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Our Greatest Civic Ritual
American.com, by Michael R. Strain    Original Article
Posted By: eagleblurst- 11/6/2012 3:54:56 PM     Post Reply
This year my polling place was across the street from my apartment. Nice, I thought. I showed up at 6:05am wearing a pullover and no coat, expecting to be in and out. It turns out that they had five voting booths and a line that went on for blocks. There was a guy ahead of me in line wearing a gorilla suit. His vote counts the same as mine. It was 40 degrees out.

Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel
Slammed by In-Laws
ABC News, by Colleen Curry    Original Article
Posted By: crabam- 11/6/2012 3:50:22 PM     Post Reply
There couldn’t be a worse time for trouble with the in-laws for Senate candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio. Mandel, a Republican, is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and has come out swinging for conservative values, including opposition to gay marriage and gay military members.
Headline split by staff.

Romney rises on eve of election
Human Events, by Ali DiGuido    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:46:53 PM     Post Reply
On Election Eve, it is Gov. Mitt Romney that seems to have the upper hand in generating momentum within the social web. Tonight’s data shows a dramatic shift in those stepping up for the Romney-Ryan ticket, while it appears that President Barack Obama — who still holds a commanding lead in Facebook “Likes” – has lost momentum in terms of growth and more importantly, his engagement with his base online. (Snip) While many have already voted in advance of election day, tonight’s Facebook numbers clearly show one candidate moving aggressively ahead in popularity. Election Eve Data from Facebook (since 10/29)



The Sweetness of Mitt Romney
American Spectator, by Ben Stein    Original Article
Posted By: garnet- 11/6/2012 3:44:25 PM     Post Reply
Sunday Off from the Watergate to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, to do some speaking. Bob Noah at the wheel, Alex and I in the back seat as usual. I was asleep before we got out of the driveway. I awakened as we approached the Super Target in Bristow, Virginia. We eagerly went over to the door and walked into the emporium and then, disappointment: the deli counter there that had stocked the most delicious fried chicken made on the premises was totally rearranged. All they had was packaged chicken made somewhere else.

Michigan Billboard: Romney Has
Generated Millions, Obama
Has Wasted Trillions
Breitbart's Big Government, by Tony Lee    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:41:34 PM     Post Reply
A billboard in southwestern Michigan compares Mitt Romney's successful record in the private sector with Barack Obama's socialist failures. Ottawa County Patriots have put up the billboard that asks, "Do you want a businessman who has generated millions or a president who has wasted trillions?" The billboard lists the companies in which Romney successfully invested private capital versus the companies in which Obama invested taxpayer dollars.

Videos: Say, why is Joe
Biden back in Ohio?
Hot Air, by Ed Morrissey    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:38:03 PM     Post Reply
Does David Axelrod check in with his own campaign? When told of news that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would campaign in Ohio today rather than retire to hotel rooms for Election Day, Axelrod told a Colorado news station that it showed a lack of confidence bordering on desperation to hold events as voters go to the polls in swing states (Snip) Shortly thereafter, this came across Twitter from CNN’s Jim Acosta: Ohio:Biden just landed in AF2 in Cleveland and taxied right past Romney charter.

Former GOP Official Alleges Fraud:
"I Was Told I'd Already
Voted -- But I Hadn't"
Townhall, by Guy Benson    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:28:48 PM     Post Reply
The former Digital Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee tells Townhall he fears he's been victimized by voter fraud in the key swing state of Virginia. His early morning ordeal played out in the House district of Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), whose 23-year-old son abruptly resigned from the campaign in late October, after being caught on film conspiring to count illegal votes. When the NRCC alumnus arrived to vote at his polling place in Alexandria this morning, his attempt to cast a ballot was rebuffed by election officials: "I got inside, they set me up, I gave the woman



Are We Doomed No
Matter Who Wins?
American.com, by Michael M. Rosen    Original Article
Posted By: eagleblurst- 11/6/2012 3:26:49 PM     Post Reply
With Friday’s jobs report confirming the weakness of our economic recovery, the fiscal cliff rapidly coming into view, and American influence abroad continuing to erode, someone has to ask: is America doomed no matter who wins the presidential election? At first glance it certainly appears that way. Let’s begin by assuming that Mitt Romney ekes out a victory, winning the national popular vote by a point or two and capturing 275 electoral votes or thereabout. If Romney prevails — and I fervently hope he does — it will most likely be by slim margins such as these.
Headline split by staff.

Federal Judge OKs Installation
of Surveillance Cameras
Without a Warrant
New American, by Joe Wolverton II    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:24:27 PM     Post Reply
On October 29, a federal district court judge ruled that police can enter onto privately owned property and install secret surveillance cameras without a warrant. The judge did set forth a few guidelines that must be followed before such activity would be permissible, but the fact that such a scenario is accepted as constitutional by a federal judge is a serious setback for privacy and for the Fourth Amendment. (Snip) Earlier, Drug Enforcement Agency officers walked around the rural property and installed several strategically placed “covert digital surveillance cameras.” Agents entered the land — land they knew to be privately
Headline resplit by staff.

“We Done Good. Win
Or Lose, We Done Good.”
Ulsterman Report, by Ulsterman    Original Article
Posted By: Hooverdog- 11/6/2012 3:21:44 PM     Post Reply
A brief and final 2012 Election message from a longtime D.C. political operative who has devoted much of the last two years to exposing the truth of the Obama White House, and working to secure its defeat in 2012. Today, we all watch and wait to see if those efforts ultimately prove successful. WHI: On ground reports coming back very positive for the governor. Enthusiasm gap def. holding for us. Independents are breaking real strong for the governor and turnout is fantastic.

Texas Border With Mexico
Secured by Deer Cameras
New American, by Kelly Holt    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:20:03 PM     Post Reply
Texas has a problem. It is incumbent on the Lone Star State, along with New Mexico, Arizona, and California, to secure the nation’s southern border when federal resources fail. Of these states, Texas has the lion’s share — over 1,200 of the border’s total of nearly 2,000 miles. It is the most frequently crossed border in the world with nearly 350 million annual crossings. (Snip) “What’s different about these cameras is that there’s not a live video stream that must be constantly monitored,” reported Kris Gutierrez, FoxNews correspondent in Austin, Texas. "These cameras only go off when something triggers the



Romney campaign uses
experimental mobile app to
get out the vote
Daily Caller [Washington DC], by Betsi Fores    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/6/2012 3:07:15 PM     Post Reply
Mitt Romney’s campaign is rolling out its experimental mobile app for getting out the vote Tuesday. Named after the killer whale, Project ORCA is an election day exit poll operation. Some 34,000 GOP volunteers in swing states will be taking exit polls and cataloging the results via smart phone or tablet. “From there, data will be interpreted and utilized to plan voter turnout tactics on Election Day,” Romney press secretary Andrea Saul said. “Project ORCA also allows us to filter out people who have already voted, remove those people from our phone banks, and adjust our efforts nationally

Romney’s Election Night party
at Boston convention center
is a major production
Boston Globe, by Katie Johnston    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 3:05:53 PM     Post Reply
The sliders and pretzels have been ordered. Boston cover band Sweet Tooth & the ­Sugarbabies is on the bill. All Mitt Romney’s party at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center needs now is a victory. It is one of the toughest types of events to plan: a candidate’s election night celebration. Depending on the results Tuesday night, Romney’s Seaport District soiree could either be a raucous celebration or a subdued gathering. (Snip) While it is free to supporters, it will not be to news organizations; in an unusual move, the media will be charged a fee to get into the

Massachusetts voters go to the
polls in strong numbers
and wait in long lines
Boston Globe, by Peter Schworm    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 2:58:55 PM     Post Reply
Massachusetts voters went to the polls in strong numbers Tuesday for a sharply contested presidential and Senate race, with many precincts reporting long lines and steady turnout. By 9 on a brisk fall morning, almost 59,000 votes had been cast in Boston, more than 15 percent of registered voters. That pace was slightly slower than 2008. Statewide, officials predict that as many as 3.2 million people could vote, surpassing the record set in 2008. In Brookline, 18 percent of the town’s registered voters had cast ballots by 10 a.m. And in Wrentham, town clerk Carol Mollica said turnout could approach

Obama congratulates Romney
on "spirited campaign"
Reuters, by Jeff Mason    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 2:55:45 PM     Post Reply
Chicago - U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated Republican rival Mitt Romney on Tuesday for running a hard-fought race for the White House and expressed confidence he would win re-election during a stop at a local campaign office to thank volunteers. "I ... want to say to Governor Romney congratulations on a spirited campaign. I know that his supporters are just as engaged and just as enthusiastic and working just as hard today," Obama said as volunteers made phone calls encouraging supporters to get to the polls. "We feel confident we've got the votes to win, but it's going to depend



Crocodile on the lam for 2 years
finally nabbed by police
Associated Press, by Diaa Hadid    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 2:44:52 PM     Post Reply
It took an Internet search, shark nets and two weeks of floating in a sewage pond, but Gaza policemen said Tuesday that they have finally captured a crocodile that was terrifying residents. The 1.75-metre (5-feet-9-inch) crocodile fled his zoo enclosure two years ago and crawled about a kilometre to a large sewage pit near the northern Gaza Strip town of Umm al-Naser, said Lt. Col. Samih al-Sultan, who led the hunt. “He had a lot of spirit in him. He wanted to be free,” al-Sultan said, watching the crocodile in its new home in a pond with four other crocodiles

Early turnout heavy at
Lancaster County polling places
Lancaster Online [PA], by Cindy Stauffer    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 11/6/2012 2:35:08 PM     Post Reply
Frigid temperatures, sunny skies and long lines greeted voters today as they went to the polls to finally decide if President Barack Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney will lead this country forward in the next four years. The mood at the polls was a mix of anticipation and patience as voters waited in line up to 45 minutes in some places to cast their votes in a hard-fought election that many think will be a close one. Sara Brubaker, 56, of Manheim Township, arose early to be the first voter

GOP U.S. Senate candidate:
Poll worker told me to vote
for Democrats only
Washington Examiner [DC], by Joel Gehrke    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/6/2012 2:29:19 PM     Post Reply
Wendy Long, the Republican running against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., claims that a New York City poll worker tried to get her to vote only Democratic candidates when she went to the polls this morning. “This morning when I went to vote, a poll worker who was at the scanner, studied my private ballot and proceeded to tell me that it was rejected because I did not ‘fill in every space,’” Long, an attorney, wrote on her campaign website. “She then proceeded to indicate that I should mark the Democratic line all the way down.”
Headline corrected by staff.

Woman must wear 'idiot'
sign for driving on sidewalk
USA Today, by Doug Stanglin    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 2:25:22 PM     Post Reply
An Ohio judge has ordered a Cleveland woman to stand at an intersection wearing an "idiot" sign for driving on a sidewalk to avoid passing a school bus, WEWS-TV reported. Shena Hardin, 32, was also fined $250 and had her license suspended for 30 days by a Cleveland Municipal Court on Monday, the ABC TV station in Cleveland reported. Hardin's sidewalk detour was captured on video by the school bus. She will be required to wear a sign reading "Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus" from 7:45 a.m to 8:45 a.m. next Tuesday and
Link repaired by staff.

Fakakta FEMA
Washington Free Beacon, by Mary Lou Byrd    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 11/6/2012 2:25:21 PM     Post Reply
“It’s been the worst nightmare possible,” said Vinny Accetta, a Staten Island resident from the flooded Midland Beach area. He, his wife, Devon, and their toddler twins are staying with relatives seven miles from their home. Eight days after Hurricane Sandy, Accetta is still waiting for FEMA to come and assess the damage to his home. After the hurricane, he was given a case number by FEMA. Now he waits in the cold. “FEMA came to my block and a few neighbors were assessed,” he said.


New polling places, unresponsive
websites create confusion in Cook County
Chicago Tribune, by Jodi S. Cohen and David Kidwell    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 11/6/2012 2:24:12 PM     Post Reply
The Chicago elections website continued to be non-functioning at noon today, adding to the confusion among voters who didn't realize their polling sites had changed. By noon, the Board of Elections had documented 539 cases of Chicago voters showing up at the wrong polling place. About 20 percent of Cook County voters were sent to new polling sites this year due to redistricting. And when voters and elections officials tried to find the correct locations, the Chicago elections website was not there to help. "We are investigating the possibility that our website problems

Howard Dean: If Obama loses it
is due to voter suppression
Washington Examiner [DC], by Charlie Spiering    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 11/6/2012 2:24:09 PM     Post Reply
On MSNBC moments ago, former DNC chairman Howard Dean suggested that if President Obama loses the election today, it would be due to voter suppression. “Governor, that’s a big charge,” stated MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. “Do you believe if he loses Ohio it will be because of voting irregularities?” “That’s correct,” Dean said. “Given the vote and the leading in the polls in Ohio, the only way you can lose is if people are prevented from casting their ballots and other forms

Politico: GOP Faces
Discord & Division, No
Matter What Happens
Newsbusters, by Ryan Robertson    Original Article
Posted By: Bubbasuncle- 11/6/2012 2:23:10 PM     Post Reply
Whether Mitt Romney becomes the 45th president or not, Politico's Jonathan Martin insists that the Republican Party is on the verge of a looming crisis. Sticking with the same overgeneralized racist narrative, it is basically a 'fact' at this point that the GOP's conservative ideology and a lack of diversity will ultimately lead to its downfall. Conversely, the Democratic Party is poised to dominate in future elections. Nevermind that we heard this before in 2006 and 2008, with Clinton acolyte James Carville forecasted 40 years in the wilderness for the GOP. No, Martin insists that demography is destiny,

Republicans take no
chances on election fraud
Human Events, by John Gizzi    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 2:21:22 PM     Post Reply
On the eve of the election, the Mitt Romney campaign and other groups have bolstered their anti-fraud measures in several key states by dispatching a battery of attorneys and election observers to ensure that they are not shortchanged from any legitimate votes on November 6. “We are going to win unless the Democrats steal it from us. That’s what we are going to be on guard for Tuesday,” one Republican operative told Human Events. (Snip) Accordingly, local Republican outlets and various non-affiliated, independent groups are charged with protecting voting integrity. In Arizona, for example, a group known as Verify the

Election Judge Wears Obama
Hat in Obama's Home Ward
Breitbart's Big Government, by Rebel Pundit    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 11/6/2012 2:19:17 PM     Post Reply
This photo was taken by a voter this morning on Election Day, in President Obama's home ward, Ward 4 Precinct 37 at 1212 S. Plymouth Court in Chicago. The image shows an election judge wearing an Obama hat while passing out ballots to voters inside the poling place. Only in Chicago, in Obama's home ward would be electioneering. Or is it? Something tells me this is just the beginning of many more stories to come throughout the day.

Fort Hood shooting victims sue
government, accused shooter
Reuters, by Jim Forsyth    Original Article
Posted By: crimea river- 11/6/2012 2:18:48 PM     Post Reply
Families and victims of a mass shooting in 2009 at the Fort Hood military base in Texas filed a wrongful death suit on Monday against the U.S. government, the accused gunman and the estate of an alleged al Qaeda leader. The 148 plaintiffs are seeking damages and a ruling that the rampage was a terrorist attack. The finding would clear the way for them to receive benefits. Major Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, faces 13 charges of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder

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