Weeks Later
New York Times, by Michael Wilson    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 11/13/2012 9:13:00 AM     Post Reply
In Coney Island, a 67-year-old man sleeps with plastic bottles from the bodega, filled with hot water, tucked in his armpits. Toilets unflushed by modern means for a fortnight have created a stench in the Rockaways that is so bad that one man keeps incense burning in his apartment day and night. On Staten Island, people sit in “warming buses,” cozy and, like time itself these days, going nowhere. In a town in New Jersey where wells do not pump because the power is out, residents collect rainwater in empty

Who´s doing who in the Obama
team´s sex scandals: A handy guide
Investor´s Business Daily, by Andrew Malcolm    Original Article
Posted By: SurferLad- 11/13/2012 9:07:34 AM     Post Reply
All of these post-election Obama administration scandals really seem to be sliding out of control now that the election is complete. We´ll try to help you out here with a sexual scorecard. It´s so confusing who was embedding whom when. And now new allegations this morning involving yet another high-ranking, horny general being promoted by the Democrat administration. No wonder Defense Secy. Leon Panetta is out of the country and the president will be too this weekend.

Secretary of State John Kerry?
PJ Media, by Bridget Johnson    Original Article
Posted By: Dreadnought- 11/13/2012 9:00:47 AM     Post Reply
It’s natural that the transition from a first presidential term to a second is an avenue for some cabinet members to make an undramatic exit. The anticipated departure of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been predicted for some time — long before Benghazi — as she’s made clear she’s looking forward to this chapter ending and heading out the door. This sets the stage for a dramatic entrance to fill the spot. Imagine, if you will, Secretary of State John Kerry. The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and failed 2004 presidential candidate

Push Expands for Legalizing
Same-Sex Marriage
New York Times, by Erik Eckholm    Original Article
Posted By: jackson- 11/13/2012 8:54:09 AM     Post Reply
PORTLAND, Me. — Elated by their first ballot victories, in four states, advocates of same-sex marriage rights plan to push legislatures in half a dozen more states toward legalization as they also press their cause in federal courts. They are also preparing for what they hope will be another milestone: the electoral reversal of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman, in Oregon in 2014. Nine states and Washington, D.C., have now legalized same-sex marriage. Though it remains unpopular in the South, rights campaigners see the potential for legislative

In the Midwest, Hunt Is On
for Elaborate Deer Stands
Wall Street Journal, by Mark Peters    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/13/2012 8:51:56 AM     Post Reply
GNESEN TOWNSHIP, Minn.—Driving down a dirt road recently, Jason Meyer spotted a parking area neatly cut into some scrub brush. He pulled in and followed a manicured path snaking thousands of feet into the woods. His hike ended at an increasingly familiar sight: A wooden platform nearly 15 feet tall, topped by a hut with plywood walls and a pitched roof. The structure was new, ready for the opening of deer-hunting season this month. "We´re seeing this all over now," said Mr. Meyer, area land manager for St. Louis County, an orange hunting cap on his head.


Was the 2012
Election Stolen?
American Thinker, by Selwyn Duke    Original Article
Posted By: duhem- 11/13/2012 8:06:44 AM     Post Reply
As the 2012 election approached, conservative enthusiasm grew. Mitt Romney was drawing huge crowds while Barack Obama spoke in half-filled stadiums. All the passion lay on the right, while the left was discouraged with a promised messiah who proved merely a politician. And the prediction was that, in contrast to 2008, Republican turnout would dwarf the tuned-out and carry the day. Hence the shock November 6 eve. How could Romney lose, especially by such a wide electoral margin? Maybe he didn´t

In Ohio, the GOP puzzles
over missing white voters
Washington Examiner, by Byron York    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 11/13/2012 8:03:03 AM     Post Reply
The latest post-election question is whether Republicans were blind to the defeat headed their way because they chose to live in a cocoon in which they paid attention only to Fox News, conservative talk radio and right-wing websites. (Snip) Out in the field, the Republicans actually involved in the election are talking about different things. For example, in Ohio -- the most hotly contested state in the entire race -- Republicans are asking why a large group of voters, carefully cultivated through personal contacts and putative supporters of Mitt Romney, just didn´t show up at the polls.

General investigated for
emails to Petraeus friend
Associated Press, by Robert Burns    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 11/13/2012 7:58:09 AM     Post Reply
PERTH, Australia — In a new twist to the Gen. David Petraeus sex scandal, the Pentagon said Tuesday that the top American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, is under investigation for alleged "inappropriate communications" with a woman who is said to have received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, the woman with whom Petraeus had an extramarital affair. (Snip) A senior defense official traveling with Panetta said Allen´s communications were with Jill Kelley, who has been described as an unpaid social liaison at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., which is headquarters to the U.S. Central Command.
Link repaired by staff

Women with driver’s licenses
now outnumber men
Associated Press, by Joan Lowy    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/13/2012 7:51:55 AM     Post Reply
Women have passed men on the nation’s roads. More women than men now have driver’s licenses, a reversal of the longtime behind-the-wheel gap that transportation researchers say is likely to have safety and economic implications. If current trends continue, the gap will only widen. The share of teens and young adults of both sexes with driver’s licenses is declining, but the decline is greater for young men, according to a study by the University of Michigan´s Transportation Research Institute. The study looked at trends in driver’s licenses from 1995 to 2010.

Vegetative patient Scott Routley says
´I´m not in pain´
BBC News, by Fergus Walsh    Original Article
Posted By: masscon- 11/13/2012 7:51:30 AM     Post Reply
It´s the first time an uncommunicative, severely brain-injured patient has been able to give answers clinically relevant to their care. Scott Routley, 39, was asked questions while having his brain activity scanned in an fMRI machine. His doctor says the discovery means medical textbooks will need rewriting. Vegetative patients emerge from a coma into a condition where they have periods awake, with their eyes open, but have no perception of themselves or the outside world.Mr Routley suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident 12 years ago.
Content added by staff

US election is a wake-up call to
proclaim the benefits of private equity
Telegraph [UK], by Guy Hands    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 11/13/2012 7:38:19 AM     Post Reply
The seed of his failure was his inability to make voters believe he shared their concerns and ambitions. In the crucial test of whom they felt most comfortable managing the US economy, US citizens decided they wanted to stick with President Obama. But it is also clear Romney was not the only loser from the bruising Presidential race. The public reputation of private equity, because of the Republican candidate´s past, has also taken a terrible hammering. I´m not here to defend Romney or Bain Capital, the firm he founded and ran for 15 years. I don´t need to. His and his

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